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Davenport Democrat And Leader Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Davenport Democrat And Leader, The (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Davenport, IowaThe Davenport Democrat weather Snow colder. Seventy first year no. 96. Two sections Davenport Iowa sunday morning january 1926. Twenty eight pages Price five cents flies Over Atlantic expect to pass tax Bill soon leaders in Senate confident measure will be disposed of . 10. Want 19251eduction new amendments of vital importance discussed by Senate yesterday. Washington Jan. Tax reduction Bill was subjected to a new amendment today some on vital provisions As the Senate spent a four hour session wrangling Over the first controversial Section to be reached in consideration of the measure. I awhile no rate sections were readied today. Senator Couzens Republican Michigan opened the promised Light against repeal of the inheritance and gift lax rates now in effect. Considerable support for the amendment from Western senators of both parties is anticipated by senator Couzens whose would not Only Block the proposed repeal of the inheritance Levy voted by the Senate finance committee but would negative the reductions in this tax provided by the House. Hope for passage . 10. Avila the Bill now cleared of All non controversial items leaders were confident tonight continued o disposing of the surplus Corn crop thirty years ago when were unable to find a Market for their surplus Corn they used it for fuel. Hopes for plan being made to end the strike suggested that miners de Vise scheme accept Able to both sides. Jav the Aii Ettalea Preti Philadelphia Jan. Joint conference of Anthracite miners find operators today voted Down two proposals to end Tho strike and adjourned until next tuesday afternoon. In moving tiie adjournment the operators suggested that a inst one More sincere and conscientious Effort be made to bring about a Sel to Emend. In rising to second motion to adjourn a. W. Inglis. One of the operators said lie would like to Sug Gest to the miners that they As Well As the operators consider a Lilan or plans that would embody the workable provisions contained in the various plans that have been considered and received and see if n proposition cannot framed that would be acceptable to both parties. All farm crops lower with but two exceptions Hay and potatoes Are much higher than a year ago. By Tat Apoc Petett Pratt. Washington Jan. Prices on All crops with the exception of Hay and potatoes were lower on Jan. 15 than for the corresponding Date last year according to the department of agriculture. Corn prices were 38 per cent be Low last year Rye 30 per cent bar Ley 28 per cent Oats 27 per cent Cotton and Cotton seed each 24 per cent and wheat two per cent. Potatoes were More than three limes As High As last year and Hay prices showed a gain of 5 per cent. Livestock prices were higher than last year hogs showing an increase of. Is per cent Milch cows 13 per cent and beef cattle 12 per cent. The farm Price of Corn continued downward in january the state ment said while wheat Rye Oats and Barley were slightly higher As were livestock prices generally. Eggs were much cheaper than in december and butter showed a blight decline today confronted with the same sort of predicament they ask us to eat it under no circumstances Are we to try drinking it. Will make tour in an aircraft Hopes to locate new continent and possibly go to the North pole. Privatejndertakin6 Rockefeller jr., Edson Ford and Vincent Back expedition. Washington Jan. By his experience As commander of the Navy Section of Tho Jav Macmil Ian expedition last summer that exploration of the Arctic by air Craft is practical Lieut. Commander Richard b. Byrd. Retired is to Lead an Independent expedition into these regions this year for Sci fent Lilc observations and possibly a flight to the pole. Officially. The Navy is not to be connected with the expedition which is to be financed with the Aid of prominent americans among whom Are John d. Rockefeller jr., Vincent Astor and Edsel for. At the same time altho its objects will be somewhat similar it i will not operate in Competition with the expedition of tie Detroit aviation society which plans to hop off this Spring from Point bar Row Alaska for the North pole nor with the contemplated second Effort of Amundsen the norwegian explorer to visit the Arctic by air. Outlining his position in a state ment today commander Byrd said announcement of the plans for an fee real expedition to the North Polar regions was made somewhat Loliet Man honest Carpenter by Day ruthless Jekyll and Hyde Slayer in night time Kun 7hr Assoc lated prow Joliet 111, Jan. Respect Able Carpenter by Day and a Ruth less murderer by modern or. Jekyll and or. Otto Oscar Johnson alias Peter Lind today confessed the murder last Christmas eve of Henry a. Jeske his wife and Little son. While Tho Man known As John son was dying in St. Joseph s hos. Pital this afternoon after being shot Down by a policeman who had caught him committing a burglary last wednesday acquaintances of a Carpenter himself Carlson were wondering Why he had so Sud Denly disappeared. The dying Man told officers that he wanted to give when they questioned related the slaying of Seskes. They had sur prised him while he was ransack ing their Home near Batavia. 