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Davenport Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1862, Page 5

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Davenport Daily Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1862, Davenport, IowaOf v r my w f published by the Gazette co. Third Perby streets. Terms seven dollars Pek year vol. Saturday december j f f the daily Gazette. 1869. V act blots for. And melt. Now i Pettengill m. Petingill pc no. 6 state h. No. 68 Dearborn Street the news by talk the gunboat Cairo was destroyed by a torpedo in Yazoo River last Friday noon. The Crew were All the boat Sank in i 4 six fathoms of water. A joint committee of Congress have left Washington for the Tappahannock to in quire into the facts connected with the late events near Fredericksburg. The enemy having granted our forces h permission to Bury the dead at Fredericks a party accordingly went Over and accomplished their Mission. The rebels claim to have taken 800 prisoners. The Richmond dispatch says the rebel loss at Fredericksburg was wounded had arrived at Richmond. Gens. Cobb and and Many Field were killed. A Steamer from key West says that one of banks1 vessels was ashore near Gary s foot reef. I Gen. Foster s forces have taken n. Capturing 500 prisoners and 11 pieces of artillery. Stirring news May be looked for soon from Tennessee. As the rebel Are f concentrating their a Battle must soon occur. Dodge s cavalry have. Been fighting All Day with Forest near Corinth. The official report of the Battle at Ericksburg makes our loss much less than first by the the War news. From Cairo. Dec. 18. The gunboat Cairo was destroyed by a in Yazoo River last Friday at noon. The signal and Queen of the West went up the Yazoo to take torpedoes out of the two Miles below lines where the rebels have a Battery. They had proceeded about 21 Miles up that and had taken up two of the infernal machines. The signal and Minerva were and the Pittsburg and Queen of the West just in Tho when a which had not been exploded under the port Bow of the literally tearing away the entire Forward part of the boat. The concussion and report were every person on Board was knocked Down. In nine minutes she was sunk in six Fath oms of water. Strange As it May no one on Board was killed or seriously Hurt. The Queen was ran along Side and the entire Crew taken off before the Cairo went Down. Nothing but her signal staff and chimneys Are to be and the boat and armament Are an entire loss. She had just been completely refitted and Clad in front with Railroad Iron. She carried 13. Was built at Mound Unity and was the Light est and flee test of our ironclads. Five torpedoes were taken up before the expedition returned. Al k. Of Tho thinks the torpedoes were let off by a galvanic Battery. The Minerva has arrived Here with the Crew of the Cairo. The Battery at Maine s Bluff is supposed to mount 4 or 5 guns. From Washington. Dec. 18. The Bill of representative Aid to indemnify Tho state of Minnesota for expenses incurred in connection with the recent. In Dian appropriates for that purpose. The postal appropriation for the coming year amounts to this does not include the appropriation for the Cali fornia Central for which a special Grant of was last year which a it is will to required. The joint committee of Congress on the in pursuance of senator Wilkinson s adopted left Washington orders for the Purchase of Cotton it became firmer demand sprang up and especially gained the above decline. To v new dec 19. A special Nashville dispatch dated to the Tribune says Gen. With his cavalry has been fighting Forest All Day in the Vicinity of Corinth. Forest Las on motion of or. Buff Brigton the House Striate Bill to factly fat. Discharges. Or. Rising to a privilege said that or. Benj. F. Was the member elect from the second District of i f t 11 recruits i l j and Dodge cavalry. The lat and moved that he be sworn. I i _ f f t f i 3 a. Iff. From Cairo. Dec. 19. The rebels at Vicksburg said to be fortifying As fast As possible. Report says they have extended their works Back from the River eight and that they have 70 guns in can Ted on the and 200 guns in All in position. This is undoubtedly an Over estimate. Six thousand confederates it is said have go no from Vicksburg to where their Force numbers about nearly All the Wood Hills on the River Bank South of have been and Cotton Burn ing is still practice. Of monday 300 Bales were burned at valued at it belonged to planters who were trying to bring it to Memphis. Several transports Are aground below Helena. The Telegraph wire Between Columbus and Jackson has ceased working and some apprehension is Felt that it has been cat by the rebels. Later accounts state that the line is working to special to the Chicago journal. Dec. 19. Memphis papers Bave been received. The bulletin says two rebel regiments were seen up the Yazoo at the time of the explosion of this is positively denied by the officers on Board of the Cairo. The rebels Are be fortifying