Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
25 Dec 1861

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
25 Dec 1861

Read an issue on 25 Dec 1861 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - December 25, 1861, Fort Wayne, IndianaVolume 22. pc weekly times tue rites i i Lincoln tras it Aisig of Uio Tjit cd reins of up War under try ing and Wilh greater Hilli clites surrounding Tho position i Ninny executive since Iho or already was the nation partially dismembered work or dismtegralkhi1 Watt persisted in by a powerful organization i Curtin open re Volt the authority of Musli Luisiii. Dragging Iii it vortex to of a thus disrupting Llie glorious Union which we regard us Tatofi of the Wisdom of our. Revolutionary Antes. Jlia Viny sworn o support and maintain the government it become his imperative duty Lotice that the Law were fait Ruhy Cut ruled and1 tic Tui titty of the Constitution respected. Dischn go of this Lilb duty was Bill by Lite in had re run Lance of tens of our own rebel Lious citizens. In become to to do this men and Muni of War were to be provided. Men at once obeyed the Call but Liun not lick alarm eng fact us a scrip it inn brass mint although we bad manufactured arms ourselves deficient nut hating though to Ami one tenth of the men in to properly St Istrin the govern menu it was ascertained upon Ivos ligation Tomt Iho rebel i Ion had been Lonj birr paying for it Neil to ii the Alii of. Had adroitly and Norrep tit Iausly to hipped All uie Best firms of Ibena , their treasonable followers for resistance to the cons Lilied . The Dull Cincy was supplied by Purchase and did government prepared to Snerl ill Kut Pyc Miichi Tho of ecu of Tho War Weru sought to to misrepresented to ibo i Englc its to tin vigorous prosecution.1 the to tires and ins mires of i orc Iii Power Sci a i Quant Iund and assail of by iwo classes of portion of them had in Ali dictation president and the Tel her Imd opposed him. Were on the one hand Wii i Liq contracted minds could Sec no country bul party and desired none other limn a partisan other lilo ii Myra Lan i hit jmj White Nan hating Ultra extreme taunt Cal of i hrs eludes though Oji Poskcil to each other come together arid United in Lam of tic one attn Der that the War Lor the Pur of Nunci ruling uie Slavey thus limping o no weaken Tho Arm of to a in i of the rebel fort Wayne in Djiana the Constitution Rise in. Gondure in supremacy and. The Union our god Given Bond twined about the Stales again a enrol Une by a common Hope of glorious i Diu Vincile it Power. Onk i Kivak cold it Ord to Tell n Uio Lerv do tits lore Thal tits old age a a do whale ii Dzui tic proud Toul Torihei declining Sci try Harj he her him old was terrible Tui feel Bituin Wou Iligir scanty Lii him 1 Sui full jul it Tiu emed. To Tom i sutly hour to kno Thefield wast taken and the foe rns Quillet was it Tot Limiti Ulicy sent him Forth in Pride 11 a Irmith it by Miniie on his Boyish Beau a sit or it Kafieh on inn Livia a to receive mid dead to Columbu Rible v. Hes by tie Van Wyck committee appointed b Congress co1 frauds of n my Contr Clors report i Vylus Minuta Nind when Prin cd i will coi Prist. No omit Elev ii he Andrud pages sit Doug upon the . We impress my wit i this fart Ico ilm War comment Fri volunteered it Fig lit the Bittl Lus Olthuis country a there was Maui lick class w feigned to to devoted to Liliu in the Jelaire to plunder and so soon Inci Cotini Mcneil a. Be Cirius system of defrauding the of Large sums of Tii Oncy. Auiona this class u full Ali Gigli gov. To wins it Titre Jod lilt i no the Hisoire Hope of join no by Lui cd with proud love counting it Little c to fur Berlo die. And m lie Lima Lior Licor him hoi tin can Piton tit lit Union bid Gulden Imler myth a Wii bin hero heart anger then to do mid dare. C Liu Tili tin Lionet n and tlouk1i inane n Worth no trumpet i in heaven Tell Sui Ilia you Bijj Lient a Lull ol1 bul i enl Liebre for Liu county Tell. A div Oil divine spen Tungos our com it is n of god s own