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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - December 4, 1861, Fort Wayne, IndianaInk Lavt Waves i unit mrm Raff us my adm Tuta m Ike line let the a Luke anal mar the legislature of Vermont his repeated Arr known is the Liberty this int locates a growing con. J air native event Sineni in Kew in glad which we Hope will continue to increase until Guf like character Aro blotted from the i statute books of til states who through i less fanaticism placed them thereon. To be a Revaj of tic he bal at Muoma. His so of in pass inc Long the Highway of time up Ontha i Pitili huge of earthly Tottle of Ellb Ummi Ano dec. 4, 18g1. They have had very touch to do with bringing the Prce tit to urea Apon this nation and precipitating it into fratricidal War. Fer tile a Btl their repeal May on step towards peace. C-tiyttituliont., in Jill ind at War with the peace Loving of our country. So Buering we Tail their repeal is the dawning of that morn when in the healthy sex e the great Highway of a this time fear Are Ente Ruml that it nay pre Apitale a War with Titre Aro a class of at sat Nab a the country tens Only for excise it to Ooghe men Tan look upon the purpose of beet Tang Ani continuing in the a Crew them deliberate upon them and if relation Ley and them wrong Hare the manliness to to feeding the Poh a v a repeal. These the e. Tera of know nothing and whose other foundation than their own fancies. Whit i Viii Cait it Cive Truro the of their Ca we cannot divine and we even Are to Kho Osly Verniers for freq enl it they do a amount of injury. Their list Effort to to to create the impression that too the eve of a War with great Britain growing out of the conduct of com. Oukei in making the Maton and slide. A Wai we predict in the Ace of these that such will not be the we Are Falis Uvrl that com. Wilkow acted with in the prot Eions of International Law air Cooj centuries by England herself and for stuck precedents Are abundant Weka least the time and place where that g alike disgraceful to them. A Justi neither sex trim but censure ets of both Are detrimental to our peaceful in one people tending to be St sectional pc clips stir up Enoch or and by alienating the people rom each other alienate them from the Gor Ament it is True that the unjust i to of sort Horn govern 1 int bae tailed to assert this Well defined right. If rebel and traitors can be pro under Attu Trtol Flag then can Iho trans War contraband the rebel a diem by regt upon the same under pretended neutrality a most Cir i Aid could be Given to the enemies of this or any other country. It will never be claimed by the enlightened a tacit in of great Britain Hal Hift Wiota. Of them men from the belonging to tit Uhtof. And the returning of them to Thia continent a a cause of War. There May be and no doubt Aro among her people Many who through ignorance or deep Wated to our form of government Are of plunging her into War with us at this wok when a portion of our states Are in open a Folt hoping thereby to break up the government on Earth which they fear and Tyyho Emic Faie nation Wlinich 1m twice bled her. U May be Yorktown and new Orleans Ara not forgotten end that it a to wipe out these suns to redeem the krunj1. Tour front the odium of having cowered and it few big haughty Pride before the rage of a Varrian Uberty. But while this May be what the Cotis Maliva roet.turg.s1y in country will to Prevella rupture Between nation Aad those of her sons gift in the science government and devoted to True interests will never allow com e Batto Tiei the United abolition tests cannot justify the Dis unionists of he South in attempting to destroy the government yet their fanatical has beet used pretext and used effectually among the masses in that portion of the these Pereona Liberty Hilll have been paraded before the Southern people in news Pupurs and at Public meetings to fan the Watne of the hellion and urge on the terrible Power of Dis Union. It has frenzied them and under the excitement Many have been induced to Cnoc into the Sec Euion leaders Usan these As instruments of Exa Spera lion. For the Good of let this Barrier to the restoration of fraternal relations be broke Down. By so doing those that inflicted 111 wrong upon their constitutional Anglita in Manifest solicitude for peace which when in the sen Jacinto which left new York for on monday had a Long and Stor y passage arriving on inc Sundar morning towing. On Friday from the severity of 10 a cibber she was forced to put into Holme s . The rebel remained in be Cawn nearly the time although they were allowed the Irce Dum of the vessel. Main Ciao out on