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Dawsons Fort Wayne Daily Times (Newspaper) - August 2, 1861, Fort Wayne, Indiana A it a. Is o it s Point Wyly the d 11/y Tim Towson s Waii tires. Pm of eve id aug. 2, 1861. For a Iamb s Timet. . A. Dai Bov believing tort Yon a it still a a a a for free speech and acknowledge the right of the people to peaceably assemble wad a press their opinions in regard to matters of policy in the administration of Public a amp it is. A i Irish i proceed to give you a Plain statement of in regard to what transpired at a Public meeting called at Shriner s school House in Hito township on saturday Erenia last Abr the purpose of discussing the policy of the National administration in conducting the a present evil War which is now raging with a11 its horrors carrying in its train evils that Are revolting to a1 the Ner feelings of humanity. Jit an Early hour there was a Large crowd in Lenua nce when a kind of a running or irregular debate was commenced Between Ste if Lien Heath and or. Townsend one speaking fifteen minutes and the other replying in a speech of equal length and kept up to All appearances with the most Friendly feelings on both Side until the meeting was permanently organized for the evening by appointing s. Heath chairman and q. Beebe Secretary. The meeting was then called to order by the chair Nan and the object stated to be As above indicated. And whether it would not be advisable to petition ingress to hold out the Oliva Branch of peace to our Orang Brethren in the South and if possible bring about an amicable adjustment it our present difficulties by Mutual concessions and Compromise. All were invited to participate irrespective of party and. Express their views fully and freely which was done with the be to of feeling by a Large number present until a late hour. When the meeting was about to adjourn some one announced that a Large crowd had just arrived from new Haven and suggested that the meeting should be continued for the purpose of giving the newcomers an Opportunity of expressing their sentiments if they saw proper. After their Arri Val m the House and order being restored or. Biggins was called to the stand and being informed of the object of the meeting commenced speaking saying that such meeting could not be held that its influence was bad that the South was in rebellion and must be subjugated that Jel Davis and All his Crew were. Traitors and must be Hung and that All those in the North who opposed the to icy of the administration or attempted by word or deed to obstruct it in crushing out the rebellion at any Cost were equally guilty and must share same Fate and that he was ready to fight any Man North or South who in any manner took sides with the South or wis willing to Compromise with traitors and much More of the same spirit and Tenor getting at times very much excited and finally declaring emphatically that Quot this meeting must and shall be put Down Quot when the chairman called him to order and he replied that he would not come to order and stamping his foot on the floor called out where Are the Maysville Bys ? Quot when instantly every Man who came with him sprang to his feet and rushed to the stand and surrounded the speaker leaving the impression that his stamping was a pre concerted signal for the rallying of the mob when a wretch in the form of Man rushed out from the Cowd and struck the chairman who is an old Man of Turro of whore years a severe blow in the Finice after which a scene of excitement prevailed altogether indescribable a every one either pitching Pell Mell into the Melee or trying to get but of the House. Comparative order was however afterwards restored in a Short time and after a few More speeches the meeting adjourned thus ended a scene at once disgraceful to the authors and an outrage upon the Community upon whom it was perpetrated and must forever stamp its. Authors with infamy and Dis ice m the eyes of peace and order Loving citizens. What makes it the More disgraceful is the fact that it was perpetrated by men who Lave heretofore Laid claim to respectability and. A Mong the number was a Man who was once a a dilate for an important county office and a norber an acting j ustice of the Pease of St to