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Davenport Democrat And Leader Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 4

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Davenport Democrat And Leader, The (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Davenport, IowaSunday morning the Davenport Democrat and 31, me big Winter season in autos reported at Detroit factories orders now pouring in indicate this season s sales will set record by Roy c. Hayes ice automobile Detroit. Jan. Now pouring into Detroit motor car fac tories indicate that this Winter s motor car sales will set an unexampled record. Marked resumption in retail buying is noted in Liose Beci ions have had their an Nual automobile the buying stimulus induced by this year s shows has been i equated in the history of the Industry. This is not Only an earned tribute to the automobile show As institution but Over All a con carted recognition of the goodness and intrinsic Worth of the 1926 automobile. Reports from the East have it i that sales along the Atlantic sea Board have jumped 10 percent Ini following the Auto shows. The Speed Beauty Comfort safety Rand Low Cost of this year s Auto is being recognized with i very definite results in the sales columns. Detroit s loss tonight is Chicago s it Sain. With the closing of the Silver show of the Detroit Auto dealers association and Tho opening of the Twenty sixth Auto show in the Chicago col tie motor City event was the deaf hear instantly amazing invention brings immediate Relief to those who Are deaf a wonderful invention which in in Les the hard of hearing to hear All As clearly and distinctly As a child has been perfected by the products corporation pc smile 220 to 224 West 42nd new York City. There is waiting no delay no but Quick positive instantaneous hear instantly. So positive arc the makers that every who is hard of hearing will be and delighted with this intention the acoustic that Alliey Are offering to Send it absolutely free for 10 Days trial c. O. Obi i cation if of suffer Lake advantage of their Liberal free offer. Kend them your name and address greatest from every standpoint in the history of. Automobile Row Here. More cars were shown More space used and More visitors accommodated than at. Any previous Detroit exhibition altho no report on sales was available at a late hour sat urday dealers generally declare that More cars were sold this year than Ever. The Detroit show was essentially the same As the National show in new York three weeks ago. Nothing new in the Way of new models or Price changes came to Light meanwhile. John Yuval Dodge negotiated one More step toward the realization of his Dod eight Cylinder rotary Job when he displayed the motor and Chassis at the Detroit show. Only the motor was shown in new York. Detroit was keenly interested in the new Chrysler six Imperial with its Promise of so Miles an hour it was studiously concerned with Tho new stud bight in line and the Many departures and advances it embodies it was partial to the new Pontiac six. With Uvo models each listing at ss25 it was curiously interested in capt. A. Y. Quicken Waelter s super sport Road Ster which is guaranteed to deliver do Miles an hour and listing at 53.000 and it spent a. Great Deal of enthusiasm on the new Knight six the new Hupp eight and the new Paige six. Several Large meetings notably the annual convention of the society of automobile engineers were held during the week. More than 1.000 engineers were Here to in Spect the show visit the factories and discuss the automobile of the future. Sessions on the possibilities of Char gov and on body building were held at length. Three aircraft meetings indicated the exl fent to which the engineers Are considering this comparatively new Means of transportation. Skidding. Combination of freezing and thawing weather rendered them unfit. Vol. Reel As Tho you no vol. J wanted to drive a. Car Smith the sudden change of tempera i asked one Rainy Day As he wus lure of Friday has made the dirt j stepping from his car. His face All dirt roads Are reported in bad shape John Smith and his car by Frederick c. Russell. John Smith is a character whom every Motorist a Botilde Welcome. He is not selfish rather he is a motoring Martyr a Chap will ing and glad to have exploited in interesting Way. His experiences for id Benefit of the other or More members of to motor clan. Ii roads of this locality Slippery and i was As while As a Sheet and his Niu Between More difficult Cor passage Accord Lis chattering Teeth. To the Road report of you re skid 1 said. The Mississippi motor club at this guessing the