111., he said and he shot them Down. He told also of his dual life. Attired in overalls and shabby overcoat Casison left his rooms each morning to do his Day s work As a Carpenter or at least so believed the Good people residing near him in Joliet with Tho coming of night How Ever Carlson became Johnson and his occupation shifted just As Sud Denly from Carpenter to that of burglar. The genial Little Man with the blonde hair and Silky moustache was transformed into a machine of death. Armed with two revolvers John son roamed night after night thru the streets of Joliat Aurora Kan Kake and Galesburg. Entering Home after Home and then on the night of shot Down a Man woman and a Little boy apparently i with As Little regret As or. Hyde would have experienced. Calmly entering the automobile which a few moments before had cheerful hello for the children of the neighbourhood. A few nights later he resumed the personality of Johnson and be Gan entering More Homes and continued to do up until wednesday night when he was Laid Low by a Bullet from the revolver of motor Cycle policeman Michael Cassidy. Johnson will be buried at the expense of the county As he was penniless when captured and As far As known has no relatives in this country. Two vessels wrecked off Palm Beach portion of Crew of one rescued some adrift in lifeboats. Fri i v a my experiences in the Arctic Chi Soma Shonn a regions last summer convinced me shop pm of Tho Tex cont nuts on next Page expedition Johnson drove to Avest Chicago and the following Day the likable or. Carlson was Hack Home with his 1 Tfir tie Ait Ciuci Porcu. West Palm Beach Pla Jan. 30. Vessels were wrecked near Palm Beach by the Gale that swept the Atlantic Friday night Accord ing to radio messages picked no this afternoon by the Palm Beach radio company. Efforts were being made to Rescue part of a Crew left adrift in Lite boats 12 Miles Southeast of Here. The steamship America picked up the Captain and three of the Crew of the ill fated Tifton of bos ton a four masted Schooner which turned Over in the Gale the Mas Ter of the America a norwegian vessel wirl Essed. Lie said the remained of the Crew were left in life boats. A later message sad he will land the res cued sailors at Havana. The tugboat endurance was wrecked six Miles out the America reported. All of the Crew were saved the master said. Tho tug was left wit i All Light showing. Heroic Story of Rescue graphic account of the Roosevelt sailors Sav ing life. Worked for Jour Days Captain Fried an his men cheered for their heroism. By to asset Tatj new York Jan. Rev. Joseph Avilton Cochran pastor of the american Church in Paris one of the passengers of the Steamer presidents on Ati As the International broadcasting comes to end sit tar Antoc Istatt Preti. York. Jan. Fans tonight heard two presidents talk ing on the air As the third International broadcasting tests came to an end. One was president Coolidge addressing the Bureau of the budget at its Semi annual meeting. The other was president Augusto 13. Leguia of Peru who sent a Mes Sage of greeting to to Orth America. President Coolidge s address came a Short time before the hour set before the beginning of the zone broadcasting which marked the end of the tests. His speech together with that of director Gen eral h. M. Lord of the budget Bureau was sent out from station Cap Washington and Aleaf new York. The chief executive of the South american Republic spoke just be fore the silent hour observed by overseas stations Between 10 and 11 o clock Eastern Standard time while american broadcasters tried president Roosevelt which rescued Che sca3 with their the Crew of 25 of the British freighter anti Noe has sent the associated press the following dispatch in continuation his recital of the thrilling incidents attending the Battle which Captain the Roosevelt fought desperate Fried of against the mile Gale and Snow storm to save his fellow seamen aboard the president Roosevelt by wireless to London Jan. To Are a Happy ships company the mood of exultation and moral excitement still runs Strong. The card game has re started in the smoking room and a few couples have tried to dance but most of the passengers Are Busy writing Home or sleeping off the effects of their emotional ordeal. A committee appointed at Praise service has collected about a thou Sand dollars As a gift for the fam Ilies of the two lost american he roes. The survivors shaven and shorn and arrayed in clothing provided Are the Center of eager groups listening to