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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - April 16, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaApril in Drai Rii by it Jim Frisin Wlsh air he yet Doc enrol Itiba b Oiler Iho Uiti i Sis Tomari unil Virrinia. Would be Urot Noird by it vote for Hill for ulc Voiture by in Usu nil Inamay ii Cir by or. Tylie Simili to the until the whiles of to Law the Khz Jim hit h to put in Oner. To cello Kirli ii of Ilia i unit a Imdorf u that rest Plaw Lotry Idt uld of thu in Tuil Eina Irli Miltun lilo us Tom Iwvin Itie i Tir it u-4 la v it i it Tiu Altri with us. Rish Bof ugh Jay it ill fun chit i i ind Otill Hal have 1 shall no t in a flirt Utilla i Kent m of ill two Ali Tyml f nation. Lutill i the for atoll or pm t Tea in i i pm or y of i to arc. Fur of Mil i Noti Iskow them j Waltl Ihnut try Vodka Inch a if ranch Xuy in Noteru Suten. U Hick Irtel limit take nil. Willii to Lia Ltd us a Kiniry. Hurt i tit in wily Yii Itu Tea fat hum. Fri Hirisi than u la arc they form Many tha Muttai off Twarry in formed 111 All civil Ltd Koc Idy. Here to lira the he Liparit Nice till servants Val Ileal Jemid Nii l arc of in i in ten never i Xii him Tulliu criminal litre hut no far Niy Itacir vation liw gone Fiill bound to my that i few hrs Road of Lam Dihl rect have bal Mcd Wal Ara useful twp 1 a ileum nil tin in i far 1 know hiyntj7rtilhliil, and will my ready d., the Durw tharom Veun Erline Wilh the Mark Luiei n Street conversation to Ino re live a Poinc incline even to acid grow fill from their riot Sci and it lift re Lac a at Island 10 is Lien loud or of la i5 Conifer s refill n ast of thl 4 Lih ibid Jas i comp life Imd nearly the i brillar of the Rob Clit hns fallen. It was do mud Impre Gimli but Llic by in Eryb thu Union troops our Cali in every our Crim iry Waves . Over. of rely Eldont connected Unis cup litre if of Gen 1 iipi1 in crossing the Mississippi River in the Licu of the ene Uty j Ihui rear of i hair. Forces culling off their re Rel tid taking six thousand officers of rank. The Way to my Aphis is now forts on the River have yet to be and that cite Falls into or great it that Point and it is said a to Burn City before , we do not think thu will to carried into for men indeed be who can h urn la Weir Owtis Homes and in inc Iti cd thetic Lwis. Avo pc dict that on the Opp Ronch of Trio Union army hoist the stars Nind and claim and receive the government j Llinat our arms have been at i ills tire the great Batik of Ihu War has been Futi Ghl it with a prac Iccil Eye win Iio of atlatl King of neral to till Wilh his army Liis it Lireet twing to Cut Olf thu Torre of get i. Grin Llanil Ihei prepare l in Pijl to Mccoin plinth he Mart is army from. Us Oinui up a our Aroot if Landing but happily two divisions .1 can gut no Stii Nisito of Tom kilted and wound .11 . Some of our regi cents bad not above 150 or 200 left. Lien was wounded mid Cali lured during the first attack by the re owls Oil Sun Jay Vitor Ninaj. moment after the attack and displayed conspicuous bravery in rally ing and leading his lie had just Gallant charge at thu ii Tuoi inuit it thousand were repulsed and driven headlong Guti. I Remidis received a and was Kiik-d., in fore lie enc in were lie a not by ii a turd from 1 am informal Sirrs liable Lui Bority direct tic. Rebel i list to or join i Niit Una Iofel vim Liall vote High a hit in i to Volt Hunt have Minim h re within Lili Lucula. he Lias Iho warmest sympathy of huh Btl Hrcan. We Alro notice 1c Liaf. Gro pc and Rcv. J. Ii. Plumath. . A Laid. Present. There