deck three or four tintes Dur g the trip but Slidell did not make his a outside Tho Cabin. The prisoners were not at talkative with in Ono themselves and their Tecc Rectar cd. Weslaco and Mcfarland. And the Only use mint they set cd to liar was an Occa onal game when they were my taken Oti Board after their capture from in British at Amer Cape Wilkes told them is he should Endeavor id in pc them to com Tab Ltd 93 Bis Means would permit but he or bed it distinctly understood that they were n a United states government vessel Anil tire must be no political talking on Board by messed Wilh capt. Wilkes during the rip and were made As comfortable As the Buis Rous voyage would permit. They arrived off on Warren Early sunday morning last and t 9 o clock the marshal and capt. Wiltra left the ship and. Went to to fort to make a with the commandant col. Dino Mick for the reception of the prisoners. Kory thing being prepared the debarkation teak lace at ii o clock. Mason first came out of e Cabin dressed in Virginia Homespun and _ he walked up to the Gangway on either Side f which stood Cape walk Sand marshal Mur Ray he is represented As the most forlorn Pic chivalry Ever the look of mingled fear and despair depicted n bin countenance the flopping of his under a which Tho marshal likens to tie move men Ofa pump handle and utter want of Chari and manliness with which he bore his situation Milf Crint from the supercilious defiant and domineering airs which be used to assume ii inc United status calculated t inspire Only derision and contempt in tie mind of the spectators. After him came set Dell wit somewhat less timid. Air but still his Knees every now and then betraying by their sink Denwood by Tho n s in the twin Loyal Stati can have no other Ett Dun to serve As the basis for a few strap Rcd articles in newspapers some spouting upon the an amount of awl Furr to be allayed by the win Lorn Tsi oae who Rale in that country for we Rumska aria Cath. English people if Ine tenths of leases Are Aat aim ret itched to us and voila Saake any just aur hos rather Tolian wit me we tween two nations United in a interest by Yunnu Matrod tics. Ere hear that Ahe will demand Hal they he delivered up to her and our nation must comply with the it is fallacious to nuns this thought for a moment. In Tho re Fluce Ike will never tenon if Pehaim eke poem rot get them. Lush Rellian eur renter three two dangerous Aaen who by their dial realty have a refiled the right even cannot fail to be of Good and a must a uppity in it of the got Antt Nettit for b the . Hoir ctr my be. To Rheum Lett not Lime undone which i Honor be alone for hit Uckno. Ilmet the print of opinion it mpg men and to cling to our opinions with tenacity but u h not did duty of ots him time Chi Luigj o look Over our bleed ing land. Our Long now in peril one million of our Chi firns in of liar the with Dichl Uhlott tie Desgun Tiiu of our own thru or fled that if these Csc Wnenta Iwuc been the Utun Divite or Narault mum of producing awful of j be quickly Rumor it it the of a Vadoni a moist a of. Tot every Block to taken out of Tho Way. If our Southern by three with Itell penal in Una unholy War Iho Csc a fall upon Lezaic them no n Tor an at Crint to Flieller tour Mekco to Ymir Kun of towards Vertnon liar taken the Flat atop will not Atli to Tate who litre been to a to to iwo Lawn upon their Tatule books do wow contend Tonii next till Mali or our country w lout. The Muat b. Curd in Ncry or tron of Tow Lull. Exhort info to abide Haltli fully by the t Cotuit Tulton under which we adn Licud to or to Caius tit i Cape to m of of not glorious Covern mint. May god Dijion retort or to allay this civil strife and by tie Arm of tix Power u event Tho reparation of alien nation. Itt with Mullen. Mn4 let Jivoni n in or More two of on arriving at Iho fort they Scro Intro Ducco to col. Dii Timlick. Wow said gentlemen us not Happy to to Ceffo you in Kort War the Han Lial Hom informed Tho Irton pm Hart he would be under tha tick Cutty o and requested to lieu to tand Over their Keya. They complied and a i Tieni o tit. Mar Lio Routi search was made but no Khrt waa found. Bal then returned the and the Wen shown to hair the probability a that their official a r in were deposited in tha mall us of the Trent. Or they might been to Miles Alto at compacted to litre was a time for that purpose before they were taken front the Trent. A Washington to the new Yuric that on the opening of Sun grew. Senator Wilaon will introduce Bill to abolish uie joke of Luller in the army. Be at Liberty Tia nation would incur the impelled to this by ret in of the Cito Riisom and abuses practice upon the dicta. In Spito