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Davenport Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1862, Page 4

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Davenport Daily Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1862, Davenport, IowaHe having purchased of Alfred entire inter Obtiz tho u Tuc Etc Sand Job printing it Itotia to continue of printing and publish under tho Tyte of tub Assn Tok at Trio old flitted a Etith Ottar Comer of third Ivory hol Taii a continuation of the Ronnie of Luto Tofoi to freely extended to Lue Longuillo loud we Tiv will til Trio for Kindri of Job and Hook work will on to4 i jacks a kid a Coop. Levi Chaltu the Soldier one Ali Odiott from Ihei few cuff tho Tou from a strop exposto look Holloway s Itken every other will Cornet Ull of the Slouch purify and la ninth to ainu. Only 25 Chulu per impair the Best i Alec work. Willmau a. Batchko or b Colo buried Hurt prod cob h Ozior not to to from Warrn Nteta not to ii Ijuro hair in thu ill 01 bad Ami lilo hair for sign. Krix or Kustov Turner. Almb or tho Buir Hoff and b Frio u riot used a. Four sides a tilt Box. 23s wily Ami id of an Psi id for the Benefit and and n coition to. Nervous hib Jird of Suu sure. To for put to through loud enl Jay in u poet Piid May of lilo r irom one Ivelio Natick to of not top the Akk Chr file by Given that an a nay prison t Dulo tho will on big Bifid to Only Liopo by . Nuv6-Dir arty. 5o cents t tue Kaven s Gold ten Manu Btry to Over a cd 0-v. Dry it fim Hiil. I a Lii for nto Inisi a the n no milks Komkov f commission Iso South property in Ilu Lilic my i com u. Nofe l my on buy both wind thu food front. Niilre to my Hiu Tilo will Buk Kifah tub a Tats in us Ditt Ricl court of boor your to. S Boa Flowa. By Vittu of a special execution from us clerk us strict court of Bcott a frito Jowa. In i iyar of Gutc Trifu Murru Viilu personal of a. La und will Iii Iii Nui hid John Oun Aud to Momo Tomt thy a civil of Unm Ilid t Niit co or Muttu to in tic mini of ten nox Amity Fiur mid 6u u Loti jul count und 1 in upon Lilii by i ital Kiti Salod to lilo cumin by Naif Jot no. Four in Stock no. Hunt red Judd Alvo in Duvoir Tipora Ami i Humby Pullo i Iodico for a Tolu ill Jib Len us Tom door in tho City of Emiily of Mill 4if to Wii on Lutui Driy. Urn Folh Dity of uhf Biourn of d u. He und 4 ii of Hnidj duty Agio to come Junr but the of 2 Povlock p m. Til Huil und j. Win to the Lusht. My Der Tiit Gofur in Ilie dih or ibid or Thor of to Auliff Tiiu w Ali Nind Coati j4lli Day of Oculi. Balk the a Tats of in who of Boott Oon War. S Colt com bin turf Lown. By virtue of an execution d from him Elhiu of of Trio strict of nil of Scott Stulo of lout in Filoi of jail of and Argju Ifill John Tond and to diff Lilc d. Coir Ink to tliuioi1 us Huml or la in Siny Dob property in tho Ligudri of third Uro nol Tifi dipl Siuw from exlice Tuiono of to Lett John i Muke to be Dziado Uio num of two Lahouti hid Hundred 64-100 with Iii Cuchi. J Lovold up Fly the following Reid in Tom county of Scott und Mulo Wirtl Imit of the Ortli Junr of no. Norm of Suigo Jour of Liah 1 w and 1 Lio Roby Phil Lic notice Init j for Mutlu at Stibli mimicry sit tho court hoi Hij