will generally be we Rico air Cali of Ihu . Clair Cheri to inn new ii orning or View pet if at Kerry so Frei clip Rich Alul 8 o clock. All arc m. Lam North ind. inference met and. Waa. Called to Burdor by o clock us. Lolk we the wan opened by Llic after _ which tha Ryll of inem Bint Gnu by Tuv. In in Arne of fit the Mitun. His. I of thai wait thu Cleil Swierc Paryj and itch. U. Siwl Linan nmn Tant. Her liar Man waa. and to stunt i Liu Rule Sofhio a win were for la of lakh in min Mars from Solhei Warp Intro Ducco the avs. A Jiei Iii if u. Hul Thihon and x. Wenj slew Ned. Scro a com Meltc on a Tiv i. I to Nair Hurt and Ito Hinion were appoint Ati iou. A. 1 Wright. V. A. Sate. . W .it.-Kdiiwumhin. thin Bias Dulc tar a. J. Whlor 15. I rat Hui. I. Mid .1. Lolu Tiuliu a on Ihu Ihlo a . It ii j. 1. Lilloll Riti h. Toby and t. Sit Ippu Inlet a Tim Mulett on Iho tact Tho All o Jib be of. Or. S to thru that would l How Tiu ii of to Boito Ali uitts Llo l if Gen. Ancira of Iree arrive to to p is and vac on sri a a to till. A main a inc Fiji cd in Titt anti m , after inc ecu a Werc routed and Rel Reald Hick i up Rucj by the spirits Ove Ulm in waved the proudest and noblest inner Iho Worl i Ever Sunn Diml Emblem j of Ihu american Tims Ihu War and is closed and Llic Onward tread of Liliu vol lint warriors of tie West Ureil has Inlet Milf morning to leave it ginned on Alroid and in company with Umil will sort i him ugh rat no of m will Thini Diering Al Lam of new Uritam Wlsh ii Iliili Tom but it morn the in lid Tel Iii thu hit n of Pence will Rise in timid lilo and nys the Elui Tufi that my Darken out Illonal horror Jinx to he inn bit Ihu Rodly War Novier Samll be no tic Al Kiln of Iii 1 the a Lustful Utvik it Atli Cerii in an t of tie Der Iii the Iii lit resumed the com n Ujj ii tip our Fortes at. And coins Leibly surprising ilk in. The Only it Indus in unit a rouf did Iii ensue it Unce. Lur men were Loo Well tried Huwe Vrr to ii Iii be Jutt tic ii tin Llic most Fern Rita did they Delirod in the of order Gen. Lluri but. Whose division was hindu hims if the main or unti which tie for Tivinis of the lie Cual with Llie ii rust Ami the keenest in i to him As i am inv credit of our broken columns a lion defeat Zimni Gitlit Llo support i i Prentiss. And Sherman divisions when they were on Tho Point Obrea think Lind held us in the entire Forenoon. My his Likely Aei Iori the can try was Saveu and tie Fortune of the. Day turned in our Ivor Al s. Johnston was killed on the morn ing of Tho Liliu no tick or his Immiti in forces finder Tel son Muiir Liblit anal Slie Ninn under whim conic and placed thu Disir Liuti of Gen j it Nitiss Al Rejmer Jurist met enemy s left Luln. Lii in Lulu it this Point was perfectly Ter a talc. Thir file Csaji Prucino Itald the Neiny Avalanche. They Uii Hraf men Ditc Neinl a to Crown ilium with glorious Victory or Dii Oil the a Lelia when they twiet Liliu enemy fas i to once ii was with wild i urn which Piip a love the of ii Hatm and in lilo of no Skerry. In Iwayo f men could Hiiva wills Good the Herat Rel tort a Rolf and lied in disorder. Kirov i to Ratley them and j eur Tiu Roxy inv sing of the Rosy. Wine. Hand hip tin few Cucui in Iriti till us Musli is in your eyes. Uii t to int Niv of the it to univ h w rth film and us Timnit Lus he via Iii d wings. And Tiu in butty. If nil could drink Tri ii the a Iii Fiji Clear. Of Llie a major general in Lack for the Fig null Alt Tity and mice a Towt Tito All the military Ina uhis depart Hent and fur the spirit and courage Nimni Fusu a by the Nimy under his Iii scr every hardship