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Dawsons Fort Wayne Daily Times (Newspaper) - August 25, 1855, Fort Wayne, Indiana If or of Ladisic a Lailur Caius it. A Dawson editor. Ing to know All about the Louisville riots attached the whole flame to the americans in terms the most inflammatory. If such were their conclusions then As publicly express feed Wley need they rehearse the Story now to get the truths the fact that they make this Call shows one of two thing a that they either acted then without cause or they Are to hear the causes now seven Days after. And one would n attire Fly think that it would t matter much what reasons Wero Given now since their mind shaved Terni ined. If they hear and conclude to night then it proves that they acted from prejudice before. At All events say what one May the fort Wayne August 25 1855/ old like meet mgr Louisville �10x8. We announced yesterday As our paper was to press thai f. P. Randall was posted it req West of a Conte Foni old the hot on of the Lou if Oil riots As it was Given him by Yerom or Csc a the site Anil to Day we take up the matter again to but m re i i sex Lonso. In the Call i every j Public meeting there is presumed tub a Pierpo of and that purpose a j Are not disposed to let reason act and Only obey one one to elect some Public Good either the dictates of bad feeling and met to night of a party Rah Youh cd National commercial Only to get the Story better and to have their an or 1= Ieni Ifica Char Arler and As such Quot lawful animosities fanned ready to take such step As p Aci Abl Arn i i guarantied immunity vill p Duce the same scenes which they now a the , the Low is tender of its affect to deplore and which in every instance has r gets. Heieie of the Conin to Reiher of this Ben hastened by such demagogues As he who Cetin of Lif d i 3 not to met we have Nuth a to night meditates treason against the peace ing to by. By. Ii Jap Iid Ilie dts a of those i a a order of his native country and of this City who Are inter site in ill Tutini it up we Hove im-1 a a a strange that men will pursue such Steps a unit to 5 a. Tiie riot in Tju estion is a strange that in the face of the multiplicity Maimer a High to Quot a. An 1 us consequences direct Are Iii cd in the i Tui riot. To i divid a ils Tuilier end Iii is of no Coni Quence nor indeed have la it a Iii Power to i Visti ate in that wryly huh the , or intermediate guilty Ogint a y to known. It matters not to them who like first step in the matter the act has been con m tej and it is in the province of the Laic of k Niu by to investigate it and meet out that in Iii it Uhi ii is its penalty. The act is one Only in Viu latin of the penal Law of thai slate and it i. Cert Only not too much Toton cd t lat k nut. By Commonwealth is yet Vii Rous ii Sugii to eni Itie Thise Laws and her Zuffi ers people iniello gift enough to investigate crime Ard thereof. It is the province of the in to encute in of hear and determine of by i fences come Pitt a within a Given jurisdiction and it would seem a poor Ente priz to a to enquire into a matter when the mimics of enquiry Are limit the Power fully to enquire jurisdiction and alien determination which implies a remedy. Now All this to Kentucky and her people Are not interested in merely fio wive who committed tie first act in the . For that would Avail nothing but All her enquiries la i time try speaking Are to punish the offender net that a party May profit thereby nor that one Clas of newspapers May be Criminate and another a probated As they May perchance have been implicated pro or in. It some Lino a occurs that Public meetings Are held in a Given place to take the sense of the people on the course of an officer on the pro Prie a of some Public proceeding in the state Ichih. Or the direct Vijil Lucice of which is to materially ail act for Well or to their interests All in order to give either tone to Public sentiment or As Tii Only Means of determining the up Ilic mind but whoever heard of the of one state at a distance of two Hundred Miles amp ii r admitting ih2 fact of an outrage undertaking. On testimony which comes through second h a tvs and which would be rejected before a c. Art of Justice to fix the first Blois not on a wan in individual natural Bone and sinew and flesh and blood Man but on a Doss of men who hold