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Davenport Democrat And Leader Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 3

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Davenport Democrat And Leader, The (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Davenport, IowaSunday Davenport Democrat and i a we a. Fund at is Mark in drive raised amount to be applied on debt of the association. The Mark was reached saturday noon in they we a s drive for which continues next week. The Board of tie ., meeting in special ses Sion Friday afternoon believing that the people of Davenport do appreciate the work the Is doing for the employed girls of the City voted to pay first the debt of the to and to Trust to the pub Lic to give the remaining to carry on the adequate program for the activities of the year. The Rev Rodney Cobb offered the invocation at the meeting sat urday noon and George Innes gave n. Fine talk on the ., and what it Means to the people of the Community to love the girls of the City Well enough to contribute to Ward their Well being. Monday noon Dean Hare of Trinity Epis Copal Cathedral will give the invocation and . Shturtz president of the Davenport advertisers club will speak As will mrs. Gosch president of the quota club. The girl reserves of the association Sang continually during the luncheon hour. The report saturday noon made teams showed added to the fund with of this amount turned in by the initial gift committee. Tho auditing committee is working overtime in an Effort to make the Campaign a. Success is composed of miss Alice seller miss Ida Dittman miss Sarah Fidlar mrs. J. Mcshane mrs. B. F Martin mrs. Harry Nab Kledt and mrs. Blair Johnson. Roses for your Garden Ever Blooming finest of the hybrid teas have a Garden full and grow roses us line As any Florist. Three year old each. It s our Way to Adver Tise Rose Glen Nursery so you will i now where to get the Best in Trees. Seed and bulbs. Now read this wonderful like it was Ever heard of until our Sale last year. Thi5 choicest . Milady Premier. Ophelia or equally Good varieties and Many others Pink red or White Long pointed petals fully double frag rant and Beautiful. They Start Blooming in a few weeks after and continue All summer. Order and pay for them will to made in strict rotation. We specialize on line sales last year would Plant a lied three Miles Long. Rose Clen roses Are found in the finest gardens. Mai include 5c extra Tor postage and packing and no orders accepted without remittance. A wonderful new Flower. The Dahlia flowered Beautiful As the finest easy to grow is any Zinnia. We offer a still further improvement in dodgers Gold medal Strain. This marvelous Flower was awarded the sold medal at the Flower show at London in july 1924, and is creat ing a sensation in Europe and this country. We offer a limited sup ply of seed from the originator to. Dodgers son s co. In separate colors 25c per package. A fixed colors 20c per package. Regale lilies. There Are never enough bulbs of this wonderful Hardy Lily to Supply he demand. We have a Nice sup ply from the largest grower in this country but our Supply is limited. Choice each. Rose Glen Nursery Davenport Iowa., dogs poisoned police asked to investigate s police have received numerous complaints recently Troia. Dog own ers whose nets have poisoned. In two cases evidence has been found to indicate that the dogs were Given strychnine. The com plaints have come from persons living Vicinity of grand ave nue and Rusholme Street in East Central Park Avenue and on West third Street. Officers Are checking up Pur chases of strychnine at drug stores. Lev Leccost Survey wins much Praise prof. John e. Brindley of Ames compliments commission. Prof. John e. Brindley of Ames noted Iowa economist has praised the Industrial commission Davenport on Tho Cost of living Survey recently made by that boxy Here. The Survey also recently came to the attention of am. Hotter presi Dent of the consolidated Union Davenport Trust savings Bank and Tho Scott county savings Bank who was also High in his Praise of the work done. _ the commission will have a Chart tomorrow showing their general plan of work in making the next Slop which will be a Survey to As certain definitely the Best localities to work in first. Cooperation in advertising the big program Tor feb. 12 is progressing Well Many concerns placing the programs in their East Ern mail. The Rohlffs nurseries used live Hundred in letters East yesterday while the guaranty Lite insurance company placed i700 in the mail the Schmidt music com Pany contributing the entire Musi Cal and vocal program has taken keen interest while Joe Langford of Tho w. G. Block company Pioneer