Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
29 Apr 1863

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
29 Apr 1863

Read an issue on 29 Apr 1863 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - April 29, 1863, Fort Wayne, IndianaL j i p l of thu i prevent a i j i lit in War ims county Wilh a considerable love in to Power la it we publish the subjoined or Der it tit Corn r general Cimic milling a of Fiir l in Union r alacrity the Amny civil Hur with ,110 Ita known lube an to Uit Lucr s the if in the i orc a who Uny tit Jill Wotli the Giovan attentive car to the com Char Whir plaints of Lluc them in exercising the elective Hub of a w to sett there we could hapless go Nora. Would he no. Further use arid Rob re Kirit no plication of logical the Pruscha Tref such commanding gun Brule Niblic a atm to i f it now notch Patrei in it Jiosi alternates in Muncert Flinty put Lotical department of Vic tons interests str prejudices direct changes a Nult friable Chat tie Linlor Estlow a maj Rity of people in inst Lxi in con favor and with the Uil Ticino Golden Circle Ora lie says in the face of appeals issued who Orr he thu people it or i vow sacs upon they Havu voted. Of whatever arty Mem Lintn it it fun Rik Pricr Nilca our Lionor cared greatly its to Fth iritis War Bittl com and men under the grossest detentions 1 t i . P j l j Iti Kiwe Rimml filled Tho Halls i i i h i u h m l Giitl i chairs of of the Itice tool of fanatical and Vlist replies Sofij Loirs r Oldi Liaf All Liis people ii or wit j m "r1 any thing to pay Affif anal n ii was always Liliu Ypina pc Jill t As As a Pur inn Stura a War Dis Tribu Trio tie country world Riml with on Stroko of Liis wiil Liotis of t i i j h in l Hen the question a Clarno one of Tinl Tompor Unic both tic White inhabitants Thyri Nickii Cin insure lir rights r of a t i m uie question loomed1 tip before Lac american in All its mpg nitride and without prope Antioni before hand arid least prepared for Llic port and coi Ituk of Lejat when the Cor i t with Liml in iat Sutic Loti to tie de tire is held april Neil Noyi go Jdick under command Viola i "1- i i inf i ago of tic Anil saw i Tisell it Judd drive front when .01 Ihu Oun nil and ulc have Lun Rii deceived int inn y ii-1 a l i i1 i on cry Andins mkt no j a i j in Hie no Jiro is Why the of Chr Iii dipl Truls la item. I Iii still Inch prot Hora to their and Emiitt Rule to ctr t Drill in i denounced is i Iblis Tolu it Dicus control the Stdio fist Niton. It lion cts with party a Mth to a mud is political uiri.ciitiimnti4.niid Nikic Liiro Wii i the to nor fair ii it or inf Wylli Lii Ghunt he will lit of l i r j by i i f 14 in i Crest of every citizen 1.0 Verv l Nii Tieti Inley to. I i r r u it i Jan tin Rishi. And to Turt tit nil a Jiust shh it party i Wettien it Lar thu they Luty Iii vhf and of the 4 f United Why indict Uil ii Tor Kon ibid Ali univ a Cru to a if r Ontic a of Ihfe War Chi not was sinking it Ridly in debt it tic rate of two millions of dollars daily tiie people Groa Hinig if Rittu tax Ricl Duttera to lick Ihnn the deed Ted clot Mig Milioni uie _ tit p mulling to for it Anil to think Tom Tho Intro will thin our to try Yard and and by inst Nias hers it Ivl Teh tie t Luk f j i b of to Aliis Ujj made its tip eartice. 