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Dawsons Fort Wayne Daily Times (Newspaper) - December 22, 1859, Fort Wayne, Indiana Gail Chun Bank note list. Daily at tilt thursday eve exit do. 22, lts9. S33sis5peb. Toledo and Western a ii a. I sunday sur loth. Trains depart on the several Llu always at to fed Wayne station As follows. Cuiyu West. Is a. M. P. Hunu Kast. State Ohio All Stock secured Thiu stale of a Jiana Bank of the state of Indiana Kree Banks of Indiana in Good credit Canada Lianas Michigan u Eck moans new 4t new Doersc a Cim Sylvam 1 elect him. Wien Cobb could show this i is e d o a l then it would be time for the opposition to con j skier the proposition. Notice. To invalids freight trains run daily Eracli a. In. 12 10 a m. Pittsburgh fort Wayne Chicago r. S. I rom mud after sunday loth nov. Ooi Aea i. Arrive leave a. M. Mail train 1 m Goilo West. Through express arrive leave n. In. Mail train m. O to Tho lutheran festival to Morrow Naglit at the fall. Those owing this Bulice Are expected to pay some time. Who takes the hint let All take it printers Cunt live on or mics. Those who have owed us for six years Are specially Dunne. Do. 3. A Vardaman will be at tic Mayer Blouse Ion next saturday. Lung diseases treated. Kurtz on Columbia Street just East onto Wiley Block Lhasa line lot of Poul try oysters and provisions. His oysters Are of the Best from Baltimore fresh j ust three Days from that City he Sells by Case can and half can. Slevc Andy a trial. Holiday presents. The holidays Are approaching. Giving f its at such seasons is a delicate Way of Mani festing kind feeling and tender regard whether it is Little or much , it is always acceptable. Remember your kind pastor or your affection ate Mother or or your and Niaki their hearts rejoice by of some to Ken . 5. K Morgan advertises goods suitable for Holiday presents. To and secure something to make yourself and around you Happy. Go lutheran festival to Morrow i new York Exchange buying old Selling rate buying Nisho s o clock. Washington ill a. 21." Jive pc ii u is i a is , asthma and goitre or that democrats show thai Jih Iek neck. The can be consulted at ail hours they to 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 Wisconsin i Loway currency 1 to 2 p c Dis new Dils wholesale retail Salt Christmas entertainment Kris a Iii d cd and Santa clans will hold to Weir first Soiree in fort Wayne on Kux tag december 2.- a 1850, under the of the Judies connected with the King wish Lut Lichih Church of this City. The Erin Wiigs entertainment will lie of a charac Ter entirely new in this City will represent Olden times. Olaus will appear in full the close of the utile train will in Ikea la of lofts to All the children present. The Christi Bias tree will illuminated with i i , thus forming Vire the elegantly Dee Orai Eil Hall one of them is Ever offered in Lori avayne.-, songs among Lii of is a Christmas Carol com posed in the Willott Subj a and a hand music will be in confection avy fancy toys will tie Offei de for Sale at. Rimaso Nahle prices. Tha exp pcs of "this1 festival Are very great an admittance fee of Twenty five cents will be charged children will receive a free gift from the Chris Dias Trees. Doors open at u 1. M. Illuminations from 8 to .10. Port wine Pec. Kith 50. Dot 7 allowed on Lime deposits he agric Ermus Bank. Fri its wooded w a re butter Egga seeds agent Fos it Pont Hazard s i us nut ache t4lvtn plaid and figured French Merines Ujj ill off s. Hoop a flirts. Largest assortment of new style hoop a skirts Ever offered in this Market at about one half for Jer prices this Day opened and Tai wait Abbott. Sept. 2sth 59 i10misv. Just received and for Sale at j7 Columbia Street Henry Dils. Eli Aines Cashmere k a pieces new style d Olninck and Cashmere lied Lille Black and Brown grounds the most. Elegant dress goods Ever sold in this Market this Day opened at got lot la 59. Kegs half kegs or. Kegs Cani slurs a n d commission merchant. The Public in general an i Cox try ii irl City arc particular a y invited to cull and examine my Stock of goods which arc entirely new acid per has cd with great care to suit the Trade 37 St fort Wayne nov. 17th 59. Def or Davidson said he saw no be for the indulgence in Haise language and certainly had no desire to Hurt the feelings of any lie liked to have Freedom of speech for Tiuis Cluj and therefore would never trespass on that right i As applied to others. It was a grave error to say thai the South wants