in sending out commission programs again this month has helped wonderfully. The new office equipment is be ing rapidly installed Lor the open ing tuesday afternoon. Fred c. Gosch of Fidlar Chambers is lend ing ins artistic Eye to setting up the equipment. F. I. Davis of the Davis Floral company has placed some f Natch by the Northwestern Cement Block company. The commission Are highly pleased Over the fact that the in formation Lias been gathered in exactly the time indicated for the work Lias been very intensive since started nov. 10. But leaves the Field Clear now for Tho next steps.4 Michigan life agents in meet at Blackhawk the parking space the barricade i that people things Clear they matter not a Whit. Say my so let us keep along the Road and there s an end to it Well Stop no longer than to Greet the people we pass by and let them Settle As they will the wherefore Anil the Why and should the Road be piled and barred v with things those people said when we return we can cime Back another Way instead. The 400. Country life in England we understand is not the Carefree cheery Hail fellow Well met exist ence it used to be since the horses Sot together and formed an exclusive Circle mounts often Wilch h. R. M. Edward Prince of Wales has fallen. Not snobbery make Only does this for discontent among the horses and cows but when the Prince starts out Riding he never knows but that his mount s greatest ambition is to qualify for the club. But what did she Wear on the train dear a. A. I have just re turned from a journey to find that in my absence you have hounded Dulcie from the country. Of course she did t sell her poem and go to Panama on the proceeds that is Only the Story that her Brave spirit bade her Tell. The poor Little thing was no doubt broken hearted at your refusal to print her poem so she pawned All that Bhe had including the garters with bulls on them and went to hide herself and her grief somewhere out ii the g o. S. Men Are men and column conductors Are gentlemen. You can thank yourself a. A. P., for driving away the purest sweetest spirit that Ever Drew breath in your column with the exception of my p. J. Smith. The world moves Forward. And now comes the news that the russian peasants have become a race of Vodka bootleggers with illicit stills confiscated in the last year alone. Thus proving with All pessimists to the Coutrair that thru the dark revolutionary Days line ferns in the Concrete vase do Russia is entering a Dawn of a new civilization with a spirit and a culture like our own. Twelve District representatives of the Michigan Mutual life insurance co. From the Davenport and Peoria districts held a noon luncheon meeting at the Black Hawk hotel saturday As a feature of a District conference Here. J. E. Walker formerly of grand rapids. general agent for to company the Davenport District being in charge of a Lutes a. Brown. E. C. Slone is in charge of the Peoria District. . Natl male Oil u Snake Oil goes creeping and crawling Down into Creaky stiff and swollen joints lumbering pm up in a few minutes. Tills front Oil known As Snake is Ilu Only thins of its kind yet discovered. Will the thickest sol i i Ditlif lit it then there is tile wonder it i Chevus Licu mutism. Neuralgia. Neuritis. Stiff joints Chest colds and sore almost like Magio. Over u.000.000 bottles sold in Ler absolute pump Nice a incl less than a Josen Boitos returned a in coid never before equalled by any a in remedy. Don t suffer longer pret this most Pine Tilting liniment and know what Means to be free from pain. Now. On Sale a leading drug John Block is right in line with Sec. Hoover s recommendation for repairing tires in time and More use of repaired tires. We Are giving car repairs so neat they cannot be noticed and repairs Guaran teed for the life of the tire. The Only successful repair Jor balloon tires flexible and Strong As the tire itself. 7 Cri Anent repairs on tires you were ready to throw away. Repairs without bulges or bumps that i he lire Back in its original condition. Von too can get the last Long mile of Wear from every tire and greatly reduce the Cost of running your car or truck taking advantage of our guarantee. Hood and Goodrich Silvertown Cord tires Horst Wilkinson inc. 415 w. Third St. Phone Dav. 511 we will fix your blowouts if you blow we re too bashful. Yes a. A. P., Why Don t you Why Don t you get out a parking space Book so Many of us did t discover your column until it had been running for some time that it would make us feel much better to have a selection hat would in clude not Only the sick Eagle but some of the earlier gems As Well. The Power of the press. In a recent number of the Chi Cago Tribune Doc Evans gives a number of