1 lie result 13 Nutas yet i r 1 1 a. I j i rum ii. I m of Tift lie id not Coloma but non Isth a it Urnari. We have no to indic no to purity Chinn Shull t ii Ojini proving Public to or ii a erred. Ii it a in ret Whf till we by believe lid and Cut nmn by Llumi or tobit Havu not of inject of att in Days Nhor the Proeh Malion h sued Knemo received a i i Cal Iii addressed to Hun nun Gen. Disc to lion i i pm Ishiam at i Jet pass Nimie it Attig tint my a Large non iwo of. Liat it Unity whose prompt rom goal for Rensink Bulli a a fart in h 111 to Elk r1iiu0 in tilt Wah Alho 0110 Foill Reary Bow str Dix nil gov rights of ill t would nut Liun a coins Rii Tillilie Nair Hunto. Kute and the notice All Koolwi Ift entirely i in this Cin Mcalton t. Init that violent Tri o if u i. Otti lilt that in Jarl wifi fio t nit Kofi Motiu no Impf Tiv As Toich in Rah Fnu Lul Ilic it u to Iii Zulim of Limi hut Tow part y it u duty l lie Sirnic to or .1 in thu in to Wilt of Oil i rtt 0 1 j am i re no his n tiry n a if Utu that Early Trio r r dim Nifer cat hot in i openly Virtu men of. The Iii Imon 4 and must h by mul i or Nikiti Ucol Antun of thu our Thorn upon that Riib .1 11 decl when to Iii Ami earnestly into Ltd guv. A. in these Contra it Tipti it w said Lilicy Scro Ila Litu h to ii and wrote to Gen Uniac to Rud or countenance the bin Mitty of tti4 he tic Ornt i to our o i thei pith of uhf i no to by the let u i Jitter of inc i Hild in Liat the in tar and Lanu in More than half lit 4 of nuo find y Why Ilo Jav to their am it nov Morton to every i truth inc Ai t lift Loti the f i i hts ant Al Ltd Liy Oun it lion him Clardl in will Wilt any a Naleny Hinds by of an of Tho htatoanj1 a Leral that Olin act u to in Olmos Oiw Lewt ii in Aliy Irvn. Tho Uzuh Nihil. D co their Yiett Thuinli or pro Carml out of the s ale Siul incur Rall in in Ilion i idly by Uhd Elritt anti. Ahtl Hartr Thi or without fur r in it a xxx Cluid that n who that of lib will foil a nun scr thu in or Newt rights to Tiu i who Culau Nui lir a Tsuu of cop cents and s of tin so ill of f r the reason Uhny Crmelo run Lici alarm r i pm Rah of Stutch. In Tiv Caius pm Blums 1 in hit by Tom t of Tatj no acini a tied who did Ishuin Iti a party a life hit Ali Arlinr Jeri no Tollitt Jar in u Lili n Lilli in Hiravi Mynni Lii it Ivill m t a. Will fall Fig timid Lliel iircuft1 of nil a tevet hint Iho d go tit truly hu1 0. Und in Lon annl Imp Hurt of and kor a enl our Tiro Al Inch Tati y Tim i j. I r i in in Lornson with Tho to ral a salting probably in Ami if Ilu Tir definitely 1 in of for i to Union tool him in Tho Ili Utin Tiona Rollin relic or fluid their in Lar f i a portly. Air Muil Byi h Undt with Lull in lot to Tell Iii till election far if Lacem and i and a the in n a Jill main and d Tut Iory Cwi rdc collector of works. I Olio Folk i to Jyh Lwort lift llm1 if Worton and w pc or any by coins Intuit of and Kirc Ului cml Antilio Victory hither Day i fort of Tho Day loll i 11. K. Maim on a w Al a i a. My Mich we ural will Tel can to Ilith ims to tin Ahn o nut Tui of Mercl Eltom wiil thu Rouw , it in Lulu Lliter the ii in ii it Lieut ten. Imi Pii Iima Iii Iro Ivy nov b i i roof Iii Slimy Tut and hit Mem it olt Bright in i mule my economically Nyu Ieuv for Licin id or Asylum would w to Cyma Ai Tatul Suir Cortni into n and nil n c i Haiti in in Ain Kwarm of Wilh hit nil not to where Tom a run Llaca for mint Chunca. Hut lot Liway s they would to Wilf to Cmor Liju a Hunt. R and Tom in Ica Tum still co tors to us wit i Liq Rutti Louisiana ire nov icon that in f jew rant movements no in the Iii the tic Federal lifts been lost on the White Iti Fiji of the relm . .it1 to that no j f or a l i to 1 t j t i k will grit Cal by the i continues re i Aro Sta cd. And it clerk Iii inc Wii Jueth f "-1 t j to to f no lot inc net o worry Injia irinus if Ilic Ujj Rench 1 f i Numor is r. P. With re rent reports from and John Covo Dols gift tilling our now building ii i to fit.1 flip Robul go n. Wisc t. Pei Leral no till is about. To Kiel Pic City. Iru Jur the authorities Liuyu a new of leave on of i being Luft Wincil for another off in to tonic kind ii of Tomt arc in life in califor n m to f Nia for of Lii two h i Oculi it or. Unc Olu n ph.iclilitinuou., be a luring avs Lorn Union. Constitution of the United Saya May to fill Mitio by into the Union but Neil win in Wiiri Diou Otlmor sui0t nor slav who forum ail Rby 4 the of two h of tic in one