situation at once from particular season of the year motorists will find to much to their and to travel the dirt roads be fore High noon. This act is maintained for the reason that after noon the Sun is at its height and brings out the thaw in the roads which makes the surface Slippery and much harder for traction. The the symptoms. You la get Over it after a few Days of driving on dry streets. But it s nighty ii pleasant. T sort of makes you Stop and it makes you wonder How you re going to Stop Smith retorted. I know it s the same old Story. You have a Chain on one wheel therefore you have pretty Good chances of starting Tho it May be necessary to Block die unchained wheel to keep it from spinning. Hut Why do the thing halt Way Why use one Chain when you be got two or perhaps four and As a second thought on tie subject Why not know How to prevent skidding without the Aid of chains so that if you should happen to leave your brains and the chains in the garage. You will not be a party to an i d like to know How that s you stopped i of i lie motor club emergency Calls it was t necessary to in the last several Days have been due to the Sliwi Kermess of the pave mint. Iowa route no. 7 to Iowa City and Des Moines is very rough but passable without chains. Home no. 20, North from Deavitt was is rough from y j to Maquoketa the Road is very rough but from Maquoketa to do but ii there is a Light surfacing of gravel part of the distance and it is Well packed Down and can be trav eled at the rate of 20 or 25 Miles per hour. Sheji Luois Side is much the hot Ter for travel to Muscat Iii. Taking Illinois route no. To tip Flor it Ido and then West thru Edgington and Illinois City to Muscatine. Illinois route to. 20 to Jewitt and the Lincoln Highway n o. C is much the belter Way to Cedar Lap ids. Having Only 2.1 Miles of dirt. Motorists driving to Peoria will Lind that it they follow no. 7 out of Princeton i this was news to Smith. He had Laken skidding As a necessary evil. Of you mean 1 should always put on my he said at length. " but that s a lol of trouble sometimes especially when it starts to rain suddenly. It s no fun stand ing out in the wet fussing will Tho Smith wondered. I apply d the car always skids it s the same every your brakes Are not adjusted i replied. That accounts for your skidding always in one direction. It they were properly adjusted and if you steered straight ahead the car would merely slide straight Forward. But you always make Mallei s worse by turning away from the direction of the skid. Jack and the you should steer straight ahead if those Are rather weak object car merely slides and always in i replied. If the rain comes i direction the read wheels slide up in a hurry what s wrong with i c the car driving into a garage and Bavins a j 1 add that expert Drivers take no attendant put on the chains fort chances on the brakes being in you it in t necessary to Jack up the wheels Trio if you happen to have a Good Jack Handy that is sometimes the easiest Way. What Force equally to., the rear wheels nominal fee the garage Man charges you will be Good insurance against participating in a you May be Smith con ceded but would t it be a rather satisfactory Compromise to put equally adjusted. They shift into second and by slowing up the propellor Shaft impart the braking _ in u Rase of rain tale02 chains on just one rear wheel in j tire carriers. I be seen it when we and if there s no alternative but to hit another car they aim to make the collision the rear end variety. These arc invariably less dangerous and less expensive owing to the i general use of bumpers and spare importance of All steel body is explained quieter lighter longer life stronger and also much safer. The world Over Dodge Brothers Are known for one contribution of. Immeasurable importance to the automobile production of the first Kissenger automobiles fitted with All steel open bodies and the first with All steel closed bodies. The import Ance of this achievement will in the future be regarded just As much an epoch in the automobile Industry As the successful building of the first steel passenger coaches is to railway transportation of All steel steamships to navigation and of All Metal planes to aviation. Dodge Brothers according to j v. So Levind local dealer while still engaged in motor car parts for others and while planning the car which was to Bear Ali eur name with keen insight into the future saw clearly the need for the All steel motor car. The All steel Railroad coach had demonstrated us great superiority Over he Wood framed car in Freedom from squeaks and noises and also As a Saver of lives in Case