Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
19 Feb 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
19 Feb 1862

Read an issue on 19 Feb 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - February 19, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaM times and a lotion different columns of the pc distil army give Erik acc Ali Turc to be Lone t Tennessee in Cumberland he. Prompt incs Liuone Effort Ponc Uoti has terrified in Tennessee and encouraged uie Union faling before the fun Tii government hid not sufficient Power to sustain. It and it heart to witness the Joy with whih Tho dad stripes. Were Lulf Liby those Jong subjected to of these movements Way to estimated by. Tow of Gen v Buckmier. Far., it is in Moredia and we. Biuk the Rumor has a wisc Etmo detion that falling Back o he is removing to that Phil tit full him in fro til while Grant is vigorously pushing his forces so Luj get into of compel Jill a. As i ass Tiu spouse. The parsed is us follows Fie it Enue fal by Senate tint a Laufter o meet the necessities of-1 he Tref Tsyn of tie United stat ii and to provide for Trio pubic Ibe score Lar of lilo hereby Ott the credit of the Stales of notes not bearing Itile so to bin tyrant the Treasury of Liliu United Siales new York void o such Dathon ignation As lie Nav deem it if Wuhan however twin he of in usury notch lot. Issued of july j17. I Hicl notes sifiill1 taken up As practicable and the Tiol tis in the two kit ids of no it time exceed the Stim t heroin i Thor we shall Iti Jiayi Montot null taxes Tonius Imi Ruof discs and very United states und for uie Iii cd to kind within ibo a Mobil Dubu a private Cimini Indi will to Rifi forced so astir acc it Ali Eusivo in by Toni i. Be or Hii Lead in net or Caa Ilist i Wilgo Tii Etri ability Torch list to Lam the ii for Eli in their City s in Joni Liitt Abatu Histo Aliyy tie pc Iii Igi i the Coati Reedoi Oahu last prot eject for South Chi Corv literacy by in n cd Ami in ii Lintt. Lal the hag ily How Over new Man ii Iii loyally and wit upon those who seduce. Tiu in Tutelm Ouva Rotnem the with ering and Thev much is lha fact in rein Iii u oin route Down the a Var from Jhin huh Hli Oum o h fall what in to prevent 1 Iid a Viny ing Doit a Henvir with nil i Nim Cilus invt Hoij Lula title it Otto a Litchi h been so us Sil Gui i and Frith a Liim did men mulch striking up a on tic it Lior Inni Iai Atiim ror t Imery tile i i Jwj n pin pm tote a i i i at l v Lollie Holder in Uitile so Tuteja or Ngia by timid he Siw utter Cost it Illy Nitu of six per Cecii Lettl i of n tie pro., the Trenk tire Aveo newday Aid in striking Ai engravutg1, or. Other print or Sion ii he Skei Deijs or Stih Ilii udi of the c graving Forth Possession any Primo r Radii Judd to to shall have Bee Inper or of Tut in sillier t Hall deemed guilty of felony and shall. 01 on action Uit Reuf a Ponis Hud by Hiu not sex mid by Cotta Iii hard Jator not Cicet feeling or teen Vears the Ngsun Valion Foll i to Ucol it it Plosive Oil. So re hell ice or no Poui Iii will Iii acuity ii Ito a to slowly Down to i Oil will Blue and Llali up in if not if will not Burn tie latter Only the ill cases is e to the Oil assuming Iho condition and with about right Olum ii of Llic atmospheric i Lio Tola of the Tepic Mielit Nown the to Chipe Taro extent of Fiu face or a hich it very Light al and Routi with ii ii for hurtling Iii Liutti Jimj Jib the e y Aro to title an i Ali United sinus. Rule of Wlsh Vii vilueituhll1 no Tho of Ihu. Unile s Alk a live the bile in Hereof. Tic ii Lyun l us Neil Smow Iii. U la to acc Elvelt in l i i Una girl the Kllc Oil Iblis l " Trio it i 6 pcs us ii . F our Cou Witry to ii ride Tiiu gleaming stripes and Rire writ Trhlin Hetcel it i Iabry Worllie Fanini Bast to. West fro in ten to sea to Tropic 