at and that they have seventy guns mounted on the River. They have 200 in All mounted. Their fortifications Are said to extend 8 Miles Back. Most of this is extremely improbable. They have no such Ter has five pieces of artillery. Morgan it reported moving to Cut off the Louisville and Nashville it is reported that Van 000 men hat arrived at to join Kirby smith1 is reported wards Lebanon to support Morgan. His certificate of election was read. Or. Vallandigham objected to the swear ing on motion of or. The papers were referred the commit tee on elections. The Bill for the payment of invalid and other pensions was passed without after being on motion of or. Are wanted from Scott co whole rebels in Tennessee is that no part of the Money a Propri estimated at they had Ablated shall be to any person who has to fill tip co. 14th . They will is pen barter Bounty and Advance pay. Be blues the Bounty of Scott county. Deo20-d8t a. 2d Lieut. T Murfreesboro yesterday. The rebel outposts Are about 11 Miles from Nashville. Given Aid to the adjourned till monday. Mcdougall a Resolution re Rosecrans has dismissed a urge number j questing the Secretary of War to inform trustee s Sale. The of offices for and disobedience of orders. T from _ r Washington. Dec. 19. My f f the petition presented representative col was referred to the com Mittee of ways and Means. It was from numerous editors and publishers in favor of the reduction or abolition of duty on paper. It be Gratifying to the friends of soldiers wounded in the Battle of Ford that upon their own application they can be sent to the military hospitals in their respective states or in those adjoining. The Secretary of the answer to a Resolution of the has sent a communication to the in which he states that the requisitions of the Secretary of War for Money for the payment of has always been promptly met at the Treasury Here and absolute want of Means did not prevail. He say s since the first of july the sum of has been paid on such requisitions As for bounties on enlistments the House whether any tribunal has been constituted to report upon the operations of maj. Gen. D. C. In Kentucky and and if state the character of such tribunal j whether it is a court martial or court of inquiry and if under what Law it was and whether that tribunal was held in secret and had at tempted to exclude from its sessions Gen. Whose conduct it was to investigate. And whether said tribunal pro posed to the said maj. Gen. Buell to an oath that would not disclose any of the incidents connected with his trial or any of the evidence. The Resolution was Laid Over. Suckner offered a Resolution 1 f requesting the if not incompatible with the Public to communicate to the Senate any information he May showing when Gen. Saxton was re moved from command at Hilton head. 4. The Bill for the improvement of the Cav Alry Force was taken up and passed. The bankrupt act was then taken and or. Foster addressed the Senate in favor of its passage. Or. A Resolution requesting the Secretary of War to inform the Senate for drilling and Organ _ number of nor such fortifications. It i izing troops re is even doubted by Good judges whether the rebels will fight at All at Vicksburg. While gon. Hovey s late expedition was in some stragglers who sit ions Are about equal to the amount i agent or agents of the War depart went to mrs. Hill s on i required for pay during one by month cold 25 Miles from Friar i by when Tho resources of and robbed her of in a lot of uhe Treasury became inadequate to it to the Senate what officers or agents confederates 60 and other mands upon it. The Secretary of the trea examined said vessels a to their sea property. On saturday she was at Helena i sury communicated the fact to. The Secre worthiness. Adopted tries of War and and requested them designate the particular requisitions which they regarded As most urgent the amount of requisitions gently broke the th8trea8u7 land the Schooner were is these unpaid Requi-1 for Banks expedition and by what agent or agents of the War depart ment they were at what Price and for what period of time j and also to trying to recover her property. Gen. Steel is giving Tho assistance in his Power. Mrs. Gov. Of came to night for the to inquire up from Memphis this morning. The Sally i to the amount of about 4 1 x a i t a _. Al 1 it. I _ w. It it l a. D. Hermann Gest a his executed Flinto Jacob. As a certain deed of conveying to said trustee the land described As to commencing on the East Comer of five in bloc pc Nuismer seventeen in the of in esd Scott fnnning thence weat Twenty two Albenco month sixty thence Twenty two and thence North sixty feet to place of and which said deed of Trust was duly recorded in the office of the Recor Der of in and for Scott on the 23d Day of . In Book of town lot Page which Eaid convey Arico waa made by the said Hermann Tetz and Johanna Hia to secure the performance certain Bond made by Eaid Hermann Date with the said deed of which said Bond had conditioned that the Eaid her Well