of the Caal a Striction again til Selling to loan amount exceeding one third of Elwir pay it often that the Sutler presents an order on the paymaster for three of the amount due the Soldier while one half thus taken u too common to excite remark. The prices too arc i Irhie Tant. Tho profits often Boink from .100 to .100 per cent., and the Quality of the article furnish Davao a to of Bauw not to Lake dial View of it win Nerer arise. Will of emanated in. Prot icons often enl Iowa. I a att pfc Denim peaceful notation of ib4 control Fuy and its final deposition upon Brawl of right Tud Justice. We my Loum people Rast amused no Dif Vul to will firn in hut in due time our a lion i fit o make Tow j in a artist ared As Mitt at m tolerated. Liquor Loo in often Furni Alweil. I wary and other furnished have Bacn found to it Conewa. It a known that in very Ayaay Cawn us cult leu Reg menu Are vent vain Good their of to of the Nutt fru us prof in cinc w Lane from now Las mentation j that own arc often unable to Pic apr Iii in the Lavioe Region their Thia is not to. Only Surprise Tioy Preuc Sauneu pc jt4ri to they will soon find in the capture of Orlean a a Batt 11 m motions the trepidation which their own strove to conceal. Their secretaries Mustac and Mcfarland brought up the rear and showed for More Pluck than their aware probably that their comparative Insil i finance would Tell a their favor when the Day of reckoning came. On leaving the veg i the party bowed to Cit a Vilics Cremati de behind and embarking on boar a scan lug which sent from the fart for the Pur Pone were conveyed with their in Utick cad tit to the Fot i which is about a Quarter of a Milo in Len Jylli. Attar Landing upon the Dock they escorted in fort we Rani the fallowing order. Order or Rock Siok. Munro Hal amen Etlor slip Roll Cut. Fair Lar Anil Amman Siedor Sec Cury j it put Man trial j Secretary of flow the fort. Totsc from Hie Kori. Ollo Wlna Belc noting Ulitt . Winch conveyed two carts Slitor to Ninon a set line 1 Rioe. Lilo rebel commander in mis Amri Call up Malta of dial stale i furnish an Annj of for ibo Send men Lului ilmers to Uii if Liaa Violl Dicj Blanock arms and Lou alar. Utensils and a Lions for t few werks. Tills a like calling oils from the Vesler Lull will Piliejr come ills Call abounds with net to give Tom to even pen a proclamation he will re aim the Fovea Bare a . And the hindi of us air hire but rebellion by not where to Lay in Bea j. The Aliado i of Tho a Ifft of and utter orc throw Are gather ing room tit of mid Ere Long those that and will be of Uzawa tha Gytri. And the party in their a mems us it ten Bur Norwil belonging to or. 1 Urner i few Miles beyond kit Ucli Village and made hair Way in a mulch Ray direction. A party of or. Sci Libora at Artel in Nir suit in hoe4wback, armed and prepared to take the Abductor and h u Accola Pvlicek and Rescue the girl should the guilty duties be taken and my Rasta ice it Fred to is probable that Ous trill lout to a Halter from Power the Nern mint the Hare outraged. Catho reports Trompen Toola come through if they await Tler abandon Tot of Rawti burning of the nary Yard and the of Tor help we Are warrant Oil in using a Greal Union Victory Haa been a Bietto. The in patches to our Fot Crim no Vrtol probably reach ave Hingino to Day when Purtic Ulani will be re chiral it u an in Point. Of the urgent and beat Harbert i world and i be whole Fleet of tie nation Anchor within in Florida Auba asm will or lowly feel this mow. And Little Bragg will find laurels into Rob Chron Tia Tim if at and Southern will nearc0 be again to Raiati it to far. Wen pc against Iho Gotham unit and in act chm play an.1 it will not a Long e they 07 jux Ccavin. Viper with in bea4 Peruf cd my for a Tine but St death millions ii red to be a Luiu in Mother called for her but received no response. Her feint becoming alarmed Lor her daughter satiety Ahe proceeded to the Magoba re but Tail Aid to find Ber. Or any track of her it we subsequently cd that Croft and his wife bad loft with Duncan it a confidently expected that the flee on the by Large un.1 Force will in cd Days move Down Hal a incr a lion the or cession army will hat a Chance to Duplay to ctr valor if Pera Renaut ther dare which we think doubtful. M noon expect to hear of the capture of Columbus Ami Mem plies and on Waves of the of will be proudly borne still Lur the South Tho victorious hosts of the govern men until iut authority a acknowledged and respected by every state through which it on its Way to the Gulf of Mexico Aad the Advent of the supremacy of the Constitution Hamlet Wilh shouts of rejoicing by the people i writhing under the Iron Heel of the Despotis of rebellion and protected by the nation Standard enjoy the of Pence. The severe lessons which rebellion has taught then will serve As a salutary admonition against repeating its Folly. 