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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union Newspaper Archives Apr 29 1863, Page 3

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - April 29, 1863, Fort Wayne, Indiana Utta. Tom Trobau. In y Ftp a pm m Tim thu a. April a Boa. A of Ruiqi il.?. 4m m Tan it we fms a Tri Ibave Alra of if Lei min a a a mtk9 of a min in a in my Rizw m m of emf do for in mtg iii it a Man we eat pm de i my if my do. Re rom a my by �u1 Mem frill a Radii of of a but my mite did of Tim Omiter by we Helm Amor of in pkg throw Down the a of m Hlis to a Tyi Tad hmm How Villi Tom co a my uni Deo Mcintie pitty Vii Eli i Ishii a it Lar iou macs of Lattiea of Iulo to a pm a boor Ofa Strong Tob if Miowne a a i it cot tin Jim Uro Owano Etui to us acre Hong ta-1pstir Tiff of Ridi Tad of fat. Tho a Way Tho r. A Kkt Allter divas Price Isle Bat my Rill pm Dorii. Demaa Tofft. To Tho Lmar. Tito cd a Lair talk Blini on it t ii imams dirty Stubl of Home of the Lim Ilii Fer Tho Oom oth a a a Tallud Kiima. They have of Lavi Tatami and soccer fam a a it Imit want ovo Oao a to Tia thy Domora Jerto sva Ruks la met of Thia a Eie iof i that it How fat a a Vitacion Fer we Haviar iat Tad him. For by that Thia mail Val Tan had Coz and p4midl�-�ilhtham, Ara Tho a 1862. Their that float Rafera Lioi pm we Janaf Oao of Vliem a if Max Why inf Celaa that you do a jul of Tho ground and Tho via code when Millili it a Oliaf to a la in Hoor pc lha aaa Athyl your i 4i an a Tho Haat fear Tho Domo a a a iad Fei of Jaar duly Anhao i of Poi Temaat of Ali Oak Jou to Ara Watt Yoa and by the Ian to eat Aho older to of tip imm Rny lha Tashara Proa Courtad. A Point to in thing data naga Gairad or Tho a Iowa of tha War a Haa it a a i Arnat Airt Faaifo choir Kaoorn Hava Haea guide Difre lhoa8and�, by the Inai Tho Arm the a Tore the Idiol and entered the Hayand Crai citation ii a been i Fearo Hama aaa eted Lazev Tel aaa it Yard Aat Tamte Hart Hama of to Wiliie Vidhi Abms Hare Hama no Barrier the to fear of ukr every a a Biag Hawo Heen aade Aab to Tatoia Opial old party Tinea As Oak Trio Adhav a bean of thrown to Ocean in the atm a aaa Bald be fend who to Laffort the for emment in Aad with one voice tie Anil shall Hera Einred a a Halo in too bid to any King or Para item Audi an uni Neraal Iota Glam president Linch from until of september 1862 a tacit them Aooie Imirea withheld fat Mia hardred and fifty Thomad men a Al Bill by Pale wit to subdue the re inferred with a Mil and men. To the no in la a a a Ftp Fol Matinato Bare Feilen on the Lor died into Ekamp and still we i far Llma Cottra. Months of time Alai a Hare been spent to bom Amo with an Efluri of three twi. Whole a lost Den Rafai Fesar Torti in a Day a cabinets we Pho Ian Fera ook and others in Aad thwarted Battles captured. And then i Attai Haua of the enemy i or taken Thaie hels in tio lunge of a Cannon shot a of a Ial Aadam yet to e War has by. If anything and still the to a Aad to support a War thus carried that Aoa thing May i Kef Haso Par formed every in Apai Ilamai they Hare Kul cared As a Amy a Aakre Tao Flor. And if this la m by Lara cow if the Federal army Adly amal tha Anam they a Ion. R Shouta o Arieli an old a a us Aad of if Ain Street be to i. Demaa Aad of espied by Izreo or a us die Ewud to be on Are. And Laam Lasa Taam a Sash the Placo a a a Natl Elif Oona Umed to Viher or Ihu hoax hold a soda. The Tolfo Heel set on fire a put ii below a Lorre spa Blu of the Indianapolis a crw from the scam of Tho Dinar tone a Browa county in Tho Day the a one armed from which it will by seen that us about Taisia were the aggressor a and that tha Kuzat of tha Aal Diar by it. From car wat in Al of Nae. Whatever a our hate indeed the agent of Tho a lao elated Prasai to Giro to the pumps Sash an a xagg�tatedaadfe1ae state Mcniff the a Boro diff sublet when he is paid Fer such Ca Patcha by papers of both Poitier tin. After the truth became known has the a anal near and Honor to Corret the error can be imagined w admit of the least i ology. Kar town and county Ware thrown into la Tenee excitement on account of a Moat important of Currene that took place Homo Seren Miles no Thweat of this tillage cat Irlar. That no in May get and. A erroneous or inflaming Tho Yumio aund. T propose Giring the Fec Traa defiled by Eyo wit Neawasa one of hem under oath. The Republican Hel Ltd a meeting of Tho 18th instant at the porn Nhaga of or. William Gould. Ant half a Milf Feria a and Eailor the plumb Graek meeting Blouse. Ac4b.mussrs. Phelps a. Johnson and capt. On Nasagi of the Arbit Ware the tha Iloa. Lewie Fer circuit clerk who lira in the neighbor Hood wat preheat near the meeting House with a Fri cad my William Snider. They had been Hunting quirrels with their rifles and were waited upon by one Milton Flener pm Pfost Harshal of the unto and or. P4aer Wae a vital to go darn to the or it publican meet a it being stat of that the speakers there would Divide Tiam with my in % Nuie after repaved Aad org eat solid Tahnia or Prumer Eon rented. And of Lep atrium to the phew of Apa aking he a Rae informed that a vote of the mid had Baba taken and it had been decided that a other speakers had arrived Sinee the proposition was made to Divide time. Or. Prosper would be allowed to speak till he Republican speakers were through. Or. Or mixer then turned to Bis Lii end or. Strader. And remarked that As they would Divide uie time with him they would go he it Nie. And would Kiu Isaae Ami Urru of tha Road. At this Roma it k Soldier and. To the Way Gap. Oum Dag Hud to ought with Una fear to Mieir stepped up to or. Pro Sash and told him he Kwh cd he Knuhl at a Aad wreaked Bis Proa ser Quot a gun out of his hands sprung the Tri a and held it Over his Prosser o head in a men Aei Nir attitude when Prosser draw a revolver fired Ani instantly killed Thia Soldier. Another we Dot ran a and fired at or. Presser twice. Or. Pisser then fled sane sixty Yards of when opt cunning snatched of two re eol Tot which when he commenced speaking a had pulled out Aad Laid near his and ran air or fewer and fired at us. In the mean while one Sanaei of plus county snatched up Prosser a Rifie and fired at him at the crack of Hia gun Prosser fell wounded in the left in Juat above Tho knee Che Ball Ling through and fracturing the Bone. While the ingot in saw was going on sni St fired his Rifle at those who were shooting at pros her As is supp aed one of the soldiers ran up to Prosser when he was lying on the ground wounded and helpless and endeavoured to a Divot him Ihlen capt Guiting interfered and prevented in the Ahouva then seized Snider tied him. Put him on a horse and galloped out of the of Monty these Are the a a to As elicited in an examination before a Justice and corroborated by a Republican present with the single a crept it a that he believed owning ant pros ser. And Cunnis claim i to