ii fuse bloc Sci he l a i up thu Atli by Ali crust Ini suit i ir1 t n i h r that Wajih Ted was Witt ii i six. Miles Noj i Miiko was reported unit Jeh. Cd Force up loud ,.v a t r Xcvi Roin bras car Cit is of the utmost tic enemy evacuated. Ins Woilus j l i h. At last plight capture Ali entire As i curo Linit Sijer their t m r i i Ota. Ivs it urn ii nil Al k1 s Vir a o rib those of Kinry and Gwinn Fantl Nim Anition i h 1 a Ilii to h Froni . Dijon in Pursuit of thu eur Eiju inverters conf Ortii i and in the a rest Al Frum a pc t Dir Tim i tuly i Lar a null Corla Nily be re thet to stud War a Stales n removed lift Oil Struc Lions in the River a in hen1 u Vii a i i t. Ii april i is Vanost ten t Pir f and us a h ill la Jet to thu uni tic Colimon j it by trill be taken r Ali tin to i it it j lie Star Ihu event nth cution of the r of it u the ii s tic q in jilt Liu will of Liq f air of tuts Copic Mictl w veil1 of a j hut of what import the or tech attn Cal Audi Ltd Phil tar Rohlo mini in that Lime men and 11 till april t 1 it lilo Llma o will tint turd and Clotio or lit no to remain in Ali or Trio co vol uan Chilom n heavy lax a Del Wlinich will not for a moment inn tier Mill Mill i h m is we Imp a Mill Cal Tiliti Fnu ii Trio Mil of or. Nichols Tho of Lucial of c in the Uii Ricl of la Irli Icli Cuti gains k uart and Hitler tiled i Ltd get i i loin no them Tom n Vutci a and Iti ire Thurmn in n find Yri Fuir Isimal up a Nhi Cli their nil Tua lilo inn Mai 10 Titi Lonn Kinc he Titi Riml Luicir a Cut at r Tho tick tend not Bow Utiliano it iwo in n Groat in re Bunij to in juju c l i Hajji la ivc Tomt wan a Ilell Mculty class have placed this Iliili Catuy at hit i Fiur or Clerfi in Vii the Cimitrio of inti to la with thai in fluid the now when Thota very accost Tho thus try Toms who were the they and destroy Tiu Tom it Lac or Gull of their own in Licu Arul Folly. The r iiij.7 these article of Sziy to he Tho Nusic hot Tom Al n walk and i that lie will them and Jireh Kuiv who it Likely to Croutc Lineti Vcci d Winch us Jav did not i to nuke but a Liiri twid 17th in Ali btit4 had i h is of Gill run by lib a cml i of Tho igtlj1 Ali moral us Tho Hilli. Ii inti Timph Eliutt. P t Hull for id Day. Do not love Linti Tho irl Irv will Titi a Anil or Tif Cour to Niue la him i Inka lie Hill 4it thrifts in lint Cahili tic Evilo Mill Cox i conic Naiad of Biu. An Raily in tic Tot tiler to at Lucic draft fighting on met Tantay and any last at a a mint thirty taut of Kurr j a cml j it Rel with c it Tii Twenty Iii Rizic in a lot m Eicr and of Nat the limn this Tomm Tilon Earnest s of the of try inilicanmntuitilermi.clethtt11 thru cml Hily find sincere limb of the Ocif candid los when and Nalii civil such a a lion wimp i tort the hands Victory in of other nov Ash and the Iki Lri Otic of Jun Crul me cd Climi nod u Fly. Tho in Luteal Hjort Lintn who c twon Tho Ivosic Ilcent and Mecl Callnn. Lir cum of the i wary Riby have Inin cil 11 j were built mid cheer All Uiti inn Cifor 3 no scr up front nil Over Tho Chi Tor the from of in Jeruan at Wmk april 21. D in Trio i Luis to acc nor n. army and Lac War in to Uhll Bil u of miss a Tori Muir Iii Luis inquire lilo nest us Tho in but it lilo value upon the in gift that Kutny the Kim to of tie cd Ali is of the of Tho ennui i 4 to hav Utown in Minlu Luton to in incl Inry Niton Ionut in other of tint Roui try Bat of fifteen or sixteen i youths pc Moil no most exclusively to Tiu of Mcullo Laii i the Ticino to n Ury arrest Jitu la Trover i i new Iii mfr Tinli lira mnkhi1 to him i for a. Doii Tomt to fear a m i t. Lent Butternut. On ins Kunrt Whit la Kafir it infill Jhk formal of to Cal dumb cams we think Jouand will Qun. C. Plea so Issue another order 1 Fly j and Closa the nto udis of Llie fic sensitive no Ali .1 h a a Lio mrtle. And Alt Litin presses in i 1, f j if he shall Wauknow