Jita Nettig tin rebels of the South have planted hex try wive ritzy and Liq Jire Wollt yield them a litre nod crop of Graves the Vii Iii the. Have Assur Laincz that frauds arc nut confined to atty Pingll. Do per taunt hut pervaded Branch. Tin War and Supply uuparlnicnts., buy Chi sowl to a Nyht unparalleled Oxten in Ali n control of Gen i Recti on. Thu the use of terms fire mild. They Are pleaded Lii Yii tragelus syst in of and Featt Guion in Uii the More to Linin of the Case variant fear that i they us to Boothe Nils Uit a t Iii Hajje hut Uno sex of the Bastuni of plundering the a Rymunt As carried on by in thu Tun con Cire of no n object in Ihil vilify it if their to ii and prevent i null of inti fur iut defence Liy to Aldini tip Tia Wraa Odlat. We Iusti to Lam j to Lucitt and the it Curso weuve not cd lol a a a he it wet Cal Lio Tia Teon her destiny i laced in he tin title Mii Iti made lick very tic Torti Tif Cluj a War uni Iii or Klerx he duly lib Inid Down Tho of Trio and a Tom a of the Patriot time Rini Licu d the Llin in cd him. I Lurad us the ice Dtta Thouc Uro Ever Craug cams lid Laid diva m Itu Rule til a in the lion and not the w a Lam n owl a Dix is Boad left but a jew Days Usu re for a Tali ill. Heed re Leniu l after an of Home robotics with live uru once to of Olio in to hit Iii Law. To. I Tuteur. The prison it Elal Ned bore until Teal inlay when Thoy were Rentto Williams hurl and transferred for wife spins o col. La Onnord. Inday the u8lli nit. Was generally of the of pro wry Al Iii the Niue Itil we by the stil Ury to its the Liidi by Loans and the Iris Tiu of Treasury Nolus in Hill in not advil ule for prop of flow Mun who claim la Durne Lyof Honnet of their. Country talk Loyid of suppressing Trva Noo nine inc Tomnie Pitnu Are ii chins the Gifu by stealing Tennih tid finn of Nanny Iti Alc Pierdon far calling Llie in Stu turns to hold bit Inkon to Lam arty mid act up tin for Liliu Enny and even in Tinl to til Ioulia 1 earful by to mean thai lilo 1ml would turn l refusing to Tuc Viu the Way Jim it of cob Buckner will not in the a t. W. A c. U. In Itiba july Cluj i ire Lasi lire Rould in it 10 much Dit a i led Llinat Llic i ruins could nut past Over. It will u repaired with nil it silo dispatch. the Linns fixed by Hilfor Llic Register drugs. Lei owners like and prevent inn Iblis. The Cincinnati l ing or Lille Faun us to he 1 r. My till incr copies the Fol York journal if Noil fully ii horses it. We say Lei id ont his policy is right nil he Ivull be Guminy Jet fire my by his a d to Honor him for it. Lie is nou to i trap cd into thu Alhi Vitinu Cozik Pinicy to Ilii scrim is lining ibis us too or in by those who u Tui us to to Thuc ii loud of audit arc Hon it to Irvn Boon i in that t it Scharte of Weapu nit lying Iho army mainly i m by of or cattle depart incl also Iti Llie Pur of Intonte to and and in uie life a if Iho City of St Louin. In Lutu lain ranch it i Ems Tomt tha unit the i plonk Torii have taken till Iha Naomiy pin y Ibe of Tho Jour Rizin int i ii l 1 tit Lam Lulu Nunt without pay fur Tinlot Kali l Thi input now in jul Elk Tho Labouring Tonuu who Iovu been Smolki y a. A Cronin it Igor Oci Ifni May them to Lief . In 111 do Ihu men and Pui Ruih in vow. H not on it Echo on Iwalla wet in Slitter himself be ind family bin heat fire r hit her vice . Treat All Alik Laid Cable Jihou inf thu in Diw Lioluca i that a Printer May in Fuli tre be we lion Iho commit co will not Ceniti it Cir Tel Farls until All am Tiro Uirl Rind if any to of Lucial it Wilh Infin. Herald their Nanu tin country hint in May debt Mai who. In Iliin Hunt of peril Vij to lifer Man the Adial Hina Luif it Allier i Tyro Gui Cpl Kcal by. Iho i l Osi Dent. Linw will ilbo Bof Tiro army Ollie pm will learn tin extent of their duly not when they go to my pret rebellion by Tom Rulmal army the enemy by and fun timid Ono men further is Nece Asniv to Law Token and thai is Llie Tih Ouhl Prthu Nelly remove con. Thu pm and pal a u to Pace whose Nain will not have a tend nay injure Liliu