truly the Day Export Mutual Savoiu g fund arid loan their Anc Desbor or Aen Igns the interest upon the sum of one thousand Lars at nine per per nor nun the. Last monday of every month. And should also pay to said their successors and the Buto of five dollars on Tho said last monday of every an and for the monthly on fire shares of the capital Stock of said a Socia Tina said Hermann until the value of said Stock should be sufficient to Divide to each and every share thereof the sum of and also that he should pay within the time1 limited by Law jail taxes lawfully levied and Alee esd real estate. And the said Hirmann Cotz failed to pay the said intercut on Eaid Sam for five amounting to j37.00 at this Date in a and his said dues and contributions on. Raid Stock months now amounting to and on Tho 30th Day of a.0. The said Hermann Obetz and Johanna Roatz executed unto said Jacob w. As one other certain deed of conveying trustee the land in Scott described to a part of lot number five_l5j in in the City of commencing at the Northeast Corner of running thence West thence but Haisty thence East Twenty two thence North sixty foot to place of and which Eaid Deo of Trust was in the office of the tie Cordor of in and for said Bcott on Ibe 4th. Day of a. D. 13591 in. Book of lot Page and which Eald convey-1 Ance was Mado by Hermann Cetz and Johanna Bis to Sec arc the performance of a Bond or Daby said Hermann goal ing eve a Date with the said deed of conditioned that the into to the facts connected with Lato events near Fredericksburg. They were accompanied by senators Wilson and several others. Hews by last Tiht s mail. From the eleventh regime St. Our own our army and want of court martial and town or condition of the exodus of inhabitants. J r Camp near dec. 1862. The army of the Tennessee is now scattered Over a space of some 12 by 5 having Headquarters just now at 10 Miles South of this place. Two weeks was in is now in the rebuilding the r. B. And. The Bridges which were Des troyed by the retreating rebels. Our troops Are in excellent sick list and spirits Fine with one Viz there Are now wages due our troops from the 30th of june and very Many of our poor Fellows Are harassed by appeals from Home for the help which they can not to shield loved ones from positive suffering through Oan tyo stir no somebody to see that Uncle Sam does Justice to his boys left Home to defend their illustrious depending on him to furnish Means of support for their families i a court martial convenes Here to Day to try col. Of the Lith on various charges of improper conduct to wards his friends Are confident of his acquittal. All the regiments of the Iowa brigade Are in excellent full and Strong i. L in marked contrast to Many of the old regiments from other states. Town of Abbeville is tory Small some thing like pleasant Valley Mill. Country around extremely rough most of the people of country and Jare s. Sally further South. V Mai. .van1 Hosen with four companies 13th Iowa Lias just returned from whither he was sent to guard some too prisoners taken Jaq our is. The major is Well and makes a very efficient v Milf Irland 19rii jowa5 at formerly. Capt. Of Lith Iowa is Aniver Sallr greeted. The rebels Are reported Force be Low Coffee lie. But any Effort of mine to t t _ f give you news from our would be forestalled Ere this Motchos by the Telegraph. 4. Rest assured that the veterans of it. By arid1 Inland no. And Corinthy Atabia from army. Dec. M. Yesterday the rebels under a Flag of a request that we would oar dead a burying party accordingly went Over and continued labors during the truck. Col. Chief of Longstreet s Artil informed some of our officers that the rebel infantry Force engaged on Sumner s. On was Only two but that they had a Large Reserve nearby. He said that our men exhibited the great est but to the rebel position and that a Force of Coo would find it impossible to carry the Heights in the face of their batteries. The rebel loss was Small compared to from the fact that they were protected by a Wall and Rifle pits. Our loss As heretofore Hare been considerably decreased by the arrival of stragglers. V the enemy took nearly 800 prisoners from a considerable portion of whom were absent from their companies when we evacuated the South Side of the River. The prisoners taken on both sides have been paroled. It is stated Leo and Long Street came Down to the River to Day and. Held a conversation with some of Bur offi cers. The Flag of truce was withdrawn Tor after All Pur dead were buried. From where she has been with a Load of reports by thing quiet along the River As she came St. Dec. 19. Rev. Or. Of Pine Street has been ordered by the Provost marshal general to leave the state within ten Days for encouraging rebellion and sus Taining disloyalty in Hia Church. Three members of the Aro directed to fill the pulpit with a Loyal to this extent requisitions Are daily met from internal Revenue and on the proceeds of conversions of temporary and from new issues of United states these