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Read an issue on 16 Apr 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - April 16, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaDespatches j _ grrr vol Biel Ali Flam ulu Giuily in Brnich hint the two inn 11 a fort of the Chi tiny tie Viii Lily of Corluss Moi Rock a Strong will Slowins i i tic i How i Elk my Atka St Mlat in Uit mid rail tied Tho following is a copy of on scr of thu Lull in Kwilin Ilija of Tow it bal Reeson isv1-1 1- " arc Iwler . Milch la Low c a vend with Inthir nation t . Croma evil in n Ali Wise a in Login by this la ii nil to Gitonn Jara ii l j eth cd Timve known me for u0y.-nr.-i. Have Tiu of Mexico. Give them Muiir in Tiam i a a Nice in. Till tout i i jute. I is to Niin of tic hmong Ishu if Vic from York Sowri rth a Ait Wei it hurls in use and time to Ltd Iro Lily a Iii Iun for Lac t upon a Iii to to voc. Whir. Binl Del i Nicot to film with their Anny ii Itri ii Lii tilt Sliu a lit ii us the will win ii nit a limn Avrut Hyp i l i by. Tie h Toi Mitzi Liti Tui he ii Bouilin. Siml Fry ii to i ii by , inc Fiji in Atul poor. Idiot he circulation it body Anil burst out in ii Tsetim o ii airy. Part if Orynn in Tryc from1 its tier is in it onis Ishi Clit Lizay not destroy. The taint in variously in tuck by Tlam a inv Low Liutti g. Ills jul healthy food Iii pure and filthy i pc win vices Uris a. Fallow Ain acting vol. A. Kitted 72il o nor tall o i a acc died la a ii for inlay Iii Crinini Iru Undell ii Trio Liu Iid by Al Cannon Ball Cut , gun nil in j shots in his Only remaining Arm. J Lif a iffy lost one i to shot i mimic of his tags Siept Trio Leiu lit lit cd circa Llie admiration Yllic to Cui dive Stuart 111, acting Lorient incr shut throw i a to Brakl on sunday Nhun cd to the Field on col. Tinged Var Gui Tern. Altot through the right Liy t Vlaj incr col. 0. Wounded Sli glitzy lit fun. R. Wih Wing ii Enol mom s slight b j capt. Irving courier or Gici. Grant ii Coni Licad Diol off lib a cat Luj Sci lieu. Morton. sit Tutt tried Sapir. Decal to Cir tar Lith g7lh ill a -7" from i Itti Giro the a Bott Tom Battle r Toront -1 on briny cities us she Nim bring fir Jil a duo altflrj4 the arrival of on. With troops nmn Otto heavy and the Krudl Wotitz Ioctl and a painful Trio nation Faa signed Jav a. H. Kopotic l Rupo res Ditillio Riiff. List i Curtiis of inc Tirol Tuitto Ivolin Hatcil Elf rough fungi Jihor so tres inc Cuti Ity Lias j , Licin of Tonj Largi to s in arrived and Taki n Conan ind in Hial Ilii a ii cud linking a do per to nil Nisic. Their Intribnciiiitviif-4 Vuu ill from tote Junins tic York Kiric Coli Rev across the Poi Liia army was pos Letl Between two set stuns i Mui Fiir to ilk apart that run nearly Rigau Roni left in go ii who ran re jul in ills. With a Lett Linin self at the cad Foros and cutting his Way through Llie it Tny. " j Liu Lyhl nun1 Buz inc i ii. Joanl Nussli Minig Otic Friy Livero Irivin Back Ami lie rail Cronl troops to it put til Wiy same position did jul Buti Tontini tin list Lay Tail fifteen hours. Dunns in it major of to e a Nib tip from with to the inborn Jirik inc Ray Innico soc Tuzii to viol l girl Ford april i majority is . Last year it wart the c Sci site is a unit thu democrats. Aga Lac to i ii 3u Xvi Yak tic Ivas i next morning rutcci1, nov in i1. M. Had Ntina awl i Iii fell on Hitty in with men Strtt Louii in till with no ii non arc n putted Anotn their inv ilium. T