oven Cuenl. Thin has or. i his Deu Rini Nuon to try to Luicir to thu con mrs Niue t f in Trident already for tic lllsllultum3 of Elf a week he Almit Tonish have Idun ill log the air Vith their War patriotism oath Leo who stood their country with Ono liked Wick Tom warning words electrical us Mali Tenfa to try to. Al f i. Slut c and nil torts Tif Philo list live Bein poured into Conj Wii the 1 Reid Chi a Sims to left in Tom Thim torm. To sus Iii himself. In Are told Tomt Ultra u a majority in con Kress in chaps in is to Lei inc Gale mow it it to Miike Ibi Viii in Lical. Exit York City of should Send a petition Wilh the of fifty thousand to lers at . And to ii it Illo say with kill Liru thou wed trip inst thu it Schumi a of the . Ident might one Day find bin firmest Denisi Craft. Tho Day fic Uirt to w Al hand. he publicans Anil in morally in the 1 resident Liliu and thu Union. In May to Plesin Ililau to Liiva wino Union meeting in new mail he will i to his grave honoured As a in Vine to and Fame of which they my justly proud. Lei him he Sittu Harkeli to Tho , who Esi Imle tin great Union the Worth of Tif Groes and he h lost. Lit will mum Tain bit present Kiri Ilion upon Elliis find in thu Luti Sivillo to Urnel a in Lac from gov. Miiko tin of Ila luring his Posi Tion. In which he styx York and express thu of the Loyal n of this City on Lam kids of the old con Attu Pani Grah is take from the Jun Taughni and Hoshow the Alcris ire appreciate in by their friends throng nil thur Timthy the Tim treat Willow Saprai cled to night ii a Iii Anili con nor air Alert i Rill Hall Anil supper at rat Litick it Luu m hint cily -1--1- and Der com Jinny of fort n from in invitation Ite forc us Wanty. And chivalry of Hon. A and of no thai Kitron Ndini towns for s of pm Day of. Thanksgivi. Prepared a wit pitiful rep list Fiji Thiol Dicks of ii . Who tru. Filnlione.1 Al thin bul is Lilii Wentler was Tho fest Vitu a Weru Mill Silt irony a Recti the cult Zens Torii cd out in , and in a very whorl Liliuo thu tables were Well Laden wild All inc delicacies of Tho season Neil when All was in the Iton ties Wery tendered to the soldiers jul a neat reel i by n Young girl of St Twenty years of and received 0" 15 where Moth is. i Tell Tiu to to to Ulici is 1" they wore in from the lips Livy full i Jor Ornold in Wootin to i it iritis a Cut list lipid Liol v a Concemi to cry Nore Wiir Ujj j and Picc ibid blessedness and in tit Lill at attacks i i in Rhile. To j no scr mint. Her her Diu i. Was but Pilitt closing Uliey narc l incr fur of la Itri Sulli pure Radz Tiit. Sci e and i Annali Tih Lii and a a incr in where it Glicr Cleas Moll Renslar t n e of livid pc left uie Ray in lie full Light i Crai its Ilu i wind it Mili i intervening Vail. Know Itutti Imelli j i a another s influence it is a Between Althom Ijeh to Oiler by cry i Nevii. Son Hatlak 111 11 nil child Good n won Sirni in or Lili Niue Reid to conf until Good d Lur wealth or Fri it. A my Ali air trip. Liui Iii Lei a Petit like ofor Hopes Fril Nimi Iii depart a Nora Frimi tic Mil not Ltd tie heart a Mother Utillia Isicc teral in Iii such proceedings wrong yet in this they my result in Good. Recollect Lite cruel of Tho Boyn in on earlier years Bun they who Ifould close their shells giving no signs of Jiff attic youngsters would put a. Coal of lira on the , Ien soon in would open Tho head., and feet appear and Iho Turpin a Vyule rerhups., these congressional Tara pin arc trying Llie some expert int on uie round i i Trul , we say p on thu coals Miika him Helms. Be torpid As Long As Llic.cuuulry.cat1, Bear Jinai or i Ign to Sivc siting Good of. Reina Knitig Dity Walshii of the. I veiny Fly Iii a Pilot. Where is Larncy us Hiu Ivry i land Only Twenty in att Imd Willi Lone. If the grand army is nol ready to and Ance be. If Gen. Jack i a tend in full Usu forty eight hours at la Tead of hint army to brew would not a Reb Eft at . Stimsc discontented ones Are murmur against Gen. Llull Jow in command of Llic u he i Musil they the Iii he in moving fast not High. Let Oliosi who find Fau Rith him Volunteer go into the ranks tin hey will listen that narc cd Iveth is Lii Uch velocity a think Ili Al in Isdo i Largo Nuy cannot i a port Len pc w. A of Llu and solely or of new intl., fur orc Wipt. J. Chi puny. . Link by l Cul Plum eth eth Ray. I few a pin Pricilo . And Follo Oil by fisc Peteru Ilii a w. Re. Mrs. Ii . 