certain political opinions and then having jumped at conclusions and without going Back to incipient causes attach the whole blame on those whose sympathies Are with that class the Union Over even though the most of them Are descendants of the patriots of the american revolution and whose blood is warmed into de Fen so when the sacred institutions bequeathed by their sires Are assailed f and this is the very course now being pursued by demagogues All Over. But in no place save one have we heard of meetings like this called yet the newspapers tend to the same end. The purpose is too transparent. The joined at All the late elections and in the canvass the Union Over is for i Nitim and romanism and old line ism is. 0 americanism and this is be is madly pressed by the former to exasperate the element of old li72�i.m, for ii ism and , and in their blindness to unite in a Phalanx against the latter. And now after the movers of that embittered feeling have witnessed the fruits of their diabolical conduct in the mangled forms and ruined Homes of their bigoted yet brutal victims they set about to attach the blame on americans because they would not Bear the insult and murder of ther countrymen in the Pursuit of their lawful avocations and in the Public streets of a it City. The fight has been against know Solhi Vii a and for no other purpose than continuing the foreign element and the influence of the papacy in this government with the old line party and so Strong is the love of party patronage and the desire for promotion and office that the records of the crimes of hell s victims Are searched to find shades of crimes the names of which our people s conduct Are compared to and the embittered feelings of its friends to charge on them for the exercise of a duty and privilege guaranteed by the supreme Law 01 the land. In this instance the Man who is to be the reciter of other men s a Simony is a politician whose influence is on the Wane and having by Chance heard the biased statement of other Man not under penalty to Tell the truth he okie this Means just on the eve of election to restore himself and carry that weight to the lately nominated ticket of this county which it Only fou ii = a the serried columns of bigots madmen and Poui ical zealots. On last saturday this same party held a co. Convention it ver which or. Randall part s r e and the re amp solutions there p issued were not Only of testimony published under oath from parties who knew from being present at the different Points of the immediate cause of the different assaults that men will pick up statements of irresponsible persons communications from irresponsible writers who had neither the Opportunity to know the fact.?, nor the moral Worth to utter them truth Quot ully if they had been there. The Teh Grai it ii oper8ti>r Al l Niville who pent the first re it dirt. Cind a to which every Aub Leq Umit disc Verv confirm is a Saiu d in the Milit Iru Lipit manner by Thorn and Toni he is Une of their Oion party an Mit and out old liner nil Oier. He is ii get Helit Ved because he Tuulo not a a ghz ii get Lilia amt Ricatti Llo Ink ii Naii enquirer is to re Cir de about it thai Bee also Ito thing was Laid at the of foreigners he Vtha Ihal it Fet ii the Dija he before it Vorih int. I end Iii it Vii old nut have d a id Initia of Iii to. Now this whirled Down Fimi by in in. 1 Liat la Quot ugly it tint known of ii Temli a that time in j Al would in to pre med that Trio first mid Havi a it pro to l t it Chargi d Oti taif it Pine Suttka so Toneli Ilion if it Hod been Char id ii the Tiu a Iea ithe would have pref Inird it True and published it att left Tho am rican paper to cruet to the errors i it of Liis Rah and one sided act. The Trutlin of the whole matter is without going Back to the mediator Cau a est the wretched and criminal conduct of demagogues lung weeks before by which these foreigners were instigated to the bloody Conni Mercein it every report about on the part of americana of a serious character at the polls in false and the first attack the whole Weitrel of unbiased testimony shows was a Nade from Uinn s Holle it the eighth Ward. A disturbance Origina Ted at a Distant be from the polls in every instance and on the part of foreigners. We q Lote the report of the City Council men who Are deserving some character or they would