have Dune it. From the character of the wound and the Circum Tanses the general impression Here it that Boriff shot him. Actor Dindy a War ant Fer hmatiprehin8�on, Beer with a pose pm needed to his Hoase to arrest him when he bed and is Auu at Large. It in pretended a any one Democrat or Republican that Prosser a Ras guilty of any Interr option until his gun was forcibly wrested from his band and that too when he was about to peaceably leave fur h me Nur is. It claimed that any Arkeat waa being attempted of him., or any one else by any Asili Ortr. Legal or arbitrary until the shot we fired which resulted in the death of the Soldier. Whatever was committed Wam pm irely of local jurisdiction. And the tiding away of sni Der from without the county is an outrage to submit to which will be a. Virtual c it of edition that there in no Law but the Caprice of won Dering and sometimes disorderly soldiers. If Snider violated the Law he should have been attested and Turnt Over the civil authorities hire. But. It brute Forse is Law be Muht meet it like men. Or submit like slave. Give i the Law and we Are Content. There were but it it or or five at the Rencounter most of the do Musraca in ing at a Large meeting at Williamsburg. Quot from the same source we Tara us facts in regard to the Danville a Fiur. A do tax pm cml a�ilt1. In regard to the Danville a Fiur we Are informed by a gentleman who witnessed the transactions and who a also a Republican in politics that the demo Crata Wetr assailed Firat. That they bought to avoid a Quantel and Only fired when it appeared to them and Othera that escape without a fight was impossible. When the persons who first began the equal Rel were arrested an attempt was made to Rea Cue Tho Republican from the Banda of tha of Eeva by his party Frinda. And the Man who was most severely wounded waa shot by the guard having the prisoner in charge. They wer Willii that beheld in custody but were in wiring that the of their own party Friend should be held answerable to the Law. Is such Jug handle Justice right. We Are gratified to Leann that the Little son of or. With new who was supposed to be be tally wounded is Likely to Leo Over. Democratic mass it it invention at Llydia Sapolia. Gallur then Donn a Ember aug state Central committee. Flav Juil la Rio ii it Fca Yyi i iii by Tho Jim Mai ii a Tea pity Aad it a Hap i tha Tavery irus Lover a a to ditty wih Leonh Aalto hear Tho a cobia free aah free prom free a Orts Aad con Tito tio Aal Liberty who m axe did to a present. Let All and Oak Day in the service of his country and with Hia pre Abaca Sadat snap holding the Haada of Theta Ami who have Boeza the heat and toil of the Day who Are bar the abolition its Hon Tad Down and stigma thud Worsaa than Jeff Dir is fad Hia minions and we know that after hearing them Eveaj one will Demaie that it waa Well he was pros a at. It May be Well to add that there maybe persons present who Are unprincipled enough to get up disturbances but we Imp there will be com Aad should an attempt a invade Democrat a Uhl treat them with oaths it and listen to their abuse and Dana Chalfona. Thora Ava two Dia eases prevalent Attong the abolitionists Ifni Loi Yuland Nen do few a Aither of a High a prove fetal Uale a the Grea Taat Asra he Tama and it is those who a re of Lichod with Tisae Dias aaes who have produced in a great Amaure tha present Dif Licul tie Aad Are daily provoking a riota Aad Arar Dera incur Midat. All who attend whether Frieada or a Aemie Idwald be treats with Courtesy and is apes but when they cease to be gentle Aalf in their conduct then a Rill there be tune enough to treat theol As their Aitiana Dearva. The democratic state Central commit Ytse of Indiana in res poom to numerous suggestions made to its members by citizens of the various counties do most respectfully and cordially in Vite to Cir political friends and All others who a Imp Athius in their views for the preservation of our government to assemble in Maas Oon mention at Indianapolis on wednesday the 20 Day of May. At 10 o clock a. A. There to consider the questions which now agitate the Louic Mill and to take such counsel of ther As will hmm certainly secure the Bra sing of Liberty peso and Unity to on distrusted Soun try. Arrangements have been with the following roads running Rato Indianapolis. For hair fire part Eulars of which will be hereafter announced. Cincinnati Malison. Jeries Sonville Belle fun Taisie Terre eau tip Perm and Central. The new Albany and Salem and Evansville and Crawfordsville have also agreed to a Siuri Lar arrangement. The Ful towing speakers in addition to these of our own state have been invited to address the eonv<-nti4tn lion. In radio Sev tour and lion. Jamea , of k. A Oil. Thomas ii. Seymour of Connecticut Hon. James w. Wall of Ner Jenny Hon. C. R. Use kale r f Penni Sylvania Hon. W. A. Richardson lion. James c. Roth Inson. Hon. James c. .4llcn. Hon. O. H. and u. T. Merrick , of Illinois Sod lion. George ii. Pend Eton Oon. S. S. Cox and lion. C. L Vallan Dilliam of Ohio. The committee Hope tha it every citizen who run will attend the convention and make it a Denio titration worthy the occasion which it Loai ids it. Come by Mil roads Coile in Wagon come on Hont Baek come on loot and Manifest your determination to maintain Law order peace Tho Liberty and tights of the citizen and restore the authority of the Coniti tuition Over a United country. Geboe of court. Chairman of Central committee. A title Mut Sikir itis Ioe. T��lfi4i3ro it Lith to Hje Oso Taina a Olaaf m a Tara Tabanao near that a Ftp Itol Saaf if Aad Meh Rawalt de in the death of mra. Flarah brawn and her two daughter aged respectively 8 and 5 years and the death at his own bands of the murderer. Alonzo Browne a i oth w in Law and Uncle of the victims. The husband and lather olt the unfortunate Onee and brother of murder Era Faasoa Browa after in absence of a couple of Toaia a the air diag foamed and waa met at the door by Hia Jllen Diah brother who said Quot am i k Llyl your femur a Aad if i had you pm a Aali Fiad Quot Aad the Ioapo to snapped his Fon twice at the husband and Fluher. Mramos Brown then called to his Neil Bora for help and shortly after the neighbors came Alonzo waa seen to raise a vial to Bis Mouth Aad drink the Contenta. Who proved to be Atric Nina. He then want up stairs and a Bea the Man on going into the House they found that a was lying on a bed. And had torn a the floor so that he old a pot aay one who Rii Ould Spur Cash. The Blade adds mra Brown reserved Foura Taba in the breast one of bar hands was but and there were injuries about her head the result of blow or cute with a Kufe the youngest clip Al was Cut on the is of the breast. The oldest had a aah carom the breast six inches in length. Mra Sud to be been an estimable lady especially Well regaled f r her kindness of heart and attention to the sick she was about