25c w. A. Lle tie one so dirt one 10 pair socks pair gloves and one Lunil. Relic of my s a. Paintin c and one pair mrs. Quo. Ant ii a w. K. We. I c ick. Cal 25c h. Webber t. Jus. Mrs. W. 0. Ins a capt a. Doc duo Gock u. Urland 50e a. Union ,r.0c v. In Tum by. Kenn 11. Friant. 70cj j. A. In Ciri ii. Ilfin 11. From our Wori Liy cilia Pla Tattar which j Coon id to the vhf Var j .1. Q. Al Lasiw when Sauil he Van of Lliter Bwl w Cutler a l of pieces and nil deemed Well pm Asch with the tic Day on monday in to corp Oral Strougo ind part vat w. Of of. A my. T. Wright ulc 0. J i .1. Wrig Lif Coe w. Ii. Mcdonald mrs. A . Innit lion yarn liar three pair of x. To Swnson. I1. Willy lit Forler Bodnya am ii u Tomti oco c. a a. My Wim hell. Ami Ona Lor i bet Hen Ito in Tlell two pair overalls and Onu Hattid Kerchiel my j. . 0. Idler 25t a Trudl a a Aryl Lull they have been taken dirt Nonerl but hero Iti As Cyl no note evidence unite Fetcu Friday last a Young Titan tade appear Ince our per Jieri Neil Bacso ceded ilium a Urivi him to Chw aide a lie had became i. D of Dixie lamp and Ucli afraid of Iwine i Cilik brought to Linn. To hint the expecting a Faroa to Wilt or. Or. Ino. Wood Natl on mss h. Lie Luis j. I Orth Niller w. , i if m Coc Tbs a. Don no filk d. Mes Chc Dorli my. L. Al tic and to my. 0. Nil Init forty Van us Tim Leann to l. M. L a in other a this lie is or ten hirer Lvios a build Bridges Over hint Stream and Wii i Tny of Over Stu in Jii Are l Axa marching in four co ions to ten it Osseo Viavin Only Jcj he dip i us Lnier from jus Patt fal Ilustr Ling Green which will not do Lin him inor than 10 ouch thu Hack Bone of inc Reid lion will be Bryk ii and in Ali sunlight of Hope to will ecu Llie Triumph of his Lilly end uie restoration of peace if in Alai dues not Shull Iovu Usu rom lion Chi slice before Sho can Llie in Aid. La Tom limit put Outi Liis jew Siliako bin Mam growl then Roar it is nil he Catt tie Soyini is not us. Our i Roodin Nura etl her it Imit oct the ohm Itrat p retin Sylvanita Punj our paper Ali billowing or. Campbell i canc uie priming in Sitkus in that we p in i inn d excellent Tunsoi vat Wayne. Indiana. Laic editor living accept uie appointment i h in to ii Ulii Tiow Trio editor in ital Union has devolve. Us thous a Piilini. F. The Tujo Journ lied u cuing not of tic to Tim Upo Smith i bunt to l. M. Loyan Locollo Linen u airy fit Lulion in Trio a Cowrt to May l Aholt u yer old Lull Lici i look Fiir Tinnie warm work Anion the pick is the Latici incl Iii now Well supplied with he St Lily lung. And m lilo cold cattier s Tim Kunj in Ippu Francc. The men have curly la furn lid or Furnace us which i Tuntti Slivin very Cuifo Ralile a Well As Iii dial for Cut King in wet treat Tow in Altai of us la Kinikini m Mill t ctr Irre bin tip Bill a to i he lit the i Al and Nona of Ihrke of built of us. Link and Dpi. Ito cd urn Imp Iii in Ltd i tort having been a tent Xenia four Onyx on Abr thu it. M m. Grid Rtin i1. It title 1 pair Norli Lii id miss elis my it for Zwil pair Nocks one pair Mill Erik miss i1 Small yarn for Iwa pair Kokk mail Mutt Nehon iwo pair socket my. M. Ill t Pai sucks and iwo pair mrs. A. Itti Deti Bush iwo Piir kit Enki in it Chanel mock Tine pair Milletis and one Comfort my u admits Ono to ill is 11. Hitler pin mock two i air Buck iwo Comuni to in Mil bed Comfort . A Man. One pair Socle my. A it. In a two pair dry stirs shirts Otto pair and two pair gloves mrs. 0 hell two Nocks two pair i Ilins on Jar Jica cacti mrs. C. Whitney Olie Jur Jwa Clit Man can Dia Dvarga list duty with uptight my. In his Helali Riih Wilh his follow Mon. And Mim Ellen my Dumlad. J to ant cml no on to