not hold those trusts and whose Al Alementi Are As much entitled to credit As the official conduct and statement of any men and certainly As much a those the gentlemen from whom or. Randall will recite his Story. But it a vill be said they Are know a nothings and Are biased but we reply they act under oath and statements to be made to Nyhl will come fro. 1 Sag Vic to and not in Dor Holb and hence who is the most reliable a it resolves itself into to is tha t the political men twin elite of a Man Are to determine whether to i creditable or not and that the Lof hate cents of prejudiced men Are to be taken As True before official statement a and before a ma�8 often Irno by taken under tiie penalty a Fitch a violation o the decalogue involves and the consign punishment which is written a Sinet Stich offenders a a a the Bani the Book of Kentucky. Let such demagogues go on and Tho hour will sooner come when these tragedies will Bechini Numero Iii and the american sentiment of thir glorious Republic be compelled to assert its supremacy at the expense of blood and one of two thin a will occur either must Rule America Quot or the priceless heritage of departed sires and Sage sur Ronde de to that Power which has Ever been be along of it and which the faithful historian has with a pen the eliminations of which Arlt it so truthfully drawn that it nearly makes the Page Crimson with blood. But this latter is out of the Quer Tion and the conclusion comes forcibly As 10 the alternative. We deplore it Bui Don t fear it. It the worst must come then our duty and that of americans who Are not ashamed of their ancestry id Plain and imperative As Plain. Let Many of our people go to nil rat and wit nest the feeling which in rampant in our City and a Iii a this wretched Man i inciting. Here is the quotation promised to the common Council City of Lou a Vilk the committee on the police to whom was referred a message from the mayor concerning the destruction of life and property in the City of Louisville on monday August 6th, 1855,have had sundry conversations with Many of their fellow townsmen upon Points immediately connected with this much to be regretted occurrence and have obtained information therefrom of a character unmistakable in Ita connection with the origin of the election riot. On the Day of the election t portion of your committee visited various parts of the City and were rather surprised than otherwise to find such Universal quiet and Good feeling at the polls throughout the City and had it not been for the improper or serious nature at any voting place within the City. Ail disturbance originated at a distance therefrom and were commenced by the fore ers with a wilful and reined rated determination to destroy Indis Camii Tely the lives of american citizens. The property known As Quinn s Row at the Corner of eleventh and main its. Was a Complete armory. Of three weeks previous to the election arms and ammunition were stored therein and the owner and occupant of the premises Quinn in a conversation with sundry gentleman asserted that said guns would be used against the americans and actually exhibited balls which had been moulded for the Pur pose of shooting from said guns. In order to substantiate this accusation we refer to David l. Beatty a member of this Council and to Geo. W. Griffey Street inspector for be Western District. There were also severe others whose names it is not important to ment on. On the Day of the election several irishmen were seen in the cellar of Quinn a House moulding bullets and numerous others going in and coming from the buildings with guns pistols Bowie knives amp a. Griffey further informed our committee that he is employed in removing the rubbish from the premises recently the residence of said Quinn and that he has taken therefrom the remains of muskets rifles shot guns and pistols. Other fire arms were carried off by persons making their escape from said houses before and after they were fired. A act Hon. Metcalf of by died at his residence at Forest Retreat Nicholas county ky., on the evening of the 18th inst., in the 75th year of his age. He commanded a company at fort Meigs in 1813�?was several times a member of the legislature of that state and afterwards was elected to Congress and still after elected As governor and afterwards appointed