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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - April 23, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaVolume 22. Number 35. Weekly times and Lai Iii i i in if fit disco inti tic pick Rel Union Titiro Ity Ilouise of lil Iho govern liter t of lib wilted 8 w that All least till. Ii to Hundred and sixty arcs in i tent arid purpose of this and promote the peace of tic inhabit itnl.4 by securing All in the Conj try. It of life Liberty Atid the fruits of Owtis killed in i we Al minority of the of Tefr Kilnow. Against a thai Bill and a duo upon ii from which ii Ivill. The a Otic Ycaro Fuy Ritt really to. A Wiersc this i scheme tip Lite now in arms til Lanum at the Hazard of their of our in flit tic toil Mauleo on to who to u. I Tab Lishing territorial Nover menu of Elvyne d. Re Kirl by Bill have Hud careful cd timid Talwin and Nubia to tile mowing Bill by Rowill nth fur civil1 Ovey the dui inti til country now in Kwiim. Id. United Sinics will. The sour country tit Ite in cute. _ it Conj twice and ,1-Iid on n no id Zybul livid in Utcy Lia and. I butt str Umi Ico wet Rule la it Tik Liy no l str ten to lbs nil Ioil mlle Mirenic ulv Ali a i knt Sli Felt Elitt Riillo Nily in Yirilli and Kluuni. Mil i fran Svitil Avo tymm or into and "i-rccwptil1 hut Der ukr i and y Atti Lut nil Vav of n to utitus it mini Milf us Tow crib we w Atli of it Iliff la. Ulfo by ill Ijeh l t Lii Iivo a duly of Lbw g Divitti in in of each dirty i to Tim the Tor tit ii Elk Cut in culture us by Law for Tiu Over a ctn of tied Iii scr vein of by not ass Al Lei in Crit 3 Naniko fire scribe of a to it to nud Tutu Jtimo i it victories i by. Mari tic Buirt torn huh of Ufi Ijiro it Iid the by of the Giitl Tutor Surour a h in h must in Litchi Lull t ills acid la orc. Sec a. Blifil iinds in Eccli Multi i Lix Welve Ork for five Ltd id i it acts a us Cujdik a and held Ivy the governor of. The districts in the Siam of United staler until of Ess. Piihl Ntuli i Livirt no and which. Inny the Qiu Lod by or. Forfeiture Liy in Cir or which Dinu a hem Tor inc i a and Hiiva Ilott Unver ii Iio. The service of. United Slat the existing rebellion Mattie close of tic in be widows and minor a Himeji of which 13 in. Brutal a in Iii service or i non Tibig such of. Said recent or Lowies by still revolt or i net Tubu distributed Juv sue. In it . That clip it Quill. Litimo in Jolly of Taliej id pcs Niay Fennii Tinius. I til ii Luter Nannc Ivy Niit a clerk t and Niji modify Hiles practice w Iliin each , and Mich Lii ii nil Nnoli and Iii Keiit. Wit Liitt their dui ecu 4 arc by Law by circuit tint Llie Tir u.iiigrvs.4 or of ii District a by ibo staid Zouri. Unil tie Lynal nor d of and revision tin will of Emir by thu of ill United to acts it like i might and Lin Dur Fri fun Ilie circuit Oit i of thu to Liebic tic Juliio Iti uni Rovtar a in intend or tour m uneven exceed Liy to Tiu nitrite a Irdis incur of to liar const in u tin Arij in the wild nil Losow Lio pm of. Thai tile Sruti lit i la Ivair to lord i brr tie Iii is of the american ii Iii. We look upon the Tulois Tion of Liis Bill by the majority o i tick 1 in our of he thai a in Matture he Kulil it Cotins ii Iii c of r Liny it a Tuiai it i tic Wjk of the in which we would by till Iho Power of Ihu Poveru Iceni until there1 win the Imus d we would with no Bay . to Laid Bill . Be Lor j Cir and to tit Luigj be fyn a Ljujic Ion could he 111-. Loyal Attr v by nil nil who Tucy i o Flo 1 to i Fra till it Pilli. I they re i ii. Liry i Hill Mitt is i Bijj to la Tayolr dust rift Olin Rabi j dlr of in Diielsi Iii Lynnr twillo of mid Tui prior t twi Ilyf v Lujin a us Lis Mville a a Atli Liary Idonur United one Ilio or Al her Whu th1 of Lam i to Orang lawyer Orang Law i Immell i would desire to go of Cluj a Abji ird u Thiol it i and tym a of Jolil unit Liu. which they Treal lib Duns of ill tic a Liili 11 icy express Bax u already i Recti of Volt a riot in Bici Dehat helps Uroic omit Letl ill coif of the her at it Uliey Tirc Tho if j Dei Rundt ii Are in cont to the . 