Nom Ion. If you Clint Eloi Cly to Thiol Nock my. I1. Ii Klu Rule ring tit. The inc Aro Ibrao Attu will i Plain fur it null incs transpires that in doing Yin bring to View Iho wrong of a them the if their nets Cnoc Ndem in unit arts Biller a clings and in Jill Rcpt Onedos. In an info nutty in Man thai he desires All Liq did he Irum Clud Lam world it shortcoming he willies to conceal and by any acl of Yosim however undersigned on our part Tho veil of concealment to should to moved he m a our imply Capo enemy and rough nil his walks of life Liu strewn Cri ence Sof bin hostility to you in the form of Mil when these arc in l Yon my. A. I e pair draw ers mrs 1. two shirts mrs. .1 m. I is Ker two slip Rob two pair gloves lk-11, two shirts mrs. 0. Lingers two paid Millens mrs. U m. To pm. Onu pair my a. I Owci one pair mrs. Purton six it bit a Nice inc mrs. A i Hawkins 0111, Christmas proven by m iss Sandt or two Wir Wickst alts. .1. Kulo. Iwo pair socks two pair gloves one lint mrs n. Tus Tason one pair . Jul Leman it pair drawers two shirts to pair pair gloves Ono can la. Lam your ruin then sonic two Pill Drewew Imo Shirly two pair mittens charge is made a Lect ing your Aland v Heteu Loii has Bueti culled inc nah Ami in hit Jon nil is by yup i he action in Neq null finl Lernis Hulf. Co Restituti Ilas it and i Lynnl Aikin Rita from Iho people it cannot to jilt Iliot by Kuni Volu Leonary Ctm Staten by min or i lies to silo . action and 1 condemn thu a . Anil has Iten Uiti continue to he Toab Deby Tibia inn Jority Tif ibo to Kumley Tho Constitution find by the sep Rhino court of Iho Sinto Aith by Ilie Contu Tpoim-lp.1 by the sup Roidl court of Tho a Niue a i m socks last two Shirls lip two pair gloves j. I out pair gloves Al Hawkins two Sli Irli two socks one pair Oul of Iho after due process of buying and working up to Jund the follow Era Irons t pairs. Nest Sincu of i indict Uvea if it should result in of thu in tongues Ever thai in red cling Upin your com hit fit i Listic within a i int up right Ness has Joh in All your Rula is o life and your lives giving evidence of is slander will fall harmless Al your the i Kisslo will return and ankle in Tho foul heart from which it Chi mated. Halo of Mew in thu uni Oil states sctt Alc desired to know by what authority. Thu president Ai resin citizens and con fines Vliem in Forl Nfay clot. Alien men s Dislo Yuliy in comes apparent und they Are found secretly giving Aid and com furl to Tom i Timy to Olaru Lliam in time Safe to. Sit Ion to prevent Horn terming Tiki Melcum. In in curtain Kiml of tit thus and still another reason May be that in bin duty to those a wow Aru in uie hands of Tho through Uliey Loarn All the plans of our commanders and Ted Befany Moon int it is matter of wonder to to. Tomt lie gave an by Quartel with gloves or How min. M. 1 rest. Mats w. A Miia. 0. A bloc kit Sec y. Haven Dee. A for a clip lilo Fulliam ing notice Fiorin Tiu new pm at Auburn ind., by our Friend to. Ii is Eor in Only is much As Oor modesty could Well Bear. Friend to will try and deserve All you Sny of Ltd but fun to May come Short but recollect we tune Yau m u fad Wiiilie Al Korl of Tyriw Llu Oloc Raluy do named who Learned Iho Art Ami mystery of Ivin Lini and Titi to by ills own in Kiihn Lias Lic Coniti a nuni of pc Dii stand Hugli _ Success Loiell Cuncic Iii up in Tom i . I in the i Impf ador or sunnier had claimed Tui usual Tutti count of fur the i lotion was ado pud which will brins out inc of Kohl turf Iota and who Waii to Hume Fiir the failure to Juii Ilion Jolt Ortlon Nold maidu Oil. A French Ahkii Lalman Lull no old Luhti by Patriot. Hamiter. A tit thu number of cadets no 1 Tinl was Mil i n in the a joint Resolution wait adopted the i writ at Alexandria to in Tain in limit Kissi All Antjie ii of Rob. Us Utitia Folber the of Tho same. Thin Loti it Loun Freer s Courtw in Lite nip cry of wont Horii to Ihor Dubu Dua to Loyal Cilins. Or. A Union or Glicr from a unlucky mule an Ell i livid Sujich against Iho . Ali Vail army Gnu Lanct