05" of the troops Timler Gen scr cheat Mountain Are now on their Way to Kentucky caving to others to bold the Post. The Rog. Men if that Are being removed Are the 3d. 4th, Fath. 24th. Auto 32d Ohio and Tho and 17th Indiana. The above shows that the government in determined to Prisc the rebels from Kentucky with a Large army carry on a Winter Campaign in Tennessee and mini Lippi. Lic Tirc the first of april the Banner of the Canneti Luti Oti will want triumphant Over them stunt and rebellion will receive its death Ouw. In addition to the above tie col. An1 the col. Waener both from Indiana an on their Way to the same destination. There in a Good time coming. Burhop now Gen. Folk and his followers Williton eel the Power of the government r. Spencerville a Volunta of he Hui regiment under capt. Kugge suctioned at Paducah. Ky., we accidentally killed an the j8th by the falling of a Bossy go White mounting which he was super intend at the Lime us body arrived Ben by express Day and waa taken Home for interment b j. S. Pooli. Richmond whig complain bitterly o grievance Kul Ferod by the farming Community rom Itara Uneit of wagons and Tiamu for Tho Uso of Iho rebel nor. To whig if font Inird. It will bring the government i into such detestation among the pople that in no while a Quarter roaster s agent will receive very Little better treatment at the hands of the people than would one of or. Lincoln s Emi Sarics. It Tho reports Union in tha of East Tannassee under Pinion a Brownlow and major Gil Ham. V. Dun Pic Yankees in Ken Whir Nowal new Vona adjutant general Olill House Haa at last i avs the anticipated Oiler for the organic gluon of a additional nit uber of Iti n cd York. Under thi4 Ord reach Reg Merit of infantry i Corwitt of ten comping is of a minimum gala of it my or to maximum aggregate of 10 men. Kach regiment of cavalry will consist of three Malta ions each battalion of two Kuti runs and each Squadron of two Compani the cont Anima will have a minimum aggregate of 70 men or a maximum aggregate of 95 men Kach regiment will be accompanied by eight o twelve batteries of artillery each Battery t consist of a minimum aggregate of 60 men o a maximum aggregate of 156 men and Thapa of the of Luceri and men will commence timed ally after Ivy Ara mustered into the Avra of the United states. A fat Man is a inc Len run Battlo an order was Given to a new in land company to lie Down and Load and on Rise when in the actor firing. During the to test of the Captain Law of Wpm loading. Contrary to order exclaimed the Captain. The tact is Captain said the Man and dream i m so plague a if i lie Down to it it to Loo Long to go up again the. Captain turned away with to nigh Ami Llie Man to Chokio Bis do Uittlio-1 erf fixating. The Mieki either to dist Point our nest or give fans Tabry we a moment in meditation and exclaim and Wilh the Echo of these words steal Over us sensations of regret or to Antarr thoughts of Bliss but to be darkened gain by the shadows As we pass on. Such then is Check ered by Joy and Fitt. Like inv Bright rays of tie orning it Sun shed1 its Gulden Light upon the orld but m one Short hour is of cout with Otis whose dark shadows intervene Between e sunlight and the Earth shutting off the which but he hour before Lent Enchant Cut to the scene shrouding it in the dec pcs i void like to sorrows which intrude itch upon mortals poisoning the Rich Jinn in of our the responding us to sink under the weight of woes for Hith the world a lords no Relief and ire find reality that our Bliss was but As the mete r s gleam to inspire us for a moment and then t Tho fearful Mantle of fall Ilion envelope us. Truthful the declaration that Man is a pendulum constantly Erol ring Between a smile and with his every Blissful aspire on there in commingled the presence and the Iwer of Wop Tho Ono to elate and the other o blight such is the lot of life s Stream which rises in the earliest hours of infancy its Waters so pure and Limpid As not to stain an a gals flows on and won become tur id breaking into floods that dash madly with terrible velocity through numbered ills to the a tent Aea of eternity. Such is and such he end thereof., mingle with the hum of business the current of speculation bears us on we Are prosperous Honor and riches Are within our grasp we reach Forth our hands to Pluck the treasure tic thorns of adversity Are hidden among the Flowers we clutch but to find our in is pierced by them Froni the Elevation o wealth