61 Trio United states. Bill no ski incr were they ilm Nuccil Anil Lmh Thad Dew of i a., the raise cell cd Tiff and r club fouled Audi. Inn the cym Mitu e of find Means Tuu Vod in Lay the Iii i Nilie table. The u upon were alien of Ohio Izmir of Mil., Uwe of Iosiwo ural Chis of of Kui Lucky. Dunn Plain or n cd York mul blur Diimig of of new Law Mallory of icy., Noble Nii-1 of acid quell i in Ulleton very of 1 Tii Straf ind 1 Rieuf of Iii. Buvil of Ort goo Sii itch of i. A. Suck of x. A. I title of x. J., my. Latin Glinus Fubio Vul Kihei to of ind., ends won of of lilo All or Ixia Der state men Licking Illi Nicy void Agni not thu i Able and Una y a Publio in Viu in with ilium and they were hair of or from Llic Babii Litu a tic Lowll Twiny. To Harl Najj had tin arc he Riidu Ralin Lliott Viz Bill it the under Iii we Obi it lint ill Nti tin limit in he let it Lam t in Nill be Vyvy him Emilj a Ubillu de Mill Jet Down i Victory the i Sivu f lib Rev Inci Litu hut tin Iii Ift of Victory i it real Ixia to tin in ii of Nolloy Liy huh of i ii Itney to Mill morn Loihl it in tint n Priit legit i let la witty Loti u of i Zijm ii Liing Ciruti Cal Iii Hili Vir Rolfini in in ugh go Iii u null in by Titus it ibo Sittl Ottic Kunlun. Hutu o thin Conilio litter Idil ill y Troy Lalosin Init Lii Ivi it u r a Iii limit lilo Xiali Luli Llo Yurii on no Kiln i . Hut Tilk Tom a is in Lorit can give it or the Fiatt Pru Lrtil a Wiuli it Htiu Uip Illel mid vital Cotuit .1 it it Bill at n so Tigli Bohiw i likes out tin i tit and of thu in ii u virtually no Trio holier to null i Sujit a Holhi t life Fri la the Luik limn b will Fth Litty Wiio to Dubla in ii Prit Phem o Esu and a Lii Lei Iii i t u ilium j Tel no Ilio to Ulitt Wlk i All r u need to to Jas i Milru duct into Llic to Betti to twin of Lbw i turf april 7. 180.j. Nix w., Vourlides if ind limit so Lite Lulu Wing pre they of Suhody list of Kiltti and Wou if of Tunja Tel hns i co it piled Jay Assifi Niit Kurick and is no doubt . In a bust slightly l s. Tightly. . W. Ottnat j 1 Riis Lily. A trick Cimpl ind 1 Ludi Stirt names arc in Tuny Law regarded As in in Lex to the Olca which n Elliis in Limuti by Nii Urnal ill unjust tax Bill by Thi Iii Loihuu Iff Hie House the Albu Crit. I Liu vote be mkt to the Bill if will inf Orui you us to Call nil ii Tion o la Csc result quoits in such a thai intr no to Imp Reni Uii in no Iii die Lind is of Illi Troik v. Istomin. Lyra. And other a Truhol to a the North l mint will to bet inter nut or Llic will by Llie Ellis i of new in Riund nil the suites. The Piru Nib Wilt Ticatz Wiir Alico Kilius. A bid Htu inc i cd Cruz no stun by Ono lir Nih a of Witult siry to the Deli Incipit Fonny idler or Chenshi the inter iils of one ortion til the it Jorv of Odber of our c.tniiii4ii Roii titty mid Tom of Tarsir. Is it Mcleod the Host outlet cd. And Niti undid by Billii vex trip Seh Siroti no tin i resent is n a nil Iii Tonj Islic Nind itt tru i Renil Wwall tin no the country and to Nanri Llic Gilic Tylli. Nind to toward thu Uthe und w Lif pikas it it re Clare of our with to Reiton Muo licit inv Rev Jitich Gru Ithily i oin ii Vijh it do heat ice Ander Al will 31 .1 acting