forty years of a amp or. Amos drawn her husband he been in to Mammy. From which he returned about three months since. Al it i x t uru ii had b in a resident of the Vicinity about Filien years. Of was a Man of bad character. A a Miha a released but a Short time from the state Priano at. Jackson Tehi gun. A Here he had served out a term for horse St Ding. He came to reside with Hie lir other about the time of the return of the latter from the army. It is believed tha ruin waa insane and thought his brother intended to betray him into the hands of in enemies and it waa stated that be had charged Thia upon Antos to the to town tru Teea hot nothing was thought of it and the latter we believe Era informed of the feelings of the murderer towards him in iii after the sad occur Renee. A Liv Taff death. The wipe or tvs Mcord brr or Ells of the Philadt-l4iia int Are am tool among the r>g�4w who applied to come into ear lines near Union Mill a Witlin a Day or two was the if. Of Jackson the murderer of Ellsworth. So says a he is a Sti Iuta and now comes to us f it Rich Ariy to Kun Stettn like. Where it the princely subscript Ion maj Inatio of a i Zurth ? it sometimes happens on certain Eoa Ata of Britain or Scotland that a Man traveler or Fisherman walking on the Beach at Low tide suddenly notices that he has been walk ii with some diff Mculty. The strand beneath his feet i4 like Tai Hisa Olea stick toil it is and no longer it is glue. The Beach is perfectly dry but at every step he Tokea a soon As he lifts his foot the print which he Leavea fills with water. The Eye however has noticed no cling a the immense strand a smooth and tranquil All the and Haa the Azaie appearance Noi Hiiva distinguished on the a Uriece which if no longer so the joyous Little Cloud of and fleas continue to leap tumult Boualy Over the Way Feret e feet. The Man pursues his Way goes Forward incl Inaa toward tha land endeavours to a nearer the upload. A in Ann ious. Anxious anxious about what Only he feels somehow As if the weight of his feet increased with every step who he suddenly he sinks in. He sinks in two or three inches. Decidedly he w on the right Road he stops to take Bis bearing. All at once he looks at his feet. His feet have disappeared. The Sand cover them. He draws his feet out of the land he a retrace his step he turns Back he sink in deeper. The Sand conies up to his Ankles he pulls himself out and throw to the and is half leg deep be throws himself to the right the Sand come up to his shins. Then he Reo Gnim with uns Kable terror the he is car it in the Quick Sand and that he has beneath iii the fearful medium in which Man can no More walk than the fish can swim. He throws off Bis Load of he has one he in Lightens Hiou Elf like a ship distress it is too late the Sand is above his Knesal. He Calls he Waves Bis hat or his hand kor chief. Theka and gains on him More and More if the Beach is deserted if the land is too far off if the Sand Bank is of too repute if there is no hero in sight it is All Over he in condemned to Cal sement. Be is condemned to that appalling interment Long implacable impossible to Slacken or to hasten which endures for hours a Rivich will end which Seiss you Creet free and in full health which draws you by the Felt t. Whish at every Elbrt that you attempt at every shout Tomt you utter drags you deeper which appears to punish you for your res Matanee by Doo Lii of its grand Wahidi Siulte the own slowly into the Earth while it Leavea him All the time to look at the Hor inn the Trees the Green Fields the smoke of the Village i it a the Ilain the of film of the ships upon the Fea Tho Birda flying and singing the Sun Shim the sky. Enl Semi it is the Grare become a tid a rising from the depth of the Earth toward a living Man. Each minute is an inexorable Ewh loudness. The victim attempts to kit Down to lie Down to creep every naive intent he make inters him he Straightens himself he sinks is feels that lie is being swallowed up he howls implore cries Clouds wrings his hands. De pairs. Behold him Skaist deep in the Sand the and Naches his breast lie is now Only a bust. He raises his arms utters furious or Ana clutches the Beash with his nails would hold by that Straw leans upon his Obowa to pall himself ont of of the soft Sheath sobs frands Ledly. The and rises. The Sand reaches Hilt i Ouldes the Sands it aches his neck he face alone is now visible. The Mcmath cries the Sand fills it silence. The Eves still Gss the a and Shnte the nig it. Then tha lore cd Deere aaes a iii lie hair flutters above the Send a hand pm Trudes. Coues through the surface of the Beach moves and shakes and disappear a. Sinister Ollk Cement of a to the Newark Ohio advocate in speak ing of some old of Licking Conn to who Are now blatant Loyal leagues Saya the m in 1856. When sixteen Star figs were car ried in Fremont proc ions they had a Lair Chance of showing their Abhorrence for disunion but they failed to do it. Tho party to which these men belonged had then under on Ondera Tion an m shown by Ward Bee her s paper of that year it whether in tha event of Fremant a defend they would at once Tahr of Anai or it a it re or Volt Ifert Effort resort ii j to nivuluti9n a we in certain now by Imd a Alea and or . to Diakou e adminis it ration a to the Power of Toa the a Saba Frodo Tho of Atria to it a tha Lili. A trill heaven it was written a hip Obs to an Silivi Tationa to address the Dea cratic meeting held in Warsaw on tha 2bth Altimo. Tiaa Well digested article and Felly defines the posit in of the demo Elatic party Ani All who Are opposed to the Osur Phiona Aad oppressions of the pre enl and mind Stratlin. Let All read and study it Well. From the we naw a a Lois it that us worn ios. K do Eaton. Nia Tmara vhf Tab Aiu. Foar Wanna. íxd., March 26. C3. A. Y. Loso isq., Warsaw a Drax Siai As i of Anat lie at your coating on Iho Quot 18 h just. 1 take occasion in Reily to your letter of 23d inat., to give you Brilt a by my views a re it veto n regard to Tho Quot Quot in reference to which Yon very justly any in Aba sauce thai it Liaa All Lite forms of a statute and a aah i it Lould be Reaia Letl. To get proper remedy far a a a defects or Ovila bring an Appeal to the jail Mart or to the a ii it a Tiv Power of apr enl Thia few be Rufy a blocs to Many ii Irene and it a improbable there May be some die plead to tvs lat its enforcement but that any och disposition Xiii to among the great mama of the Dempcy of Wiliaim i do believe for i fully believe that there is within the limit of to in Federal in on an Eua film or of Bra More Feitl ullo Hoco Nelitz lion and Fewa of the uni try stale than Are Tho Grady Traduce democracy of. This dts the. A a Inal principle of our dem for by in Hoci Gienca to the constr Iutin and to by. We cannot be Good Demerais without being Tail abiding . Id Renee to the i of obedience May at Timeo Subj Etta to