Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
31 Dec 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
31 Dec 1862

Read an issue on 31 Dec 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - December 31, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaPawson s weekly times and Union volume 23. Acid Union from the National Jutel igniter Miju Takt . Our re a Lars Art aware that Al several a in Lujo process . Wire How engages the quention o the people Zahav c paused d take a re Slanc Dai then imry by tuition he pcrimluced1 by the ebbs and i mrs of Tho Ca it Titi within Paris Lillar a lib. In the of Llu a Liq. June last ire reviewed the a Militan win ii Touk place in tin Villej o the Shin Ahboah consultant on the Maui Mai mide to that Region b vral Jackdon. The. Expulsion 6f Genera Fri lilt to such cd of hic i attended us efforts of the Militar m the Chc Dunsil set on fool for us Pursuit Anil rapture of the to a ctn in that Quarter. To lion traced i to who want of a pms to Din military in ind those movements on we at to Wuo Tutu we expressed tin opinion that the incursion of Jackson Stu the Vail Ley of had introduced into tin. It loll Cailup Rign in Virginia a disturbing Etc intent of chit Fumble Ulm it Toul Jitter led Large of our Iti i Fronti Bove nulls which the. In clients that Wight then live brought aleut the Gnal Over throw1 of military no. A Ted had. D the and Van o of . My Widlan. By depriving him of thare in cute meals he expected to receive an j which 4wrefnm6nt win in to opinions Welt rounded. it lieu with the the Abse-nce1 of All data we not state in the of tin recent of ii Mcdowell which won Ime had a Henrt Jing interest could they Lugo reached the Jwili with the untoward Csc Elk to Winch and now 4hat they Are placed in a cd Katurd Nirol Dopf minis of nil i ilium inn Uatoto Ruok in thai of to Gjinaj for As be Nural Melj Utrell Koa Galui unlucky Diazo Iii is ii for Luicir throw us All and Ulch Feihl. North to Parl Tzc All wifi mass at a later Date. In Tho Btl Tiaval of july to Lii we a military we null occurring t Tho. Camii Mign urn. He Prog uni be of operation s Iti i be cams Hie vac mum Orilin Uon t. After that Dusci encerte a by the untoward Progress of military in hit month of Insi lie we. I Puj Sutill tit ill built in the fuck bitty of if plan of team inf a no nest Llic i Bond Fioti tit it Point ii in i of n at i of thu Armien of Roeii Cue Tenn and Lam month t Wayne. Indiana deem Bufi 81-1862. Tnador 411 attack list yid ii but wis in to a pfc a finder Tel Force Unur Gui to Morrow will be inc festival of Cir a of in. T. Tuli at Kowl h ii Oil Ihu t those United Ai inies in their Rucci uitus and in Lii in new or Nixa on were Tho cum and of Oen Burn us and to orders from in inti Jon accorehn0lj the Arm of the i i tunic wan Irnen towards which i it reached bout of Kov cum i 19. Was found in readiness to for vex tons with the a Cival it Lite Elk surely Albi into thai place to Hen Aii Fugn to it in Wiir for Strw without i i Sittg Bill my in any. Way to Dun unit the Tho Corr Spon de ecu do Lcou Cuil it indeed u la his Pursuit of the Onomy . Mack i a to Kunj Tien. Niue or thud Tho a new of Ali Cir hts flank or rear. In of acct in Tarih Inori the chord of an arc Iii Richmond Wliilam to ii Lori int. Iii Nat no wan Cutini the Croniei Gentte Litou Licoan have the mining Iwhite on Odin i. Gen. Have a Lulu Vullo lilo it f was in the mid car of or his a Sivc on to usual of november Over or lha army of Tea by Tominc co Ceil. Born Side. The older at Mcclo Nowiki on Ihu 7th. And entered on functions Rucci ving Etc raid from Bis pc dec for with Tho with of can n Tho