uses to which newspaper can be put. His list seems to us a bit incomplete since he was speaking in hygienic terms Only and not in the big Broad Way which our readers know to be so characteristic of us. We would Sug Gest these additional uses for news paper that will tend to take a life More Complete 1. There is nothing like a news paper for starting a grate fire. There is no use however to Burn the1" old numbers As a fire never Start unless you feed it that Day s paper especially if father has not yet had a Chance to read it. 2. Newspapers spread on the Kitchen floor provide a place for the ice Man to step with his Muddy feet. No one however has Ever reported finding an ice Man who kept on the paper. A rolled newspaper is just the thing for swatting flies.1 if you will Lake the paper which you Are read ing fold it several times and swing at the Fly vigorously we guarantee that in five minutes you will be in a Nice slow several bits of Bric a Brac will be broken your paper will be in shreds and the Fly will be buzzing on the chandelier. Of it s just an Honor. Dear a. A. You May have won dered whatever become of me and the lecture i was going to give you about shake speeds play Othello and the Marchunt of Venis we sir i went to Floridy and kinds got outa the swing of ring except in dotted lines. But now r am Back and 1 Notis that you want somebody to run your column while Yon Are away. I think i am the Best person around Here to do it. Being As How i have always had the am Ishun As you know to tech pee Pul Bow to rite rite. As i said f am just Hack from Floridy and How much do you Ink. Notice. We Are sorry to inform you that the times is not being delivered to us As yet. We Hope we can rely upon Oiler columnists not to say anything Aboul us behind our backs because at present we have no Way of knowing about it. We won t mind of course once we have the times. It has come to this. Wish to expose a great deception which we feel is being prac tired upon the world at Large. This is the general acceptance of the theiry that a spot May be removed from any. Garment by the use of one of any number of kinds of fluid. We have tried every method with a spot. To have followed the directions on the bottle of cleaner. We have ignored them. We have rubbed with circular motion with n ver tical we have soaked Tho we shot in Oklahoma Oil dispute Edgar h. Duke succumbs from wounds Davenport Man who died at St. Luke s Hospital was shot in the Back during argument last no murder charge will result from Case local lawyers funeral today. E1 dear ii. Duke age if 41 years for five years manager of the Rabbit s foot Oil com Pany of this City succumbed in St. O clock Friday afternoon in St. Luke s Hospital alter a Long Battle against wounds inflicted May 4 by an Oil Aliimau in a quarrel Over a Hue Fence on Rabbit s foot prop erty near Covington okla20 Miles from Enid. Or. Duke had undergone four operations since the shooting in an Effort to save his Lite but complications which resulted from the nature of the wound thru the stomach and Abdomen resulted fatally. A. L. Knox his assailant who shot or. Duke in the Back it the conclusion of their dispute was fined a Short time after the fray on a charge of assault. His Fine was s100, and it is not Likely that there will be fur ther prosecution. Two operations were performer in Enid immediately following the shoot info and or. Duke spent nine weeks in a Hospital there. He had apparently recovered and returned to his duties in the Oil Fields com ing to the of George t. Baker and or. And mrs. R. B. Risley 1514 Farnam Street where he had made his Homo since his residence Here for the Christmas holidays. Lie seemed in Good health and entered into the parties and family gather Ings of the season with his custom Ary geniality Ami happiness. New year s Day As the family was at the table he complained of feeling ill and declined to accompany them to a show in the1 afternoon saying that he would rest. When others returned or. Duke was quite ill and taken to the Hospital. Two later operations were performed in the Hope of saving his life but without Success. Or. Duke came to Davenport in world Var Days As an Coli Cliency at Rock Island Arsenal. As an incident of the housing shortage of those Days George t. Baker took him into his Louic Here and from that time dates a companionship be Edgar h. Duke. Were being set that Day Tore them out. Shot in Back. Workmen summoned or. Duke who explained the situation to Knox and tried to pacify him. In Stead Knox became abusive and or. Duke started to leave the scene saying that he would Call the authorities to protect his property. As he turned on his Heel and walked away Knox Drew a gun and tired. The