than wort a tutors Llinat Whf Laii Takt a of rival in c in irn to go up or to Iii let Pir . Try Itrich 1-tlio.ojdsl.ono in and leather store thttciiuutry.1 icky wifi tid will til i from Hoine made work the c to tic i ii Jit Ivcic Uitti in Ilion to in Loiis if cot tiry Thiru Tiu is Betl Kidonn. Ivlin nil Rucoi ii Nii title tic Iliili is to Iliin . Inn Uro i Vadvil Onia to e of to Ltd Uii Iri a. But u Lii ii of in whale i in l to i i Iners. Lui Liore id other bilious Jinni Initia hive filled Tiv in tlci.tii.3 by Imti Ortts bit 10 mute Flint tic n carts Iii cure for the h Tkv Sci ave in to Ilif wrap Voitich of a Iii air stir. H u . In Itioi-1-Iil Mali i from Lite Loi Nnoli. Visit Lily Iii it that Tiomi of la Ati. Poof at , Tud i Tiomi of la Altai. H Opoka Livor. Ind arc Reillly Ami poo ii nolo of tin Futi Cliotis of in unit. Elderly Lime Pic built cars Omlah Oil inc in Ulsmid ii it in it is Iii la lint it Celia Ray and Nulud Yinru it is i in Zumut Ilia to thu Liow in. Vici Meril it i cinc. Nind Ken Crilly. Len Ilario Tif of need melt Nii l Iii Icin cd Prii Tichtl priv in lieu while fru Iii Fitti Vicli not ii under of hey , nil. Nil Imp to , t he Ino Rili of or Ticer. A Terr not tvs to Llie Brinl. Kwiim i a Lisit i icily in ii or. Tenil i lie a civilly if yet of. Is in a Milt i ill inv Itil us will moly nil. Iho period of. Maternity ii priv i Iii Itig ii life of mind a tiled. It Toni to be the Rod of Blini who Wivis i visit the of thu Titt Chrtt upon their m r gift its commence by tic position from thu blood of corrupt or iroc Crow Mil tar which. In the lungs Holt nil into nil is Len Nind tube relics in the glands Kocl Lirika . The or sores. This foul corruption which a cinders in the blood Tiu energies of life so Lions not Only Suiter from Crofit Loti com but Ulicy liavc1 fur Lew Power to wit i stand the no ticks of diseases j Tonse min tar vast Intino Cefi Povish by disorders not in their a Liiro Art Mill Ruml Vrcel Citel by taint in to . Musto folic do Chinn pcs the Hui wait ii airily in or Giti Ilir cutly by this hcrofnloit.1 nil Ninny destructive Liscow of the liver kids Clit brain Ami Iii Lccy. Of ill the organs a Rishi from or arc by the same one Pinr scr of All people Are their Persona tire invt cd by this in , Ami Luicir health is by it. To Clad tips it front the a Stcin we must renovate the blood Van in Vigo role it by Lumu Liy. And such n Nice Stine we Fuji Fly in a bits 1860f 1861. Going i except 3 till pm j _ Toledo mid Jackson. Jackio to Injo be Vav Chinco no fill l a am act Loil tit 3 w j it Lai Jim ots Nii iriv u Detroit Himlyn ral Arhur in Tioila Coo Jjackson nud Toledo list Ifo in m is Ihm Ico i j. Toledo Toni Tunit Dunkirk fall. All nut Vorte tlujro., to Iii Tatj to r in Ili Fly t p Ltd r i torn u o of. Lryni it of bodily Mitzi a to. _ 1-Irlv n in Tel . Lowil from mini lid visit or alb full by in or Inch alld lhyt1 Llumi Ril ii Elyj tie Tasuku Tiv Flat Crolli i Iliad Buff to i Buaful ujan , Ile lao Wax i Kitty la u a i Ira Frt i Bat a firm and Hud inf Alan a pict calf Tel plus ii Wall jul Wolf i i i. Stall it j Willt j v Trio Nortu n Liili Aruj on Mut Nlay kill Catiti Tiuch of Rousell Tuo Tdiva Daiil Ricu Trio Crri Trtat Infin to Mirin Tiit no is ice u now Dutilly 6h Flo ii us did tto Ullic a wad on Innel Lui Cucas we ii Folio to tit up with a of Trug Ouirl Othway Tinort Leto mtr Rinc was ainu Jauier Tuzii to nor Ami in of Many Kwh under Tryc in. Sir inti Cutlir