programme of military Tio no Trio inc of tb7 Wak Ali sorted from Tho direction Pui Wood Ilc Lellan and turned to it Iii Tho in Nufler Tho it no cars fro i report it Elln Sec Fito it of that urn. 6hlurcd a limit lilo Force ski id lie a Otto a Neil critics t Tup were a letter o Gem rat Ili Ite of a Xii fit i lh1, Villio Tais Mil u i i. . By who army i a Iii a with inc enemy in i Divide 1 nil tit not Doire id 1 or for what a nmn Iho i. " l Liml t Onri ild Likin tuly t in i in let d ill Minry nut full it i tin ii ind if i he Milit in in nil. It virtually , in nil of nil in itch Nihil ii Ithna Tel Wtipil Troin to of Troici the l nil no your Ruhi Tiff n i. Lino of Ili. In Al Slaty in Hinl Llch-1 iliac i to a i in i zip limit Hal Only Nutik to Iii Liq Dan Ritly Oil Liml Lii tit tit to min in Wilri Way in Weeti and Allidi Tinnil f slut in Nin ii to Kiln n at and really meant to Hii Primi lilo Gnu Mil the pm Mary by Mima a Holcli he Publ pen him a .11 inv of urn. Ii in Titi which in in Niit to play Oil thin to Murat the Punili cation of by i far an to m by moveitlfilti1. Into Liakim Iverc. Hut u Tiki ins a Niit Toonk Ibe of lift . Lir ibo i Pniny m he lie count a Vry know that Anim the hair of the Jiroch thu Nim me Silti of. The Othorn. Kulli Iwine tin Ukel out hit Nock Antl Vimr Clirel dizzily tin work i m Hiiri him Mutiny for born throwing up to Resi tour Trio valor of Wiur most King ally i in ii in Titch by he which they worn ii it twin pro of Lam haul Nova it. Wan . Hut it win lot and army of the 1 Otu inc. After h in the Tisci us heroic Blond in Calof Valtr Rule Noird its Kir s to Tho Ltd hunk filim the fact s ill us announced by its Brave Leader Altair flir i it Mac m order for elect Uii or. Murray of Kali trial Fri Ticu now Cunt Vidu the from Tho following extract from the times Iti publican to have Iwen Sivo roil by Mcsnr-1. Linker my Thompson with of thu Laie Levid Muiir in the Case of Mir Uel a Kerr John wherein it Cdcil that air acpt Bitica by . Iteni. Olarri tint late of the1 court of thu a i ii icy of a Tolm Kiihr curd Hilf i Kim to Ipuru a. To the i Jit ton to bit raided in Ihu i and Ifo favor a Sihu in tar. We Xvi eur to hnv6 Yinru Lima to Liu Tiec 111 inn at Ivelio i Lylw Lulier 9irico the i Vuk ral Jinx till w4 ii Yvor Hud a 1 or Ltd Liml til allow let of Huo Wii Whu Mirml Liml him Wolf to Iki Lota two Iii ovary Nairn sure Asmi inn Dune. 11 a has i a Ahi to of which ii Juilja menu nut out Al Chr present to to in i1u1i4 ill he Millu of the us j the ii Timu u Awn Al that a Dunn need Lar total substitution of but and Popup Aliciia of tit Western Sentei was much or to thin Al present us pc Snydr and Imda wort were Minnii fact Rud in Gre a abundance in Ohio and Impi Ina but that source now Jim be i a very Small por Liim the Iii Vituj Eon Surike tin rapid cd caring up of Llie Cottry has greatly reduced thu to Kujik fore Tifi of those states.1 and Ilie in creased demand we pelts the people either abandon Trio use of these acc fatties or to re port to some new source for a a Fiir Vennt while chinese Here rap Idle up tin Ting distr c k i f Ca forma introduced into that state the seed of in ii from which Ihal Nicular people manufactured in info Hor Urt Clu of sugar. So Iii Kii hit Fly Gonter Naii to which the country will be in. Ilchtu.1 for nil time to some came to the con Jtkina thai if properly was Altu i Jet tits Pru Tiamo Ilutta i very article of id thu Lashun -colild1 be ii indu from it Hal if Recu Lirly adopted to tie Nonh in climate and lie called the so cd in be birth h will to observed by i in thu Churchy of Mauj Atli Giulid Dynkin Inatius ind we Trust by a of aft secular Era