we Are burled Down the fearful decl in by of bankruptcy to it apply with Loling by Llinat to gaze upon our first born exc yes spark ing with youth s innocence health seems enthroned upon its Young fair brow Tongue awakens win in Static in imagination we eee it grow to manhood or womanhood loved by us and Loving us Iti return the hand of disease Laid ujan it with Agun offi Oul we Tratch Over it but to so it ton front us the death Nice a settles upon it to sepulchre receive to our Habi Laton is Ono o deep in orning we feel the full Force of tin expression such is friends in whom to reposed Confidence whose soft words profuse proc Sions of at tie belief that we could Rel upon Vliem with certainty who bad been whom our hearts yearned n Llie hour of trial to stood by them our when iut i wrote you the Earth was in her Aad to Velinty to Rwy with Ait Rich Fidel Odiotti Tuic Bretie As it Lan cd the Cheek of innocence and the fevered brow Wadi Radical Wii the perfume of the count Lew Flowers. Bat bedeck 10 gardens Over our wide spread country. T that time the Lily Bow Sweet Recty Flowers which Ive always Wal Cost with superlative degree of Joy were courting tha attention of every admirer of Flowers. But of dinged tha scene. Now the Earth is partially dressed in a bridal suit the whistling kinds now Greet us Willi their shrill but. To b pleasant music and the cold biting frosts december have disrobed Tho limbs of Trees and the shrubbery of their ii Lingo and caused in Beautiful Flower to Bow with deep Hamilt to its relentless tyranny. Ever and anon u i am writ ing. I Stop to watch Tho falling now for it is truly plan ant to Sec it float for while in the air and then fall noise Conly to in Earth i dearly love the Winter it brings to much of Joy and gladness in its Western Virgin Ltd. Tho Wheeling o the late Retreat of Floyd from the Vicinity f Oakley says the re bal forces were obliged to Lirow away or destroy a Large portion of their in kits ammunition tent Camp equipage and arms to get out of the Way pathway Nill find it Brae every hand with Thomao that minister not to our peace but which mar our enjoy should to not so fortify ourselves in u thai can attune tha that to have walked uprightly interposing this in hours o loom Between Onn clan. And tolf ice Roach this would iks a Mlan in Tho Timo of trouble and would soften and sweeten the reflection that such a Mem. The Lgth Indiana item Ament arrived from Ting Tina about four o clock wed after an hour or proceed. In their the Sevcit Teeth Indiana which Hoar expected Bwl my arrived at Midnight but u probably have passed Down Ere this can reach the Eye of the Gateau. The Montreal advertiser says that Gea. The commander of the of Ces Jana has been summoned to Quebec to con eral Fiji St a Mouth of the sits nah h aches for the Imperial government arc said in we thi.1 the been forwarded. By the Steamer on paring fort Pulaski. Satun Tay. The Mao who liberally a it Cal dealer he Sells More goods than d fog Tat who hide their tight Bushel. And is Tow Refore. Able to to under the Bead of census dinner and awls list Cameron s speech Wai lat three babies were born in this Village on i to v saturday night and in was no much fan isl i Hiso pions Are those be Orts regiment i Ive Hundred men. Tenth twelfth thirteenth and five Hundred men from Cash of the thirty seventh and forty fourth Ohio regiments in three thousand to bund cd men. The 10camp n High glee and now demand to be sent Kentucky or the Potomac where they Cau Fin something to fight. In babies considering to itt West of Tho missis put yet cases of twist and tit Etta occur Hora As Olton As ones Are born run fatigue 7owa from the boat uvula journal we take the following extract relative to the 44th Reg ii Cunt on their arrival at Flint place itch mint a ctr. Fram Turt at 11 o clock yesterday bating been shirt can Bourn coming from three trains oms cycad the troops and baggage Tricy disembark fid from the cars and about 12 o clock marched to Toms reel House where a Bountiful dinner and bin provided by our citizens. Tho regiment numbers men and is made up for Pic most Jikari of Noble Bod led soldierly Lanking volunteers Thoj in pc not yet Riiff Lucienl Timo to perfect them selves in military Drill. Trio 44th will to iraqis Ferrod to Kentucky in a few nys and i form smrt of Gen. Chillenden s Colum and. Tin buys inquired in girly As to the o a Iglitz Aceitu Trio River Anil scat cd to banns it us to find the , of whom they have Icard to much. E death of col. Cro Jlian who tilled by on. Bonham x command in the re Reat of Floyd from the Kanawha. Ii no Small wish to the rebels. He was an excellent officer i Noble looking