to Force slavery into the territories. All they asked and what they arc determined to have is that their rights be pro eucled in the territories of the country. Lie be National democracy. If troubles Xii in a party Tat them be settled he in Ide of the organization lie was willing to let in Gones be by Gones. Bile lie wanted the House organized he would Iver consent to do it by the election of a Man those Mantle is stained in Bloomil spilt in sedition. In never believed in the doctrines of recession my did not believe in it now but when a people Cere aggrieved their rights trampled upon Wilh Tut redress there was no other remedy. It was in longer for the politicians sent Here to mum facture Public opinion to talk about this grievous. It was the whole Southern heart which up with one voice to say Slop go no Arther. You have passed the Rubicon. You Tinct stun Are or the objects for which he confederation was formed must cease. Lie would say gentleman that unless such raids As those of John lir own be stopped Here will be War Between the North and South lie argued that the republicans were Herc As a Larty to strike Down the rights of the Southern states. A read from the compendium of Helper Zisook to show that it ii i vises that the ones Iris , must be disposed of and absolutely abolished As tie True policy of Tho South. In View of this kind of sentiment did not John Brown believe that or. Sherman and stand by him it to be expected that his cons it inti and Llu state of Louisiana would consent that this Union should be govern a by a party which slaves to in the South and commit murder v he charged that the representatives of the North who advised this hot had face us a decent Community either to endorse a say the teaching of Helper s Luok. J Washington dec. 20. The Republican senatorial caucus id Day assigned or. Summer to. The. Committee on foreign relations. At the adjourned meeting of the americans Hev to night a to Confer with National american and National committee up m the b course to be pin sued in the coming presidential contest. The Fol lowing gentleman compose the j. .1. K. Y. J if. Harris of m. Conrad of la. R. Rockwell of Jonn Jeremiah . Cd tcnu., j. A c. K. R Jewett of n. A. Josl Sauil ill of a Mil k. Triin. The War department received a letter Yoster Abbott s. Liick cts dated dec. , which contradicts Llu reports. re Ard . Trouble there no of by to meditated att fuck and the Captain thinks the Hoij All air been much he refers of the Dillich to to a failing out Between parties concerning Iri Vale affairs. Will Yott vote for your Caudita a in a Vertain Cuni Ingi nay. . Vote will elect him oct scr Here ruse and was listened to with naked attention. He his name a fore tar ilyus but nil through any act of his. In did not aspire in the speaker s chair he be ired to express his grateful Tackno Ali dig mints friends who had Stii Ixl by him and Asp those from whom he Here Tuure lie withdrew from the contest to name a gentle Nan who he was sure would be acceptable to both meant the conservative portion id the Louse who Battle or the Constitution and to per Etil Fiorin the angry surges produced by the in resistant course if those who Call themselves republicans. He nominated Milson of Virginia rus in a he would receive the support of to Bise who were not Only conservative in name but in conduct. Applause and crisis of ballot. Trust the object of Harmony is accomplished and since it seems that the organization can nov be effected i am done. Much anxiety manifested to Vole. Clark of new York Rose and said he proposed to address to e House directly on question of organization while he did not expect to show How an organization could be effected he thought what he would say would show How an Organiza could not be effected. You can bring about an Organiza Tion i Hope you will do it. Clark resigning said he had been called anti Lecompton Man and Somei Iines accused of built Cenary bargaining for the of votes or. As to this pit Lis hed slander on bin Rand Iris j brother mercenaries he had Long Point of political desperation when nothing said or written by living Man could in slightest degree influence his action in of the House or any other action while he. Claimed Ihu right to Peak fur himself he utterly disclaimed the right or trios who were acting with him in defending is position. Holding no allegiance to any Man or organization he was free As the hag that waved our the capital. Ife Hodopp Sih Hocock because he was the candidate of the administration. Said some members had voted for him without the slightest solicitation on his contrary to his wishes. Lie complimented Mill son As a Patriot and statesman and capable of discharging the duties of speaker. 