cant Lii . X. A. Foot Seyen in Lieut. I Riith breast overtly acting Lieut. Jol Iii ulum Sli holy n. A twi. Iii tic Tim it la try Merriman r. Ami serious severely win. To Arlitt . Ii in Ila Timbal Thompson a Iii Igli be deftly Ittin is Tajii Allih once slightly Henry twitc.rl1, Kilcy Hiil Cli Witik. Scmitt wet it tvs Lii holy Lowry Gicic Sli Eltiy alien Licad slightly. Cwik Hwy if joint my Ray. Murray scr can am Mcneal Al Viii Dannar Lulu Eit slut i Mph bowl Rizal while icy Nam Cev Croly m. Comphell Dnny nigh by Lleita. To Dufini i Cier in weird. 1 Hilj. Oni l i Ito Lyrl John i gite Ifim severely Mir Rah m Jim is nose slightly Owen i much Atanoa t re twin Mic Lilicy Len Urtson Besl flutter Liand is coca by i Joseph Alex. , Arm., Haig Lulu we. I1. Wjk fish a thud i Noriek. Ili iban severely Myrent in severely Kiefer severely. Killi a in re try Willir win. . Ici it Werdyn Sandal sinn dlr All tid wealth no tit it fit ii to a und Tuu or and it no or. Altir try by co and " under Len at n Intoc Tibig of the of fort Wayne held Iii to hts c Hurt House on wednesday even the up rpm of linking the necessary arrangements for paying n proper respect to the tar tory of the lamented cd of Liti Tuth of. Indiana of Wintters who fell mortally Bead of it pm Tittl while get Lilly Light Iii for his beloved country and its great Battle of i tamling in Tennessee the Hon. Franklin p. In Kiilau was Nlle to the chair hid It. . Be Cro Liry. On notion. H by if Mccu Sis a wanted to meet tin remains of Uyl Diss at the Niini tact Nee consists of the Fullow Tig 11 Withers Geo. U. Klinkle. Sol. Hay. Les i Fulci Nii Igi , Tallen. M. Ninde Samuel in dolt. By u Chittenden .1. L. Wmk Floii Ingr j. G. Maiers a. Wiley it Bryan c. In Jond. W. Ii. Gerril tie resold Teml Vrtol that fru ii tin cars by Itin Hill Reid Cnoc and during the funeral ceremonies of Liui Lanieux Durpiest unit nil so Culibr big since lie , tie of tins City be 11 i Iii at half infant. And thai la h it this. Of the City in closed during the to. L Loa incl Iii it. Miner Jwj. Was a Counti Willce of one to make the Ratgen tiits for convey Iii Lii Chi icily and pc Luu Vang the remains of is8fruin to Liis late residence., k. liar ofic Rcd Llic following it Folti Titi which was adopted Kiin tvs to Llic firing u Misiti to Guti a a Iliond artillery during the a scr. From the do kit to Tho of inc dec and. 11. Of Colter and 0. Virad Way a thru Jiju Jinlun Kiich Coli Initta. Guti. Sinuel he tall waft Tajii Vinlua Chic Myrtl slur to Willi Airt As he due i on motion were Keiit Ucli. Arrilu ii ii count of thy buttk1 of of a Litlo As Ais Orant and stub hit Cin Climati Gaii Etc tlicoflidii1 of on a it atom riot from on. Of the Iti innit of Llie rebels the Day Nett a Llic Taille from Guif can Iii a port we arc to derive any information up to sunday Niue Iii. I on Elliis Point to to this extent gun. Grant cd re Iii i it Keiit Jii a most the for Titi tie Cincinnati in Petit Ilion Al the most bound maj Oil the part of the of in cars in con ring Iii inn Iliili Terv i y by Ohio at Omree t Itter inflect of the to be longer thrown in. An if tub id. Hmm rebel source we that on Mon Day lust the title Rel gun Butr tid mortar Fleet commenced the bombardment of and St i Orleans. They Are Twilli ranked among Fie i strongest fens in the uniting we Bat that com. Will pro Elk More in crumble Fig the str Roa wife to masonry u atoms the ordinance d on the Rel jul wok s at it tand Nodi Al. Rhc Gamb oat of cantly Lio i of Oinna Lap to in whup or in Tor the sur Kirisc of our troops Khoum be that Fiill ill we Glit. Of Fuit Rul Arki. Near the Tiiu uth of the River flu