their details of the Dis Aster. Rugged britons they Are with Ruddy Cheeks and Clear eyed. Said the first mate to big Fel Low with a Yorkshire accent it s the Fortune o the sea. Man be never can Tell. I be been Fol lowing it Tor 26 years Ith never a wreck til now and Here s Georgia coming 16 years his Maiden voyage out catching it the first ave have seen a marvelous thing continued on next Page Many Bankers facing trial for frauds grand jury indicts thir teen directors of Dyersville institution. Others toj3e indicted Bank holds directors notes for depositors to get programs. Last session of the test was closed with another program a one broadcasting moving this time from North to South to Over come the effect of the Blanket of blot overhanging the United states and which absorbed most of last night s programs. The the radio week committee asserted interferes less with radiation in this direction than when it is from East to West As was the Case last night. Canadian stations were on the air for the first 15-minute period of the zone broadcasting hour they were followed in order by stations in the Northern half of the United states the Southern and South Western sections and Mexico and Central America each broadcast ing 13 minutes in turn. At least a month will be needed to Check up the results of the tests and Complete the records of the Experiment. So far it is known that 21 Over seas stations were heard in tie United states while the committee had had few. Returns from overseas it is believed that Between 35 and 40 american broadcasters were heard in Europe and South America. Prizes totalling in Small amounts of Cash trophies radio facts Etc. Which had been offered by various firms thru out the United states for the Best reception rec ords of various kinds will be awarded according to the commit tee. The awards will be made As soon As the records of the claim ants have been checked up and verified. The tests altho disappointing to Many fans who hoped to hear Europe and South America with great clarity Weie u Success according to tie committee. The handicaps of earthquakes Static sos Calls Anil magnetic disturb ances served to Aid tie committee in accumulating data that will throw Light on radio problems. Drive to delay vote on tax Bill not to succeed submarine in trouble off Florida defect in her Oil system develops and she ran out of fuel. Anchors off coast tug expected to reach q-3 before Dawn and Tow her ashore. Sentiment to in the Senate is overwhelmingly in favor of Early action. Weaker do not command Power in Senate because democrats Are for revision. By tit Auk tote key West fla., Tan. Sub Marine t-3 was reported late to night As anchored off the Florida coast near where she was disabled when trouble developed in her fuel line and caused an exhaustion of the Oil Supply. Naval officers Here expressed Little fear for the safety of he undersea Craft Tho the sea in this Vicinity was swept tonight by winds approximating Gale intensity. The Tholf. Sosi naval tug Bay Springs is to reach the t-3 before Dawn and will it to the naval base Here for repairs. By David Lawrence copyright. I -6, by the Democrat. Avas h in ton Ian. Dree by the in surgent group led by senator norms of neb Raska to delay a vote on the tax Bill beyond March 15 will not succeed. Senti ment in the sen ate is o ver w h e Imin Gly in favor of Early action in fact it to be imposed there will be a two thirds vote available to do so. The insurgent republicans do lot arrives at Fernando Denoronha yesterday s journey tha most perilous of his whole Aerial voyage. Fourteen hours on trip estimated at the Start flight would consume j sixteen hours. Fernando do Norotha Island Brazil. Jan. A continuous flight of approximately 15 hours the Spanish seaplane Tab plus Ultra in command of the noted air Pilot. Franco completed the longest and most perilous stage of its flight from Spain to Argentina. South America coming Down in the sea off this Island at s o clock this evening. Commander Franco at first Cir cled the Island in search of a Good Landing but found none because of the heavy surf. He again flew out to sea and alighted there later to be towed into a sate Harbor in Concepcion Bay. The distance traversed was about Milus and the Spanish Avia tors now Are Only about 279 Miles from Pernambuco the brazilian Mainland. The intrepid Birdman took Oft Tibeiro do in Lerno Bay Porto Pray. Cape a Erde islands at o clock., this morning. The flight was made under favourable weather conditions and seemingly without any untoward instances. Frequent radio messages from the be plus Ultra reported the Progress of the voyage. It was originally estimated the flight would take 16 hours. Only three men of tie original five took part in today s adventure. Alfonso the official photographer was left behind at Canary Island and Ensign representing the Spanish air service was dropped off to Pray. This enabled the seaplane to take on More fuel. The flight