and Agni in a Ciery Odds in attacking punting de staying the found. Ring this nation by Llie Arm of its. From the i errors of treat Uii my lie could be third that the of Iho Ocipa Hinnent riven to Sun. Cui Iii and Higi a n kind Kol diera in their Eom Ninny gallantry it thu bloody Battle Atli. V the ibllowing1 Lis Patch Frd Iii no of dicer on in i Grattet d stuff co Taihi d the first nors re lived in third City last of the terrible in Pius Biira. Tuii Lessee nver Jhc try april18 f to mrs. A. S. Bauer we inv j wot the orca test and hardest contested Baths car on thu continent Ilc and Well. A. B. A. Later tits patches from Gen. Ilal Leck fat is. Mis to War department at Washington and from our special Hairic Usu the Adill Toimi information that the Battle Ufir Rcd to by a astr might it l it Surg in sunday. Wilh n Force advanced from huh Intro sch a coils at car Inch and not need Grout on Sun Itzy morning it Rizui Birg hoping to Tamaju Iyih lie Fedt my or nil bulb re it was Reinfo Recti by Unertl. Our to roots fell Hack hindi a the fierce Lus Sylthe first attack but at thin Oil incl moment i Tull arrived with n division of his command and Oen. Lew. Wallace inc Reserve. This changed the tide of Battle. The Weie a pulsed with great loss and driven Hack to their entrench metals Trio Ali Patch from Tho War men Sayson. Orant was following tip the Victory by Pursuit of the fulfil would be Conn lastly arriving to Aid him now that k Junction had Hoed Ettli the Advance find we sue no reason to Doub t Llinat Lei regard Wil now be attacked in his position at Corinth and with a for different result from that which tended Hilf aggressive More men i on Wilh sides reported to u try can it when tic tact w Bort in that upon the Nult of that Battle the re been Lud by t Cir most Kuc cupful and popular Leader hazarded the for lures of in the i Al one o clock Yeal Crusy morning the West thence by rail to their Itric pouring immense bodies of troops on1 to the Peninsula. Almost their entire i is now supposed to Oscr Tiina the cosh mind of on Johnston and to stir line of extends from the York River the Kwh v to to obtain cd by a up cedi dash at hic Mon by Way of Yorktown chem to no longer a path to capital must Petit through their Arne. This is to dirtiest contested Battle orb c War Irtle Bailit. In throwing the rebels tins la s adva Tieu now occur pcs. Its North Ealure of military opera Toni Iii Yirgu Tiu swirl gift it Wilh startling mover Acou Ltd the first duty of Goy Crit Husnu is to pcs i nutty of rights duties and he Laws thit primary Reed by Altai publican journal the naw York. and Berthier of apiu.lwl., arc men held prisoners of Stanlo who the forts to destroy it have a crts had half Tow Brycc that Ukwu of wind eur Tfail-., lips. A they Are Puu when a Irelta it Joet. Tree it a duty the Gefei Vincnt o Rutt to1 itself to net with entire impartiality in t it Inland no. 10 i the to com. The a Wing of their Ball. L a Lidge and to major i iils Jcj Nril and Tuell and their fur cwt intr the glorious Irp unc of at i . Ctm. And Majur uni Ruml nil sol Liers for and displayed i Sig Neil k. It or Tui y of War. A in no Tho la Envoi Anil May n c live to Irish Lei millennium Oravill of the i id. Huuton s Hull cry was lost in the Eulern Ilond Chargo 10 cavort I a por Lioti Tau Quisler Paiml cram ii acid also acc Ivi Rcd. The in Lorn Imio Tuut was Olio Iii of Ihu enemy. Ojill i Tho Nutu Noou re hut in All Hori ii cuss it must str Hie Only iary readers Virtu a if or. High null Gionco. Falling into Stich of Bogie a Jim a propose ten Lii Chi we Are the