snide a it fjord in which Hiah Olla lat Sci Minrod and re furnish ill the lulling of Oil incl f strongly or Gnu. of lilo fire Al Oliai Cert Tun the insure Elton and do not Ili Ritte its to tic Elmr Letlon courier the Iosh Al live o Iwvin incl Luigi and k Ives a list Oglw. Ween 200 and he Tim Atu advanced to to Kelli car Nina to Aid the Trio a Tamer Oli Ampton from Aspinwall for Xci Yolk with Carh Tif the general says the Aih Encan in Bine never arrest was Lapin in own but he to link s Tim mis. Is Oricks were no less Cotil Rabin of rely a soldiers or so men of Tom opinion Tomt War Between King nod Ai the United without More location is item possible. The letter is Well re the English Presa but Fittl tic Milita r con Tinette. journals for hiring yielded in to the pressure Miulli Carpi Jet on the Sot lab Side of Green River Opi Rutilo Mumford rilloky., ii i Superior Force of part of to inn whip Phil Lliam killing sixty two . Terry of Texas com Iii ending and Wii tidings number fed Iosh killed and Tilleen wounded i Lii Victory in Ono of the most the for Crit of thu War much to encourage our soldiers in Kentucky Siuw about entering upon n vigorous against Llic Relx-la., we have further account la of thu Ballu n ump Allegheny vu., o the Katib. Tho it Rehmund ass urls tha uie Federal under Gen. Milroy was to from in Tojo dead bodies.01 ibo. Field of Battle. The whig a Logitu m con cd Crnic Kiosk. Of 2cl killed a Idso i rounded. On acct Man admit a 20 killed and tit won tided but say the Hohols lost the truth Liard to gut the a Cowrt of Jio. Van Wyck invest Ignatii committee promises to be a Rich of Ial Cor Ruplin and inv Oman not Only in the Olbo Nanny and a Evicci. To scr Venry avy and in in Allier in or Mort nip col. Mar half the Dott lit of Columbia Jur a Friend of president Une Oln Thurlow. Weed and Omny other Ai Silica tvs in the la defraud j i and line their own tgukcl.1. In no Sun and i up Lilic proc Lama Iota owned in of Uio flu Thweat on Ikins posses sign of ship Island docs not Inmeei. Be arc to say the approval Fullie admin str Liim. La is condemned Liy Nietin of All Star except Iho rail Cal it ily an election coring document intended Bolc y for tits latitude of . By into Hou them we have Rinot a lilo intended recitation Rubel Secretary of a tick Atid iia i ave been compact and he Ailious for the Advance of the ii ral army. The run Rowlon Niwen stale Tat Limo blared to a lire in that City and do not confirm us reported Slava Gen. Point Wilh tin finn any in Lytfi was will Iii n few Itilla of a Insp Cal Furce it a i Ilion. Henry cii., Aid Ufi iilc4 front Orloe at Deeuk it that Ivice Cote jul Agni Capo and my by Force will Law o Rcd and Eit tolf. Ills by i Ancrun it . Will in tend to Cunt Rcw an appropriation of for hike and Atlantic cowl Lau Dollic pro lint Ami judicious tix Iku Lieut flails or a larger Ono if Neil Conry to Nee tha i inc Frontier am Ilic Oia Alm in a Oon Iii Ion for any emergency. Ilu iry Hunicutt late . Al from the Ivul Ucab by die Brkl Nln udon Moriye in be title u. I him Ricl Ive been admitted to Toul Al Niho tit Fiodi Cimic Niin Ken Luck. It Wellington Diouf . Tic dispatch lies to lord Lyons it m for he arrest of Mason and coi Iticia was held tie War news from King lend was known soon As it ices Cire Ulad in tie nor Thierh slates. A great Many Souffe says will go my Anat Kii Jjlia and lib till Ahe Nikati War ii ton Ali North. Very few irishmen in Tufti Stulb would be willing to a Cubino. England i Ripon the itidcral1 . T the scheme of or. I., to open Trade with uie Sutti. Lias Bot Fortt cd very Wal Ilis Tessel Tho in assorted cargo not ont and Iruh by. Seim a at Alteras and sent to x. York for a violation 6tthc Revenue regulation a. Monfor dec. 18, via balt move Iii Hio St Anishin set. Wlinich left l of t Ili Iyul last suit Driy air Fitch at an moly our at i a Viii that place yest Trilby and a unit Ruthd an Ruthd passengers. I Erst hint u Itutti cow. Lotf cling cd to Tho tiie in dial storms. Thesli Joner Charity k be owned Ort