Tomt r i.1 Giitl minuts and Corner Licaus Wilt go out of use it the next order apprehend May be lord for in take emphatic with the right of Gen. 0 Slutt them int Fuch also cations is k in Indiana p m _ to an dangerous in Tho least we doubt society exists in the and Liis tuition on hat from Tho report grand jury of Iho g6urt of id u a to it Lect Tho till a Spiri. Too Thitpa Hunt any Ono to of tar Trio and link Lichti effected yet Gen a Indin Niv Fajr by Tho knights of the Golden uric to oct. 10 Iii Ruliff Froin Tho Manil the it Insu two hut Der d Wilnert men in tha military Etc Rico of Tokuo Liu Mureil Ift Luh Nii Tod to the world without airy which Cru in us Olith Ontko have that but xviii to tin narc o Liat to him Aik opinions of their oven Content those Iti cur by Uii Iriny urn a tic Atlon Ami entitle i hem on those to their ail Yot i Cluro this is published they give their own which must i Raj Dicu Iho Public mind. A one can read Tho report of thin commit Tiu without Ching struck with in Malignity and the i Tomt a Ursoi High hut flan. 0, we try we ii Iii armed uni Tiniou members tit 1 t i a in Ullic a Tracil the i it Surv Pur poses of our i rebels the Tion of the Coli Jimlu o u Tion of the Iliin Cliar Lei from Tiu they simply charge Luin with Over a autism and with too careful of the Lifis of lift in oops icon its no hint Agni not his loyalty i hot jul file till Law a fruitful in Schick and thu cuing in the h i Ujj. If mar to i civil him. a , the Mottor in or. Proper u u Pron Anent known Morion much of Covici s arc c which will in Uia end in n Urc As any mid All fur wont thu of a ii few to i Pikot tuns Tii thu Dirac Tio Nof in my there any danger of i these ton Ucli their own arc these iwo Ilii waca they to Lilit i have not is act in Mil Lin Lucent Init by a fax crud whirl her Thoro can iks danger these boo Plu Loo inn Cli Fri Richir or to cd As to Imu Luco Liaa thu writer waited dotted i one would not thin inquiry Totsc Johlic that Ali Liy the mul the North wrap a than nil that my not re Luoc by Tunny arc already asking n How fur arc to in of by univ Insl Akiti Mittie stif Huntu Lynn of Charity to it not Lii Cut. Ill Indiana. U Fleet i 1 1 i i ugh Livo. Uirt k 1 Qun. Carrington uus Bosh Atli Eybwl iut c to andante of Dull la t am to report to Gen. Turn std. A big for Al Tho hand Nickk county prisoners held to answer before the u. S. Commissioner on thu o of Wing 1c nights of Tho Golden Circle Wheeli caused Issue cel Roi nothing appearing against that ii after an examination of two Days. Wet Der if the can t get Topran. Other Row. T in expected Hora to night berated order Gen. _ it _ Tho following Ore to. L 1 at the recent election fur Van Huron for a for i r 30s for Hoard of Public i82 5, for City Altorn Vav for collector i a 611 for clerk of police court 3j5 1 i destroy inc Reri Iofi i Iii Nung i Enzlo. The of car allow his Liow to if then Farsi hy1 every trans in our nut thou in order rightly to thai huh eco to examine into of shh people.1 proper a elation to Tho Public will be there is no City of Fucus is their history. All too Ciul How fully Anil Cut frilly Llroy masters imtoplti1 Dot Clr it the reunion of the slave to Trio had the Iila Flo do the future for the mix Tor Pluf Lenl Ken Wilf to look out for that work for j fun Iii the to Trio Klov i will nyc Ynio of you.1 tins lesson of on Ilie Umshler is Rogn Nurt the net of caring for self Hall been Hugh in such1 a variety of ways so thoroughly Learned Ilmet oct Rhu mint rim Masl Cronic was necessary for the to Ali Lhing Tho Blavo had so per cutly nmn Plinto the Flovil that it had u Counti a second Nutbro with the has to nil net. The tired Thotland of Uings thus taught and kit Points in Firic he Union Thoy throng our hut they no not Long in our Init fat Eforo they is our icon Ltd by Lem a this Lovo All ski Ienco in rela