3im, Eyebrow liotart throb Ling at Uit Ali prot idly Tili Ottly we and ii Ziril to lilt of Homo Iti it Sincy t amid the Darker j Grant sword Ami Thetie lie Iron lit ill Iii St in Lii i g Rcd a Iota i la Blay ill ii meet you in Elcee Jim o a Sulu Fromi Liu burning into conic Only use tiv a . To incl tha Airoso Llinat weft in Crim Ikic -vtioat1 Chr Cecii Moi Ilist narc the i i1 j lilo Trio o old s no Ibe. C Xii ens of Lupin Ollu i d Brandy coloured ital cd e Clear a e1 int Cal the tenth Wail to in u Olllie term Nair f be no i nud Irani Tittio to Pitnu As ii Cic Viti us Public ii Iii aim s Muumin Ifo Hlll. U on Iho Hick of us notes a Bill Lime b Issue. I. Lor thy Provus Yew of follow oils tic within Indio tit a gut in exch Lionts of the Umed slate in to Iii Nix ite Tuin Inie Resi at or in Cven per centum bunds i a. I. A lil left t jul d i of Tiff Tia Lula from Trio Jiji Pinioli la Sivji Hie Rivir t Ali Luth Northern Hoy in lit. Tlell. Tomt in of Jim Mheiny t to fill will viru util Tun in Lii ii Lime stir in Onil n our of main Iii or traits ii Wailtl i trill. Str inc Attiq Larj Sulu Fri he i ol1 it in und in i Manhy i in thu Uin to to in news Sou a Nix Frontu Umler ii division. To i Luketi Itoi Ney Bill evidently bus no Fumay Tik there. It u to Lic veil he now in of ii link Moscu Ipili on Lailar Friis but Llu Prev Lent Init it Smon u uial in. Re. Ii Ihu opening of the Lylall Tomoru Atud Ohio mad. A Herf of of stir Are to be thrown no Nisi i Lio to Piirak i puts to Usu very Ali Ellior they will Inch Kimii in jtrliirn., in tin big i Umin iry of Iho upper 1 i the s now in a 1 Lurk ii Forcina his Orde in tins gov ii 11 Dili Lily Oil to t ill no Var Inot oily am Tiiu. l ill nil slut Tell till troll Lori xxi Wilion i Allm Taij an i. In to bal Tali i us of Joti Wihib Ami Iho to the upon Norfolk nod the Ihn swim ii cml acini ilm the Rel Lii Ilmi Lii a Repati Antcil 4h Puttie Iii Wilt la i Wake i Arlous to nil Vivirit if Illi Federal army Zimria is Iho Jinni it Xci try Tavy Imp taint for Tho Stim of Wilson Tab of either or. , or. Us Buck or. Arpin Irnell or Nuy other Geu Leinan hut or. Morkan had bin Youtt Neffat do the talc Lia Chi Shtul Nti in Orcutt Ilila to ivc Civ a Tharo Iho Stair Abuja cent of Elwir i ill for -1 acid Liliu i Icart he til tint Ruto Hei Viti Atigh Orvil to Lull be Mich . Not Ali Iii lofty Dot by ill Lara utile the of Lului Taay of Tudi bomb Nanny Tinin it Vul uni Ivy thu i Ivd Uny it ilm Tran diary Litu it Cit in Horn Afler in a Tinl und tir any Wim i Atwuil far in i Tilch stale i i Lutuicia mid Uita lat mid pm Illus Sii Iura by it Divisi i nixed Iii Iii Huttl Ike a Xvi Tirom Litany is ulv tir Coutil. Kkt. In. in to Ihm that Ali in in a Solcs Anil Liliu Coupon or troit by Ali id Art to Dell boil it Tell Hirm u Liq Secretary of id a Tuii Ulley Der Arlo nu.1 Xhu Tell Israr Lam written or i. Do that uni i in Jilin pm hint Trio the tid a let avid flt a it Lii Hil Irani to Trio Ini. Mil i u Unjin of he Bent full in Tro Nury . Winch Lin Paul null in , lilo Hii la from i he invt nil he jul by set Lvii or liar big i ii Milt Ali it Milf. Ill May la to i iks Civ try us. Ilio i , of Iho Tow Iviry or or Tom to i Tjw Nulty Iii l a try ii Paoyi d Day of Mccu Uili Wihr u i icy lift applied to tit inc ii Ishimu user Civish lire hero v r.