Ilij Nickil Lute we Greet our Rea i cars by wishing till a the enjoy incl of Many Reeung christinas a steals we hop ii Eye May occur under ban Juir auspices than in Presciti. J since last we wishes our re riders a a Minos Many changes on private life and the family but lie ii Uirl affairs of our Uto a nip country which i seriously threaten the persian enc or institutions. Many of you within the past year have beet filled on to Niu urn those near Ami Lutr to on Eric Ken Down tyrant i Iilah after a astir in Lingerin ill new while others mourn r those fell gallantly Ete finny Itig Lii in suntry 0 rights. Sumo in Delvinco of Oil us a lowing s of the times have pros been successful in business while hers live Fiuk ii nil arc now1 Gri Trinu Ever of tiled expectation and Ito a blasted or in Fortunto country in Grotins under Miens that have nearly into Urabalo id of a Brigit or Day has no tact to Nance in i Abi Unbe Orlunus m Public hid primal a life a servers Baconn to enable ii to steer Clear Breakers ii pm Winch per thus Shin wreck As Mundt la becomes the Dut of nil never no Sullivani 1 he i re file Lent to blood if o declare at new 0 Liki Richute Dlo lha through the i Nicot Law. Our Rudam am award that Slider lilo inc of it u now grown to Neon Der Auto and in wig timing to Supi the Liili Price of or Tiu Loir Price of Ami the Dif Ilic of sugar urn the now Uriu caused Illo be in in to a hut. The adoption of ibo used the Price of Orleans s and t Mil of a m in Tumuli to. Alp tilt to iff., nine As fur we a incl lha by Ihram. Ine Imal Jimlyn. I Tho l r his he had us h . . In the army was with. Iran to this Side of Ihu liver 1 foil Ihn Nam lion i Jie Posillo in for Tirc Florilil Nonie carried nil wa3 a military either to attack or a re Piinuu Touhl Honvo in url us. Thai army was withdrawn at without the of thu and without loss either of me ii. And now Vorha t a Culis from this complication ? is it any Lii n i it the present than dead lock i Kidi Anund by Way of in ii in ii Tiu Atluri Nasiru. To Pul inn Nalii Reilly irn Sci Ihu Lino of approach by Way of i being b a cod up by Nniro Lassa Ltd Barrier the Coqui nations of. Llu Oen Rel Jhu of have Rixtun to a Iii Lilyn standstill at n time mint to Tom miso of the Union. We. Havu1 no lir not to Usu Cilinio fresh divan Lark. Hut Tea Diall feel re ived j Ichih balk in the Campaign docs not Cid tit Tillitt Tho is yet unfurl Tallud Martinn of scleral sir Clef Lalii of letter Login. Malleck where in of the lion of Una Risovi it the former Xii cd to the. Lito Iii probability that it in i Owera in our adur c Rte Riolan a Law history in to conling the. Tii Icci Kuniyo. Discs to is Ichih have Illo cd the removal of it army of the Poto Ift from t to 1 ruins Kiln will record pvt the my the Hist that . Turned on Iho Inestine of Utin Inamur n my try contingent of if icon ii sind men and Whitt in a War a Lucli Hafi its fun rfcs Iii in the fluid by levies of ovtt1 inn dry a Elf Minnil three Hundred thou innit and and again. I it we ins hard to convince that Macli of i amyl and As it now no Ponds do . Need to have been on the hip Uhlric if Niviso confils had presided Mali tary the i the Aelton of senatorial conc i inti Cut Limiero Ami taxi or nil m of Hutt who ii Liliu Letl by italic ism it inti Icar a of i Shillit pre Eilent Ntuli if Zimrin Ted will a Ink in tint of the Branch it the govern in no Tolu Tou dil ill Nili Liml Tho Lias pics Fillol As a til to with us in cite thu or re Ruinn bin tie Colin try has is Ely Hunn familiar with Dew and Datika Nuich a Caliumi but thai Lliso Niit Dicon Tiitu capt Lam Climax Nihi Tom Ofa revolution ten Limen More Laii rebellion