township. It is perhaps proper to say that in giving a i Noesis of the remarks of or. Diggins i do not fee end to give the exact words Only those marked with quotation Marks but Only the a Obsince. M. July 29th, x66i. 00mmk9its. A to be a a Stead that Saj of Ttoe of Dpi imm should in my Way trespass on Tbs if my of a nother move especially Uke such Steps 4ondg an excited state of Public mind for it is Aure to bet sentiment the vef7 reverse of that attempted to be created by Force. Nor is a ibis All lbs Viii ii ured the cause of the gov a mine it it As a sequence will strengthen the party whose members Are thus assailed a at to a by Short time As a party it May exp Dedas an Ine viable consequence that it will not a Niy take position in Sappett of its to tenders Bat pledge them Protection even by the a Ujiie mjg i Thos in addition to the direct horrors of Civ a a War. Up Ina at our own 4foon. To Dpi font which and to brain to in a with a a Kim mid Deliby it Iii to la a a Une of the Mem amp by l�u�t9. We Wilt our whole heart a find head used with Bose within the Range .4rfrwle8wee.-Aiid yet Wajud pained to find Jug ,.biit food Ltd for evil Quot la is to i a owing the wind Little the Wim wind we Iii Niy a a on if to be tights of the Eit Isen am in to Day judged by the mob then to Inonu a another mob May sit on the arbiters of yesterday. While yet not too late Uke heed of the evils which an hour May bring Forth. We warn our friends against those of those who would woo in the Rig to spirit the Good Genius of conciliation Compromise and peace. History affords examples where it was shown to be Wise and just. Sigund never filed to woo it in All her popular uprisings and she As often has proved herself right therein. And they who think to Day that our vast troubles can be ended thus doubtless have All the feelings of True and Undi ised patriotism. And should they be despised and hated for thus trying to get some Ray of Light from out the gloom which overhangs them ? should they lie reviled who see nothing but smouldering ruins of cities and Battle Fields Dre died with Kindred blood on which to rear the Federal Arch in its original grandeur and in Sush a bloody peace exhaustion written in letters of blood and sealed among the fallen frs ments of a divided House ? my countrymen May not the hour come when you and i May see that our Zeal has out run our judgment ? May we not now frequently Call those t raptors whose record will immortalize them lord Chatham in the British parliament was called a traitor for uttering words which now our Schuol books copy As eloquence and our statesmen repeat As Wisdom and patriotism. On his motion to remove the British troops from Boston is said Quot with the dignity becoming your exalted Situ Atim make the first advances to Concordio a tease and Happi nes3 for that is your True dignity to with prudence and Justice. That you should first concede is obvious from sound and rational policy Concession comes with better Grace and More salutary effect from Superior Power. It reconciles superiority of Power with the feelings of men and establishes solid Confidence on the foundations of affection and Gratis Tui none know what should be done none know what should not be done. We Alt would save the Union we All will defend it. We differ As to the Best Means and on 36 engender bad feelings on this we Divide on the main ground and destroy the god that each would do. Individually we would not withdraw a Man from the Field nor diminish the grand preparation for National defense. But though the Confederate states have appealed to the sword relying on the dignity of superiority of Power we would Send a commission to Imparl and then if ineffectual let All the friends of the Union come As the winds come when forests Are ended. Come As the Waves come when Avirea Are others May have a better judgment but none a better heart in love of the Union. A defense i leu. Fatterson. Pov a a Mew of not Mph Mem Mew 1r��j�t Kot m to m w tax a portend just a jpy a Huff m is unit and Home Jon 9��i&m Onee dirt Foyed of be rms my m4tm the Philadelphia Norih american has the following while the Public mind is seeking for some single victim upon whom to Lay the Blague four recent disaster at Manassas let beware of