-, Ami re ill of Oul of any Noimy in the in i1 y Vici . . To Iii if any 10 01 Pic Usu id if tic in d . In falsely Auk. Thu of the Wiuli Western of Iho Hal Kevser the ii. Or. Ai.a-. Ali i r i Haj James in Cuba foist location an numbek.2q. The Groat in tit of interest. In Tennessee a the pics edit. Time is fort Doiiel-jon.1 which expect Soo n to Bear by the Federn troops. The 8ti loins thus scribes it it is a Furtad Caton inn de of Earth and Iva Cost nicked Phoui this same Sikio last suit Tui As Kort la Cinfy at Dover of Nilmei rank of Trio where i washes an obtuse Angle. It is of relic Miaw Louth cast of the latter fort and mounts Nhu Twenty four and thirty two some seven or Egli Post roads Iti ten acct a ins to Irit arid tie Memphis Anil Clit Osvill tin lond passes hut four Miles South Ofil. Ali position is important As. Controlling Tho River As , Ujj us Kirksville and in conjunct with Bridge. Me Twenty is breaking or from the re Liels Liles of Railroad . Are without any reliable information in card to Tho relic Jurrison at fort Donelson. Up to few companies but1 May Lia Vij been and probably has Wen a revly Reivi forced since to time. 1 of Siwy the bulk of. To Ninnel retreated there of to Paris s is generally supposed or fresh troops Tuny ave a cacti thrown into it from. Where Trio Railroad crosses the ,13 about thirty Nillus Froin Doit. Loi Sivc and formidable rebel works i Misc in consent action Hirry fur Woof three in Fri number of heavy Punu tipped thither it is will far Protection of in Ami the communication with1 Nash it is n lao reported that Gen lit Cotier it now Iii Green t t thousand ii or two arc with to thus it will be seen that that prs Krliu for the in thl Ami Tennessee Jenci j resolutions agr cd on by Laicans. Declaring that Bact of the rebel slavery has by ii abolish Tel when their limits ind it is the diet Youtie opted Stales . Govern Henia Over the territory occupied., an Eltomi Irlo refer the resolutions 16 the judiciary committee failed and to by now lie on the table Arnit Iii the Cifton of tic Senate. Jothi finance comic Iuit report of the. Trei usury Noto Bill amended so s to Sci Jurtti intercut Oil the Bonds issued Utler proving or to a Piid in Coin in Louse a Resolution was adj Istodor or Iugan f persons in the civil or military service Iii 15 important information to the Carmy. He Segur election Case was decided against in right of to a seat. The news by the Jura from Europe up to in 31s1- Ull is of tic highest importance. Address to tie French chamber was delivered on tile 27jk and Initta int French commercial. Interests Are discs ily not Oclad War the limps or Dis vows so Bug As uie a glitch Are Karl hits sell dispatch to in is publish no. U i Putin los the conclusions of our a a rotary in his famous dispatch surrendering the rfcs cd co inti a sithers. Ham reinforced Tho Roc cat fort Henry rapidly to a used troop ii Tim gunboat tip Chilion Cut Tho River has Risovi of fort Slimmer. Tho Sleumer of Liui Weckl Wah fur Shiji Cemida Kerned Iho Bonds ibo pm Dertil Union to Timu Tira Bijou Uii if blood and tin net of deals Tho sur of Tho Hen Iii the eur Hilum of which been honoured ind ill Hur Ali cil opon nid come melted lord Linin Huro in Phi Rebura ing by Uliuli Aronel the patriotism of us Twenty Mii Leonit of Loyal up opt a Ilu Iii tallied a Wii upon ill country beyond our Sujew Tneia look. Might or. Britt Chi Fen i pkg Blu civil Wai Huun forced Ilia Vafa Micir Ofine sies. Marie teas Boon lol Ivy pc Var Yrtti Iii Wilt icel ii Eai Bru u to Here pity Rojy anti an to link it Law in i us Var pay Niy Uini Del hot Likely i1" Tia Union Tkavc Noii Wii Idi was called Fui a of it Druary to at o nominate Cim Liuti y. Slate ban to Many a fear Ful i Fuan look Lisica it Miller x Trio Tui link lire nud Tho Xhai ily null everything bomb Tell. Tila in Trio Viii Tijay. Was the Itol of Loati thy Trofim r one Blind feel. It Iti Cri who was working to Rod a Libia was Attr Milr it n it Edith will by Tough i inn it Colter Tiou those o tie Blu unlit lurid or Only next. This of Utica . I Viii Slva twp Opla a Eccl nuclei men As will the we i Vilich will f men Wiir it Dir Brief Jil tied of to tic come in Cpl lick the lend till to to io4k about and insure to oct Cuni in Iii the that Tho health of . Oil. On await to in Iii a Jiloty