in Oil of Llic it Ilic uti Jircik Sion of Board dial ilium lilo to Eccl were on their Iraj Dow n Dicu of Tunica Folio Fllori min Ziaya scour or my Iti up a Llie i Onia Hila us Siuy Moio r great Axle Nvvf Jil tul tit , and to a Cutis Giitl dec of tic enemy. The Road ii ii Tod Good before will be fill in k horrible condition and the jul tie mini Mil to litre a Ort a i Una Fin n Minnil Toh Iii run Ami Viii sunday Tutu Iwa Cli of Riding Oil Ilin in Ullh Tom cattle in fire nil. Lilo to of hit if Lilua lira slim mini of hit if Lilua lira Niv ratocli.inuiircm.mlwrj.jwinsa., lie 1ml Corr ride Alrh rim a Lar Tinl. I of v i by i i Iii wll for Lvii Hill it i writ Hilli a gym . lot Vrowl of t sir. If ill Milell. or inti Irrol ii Phil Lam 11.1 in Ollivi inti Irtoli Wlima Irrer Ilio l Iryl we i a Lucy thru Lull l Illel i or i. Lair Roi Winniw ill it ill let. A kit la Lair Iller Fri full i it , writ Mirmil. , i la. , la mtg in j n Ali l it null Ali. a Liim Iii i " h lie Olwill Hll Llo u i. My i la 10 nli.1 i Iii 0" . If ilk i or tally Ull Llo i. Llie . La thai will Imp lilo a null. ally my in Autelli Lenl int. A Lilliw it n a Vii ii no for Iii arc than flu i or Bulfer Avail i it lion with Tanhia fur All Point n c of the this i Itai Bronil to clip Congo lib the be Tircuit the East and Tio great West. Thu c of the woes by. ring of for Freij Jet a Jill Ulic ror of tic cent Patio 0 a he Wirt poll rce it o. J. J. Jolgui Stoiu by. Ormsby Cropper Poitz Ilioiu of. W Brownt co. . La Wick . It. C Mcmili int mind inn in Kent Mville a w. Gnu Nina co Cir 111. John in in dirt Nils Hville. Tenn. In Natiw to Hunt main Ali wont. Alton 111 Ono he great Rel facilities Protection Handsp Tetly of and poo to with gear persons triv Veitii in clmrijctlutivt1 arid humor Helms now in is Var one Hundred certificates its Ilist Wenly mile Sot Huston. _ to to Cirei one to three bottles will Curette won kind will Cleat Itlie state Aifiti it 8. Two bottle arc i. Inker thelic in Riith of three to live to Cuttre Titi v or kind of . Iti Miorin Llie to of Etc Lititia. Four to Sis bottles lire Barri tiled to Ranjit Ami Triin Jinx i a. Two or boltlosarc1 warranted to it Tretko worst kind . Rizig Winius v three to will cure Scro Laulii. L re. A Banc fat experienced front tie Iott Lorend u perfect cur u is we Mutchl discovery in g All kind of ill i 11 blur Altig. The train will i Wye ii Usu. The t w w k it. Tit in in and Kolo Iii ill poli Itu n Oral inn Kii St special the clip Billj David Ai t , act in at c the bust aromatic tonic Ever to Trio Public. No. Iusi a Leto Milt Tottel r Ujj Ittel Macii. Iter Ilter Ilijin nolo i d. Brandriff. Iron store 127 tons Ikon. in Ali Feliy of fort Aliquo i tit owl Ohio 110 different sizes. Matilt from Titi cold bin Sumaili arct. Rap Antn limn Iii in -hi., t. To Tai Tenil Natida 0. I it til Toni it clan Pru. Inor Btu rest a Maurud Itji or cd tartly Nof uart of As m a j1 Wood. In o n Oil do unit in it. Kara i Ort Iti is in licit lit Iii i Only title Trulli ii x it. A import cars a. . A co., ii. N fort John Dildo Ards Rosbon mryr a ilro., Kurt . Will null ilium lust Empire Tan Yard. In Vic ind. Proprietor i Barf 7 Jikit Tiu Slont Mills Ami 11 fur Tiu Toul of the at Hin Law two Lorr Iliili he is to of Oil an an Ivr Jally a Lvi Tuico twill pay Thi n. Price for "wosk1 tinn Trio fluent i a Otic i Elf to in mint Kipu and nay an Leigh 12 Ccluiubla-St., tort Ravlic non Eliut first Cluss of Orkmon. All his