being hurried into irreparable injustice to Ward our absent fellow Citi Vizen. Gen. I at Terrion we give below the substance of private letters received from the army under his cum.4anii, Vrh cd were not written a or publication but which Are from a source entirely reliable and unquestionable. The attack by Mcdowell was to have been made on tuesday the Ibi Hof july and on that play gun. Patterson was to have attacked Johnson at Winchester if Strong or to hold him there by demonstrations of in attack. On the appointed Day patter.soa4iiiind the enemy entrenched at Winchester with in m 35, a a to 42,000 men and a very Large Forse of artillery his own army consistent of 18,000 men and 18 pieces of artillery of which 14 were six Pounders with a line of cum Munica Tion of 32 Miles in his rear to be guarded. An attack under these circumstances being out of the question he succeeded in keeping Jolin on with his Force for three Days at Winchester and then by a flank movement of up d Charlestown a much better Bitse of operations. From this Point on. Patterson designed to Advance and had Given orders for two Days cooked provisions but was overruled by the unanimous opinion of All the regular officers with him. In addition to other reasons it was stated the the term of service of our Force was expiring and that they would no longer remain. Not believing this the general addressed each regiment making the most Earnest appeals to them to remain one week longer. Four agreed to stay the remainder 01 these the most of them were without shoes and unable to make any Forward movement a the forces began to melt away and general Patterson moved to Lla per a Perry where reinforcement could replace the returning troops. The result of the fish enl fitment for three months is now apparent a we Are perfectly helpless when Moit needed. On Pennsylvania to it have been in. A a tata of die intent Ever since they live been in the is ice Whiteb has been a Ino reused <4noe they have discovered the Ney of their ofis cers. It was therefore absurd to suppose they would extend their term of enlistment for a Day. At one time Gen. Patterson had a Fine Force with him and instantly advanced into Virginia. This was on the 16th of june. But he a was peremptorily ordered Back by Gen. Scott and his Ai Tillery and Best troops detached. No criticism is hers intended in regard to the Jan of the Campman hot this or from head quarters has Awn is been Ifni red by those disposed to find Fiauu with general finally when allowed to Cross the Potomac and to get a crack at Ehe Niemy if it a uld be Dene without risk he advanced with nine thousand men Anat fifteen and forced Johnson Back to wine Siter. The pabl3 certainly pm not be aware that Qun. Patterson entered Martinsburg with nine thousand men while the new spa ars a we Fitwi his Twenty live and thirty. A. It ought Man Brad that Toh Nan it add in Isis in Jiin in or in Oono meted a Railroad and old loops either to win Chester St wows Lionald Beds Mil Best while be of of a tue Avail Toca i my or. Of a in ill i a was not yet i Nimmi Iii nine Ltd in a re a i a Rab Nuj Hilo the paper Waitiers his i Rotas a general is rather esteemed to be a too great anxiety to Settle the Campaign by a Battle and a needless exposure of his own person. Major general Robert Patterson was bom in Ireland in 1792, and emigrated to this country when quite Young taking his abode in Philadelphia. He received a Colgate education and Early manifested military inclinations. After graduating at Collie he was appointed first Den Nant in the Twenty second regiment of regular United states infantry in april 1803, he was transferred to the thirty second infantry appointed assistant depot quartermaster general with the rank of Cap Tain january 1813, and Captain in line 1814, and thereupon relinquished rank in the staff. He retired from the army in the same year upon the disbandment of his regiment. He subsequently followed the pit session of the Law in his adopted Day and for Many years was connected with the military of Philadel phia. In 1847 he was appointed a major general of Vid unters and assumed command of his division. He was actively engaged in the siege of Vera crus but shortly after health foiled and he returned to the United