if Lac City of Coll of tho Fidatti of woo to Iho Ligoura of 9 o clock 4 o clock k m. Of fluid to it who ii our of u1 clock m. Of i will null Othu 5ht bidder Hurt for in the l Ltd proof to a Ltd thin 24th Day of 186 i Cook t the stat Kox in Wal Rich oort of Scott Scott of limn. By virtue of a social execution Tab cited from the Vilice of tho clerk of tic Utah of in favor of Alfred Uini g. Cihir Ciocu mud Nic Anrit j. Aft Ali m. Ii in Wuinn i Kurkt found Woltti. Dotted har und to Ino me that of cult a Tui us Tom mid to incur i Maku or to he Iii Ito of imn Rcd forty four w 100 with a ten tit in Iho county of und state of to. Two in three addition City of Juv Oupor and 1 hereby give Pamir. Notice that i ii Hill Otiver Tor at Mabjic outcry at Trio court oily of of und Etta to of on the Sot i Duy of Peacem iwo to of j o clock u. M. 4 p. To common co Ai hour of o clock it. M. Of said und i will to Len Ling Chat and bout bidder therefor in Trio Tib ovo bed or to proof Ativo debt fun Thiol 15th Day of Vovou incr ser air of Scott following named of listed from Ivo Duoc Rcd Frum Mocio Llan Jowa Albert Boro la Knut Arick county Mary land 21 your Foid Farmer by occupation Sui. At we. H. For Stireo him Grey Brown a flirt Nad fair complexion 8 inches Isth Iowa infantry j. Born in Ngod 23 Yomara by occupation a at hag a Tiol blot Csc hair dark Compi Oxton feet 10 indies w. J irn in a cd 85 by occupation a Farmer in Linton at a Yuitsu Haa Blue Brown hair fair comping Ion 6 tool 6 Inchon b. Joudat born in now aged 24 by occupation n d at Iowa july 31 1ma Black Randy hair and dark complexion j Heith 5 foot printing. Mississippi Missouri 1 . O run by Lii cutitto Tunon is twelve Tui Liim time. On and after Way and until further trains will us for Victor mid Washington a. Torii in at of from Vlot Orund ill Mornini if to fins out of Tavoi Sporl direct Coa Leotious at Lown City unil . With the Wop Teru stage for All Points trn Luis from tho weal Eon noot of with trains of tho cd Ilcau Kook j fur Ull Kolutn North und South. Yew Truro Rouimi Udodow to t direct Iofi us to Dhoti tuition of to boil Auto to Pru ouro Lio Kyta before their id tho Cara. John f. Tit any. A. Al Mcball i Picago Rock Island Railroad the add icings use of t 1862. Summer i8s2. On and aft by Mav and Uii lil fur thut will a Tivo Dav Imi Ort 3st Day mail Truin 00 Iii jul. Arrivo it dully bunday of Lii a. Imily Kyc Prcik und mail Jet. Krc to fsr and Ifill Joti. A train Noi or thin Road arc in direct Bough to Oli Ichiuo trains Ovitt tho ennui Michigan Cut my it. Filid Trio it Wayno pc Chicago k to und from j no Romi Dou of the to of Tii to taking South in thu collect Faro Potiky on tho line or tho Chicago and lick John Muy 1sc2. Central t Ojon total and aft Fik May Tritina Olavo tie great Leutral of in fico Tollow i m. P. M it Lolito n. Albany Kow p. No Iwade Fott tunes. Of Detroit. A. Sua Bridgiti Albany now York ii. Boston p. M. Cincinnati via m. C. Sooto a. in and p. M. Fuhl p. M. Night to Cincio Mili of Carp or 11 atone duet Ora run of Al unit looping an nil tight chocked in All Itai Road cd Lycra in tho Trio o Oarr ror Hoko und Llwis Ritorti Trio Tro Chicago. Find no to Opul us Uunila Fujiu agony. Jere