to a vacancy in the Senate of the u. S. He served in Many other capacities in life and was noted for his usefulness. He was familiarly called Quot old Stone Hammer Quot from being a Mason by Trade. Ctr the old line state convention of Nebraska pro slavery ites whiskey ites and instigators of mobs will meet at Indianapolis on the 29fh inst. We shall probably be there to see the lick by which unders trappers Are roped in and made Swallow the resolutions to be adopted. We have been with them in the sixth trouble and we have not the heart to forsake them in the seventh. So count us m for the occasion. Or four men made an attempt to Burn then selves out of the Lucas county Ohio jail on wednesday evening last but Tho fire was discovered in time to arrest the fatal design. None of the prisoners escaped. The part a . Throughout the free states to Day the Republican party is organized. Look at it in Maine in Vermont and Ohio throughout the any Man suppose Fiat native tolerance or White kid exclusiveness is going to keep Massachusetts out of this Republican array. No there is no Power in politicians whig free soil or native to stay this movement for any great length of time. It must be organized soon the sooner the better for its who takes the responsibility of delaying it a Boiton tel graph. We agree with the , the sooner Thi Republican party in Massachusetts takes the Field the surer will be its Triumph. And we Are right glad to see that the party is Likely to be composed of the Bone and sinew of the common wealth. Go on with the movement whether the cod fish people of Boston participate in it or not. Their Friendship will be of but Little g Jod and their enmity will do but Little harm it is singular that the mov. M it has been a Long delayed in . Leader. Prohibition in Illinois. Accounts from Illinois detail the fearful effects of the late vote against prohibition. Grog shops Are multiplying with immense rapidity especially around the Borders of the Tiute is by who have Herevi driven out of the states of Iowa Wisconsin and drunkenness and crime Are increasing so that the people stand aghast at the Prospect. Thousands who voted against the Law a few months ago now bitterly regret it and Are anxious to have an Opportunity of testifying their regret at the ballot Box. All this is As was easily foreseen and predicted. Experience is a hard school but As the people of Illinois suffered themselves to be deceived by selfish politicians and lovers of my they must learn its severe lessons. There is one Consolation and that is that the lesson will be Learned and when Learned will not soon be forgotten. It will not be Miny years before our sister state will be prepared to purge herself from the curse of rum and take her place in the rank of Maine Law la and. Pirhon. Timothy c. Day formerly editor of the Cincinnati enquirer publishes a card vowing his determination to heartily support the nomination of or. Chase. Hon. Charles ree Melin also makes a Public a Owal of his cheerful support of or. Chase. Both of these gentlemen have been prominent members of the democratic party of o Iio. John s. Pratt a Constable of Evansville ind., was arrested in this City at the Henrie House on saturday last by the sheriff of Vanderburg county on charge of collecting Money belonging to the county and departing for parts in a town with intent to defraud the county out of said collections. Miscellaneous Advt s. Miscellaneous adverts. Lbs. Geboe Wilsoh Tea hear of the piano Forte. Site Sideney one door West of the Berry Street my a Odist Church fort Wayne. By emf Costa Inlet Carriage manufacturer keens con a stantly on hand variety of carriages big Gina Democrat Quot a wagons pc. Imy work is made expressly for Home use. Got up in Good style and substantially made. All orders Primi it try attended to. Repairing Dune on Short notice. Comer of main St. And Maiden l Ine. Fort Wayne ind. Jyl6-tf Htom Phebey amp it Ted carpenters and joiners. Hereby give notice to their friends and All whom t Miry concern that they manufacture to order at heir shop of Pix 9�tc the Rockhill House doors blinds window Sash and All other kinds of work usual in their line of business. Having the most extensive assortment and the very Best of machinery driven a steam of ony establishment in Liis Vicinity they Are prepared to execute All