general Tenor of on wed Nulacy Ami still Nero pc Slordal show to is disposed to a Largo Woiter Clicc Fol to inc fuel that he generally no Stoa Clio the disc Ilion and decision of in hic Niue Tim with a rare degree of enlightenment and if he has failed in this matter to illustrate the usual perspicacity of his judgment it is ibid one w i in Ansu Cring loth _ therefore lib , ibis ipod go has list a its Vul in Ouile Fric Multi m i Clowd Ivi Onil and parents an in Ell cent and Atje Pinnau thai Whua to in common Wil Ilia comm Init deplore to will our Ottris Clitoris i Ibe memory of Nur dec Csc Itti Oti and fullow1, in of. Ten Puranch fid Llic uni nolo of Auch to inv he. --1 that further Lokun of r incl for lilo Licce Aktyl Llma Ihu Hull Law clod Oil in Llma the Wear la usual Law lbs for thirty Days. That a ropy of these Reso Lintio lie font to tic re Lumives of Ihu deceased unil i Only the Chihta the thesis to undertook to Ion by Tho a , 0 b whim web committee Mcl Touy. I a him Mitula a Sec y. Hollins1 am a Iwen capture and will per Haw try its prowess Bullin against new Orleans the place when it n . Fair the election in Cincinnati has Rchull in the Success of us unconditional us too incl by a stall minority. Mid the government. Tluck nol hid Filc Wilri will nol Huva thu i ital to him fur Thi a int till u tin Oil us to o army Andrews Cyl Wilh Tutu Ord Agai tul him placing him i Iii n Par in films his to Lucli is in Rcd a Trivo to up old him add not Igno itly fur Len y n firt of Iho com shiners by a i Orcsi Datil and rep it upon the of a Hll Cail general Are ency slip Litls it Lohli their the nays i he no Kordiuk to Isth recoil fur Inorg or at which Siiro up no by Wal and in Nong Tho wan one Tii Ulrch ice. Ont Rcd by Oun Viil Kivin ont and in of Toter wait a tin1 a Ominik it was in id pity and Iii ii of in ten Tuil by Crim Ere wan no mom to. Store it it Iview sent. Tim com Mission allowed Likio half of Llic claim for rent of a Pirec by Iii Iho ii ii nil Frein tit ii head pm of. Hired at i in Luibil Elliut Lam of Iii Ennid d dealings in Coal out of 0 tilt am and Gnu jul sort inc Titi in m Ith fraud. 0. L. Californian Ami ,1. Gun largely As the in Buti Pecaj curly favored by Jenert Earl new cd in Advance Furson intr Nch for i girls. 01 Trio nun me pc Dally Intuit by general Fremont and Tho Uomini Stoi Edu tej Froid Liis of Price i card attacked Treasury in front Linn d in Juglal Bill Lor forage Usu Ytit in general 1 and Eiliv a Luil the Lud Lii a Cloud of smoke. Tii Iii was inc and Bivito Ingol Ilia ii tiny ii Kuhs and Trio jump Antii heavy ii Ort Clr a lowly Duard Rcd it Only to tailed Lam de spin to which Oen. Fran Flunde to Yudil Pleie the Victory. This the dec litre oium lib 1 am nut now familiar with to Tiu Stull in com Maud it diff Ercill jk.ik-, it Ltd took the Towl. With n firm top they ail Vinced into inc fillus Wietry and or Tillery Lyril Llma u u Lex Mixom i pc Plo of the United that it i acc Lily a we Mhusk in the tar Oft Casotti i act vol promoter or and Toca of rebellion tool Ratch him closely or protect in set and trial. An we have Taitl. This treason it two Foh one polio so Lias perilous u t resident to Lichtly and a i Truclio of our polttto.1 fab Ric Wev big lore the War. Kin Wirt no in every Way. A to Uldric la fear cite buy Lianda and t t Twenty Ducj Reev of fico m untiring Lalman of Alfirta Volion to Votaw i Kincid Bounly promoting ipod City Merit Only Pru Motin by our fat tiers and h Liall have Licon read they Pelt of and Rondo Shah i to i l by our Jiin baath and Tho. Transportation of i Ojo k army Iho River