Oppree nip Ami wrong we have few no much Oplt preen Ion and wrung and insult from the pre i edit Federal a Aud Ite political adherents but to an extent nor in a a Jua it Ifni big airy other than constitutional Rodota of i Drese. It burp Iti ii and of pronation on the part of on ulers. Even under our Puro and frito Limi Fod dim it it Craig it by Stem of government May in Pua Ted to a Point where forbearance patience and obedience cease to be virtue end revolt Tion which in the fee remedy us an Oppre Asea an Ltd outraged Peop a instr become Only a right above All con get tut Loual forma bul a duty of self defence. But i am free to May however much i my disprove of the policy Ait cup dict of to e part now administering oar Federal govern meet that pm yet thy have done no acts justifying any other opposition from the of Itilene of Indiana than pea Tefil oppo Ait Ion through the Presa through free Mablie and private Opacech a in rough the Bagh the ballot Box. That to Aoa extent a Eliete. Aud Cal Bra have been Amde to Cut off the Peop a who politically differ with or. Lincoln a it Lmh rain in ail parly from the citizen e in r Gate of a free Presa Freo Mecch free c 4irt� and free election air is undoubtedly to it but such Elters have needed and will Pucce Ltd fur the of India i who Feim to be Diu Ickrath or who differ with Lite Kunimi Liuis parly know Rivirta Aranus and win. Hah Taix Takii any thing like n pc urn ran thl non too or Fermi he rim Siance in any �141� Profeti Tadly Fei Ifni to Ibe of a Idenie uus Hii did to any exit ii Iive or Letisia live of the pre Cunt fed rat Shaf Limo yet been made in Lido a a and Miaski it if Lite failure and Dohanic Loii of on Covern ent. To True i Atrio in acini Cratie i Repard to Isake that Admi wion. There is yet Enoi Ijeh of conservative Power in tie pet Peri and enough of vote Lily in Iho con Liui Iuka Govi met it to save in from any thing or. Mic Oil or the 87h cuu Green have Lio or can do be flier under tie let it it or any Oiher. Or. Lit icon Luay a Muo his Omi but it hey More Liao Woodi. And Bye mid Bye in t lie Lime he Lici .1 and Lencia native Power will declare them to. To of a or fierce and he per Piv whose Privi fega it be to read to a link to speak an it Lulu vote will in due fim Pat in the i Icv of or. Lincoln and he adv Wera Wicar and bet. Tar okra Tim 37h to get air May have passe i it a and Aois of coi fit Ca Lior. And compensated emancipation and acts to give the president Power to declare martial Taw Ano log upend tie privilege of the writ of a Aie t c re us and to indemnify him and his subordinates for All Tefr palpable Rii latins of tie Courti Tutini no diff private ugh it and Tivey May Timve Paaso a Joat Aad a equitable tax and revenia Fewa Opp Roaaire and despotic conscription Lawn but Byra Iid Bye and in Dun time Tom the new i Isle tic Power time Tho will peaceably Luau go i ate will de Fere Nuil or repeal All Sash in Polit o or Acta. Let every Democrat and Trae Union and a Onali ution Lov ing Man therefore poem eat Hii a oui in patience abide he the Aad at that Timo do he defy. Let 08 All remain a Teady it and Well grounded in olt r Larih and Quot rather Bear due we Havo than fit to Ribera Ilat we know to Tippee that the present Federal administration can by any exp Ewing a ablation or a y usurpation of Power an Beverf the Viberti it a of the and convert on government into a military Date Patiam a to suppose that an army fresh from the , in lured in Tho it inc plea of free government his already be i ome or ready to Beio Roe the willing tool of a despot and that a maj Rity of a Tise is. Also born it no nurtured a Freedom Are already prepared to pans under the Yoke and to consent to be Klavora. I do a it read Tho testimony daily coming to be from Trio rank and file of our no be Union army. I care nothing for the Are it re solutions or Declar Aliona of Ilio few time serving politic Feii among our army officers who Livan Sidd themselves for a Price Nonio i so read the recent testimony of to Quot ballot Box of now Ilain paltire new York new Jersey Ohio Indiana and Illinois. That Temi Monr stands on like a Wall of Adamant or a line of flaming fire around la it Union Aud con a tits iii. And the i Hermieo of the . The hears of a majority of on Northern citizens tre a on it. It in thank god and take Conr. A a. The conscript will make them sounder Velill for it shows the ohm Ervern mute up ukr the dangers of its abuse. We have needed per a Juan Auch evidence a the div i War ,.of the value of the Union and Conati tuntion. Acid of the danger Liat spend when to do Eturah Tho landmark of lit it a Irry c Lara Cherof a it or a Cedoin alien i am asked do you Apfl Rove the con strip icon ? i answer no. For i regard it Asne Quot Dlene and new iii Eves if the Law wore no Essaiy it Haa been a e rep Ninive to the iii Cullig it it it a Nae of the nation. It seems based on the idea that the states must be rudely and oppressively informed and Maie to know and feel that they Are As Naff or in Iho presence of Federal Power. If palpably Over Riden to serve the aaa Umed need of the Federal Trover nuent the principle of state Oon Irol Over Ita own Cit Ixena a a military Force. It prop one to Lake the put a ple of the state a s Ste militia or state Force freely presented for Tho National Defeee b. The Tate but a National militia or nation it a forces an eject Only to the Power of Tho Federal government. It threats non the in it Root marked and Dan Eronim form the evidence of who fungi arcaded co Tsolis Ted Federal military Power. Us it a the Al Traci question of the to nation tical Power of con Reee to pase a Ocha con. Acri Tiou Law a that now in Force i am prepared nor willing to say that the Law a . I have Audi gently exam ined nor thought Nipoa it to say so. The 1� based in it of the Grant of Power to Congress to provide for fall Forth tie Mittia Quot but non the Power to raise and support this it Ower in Clear and a Lim Jed Only by the necessity that Calie for its exercise. Of that n to. And of Tom Timo and Mode of the eve Erciele of the put Wigt re Cong Reaa be primarily the judge. Tio Oal co Grega Aud Iho Peai Pfent Over Tho National militia and to to the Feri Etal Power to raise a it would be Onyn laral to suppose that a a Vern mint Suong from want of Good Feith regular Arn. The judge Mentor the oaten. Is i go tend Jurisie to. �?znnece2rily in order Tea i ski of the democratic party and i May say the eng. The Casi of the peterhoff was a Plain one. General judgment of alienation Haa been against As a Price brought ton. York new England on that Issue. And her trial waa regularly a progressing in of the l7th october 1814. Or. &fonroe,a8 court. Before the conclusion of the trial the or. Madison s Creft Irv of War in response authorities in Washington instructed the Dis to an inquiry from the military cd Mutti Steve of the u. To. Senate and House of presented a Plaa for the increase of tha regular army which Luloh de the principle of comp la Sion by draft from the ofes affied free male population of the United state Between i03aud45 years Quot the recruits to to delivered Over to the recruiting of flier in each District to be marched to Auch a Fec of general Render void a May be designated by the department of the argue Keiit of or. Monroe in Eup port of his plan which undoubtedly had the approval of or Madison Phinist if involves and St initially a Reco iii Iun of the principles Toliaf Are urged in a of sort of the present Oona rip lion few or. Monr00 nay a a or by us to no my add apart mile a to inor Ltd Ira iut Ronit Nve it a til ate my a a a Heth i Lumb did Luck of Mimi �?