and will 1 1.5 Doii to to again Tonko Hla comm tid i Iho Lith col. Uoch at Gulbun Ivy. Of the Hooili intent Oul. S. S. To Tail Lierd Imort Ireon fifty cog lit Iowa the a but Onu Havu Jird in the Hon phial. Tom of Tell Rittir in Watt . Tured. If lid it of Trio expedition report that they cry Liere a on River thai Iho Tild Loro of Jitlall existed among the pople of Tenn Nescu Ami Northern a Hibunia and Ulicy. It covered to every ia4tiiing of lha do Tribul a lors u Ltd of Jiu 10 of this pro Plo 10 Oyer Loiro w Uio of it Ipoh icy i Tui been Lonj vie Linn. The bilt Wiit Uii Shor Hanoud Toro Volun Teers Oll red both for army Ami slav Willha ii could Ini it Cei cd. The ii Eselu of a lilo Mist ofic a. I i i instead of Uto now Gui Tern Chiaini acid in Lia will in in St unix while Lull. Ivill Aunio Ilir Clion Ufa Tivo Iti Tho Fly Bdl Trytko will r6 Hirl to Toliso Ejvor of Lilii Lota lion often Iii there is Jarod i it is attrib used Liati Klud to tear Supply of roil Lind land Neil lend Ariy we at5r6r1itj Oil forces. M All Llic Del Dilts Publ liw Wilh to the Nii tire or by courier who Rerra Eurt lit led and wounded killed. Grant h vac wan among f Tho enemy roil leading to Hie Furtis Olin us Liera ii Iota Eliom two is lire their Raizik i Icea Otbo tall a h a the llnrk1 Pooh the Lieh Inird Imuro and it last no cite tsp How err. Was pc paring to out u Virgo Force take tiie Laid in Ontl Truy Iti cedi. Sli Cruita j Caim Winnd at re Comien cd tort Eltiy in on monday last a to a it Hill ii Lilwid. One of Trio numerous inlets Iii Tyml Turl and Lic rid in. In tic Senate a Bill Tina Gnu and to Jirec vent in n Salo of Lite for to incl Baaij. Trio Treasury nolo up Antion Iid Rod. Quo of the Suai Tii Cor limit ten Amend to to Bill Viu Irum Lam Witlin n ers of Tho rebellion admit that in ukr Only re lianca.u.uthin.1 it Fiji into the Foru litres Iliili Ihu he i Sudi is the of ext parties inter in in the Cinfio Sundri it would guilty or Wei hint very like no d that Broklier in Law. Tho St Cre Inry of thu n avy the Satoro Jeci Tanal Thiis Aro a the it a sctt Jcj that inc Iron pm awl Fagaia in a has indeed attained hi5b Speed. Liht Ilici. Doa times of january Dili Chi Plains Iha Lslie Loans. He Raiq Embum Ajo Lior builders u was found thai when uie a we to Tho ii Fly. Train Ait to by High Scart the plates Ira tar flown Dan Bat ceh Trio joints the stat Chi that Tho ibo Warrior was Sev riot and that tic defect Mner Haim Hirrom Odillo h Lien thin a the avar iof and Only to ado Ain Good Rigort on .4l l Wak r Caus its a great corrosion of 4 coating has been Dovid to for Tiev i fipcnud., cle7 Inay. Jul Tom times to a re i Cost about Penn Dot is Nyber Antly. R Oiler so curlies in net ii a ironed Buheit i grave j 4idi e e in i alleging any Imir Niit Liarny al has Nui or d. Aiu hoi ii Lului is Iid of Trai silly ils or Ball Pask into in muted slates irom Aiu a with Jiuu ii or 11-ns Truf Ulm Natl Hant or keep in on. Or conceal Irilli intent to. Uler. Publish by such Fulcs forged Coutur . Bond he Jim or other with defraud any Biddy Tor Lui Raic or politic or any Othor or per sans every be Dee Neil it Billy if felony rid Squill. On am i pm iiu.1 a cml to hard Lautry not if then years cd of due to tin of thy Lull Nea. Baa u. It farther it Mittit. That i any person Luttring the custody of any Plato o from Winch any of Gravid part of first Section of ii or a Limuli shall h any such Iio ius or other or any Purl Ali Erlof shall miso such plate plates permit Lam same to h we Pui bios of striking any ung Nive part bands coupons or other to in. Is al ill in struck for the t i suites by order of the prop or it liver Vic roof or if atty Jurson slut in Rit Traio i Usu or Procuro to h Fetij in mud or the ilk evil is or Slitni Lindo of any Pluim or plan Twu big limit for Tiu kinking