orders with disc and at the lowest la rices. Give us a Call. Fort Wayne july 16, ii Ltd set omit City factory fort Wayne Indiana. We Are prepared to manufacture Wool on the shares card spin full and dress custom doth promptly and in the Best style. Merchants Are invited tto examine our Stock of Woolen a oods As we will sell As Low As can be Pur chased East. We have also a sett of Mic winery and an assortment of machine curds comb plates card cleaners itc., which will be sold at manufacturers prices. July 16, 55-1 h. Rudisil a comparet it Abbell amp co., for Harding and commission merchants receive and Forward goods l y the Ohio and Indiana Railroad and Wabash and Erie Cinal. Agents for the Eckford line on the Wabash and ene canal for the Sale of e. A be t. Fair Banks Scales for the Sale of Dupont s powder and also for the Franklin Glass works a buyers receiver and shippers of Grain flour and produce. Thir facilities for receiving and 8hi it Ping goods Are unsurpassed if equated by any and Bouse in the their warehouse on the canal at the Railroad depot is furnished with Superior steam elevators. July 16. 55-1 of to. D., Svok Geo a physic tax. A a i off Ceone door South of Hill s Book store West Side Calhoun St., it. Wayne ind. Jyl6-Ltf no. Stockb bide sign of the Book Bocksel a Ler stationer and dealer in music and musical instruments Xuy. 51 Columbia Street fort Waynond. July 16, 55-Ltf Al. Hanna wholesale and retail dealer in a boots. Shoes. Leather and findings no. Columbia St. Fort wave ind. A Komi Lete assortment of boots shoes gaiters busking Jenny Lind the slips �te., All of Thel it est Quality and Workman Shiji kept con saintly on hand and Wlinich Are offered for Sale either at wholesale or retail on reasonable terms. Also a heavy Stock of leather amp findings including Spanish and Slaughters it ill upper Kip Calfskin Morocco and linings of suit Tenori unlit valid Taj Inage. Cash paid for hides. July u5,5-uf _ a Brackenridge jr., attorney and counsel a Lor at Law fort Wayne Indiana will attend to the Colo Tiomi adjustment or securing of debts the payment of taxes pin chasm of land and examination of Titus in any a Art of Indiana. Rufi Kontes. In Temperance. The following is the most graphic delineation of the miseries and effect of intemperance that we have Ever seen. It is from the arguments advanced by certain citizens of Portage county Ohio in a memorial to the legislature on the subject in 1828. And yet its March of ruin is Onward still. It reaches abroad to others invades the family and social circles and woe and sorrow All around. It cuts Down youth in its vigor manhood in its strength and age in its weakness. It Breaks the father s heart bereaved the dating Mother extinguishes natural affection erases conjugal love blots out filial attachment blights parental Hope and brings Down mourning age in sorrow to the grave. It produces weakness not strength sickness not health death not life. It Mukes wives widows children orphans fathers fiends and All of them paupers and beggars. It hails fevers feeds rheumatism nurses gout welcomes epidemics invites cholera imparts Pes til. A Nee and embraces consumptions. I covits the land with idleness poverty disease and crime. It fills your jails supplies your almshouses and demands your asylums. It engenders Fosters quarrels and cherishes riots. It condemns Law spurns order and loves mobs. It crowds you penitentiaries and furnishes the victims for your scaffolds. It is the life blood of the Gambler the aliment of the counterfeiter the crop of the highwayman and the support of the Midnight incendiary. It countenances the liar respects the thief and esteems the Blasphemer. It violates obligations references fraud and honors infamy. It defames Benevolence hates love scorns virtue and slanders innocence. It incites the father to Butcher his offspring helps the husband to massacre his wife and aids the child to grind his Par racial axe. It Burns Man consumes woman detests life curses god and despises heaven. It sub Orns witnesses nurses perjury defiles the jury Box and stains the judicial Ermine. It bribes disqualifies voters corrupts elections pollutes our institutions and endangers our government. It degrades the citizens de bases the legislator Dis honors the statesman and disarms the Patriot. It is shame not Honor terror not