�3>ln9t to Abiud of mgt a or with a our of bid com bin Ptah int Rio or again be aids a a tar Unotti a t Itrat nil a a or Nair a mar 111 an v other tilt ii bar Aeed get of the a a salary a Rovier of Imiri Ilus a. In when Ltd o be Nipa Nani to Ibe uni Fotiu a a of All a re a it it a a i wily 10 he feral Mai in wins m ibo of Clarai All a Rituta of of or girl a the Imam it comry h entry it Lulow a out. a by a Hicha Onito in do re it it in. K4u.illj Tiue in it that a Ramiv Ilion Olllie Minaie a a ii a Iraq Nouat to a i Cirr it. liar a Rifi tto i Maiee Ofalt Ibe Dpi rms or re a liar All lir Titis a compact Ling Alt have a the Hgt i mtg a iter Cas r i Abr a a Itier of a a a Corr a lady a ii cd a Hieb majr be in a a a a the hot flirt in wbk the a a Fri Law hib Ammart Laishl a Muiir tic a Tianrui us Rte were by tii Law no old Vita of c8ilaiiod ail that a Rob Ltd lilt Falt a in a Ahi Eam iii Xoai am oii�wt4>, a a 1 big i i let ouf cams Uotila by Tovim Rainbi a iii it that til. By Quot ample remedy or. Monroe undoubtedly Hiya it Only ilii9reaiui Ito Tho Jii Miciul Power now in gelation and the Power of tiie tool Lange Theca ogres and the president but Alao the a Preas provi hip of the Conatti ution that Quot no approx Viamon of Quot to raise and sep part armies a halt be for a longer term two 0� the 27h of october i8l4. Or. Troop of Georgia from the military coming to a of tin Bonse of reported a b.making in River provision Lof filling Tho ranks of Tho regular army by Sofea sifting tie fret male population of the United states Quot the Bill being based on or. Monroe s plan. Tia Bill wave supported by the demo Uratio frit Ida of or. Mad Sou a administration and Strub Sously opposed by Tho Fedora hta. It licit Vith intense hostility in new . Tie a a it Niico it Picut legislature then in Hission. Passed a list ions almost declaring or. Monroe s plan and the Bill Quot tit Only intolerably burdensome and opre Asiye by. Utterly Anver Aive of Tho rights and liberties of tie of the state and the Freedom sovereignty a d independen Iione of the name and with the principles of the constr Union of the United and the governor was request 1 cd n Case Ali it Bill be sine a Law to Cou Vokt it the general Katie nobly Quot to con Ider what Nieasio urls May be a looted to secure and preserve Tho rights Ami Lili erties of the it eople of Ilie potato and the free Joni sovereignty and inde be of Tho a Una the Bill met a it the equal Oppia idiom in Otlie new England states and waa one of that a subjects of consideration and Condemi iat on in the famous Hartford con. Mention which Assi bled on the 15ih Day of december. 1814. And whose Lelit ignitions re it ruled iii a report and resolutions in we c report Thi y May univ no others things Quot tik bad or Are a a a a to must in a a i a Iber diam Oft us a i a dial to a a by a la re iut draft or to it a i Pinion to wow i Tbs Fular in dirt a a Unpi Fla a Ute Comal Lee or Wai a hoi a a tip us to i a Cwb Tea . And lbs a rom fit a ohm be m to for Nils to Ibur Lihr Tiff than Bort to the Mutt my to Ottha <t8tm. To Coort to Diu a Tia pm a r Fuia Tea i1 by a a =t Aita Apt to it a Are of to eur Imp in Umo Iuta Ronalt nah stright and or Absom i4 but la it Trainr it i liar if Tilaila bag a Alwa it a Bee Ariard but a a Braet re or Breont Cripi Ioa cd nothing More ran ii a Aifiti Orton Gore Rugrat Jokn Saiof imm Tot iii a Ahab a a Lomax in it to a at Tbs Atira cml Ort a a dry Ifausia of to two Aat both v of Tbs Aad to Emit it it by Iai it remnet into a Viand Ngamy and tha Coarch thou the Renoir that it by it an Lumby let to Iha Ira Luton Attar a a a Enil to it it Alry my a Otid in Thia l of. In Tola Iwa Fofi All Fuch in it a Are a my by Nrec Marr effect malty to rent it lie Eitle i it Are Milf it to Ltd Fum tha of. off Rita of Ati Aoa a a la re bar Brenot Luis by a Adby tic a on Erraa of the us try Tamvu. W web contain Iron air no Nau fat or i tur u Loi it big -ripto.i, or in , 11 4 Aat Bor iced by lbs i of Tho Tuit cd utes. A a on the 24th Day of ,l814. The treaty of Ghent was Sig tied. It waa trans milled to Coop reason the fun >rharyj81.,Anit soon afer ratified. It i gawd new in of land from the crime and Cal Imit of Oscuro Belmon against the constitutional authority out Llie United states to which the Priidu Piloa and proceedings of it Hartford Louvention directly tended. I would be to see any Democrat or other Conser Active Man from partisan hostility or any other cause take political round in opposition to any iras arc of or. Linch Aad minist Ratius that would even seem like involving the democratic a arty in the Gross Uicon Sia Tency of opposing or. I too in by the same argument or Means with which secession ban Opi med the Union and with which the federalists of new and the h it Retford con Vetios opposed aug a threatened to oppose or. Madia ii Aud the pain socratic party in i8i4. There a in orig i in or. Lincoln s measures and policy and in the Ine aspires and to buy o the abolition party to Merit aul demand tie just and Stren Noim of Constitution Loving Democrat a without Raisi Nir false a a sues of appealing to unbound Vinci it leh or dangerous past on. War exit tsp a g g a tic and appalling War com girls Hasa u in cd Liy the to raise an army to carry on the War and Solei Kibly to bring it to a Success til result. We May think Iho limed unwise and to constitutional. Pc have a right to Shiuk so and to or it in get it by All con. Mea is but to resist it by Force t he if c r of tiie Tion Amr to ha.4 yet been j Kii Chauy declared to be so. Let Tho have free Cours in ii the judiciary i nullify it or the through tii Cir Costil Lional Legi Lalive Power repeal it. The Law Wilt work i s own cure a id in any event will do less harm than an a Templ to Ernde or Genisl it by violence which can Only Lead to civil War Here at Home. The main i Alico of pc if our own swes is the Streat guaranty of the prose Vutich of our constitutional life and of the restoration of Constitution Alheli h to the whole body politic. Tim Lidiia of Thia loiter already extended will admit of any attempt to discuss the conscript Law in d Tail. Let the Law have a Fatir Tri a la that is 1113 Jiuji Quot