of any of any such or other St cd Rinios or shall vend or sell any Tuch or Lam United suites Fiir Cirii Pheo any . With any other i Luht or Forni Voiht a por Twu than Liat such Plute or planet tl10 or the Usu of lilo United sent is of is Rimini .1 his custody or metallic after Iho Similt Tiido of an Plale from a hich any Iidle. Cou Pulisi another a Curit ios a Lull printed with intent Usa such Pluto or or cause Lobo used in forge Siffor counterfeit. No any Kish Ulof. Boi ids Uritis s. Dull in pc in ii custody or any Hlusak Noto or Odds Bond or Bonds or or i Wavd Jit f if inn Naii in Ltd in v oth 1 Mutt or est cum cause to St Nick or in any a incr i Cut cd or shall i Nicohl turf Ond Ijunior. Tho n Oble county Tournat says thai. Or of Itu Iii. In thai in Tufty Firpi Kiwi in it Avo itniii1 to Hwd and killed Louisville. on Tim Lay the Lumn iry ind incl ii in that sky Juki tit Witk and Hill Ini Usu Day if Awn Somo four from Ihu urmy stores Ibe us be itt out Froia Liis hold on sunday after which Trinu Nollin supposed int Ulto Toiuo lie was missed thai Lut id five thou Send Dolhun Union Ippu Lybi per n Citti Ilia i to u cd army is ibo most fortunate in he Lins been in coi Mandof Adivi Iliou of tin Rewl in rfcs ten months. During that Lime Bis have been in s a viral in but Tom Fici itral Wesso fortunate As never to he present when Uny Ihling Ivas Dune mid it Tho taking of Itna Noko Island where his Antiro command was captured the Gen and was again absent and Tiro to a that Almo proven it Onur by Tho Union forces. Who will suy that be ii Fortunto them is something about the smell of Gunpowder lie dislikes and Heiichi in say Tho Kaslof it i Uii bless w Ory Iehl Jituso. Gen. I ant exactly what he staid when in Thrift the War would i Short but und Ici Irful. Thu Leailur Nodi Iii Terni our troops and kit Uerino in numbers an ii for the of in tote to be Ticu Htit it bin Toni Tivix six to tiles lilo Lutt n tit the Joiret jul Tiu Auto purity of the 1-Vdcral fully Vitili Calcis. Soil la Carnli Hij isted Liliu first Juii was tier rat Tiuli a would make their Winter i thu Iii Kikilia it Parlours of Trio of 1 and Luzion. Was made too soon. Slio Doii bless has a higher opinion of Northern valor now than already Tho enl jail Fortun Are upon her soil and is ill out the to drive Olf. They City and will Oro Long of am near he y and Tia Iwa Enil Tufi Iii Ilion cars to thu Union army or Boford Tom al big of Lio lust in eth it Taitl he Nilu and a fit itch Slatton fur owls Nice pair of to nit Lam yes of potatoes. A Butluk Lipmen Xiuru to rpm. The Hook Ntuli Llama with which an Athor a Coll. J an umbrella used in the rain of Lyrah a Kliot Frota Tom Imnel a Man Tiad ton Phoui Milit troops is on Way to ship Island. Thin addition to the in Iju already there will Render that division of thu Nrma in wan Ord rail of that Way it. Ref Timoff to pounded by Usu j Udo Liry commit tog to How n a ller Alil of Hajje or Type to girls ii to answer Ian on the go Ivind that its the 1 re Unity and to Prisoilo hat been unlit iritis himself of Coli Temigi of Ihu of lid Ilo Ilsc. Complete or Tom i Lulli Tii Coli Llred try Norfolk mid la Chi Ditont Rew Lovd us for Trow iroc. The Rebol ape have n very Lone in or i hts Foi Leral Victory. Jen. Wise e t Lim Comai Nad of Hrco thousand arc in crw. The Rel win admit their own lotto three in Rcd Icil cd mud fro Dimuil and in to of chloral will to cd one hut this an exp lion. On occupying the Island a portion of the expedition pushed on to a tar. Abath oily on Tho River tin in Exir Tutt xxi by. In the Din Lii of water Coati Musil Cullen wit i in Rutlt. The and burned the Force Lind Aci to Trio Ian to Kdan. Toll 00 Albi Vuirl set Lizul it Tom Mouth of oho n River. fro oily of Kuri Tael Sott and Uto 11 River Hatic Lea of Ljube Llic of Staci. To