Man and formerly in the Rogu for graduate of West Point and a classmate of Gen. Henham. He was a son o Gen Croghan the defender of fort Stephenson and was formerly quite once owning inc Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. On by death bed to that he bad receive. Only what Boho was wrong and Auk Trio surgeon to Pray for him. To re fused to allow any medial assistance probably Well aware his Lime was come. Tho meeting and recognition hint and Gen. La Enhaus tras painful to Wineas. Said the general my god croatian 1 is ibis you 7" said the dying Man by god s Sake uen Baut do nol reproach know j Ras in Tho hearing Ilia cation Dong be met liked i general you can do itto no Good and you arc Nee Flett Over you not to the new York Trinnin p Lent in cult i Ines age must have audit bin to say about slavery. It directs Attentionlio fact that Jeff Davix Metr stage does twit con Tho won Itla cry of and Nanccy. In Hia to the Tiu gave our african brother tha go by am Kcal learn edly of Iho Tariff. Or. Adar to at. James Lias also made a , at the lord banquet and to a rough Homo unaccountable and wholly inexcusable Tidner neglected to introduce to Oil Oil aay a word about slavery Par fear therefore that our own people am Brelyn nations will forget that we have an african brother among the Tribuno Hopta to no Tuge Wilt touch liar not Tima Toledo. Vernor Tod in a late speech Staten trial he has recently seen Pic president Washington in this Conne Wuoti adds i know too thai to believed Illo Bolua duty to ctn Are Fremont painful As was the act 10 him and that the slavery proclaim ton had nothing to do with it whatsoever. More Ever when the people Are placed in pose Saioni Olha Nineteen twentieth of them Wil it. General Scott c retirement painful act Dent by of John the and Andrew to Federal troops Hare landed at Buckingham 00 the main land of South Carolina. Priced army. Is fur Kansas which state he intends to make the Flem of Bis operations., Mcculloch is moving to rank atthe port tobacco my tines in Luncus that the captains of vessels trading. Otthat place to. Baltimore have been per i fitted to resume their routes and Prado is gain open. Tic merchants and Farmers Are of receiving their wonted supplies. Arkansas where he will go into Winter Quad Gen. Benham is under arrest for permitting 10 escape of Floyd. V the rebels at Memphis and Nas Riili avow j the intention of making by the Battle fluid i in a skirmish Black Walnut Cucuk. Mo., e. Car Stephen Wooldbridge t. W. Holsdair.fnuikcrow., Thill tier. Joseph Beck and a. Mcdowell. Foshe flirt. Tin ii in the b history of this Day was oboe Row afm Day of and nov. Pierpont the first governor thaeter Rii the i jew Topknot. The Constitution urday and Miles our it. When they a rebel i ire Neil Llie it Stu Kuri Lytt. Tit firing we i Niti Orneil to their the with urn w. They a Vav mrs Icid. Limit or Der Willt i casualties. Not overt non. The it i cd midst grins and no i Reidy t it barter our own of i Gilt for hat Gold Orient can win men tvs Toup and to of further rebel reports of to engagement at Vns Acula state that the Navy Yard had been orned by Tho fire from Foit Pickens that had been evacuated by Lara go that re United states vessels had been completely riddled with shot that no breach of port pc Lenihad yet been made that Bragg had sent for was hopeful of Succoso and had declared to his men that to would Ever surrender alive. It is believed at fort Monroe that Bragg Hail been what ipod ensa Cota burned and the whole rebel Force Tro Hably captured. Advices from port Koyal state that uie hag f the United states u flying in Georgia to we Island at the Mouth of the Savannah River Ivyng been occupied by troops. A earful panic raged at City at it Acx Mats nearly . The rebel work at St. Helena Inlet. 3. C. Hare to been taken put season of by Union forces. There were exciting in Washington it Cray of an Advance but Llie Anay still remains stationary. The president s message is said to take con Erval Lve grounds. Tho Advance of Gen expedition left Simpton roads on wednesday Mcculoch is at Springfield with 4.000 with men has joined him before his and prow with the of the in Aamy marching for Thea Amo Point. Oen. Lierman has been ordered to Chip Otton Beaufort to Kew York to to Here for account of government and to use Tho laves to gather the crops. Two of the new gunboats arrived at Cairo yesterday from Louis and five Moro will reach Hub former Point during the next ten is. European advices am the 2lat Insl both teams cite of Baltimore. Tort Privateer has arrived Southampton having captured and burned a ship on the Way. Toll in Bis last alter says that tha United sum