Merit a a iii scr. And a rope Calculative of t get havin Ai heart As i know Tho Bce to interests of my state Aud country. You Are at i Beith if you deem it proper to present views to your Couve Tiou. Yours to nov. Job a. K. Edgerton. Ala. Lii of beef a Tirb Braito a the july being Tho victors. No particulars Are Given. I debt. I thetty authorization and in it tb9sessofwa�hingion, . He been few. Or. Bratt be Raea Nuy too raised. There be a report Takt in i age diet to yield to Hia who Metal he taken place Between Gens. Coatar and 00 i pm a. I a a a i a a Conarie Sehera of the i Uati Onafay innit tip Ortw partisan but Ouw May a Tai iii i strict Ati Brifey in now a Ork to move to it ran order from the court directing Tho mail foun on Board to be delivered opened to the British Comal. The High Toul aet Lna of tin vessel waa a matter to be determined by the court. Karl rus sell in responds to ii Mriela in the Kaaa of the Etc rho a lately a the a i int said if any Legal Gronda of in place Bouhl a Alleg by the Gove Maleat of uie ignited Katea this ease like All others must Omav Sidauy follow the Ordinary Omorse. And that lord Lyons Zouki he Zaat acted to that Tefle the mail delivered if there were Granada for the capture contained evidence that a Rould have Deaubl feed the Laet. But so far Fol were the Auto Oritia at Washington that the condemn Tea of the Feier Boff would Lead to collision that they transferred the evidence which would have couteau red her to the Brit i in Gonnal this Tao after the Asa Orance of Earl Russell that the British Feve Mckent expected the Case to fellow the Ordinary course. The new toil 2tma� says of the matter thaw were a it Naeema to us but two of Ursa for the Oore Mineffa to adopt. Either it should have taken the whole affix it into Ita own hand and treated it a a matter of state or it should have left the wrote aft us in the hands of tha Coart to Kwh treated aaa non Tarof the Bouhl have Fea Raad that the do position of the Edminia Trawn to meddle u Only equated by Ita incapacity to Dodo properly. The remarks of judge Batta in granting the order How How Aing afer to Damasd tha Inam Etiola to lha dist Nei att Orasy to Amka ties Fon. After complaint by the i and the Abo Tiou Presa one Ehmig the violation by England of the Neutral to Lawa this unnecessary Obe Fenee to her i a in explicable. We have been beaten in every diploma tie Eon ust with her Sines the commencement of thin administration. The ease of the peterhoff had excited much controversy but there com have been no doubt of use in piety and polity of leaving the Attar a Beds Earl Bai Isalt said it Abadom be Loa to to Deci Afon of the i Rize court. Tif recent Dedsion of the Secretary of the tre Nury giving to English Vear Sels the a me Privi leites with or own Inho coating Trade a an inst Naca of staufer Sil Fer will Higney to att Saipt of England Onne Essaiy and bringing Mono a Sion. Tha eat either Azaert our Righta with dignity for maintain urea with for Masai it meters and lamp feint without cause and in needed when a shred the Eon Sesarea be a Ballad Fer Aad anti peeled. A Chi Mojo item Yco Tamm fax Cau Mook. Cabbages Winghing 15 pounds Are wonders a the new York Maiker a 8an fran Eineo they Are common. Whole Flehme of anlage head weighing 20 pounds each have been Grawn pm hard solid Heads with no Loose haves Weeing 53 pounds Taeb Are on Rte Ord. On cab image which did make a Bead Gouw to be 7 feet wide throwing out Leavea feet Keg on Cash Side. In Many cases tha cabbage has been converted Parve Nidal. Evorgrerivtiue4ike Plant by pleating it from Ever going to Arad. Several of these Are Grawin in the mate och stalks from 2 to 6 feet High and a Felhage that grows through Winter and a Omar. In 1897, Vine on the ranch of Jamea 8im-Mona, in tuba Conny prod Aeed 130mnaahea, weighing in All 2,604 pounds. In the same year j. Q. A. Ballou at san Jibae grew two squashes weighing 3ioaid 204 pounds Rea timely. The largest Oil Fomia onion weighed 47 ounces avoid Poi and measured 22 Inch in circumference. The largest red beet Weiffe de Lisp Onmfer was 6 feet Fong and a foot in diameter. It Wmk three Yeara old. The Flat year it grew to weigh 48 pounds and because of Ita Lar site was rest Rcd for seed but it disappointed its owner and instead of prozac ing seed the next year merely kept on grow ing. And reached the a tie of 86 pounds and the following year get it to 118. Such beets Caa be grown in abundance. A beet of 20 pounds is a wonder in new York in California it is too common to attract Mora than a glance. Beets Are frequently three feat hmm to that it requires no Little trouble to dig them Gal Farmer. Tux Tomb of the last ancient of Charles Carroll of Carrollton. And his Tomb i4 about Lasp Ilee Tiroui entering the Gateway we drove through a Noble Avenue planted on each aide with tree of every variety and soon found ourselves in the result being unknown and Nottier to Ion that Foster Haa returned to Newbom. A Cartes ton paper states that a Federal gunboat on Friday of last week erased the bar and commenced to Fleat the wreck of the Keokuk Bat waa soon opened non by a rebel Battery and withdrew in Hast. The Florida has made two fit area More capture. Domal Wilkes is to Busy emf of Ling us with England to pay much at Tentoea to tha Rosbal privateers. Tho report that two government of heal Feid been detected in carrying rebel Maine prove to be unfounded. There Are reports at Washlon that from 15,000 to 25,000 be gases were recruited at Helena within a few hours after the delivery of a. Thomas speech. These rep offs Are All Humbug our latest disc Aldiea of fam Clef eat staling that the negroes evinced very Littfe few wariness in Timet. Anessi Oalif tha . I in avar la Arku Tai Gen. Pascall a or Der no. 9l Frankum 4 morning Provo at maa a eral after stating he la it. My it w one 1imws-.april a eth Tho Reefe Ido an Attak upon gape Girardeau mo., yesterday and after a flight of three hours were repulsed Utah severe loss. The Federal Losa be said to he less than 20. The Federal Fere a in Iio Wisiana have had a lumber of eng events with the rebels with Fevo Rabia a Santa. The Only statement a Othia sea Are that 1,500 Reefe have been taken prisoners and that 179 Federal wound so have arrived at new Orieana. It we expected that the reims would a drum ont of the Opolen Saa Eoo try if shared. The atom has ceased on the Tappahannock and the roads will be passable Early this week. A rebel Telegraph of lace has been discovered at half both from which by Means of a submarine wire Anfora action of Federal movements has been promptly Fum need to the rebels at Fredericka Uig. The medical director of the army of tha Potomac ree enily Laade a report git inf the Moab a and rate of the ask. From which it be easily ciphered that the total Force under Ifo Oker be 159,328. Gen. Ii. Be about to take Aoma action in regard to tha �t4ica-Tfen of