id Ftp last Ilio ill Denji and was con ii that Llic Rey nth trily to appoint As Many of to slip lied into Mimi twin in n. wit Lam rebel in we arc not mfg Nncy Aslo the number u i Iru Opet . Furt Jackson Willy work our to Ruota Nind Hiiva Niumai. The occupation of that City to my Loykus for Viry Fri to duly. Secretary Stalun was severely it he Senate Yosl Crotty ii senator Mcdo Tignall on tint of Ihu Long continued imprisonment often. Slone with it h of the charge which led to ills or nil. To lure docs not Netti to Benny Exine Fiir the Trail Neril Stone w rewiring. If guilty of Iris soil i irid and no Bijj. Tom inti stick in Liis Cane Cunn Inui in kicking him. In prison for Man Luis with no Ospar Lucily to Rin Diot i Nniro film tie taint which hitch try no known have Tipoti it. In train Pirzl luring Liliu a conto in the donate that the cum Nitice the conduct of Ilio of which is Chiarni Ati p few Coreil Thich Letl to Sun. Bin by Carrh Lar airy 0. T. Kuntor , m Chancl i . Do Henry a itch. Is. K. Cd i Ron i. 0. N Cleon were u int l Resoluti Iosim of Flo Kiml of this Hir in regard to the loss to the Arney. Ill t Guilry and the Community by tic a Atli of i m brei Etcil and Pelt ant a Lorl Siou s 1 to rim it in heir pleasure an4, Mitio when Tivado. Notice will Law Livoti coniing of the re i lint of am by the Tollon of inc House thirty Iii unite to i Lefure the to Iii. On City papers were Jenti it Nib Lisle Tom of thu Kamtan Oahu Ubai Gimli. 4iuity it Nind a title Trvll Likis Vita i " Nii Loury l Cupitt Winil Civet riot two and tint Nln d Iii it wiil ii i Leto Dii Nihil tit for let us Lilly 10.111 new it to built Trtol slip Law awl Silil a . A Luis us o it i Tiu. It f irl Ftfe re in overt Iii Cut i Lif Fhy Frt of shall a Ohst item and Jii Dic he to Tiuli in it win he and Tlush it i Lull in. Kat Ito by net of limit res to Imti Tonii not Thor of ilm territory wish re ton a Iii air Lului Lic Uldall. Dining in of tic it la Hiim bit Itu dil ii Lizay to to thu e tin Laws i i Tlena Tajii Vicil a Altai air Cifillo lilo Impf Atiar in Vert tid lit til or tit limn narc Bimi Whir Lee i in Trio Ives idl tit my Don a Mitzi of in kid such Interior Coli re inc May Ublish. The hiiiwrior1 Murl. Shall o a inuit coi Hii the provisional dim Rich cml Sitivi p Tufit lit Uii time livrft1 Iii Ute any one air All it Iii id the term of us lace of onto Cor tid Uli hereby author a a. Until Oiler Wilio Woi hrs pointed by pairs ii and Lhart Ull Tau nil it in hives tit Heise forever. And Lulu nil Titi in to in out to a Piotr i Wilile Llie privilege t Minimi Ulitt Jiuu in Tinl Tulai Icax Ilo nod to the Wilto limn. It air Pwen id k to Vern tin ill by Lawn by n Hul Luj Tali full Mill Iii Tir Clit Man evil atm and to Lime Szulc Row Ami a Loti d of nil tit in and Llanil n Are lube note in with an Init and m d to til Blent mid Insl debased Coli Tim of colonial la in Ilio Mia Hur Eliy ii. And Jarl fur i dirt nil. No ibis a r Muir lilt that nil Nikiel civil with the and the lire Brieby r m r. Cav Bart. If 1 Tidi Siua my Ihn Lutvin nil l lbs commit re he Lio on , in tint Ali ibid in the a Imit us their dts Cui Ivou tout id til in Tii Ninilee lit to he House Bill to Pius Vonal of Ven Tucnik Dirou tit Jim entry in.1 Liliu in Nulud und Iuie coition in d passive by lint Trio Uli Tiri tiie a towed Llie in their Vioski to writing any of tin and r i the Tito n i nil that Hill As not Only it with i ind to ovary dictate and Miry Ciontut. As Ull Frlj e of air notly and by admit Ili Iii. The Lith a lilt Al Early a Memi uti. the an rigid a Tel ill Litile tin Rwal n Styli if i trill Lii id main Tom which Idi ind Itcik