safety despair not Hope misery not happiness. And now As with the maj Levo Lece of a fiend it calmly surveys its frightful desolation and Insatiate with havoc it poisons Felicity kills peace ruins morals blights Confidence slays reputation and wipes out National Honor alien curses the world and laughs at its ruins. Toledo amp ill its Erie Wabash and amp St Lonis railroads a open from fort Wayne to Toledo i>4 and after monday july oth a pass ii Jer train will leave fort Wayne for Toledo daily it 9 45 a a arriving in Toledo at ii 20 A Passen for train will leave Toledo at 11 to a m arriving in fort Wayne at 5 Flo p Trains connect at Toledo with trains of Trio Cleveland let Toledo Railroad for Cut it land Dunkirk. Buffalo Albany new York and Boston. The Mich Mixan Southern rail to ii com inv s s Ilen it id steamers p nip re state in flit in . And Southern Michi Jan form i Lily line but in. Ii Toledo and Buffalo leaving Tokio Ltd try no i ipe at 8 o clock Imp info in Ruff loin s is. N f. It i Ltd press trains for new York tin not Nickii in l ii v 19 also a Dail line of steam boats frn1 m a Detroit. Pass enters Leavis or Toledo i Arlo cd v. A ii and Toledo Railroad at 5.45 p Arrive ii i a Filo ii season for the 5.0 a. Exp is Triin on lie n York Central rain and arriving in at 4p m., in new York by Hudson at i i Quot Quot p. M., and in Boston by Western Railroad at 1 ajl or leaving Toledo at sumo Tinio arrive in in Kirk in time for the 5.30 a. Express train on n yet to and Erie Railroad arriving in new York at 10.54 p. M 1st class Toledo. 2 80 Cleveland via c a t r r 5 75 a. , it. A Avn Quot s. , g. W. Ewing h. . J. It c. Jonis Cin t. O. Off or. On Calhoun St. A. , ind Lis. Richard Suydam n. Y. W. H y Slop Quot . Kotvan Jos. , Quot july. 16, 55-1 of 2d 1 9ft 90 5 50 5 90 Dunkirk Quot Quot a Lorr 8 00 Buffalo Quot Quot Quot 8 80 Buffalo Quot Steamboat 6 .30 new York Quot n y c a h r r r 17 .30 11 25 new York Quot Quot be h r boat 16 .30 10 00 new York Quot n y a be e r r 17 10 00 Geo. H. Burrows sup t. July 3l8t., 1855. Nl5-tf. Lake Este Wabash amp St lox is r. R. Co., is Hereley Given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the hop Vace do trite sin of the pad lock to. 81 Roum it s ree fort Wayne it of it is for Sale liar imn Nail and sted. Of All sizes. Stores. I he Niit a l patterns. Met can Virji i suited Eunity. Lii a Lin j mater in it Ltd by variety. So / or Quot Quot har Iii Are. To assortment Carria trimming of it w styles. Ennui to i to Novins Iii a in Nix Imi conds. Mill stars b a lib a h Pach via re a a arc. Y y r a a t a i v n Jin plate Shrei Iron duh a Izol inv Carrer in 5-Ltf e r to r a 1 n is out s r i no 9 i. A St. A a it pvt. Pc it irn s. S 1 r e a a Tir Fresi so v Ait be to r Coffy a r of. Ene t \vb.r. To f g r Ceri . Biel in v s v it Vav a it r Cal a or produce Ite Bas ii to a 1 Ltd f. To t re ire liver inn ii in t h Monts Ali web lug is t Erel is r n a it w r in. Car sell them it 1< w r a m Aryl a in r in u in. A to v a a j h. Amps to it a Ftp a i Mil. Dealer in Bonks and s afire Rry yrs ii it a , a to r h Iriri Yiirs ar-1 bit or it it k . Also p. Riodil cols and no kinds eld books in the Best style. Only 16, 55-tf b. Beed amp co. Wholesale and i retail dealers in Pennine i it Rii is and medic lines also , oils. D e , Glass drug posts Glass were sur iral instruments. Corner Columbia and i Callioni St s fort Wayne. A by 16, 36-Ly r w. Taylor general produce for Wanlin amp a me reliant it Wayne ind. J>16 b h. J. K. Him. A. Orbison. That the annual meeting of the Fetock homers of tiie a a Jet a Ruth no to a a a it to a Lake Erie Wabash and St. Louis rail Ned co., for a i amp Orbison for and the Purpo a of rec tag thirteen , and the merchants fort Ayne ind. Transaction of other business will be held at the of a Ohn blown general i Aler in stove and Lime fice of the company in the City of Lafayette on j Lor port Louisville and Sandusky water wednesday the 3rd Day of october 1855. The inc Sfer books of the company will be dosed from september22nd to oct. 3rd, inclusive. J. N. Drummond Seo v. Lafayette aug. 8,1855. 6w. New Yoek Cash Stobe aug test loth Isis. firm of r. Evans amp io., is this Day dissolved by Mutual consent the business will be continued by s 0 Evans a a co., who will keep constantly on hand a will assorted Stock of Staple and fancy dry goods and family groceries which will be sold on As fair terms As can be bought elsewhere. S Carey Evans �ugl6.