the report. A Yonai Denoble Federal feral has been fended at Eastport mies., on Tho Tenner ass on the 19th, 2r,500 Federal cavalry Levoad Vandong on Pontotoc mus and an engage ment waa expected Tea next Day. The fed in Tea vie Unity of Corinth. Hernando Hao been partial or burned. The fans Pori , a attempting Loran tha to Dada at Yick Eibar was sunk by Tho rebel Battersea. Sinai Ashaif be still Gaing an m tha i daily of Mam phyfe hot it be thought that tha rebel Are gradually Fellini Back their opera chaat be ing feint to Over More important movements there be a poit that bran Hai been abot Jbf Brecken nags in Ratai Fention for the shoot in of Soma Kenta defens by Tho Lenaar. Be thursday last the Monitor were lying off North amp la to la fend which Wae of copied by Federal troops. In Yonai Quence of Iho Jeff fire of the attack upon Gas Cleaton a cafe after be to be made in the armament of the Iron dads. The Dahlgren Gnu be to be supera add by a new is Inch gun Capate of a Hig 75 pounds of powder at a he cd. Another asset tit upon Charleton will be made until theae new is is Are Eom feted and Thor h be Bali Tod will of Cupy several Weeka. A special Cabinet a meting waa held Saifur Day to Ean Sidar disc Flieher it it received from Eaglend the purport of which feat yet unknown to the Public. The Carie of the Peter Hoff be stir under a it Rity of the Gabin Digap paving of the for Sid ii action a Arr tapering the mails. Order no. 39 is Deil by qty. That beb apron tits i feted by Well mean ii Sara fed new papera Aad Public spa Abaca. To to say Quot All new Papara Aad Pabloi a Wahsel of encourage Resia Laosa la it Tion m or Why other few of As a War measure combat i War policy of the gear Aasal Iaia will be considered a hat ii eke Alad my arts above alluded to. And Trestad oas8�ifeg is the a Dontry will Hata to a aavc4 or my fling tha Nae that the in Polter ind therefore a who be and actively Opp died to the War Palfey Aff Llu of. Admin Atrz Tiaa Feas Asch App said Taua v the pass ideas my a Hwi Alaj a. Wright United stats try Luiei Talmic Tob nil the april to. Fix s Esters ran the Gauntlet on wednesday night of last week. One ass destroyed by the rebel Flor the oilers gut Thio ugh. Several Coal Barge a Ere floated Down the mama night. The Arkan aaa and White Rivers Hac been connected no or the a Mout Fei front of the Carroll mansion which u a Ion i by a Cut. Gen Grant s Headri Tartera have comfortable two Story build ii terminated at removed to new Orth age. It is believed that the rebel infantry at have gone to reinforce Bra. A naval officer arrived at a instil Naii from states that no at Ibe North end by the Haa. Become famous As Tho repository of then Mains of the Gal hint old signer of the i it a Clarateen of Independence. His Tomb be set in the Wall on tha left alter and presenta a Schiehl and Crull of task be exec cd to be no use on the rebel City Whito by Rife on which be carved in Relief a pen and Roll of Parchment surrounded by thirteen stars a latin inner option appropriate to his great ast appears on a scroll in the Centre. Below Thia ares Mel uial in Homo it Heck resenting Fame with inverted Torch and his Joiy guarding a funeral urn. The Chapel a cruciform and cont no a handsome Marble altar some Fine Ohl pictures a Good Organ and the intent Fen being to Render the country South of Helena in Tanabe by cutting the it levee on both Side othe Mississippi. In the recent rebel attack upon Cape Girar draw. They suffered a loss of 50 to kit killed and 200 to 250 wounded. The Federal Loas was Small. The rebels Are in full Retreat Puria decorated with Rich and Beatt Tifful windows sued by Gen. Mcneil and the Prospect Hassid of stained Glaza. The floor which be elevated of their being completely Cut off contains fou nor Simn per Wei Frnklin. Ten., was Cap Are occupied by the family of or. Carroll und i /�-.u. Their fit ends the body of lha Church contains a a Quot a by Federal cavalry yesterday with a amt forty commod Feus pears where Hii saves considerable number of horses and Mulea. It who Are carefully inst cited in the Catholic reported that 16,000rebel troops from views with Ait and Bragg. He now occupies. I Man healer. 49 Milea Southeast of Nashville or the capital qty pm t. A Loyal la a a theol Fen is exp a we Isit that tbe7&Quot rebel slice a. But be too cowardly and a a a. A Quot. To shoulder his Miket and give of he ey to assist them Quot now for a furore. Gun. Thoma thumb and mrs. Thu Bare on their Way West Baring arrived at Rochester yesterday where they Are to hold the Happy pair will appear in the identical costume in which they appeared at the Grace Church comedy a few it Ince. acting upon Llie theory that Quot All the world is a stage and every Man is an actor Quot will appear in a variety of performances songs dancer ac., a in All of which lie will be assisted by mrs. Thumb. Us pea sent pcs or death a private j. B. Jones company a 125th Ohio now confined in Barracks no. I. To this City is sentenced to be shot at Franklin on the 28tb Day of april. We Are unable to learn the crime Lor which he is to suffer death but he was tried by court martial and such is the verdict. He is the same Man who made a attempt to Rob the Safe at the gait House some time Louit Whu a _ the Boston a memo wealth senator Stoni its s Organ makes the Folio wig a Nunci Ous allusion to general backs Quot the rebels have pet a High Price on but a by yet Ceu Sita. if they will Only take Hanks head fur nothing we of Hurld thank them. It is no much to be sure hot Kush As it is they ate Gunj tin jew of a Auis Aua waa Amdo Wol coms to Quot All newspapers and Public speakers that in a a a a ,. A a War policy of the govt a at the recent meth did it conference in grew. A ii k. A a a York Bishop Scutt thanked god for our re it o feats at by i Sun Ami of Ike pm chem Quot and the ing violated Gen. Bom Side s to it order no. 38, Rev. Or. Foster declared Quot he was ready it and treated gov. Morton of give glory to god for our defeat at the first Bull ind Fena de Ferea that prominent democrats in Bun and the second Bull by we suppose state Are to be arrested shortly on charge these Are the persons the fact be inquiring a a Quot Bont. A of being s tried by Mih tary courts. A my a a it j and in Case of convict Fen dealt with summarily. A considerable military Force left Indian Adolfe fest evening for Brown county to make such arrests in that locality. It be intimated that the Milieu in authorities of the department of the Ohio will prohibit Public speakers Ferbia disc saing War Meas area. Talking diaper i singly of tha administration a. An order Sio iils to Gen. Bum Side s no 38 Haa been issued by Gin. Curtis commanding the depart ment of the Missouri the Reefe evidently anticipate an attack world Sfair at Hiya if Wrigg but will speak at main Nee llah Hafeeza it 1 he country he Eoo at a go so. Autant finneral Noble ii Pula 6ao.xtl>< a. A ton assaying that r posed to be me Mem of Thi Fechir Efthas. R a in various Paru of tha state walk flew. 4. J rested Rubin the Atac j military trial and if food is dealt wok the greatest actively pre Faife in Haf ammunition a a hipped daily wlm Rio a localities within to Slavsk six Hundred Infra Toj a Bohaty of us Lufi and 100 cavalry Felt tha Eity the Bro county. Airsa Toas thava Apokas Telegraph newbie new Fork april 24.