Ofilio . The Northern in Milioti Ihnn attempt Whir Unity of the Talon and the is uti Ai Limpl to Ilu Troy Ihu of the uni cd Ive Branch my the Goncu Imchit and a Lal blow Al the very Rminda Linn of Tim in really himself i m Murto inn Ali Nice on that of the n to has time nil Spain permitted them la to Klata which 111 v Ami and previously my milled to be he has hitherto Nurmi Etcil in every they Luani Fuit an Intel i Tod priv him o All Power he hum to How great an extent he has Kylir Rcd himself to in humiliated am is prot Ahly no longer to resist. Ii to should by Able to Muster i Sulli ii it and unit to duly Lliam they will threaten him with a want of Noney and i Iii Ples for his Firu dict the causes Wil the humiliation nil shame in Lai Letl Union our ill ital Coli ult by the Rice lion of Lincoln is Only i qty Llyd by the a fid Cali Milfs if Iii her bin Abu Litiuz Hll Icv. If Ihu scan orial had to dictate Ihu disc Waif or of Cabinet by of the deigns Ruthc we Are inclined to believe Ali n t in never would have been re Juatco Afier the first Lii Cluro. To the action of taif democratic Purly Tho now looks for Relief f it fails our gone f ral Rii tin More if it fails u Art Slavut to Iho fanatical god tyrant that it will tint kit. I from Iho was a borrow Fol i Sonn seven j Enra ago a Lovely or jul years an or lit thu Circle in a Lucia moved and fond idol of Nijel Ahi doling prents. In Crft and changed to Idi put. The to in in victim Lell her Homo and accompanied1 villain the City she him Gene nil by i wrap Iii a Huff twin t1, Trio pours Ion of love Ami Devotion to Al first no freely grew less in truent nil Anent until Hoffa Fly found sued her i Xcvi i to to in Liliu victim to of the Rill air to lust wan in Clcil in a hoos6 of Low Rrime on Teri Fly Street by Lewcun c and a we co in time. Utter destitution and Reimi St id preyed upon her Del teat u m gambit inn until oblivion in int of Timmy which i als a wet y the and sink such Sou ii Nevi table ruin Day she closed her Brief and Yourn fill life. While standing near window on the think Story of Tho Holm 10 Wahidi in have referred in a Tate if . She Loil Lior Talanco in the Navy Nicot in Low. That time Forth Jodii never Sikick e. And i Wilh Hor us Etc i the Neift Day. Tivit tn4v us c cml Kemill lunar in attracted run owe d losing Hilton Uiliata Inthou Hudi Lerdahl. Were id undo into Nola Himics or Marl Ligutti in a Hii in dim tuner Hal it was one of Chr Towt cml is Al Lam Pio Urti Linin we no with Many slim Liaw Ulm Iii that pretty Uii Iruin Hiliu intr Nikl it Hal to raise Froit Lipini id live ill Tittl alien Titi Ami nut in fuel Tiro it syrup and sell it it Fisl Liin Mio will Btij Infin i Kim to Imlay limn iwo sown Whit by. We Arm Riuo Wilh n Geithle who in Illinois who grows vary Jinni itunes. And reeled to inn Iii into he inform Titi twin Liuro no Ivy by which the Farmer can realize Tho name amount of Mmry to Chi from the sorghum. I Law Wilt seen Llinat the i Willts Lam of new to put " ill Bunn Uili Low Thomso but the ton id not Maki. Bland driven by reserves tend Seal red. Tha plan was approved of ilm in Iii Long Enchau it Cpl Hooker and condors old b do Elk who had previous a issued Ordry iat. Thu Utt Nickeil. Meiti atm the tag incurs thu non animal of Pontoon i Bill Leal Lack canner Nick enc Al says the delay was Caus by nut being started in time Nti-1 and Rort i Iii facts feel warranted i Tonti Sitf what to Here at wad y Imrij Tomt . Lauri hide a null never of Hin own v ton have crossed tin incr the then o Unin Tito Public u of the no intense of thu Ihu in Elf throw in hoist Hec Lon which i oiintrj1 n Misvel Llyd pundit Lou Anil the Igns in Evoy lion for the time at to lilt Tomt the Mimi lie which it cannot a Lilly Dif the have he cum to hitter u infer slut i a d1 if if p u to relieve i of diced Oon. Mituri Halile to Marl Lucu Nible jut floor tto tit have in he Linw Cima. I pm cry your interest and duly a ii Niico you to Rani the cunning Trombine of Cane a when Iho a Khart tie Itati vim Mufti Zoh other dim Tik the last two acc can Lam Only Dallur Cnoc in the Bend train if to i and Tho ouse 1110 a n.