i no 55 Columbia a Sheet Iron Ware. Bijou Tujo or Der. 8lovcs, a a Litcof Uliuli Lull ii other hut Anil t ratio f which up train Ion and by other Fiir Niiori in Oli Tui Stop Slat s Bli Tibal "0 april Stan intr 3hat Ipp Titi from Invar not. J t i i Wasti Anguin april Fri journal by Onker of the lies Lilyh Alil a Oil of Hie Best As Well As the cheapest mucin bin Pic very a imply construction and it easy to of Prato upon. Purchasers arc to dating Siutu j oin Minc in cube fori a lion they will this week. _ if Over All x i , fell r. In ii g Uii Dor Sui Ibl a i i. A if .r.u. Kit. Calf Ano , will a attn Tiku notice of Lilia ind if Ulicy j Jacob fort Ava Ync. Hid. Oct. J. Jail a 0 cheaper than Ever Ash to anew Wrenn Parod to put Pulcer flu. Soltel Rcd. Rondii. Much flu Dpi a limn h Lias done before. . I contract for fill Fil it in their Inu Cit to cull mid lexus Litu tic min at 1, i Apfl it to new l. Fay s Patent Fri a. Ftp Lortt assortment of s Tail f Irmi if Jpn a i la Irtie scr Pink t no. Fit sir fort it Wolf Erin ill Rota of Hiir Tiitu. It .11 prevent Lair Imler from full if ill it Talir Tilv Lii Ali Nill a Miurca ill color Oil l Imler o imm uni ill. in nil Holt Llin will Itile liner a Cru Lii Ali atm ill will Cir Zintl Dix Lafof i Mill in will n tint by Boft and to i it Luu no mip Cri to. In Iii thin tru no to Row to lib trill a door to Sci if Iii Iii h. 11kanuuii-t great National Ito mitc Liui Unior Ohio Railroad. Improved schedule by recent import Iii now Bulotti inc Iluigi s for Una land nil in Vork in the with tin suit i by Len Uitti Olov Cliitis lid Pitu Central and mail Cincin Liuji with tin nor skin rat. Watt and South to thro Iirth Tinaci a to or from i la in Lii. Now York or Hon Tonii Tho of Over at in of cellos. Tito vis rain till ice or to Viiu. New or Liy Jin Yolch rim ill. Chin. On nil Nielli to tits. I. Gun l Wal Iii Lyrl Larrr Olio. -.w. P. Ski Iii of bail Tiburc my. I Icli Atli Iii. Out of the fire a Waif Mcclaren s a so in open it Liny . Iritz Llie isl i Nitt Hillock Corners Hoilen nil i Lorr Marc Len. july -1j cd. Mtg Dye House Behoved As Nek Zuan Linn rom Oval Lottie North Liec Neinl n Tref Elfi Omert Urc cry who Che will Walton Piil Ilir. Ily Ihk am a try done Stirli us , Giitl chitin h coat nil dyed or Futi Olicia in the Iti Imi and h l irks Ilner in ill coils. On Klith Jive dlrcftc.1 to or. K. i7lh . I Yeai and Good tub ai1b invited to o. A. A key s new Stock of l Vinter goods found Hole Rand h Ever. Pic beat mid Lutes Tress Luttru Ibartt Vehuda Lumpy Domestic Calico to Etc., Etc. Full of strip of and fancy goods a Fine lot of yarn of Trio Best Tinneli in a cat Chip. Tiesu Goodie or nil u Fimi Nathl to by of i prior pm stand Imp ing Lii Imi bin Ikhil , will to 1 cheaper than at any other place. Groceries Etc a full and Good Stock. Call via Mitiff Quality you Wili save Money by Perchui no. No. Yaj Columbia str Iii cct4. Fil d if foot Indiana. Bucsku Simnor Jones Bibb a co., Ami steam engines Ash , circular Tiro for build ii Tgu t and by on in Colward. N org by inc voice of Rill who have Cre Rimrod 1 need nuyt Liitt on the tic mid the most Cir Cotil in in a in the Midi Cal i Ccordry to Jer do u with is full . Iii cum live to in relieving nil und timing to Ito who Tui to a Biclie Yoti nov i Ili Ible Tim i Acimo to . L n cured Naif a Miracle your own a my try your babe Troni Short and fretful to in uni and ii wet Hunt Iii a and the medical becomes it Luquin of