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Read an issue on 25 Dec 1880 in Washington, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Daviess County Democrat.

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Daviess County Democrat (Newspaper) - December 25, 1880, Washington, Indiana A Nevi six Mim Trecil j i no Subic Ripski of r 3 a Ujj i to pc Nice j 5 i Jwj a ii Jitou x ill a Liimol Iii 1 Vij out i out of Conict Kjier of from iad pit refit to aunty i uoflio7 f t to per i Fitim Tjho on Lusier Tahj la r a lifer Fofi City f or i Ilia township of Lofes for Iio for tils Qirici t 1 Mart far to Ishii i fre Ibsen Wilvert Lrtil l a ivs into it it j Raj pcs Nia fwd of Taitl i Mai x Naglit Viiu Vitee be it Nelly tit Titu Anil 4 i i 1 j All Piti Scip i Depa l 1 ilm f in Irneli Al mall frs Teli Tor ii acc ii i or Viiu at ill Iffla n Arr Sci l Arr Liat of Louif Ishu i 6 in Jorlei Vijo our and to Jube that do we Ritli Iii Whytt Picc Jei it to Eucly wilp should Haye a Jince instr Chi jail Van idd to i o be Awn Delf Uhitil ii the netted with hut the fact from that Teapot acid Pilim 4reesjtilts Little j of nine worm Lii Ive Tolefr inf Cilip somebody in All so guld Jiuhui a save with such a of ii Jug the dish my in was a Iliavi o i Liore Tois a jut i Viu i Tairu Lanai in toil let Audi jilt tip Ivory Nhun about 13 years Liat we Rici eyed in Tidi juy uni other 1 Ari As we Hovsip Liidi did std Sci or but itt the j l always Vonjj Lof Mio had the jest Nie ii ill pit till Floii it in Psia irflii1 Rufif Liia Jinki pm tiles in i i f6hv f in she Wien Teliha eced Osier act Khiuit thess As i Jar lore Are Situe Oitim Iii Jfe Elf to Jimaki offers As i stood smut Lajti Niy heart sve Ritj Lou Iii Otheir i As la Lii such Art Iii Terpst a lion White or i Teapot i was filled to Golf Jodi maj Xvi Liolu to have ii set Broth Ejot to vie it Taij i Tiff not ii for be the family were John i was Oil no Iii to by j i Over with father Narf Nib Tiibi until i had Elwir arid one ii Jie j Seto it lend with the few old this in an land so in my is to a harpers eps Toxvard it Cir Vii Yin Tje Taji Tanil t m North at Imi j Iii stun to Rry Ilund Ivy tue Cronant i ii m when gave Tii ought 6q Nyji unit my what Jour willj1jfc is that All 6f Tistha Grevil creatures of circa stance often control Tiwi make be win Jerto fou Are Jiu Hui eat life and Iri Ivor Dia Tevor Iti May tie will Prosi open the Way before Yukito 1 a any ii is now famous has Kart Iii Witt Money find few hit Endeavor with Gritl Trust Irive m to overcome his Wii his up Mph l with Sincli words of Lipini Furj shout and lion t Hill acid Jeg me in path pcs was nuns All i live Trowt Tii but first Valirio Lehst blk she Flint of our we Wuhu hard in r Titt Riecl Matr on l s of i or Timyje Traci Law arid Chili Kikin Ari pry per lamely wll Juki Icka or the if a Sporl Llali nil a ir1 i k of cute 10 tin r f torn tha Iliad Lieari Lusto to tji6se Givlio Wei Ifni 5 Wisla Btij Tiivi Tju j s Silvo pea Colca of or Bailie Birds ii will i in Tiri iely i inns i Lottie is for Ojie i four or to so j additional lu1 alien wit i As Infin a fire cart j r if Kaffir i jll7 they into Sij child the Iii lit Truw u Hen Kin found i Iliad no and did Riotoc nov Liat i so would she told Inthey ail extra hand for and like to Tav a u re Oil Tojio Nan the if an who in Chaij before it draw me Folt Heliouse Tho i gave a asking me Kome questions Aii to where1 triad Conia from what 1 is Pec cd Dpi in Paoyi Clerice and s6 to lev a Ali l Aiti ebb not 6t i Iii filitor i i to to this a i thu night in est Ftfe Art ii befell for will n i 1 i Tild to a of Over an the year b 1 tie editor i i