-. Acc was riven of n Bill to Rngi-1 brought to in Ihu a Bill we a i Nimby Oiler ayn Lam in the halal Kervizie. until Lam Llanil Moi Itlay in Lamury. Camloh h. Smith Secretary Interior hn8 been continued and u. S. J Nolga fur Lam District of Hulia iia. The i Reid Iii he Llie Titia Lotker May have or Lillyn of lha to thus Cisclo thu Slu Cix and in thu in pro id the Ediin Giulii Joary to Tom extent of a with Luna. Lii fact Ilavu to the single lady hid to Iii tibial of taking for two Uio Cypei first ipod arc by head Atit the hire Strw. A to icon i in int Way of Sci off Tho of Pajur. Limn Tim or air Csulen i Tillar. R i in destinies of this double Ilc lit Cay hut Klimt old judge the a Liliy in ills that Europa us do two Shivik bad Uii Leil flown in furnish braid for the of Tanjua Kwh int. Tis no wind or Hal Prophic Cal Letl Fin uni Lam t who Isk Iio a Muir sheets Kalkini ice d Fiat Pontif l in calling Lilieni by Dif Narinch. Lung an the Pirly to which hey Ara u Ilion ii Ami Allilion . When fact them is Only a distinction without n Lifton non. T u my becomes a fir that party in Kharl comity to Viz if within two Eara after the Sacco ski of i party Organ run into the1 tame but with a dim irent head what will in heir Stalvik it Tho end of the next two of Uve or rather if Oric pin Neon singlet Heil Ina by bends will it Honvo to oyo Arsh Clicc a v u think by that kind of. Ini me Ralio that to. Critter run out by Usu Tine h party will made no to lilt in thu Rabi diet a Lent created. Oen. Fustier Repnin that bin Rowil expedition to of Muhoro x. C., was a sue certs tie won four and torn up several Milch of Railroad track. Till n he Whitie of from the i Tappahannock. Unit. inuit Calion to Oen. under a Ting of truce Uio Mirpuri of in u nut Kiawu. Them has for several Days Ami Lam be report Intorn Tavolier one i Iho suntry will of be the murder of Uio Wolo the in Power if to Uwi ors Anil no Aro on Friendly Trio rebels on monday took unto City tclill., and by Lenud it Capiti Rizii two comics of. Fri Crul on Weil malay their piste pm went within nine of Bui by. On saturday Holly Springs by Iho enemy. Fedora la. Taken Pri Oti irn. The in Illinois cavalry lost 20u killed. Exi nov. Wood waa Amons the by Khoii aloof they Aid o Lite in tar and their Holly was subsequently reoccupied by thu Fedrau. Thur eare Publ Catis Tho of Llic moderate Aro i my rated in Tho Rad ice life of All Are not in Yel thew republicans Are to the what lha tender u to lilo Luconto Titi the a Ortii Smuth Luad and Tho Republic anti Fullow. Lett co t in that a of try conservative rep Hotca n when flies Tiiu Dalbout the Biol try of he its Radical urn co Pleil with a denial Hal to is an . That Tho timid sch live the Inal ill Wilh of Ani that they have Ira Uwi the. President into Bis no san policy can not be Dun cd. It in Thor forc Plain thai i e the Lep Ublia Tho test with them should be ave wll not follow the i nil of her Dii fond their any prot it but Mil our from the . Id til or any to neither of his Cabinet or a no o by my i eur ram. Inure Are Ruport a i a Urru by Tho Rebeclh. If this to we. Hav Able ions or will re Afify disapprove of. Ihetu. To Are and Secretary Stant