when Trade is Dull go k a to Broad rack and it Ohio to h should lift and All currying lilo Groat North Woc Turu United status mail. O Jan Lynlo on Urr Vul of Ull truism on tho Lii Iku a Tiro Kun Ilromi irom 8t. Us Iowa o Only Curry innit titty bout la to much from to new York City without u11a.ngj2. Chocked Lowonn by Tihy Otylior route. Ii Nii ii Lii Iii us Anil for via mul this Kew York Ami Ritj Uro hold it nil Trio principal Rahro Ivd of dim in the wow. A Bitt Road nil Budri Tuci liliom fair Utthi Pronto to any it bar route. Kkkig11t to tails sharpened by and Oiler Wii Triblo month Oft of your to Kun York Ink Nair to nil Puinti and yuck or Lijun Liun Over a Triforo in Udo on line. Fur for night Rutan our Giro of 240 Chart. Itch inroad k. O. H. I1. 2a Hutli n. V y. 15 a Viilu Jjo Tuti j Krio Gilill Ivy 64 Jurk k. H. Cj1ah. Wal urn 111 con. K passenger trains leave Al going Korus u f. A. Imilsi m. A Donn oct for min Oral o01no no til Cedar Vou want ant Rand of St. J Kaind Boutu connect for Biocini Vicki Bury now or Anu. Fok till Lugii joke to apply at lilo Kook Mjaland i. 1l kick and in tho of lick of the company w k w. Flonet Ohi Cayo. I i Pone j Pew arc a its c Ifield r aware o f that yield i attended s and they Are the n the any whore Tajee in go to tho find affections giving by Cakars Ami find them for Clearing and or the voice. Old by Oil and in Ai cents Jar How Dav fort Oalif g a lecture on the treat to went and in dial Core of Soots i Imi Cegal boots ill id Saku Ikpi a Tab of la court of Fefolt Bcott Piuto took of f 00 just too Vivod it Chi up b y virtue of a special issued from Tiu full cd of tho of die Boston by lunch no. 23 u a y s t k k e t r i wry Ife conf. Bak Uto Trio court of Bcott Tutu of in Vor of Alf roti und Omro Uco and Rel note u or word nmn a Muse Oli Urlau. Wal John i Boa ii t aim went dated october 1sg2. And to Nio to thut of Trio Rottle Wlazlo Horeb Nubuor described of tho i Namuo Loboi Nado inn of Lunty a Vou Hundred Niu Oty und pm julians Intro Tab und Levy my upon Ijuro following described Jlou ing Uno thu mud in Trio county of mid tit Toof j slut Usu in three in Udd Ilum to to Rocity of por Cert Liioi to corded in Bank of town Wigo stud containing by Loo of an baking the Best assortment in i u Aud 1 hereby give Public notice that i for Hutu at Public us tho court hous door in Ilio Lluli Day of ii Wuhu of y o clock a. M. Mid 4 o clock no of suit to commoner at the hour of o clock id. Of Aid und a Wilt Boll to tho mph Tel and Bettt bid Tor Ihu Rotor in Cash to nronortl1 or Cut of a Biclie Bould g. At und All work warrant by. Ami Tiei mining done promptly 3bkadybt. Lac won. Thereof to c Jated thin above a Oporto with Day of isg2 a Wati Ujj i in of Lown Cook at.ty0. and and on scr the state of j in to District it Marlof Tilott by virtue of a special k to flood from tho Ultimo of Trio Curk of tho strict court of pc Scott bib floor in Swor of Miluk und us Junikl William of Tolwin 9th and to rub Ron to of the i fill to of Bott did w Illian 1 a Mats or to to Iii us tho of Tui of Turco i Wonky eight mul a Dollar to Willi i tort it and l i Levit re upon tho following Kiml by Imp and Etui Vituj in Trio county of tied Talato of