though As Congress has already been in inadequate. Nothing has been received Here confirm Atory of the rebel account of a Federal pulse at n. C. Or Gen. Lahore. York. Dec. 19. P i Ceu Ehwald Well and truly pay to the Dav Eupert Mutual and inc Celsor or the Terest upon the butt Ocain Hundred a Nenei per cent per Anaut payable on the just mob of Ivory ande hould their Macce sorb and the sum on Bald monday of every month for the monthly contribution on three from Kerr 1 i l l new dec. 18. Col. Provost has issued persons arriving at new Orleans be required to take the oath of allegiance before j the rebels on the opposite Side of the Lake were and out of eighteen who crossed on passes sixteen were seized and put into the rebel army. Senator Hale offered a Resolution instructing the Secretary of the Navy in pre paring the annual naval Register to continue the information As Lier Tolbie. And also to give some information in regard to Volun Teers in the naval service As far As practicable. Adopted. Or. King presented the memorial of the National War committee of new ask ing Congress to authorize letters of Marque to. Private vessels for the capture of the Alabama. Or. Latham offered a Resolution request ing the Secretary of state to transmit to1 the Senate any correspondence which has. A Luck ha4 department and our thou8ftad 11000j Dollar i Durl the Timo la fun minister to the British and of deed of Truet. And the Eaid Hermann a Chez Ibe Steamer from key West about commune action Between to pay the said intent on skid suit of the has arrived reports a Mouth of the Moor River and san the Steamer with 800 troops of adopted a in 1 shares of the capital i Tocko by Sid Hermann until the value of said Stock it hold be cuff Orient to Divide to each and every share thereof the sum of and also that be within Tufe time limited by Ift All taxes lawfully levied and Asee fled upon said real and should also keep an insurance Nipoa Buldic flon uni dream estate for the sum of one Banks was ashore near Gary s foot no lives Are reported lost. It. taken by the fax dec. 19. 1 from fort Reia a Tonroe. Fortress 17. This morning the mail boat Broil get Down. 103 Confederate captured at Many of whom were wounded. There is do truth whatever in the report that Gen. Banks or Gen. Emery Are co operating in North Carolina with Geo. Foa or. Henderson introduced a Bill granting Peann iary. Aid from the United states to the state of Missouri to emancipate the slaves of teat state. Referred to judiciary Gen. Foster s forces have taken Kings-1 committee. Or. Pomeroy called up the Resolution providing for a joint committee on the president s message relative to compensating states for the or. Buihner thought that we should not organize any More we had now a committee in the Senate to. Whom All questions were referred. Or. Powell called up his Resolution to of the Secretary of War whether Bath had been proposed to citizens who that n. Capturing 500 prisoners and 11 pieces of artillery. Xvii so Siosi dec. 18. committee of the whole. Or. Yeaman of made a speech defining Bis position in reference to the and the proclamation of emancipation. He announced his determination to give an earn u est support to. The administration its efforts to. Crush the while he of. Been arrested a i Pul Mcclug in Tel leu. Vucu. Us i r Clift of troop Viu who 1 _ or i Kinnart Fred rebel at of the it h. _ foreign Kab Psi i of new dec. New york3 dec l9. The 16tlj-8i the Steamer Scotia Early Itlie. Rebel Lesb at she brings Liverpool dates to was wounded arrived at fort Richmond. They Gens. Gregg and and Many 3d South oar Olma regiment was nearly annihilated. Paper states that the government without slavery Rathert Hari without he not regard slavery As of the rebellion Hope the for Umoru uting to at Dale id und Hia Eald duos and on Laid Stock for five now amounting in Arrea Raat this Dato and having furled to keep Hattie build Mega on Gaia real of. The Premium for which unpaid now amounts Sowby Region of thenoris performance of edition from the Bonds aforesaid in Marrior and form a Hereinbefore spec lied by the Jacob Stewartt trusted a to Hereley. Give this Public that by virtue of the Power in me vested by said two deeds of l of monday the 12th Day of a. D. At the Hoar of in the Forenoon of said at court House door in the expose and offer for Sale at Pii Blid aug ton the land above or so much thereof As shall be satisfy and pay the amount of Trentt taxes and together with All the costs and of pen a Eft attending said Ceals of this notice and trusted Bald not Olamit Giany Bat Only said dues and costs of this Bale and trustee s fees. Said land will be hold subject to the lie Jbf two deeds of Trust for the payment of All future taxes and insurance that hereafter and uen of deed of to Rufatto secure the singular the Oon Dillons and covenants in said Bond. J Sale. Rebel in so at tie for the sire reason could not the 6th inst. The newspapers Advance nothing new on America. The London Globe situation in America promises startling results. The