ii arc froth Uhic which ii Puli by men Niton Bee. j he Senate hit. A formed the Fumii motion of a feb Smith us tried judge. Of Trio court of in Namu nomination Ibik ret a Vii to undo ply Bevi Cantcy e cupa Vincnt of the. It v Jaccoi Iii in Dong at of until by that in b in pc infer i Inci Ita in Aciu Jon to any it bal attack thru to thinks no Huston Mccomber Iii uhf a on Pearl Street was us try Dan awl of firt lost it Gill loss Asti wietes Jolly inf lured in fast to Al tilt q 4nl t Potomac j Juji camber a a crossed Tho Iii Afa ii son Brocof la the purport of Nln Cli has Usel Jcck Iblis. The found their Way Llic a. P Iii j Tsiou on Uil Zil m 11 tided and 117 1 his Cim fronted and Prutis dog or Tillery More info Fiir this Diw Pii intelligence from below to the effect tort x Moni of. Yeti. Keen by Richmond the a the bait la of that while . Oll Ciai Lapuri the i Odd m Hille a and Wolm Dud the in in containing it Sny that tip in arrived in i Elm Ign aiid4iiciitioii.ii puny More it maj Mai drenched Wilh rain and Riojiro vide for. I examiner the a Slit Konyn. Up to y act inlay morning s jul Pris trs arrived at lbt in Nirison Fatm the line in Hinnock whom Aro Jupt h. Moral mini Klith in Niht Viita. Lieut. John pm Virginia of to. S. Teb graph a Tow win. I Wor new York and a Nulk a f in clocks Ido More Tilven in Fri maj Ilion. Ollic try. Thu ii in were in spirits nil induced in a Amaru. Hashik they had arrived Here Coloru inking try tie in selves. Laurald a special my a he i the of Iho 10 Day Ute Lack Wood airy f Liq i and la nut of Ulon matters the . The Iii Lei a mainly Coll Mauny of of Ami Iho compian Dotty of Iho three Iraq it Davif Cioto. Len Lack total re to Leo us i itch that Eccl Clail Niaj nov Lnch Llic Iii of Bridgit in Advance. The Bridjm were want Forward however far four thffj1 would Ca inured i forc Tho army Liat Chi inf. The Tettl Liotis of and ii will when mail Public a Ink thu army of thu the attn Iralien of lilo world. U iils world Lias to Ihui command of Trio 2.1 division of turn Siulc to Day a Lurnard to Uto Hent Viiar Tara of the army of the i olo Mac Washington in x to Llic times Sayo la u not Zwil fur Ihn pub Lic la Cherub a illusory h no i Llma tic pm Halliel imbroglio in it Aii Chi or. Steward to Day Ileal arc to Otic of his inc Ixon that his Reiou nip Iii of my i Ituria wan a Idu to my do in Dunt upon Twu Condi Noim wrote non Fol ill want Wott m men yet his reign ii lion and or. Chiuli to Day if Nilk a to he Ivan Tdel his coir Cut to Rei Virit to hit Tartu int it acc his Fiji Parent that bin action will to mag to ilex caul to Jar Hui in no int occur Init goes a Pitt Klen time Mariton Ceis town Ever and to Ems unconscious of inc rapid y Comlin Sinif no Feinbl him. Lift personal Nln ions with air. Blair have Long been Mutt Uin Friemus and lib Lallur Ai Ift Ca of ii Rale and a imly i two la Dufae. A Ito a in ii bold at acc. It Nils stick in Good order and Call councils Afra f possible to fun ii a Plank . Finch ran the causes of to . That it will c ban on lilo Crisp Priit in ban undo Placen is not within the limit of possibility. Tie War now l i Beu have or fun tilt at i on Royal and that the enemy Airlain . With air Northuis Fritt ids by Way of 11 week crossing Uio a Comsulo and1 at heed Babilt of tailed Nohl Mik have been exchanged with to Cir for Sciort Dies. J he Ortr pickets Inaina Tiivi a Friendly Jupo inn Tot Ards each Weir Doit december Stdio Otwe Mir l m it Bini non us to night from do Minica on the 27th. Till., Liilo ing tic port of a Shohi into twin by Tho pirate Alabama. 