states and was therefore unable to take part in the Well contested Battles in the upper part of Mexico which crowned the american arms with glory and conquered a peace. On Volt steer Gener iils. The following is a list of the major general brigadier generals and assistant adjutant generals of volunteers recently appointed in the order of their rank. The commissions of the major generals All Bear Date May 16ih those of the Bria Adi r-5 17ih major can reals in. P. Banks John a. Dix Benjamin f. Butler. Brigadier a so Joseph Lyon of Missouri John Pope of the topographical engineers George a. Mccrill of Penn Elvania r. Curti is of Phillip Kearney f no w Jersey Oseph j. Reynold of Indiana Rufus King of Wisconsin j. D. Cox of Ohio Stephen a. Hilburt of Illinois Julius Sigel of Missouri Robert s. Schunck of Ohio s. S. Prentiss of Illinois assistant. Adjutant Kenern Lse Donn Piatt of Ohio assistant adjutant Glt in Oral rank of Captain Joseph b. Smith of new York Marcus j. P�rr3tt, of Kansas Henry j. Biddle of Pennsylvania George s. Rose of Indiana Simon m. Preston of Illinois. In a Ortisi Voeur Tenisi one Hundred and one Good Able bodied men wanted in the Volunteer service of tiie in Ted states army for three Yea a or during the War. A Bounty of one Hundred dollars in Gold will be paid each recruit in this service at the expiration of Bis time. Office for enrolling recruits at the canal collector s office Corner Columbia and Clinton its. Over Freeman s store. Captain pegu. Aug. 2d 61. D2w recruiting officer. R he firm of Coombs amp Clark is this Day die. Solved by Mutual consent. All business of the fit a to be settled by Jno m. Coomb we along is authorized to sign the dime of the firm in liquid Trion. Coombs amp Clark. Fort a Vul be july 22d i. and a Ijelu Rotl pms i or. Bunh am is making a new style of Pho graph entirely Superior to and before offered to the Public and has a variety of Gilt and imitation Rosewood Frame for them. Also am Brot pc of All sizes As u it Ual St Quot n. B. Prices h. Low As any in the City. Remember Bei Iliam s Premium ,Corner Columbia and a Thoun streets opposite town lev s store july 27ih 61. D itw4t. N Reed amp Wall Csc men to h. V. Imd co who Emilea it id retell dealer Len by Iii. Ubic ins 6 my. Also Lead oils paints dyes varnishes crashes Glass the. Baying largely and directly from the importers and we shall be Able to sell at the lowest Market rates and invite the attention of a Aroha Sers to on Stock and prices. Fort Wayne. July 12ih 61. Damp Whf. O. A. Make. A. T. Sonam Beaver amp Dii Nhah have opened a wholesale and Begaii. Flour 8c feed store in Stewart s build info Cal Lioom Street. We intend to keep conic Tanty on hand differ it it it grades and brands of White and red wheat flour of our own manufacture. Glenwood Mills St. Mary s Mills Woodbridge Mills new Haven Mills and country brands. Also Rye flour Graham flour buckwheat flour Corn meal White and yellow bolted and unbolted Hominy. All kinds of feed Corn amp Oats ground middling ship stuff shorts bran Corn Oats terms Osh. Goods delivered in any part of the City free of charge. Al u Jet b e a orders left at Stoie for Poplar siding Poplar ind Ash flooring and All kinds of building Lum Ber and lath promptly attended to. Fort Wayne feb. 1 Ith ia61 Lyp. F. W. Amp c. R. N. Creditors take notice 1"hat the Mort a nge creditors have consent. Eel to the payment of the Ivanso rotation account of the coins my. One Fourtly of the principal and interest will be paid in Cash. Three fourths in third mortgage Bonds of Thi new company drawing interest Semi annually at 7 per cent. Theae accounts include any due Tiabo trs and agent i in repairs of the running trains Lor Wood and damages to Stock. Construction of Road and All other unsecured debts to be paid in third mortgage Bonds of the company like As above Maui toned these Are the beat terms ror ofed for there organization of the company and will not be changed. I am not prepared with a Complete list fall claims against k company and will Settle Tor Auy of the above claims. Persons desirous of accepting of these terms must do 80 immediately. Samuel Hanna attorney for the purchasing committee fort Wayne july 24th, 1�61. Ohy b. B�1ss, a Saul in foreign and Domestic Xis note Asfaha