North Quarnor of we. Township 46 fight a Oak the 1 but a Fiok a work in my Lino or nolo Ordo with Neal warrant of to Giro on Tiro eat in. Mj-17-Dtf sew Stoke and hew Tiodos s. Hot til a Soulor in 17 o be at tub mkt City Boow ammo Shokuh commencing in the county Roud Tuttie Norih Wost Cornu Rof it a tiny to dirty Iii urn to shot tho Contra of 160 thong a to Ritli Ial Thun co wet. To Huttl line of eau Ienco North in tho Pluck and 1 Lior by Public ii Utica Itiat i Hull odor for Liilo at Public at tho court Hutto i tho City us of Yuwu void Tiju or Dikiy Stu j3ui Day of Liv Tweedi tho Lions of 9 u us twi a. My and i. Al a tied flute to cuimnviific1 us Viiu hour of or 1 Atli my Tiu beast bidder tit orator in or Thor cum Usu ii Wivo with in cruel ii Uil Dnton unit Loti Day of of Colt Low thu Bukk s Salk. Wuj2bgas Lafayette i a Lvir and o. His their us Vul of uts to John following la Cun se7ksoriber would respect Call Tjio Sutlon Tiomi of Trio Catiz Riih of Vaoifi ii to Hia and tknh1vk Huw cof of ully found Iii n of i Cli will Boul Imu g in Hotl thu Vul Hull of auction Low who of Wotli wont que Tor of bout Ion township int Ruai to aeon it Trio in Zymunt of Jour of Ovon a Clui i Kirkor Tollius Rudrof Lur Puy Ubu Ono for buy Blu ii toll Cal our Tor Tuit Lviv for i Tiili nit Wotli i lowest a four Nix Turkily ill 10 por which a Trunt Wim duly Cordus in oui is in and fur mid in luuk m of Maiuri gussets Naid to Corv and country to offer to tho Trudy und of p kicks thru can to o1 Kavo Mcawle it or it liar jul b april Kow. To nitric tit on tho Nutu up to and Ilio item of thirty Pishl to Nuvil Noll Beninco unit John tru Tuo us Ileman Tel of Tiu a Mir of Virtu and in Pitnu of tho Power in me of will Hull f Aid much thereof us Bull to to my Euid notch Tutu boat nud Public to Oral bidder for ill tho Yourl Ilo ibis door in City of Duvoli port on Fri Lunny Dii yol Fiu r. Of Jiuu and Buhl a Dud will i inuit to Hie a id in Nuitai of i Rural. Kov Onisor 6f h o v k b a k 13 k noiseless s doth the Buker Ufi and Lurk switch. And upwards. I 5 11 bus in Shiiki Ani parties purchasing nac Winjes of j. Tho Unur Unkuri sowing and a Lianzo if to. The Only Cirn Ciufi la huh Iii i Piej in i cow Alf induce balk. Wue Hast Kosey and Otto Hur on tho 8lli Day of March Dixon Tod t Thor it of fico it Emva. Us a of Cocivi Tyirin in i in butt pm Ntilis Linof of lot Jsn. La ratio in Bluck to. Fuji torn he Anil a chief rated Uii Tiu plat of Bur Duvaul map of town now Din City of Haid of in unit duly record Tiu Dili Day of Al Tarrh a. In Book of town lot smrt in tho Sluco of tho Kun Curcur of in nud for tto olt Lulu. Aud the Kui Iii Otto tho with a bar Usu Cudtud unto paid Ufa an certain in Giitl of co Nanjing the Nuriu to in of cull car. An to wit us Usu Mirtl Cort Rofu in Tel of ii id Coji Wei a by Jav Uulu by did to Onu but Vlf i ill jutm4uit nun line Thonon Iho North Linn us land sixty the car of Huttt i to tho River it u Point Twenty feet of Usu month i it car stir of tho Naid of Luul Thimo owl to tho a thigh to Vruir of Hii Iii in act of Suid Len co Lollin Pluto of in Trio Cit of Juv import. And a part of lot us n Prtrt. Of Hortum no. In knt up Lioy july Low Prico to tho Public at who Cox or