matter and Felt very lit the answer would show Attiat no been or anything of or. Powell also hoped that the Resolution would be adopted. He wanted to know if it was True that been pro president s proclamation. F or. Cravens replied to Tae speech of or. Declared. _. That the purpose of those who had was he hold up i j.1. C 147 a the times thinks the. Democratic suck viable. It coh Tams a dispatch ceases have rendered the government Des that men had. Instead of daunting Imd it looks fought the. Abolitionists at Kingston the Day Iti i r o t v f vet irom 8 o clock a. A. To 1 p. A. And t _ t achieved Success for the democracy at the Secretary of War to execration rebel positions Back of the Are to continue the contest l f to mph radicalism is completely Washington dec on called a the bankrupt it being the motion of or. Kelly the Foh owing business of Sev j a verbal amendments were to wit South of lot number in Block. Number numbered arid designated on tcecbrd5 plat of sturd Yaut a map of which. Said Corva Yance was Oviade by Tho John Katharine a to secure Ance Ofa Csc stain Bond Trade by Eald John bearing the said of which said Bond was conditioned that Tho said Jofin Krase should Welland truly. Panto Dayenport their upon the last advices As the worst our i irom 8 o clock pc to 1 p. Arid i Tion was adopted. Dictating that is about to com that rebel Gen. Evans was compelled Secretary of the any h i Striate adjourned till monday to the to occupy that May be received from the town. I no report of the loss was Given. Ser to liberate africans 1 11 t t f i Mence. 1 in a letter to prof new denies Attiat lie has expressed mby.sym-1 the was greatly injured by bombard. I land Aad As to the course taken _ _ i h-1. 1 v f i l i 1 z m t w Bix a _ a i a 4 i de to in Eckbo. Next Field of action on defeat and no that had tvo t 1 own my acid Ltd St trip Eno Lomi. O. Box 4sw. Or. V n Pathy Witti the Southern or passed an Eulo Siuai Jeff. Davis to thought it out of his province to blame on such a complicated be claims to to a better Friend of North americans and destructive _ with to such persons landed _ it k i in the Republic in i860 agreeable to the Orr the government. Or. Lowe of leered a the state of front the army of the ill k afters All has except that shots were fared to disperse the gather i i Frt u a powder at Publio auction 1 sell at interesting men tit been submitted to the Atlantic Telegraph took soundings on Board Tho Prince Alfred of is considered certain. The French government a contract army in mex Ico for two occupation is inferred. The Cotton famine distr Ferrii increasing in severity. Of. Of Spain s speech on tile in up respecting grave events on Ibe co ast of she said Felt confident Ingol bands of rebels on the Plain opposite v be gather Blel so iders a timid at w i i o i i i i f i j14 x i out in the Ute in the 1 i Only i prisoners and took about a 800 r dispatches from tie of the r of our dead. Were buried on All soldiers in Mil for be returned Toj also establish id. A Board of medical placers to examine into such i ibis by visiting the hospitals and mining into Tho of the the purpose typhus return them. The results of such be ported the surgeon and Qon i f it treat upon the aum two Hundred c at nine per cent per payable on to monday of every and should also pay to said their aug Cesora and the earn of one Dollar on the a Idaet monday of every quid for the Monti ily contribution 6a one share of the capital Stock of owned by said Joh a Kniasev a Tittl tie value of said Stock Afa old Earll Cint to Divide to a Cli and every share thereof to Iottini of and also that he Al hold in the time limited by All taxes levied Andas beaded upon said real estate and the said John Mae hating Laid interest on Laid 0am for five a mounting to Ftp elfin at this Date a Aad dues and Contri but ions on daid Acock for five month Fly new amounting to seven and dollars in making in All arrears dues and aum of j do hereby give this by the which la to me tested Eagle. 18 boxes Oan Lilter Eagle m b i i. .40 Orio in canisters. 24 four it. Quarter j t of cd and ground United states to proportion of killed to the wounded fought m r. Blako that tie ution be so the committee further into Sonva Lecent of the been informed Al he powder. Office. S Day by in Gen. Of 1 official fit to tofiq in the circular s the receipt of the Scott a bringing .7i.-n to surgeon general. Or. Law acc pud. The. Re ovation we two Ttorp f Vert a of the Power deed of and which deed of Trust 4nlx re corded in the office of Bee order. For Dott of of a. D. 1 on to nifty the 12th Day of a. At the e Hoa Romo o of Locke in of court House in pity of at Publio Auto parcel of land above or a. Niue a thereof my a Hill be Necef Flary to Bat Afy and and together the Omu and expenses attending said Tofta of thu trustee b who dear at not Ola Miagany interest and to Eure the perform Mango the and covenants a said i of therewith. Deo. Jacob w. I. A or further by. Steady with Mora

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