St Iron steel Naila,01a�f, Mill rubber belting Coopers carpenters and tools with event variety of cutlery 4e< March 29th 61. Def b. Ervais m. D. T. R. Mcvol Lodi m d St Bois a i pc Culloton by Allan 8 Fri Tonii. Office Over Geo c. Nili k Dow store. Remde Neof or. Stud a Eor Aero Weet Jef Fere of and Griffith streets. Read Deneef or Mecal Lottah. No. 30, weft Wash Burton Street. Fort Wayne Jua Soth a it. Do Whf or. O. Be a Aldwin v a Quacy jct a xxx residence Are a i the 8. In. Ear i. A or 4ir a Aio and Harrim Tiretti feet Ray Moe la a tie Llain meet Rejto Lurige. _ Imit directly opposite the Maln in Hanff e a a la thankful for thepaut Patron aft of Hia flan Iii. Enil a h Noti a Oona Manoe a Hereof. Ii Meszik . Jodi Rort we yes Iii Fridi 4ni��mic�ilto�i-8t., to Mvi a log a swim eat ruled great National Boute Baltimore amp Ohio Railroad. Improved schedule by recent important Chang a this Road a now Able to furnish unusual facilities for inter communication East and wet Northwest Ano Southwest. Full connections with All through Traina to Philadelphia and n new York in the a to with the South by its Washington Branch Road by Cleveland and pit surphy can Tail Ohio and Marietta and Cincinnati ruins with the Northwest wet and Southwest i through tickets to or from Baltim Rephila Delphia. New York or Boston give the privilege of lying Over at any of the intermediate cities 1\bo dollars additional give the privilege of vis tinier Washington City in route this is the Only route that can furnish thro Urh rickets or baggage Checka to or from was Hnton City fare a Ioas by any other route. Sleeping cars on All night trains. Ank for tickets by Baltimore and Ohio Railroad j. H. Sullivan Oen l Western ancient Bellaire Ohio. L. M Colb cuu l ticket agent w. P. Smith master of transportation. Baltimore md., March 4th 61. Div a Union despatch company. Incorporated by the state of Illi Neie. capital $1,000,000. This Cen vary trap was the Market Aid Lel Lalur producers ship Peri and Mem Jour a tuners. Jibe no. 60 Dearborn-St., Chicago do. Louis b Kelly we. B. Jarvia David Patton j. S. Mechling it directors. F. L. Parker s Louis b. Kelly Frea t. J s. Mechlin Sec y. S. T. Hanna agent office North went Comer of Barr and Berry Streeta. Fort Wayne. Dec. 17tb 60. Def. Brackenridge or. Attorney and Counselor at Law fort Wayne ind. Will attend to the collection adjustment or settling of debts the payment of taxes Purchase of land and examination of titles in any part of Indiana off no is Honc if a for Gay Fittl Nir fam Ishing apply to Hatter a Illey main St a weal of Calomi St. Fort Wayne not. Width 60 def be Moliai Kolt be dress trimmings braids crimps Marabotto amp payment Erie a Oil ended assortment received at the Jim new to oru stare. D Aisy ornament lace p of Points a Road dress and base trimmings just opened at the new Yorac . Wayne Haehne works fort Wayne Indiana. Jomey ease oo., amb or Xii. Aio sri of steam engines boilers Mill gearing Ash leashes tanks Sash and circular fat a Mills lire fronts data Fronta for build Ings and every desert Pylon of a repaire on boilers engine Aad Maulus Ecy pro Puy Eseo oled Aad of reasonable tenant Bali in Hamra 8. 8 base president 8uperi�temdemt ho�8 by Miniam Fiji sex Uima Tremore 8eeret�rif Fiort waiver it cps one gently a Liard a fall and Latee in a a my of Oroee if pm Wmk web he Edeell Low of Teaah All Klimt a Fevo def boy i tax sold i a Iii Aid Lici lip at All Lawr d Ress tassels an endless variety at the View Yorlli store. Crotchet silk a to tvs fancy Myress buttons in great quantities at the Stew York store. Fihe Crown skirt embracing the favorite styles Viz the Paris grand Constitution favorite of the a Preed Etc. This a acknowledged to be the beet eve to introduced my new York and All Large we have Aho in store five different styles of la Dies hoop Skiris which we Are Aelli Nii much under regular prices it the View York store. Valenciennes amp maltese a Ces real English thread at the to a Yoi Lisl Stox of. Splendid Stock of Cambric bands Edge Aad Lus rungs at the Stew Totoiu store ambit in pique Marseilles and Linen sets in great variety at the Stew Ohk a Xoi a embroidered a Zimbric pique and Linen at the new York store. Getts and collars elegant Guip Enre Honiton and