Bullet entered or. Duke s Back and came out thru the Abdomen. He was about 30 feet away from Knox when the shots were fired and almost an equal Dis Tance from his cur. Or. Duke managed to reach the scene get in Bis car and go to the lease House. Companions of Barker boy to be questioned police Endeavor to Trace whereabouts of youth on Day of death. Schoolboy acquaintances Othar old Barker Bogie 10, who was asphyxiated at his Home. M20 fair Avenue Jmon Day last will be questioned by police at a Coroner s inquest to be held at the City Hall tomorrow night. An attempt is being made to Trace the movements of the boy during the hours pre ceding the time when he was found dead. To further developments have been noted in tile Case in which an investigation was demanded utter it was Learned that the boy had recently been granted a s10.000 Lite insurance policy in. Which his Fos Ter Mother was named beneficiary. Thus far no one has been found who knew where Young Barker was the morning of the Day he did. Neighbors report that they did not see him during the Day and that they did not know of his presence in the House until police arrived when informed that the boy was dead. I i store increases i i in popularity a a i an institution that is rapidly in creasing in popularity and amount of business transacted in Daven port is the a boyhood store. These Are located in All parts of the City. There a Borho cd stores Are progressive and prove a great convenience. Today the progressive merchants of Northwest Davenport Are represented in display Advertis ing in the Democrat. Several Days ago the hustling merchants on North Brady Street were represented in these columns. Next week will appear the live wires of the West end. A Good slogan would be watch the Nabo Rhood stores the Democrat has always encouraged them. Tween the two that was As As that Between father and his i death Falls upon or. Baker As their intimates realize like the loss of a member of his own family. During his visits to Davenport after his later business connections took him to Oklahoma or. Duke always stopped at the Baker Home. Soon after the Rabbit s foot Oil was organized he joined it and be came general manager. Lie was in charge of the company s develop ment property in Oklahoma and there arose the trouble which culminated in the shooting. The Rab bit s foot people after an under standing in court and an. Official Survey had been made attempted to Fence in its property but Knox objected and As rapidly As posts i from which employees rushed him son to Ille Hospital. Or. Knox was born in Fresno calif., aug. 22, and had spent the greater part of his life in. The West. He had worked his Way thru dried the garment in the Sun wind rain and a Bath Towel. We have done it on May Day morn and at the dark the Moon whatever that on halloween. In every Case the spot remained fast sur rounded by a blatant Circle. We had an aunt who bragged that she could take out spots and we once let her attempt a garment of ours. She returned it to us with out the spot. But we later Learned that in the dark of night she had taken it to the cleaners. There May be those among you who will arise to state that you know the Correct pass word that you can Wield the sponge and clean piece of some White material with Success. But nothing could make us believe you a. When you re receiving a gift look for the Gold from Hall Martin fourth and Brady its. 666 prescription of colds Grippe flu Dengue bilious fever arid malaria. It kills the or. C. F. Jappe of a skin and nerves Kani bldg. Tel. Dav. 319 College and was a Man of exceptional character and brilliancy. Surviving Are his sister mrs. Estelle of Ccausland of Dinuba calif., and a brother Oscar of san fran Cisco. Fraternally he was a Mem Ber of Jove port Lodge. To. 29s. Elks and attended the first Church of Christ scientist. Funer Al services will be held at e o clock sunday afternoon in the Baker Home on Farnam Street. Friends Are invited to attend the last rites but it is requested that no Flowers be sent. Burial will be in Oakdale cemetery. The Hadaf Fah meets monday in Davenport trip Tri City chapter the Qatfah will hold a regular meeting monday afternoon at with ills. Lester to loft in the Harrison Manor apartments. 250s Harrison Street. Rabbi j. L. Baron will be the speaker of the afternoon. Hot Tea Breaks a cold try this get a Small package of Hamburg breast Tea at any pharmacy. Take a tablespoonful of this Hamburg Tea put a end of boiling water upon it pour through a Sieve and drink a Tea cupful at any time. It is the effective Way to break a cold and cure grip As it opens tie Neres relieving congestion. Also loosens the bowels thus breaking a cold at once. H is inexpensive and entirely vegetable therefore harmless. Frequent dry cleaning is really a matter of Economy. Improved appearance and longer life for your clothes saves you Money. Louis Chanez co. French cleaners dyers main office and Plant 816 w. Third St. Phone Oak. 605 Branch office. 