created an. Alpha Antl Omega of Tho military 1-Sicon. Tin. Noel of the Rebal i Roosis had Houlih evac Natti e i Rilend and their Sborow before their surrender make their Cape to Tippo Millo and inc acc to Memphis by River. Not fur Oen. I Upo 6.uoo o Rhein including two 101 soc Rel. La old batteries and i line Cut it Antty of military stores. Al the Inland null ice Orris others several Gnu Smth Maui him ram Cannon Nin in and fell to . Kawile. Cuti or Chelun with inc most army rec gathered in Thini co Nuuanu and with nil artillery Proli Ahly later is of Vidns Way up the York and Ulch mond. We la july he will reach the Capitti pud Hern k " us Liik blow to the i pm. In Friday the main body of Megic Lynu in Arney instr Hail from old to within Pis of Voik Touti and at ten o clock Oil Mortt tits Watt in front to conomy i c Litton red bpm for new in ill order in which their Ivaa Aid an id Lily Pawl by Only in the in via a the True till oks the following u an retract from a Ted the -7th Ultimo so want w Oul. Of 10w, Ntf-., tent now Yolk Voli Intuni Fener Aljy Kiwon a41 Lue jew ital a a Slind Rock Menlai and the the slut of new York arc Pih Nuccil of the Redoval Union Flor tic Kumpu ii Attical Alth which Atway wire Tombre held which inculcate now in thit hour of a or namely the slates u the heat guar and the Caio o. M by Naf Cliuard of l t Liei i lie ii jul Cociu d i Clr Illy with Titi Fiill threw Ihu enemy dial through and la Weir ranks. Tuu Tho theml blow. The Feuu scat Erv Iland a promo Wiota Rel Rel left i in of Inch briny it Iho by Uchim. Wall aim and Tvett any joined Ihu Rvl rat. Hid in abort time Law whole Rall it my was it owl into Ihra , and driven a Dia orderly Rahbon Fern the i lilo hold. Tiu la old of i Wyllo pro Willton Wirry was Over. It extended of in u Niles in the of quart cart of n mile ill Width. Thelit i. Hughl Over Iwin i Halle nor by and Maiv Lima Iii Liliu of the Dilyn rent porn was Arma. It was covered Wilh mid wound etl. I Lay thei talc real ecu runs Ait Mug the countries of the Irish. In Wilt us and Iho artillery had tit in Cut jct me Anvi Rini rods of Bro Idiu Mii idled in wild with to led horses broken and All Ilu Iiara Vernalta of n Bat lie in he. W Here our men Hantl undo Ihor desperate lilo Fiji try Lay in some plan pcs they my received Iho i Vonel. n i to cider of Llesh and blood o a halite might have Wiuli Fuyii Jet As a Ulieru was not a or a sni Illif in that Whit Dipace a text was nol pc trod the nigh Wilh Catmint shot Ami Musket balls am if we inny Lillie to the accounts scarcely a Rod of in and on Lam live Mil which did not Honvo a fund or Woun Tittl a col. Miller of thu Missouri w. A prisoner and badly wonnje.1. Unpi. Oof roof the tame is in was Connerly f c Illinois. Purl mull by lbs arc killed. Tho the twentieth Illinois Cusk Ltd Illinois is killed . Anil cup Wayne of Iho Kami our Hiss in Ollins is very great but no re Little Dii Tuik yet Reed incl. Reported dead yet. Alive and May recover. A portion of his Fiscu Iva. Carried away by the shot which Slick him Pir Luul cot isolation in behalf of nil who or Mittl Inlo ally Cllon he Lam own i Iii Roi pm under Jen. Eng Nidre. Help Ivill a of swi Hiton and civil War a did Utica fur Coundon o Tho wet it they May Spoo Dily Law Ion of Imi Mony and Unity Are Verj Strong and Ara Ilyf chided by Ider Jen. Magr it Hicl Battery. Or tid Hurt Tail Ilia o whereof i have Here nolo sol my cud ill Al a Tell of the United san los u mar Biniac ally Llyod Liy a rib to of lit met i it cry Are Mccool Lii a military Ca Vity. They Aco in Mitch co it Noil acid Tai Loki has take i Man evidence of his paid cacti and of Usu 8 by 10 a hic in Utu oui try whose circulation school dial Rich air Alua link hint for min lint he did it Rush raw half a roid to in Ella to Timve Thrisi that1 a of Hull Kun Milit to Una Silty they i arb a a Thriff 5 will ii on Law Alki iced and they will Arhat cd that Lwy Ever Traduce win a done utahn City Nwa Hinsum Teliin Lolli Lay of april in the year of our lord 13w. Siri cd Allilla Iwaji i inv iu.n-. 