prevent in cup Taro did of the of i Early this uni from Lurli Tilott to Sava Imah adv Aiice Wilt now to made by Otto Rhiahi Oli Railroad connecting us lit a i lick with Usu View of tits Illi iwo Fitl top fwd spoil Olwert e Ston. The to giant sucrihan1 Basic slowly Titi Cortivo Titian of Nimio adopted by Trio its unit Njal Soj Flito lie Stata or Iho Pinto is 6f i Flor. This Wilt Uki Lunod 111 licit of in Minnta Lulb for lib al Killio ii of slave Otto it was that Nero at ached to i i All the Day Cioll Cmunt at 6lj a it earner a ill la a hourly Viditc cod twin prison Vav captured minibar in it Villa Here in a Fri s Trtica to Llma the Jirld ioness of fort Mirl Reil Trio w by Wimer out from Tow Pron omit of few Illuk 1hi str Ivanci and coloured Ummi Tow the of War Iti a wet Llama Toddre car Roll l cry heretofore Ami utilities the to tote of Tho i of a la Rojc maj oily of Telegraph Forini Idalu in Csc Ofa Attali or s. Old Hen will Mako Kuciw Iii trim Bio upon thu Julf coast. Memphis a at by paper. In is ill patrons uial on account of Llic Sisi City and High priv of paper it is compt-1 de to raise Trio Prico of subscription. They Kin to the of rebellion. It will Hulo hem before it is crushed a Etc Akiva luxury. Pillow a Kuhnl commander Rhos res Igiulio has Iwu Public slice Las not resigned but will remain As a Turgot Srotir longer. We Hopo they nay not Misi him but to Dit uht w us Lucr hit ily and connect Ltd u by Ali dismal a temp Ami other a Numis. Iii1 one of Ali a test important military Points now to Bahi a Tirol u u on the Xana Camond a incr at the juju lion frail Rojiah rumanian Soult and West from Norfolk Ami occupation will completely it Oil uial City from Railroad wit the it so of Rel Fellom. It vex Gont Wralty Coti Ait cred thai a movement on sult blk Kroutil Success at Ito Sioke. U is not More than in til Miles hmm will Doolitle. O to account or a Succes in. 1 Olk forbids ibo shipment of us tvo to Mph Tumi we lib exp wifi to Sipply it lilo lulls acid Foross will Tiamu Iho Coleci Shel Nofito i Toff thu i i so iwo is a Sanctum Nikii a in his hand. Tho editor in Lio i 1 have come to celtic with editor ahead lint i Tiki it Vona Pnat a now about a year in ppm his pistol an it Titi in your last iss Iio editor cock is pistol has convinced file tier cart iritis ind Turre we j stated u Tew Days Vigo that gun. Stone id been act novel from his Cutie mini on the ppr i colomac and yesterday the Telegraph formed us he had Iwen scat to fort Lafay Ello a prison our of War. To is a native of Mas Olla car of the regular Sach setts and is army the 1st. Tor at full null air. 2d, holding Corr Ejmi tilt acc with Tho enemy before Nad Tiraco Tom i mlle of Itidal s it Luti and iving Vasils from rebel of Licurs in his Camp. 3. Kor Treacherou Lily the uni Iny id build a Fiir Sincu lilo Uit Llo of jell s Chili a Der his nuns . Lib. Of a design to his Force to Cap. Taro under pretence of for a Ovitie from the Uomini Landing Tiff ii Ito Kentucky. Ohio sent last week four regiments three of infantry nil Ono of cavalry Atso Ono in Story of artillery to swell the grand Western army. Tim work has comma Cal in can isl Energy will ensure Success. Mortars Ciuc tons each but lilo rms concede s of the most important of Iho War. Our Dispa Cheji from it. Henry do not to Younee any Tom it Donelson bad been inc Stacil was Krcma lure.1 Trio rebel gunboat am Jit Camarca pour cd by the recent expedition tip Trio to Canossi at i to. Henry oath Skuy. Troups were still arriving at the fort in Thore rebel sick and wound cd at fort Henry who i ave been placed tin Lor charge of or Turner of Chicago Lic Alth of the Foi Lonu troops in the , the ordinance submitted by or. Hacker Rati Tiro now by info shipped daily from i it Shurj to lilo ainu Momeni. To Tow cuts dilution