6n to night of december 1st, when pawing if Uland of saw hip pirate making. The Tiburse Atid next Day Clow m mercy Listii Hiya Bacn rc4orcii to Cotta mind Wil Hiil on his part. Thini virtually cd Era him of thu Chargu of misconduct in the night Tim now run Clad to Nuzik Tell for hat it. Ion Jit or Etc fun y. She is if Washington nomination Fer Secretary of the Interior was Nunt Tito in i Siliato to Dity. Assist nil Sec f j j Una mfr Clycia not transit Tittle to ill Senate for a trenly of com m ecu and in pm can tie t urn. While Aikins m Lingo i of not of Ihu a Llonel attack . Medical and he in Bow list by record Ned. I Nihof i. A h. By nil Lynn pm utter in Hie f Pittsl of i l q to but to to if. Of Pittsl Smyc. I i to Lite in ii scr Ini Vrej u l tit ten Sci run a of War Linn Ali o it i paltry j n Nii Iii Eai in bin of free join of sept. Hud. Lie u already of Iho Prucy Inavon 10 be Uitich on Day. The i Roii Ilant Linn Alt made up Livirt to n Oli Nheru Atria with Black Wilt aug by Unal to protect Rhonar tation of the or Catt livers soon to to opened to com Oen. Pope Luft for lilo went Al can Oon. 23.--a Large Nnoli j of arrived Berg to Day from Trio uni Knock. The Sci Artmen Aro closed to Day Lilii Tincie i generally thru went Hap Jim tin Icaza l Alt the i Stoma la arc were Toast and and it intern w.tr6 Ali oils by inc Udif. Fine. Me Henlly a Mullier of belonging to x Cumma Pilitt Jnnny late of Ltd Ustim Navy wore found at at thu House of or. Blundon Olio of thunk it dated j april to my excellent free i the grand adn viral of kill a copy of who clip was Seiil to that fun of declared to ill most Lili Fily Iii Volvo Honyiu in its in Caily arc that still act. Id it will soon in anxiously Cit d result in Kulli new Turk. Doc key. It Plossi West a stud Tho that if steamers with in oort on Binl there Ainone icon. Llic Fia of North with men stinks and a lilt on Iward. On sunday robbed Sut Oral took Awit struggle Aii h not difficult to foretell. Xuy Inu of our most Phi mneht1 Norma us that this Dainge Riih i to a extent in Lucily. Our readers will remember that Al out n North we slated on thu Anil homily of one f our prominent indy cry. I int a garble Nudo t vinegar and Idle afford of Bun Altol him Tuil Pilici. R , in ninja i in re fact in non Island c and Alvin fat Fiig Iho Fri Momii and it Fei caller a for nurse it Jet will bit Sintil tie of h. Or. Lincoln i w ulant to transmit House the order Mado Anarch. Or. Roft Tolliff a Traft or an iroc Lunation to be it cd on in o 1st pros. It i Semi it it Ironi Iti nth Dpi it thu present Coli Winc Fesler. A. Was ecu Heil. By the pc Jerald in tuesday having bin evacuated a few Days by n Rcpt a Force of Morgan is re Porto to to Lii Favl Craig at ky., Anil a on Defeated near Cave City. Another report is that Tho rebels have Cut thu Louisville amen Fiill Villa r lilo Ltd it Ciuc oily and that Morgan itch. . Ward it a cur in the Flura i re Cut Public remarks Inid to Vidu in d and and Franco Tho s nil lid n Oft Lam and if they con Imil a Toni shins Thoy Daddono this would not to a in front of and in is sup Jiow in a .1 Den Ifo decrans is with National if National. The Rel thu. Then Buls have Keir to within Lluria Shilot Ftp Uii Sivillo. Then is a i Ani uial talc win that Tho federals Hiras Hiltord a Rev rat Uia fit in the Prowisor which by a strict party vote Wujs Faid 6w Ted us Lii i can any Phi Rubn wonder of inc Cut Rhino in of Llic Trio Irv richts wore bad but to unfortunate of Amati Cist. Tyra Kuiv that if they a Trad to proc dirt their Liberty it would result in an intr Cavil length of in the very i Cense of despotism Rind in Welty. Not wonder Liat Trio ingress shrink from an Index ligation. 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