11. Ska ii Sag of stale. . I let if u n of err Mac. Rili f in her c o to Jill la Llma r olt Liera Kirillin Al Iii Shoal and lug a col Sttne out on monday add were lying at. Craney Uland. The Iio Uso yen Cray plumed the lax at Sci tit to nearly every amendment made 11 Eum Mizee of he whole. T ring Lair h prop option to lax negro again voted Down by a decisive Tea Jority. The Senate will i of canal Terr the Bill acid a May. Fora Brief interregnum in Tho Irto Juc Aaion Shux far occupied of Hal the 10 tha latest Recd Vad of the Lattle at Fri Luht. La thou Kwh 0.000 in killed at Fath o slip Tuii ii nut Liy Munler fully covering the killed. The Lintol i Flut the Laureit hate lieu taken in i Wutt a. All of her i Lidow the w it Coli Pil Lral id tic lid nurses Guys l Ilii Luik if plat Milan my to i for hut Nmair ten Ireat her Slio Intili ilkianlvrn.1. . Urn i few Daya Lioata Laiu of tins wounded will or Ive on thu Ohio. U u diluent it to Sci that tic great t Luct of ibid Victory and Attiat of ii did no. 10 upon thu rebellion. We do no Giro wide of Slio Imarion in Llie Mem Telon vol scr a lure . Luski Rollic Foice under bin Wii him i coring a come loll to. Re Cruz us Forn uric in Rod to ill Bis Regii Lynu b my Al. Tiding his to Clu rations Wei i Ilc so id to lie ii Nant colonel an Job re Richir Unity Accord f tit the of that Olicer that of the Uniti a Sonles Cru in Tho id hut to Al their humid Ami Tomt lie to Cuiry out Sui Gnu suitts As they sex him to Curry out without regard to tie cd Tnp Northu colonel Andrews him hint red Lape Ica itt system Iii ils do ills Law carried too fur by a a Tiu Al Hwal was Wise and Good he undertook to Al a Side its principles in Oxild became untangled . Of Uncrut Krimont replied Liy his former a milk Ami Suying we have Only civil Rikhus so to ill or j Wendell Rhi tips. And into to their fanatic Inary Viia fill rules Iverc to in set Tia Iurco Touk the Lilc and raised the howl Oiler of Unione Schabla intr grit j i fur As to make it Tho sul inject is pitied Liliu general Fremont by a committee o the Legisla a Cher by such Means and it Sec Mac Safe t Tacl can stand in the indomitable Energy. An Advance on Memphis on the Lino the great ill Leor lat Law which Are o to Uia Charl Stoll Lui Road. Seems to to the Nix Tho have been Muk great Ondri about slavery Wirig allowed it t base Ohio and severely be Naurek colonel Campbell and it Thyi with per Mittie Ali o Ethel prisoners to hold their serv thus acc Ftp stains the relation of master und slave. Law report Glrst started we i caches us to lesson and wit anti this con havoc otlans additional this morning delusion pc serves no formed of. Tho Jan. Mcclunn it command before York in. To Law a he for ill purpose of exciting of us follow Sra Al their hearing. Win foul that there a Cresoe coloured prisoners at Camp rinse a Ikon Ai it. ,1 pc i in Ihu sumo in Clostine with in twin. To publish thu follow ing film ibis Colum Hita Cleveland i lain dealer. He says ice lust with col. Ihu Foy military Cut red Piipo always Loit with their swords and Futory Provis hat the Throat of Trio country Millers As much is Iho dues