Valenciennes at new York store. A a a Oij s kid gloves the Only genuine French kid gloves id fort Wayne at the new York store. D Ress goods an immense Stock of Low Price Dresa goods suitable for Street and travelling Dresa is at 8,10,12 15 and 20c. At the a totter Storro. A elegant styles new Spring and summer dress goods Reoe ired daily at the new York Lack dress Silks the largest and i expert Stock of Blaek bilk a Rar exhibited at the new York store. Put lain Poult de soil splendid line in All co1or9,brows, Maria Louise Blue Tan drab Wood Etc., at the new York store. Gentlemen Are epee rally invited to examine oar Stock of Casio this cd a ii men and material Spring and summer suits Etc a Sale wild Une of Muroni Chimg it mtg a. Siveck tie Mii to lathe Wool Merino Yauae Ink Liilo thnh and Cotton wrappers and draw a own my a a a a a Lerchl Laimit Tallor i had what Alsaad Mai Ion air Nia baby Toabe cl0thn�6 bats Caps amp no. 94 Columbia St a fort Wayne april 5th 1860 def town Leys Dewald amp from j. . f Sac Cesarato Imbt j. W. Townley up Jalex my olym jts it Jed retail dealers str dry g o o n a and other household i a Nisi goals groceries Woodenware Yankee not on Willow bask amp a. Elk Kos a Philip Harter Chris. F. We Eigene Marsh w. Wines Henry c. h. W Fricke Frank de Wall John e. Dou flae Geo. W. Hull Geo. A. Craw cd. fort Wayne. Jan. I6th 1861. Damp Whf h. R. Schwegman wholesale and retail dealer i groceries crockery ac., 87 coi a aia Street Foar Wayne in i it. Or. S Baa a Large and Well selected 6tock of goods which he will sell As Low As any merchant in his line of Trade. All kinds of country produce purchased for Cash or Trade. Jan. 9th 60hlawlvc. Hanna amp co. At the Corner of Barr Berry St., near theold Market House has received a Large assortment of groceries amp provisions which they offer to their old friends a d custom ers at reduced rates just received from new York. 4 bus crushed sugar u Oil n granulated Coffee n. Orleans n. V molar se8 starts sump 10 bags prime Rio Coffee 6 old government Psi a i of Fec 3 chests y. H. Tea a do Imperial do 4 4 4 10 10 4 Biak ii t tvs a no 1 my Ekret 2 a pickled codfish 10 quart iils dry Quot 4 Birs i inc. 1 Cilisk cin., cured bams 14 bus Ukkerd mis of Sidt All other Atticus for f Milt use All Oure and Jrex which win be sited he Low As at qty other store a town. Study your own inter-0 t8 and give u8 a Call Beible making Purchase Eldo a Here and make an examination of our Gooda by pcs orally test inc their qualities. Fh4thdacwtr c. A. Gluey Dalka i dry goods groceries no 84 Soaib Side co Iambia St. I Ort w a3rz3lo, xxxix. He Banka his old patrons for Ige and Sruc its a Cauti Nance Jan 30< i 60. Do a Cotoio Boot it to George Nill Fon Nealjr nil Lluc Fra and do Sumiji Toots shoes Sec. Sec. Calhoun Street West Side Yort Wayne Ian a custom work promptly of Tel january 30th Ift a do Votice. All persons indebted to c. Orff Are requested to Call and make immediate sctt la a ment As i have sold out and must Hava my Buri Ness settled up before the 1st of mar All claims of Long standing will be with an at Turney for collection it not provided for Al Oael messes Coom a i Clark Are Zadb Oriard to sri a Seipt and arrange for As. Keb4dlw4kwtf Broth a has aft Day Hia tonary House no 4 Cai. St. The a am a sort nent of Sheet music in the a it. Songs quadrille s duet quart��o4%, actions Fantai ask Rondos ova a turn a a oath Des. Schottische Pulkka Quaiel Kim. Wal Taat mazurkas and roadways for Rither piano Ouhy a or Violia. Another lot of lessons Mosis Bindas say thing every lady should miss Julia c. Steele will continue to Gire iwo Esee to lib Pano Forte Melodeon a 6iilar, find solicit the Patr Curge of Ali who a Ian Mck instr action. Parente Are solicited to Cive this a tie a a a a a Side ratio and satisfy Tea Velvee via he a Mia t Root reference which can be git of him he a kind. She a also agent Fot bean Inaa Ltd a a a a 18th celebrate i piano com a pm of go to Gwara Quot Worth of. To the genteel Attoa Worth �l5<�,0 a. W she nut a be found at the Reaidi Imp or i Belor. S. Smith Comer of Lew Isaad Calhon Iii fort Wayna feb 26th 61. Dsa my moras it. Wayn Ihu amm Lorris amp ills a i to t a air pc Al. A Burka Oak aug count

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