-27 Martin Foellinger. Length of a file a different cd Antrich. Yards. England and America Italy. Scotland and Ireland Poland. Spain. Germany. Sweden and Denmark a 1,760 1.450 2 200 4,400 6,020 4,880 7.220 foreign population commencing the difficulties in every instance the Day would have passed More peace Ash than is customary on Euch occasions. So tar As your committee Are we believe we Are Correct in making the ast Quot it a District of Columbia or the removal of a Call is made for a convention of jews of the United states to meet at Cleveland oct. 17th, to deliberate on the Union of american Israel on the organization of a permanent regular Synod or Sanhedrin on a plan for religious and Acbo Lastic education and on All other matter of importance in regard to Judaism which May be brought before the conference. Oct the whet Linc Coset a and timely a Virginia journal Giresi it inform at follows Quot the Severance of the general government from slavery. The repeal of the fugitive slave Law. No More slave territories. The Purchase and manumission of slaves in and Indiana Saab Oak. Pa8.senger trains leave Fontayne every morn in a sundays excepted at 9 o clock connecting at Forest with trains on the mad River and Lake Erie Road going South without detention. Going North the detention is 40 minutes reaching Sandusky City Toledo Tiffin Springfield Urb Inna a it ton i in Climati and Indianapolis same connecting also at Crestline with trains on the Cleveland Columbus and Cincinnati Road without detention and with trains on the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad for Mansfield Wooster Massillon. Canton and Pittsburgh. Arriving at Cleveland at 8 o clock p m do Pittsburgh 11 do do connecting with trains for new York and Philadelphia without detention. Through tickets for Indianapolis Cincinnati Dayton Columbus Sandusky City Toledo Mere land Pittsburgh new York Philadelphia Baltimore 4c., sold at the ticket office in it. Wayne. It for All information and for contracts for freighti6g, apply at the once to s. S. Morss agent. Or text a us u Quot a leu Etc we arc Correct in making inc As win i Muja or uie Remus Denun Chatory of know nothing ism but Aksum i certion that there was not an occurrence of an the seat of government to free territory. Faro. New York $18 00 Philadelphia 16 0 Pittsburgh 7 60 Cincinnati a 6 00 Dayton 5 co july 16, 1855.�?Ly fare. Indianapolis Sandusky City Toledo i Levland Columbus so 00 r4 00 6 00 5 00 Lime p la Titer of Paris and land plaster at his new store House North of canal near City Mills. qualities kept constantly on Honeil and All orders promptly attended to fort Wayne. Julie .55-Llf Bostic amp Bolan dealers in ready made clothing gentlemen s furnishing goods hats Caps and trunks no 99 Columbia Street. For Wayne Indiana. July 16, 5&-Ltf in. Bash dealer in dry goods groceries a provisions amp a. No 125 Columbia Street. Fort Wayne ind. July 16, 55-1 of he. Sch Neomah dealer in dry goods Gro a Ceries. Hardware Woodward Queens Are nails Glass amp a. No 87 Columbia St. Fort Wayne Indiana. July 16, 55-1 of i Wolf wholesale amp retail dealer in clothing a dry goods amp a. No 83 Columbia Street. Fort Wayne ind. July 16, 65-Ltf James h. Bob Insok manufacturer and dealer in easter boots and shoes leather Moroco shoe of dings amp a. Country merchants can get full or partial supplies on terms As favourable As of Eastern jobbers. I Purchase direct from Eastern manufacturers and also make Home made work to suit the Trade. Fort Wayne ind. Jyl6-uf k. Nirdlinger. _ a. . Or Lar web it Oppenh Shes wholesale amp retail dealers in r Ady made clothing clock Cassimeris vesting and a general assortment of gentlemen s furnishing goods no 2 Jones Block fort Wayne ind. July l6, 55-tf Flatt fett wholesale and retail dealer in a clothing dry goods amp a. No 91 Columbia St. Fort Wayne ind. July i6, ass it str tub Hull forwarding a comr Nuion a for a in. Proprietor of Hull s Wabash line canal boats. Attention Pai d to the Sale of Ivo Duee and Van Ces made on same. Goods received and forwarded in All directions. Ware some North Side if Ami canal Between main and Sycamore Treece Csan Nati Ohio. July
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