224 Perry St. Phone Dav. Mid year term opening our important mid yen r opening i on monday. Feb. 1. Plan a Hoied now to Rnic a Inen lion Many a pliers vill Start. Some Lake accountancy courses others take secretarial courses Ami still others will Lake Lith Tako selectee studies. Day or evening school our naming lends directly to kind of office portion Pat is Snow. Surroundings pleasant work congenial of nods Ami promotion cd Talu. Amu ions Surv is for better. Cwt lob get full Muci nation at and Start on Keb Rufty of ambitious to Mic Reed be ready to Brown s business College phone Dav. 299. Davenport Iowa Davenport girl to Iowa City nurse s school i. I does not i like californian Walter Snider former motorcycle policeman of the Davenport police department returned from Cali fornia yesterday. Be was granted a leave absence several Mouths ago and accompanied by his wife drove to California. I would t Trade my Home on sixteenth Street Tor the City of san Francisco if 1 had to live said the former policeman last night. Iowa and Davenport Are Good enough for or. Snider also made the return trip by Auto but was obliged to leave his machine at Wilton be cause the condition of the roads. The cold snap according to a germination test compiled by county agent m. H. Hoffman. J the county agent found that out of ears of Corn picked before i he Frost tested Strong 40 were weak and 20 were dead. Out of 333 ears picked after Tho hard freeze. 157 tested Strong 165 were dead and id were Weald. Included in the test were 10s cars of seed Corn picked in 1924. These tested u4 Strong six weak and three dead an exceptionally High test. The agent is now conducting a second germination test with Ker Nels taken from ears of Corn picked m the county last fall. Seed Corn tests will be carried on by the county agent until the bulk of the seed Corn in the county is tested. Corn picked before Frost test Strong Hoffman reveals results of first test of 1926 seed Corn. Seed Corn picked ahead of the hard freeze last fall is testing far ahead of the Corn selected after builds up weak bodies miss Catharine Ruhl daughter of or. And mrs. De. Ruhl of West sixth Street has gone to Iowa City where she is entering the nurses training school of the Iowa state Hospital for a three years course of training. General break Down forced me la quit Kort. Tarlac tuned All my whole system banished tic nervous Strain and gave me Back the health of Twenty years ago. F strongly recommend Lac f. J. M earner 254 so. Ninth aae., Burlington Iowa from Mother nature s storehouse we have gathered the roots barks and herbs which Are compounded under the famous Tarlac formula to make Tarlac. It your body is weak and under nourished if you can t sleep or eat have stomach trouble or burning rheumatism lust you see How quickly Tarlac can help you Back to health and strength. Don t delay taking Tarlac an other Day. Stop at your druggist s now and get a Bottie of this the greatest of All tonics. Take Tarlac vegetable pills for constipation. Look for the Bear 219-221 w. Second St. Davenport Kansas City s new downtown hotel 1017 Locust 5t, Kansas City to. Id ill Chaffer c and pencils nicely fitted glasses harmonize with the contour of your Al face add character to your features and give your eyes the soothing Relief and strength they need that is our guarantee to All who seek our optical service All work guaranteed Exum in optical co. Lenses duplicated 206 West third St. Davenport Iowa successors to Raben optical co. See it with glasses Herman Gross fill to. 4fh St. Taip port. La. Art classes now forming we offer dependable instruction try com Mercial and Fine Art. New term starts feb. 8th. Located in the Davenport municipal Art gallery on fifth Between main and Brady. Pad thick 1 Are you ruptured let us fit you with a truss As comfortable As an old shoe. Extra charge for fitting we Are not bound to use the truss of any certain . There Are Many different types of ruptures. And therefore Many dil Lerent of trusses Are required. Our Many years of Active truss fitting has enabled us to select the from them All. We can advise you and Tell you just Type you should Wear u get prompt re Lief. We fit you at our stores or at your Home by appointment. Truss and abdominal Holt fitters for the women. Phone us at Rock Island 777 or Davenport 1277 Bengston s drug stores 5 stores in the Tri cities r

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