of Acci Dent. Why not a automobile body entirely of steel and now the whole automobile says or. Show and has begun to recognize that the All steel body is the automobile body of the is entirely logical to look to Dodge Brothers motor which have been devoted Over 11 years of constant faithful Effort to Ward the improvement of this Typo Ottlie highest development of Ilie Art of building All steel bodies. The Low Graceful All steel closed bodies now displayed on Dodge Brothers Standard Chassis stand out As the crowning achievement of this unflagging zealous Effort for improvement. Slender steel pillars afford of Are the results of adherence to the sound policy of constant refinement. All of these improvements have contributed toward increasing the already Well known driving ease and Riding Comfort of Dodge Broth ers motor cars. Adoption color a recent in Novation with Dodge Brothers inc., is the subject of favourable com ment by All who see the new cars. The deep Lustre of the Blue and the Gray lacquer contrasting pleasingly with the nigh gloss of the baked enamel on the fenders appeals to everyone. And both the enamel and lacquer can with very Little Effort be kept looking like new thru out the Long life of the Ainsworth ladies Aid entertained Ainsworth la., Jan. Breadth of vision heretofore Unap ladies Aid society of the Metho preached in closed car i a Kitchen Shower the strength and safety for which Ani dinner yesterday and Many use Dodge Brothers motor cars have become so Well known Are unit the method of welding arid riveting the pressed steel body Frame members and panels into one Well braced Assembly insures absolute Freedom from Loose joints and squeaks thru out the Long me of the sturdy body. Substantial reduction in the weight afforded by the new steel proved flexibility and smoothness Monticello has declaim contest girls win event to 1 at Tif Viat Monticello la. Jan. Home declamatory contest for Slu a cols of the Monti Ecleto High school was held in the school auditorium. In the oratorical class Alice Road was first Wilh Lincoln and the Edwin Lingl loot placed second. Lucia Schoon placed first in the dramatic class with the Money into Peoria All paved will save j time on this route rather than Lake j the Cut off from Princeton to by i Roan As this exit off is flirt Ami is 1 very rough. The Knoxville Road to Colesburg is very deeply rutted and pie prefer to take the longer Routs which is paved All the Way taking route no. To Jlon Mouth and no. S to Galesburg. I so have i disastrous results. Had or. W. B. Caldwell at the Auk of 83 constipation How to keep bowels regular to or. W. B. Caldwell of wont _. Jul it Vav. J3. i niu.n.1. Linis cd talking ,11 n lir i Heine Sliv Siculan said but with Smith was actually data pointed be t Insl that if i Roll Nln Cal Lioun in if could he absolutely certain unit both Brake bands were adjusted alike the one Cabin proposition might work out. Cause the Sun was coining out. Is wanted to try out some of these schemes right then and there. Next the but suppose the Brake on the in copyright 1026, by the Ullman chained wheel takes hold before feature service the other i is going to then skid Side wisc. And Irma Rob was awarded second place. In humorous Elizabeth Cooper was first with Over the and Grayce Schneider was second. Edna Colburn and Marjorie died Rich entertained with a piano duet. A and Olive Slauson rendered a vocal i when driven Kolo. Of course the must skid will be minimized by the Chain on the other wheel but it you Are in traffic at the time even a slight kid May cause you to collide with another but i be seen them use one Chain when the streets were covered with he argued. Brown claims it works out that s i explained now the idea of the chains is mainly to help the wheels get traction particularly when Tho car is starting away from the deeper Snow at the curb. In that Case your Brake bands have nothing to do with it. The differential is the thing you must consider. If you will recall what t told you about the differential that Day on our trip when you were stuck in the mud Yon know that if one rear wheel is held because it Doben t get traction the Power will be transmitted to the other wheel which will simply spin around if it is equally without traction if test free be y luxe Sedan. Dot Toni ref pm. Hyt Nute Feur we Tel or Tyty included without friars f. E. B. Detroit air Rutt. Jilt to Arm on Tiati through of the Moat a Tver off Crete. Something new in motoring it is the Al Keener incomparably greater driving ease and thrilling sense of com plete Mastery of your car and of every traffic situation you experience in handling