�?a Are be has Ossa aft Elad a the or ii my of the Navy depart maa. A ephs ail we Feil Raof tha attach of Chari Eiliv a a Ifer a instruct Iowa Havo Hama armament of Iron feds Nalo of # in a a a. Port boy Al bal of Ihaza i Gren Gonna Are Ioba a Santa ail Ai Law 18-Ineh Gna. Espalla of a a a la of a the Felo u tone Mars tha Festoff Toba Tea wad. Of in rom Chaufa a Aimee after tits a my Waif Apon to break Sumter. It timely Bash aided at much Gri tha new Gana ars jaw in pin pm of Tran but ice Bat Ievin a several before they san a Pat a snug Fea the Monitor to penal a on to area Toad it was roomed thai Al my May protested so await sending id Collisson with to Forte Al better Ana meat fein they carried a Femi the a Cassity of a Chan a be Art and upon at Iba Navy Fra the Ormy Wolfel Xiali Ai Laraina have so idea the rite Aivil Sirtl Miaw. And that Ava Rooha Ara aah Dumi. Diff Kali of Transfer Tiff Aap Iliia be get Ilyf increased and in Noma cases Tsa or the to Afeefa duty in Tim Mildd every film my . Grade a be Fli fair to a Ftfe Witk Teaa who Haw Abr or sickness Besa readers Analiz la Active duty afe ethere Bat Aati Saljr for Osee work a a a. Newara aped 22.-Tjf be for nearly three wee a by ideas us Ible Efein Inep Drtad a my Wrighi i5�h. Men. Foster waa pee Paijan a iii a then Renaa Tho country for tha �1 i of Belea Gufel town Whan the Law Ampf Ture of the Heb i Oun. Hill Mih command Rea ebed bars. Mado too few a Iko Lim fear Ces. Anarea Ruai iffy Vesra 1� a revealed the feet boy Over tha i a of rebel cavalry ally sri Afanad with Fei it of Gim. Foster s Imam iii. To a Hakim i the rebel cavalry wait Dhini Apia few a of of the 3j n. Y. Cavalry a few. From Washington on a tto Daf a the Reefe were routed and is so a rebel Captain Jaa. Birta Riasat aria Phi with several of he i my captured Aad be Aow a Iba Poats Pshea of j�o�3d . troops Al Waahid a a Al Liln . Morning after their evae Atiao Aad Awia Ftfe owners had Rosa Adas a Ilia rear. The Bebel font be Balfe Vai la Haia pm direct Fen of rid Abdad. A a a # forever thine. Forever thine whate or this heart betide forever thine where or on lot be East Fate that Mav roti u of All wealth he de. Shall leave us love till life self be Pait. Forever i Ines at evening s Dew hour. When Centle hearts to tenderest this Inellie alien bal Miest doors from Kaeti Etonna Flower Are breathing round me thine forever tue Nev a Pru Stu the rebels expect that an Early attack Wil a to a ,m their Engineer depart ment be made upon , and that a Simul advertises for 5.000 men to work upon the for Vaneous Federal movement will be made southward from Corinth. A Memphis Dis Patch of the 22d state that five transport a had run up the Tsoo River past laes Buffy with but Little damage but a dispatch of the 23d announced that the boats did succeed in their attempt. The a Ambo of Flat boats lately toward through tha Duck port Ca till cations of that City. A Fleet of Steamer is to he purchased by the administrate in for coast and Harbor service the Timet. Prom indian4poi.i�. Irdi Agarou april 21. Geo bum Side made a Public a Afree into in Nal is Twenty each Ca Palfe of carrying t,000 a i Anapolle to Day. He was received with Denjen. Mon stration of respect by the citizens. Be it is rumoured at Memphis that Holly a poke briefly from the Balcony of Tea Batea Springs has been occupied by the federate. J House declaring hta determination to Ife Bis a he by storm on the Tappahannock pre i Uty predicting tha ultimate overthrow of the vents Active opera teens. The main body of rebellion and afr Ming that in the dial Riel of Gen. Lee s army is supposed to he on the Indiana a state at peace within All he bord North Anna River at a distance of ten or or be military Muat a subordinate to Tho twelve Miles from Fredericksburg. J a Al authority. The express Aida of tha Seuer the raid of Gen. Reynolds upon Mcminn j he expert ease we have had gave in Ville tcnn., waa highly suede Rafal to suiting >�1 a we to a a �1��� to in Pinnau new York april s5.-th� Star Frau Aspinwall 00 Thol Tih Rived with $257.000 in aped. A a r a a a a a ? _ Nashville aprill 26.-8ovaffal Kimhin Foh that 16,000 of Iho ofek Bafs emf arrived at tolf Boom Piaf Erah Bow Pel that they had been sent to Mazoh Wesr. Re sort be to be received with Oral Ian deserters co Flim each other a their 1 they Are vague and Indi Flonita. It Fekn however that Bragg has one Agigail with a Large army. 7 Soma Dea arters Stato Thyl. Tennessee and Missouri troops my have lately been very malian Aad Aih trouble has bean experienced a Pitt ii in i the tennessean a Feid Down their Arom Mii Fia Tod duty. Prom Intel Pydi Titana map Elf a proposed to Oen. Negl to and irate Limm. The Republic a Feket of the a Tats Poi my think Sovoda Cabaot a Ala Clail Alhi under Ood Thiu Gaa. A few will i As he Ofeila heart be i Tho of my new York april 27.�?tha Hiram. Quot a Fra Mexico Waart Reoe Ipi to amt of to till up to the Slot of March la Daslva a Yal quite a diff great aspect on the Siblo w a but a there. Froia these in a Roald a Paar Hafl my Stead oath Emery Abs having Saffiran Dsa alg Ai a Ablahed through French Mamom if hat invariably repulsed i hair Fly Aua f Sefero Pushia Aad that the Day French military skill animator. It in the destruction of a Large Arao Aat of rebel property and the capture of 130 Gen. Bragg anticipated an attack by Oca. To decrans in Conne Etian with the assault upon . The rebels occupy Fredericktown to 241 Milea from Pilot Knob. The latter place and Cape Girardeau Are regarded As secure. A Chattanooga paper ate erts that a ight to Aigbe. Or. Voorheas will positively speak at the democrate meeting at fort Wayne of wednesday next. It is said that Gen. Carrington Baa been or it dered to Reposh to Gen. Rosecr aaa Takia com bum Dofa brigade. Gov. Morton be be Boriff the a Diter Bahig refused War Fanti with tha treasurer to a it Cha Nefe since the 8th april Feradi la posit Fen that the Mexis aaa has of i yet Fri mfr Dofi Taitl non Shea. I in Riphin As . A. Amp Goi Mca Mormar Afi Rini to tax brio for to eat Thalia a a eat express inf ivs Here last Highl news from pub be of the a Salsa of Laliae forces after 3 Daya flight if. I Asp pm Tho bulletin extra which to Maia Owal patches. As the goes by Speed of pm Fer Matat Toras. I have no time to aria pm of trans Lattoya. Tufe Kewa be generally in Laa Aad be Andony Teddy True in Thea mini signed a. M. Kun or. 1

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