17th number of votes 220 necessary to a Choice 11-1. Sherman 100 Mill son Gilmer in Etc Ridge 7 Davis of hid., 4 7. Winslow desired one Liiv vote and if no elec Tion he intended to Oiler Resolution that from and after to Ilay and , As members might , no further vote fur speaker should be taken till the file . Burnett said the reason Why he appealed to a Thridge vote for he Antcil to a seethe South United which would do much to rebuke the endorsers of Helper s Book. Ethic Edge ignored All political and geographical l Niu i and All f inf of the above diseases Simnitt Shemsi lives in the various climates i our inuit can be cured in. Rhu i Sivi to very Fuy. Iti. I Mior Only re Iuliu in this Placa until he n his present pc vests Iii tvo Iti a slut. I Limber also treats the various classes of in utile in the must successful manner. Consultation Tver of i i. Live 1 ill Isi j Del. We Are now Selling Malibu s celebrated oysters no. 1 at cents per half cans. 1 he h. M. Marsele Cuil Oyster at -10 cts per half so whole these oysters Are warranted Tobe unsurpassed in any in the Narket. Williams a Liee. St 1rvj if having Given we the Agency of the Wheeler Wilson sewing machines i will sell out the to last at Coal and transportation. C. Orff. V Fiske Missor Lmont parlor stores dining idiom stoves Box stoves looking lives Ai u a. Moog ass s. Oct. Fifth master v pure and War Anta. Article v. S a St by Henry oils. Bessels. 3 a Jar and in Grain Oil j hugs hemp carpets at l rep s. . Oakley also dressed Ash. And Poplar a Gool assortment constantly on hand. Custom work dime with promptness and tray to give satisfy fiction. . , shop North Side of the canal East Ftp City Mills. Fort Wayne o of commissioner s Sale. Tip ilk. Undersigned commissioner appointed for Al that purpose by the does Hei Eliv Iriye notice that in Puj Suai ice of an order of said court heretofore made at door in Allen county Indiana hours of one and Fiir. Of clock 1. M. Of the 24tli Day of december 185u is Cuhlic auction and outcry he will expose simple of the following real estate Viz Section to Runty Sil 2c 1 of ship number Twenty nine 23 North Range fifteen 16 East in said county and will Ilii a and there highest and Best bidder Bell i lie same la Isth ii two thirds the appraised Valoni thereof for each. Ordered be sold by said court in a certain therein in which George Marsh in and Frances Gilliland it at Are Defond ams. We. Fleming till. Dilt commissioner. Washington dec 21 Senath. On opera flannels due red drab and Salmon Plain and figured May be found at full Stock of family groceries at of of s White quilts. New boarding House Clinton House to. 45 main Street fort Wayne. Mills House has been entirely adapted to its a present re listed Anil re arranged. It to Carness Back of the state Tost office Telegraph office express office. County offices office a. Ilami Iton to s Bank gives in Peculiar advantages for those boarding at. It. Very pleasant rooms for two Small families another for a club of about four Young gentlemen who wish a setting room and fire to them selves May be had and general accommodations for other boarders. The proprietor respectfully solicits it Good Shar of Good and respect Able patronage. Saml. So Wilts proprietor. Foh nov. 12th 60. Dam. A Nice Arti Cylc of smoked at by Henry Dils. quilts All sizes and i Quality mar be found at nov.-1st 5 _ Abbotts. Inns and tassels t or Duff s. I Iii Sij d the newest styles of in 1 acidic prints which Abbott s. , bindings and tassels for a Glens j at Razuks can always find j Merrimack Cuc Licco and arc warranted fast colors at kept. Will travelling sets. Kwh Stylc collars and sleeves this Day open Nav Sty de an 1 for Sale at sept. 20lh 1 r -000 ibs for Sale at 37 Columbia St. J b. I1en11v d11.s. J by. S bags All sizes Sale at 37 Colum Bias. By. Henry Dils. Fleecy lined Hose. Luiks misses and childrens s White Brown and coloured Fleecy lined Hose just received and for Sale by sept. 20t if. W. T. Abbott. Ladies and High neck jus t re Sci cd at Orff s dried pealed peaches. A splendid article just received it no. S3, confectionary establishment. Nov. 19, Huestis. E Doeskin just received at adopted ii Smrtic Trig Post folic e cd to , could not be no pitied. On s Rekolt Tiomi Vas adopted in to