the new Day Jewett Sedan. The new Day Jewett is the Fine product of years of Fine Paige engineering. Innumerable refinements and new Day features reveal themselves in every Angle of swifter acceleration smoother easier Brake action instant response to your guidance in vision roominess Comfort. And above All in this car s tremendously greater ability to go anywhere under any conditions of any. Time that will be new in your experience. Proof of this awaits you in the car itself. Convenient terms if desired Carleton motor company 417 West third Street phone Dav. 3875 Bowel indigestion simply Calls for More bile bile is a Dis Distant. In lie bowels it Breaks up the Tats and oils. A scant Supply causes Bowel indigestion. Bile also floods and clears the Boyels. The natural Supply is a quart per Day. We Iii that is Lack ing the bowels clog. Bile is also an Antiseptic to com Bat germs in the intestines. When those Berrus Are allowed to Breed they feed poisons to the blood Caus ins countless ill conditions. Bile Supply depends on an Active liver. Ive used to Sive cathartic to stimulate the liver. We know they never do that. They merely irritate the intestines. But medical science has now found a real Iver stimulant. It is i liver gland secretion taken from the of. It is doing what cathartic never did. Physicians Are prescribing tens of millions of tablets to with All the countless ailments due to Lack of bile. This secretion is now embodied in tablets called Dion of. Each Tab let represents ten drops purified and concentrated with other important helps. Results appear in a few hours. In a few Days they Are often amazing. Most people can be helped by Dion of. Millions can be greatly helped. Send the Coupon for some samples and our Book. Learn How much this new discovery Means to you yours. Cup Coupon Pii armaral inc. Is s Madison ave. York. Mail me free Ofano trial free the Accident. What the Sam Hill is the matter with that there surprised by asked an acquaintance. His hair is slipping off n him Ain t replied Lum Dot rom of Slippery slap. I dropped a bottle of boiled by Licker and it broke and splattered on City Star. Many constipated men. Women children and particularly old folks had to be kept constantly stirred up and halt sick by taking cathartic pills tablets salts Calomel and Nasty oils. While he knew that constipation was the cause of nearly All headaches bilious Ness indigestion and stomach misery he did not be lies e that a sickening purge or physic was necessary. In or. Cald Well s syrup pepsin he discovered a laxative which helps to establish natural Bowel regu Clarily even for those chronically constipated. Or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin not oily causes a gentle easy Bowel movement but Best of All it never gripes sickens or up sets the system. Besides it is absolutely harmless and so pleasant that even a Cross feverish bilious sick child gladly takes it. Buy a Largo co cent bottle at any store that Sells Medicine and just see for yourself. s syrup pepsin easier terms at lowest Cost now the new Willys finance plan enables you to Purchase Overland and Willys Knight Fine motor Gars on easiest to forms at the lowest credit Cost Ever developed. Investigate the total Cost to you of any finance plan that May be brought to your attention. Compare it with your total Cost on the new Willys finance plan. The Day of heavy penalties for legitimate financial accommodation has gone. This newer better fairer plan has accomplished that. Get the facts and figures. When you buy your car make every Dollar of your Money count. Finance plan Ful articles were received. Or. And airs. Sam Lambert Are parents of a son. Born yesterday. A sister greeted the baby. Winter or summer g-im7-Np is Buick performance better at Zero Buick automatic heat control Means easy starting and smooth run Ning immediately. In every temperature this exclusive Buick feature insures gasoline Economy automatically and at All speeds. Buick mechanical wheel brakes make secure footing that is insecure. Through two Winters and two half a Mil lion have proved the All year dependability their direct mechanical action it not affected by weather changes. And not even a blizzard will harm the Buick valve in head engine. Every Point Metal would rub Metal is lubricated under pressure. Yogi will not find another car today regardless of Price with perform Ance so perfectly tested. Winter or sum Mer a Buick it better Buick Motorc. Flint. Michigan nut bul i curl bin Ifft Orui. At Bofil crud imm Hurt it Hal Vrell meet your to Motly. Davenport Buick co. P. H. 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