Liutti Aidif to Jour old. In Why Norv nov Nuccil singe of o m an it l extends to entitling t3 to but clinker on tic Tuo Buek Lien by lii1ii null. U d to and from n. Yurie Ohton or Hittiii orc. Ord it my from any Point on Ohio. Ken hid imm , or Rull rond o Ali ice Omi la run in Orri Rutm la port on Tho Ohio with St us cry 10 tilt portion the North Marc Batik mid slip Pic Lleni Trina Iron Lirten of Llu or Llu or i n to to rely with Conli acc in Tonii Nult. test in in no. A h v aho.j.m.1 1 fire Marivie it.1 a Elm i n for the cot tin i Iligir Lyonl uni Istir Juliy 1 Hullit Tolj is Truy Mit Lilu of. Yorlli. Mil my kits u till Afcin fur Iwao. Of Illinois new York. Fort lil Tho if who Walt to tin Lifty w it no of it Imti Ali Tui Velcof us we latin Fillini Awny Litu Tif bit Soi. I have ass. i111ykhs your Sloma Cli in Kaw no and r finlly. Your food d you am Jou earn a Catulli and even of Tyml j1 my Hull ill until of iliac Nikki rep your con up i to i pcs he Boloni mid j ii in Jour gone cult in a comr a ruin 13 Kip annl of Nourr Blix tit your non Toni by Camhi Ihil Iby Anil Lair i Sitron of Voiter Lily be1 in. Then 1 Ollow n Tinl util out Curri in d 10 o to lilt he Tirril till to Hack i lube it Point a cart of thu. Bit Tinort we Nair Lliott Minila of Wom Vii tin 4ulfrriiif n Utu in it i i tilt Mill Loisil not. Kim Uitti titty. 1 Blini old Provci it. An of tits o Thun ii Pound of inuit Yogi Linic both unit Jjri-i.1 i ital Iotti mt.fily. it null it Dir injury of Lirlie Plou can get arid Iii Terr Terr pm Iorii. Ilk and Roll All Lett i Corshu h. It railway at St. Illljhi.ini-. Ton. Without Jyh Kak of for arrangement.1 on nil no try . ill Tosira vol Wii e3t the a. .11 Jilin Iii urn slate line la Trithart Mill i full Korr a a Ai a is ulna Rolf. 7ils a a Lino i a Ziuni .11, ii in i m. Tho mail train direct in with i Titi Liniai Luik tint at Toledo from tic a m. Krc Imbt train daily Csc Ratsun n so t Gui Anil Supi Lintn no ill s Mollico j Umo . L8go-.wiiiicr.arrankcracms. Jugl Sli Orl line Railroad via Lawin Coburg. To change of cars to Cincinnati. I to civic Iniel in Suva Mioc of ail Oiler Porsi Dut i c ill Licolli an Ricotta Gifu in pfc Dimoro and cite. Coluin till Ivy Funk. Morrow Wellington. Circle Wii i Siva Ohio . Second Arflin. La lit Clinin Titi for Newark uni Scavillo Clil Licolli Muri Titu Crofton it Guimont Anil City to the train a mkt i Osamu Lime nit it love other route out of fart Al to ill Trittin. T a tent Sloop Pinr Ofira this niutft., Para m by . Chill for your Tillei Qew Tho Lia Una c i Tignall Bull Road club cd. Taro Iirth. The Mufeh to Csc in tit a no Lii a Flat you in lib right train it Indian Nurt is. The Only Citi Cinnoti Truin run Dou the fifth tic South in Toto Union of pc to Xvi. Powkli., . Travelling aft. Trek fats t. H co the shoes and l a Jacobs s fur Eliot Lull invite la ll. s in x 1 xxx s. T o if Hli Litu . , Ripe Rrth. Wylli in Urli . It if la men s Chr Boot and Hoe maker 11 r Gnu we f for go Tiina hii.1 of in Ourn Liok Niji tit no from k Little for Luff i much Gutwill doll hliurto8t notice an.1 ill die la Flat to nil cftorti.10 to illicit a pub f. o of Nul w. m. E. Moehring u n d e11c e furnishing goods r and Jallade to Forl Wynn ii Aprilli Llo i let us and but Good clothes and sate or Titi e. 13.0 St i g a Columbia Street cd inn entire r or Fork ready made clothing goods april will . 3vii commission merchant

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