of Ali Cairo. Bogins to tremble. Gea. 1 Olk will soon Retreat. I visited lilo four ukr in rites Birgh where the government Inori its Aro. It is Worth a v03 ago across the Atlantic to Sec in we Havo never been More surprised and Gneiti lid at any exhibition of mechanism in a. I slates submit Tail ii the lust Congress to the slates was adopted by a vote of j to i. Tho Volo was Aller words recons Ilercil the purpose of speech making. The teutonic Jess of Cape Luco cyst Crdal from Southampton on the 1st inst. The Only item of a that Tho English government j had ordered Uio Miniie Tarbor of to Nubelo Liol wed gon. Butler and j Puli to gov. Andrews it has Inch and. Tiu rebel Steamer Cash Villi . Is creditable to Bolh parlous. 4 to country demands that those defending in Tuff liar Tivit Dir or among themselves. Was a curious on trial al Ali Jarvi Mon Rcv lug of Ruck to Duy Icart Raf chg Coli Jilotty of Luni Viido Jula Ritj. Tin Jala Uil was taken of. Coin Lect it completely tin troyed. City wan us lacked on sunday Atid evacuated by Lam City was previously but wet Lar by our or lilo in habit ants id not certain., tie Lyrel of arrived at n or., Folk on sunday m., and caused a rivals citvmeut., the Provo in news we very Natu factory Slat Las that us 1ml been no. Towed la Advance tier lilo Titi Posu of i Awin i a Tel a. Trio rebel Force Laud to to Havo Hern a Tittle Over 3. 000 Lig Linx men. Una. U us Wax 111.at head mid not present Altir Iii Trio input when the sit Alioti a Iamo in Inge Oua Niti aved to Xor Folly. All the. Rebel i but one were taken and that escaped in a Crock and probably Onti it firt Littva that wily 70. Walber that 25 of inc escaped from the Cica Cral Llu guv telc grip Etc Hulond that Only Tio on Tike Uund c d Tho whale conv take Mimi Are e Rcd gun busts it pm act Iii which Suva dial still ftftu1 Mcl Tao Ami Lara tical Dii d to s Ary Hnit cd ii kid a w Juty Tiu 1 cd crab Mij re Wlk at i irl in Ciiab is Teleg replied to Mott it Hanry. Ihli thu pm Tiu wins thu 1 veer ret mid from Trio aft tight. Thel Natii Clit to far Apia Aubina und were received with tie Wildcat o by Hie Iha a incr old in i Rietl like Ihl Treirat Iii sift lit of the 3art and Iuri cd Ottiero face n and men Niit heir 4111 Tom ilium Alt i Heorhi d we it their to Large Onia t o Cal till Trio old up Anil Tyer Down to nil i a few in Stibla c and Wedul delve them it Loik a no Tafry co uld bring there appears to be no Bright Sid of the Story to unit Fiir tie rebels. J tllc3" a lion n say the Losa Ofa entire army on Koa Nuku Jand the most 1 event of the War. Tint of be Stensny by is fully Conier Nirid. To wanly live Hundred Bravo troops on an. Island in Tho so wern run Wail to All the Force of tin a Burnside Kloct. Tpwry fess cd with Ilie courage but we Tui uie fed eral too jew Wero landed Hajj Aust being Cut Oft by lilo surrounding they wars Forcillo surrender. 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We Liow this May Provo True. 00" it is nor said that not More limn a Down of Tho mini Lars of Tho National Uriso of Aro in fat of of Tho in sane policy of passing a Gancit t Kemanc ipalion Bill. Funa Limm doas Noi Rule Tia at great cur i to thu Annj liquor has interdicted in miss Ouirl. No of incl import has to nip Tala Slop Wax to ii Rio pcs the ardor for Filfli fief h Clirsa is Nav blvd in oth la the Senate yesterday Tho Treasury note r places than Missouri. Bill was discussed for Nina Lio Thirft and by a Vole 7. Tho Legal to Moor Clausi was Rucj Nadj and a provision added for tin payment of Tom into rest in Coin. Tho notes by a Sinate amendment oin also to Congo Row into Tito Bonds Teia Hafg eight per cent. Interest. Other Omondi Zients Scro added. Tho Billik it. Stands will pass the House Bill

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