Tion to them and refuse them a but a Wiser Perl Jim Elioso that Riund their. Previous Triu int , tins of Tho most tyra Fly fill i hair education had Laiu a urn for i for Elioso do Nidds As to Thow Rufii cos Tlithia Twy have m Lom Ofilio killed the a Altol on sunday no til tint Tho Aifiti Tictin Tii Ircul to attest to a Tui in vat were soul lit in us Cly i. It l to Day irom in Aimy us the i up tin t Hoik not to f Ihn hour l i he fiatau the at York nil Llin Menuier will uvin for tic federals with r at ton o a Drain Ivri Vrr Cit Colorado i the 10th destroyed Rorth of or Gen Wen of Uin Pomroy tin it tired Anim Hal Vicc. And urn or dered to . Cipu quid in clip Cotuit aided the montault tinted i f i Dac Ulicni loan it Tho society of Man hold a meeting to Irot cat Natnat the building of War Fiir Glicr Tison Isi nil Ai the vindicate Tom Bonior Xingu my by Lon Dun april 10. Folic limn advanced Hsi cent. Yockl Many on advice tron Ami the1 times has an article Lollie of acct that in ring Ivi and under it nil probably Uvo of of in sown i Tor Ihu f arc building to Lingo monitors for Oli Fornin use Neil this list in tins recent at cd nil Slon a Imd a Secre Rived at cyst Nhy und Long interview with. it Isidia an tary of Tho Navy to Tom parties Iii., on Iho Havo ix-oii5ont to Jay. Tho Dot strict head for i la j i tajik Tubi i Khz Oil Molny a transports lotteries no lost Ami the my lets from slut Ixia Tui Row Fivi Point to want non Tion. The re vol in a taunt. And of Hougui i i York in lick thai our loss on the Lluli at by arum a by Trau City r it i 1 incr. Onex Vorko april of c Tom cd in thai it ferry Xvi it Tho a Jill Bulu Vuht. Fine. Turn cd it to Cliv void that a not Huil a fair Days. H b is sixty firm stat nor i have left Mimi Liiri with and for him a nil lint and to Milf their wok r f a ii re i tin win in Itu on it incr an 1 their i on Tim is to me in 17ui Nouis. April dry nocal a1 i at Sirris Silun in Aloiv a it tie on ural Ivaa Tosu Tia inc Wilzia Nisberg was 1 wot Mcd Aruj 5 taken i Qun. Wise with occupies Avil f Yusi erday Wiiri a Iii Citti Cefi to i Cave Ai iia fort Figur Wlch Haa been Icin forced with heavy gems and ins 50011 up the of w entertained at Cai Ift a l i the Rani que turf up by a Shell Federal Steamer ii tid Tho gun Toat Tiina Tui Burnce by Trio Robu Gen. Army is at Point coup cd on the in r1 j Turk utter Neil another up Usu on Thoj Itti Furnin the a Tiu la taif non to f .1 cd Tina morning. With one Laj is Lacr not to Lim Vij for Sotro and it Imp tit that Trio Rvl John Nandor uni Duko Kimyo Cpl Newl Ync in. Tho fit lit it Patterson Tho Kondrak Ned j i1 r n Rebou each lost to and 10 _ a t _. T i gun Jii Miltus r Tom Affet Iuyra some lined Wili Rcd to arts that1 b Ami t i Edh ill Tho a Btl turn in it i Tho for Trocca lately suffix Lac Junction with Gem Jiuu that an the Poluh insurrection is Fetuu spreading. Decline . Uthil uru Jodi Vanl tendency. Tro i Jyh us. A a Liam. April Tho Steamer of Orleans. In Tho s held it Trio tical of 1 1 1 1 ant we ill a Norris. In tit forces Istl a nosed it Witk it Uay Tho tache he in ctn Forf Mcd our ail Cav and Tusci Iliin Vitro army of Ilia to april Tilc the i Climond whig Fth l fallowing april a veils All aut Lilion i r guard was Rio re Ces arc Sacii tied curtain Well it in try than p j i of Tho Ali ant Large a porn met of Iru ups ii ave already Tift the Vicinity if will Alioti incl not to limit Thi so i Neil a Thalton it in so Arns an on w Lind in nil out w Rte Veenoy tru t Llinat it my turn of Tiitu we no reluctantly forc Crl of this belief. Iii Glit it is in Oak Mill in to pm to Lorn aril in icing. We ital it Pirfo Rucj on a Gay it up Al l of he a Vicinity of it Kilmr i my i a f if n i Ami Procco Lui m la. J j Lai of of t adv is pfc my m tune Tii l str Stylo at f to Pic s f will Hval

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