Llode i fahd la on tint it Lii hot who an Isis Rawl Tiili Dlug ii Tarp a of whiskey. So took to cd Lictor to Jat Terk of Fri ring be proc Ralu Btij living from Lis wary which he of Lio Totev Wem cry Trio Ortli i St timer e Clarily As l air inc la new York. There it Lillo ii iwo inf thai be derail troops Imro Ilii by Orocu a the town of inca Yitoi la Largo f Cousin Cine maj la to the c gathered 104 by 11u3 of Trlica we lire High mond a. Or Oft Biji morning. From it lowing n us , 30, via nvo., he Lbw Long Green of lilo m auit Riehn Tutti Tom yen Knuf a Tanum Coo from Oren inv a with artillery Bill Hare Al bowl no Ion to the Riveri they in i Adreah rep Ruener no Perry Mikhail m steadily advancing to wards with Little or o opposition. who Icli i a Tiuch fhe Iii Siwl. Seal Chi Halloc be Danu ii and ily. Lii ii Nitro at i Uini and 700 at a dispatch from fun fort dated Tow Styli tl., anti that optic nil Critter Lii Wutt y Whlig n in Mulk Llanil Gaehnl n Iii ilm. La u ill i Yndo Kon Totcky of nigh thu the in la a Runny Coonis n the d i works . Tin est ice it Lintl la Miles Tho most Wivo of Liliu kind in Jun in mud Hare tha to Tagra of 11 Aru i t on Arnii Ini i Batty re a juiced tit Jilin the a cowl army. Tow of ibo Union men Penitas. Of until Lodi had Niin to Itic Mohd to Ai Wei Lar pro of burning tha pin Jirry of soil lick i. Trio 1 Osl Ollice has in Donn Bill tool thing the franking nil treasure on Board had n escape from i on Hor list trip from the isl i inns to new York. What a contribution thai tin co Anillio Iii would have been to inc con fed Treasury. We Ifould not be to Hinr of Flo Cap Tiru of roof inc Shinis no any Tunit. Our Navy no. Lost entirely Iii blockading duly and to foreign comm Croc of the country Iii left to tally Unni locked affording a Proll Lablue Field endur pro. From the South Atlantic const we have a nor of is occupation of Kort Pianki by Ihn Jmon . It is nut cml ill. A Stone Cut Iti engaged in up Cli Arlston line to Cal Al the office of us passed in agree Noble inti ii ii wild Friend Tho messes. Siuli we Liay no ays my Nimrod the opt Nihl Ami c Mii so by his Tho Nyht it most consistent journal within on when a. Party paper Natl Sinco he Days of its Iio party sin we hold it i Ono of o or i test and most null _ info radio Tasior Naioti of the Union the per Jilin nation of Llie Constitution and thu Coli Rico mint of the to strike at Dis unionist in Tho Gui Fuff of abolitionists they round lib Lingl co administration which Ilith the and done much to Placiti in Power 7 such Liliu Union and in a left Rebin t Chai Igo 6f Clit hrs it truthful Deal into. Iii Mill "j1 men. Long May they by the if our Kondert nnorhcr1 goal paper to Thor to Tho Price. Of Tiu to wkly. Por Yaar daily 00, or tin Adint me that Irr Lii Woolri in Tyrce has been nes pied by Inion who Are in a titling up a Steamer Wilh Onu thousand Roopa had left port Koyal to occupy t Conan in. Florida. The southerners claim that the last la w Een Gena. Milroy and Johi inn. Timur cheat i ninian in Western Virginin on Thiol Toh in their in Var Nihl i Hul Liliu ked Cruls Ere repulsed in their no incl on the Rebi t in Imp Finnel Wilh a Al loss. We a a rent account yesterday and the tiny . I atm ii new Mexico in have the sad news iat Twenty americans inv Massae Rucj by a party Tif Aiache indians. Thir it. In Lite St a to Yockl Cihiy the jute Sirj gun Milu Ort Jet Ratul in favor of giving f. Sutton the seat in Llic Senate Ocon pint ten. Inn in. Or stunner the african to simile and a Rusol Milioti was Owhi i thai the Rainy shall not used Frigi. In the House the claim of or. Foster to a it from North car Tiiu was of a Cleil it Ilc sited to in. The Liin i was february and of Titch before Ite fore bul the Dilli in to past it ii in generally Peini Illet los Lumler on uie table. Col. Mulli Ifon bad a a Blic reception no the City Lylall Hull now Vork yet inlay. Iii in the Senate yet larday or. Wade presented a pct lion Ai Ikang that John c. Fremont by undo Lim micral of the unit cd states this position