family ii and u Tilch i thin Arne fur Riu Porter to tho tit itch much in u a Similly null it or nonet North Saturn k it u a to k k k 5 in. Is i n s i r a Rili we in Jaluf my m Al hath Ait u Point Hundred i if Law Emily oath of Iho of title forty a Orelj of tho Ito Ulli line of mud us Chiun Nix to Misino Wal to tho River us maid Thonon Lull Riv All Alioti fourth Toni la opt live Pioro Taforo Andnis and wife. Which hint a Jed of Trunt Italy in Coit la Book town lot and which Buovo a mod convey an co wan by fraid Kivilin Konya ump i of u Fortuin Amiul Nulo Liy my rtt dil Emilic March kill a. In urn Ofui l i maj of unit the Nail Jiuji Ijiro a Hoeltl u Ulli wiil truly to this Mutual inv Luik fund Uii their or two at Nino Pur co Tuoi pm Trio monday of Puiul no null to paid thur Leto tinn of doll Tir Ortii tho Lairta of to nary non Ali nil ii Lor Iii Niu wittily on orm of tho jiul tip cd h in Lii until ilm of i Iii bloc r. To b i its ulv lilo 41h.oh ind s Jewing Macyll Javk of tho Emu of unit Tiit not mail m within i Iii limited Ute Tuhoy lawfully Liivi uti Uri l a civil urn Tom of a ii by tho isaid Kin i to i Tunny Siuk Puiul to Cucuro perform Imti onis certain a Wannyn for tier bust Bitri Iii Dutu in s Fin a genl Kir City by 10-dly is vict Olty is won. D by cd a wow by Mao Hinr. Macht Neis the Best Louall with tho to wit Trio of a. Ulm Lii us wad conditioned Lintt Tiu Kin Ilio it Kuulii Woll time truly pay to the w Uluiva Judd Dijoun to if Zichri. Tint will make j f j it pair of und do nil Uther civil us annul on Trio u on work in an Fourl Iii. Us i Hij Iise a. Wurr a Lennon i Liefl Ono wit i proper Yuul the Viudo of to to libido to ouch und thu Ruof Uio mini of Sjoo and Mutt should and Hinr Lar. Or Oun Ivory Ludy or Honlio Iliin in to set to labor will riot do Willio Uthia attach Mon a ill not do without Drift attachment. Will Sot do without huh attack Simonu tub fabric can Ehl 5.kss unik and Al Loutfi pi5ufect than tho goods Civ by bunted by Tinin limited by Ull Kuoy Iii Vinju it Miltn in Puy into rent on hum of for no Date in und Jiva mind Duca Lizul on mild Plutro Block for Nix now to in Aiu the Limi Jio ii Vul to Puy tho in torn it on quid hut of Oish i Dur font Lemon Hundred Mollura for no Kuhn j in in if us a Toft und con tribute onion for Fth urus of stuck for now Muu Laiing to in Urr Oura. Uri Thih Public i Iii Vir Loof Tjio Power Wlinich in mov by Sani Tri Britt Rotor duty Iier Ciu i i Willon Toto Dasiy of int Liliu hour of 10 in tho fore Notia of Tate it my court Iio Uko in Thoc Tryon for at. Public aug the of land Abovici or to much Thurauf fib Tell to Nec Flaury to Stift found thearn Ontius Rupec Tivoli of with Ull Ilio comb ibid the Iii and t Somi Nul involuntary pm los sexual or him a riot it to Uso said Foos Huid a Kwiaton not claiming Tny Prin and to marring i it Tor and on Uny mph Iii sex ail Jhk m 4 j a. I i _. I _ 4 _ debility and to uni on any inc Nuriu us win any a Iii bought of mental and by Lical . Refl Tanir from ulv or he of of Riml fur tho payment of Solf a boffo by Ito if j Utji ask twill i Bittor acid a Hillur hoist Loniey of Buluro into Root und Tui a thai Muy 1 to Impi of Ilio ready to a touch to tho Loii of Doc Oft int