government Are not indisposed to a peaceful arbitration. The rebel convention at Rupee Villa. Has passed an ordinance of secession. Col. Mulligan bad a spec Neil recept Detroit on thursday and Bia lecture thai Stening was attended by two thousand people. The 1 we have further rebel reports As to the of. Lair at pc Nacola an official dispatch from Bragg dated tuesday night Aara that every Hing is quiet that Tho u. 8. Float Krpata Safe that be is fully prepared fora re Newal of the fight. It a Paara that the Only damage Ira Flercy by the unionists was to Dis Abling of two of their f easels. Advices from port Royal slate that Tybee Bland is being for tired by our troops and Bat gels Laden with Stone have been sunk in the Channel of Savannah Harbor. The expedition sitting outta Hilton head a ready to Beaufort is Aull unoccupied by Federal forces not being thought of any importance. Rebel service Haa expressed the belief that Ute defence of Pic entire rebel mint be the presided a message it is intimated will Bei led Taatofa general policy of emancipation. A British frigate was to Haw watched the move Down the Mik on the night of tic Ihly nil. The rebels apparently acted strictly on the do fun ire. They admit considerable damage to fort my fun Warr Linclon and Llie Navy Yard. I he reported two Federal ships in cars to to unfounded. From port Royal Santa Ilmet Tatnull d attack amounted nothing. A Chufort in to be occupied by u. 8. Trottis. The lion from Lynn head u supposed Tubo fur Fernandina seer Lary Cameron Hal slaves come no a Silitti our lines be not returned. Secretary the course Anil also that of Urey Lall to to of they Hall by allowed 10 go a Lent they the Pren Dent in u Walil in to rues them a Lex. Trio Secretary Tho Navy in his report approves Tho arrest of Mason and Slioch Ami nays that com Lukca erred Only in nut Jicile Tiu which Hail them on boned. The two new gunboats built a Xii Mel left fur Cairo Ycint inlay. The Flag Iteni ii leave for the name Point to Day and an other of Iho flotilla will Toti fallow. The a Del i roup rebel on the eau Lorn Suwiro of Virginia and Bovo captured 10 Sannuti and stand Arma. Thuro u said to to a general feeling Iii and us favor of Auasi Dontig Virginia in to rely they it As too expensive to keep an Arley on liar Koil. Kex senator Qwin Ami Calhoun Llanham Lugo Chen released from fort Warren. Or. , of 111., Intel ii at in Coli or is fur the Purpo oof brigadier Mctier Aulii. Kerrigan m. C. From n us York City pulled m under Well Ciccol death fur Union refugees from Mim Muri co Illmie to pour into St Louis on their Way to Iii. United states s re gently left England it being believed that she intended to overhaul Tho West India i packet and arrest Mason and Slidell but it ejecta in View. The frontiers of Canada Are to be placed in a state of de Fonze my it is rumoured that 10.000 Julun Terrt Aro to lie called out in that province. Canadian Leamer has been captured off lilo Coit of Load of arms and ammunition by the Rabels. No Nora will to received for Tho first government loan. The second is now ready to to taken. Polk has a Force of 20.000 men at Columbus. Thirty 34-Poundera arrived there on wents Day. Hollins Fleet is not there As was reportfour thousand stand of arms French will Arr Ira at Cairo on monday from new York. Price the rebel Lender in Missouri Issue Cal an address to tie people of that state calling for 60.000 troops. Price was at Springfield on monday but on Small bodice of his win were North of that lice. Gen. Banks division to move renter. By from to Frt Lerick. Account in soul Hern in cry of the in tit at ivus cola Nanto Bat in inst cd three Telegraph Kew York. N of. Jar uni tha distinguished English Urych. Now reside tit Micro in a published idler in regard to Luu Union and Dett Case says when the question is submitted by the Cabinet of England to the Law or the responsible Adi incr of the Cowit Ati Hui Tiet before will in nil jail Ity require from tic off court in u the Trent distinct to to follow tip quit turns 1st. Scro you acquainted with the terms of her com. Manding strict neutrality on did part of tier Subj Kos during the term of hostilities Between the Northern and Southern states 2d. Did you nut know uial the two gentlemen when they became Pai Sengir not refugees Oil Board your vessel were employing Shemit Clvis or were employed in an Enterprise of direct Bostil. Ity to the constituted government of the uni Ted 1 Tho answers to these two ques in the affirmative. Consistently Wiki truth they cannot to answered otherwise will reduce the question to very narrow dimensions. Should any doubt exist upon Tho second proposition to message recently