has been conferred on hut two Neil Skull. The a Louic Refol Liun to adjourn Over the was nol lifted on. In tie to Limo a Bill passed to of 20 Iron Clad a team anti Bobbi. A Bill audis Bijj thu franking privilege was sunni Steij. To Oiler business Vraj done. Uen. On Wurn cuday. Hitch Mcdeil in Large rebel Force Al Canton. Henry Iii any disposition i and lied the approach of the fed a Cal within imagine will Ijo tie ii f Tho measure. An was Maito a Ron Mohica lion from Tom Post Tho in donating fact t hit some Rte Ambern of con Are de Ritins a Tim Nom Buh Lucsa n Dia. Posnti of Jan Mikeil i Ivi rope to j Tho Ripoff it poll nil Yew Torrny Tho exit Emcil in to Ihrl tit Mason add sch self Conti Nittel ital med letter pah in jims. Aunon set cation enl imps. A p Ift cedi Miks of Ottola where i Ricu has Nen and succeeded in capturing no jul Kex Iners and a of ammunition Horsey fee. Oceolia in Lunty five Nilea from Clinton and am entertained if tin Root of Lei com army. The ii a i from Kentucky. Leaves no doubt thai if n Battle has nol already coins be tween cons. Sub copier and ii will Taku place within a tiny or two. The Union f Irce amounts to or Iii ii and is Well sop lied Wilb air Tillery. They will quack Xollia caller in his . The Rewl fierce in Knitt to to inferior to Toni Onith in Sec Ciary Linsu has been to York on finance Ftp Biry Intess. All Lite Assoc Ulion of Itan Sand a have Iwon adjusted thu present bit Lance in to of the will in sufi Neil ii till Liliu Ftp Jai uxry by which Lime the a Cru tary cd Brilliant and in Clit inc results Fennii Kiili Loiry t naval Spur nations. The government or Oil Toifl City of to con Nitchm Woisil tit twill Culm a tits pm. Then. h it my Hycil on Leaf to i towling Garcon icy. The rom prof Tiit army to Lam far the Jilch Lea veil a very Pur Oil of Vir Ginia 10 the enemy. The effect upon Iho temper of in Thock Pimon will extremely in Iliin. i he Nichmonn Imsu. Iner Oftle to Lynaya Are we Riitta Toul resin sons have Iwar. Tin Roduco into Coli Pawn do forint sympathy to Iho Pip to of and urging Mich n i Trio of film a w open the Way or liar Iti to Iho a Iti Thern . On saturday in t that All Freo ii Grom to Solitt win do Iii their by pm Nuary term of Tho court. Sute Hoins of Tho Monroe dec Fly a Luk of to Day we have Roe Eiryl Richmond of yesterday. The Richmo Iii whig Ima few Adit tonal Irti curare of Lite attack on Kwa ii a Foras at Allegheny the cd a a Nark in Strong. Tia it a. M. Liu cd lit nth federals Cru it it Iliad the says Tow 25 kill Cal Aii Dreo we undid my that Tho federals carried Tway their front Flo to 100 dead Bodum Iii tin Lulu. we and if Tir lilo a Nitro i by two Widi Timal fort dec. 5 p. Of. It we i Inri m tins mini in that a Cibij. Itt incr had arrived in this country Irani Thi Titis i o treat in regard to Mason and Slidell. C. Turco thou and Fod Padu Aih lurched to Vienna on Cudny and Burnt some pit i Tho kit Imnel to but mule no track on Forl . All we quiet it Luti Thim by. Julf Thiompson recently s in rounded party f federals guarding Tho Bridge but Wmk Harleston Point killing four and a hiring two of Bridge Gorja Chile stated. If Tho w on will require hiring to Loti Ronit six in Biilly Iho coniing r. Not apprehend any difficulty England. From Cairo plus Inch the women Cilmi and a Cal Ilsc being sent from the City provi Siow Tro scarce mid to Riipi is have called. Copt two. State Vashii Igioia Captain k has arrived hero from Toston wit i Des from Tho american Mizii Storat Lon Secretary s Ward. Thyl Monte no Jef the brought Lii Hor by Tho to Lyons Imd not commy. Mcadod to on up to Ono o clock his afternoon. . Ai ii Chi Thiru m at toppling to ran Lilac adj i it was a Jitu red by Feih wat aug Iutuk atujuuuoeniient1 Hon in a or few. Iler Srgo consists of poll a Salt and any at the. A of a ices an dest myed by Fira last during Tho excitement a eco tool pm i in. Colonel car a gon. Kosly is 3 with throw of Leo a tuft Nnttie of1 lilo rational is also Aci Ivry

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