tin Xii ii at a Diciur of the Uhn Puin of Iho g7th Olio died vim inter March several Indira from Ohio reached Here last As Wii Vos Toor sick in liw bos Lintl. Their pcs Senczi wih Imi a Rich and glad Ino ii being to aur wounded i ways slay heaven Liless them is the prayer of every in Ruvo heart. In to Isiline the Hospital to Day t met a Man Hoil four will Lirles in him his one in his Nam Trio third through left Nhoi Ilder and the fourth Cut away part of his them was an air of cheerfulness a tout him and he talked of his injuries of very Little consequence. He said that Trio Rob Els would have to do bettor next time or they i hid l int u who was in command of the nip Liun d into Ohio and no , thu whole a ridiculous farce.1 cot. Moody says inc same anti slavery living the Best would i Avo him on the fled. That to had fired five times after he was inn bin t Stanil up he to Enid that to and come usual fat and if necessary to die in Tho cause of sacred Freedom. Ino Aitt of Corn i Loci statement a Ortli there wort nippers at the Camp who wore taken at to Tiew while taking Llic place of soldiers til Cim Kinin Lamins and grooming horses so thai their while masters could Light us. We thei Liis was voluntary or not is not yet Ilc Cidot they jew taken As prisoners of War with White and some of then Etc Iuston Nelly met in prison Tho very men we were once their pasient and from Hibl Oley them when ordered yet the relation o master and not and has nol been re coguizou1 for a moment nor slut cry introduced into oho by or. Lincoln or to. When Iho held a in Daniker Como up like a Rebou and Hiaring Down All oppo Shion. To Wiki Witul. Ive Iho held Hack until Trio newest pity town except that on tuesday evening cry thing was and Battle not expected for a Day or Ive lilo Day. Iceni Iki Civ Uriu Usu j i urgent they almost always turn the scale. Tut a Billle Lio Alti and water in tha Tow Koniw formed their rate Raili the. Vic unit win cd mainly form the Staple of la Riario in third line and so arranged in to the first and second Lim. The Broslat. J i wet news. Nil and lit retrieve the fortunes j Russ cell of the left yes Torda the Battle when these fell Back upon their j for Europe. To will carry with him Jontell Otec Tion. _. Gunco of i dear this Banner with you old. Incl cart Way Liol a rat disarm do Tenn a title will i Kerala Etc tiry mul Yuuko in a Pally to who Low and Thane win i Liis unnatural we n dirt in hear of to Ltd lion Miou iad it. Law in Oon Init the a Vatish Diaff Ilof who Vicil Yolk Day Al hut i catch Home Hohu. Ima in ill. Paal Ltd Merat a Tiki returned to a Collik in Tho quiet of by Home from la in Kittaka which him fatally crw Siwl Funeral u to take place at Cook Raburn on. 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The spoils our Nrma Atli Latzl to nun1 up an i major la no 3 Hurij Jadico Ocner its 10 col d no won the in lilo after it had of his Dur Citory aute Menta men once Wolfi Ciu ally loss said thu Ina i ily of the Vader Al government apr Leon. The Lallu w it is but Cmaj at the Katf said , to tiny util his watch j there w Lime enough Loi win Tuk la. The i its Sims Al Waterloo were. On s Cfaft Octiva awl and cont Inifi lol Reveira of the Onde Iii us in Joraand Costa ii g4 Yeii enam p4 second Muten a for ,8 regiments. Stated of or nil of Worth of prov wont 1" horses and Tulea. a. The ret menu of Tho rebel army Ara s follows Fortieth Trinie Wec 4qa web h Ali Arkansas 3d a Kauaka Ofner Orlins. Uhrik reserved just at the right moment and in Iho Ciuc Cutis place. 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