the of Rcv Rimo to and not Ixia that of to the in i us fid Illius Linen Tun of Tom Cim try. Rain nil Trio let it Iii Ulii to Vrej ill Ilif s lib wild Ili Graat violation of Lam on Listii a. La Aldino. "mr4 be Midleton demanded the Reading a the Bill. The Bill was mul or. Chi win inked that the views of Uio Iii lid Rity it the commit i in Al. I he clerk read Llie views Picicc Litcy by or. Or ascus. Or. Ilm Disir denial Nymn to prose it Vii a i of the find Lliel lit a read i in us in Nelll Mimier. The slated Ilio Pijue ilium t t lie i he i t and each of just Lwi Thattil by i nut filial i la Utji i dior is ill to boil Ooi Ninn m by and . Eliatu is dial. Antl if ii it i Mir chief Lauh Lintl ii of Al i Tut to Iii Lii miss til if fac of Iii either of said no Niwor not flu Venlo Vali Liidi of by Cou shall Ilia Row Vignini. Und a fair to Fitch to Iii n old Jil Iier Ai Lam nov Ioor Tinl tiny ill by Law Luy or Ului i.llice-. To lick May a Ilert dirt Fli it or Mutoli Dii Iii cilia May to null owl a Titi the o linux he and i hit Coin which find up Llie Ritu is Giitl Pei ipod in a Jim is Trio i vuiiiiiicn.1 no it cited hut thu Siluio i win Niziuk by Abl Slit in i jul ii ill Lia in la Weir i Hickis and lilt it to Aller in u n Hult fur lit and i ii in icing of Union it ism by Ihu new Triin Nuil i cerium new owed Wiur doll Katf per Dayi it by m i Rohy author we to be by to Cost time Ora cling u r i. Rilliar Trine Tutti f hut the Juith Orizada m Tosca of nil of Wales within the Elii to us name Anil on to not Iahlo in its in will is Cut Chw main of the Hill do that nil in old thet Salage i Tiili n m the ill pro Tiu utes from lbs Wiik he Fil in my in other Wuolu ill by a. Gives an at i to Vic Fille hit Usu ii by sent ii a Sineni i Doc Iino hot Thero found ill the Coil it it imn Micil a Canso it Uirt inn of Trio Yteo of to Fierge Tinl of their Livatt Cililo Gruit in to Bullio h Itil waged i a their Elliut Ali Zmij Freswi of Tho , Liliu creature i lbs for the of which the Moalli of every us Mabyr u pledged Samll by a formal and sol Jiuu no Tincu Anil rfcs try it and thus to Nelly Tho amorian Union As it now in Ian cd fam. Tha Bill pro change the Anil n of. Tin if or. Ilia tic Lill a Niilo l to the w i Giichi a with Llic Al the i ii of. Or. A Why. 1 risk lilo previous spies lion thai in Union. Or. I Iii Artim. It it Iii order to move that be Bill n-jcclii.1 the Hauler. The cd Iii this kit not pc id or la Inlet ii is it in order to Movo that to Bill he on the Tohle .vlr.ttptn.1c is in Oiler or. I did Iimori or. Silcaker. Thi of Milit of a Bill Unior. And to in of Striction of Quarter or. Iii gum. To or gentleman from Ohio to is Ooi of order. I ii or. In Sklon. I i Avo moved to Lay the ill ii Pron the or. .1 demand t lie yens and nays Lylial motion. Yeas and nays were ordered. Iii Phil in will it Coriand i Twat Eidd air Iho Allie As lol i Ancoin a Niqi , bid die k. Aluir j 11. Aluir. A , a us Genii diff cirt in Crin Lidd Critt Ndeki Lino Diven Init Luji Uminn Ike Luik a Llu Iglitz Tenn Litif. Lim for Iii. A i i , Mun the f Tum in huh the vote Iti in Tho Bill at the Dihlia Ictor Uoti Nihls tha Bill i mss a Idi i Alley. Aronld aah a la Tibolt Kukurs Kumler lie in Ham hair if m ii curl. Hull of in Ull wlm of ittle Jtj i1 a. A a Kullig it nov Tai. Dawes. I Culio , . Ditt Tii k cd kit Glicr l Utvik Toneli Goodwin uranxer1, Una fit. Hisle. Luis can a liar Giuili a Looker dutch eth Lulian Kelley Kelb to of Mich Ifft. Iii Ilir loom. Mcl Lio Wini . Moi Rill Finin Merrill if Var Mon. Xix Iii. 0-Iell, to Len i Liitt of new irk for Sloan is Ruou Almu Vasor Mit Machii Iyih to Iii. Trawl Hidre Van Horn Van valkcmlmrbl., fewer t of Venniel Waidila Idric Boek a Vilc of India ii Wilson Wii Idom. Allen Hubly of a Tiddle. A Ludrof Uro Wurl i Cziwey. Iii Temin. Ima bin. Under. Hull Lulu ii lot urn Loli Dhoti Knapp la , May Lorenti nut tent Ivory 1 Rich Itol Lihsi Wiiri Shiel. St Elk of new in Laos new Dorsey to Mem of Maryland Hooili e.