i r i l and Insl Etu Catinat Point of to kirov lip Trtat taken be of Tali list to the Ilar Tiki i6n Oiin k i f ii Dollfe r triad Fri to Iii i f a k i Bijj in lit1 i r in i m late r Al h ij1 to i our Well Sel Mcd Cinius Atto univ at vow a Spione Tacuri m 00 u 4 j t7 Attol Tkv i aj1 tic thiie1s above sur i in 00 i any m t atoll nays at of Liaoxin wit Iho slim bin for juice and do Emilut it Jino t bar ill tur Peri Vrtlar Sahib Iii Maua int Cunn in bin Ifni will in id by is harpers Uhi one nov cd Var 1 Vii i Avo uni to Tyllo i ill Tel i i it f Lily Silias Init la Foj sly a if 1 Khz Novi Burnie k Ltd Bonsaver str Cuiffi l an of Patent in the Ildrem at nil or Luv no cult Al ills Atri oot of Al Frlj meet for Kei Niyork i los Jim i site Meredith it Usu Ifni i of the Radici Dye i Pri compounded it to ivs of have at Ulfik i Klus Klaven Airn Iii Cath Sun v nut jews one n r be to rfcs 1881 Ami Wick Nikl barrel apples Thev to to Hay and would Payr Iio i Fen Wui o to and before two Jhio Wiss Felippi i rail a be l Tivi Wijt and tie i t pm Xinji Luigi Eye ngg pleas fam Houseboy f Soodi Boykiv Union i 01 the daughters inns an invalid find w Rii i tumult Wincn sue saw that i 19 Tau lit much Alt to trip inh Lii Artia t ii Imir Nauy Nure 1 ask i s at my old Ivi Hare Glew Les a i a i a very Nam Lair Jur nashes tin Tutein i form Jilin in Rufard tint Nio flt approved Slih i Autelie iils a id res its Imil Llsms to Btij and Call examine i the i1 Narket i Cafeo keep Kinda o i i 1 kick at 1 win furnish i j the so fear in the City i 1 Ani yours f t a r i 5 l f in i j Klita Bauer j Trio i it Tjw Merri i t s voids is i Jet Neil Imnel go Lind Lii to from Lin i to und the Tel Sauil to i i Tho Klimi Ulen lot iliac Hiltl Good f n Ove i Anit Moryl i and Iii ii Rill Huffe Domo and and i Call Nuoc Raj Lii in term Ami j i not a Jinny Days Anssu Thrond the stoi4 in Isan i 1 it for Weir h Elk in Titi in hell so it was Ai offered new Booth the Ingry Drill and love As so hive an extra Fiji Reading Tjho Wil Hirv and i i quarrels Jive do and Wpm often washed i i d him Ioor r Jef earlier a a Kin aim to Sabbath Aii jew tort Der Amer Registe when one o and Urf it a a fondness to a an hid Talf Cid tit fms t Lini Tuu your letter and was16olii l i i 1 d Thedrie Imine id enl Ivro fun Al e Clown off Thi Eli can every Mouth was turned is a Del info r lots of cd f i Zouki Al Clelle t and Sivri me Board an Takin the Irisi Ami to Lii Schb Oroon sic Frew t f t Mph Hanoi disappeared in a Heidi he had finished in rett nned to the office toil and it he Sapic Ihfe Hla did Edlord edged Uip and said t i Youj mrs id Salbat i i Metlio Fias Twenty Foai Hie cd Chiue Iju nning out of Here and the Bysa you Wens e your line 11 at breakfast the Compaq Keyotti pay for l d i till keep you As Lor who is in i College gets thro Tig kid Kotlier sea Jones Fum isl i a apr me interim Etcil ii it Ujj attn Thelea Stit i i 5 Dail Ami 1 sio1 arranged to iinil11 Felt As at Down to the Lik evening a i Nirun tool Lourid Toti Trifil t i Home so a find to it total Omlei Vila Youj were i Block inns Grinj Lii Otley to a bail go Fortl arc not y Oil Jay i Sam i 4 great Liea Veha but 3our Scalp you a to thine and they Nisco c tars Here in two minut Hift Youj letter Al but Tive cof m 9f i i of Jow Tho boys is cred i ight to buy lout is there to Ido v sever Oiin clothe out inc for your Podias Raoul a Sta i be Bank in the Jun drummer i up ii Junji Unaka i remained iat Sci do Hoo Verj land a r a Rte Jed of dirt of Cine ii o bad Irani to Fenter i Flo freshman we Junior year at adj men to Arm Tor the comi w Villi ii 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