the practicability of adopting sonic More economical Way of wanning Public buildings of the govern out the country and of making appropriations for same liar Jird Congress Uliey relate Law Uii Istrati i of Justice ill criminal cases appeals and writs or to Supply vacancies in certain o seamen and amending the act Reguli iting Carriage passengers in steamships Ami other vessels. After act list executive session tie Senate adjourned. Cobb made a Good natured speech lie Nakeil the republicans if they Hail no Oiler member than Sherman to fill the not signed the endorsement of Helper s Book. He advised a Union of the democrats Amer icarus and conservatives. Gethri Ilbin reply to Cobb desired to know where the votes to elect a speaker on tie basis proposed by the latter vere to conic from. Ooh replied. We will get the democrats you americans come Over and help us and think can persuade others to do likewise. Al heritage said he and his Fri Earls had refused to entertain the proposition of going Over democrats unless they could show Llinat by going Over an election can be effected. It was demonstrated that the democrats cannot unite their votes on any one candidate. There mis not a Man on the democratic Side who can As claimed obtain ninety three votes a week ago. He said Tho opposition could put one of to Weir number Sihner lines and until Iju Rietl could rally . Farces he should not arraign him who was elect id in Defiance of that party. Olill spoke with much Energy and said he yielded the i Jurnett he did not expect him to stigmatize the organization to which he Hill belonged it s ii Lis Brablc Knour nothing party Here democratic part and Vith sentiments rather Peculiar and rather More Southern that those expressed by Burnett but he so help him god consent to destroy the Structure under which live merely be cause n Man with id Lotical principles should be elected he would wait overt act was before lie would1 consent to strike a he was a wan Rind no other. His remarks were App Dudoil. La Urnett and said if to bail Uscila to won ulke it Siirid he came Here with a View of Bre in Iii up the Republican and democratic parties the or Lains a better. New York dec 21. Tic Republican convention will be held Ati can lunch i he next. Lil a Charlestown tin 21. The military lie on saturday when Tallis fro and his stall and will j 3 so axe son have taken the South l half of s. C. A luaus cuiling on the Corner f a Iii and streets and Are on hand Riih a Cimic stuck of so Mekies provisions which we Are determined to sell As cheap at the for ready pay Only. Deal in g groceries of All kinds provisions Glass fish Salt Wood envy Are we have also Fine lot of fruits ivnits candies the highest Market Price paid in Cash for eggs and poultry we. Invite and the farriers through it the Eun Nuy to Call and examine our goods and i ice limit the Corner of and Cal store building. Old ods Delivan a in any part of tha Eity. Salt per 15bl. Robasco aside Tison. J cd. 2bth to. Dlf mini i largest Stock in the cite at torn s. the restoration of in i Niento will be tie occasion of a grand Jubilee. I received at the list pm but Shaunn written tour. Nov. Bleached cases of Inhofe celebrated soft Yard wide Feleai lied muslims at ski Illioff n Yard that always or found at. Abbots. Just Good store. Woodward oat. Ictus 59. In a position where the democrats could elect him. They could put one of their friends in a similar position that the opposition by going Over whether Stevens Ivill be tried in tic i United states court or Hunter unable to give any definite account of a the refusal of tar Dukj to Catir Lohe part Seoul. N o. Nov. In. Peaches Cun Felio nary Stahl ashment. Medical Copartnership. . Rilas. K. We. Ii. Mye Tif have themselves in the practice of a o i r r Medicine and surgery. Blenton Duncan acc y. Committee a pumped promptly to All Calls Inisi by Wanohi Tigon Neeling monday to con j or. Myers will Pav Sidcup an organization for uniting opposition to o surgical cases. Aist. National american Central a Ommittee at Amir ican House. Hon. Jacob Broom chairman administration consisting of a. Ii. Stuart n. Anthony Kennedy mo.-, Erastius Brooks n. Clanton Duncan by. Broom a. Com Mittee also appointed to prepare address Ain Cri Ca i people no other action decided on. Ses Hilly devoted to Bucuss on. Store. In main St nov. 8th 59. Chniel scarfs. A s Chonii-1 scarfs Worth is can b bought for at Abbott s. Sept. 20th 59

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