sent by or. Jeff. Davis to Bis parliament itch Tonj will Couch facilitate its solution. I am sir faithfully yours signed cd win Jaa Tii Kew York nov. From port Koyal report that an expedition on tha 34th or St. Helena Inlet and without striking a blow took Uio works. The guns had been carried Inland. Another expedition to the Interior Wax on its Way. It is reported Trio to rebels Miles from Hilton head under Oen. Prayton Toast of them impressed n they Aro also said to be concentrating a Force at Buffum. Appearances indicate that Tho planters Are determined to Burn their crops on the appear Ance of our by gunboats the rebels guns at Bradlock 4 Point Tho extreme South end of Hilton Inland have Ticen in Spikol and now in readiness fur use by our i House. , dec. Howie opened ii prayer. Tim Mil was Iii called when h answered to their names a gent Atid Phelps us l .l., Hooper of mfcw., Wil son of Iowa Delegate from Utah and cred Ljungh Delegate from Nevada were worn in. Or. Dauca moved thai or. Maynard of by worn in As a member from id District of tonne see. Tinct Tii of Pennsyl Ranola said Trtat or. Maynard May have been properly knew the fact that he state of Tennessee wan jut far out of the Union As it could be a them Scro several other similar cases tic Kuli Eccl brought Forward by or Dauca Blin to sent to the Kkt Pitons. N Thot Glit that this was an except lion to Tatj Rule or. Mnynn.we elected by n majority at the Augutis election and of litre Tenn tee Imd taken any to get out of ii Union besides to proper car Mil eaten d Erc Hyrc. Or. whether or. Mayan was Jurcic Lucite the attempted to accede and at the time fixed by Law. Ii r. Dawes re Ilij he was a informed and under lilo us which existed by a ions Titi. Or. Siemenn then Wiltil Rcv hid motion. Or. Wpm in. On Mot Ion of or. Fenton it wan resolved that a committee to appointed to join Auch May be by the Senate to wait on the president Ami inform him that a quorum of both Ufi or. Slickman prawn cd ii Carolina Laud to the election of or. Foster. A hint the i pm Benad. Or. Vul Punili rals cil ques lbs of order. Tho claim of or. Oxier referred to the next Itanion Tif commit tee on Oul of Avorah action. Or. Slickman said thin was a new question., different from that of uie Cater St. Joseph. Nov. 28. A band of rebels under Tho colonous by. Gonlon diet Bobb capt White and three u. S. Foll cars from the Railroad train at Weston to Day. The rebel Stein with 50 of Hia Follower re ported to to near Weston. Baltimore nov. Point boat has arrived. A Fig of truce in Ugat Homo Dies from Norfolk bin no Newit. Are evidently endeavouring to keep Hack South Hait and is ready to i. St Vena of Patina Lynnia Aid no harm would to done by of Crenco of the and on he motion the Case waa referred to tha committee on election. Or. Watts Delegate from new Mexico or. Rof is. Successor to or. Cai Liale was qualified. Or. Luchard Tiivi Tuo cd that or. Suguru aleut sworn. Or. Dawes desired the Case be ref Rod or. Richardson earnestly str Gued that Jar. Segur no would to Taworn in. The House should not deny Iho pc of Accomac and North Ampton coun Lici proper representation ally Ostley had did Down their arms which they had taken up again it Trio Federal Nettl the forms of Law Hud been complied with under Lii of the Jitu of Virginia. Or. Kellogg of Illinois argued that or. Be Gur should to and Milton in accordance with principles already settled at the extra or. desired no disrespect by wishing the question us wanted the Plouh to consider inc subject in its bearings. It should be ascertained whether elected by 10, 20 or 100 Votca in a District where 10.000 May be cast lie wanted a Rule they could stand by m future. The acct was then referred to committee on tons. 8enatml. Trio vice president called the Senate to or Der at noon. About 40 members were p on Outtin of or. Usell 12 o clock m. I fixed for the daily tse Wions. On motion of or. Grimes Amensa Gomor Jared to iks to Tho Alouso that a quo runt of the Senate was present and was ready to to business. An informal re cow was then taken. The sonata concurred in the Resolution of the House for Iho appointment of the joint to Wail on Iho president and Rtin Ioil Iho com Atiteo messes. Hale and i Julum. Or. Tim Lull of Iii., gave notice that a Intro Picun Hill to Morrow to confiscate the property of rebels and give fret Dom to per is in Sun slates. Or Wilkinson minn., gave notice of ii of Abo Luh to Distl Naclion Between and Volant i a forces. Washington. Dec supreme court ahem blvd noon. Justice Taney and associates Clifford Grier Wayne and Catron. No Burn ass Fra Dono an i the

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