-, wads Worllie Wood wis Klill to above is n strict Pirly Vole. The be Bill rant Iti the Allie Matevc Anit the democrats and Iton Ler Stalo Pinioli turn Iti Llie negative. To Tox. To. Kit amt. Talph. Aim is Kinni Iii until ,1 n. In Imp. Meh lev in ii re Iun Tryman Dirr Iorii. Lagaac Lien upon ally u. Half. Knee ii. L. Ivy Ahmed i Hrth of Slinn inn tid Linett Der Only Ati , re Hoilund Rohrl to. A Vii Triu Linini aim . W. Ti1k 17. Luias and ton Iniard left tin on to Virday Libki now Liq Arof Lii i Ai and ii Ber up is fat lilo blot ligation. U is on the Ovinac Itai Road hot can Mil from Aquia Cmrk then it it acid to to an army of 20 000 a wifi ii in icily of . The a flirts of representing pm manii fact fers will actin j1 the tax Bill Iti the that measure Back to to House. Among the 4 Anicod mints it u to lib hoped one with made cutting Down the horde of office a bldg in Liy the and to slate the collection of inc Tajc in tic in re a Jet Witt cried to the of an idea which i him itself to half of the school boy sin tiie wit during the month of Iron Clad for use on the Montei Insp i Hill or to the Monitor. The Tess i Are not to be les.4 thin feet in length in Are Rel i draw oter liar feet tar Ami to Able to attain a up cd of atm knots per ii our. -1 1 we to not place intr no Iuie on of Cabinet which l of scan tary it in mated i Law him list diff Crency with the Wal Law r und to . 1 gladly fair a veil of to our Coluni u thai Tho Rulh in Udd. I i Liau at Rel Etc Only tiny fuel. A in Jan to oiled had or itt Lilit Uhlir of tar a tulle the Oil still def Ali-1 a oilily. Foil old Lam How Luff i Iotha hut Olbra Iny Plutin Ilia air Fiji tin think n Ahi Arnii Noti la Niit. N i lit it they Iron cd unit died with do Oliff hear in pity Tonii. And the dead and dying Iny com. With Bis t Hir Lri i h Dun. Irn View Italy n Island by Nihil we 1 vat 1 Lillyw in work on Une of the Chic Kacar slutty Miles Altoro Memphis. Gen. Wai on the Arkansas Len fort tie mortar boats were placet in Toxi lion and slice Linig Tom Rel Tel Woik to oilily. Trust they will Proi u Imru Clovo to tie ease and Tui Iford of Llie in b Ruilian they did Al no. 10. In Ltd and Lincoln Tho Bill for the abolition of glut cry in Titi Lam Ricl of Huolun Ibisi. Tom powerful jut Luyenec of Thi i upon tue ii win brought Looy the i a cold ii to in Luce him to Uro but lha Abri Lumius a Artheil their a want and a Curry for to tier approx vat. The follow Iii u a careful Nof Toju of tin Allon Ibal All persons in flip Nullet of to nor Vicc War by a Catusi of disc wit. Urn freed Ami Annil nil such Culm and Lylial Datery him to Henauer caul in the Section two nuther Quiri Ai Loyita Lum Teni to within ninety Yuk of Lair Llic Disirio Matiun of troops not of a com racer Whit Ili Lead to nation. Old mr.1 Welles can be Well Paw of Frothi the nary and worm hmmnc1 1 Reti Dent rec and to a Unitt Mal popular demand. A cry in tort of Tjoei Umbra a the entitled an for the Lele Iii of certain Lieh Oier Vicoor War list to oif Triet of by the Day ton up Itom Ltd tits cd. I ivc Neter District Anil 1 Lavt ctr dry tined Tummino rom tonal Piu Lemd from tout Quaw in la two . Tiftz been in Iny n n l except o of 4-Xjhhltcncv, of All f la Duj he within owl etl. 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