was not Only the Long est thus far undertaken and the most hazardous but it called for great endurance because of the crossing of the Equator with Broil ing Sun and depressing humidity poli Etorce Battle maniac who kills two barricaded himself i n House officers capture him in Rush. A octet Pron. Dubuque la., Jan. Of criminal actions under indictments growing out of the failure in May. Of the Farmers state Bank at Dyersville returned at previous sittings of the grand jury Are expected during the present term of the Dubuque county District court but disposition of cases under indictment returned by the grand jury yesterday Are expected to be de la cd until the March term of court. The authorities have already announced indictments against 13 of the officers and directors of the Dyersville Bank. It is believed indictments Are standing against some others but information is be ing withheld concerning them until those named Are taken into Cus Tody. There were three indictments in the Bank Case returned yesterday containing charges of group of the officers and directors names of nine of them already having been announced. They Are John and Meier John a. Schneider. George Schneider Peter Stronck Lawrence c. Smith Joseph Sudmeier. Joseph Lang Elm. John b. Donmyer and John a St Ger. These men were released today under Bonds of 5500 each. At of the grand jury indictments were returned which they have in the past because the democratic party is As eager for tax revision As Are the republicans. 1 1 _ _ thru out the South and democratic Enro Ute to key West strongholds elsewhere the pressure from new Haven conn., where it rom businessmen As Well As inti a and another of the Type will be Sta 1 tax payers to have some a j Ilion taken in time to pay the March la instalment is Sou tense j continued on next toned for several months. Washington. Jan. 30.-Vrhe sub-1 Marine t-3. Commanded by Lieuten ant j. P. Compton has run out of Oil off Florida and in need of assistance Tho Navy department was informed in a message tonight from the commandant of the seventh naval District at key West. The first message received from the key West commandant said the t-3 was off Bethel buoy kith her actresses in new York playhouse overcome by smoke new York. Jan. Ltd 1 rett two act resses were overcome by smoke Oil system leaking badly and her afternoon from a ire which Supply Low. An Effort was being started under the stage of the fifth continued on next in made to reach Miami. A later message said can proceed no fur ther. Establish position six Miles bearing five degrees for Bethel Shoals buoy. Require assistance to reach the to is not in a dangerous condition the department believes inasmuch As her commander pointed out in his first message that she would Anchor when the Oil Supply was exhausted. Avenue playhouse during a performance of the House of attended by 300 men and women. Acquit sheriff of violating the prohibition Law by Ijmte Aifoi Ard Trent Cincinnati. V. Witt sheriff of Hamilton county was found not guilty by a jury in Federal court late today of Tho charge of conspiracy to violate Tho National prohibition Law in connection with the Sale and distribution of unlawful Beer. Ami much colder sunday Cloudy and colder Stron winds. Illinois rain sunday turning to Snow in North portion colder monday unsettled and colder with possibly Snow flurries. Weather for the week. To tote of Morral Washington. Jan. Outlook for the week beginning monday upper Mississippi and logo r Missouri valleys a period of snows or Rains Early part about Middle Nurt Agrimi toward end. Temperatures near or below nor Mal most of week. Jlytha Ino Clotch Frost. Springfield mo., Jan. Ton Ilo Lingsworth 21, who terrorized the Northern Section of Spring Field tonight when he barricaded himself m the Home of his parents Here after shooting at members tiie family was captured shortly before 0 o clock tonight when police stormed the place a riot Call received at the Cen trial police station shortly after 6 o clock sent All available policemen to a residence where Clinton hol Lingsworth 21. Had barricaded him self after shooting members of his family. Scores of citizens gathered around the Riouse and in the gun Battle ensued. Patrolman Al Franklin and Joe Nargund. A la Borer were killed. Other members of the family Are believed to be dead in the House. Three ambulance Drivers who at tempted to remove the dead bodies were shot and seriously wounded by Hollingsworth. The officers surrounded the fort Ress of the Bikini a and tired volleys from revolvers and rifles into col. Mitchell to Start feb. 10 on his lecture tour new York. Jan. Wil Liam Mitchell resignation from the army was accepted yesterday will present his views on aviation in a lecture tour to Start Here pro vary 10. And across the co Nutry Lames 10. Pond head of the Pond lecture Bureau said tonight. Negotiations Wero completed today

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