to Job Kook is to. By Ito irk j m. Author of tho or ten 4ta Boot to of Bant in a pm Iii to any pen on i pc Cit of Nix or two e cd. Al. Now Box 4686. It to. Tihoi Tindorf Inch no Yon All Piinuu of farm product taken at Murton not pm further War wit a Iii. The prior Minco of and the con it i in Ruiu Bond. Dated Thissie Duy of nov Moor a. In Tuatoo nov. Do. 8c e. Corner third and it jail machine machine makes four differ Wilson have reduced the pricks of adding inventors. C o c u k n dec a k Poe Kion Home Volun Luln i liboro is do inn Lino in kinds of work John born in by occupation i Ollir Todut Quirand Nin any one approx ending any Ono or idl of quid will be paid All reasonable coat of Ort Atlon and together with a f to Vii when wind Aro returned to 10 off car it i of Jbf Juilu can bin no to tho pure Hai or. Jit those desiring n ii fit clubs family sowing a will richly repaid by in its 1. 8. Cornor of Brandy and second von Low a -1 Ami prices no. Ii Larmon Cor Slat As Trio Ali motor t took the r 9t of Falcon at in 1s50. 41 Iowa. Acres of first Batje Cape 2j. Jowa comm k Camp 4 Wor Beauty and everything Tui w w. To have now a Rosuro to do All of flowing in 1wo. F i in 136l circular a con Tut Olnie full to invent on Diu turn inventors will plea to Adt Croatt us Chicago. Pont Oft co 4-14-3. Def. Prov to Liand in who chide county in the Bant Atu i property. i Call i a _ ofkj01c. To lit. Oppo Iho Tau Butak second it. To nod Wilma p. Keksi dance Corner of South in to court llou0e. A o wos.3ks company. You want Stihi engines or boilers Patent fire i Takht sugar a ask Patent steam Coil Pat Kkt for Pike s Peak or Lake machine re of mks or fur n. P. W. 1 re Jont. Nyrl Illy h j am Daub of All k pc j Luko . Davonport by u. Dal vellum a Inikon. Croft in to buy Only tho of boats the David Are now a Kitfu da11.v trips xxx Kivuti Kolc ii in Ulm 1 Iidro of in route a. Ujj. Wit ii i and with finmand fur lab Una and for of Royhl. Or inyl7-tf o apply la j. W. Zilic Tjotis Mio in w. F Muiir Lugton o Hank of Jowa. B us and Sull new York to non for country it to Currutt Niton. Any of Jinlun Aino Rickii Uny of Lhoir toll Cut in on our Cut Lanct it tho Rulu of coi ilm Pur food news to Liiv Aioli Tedt a Kra we Litlie h artificial Tat knt Kun in tint a k. Al. Hurnt Forn und Tio . A m Kwh or tra Tujing Jii m. M. In. Liuro it no Smul of in or they Cipiti Jenl. In Day. Purest Anil of Sci Crys Cai no put Upa Laud my amount pm 1 Usu to in ral of it cite furn Hoil by any. T for Tiki Lime truly we ii ask just in Kottl ii Riith ind of Jii Mico n Wuch in How of nil kxkout1omb. Not 4 o Kab. I War Kan i u. Till of Oruro of think und i Orty leases and insurance Ano Inland insurance. Ual ital Hicl f of i Hub Iii fire insurance of Soltic and . Oahu capital fire insurance of is jew Yulk Buo Oklyn. Of Petal Ila Iuar fire insurance of Yoke cite. Oahu Oai Utal Fulton it ire insurance of new Yoke City. Cash i fare insure use of Cash capital Spring eld fire and Bia Rinc insurance oa8u Oal Taij flew Force life i surant of new Vork o1tv s-.uufl.7p7. John 8wit9 in Ettolle Runny let to Whf piano and Organ Mach Facer Blyth find Booty. I Vii. All of my own our Gnu Lvpl in for Livo k. Dono ult Union ii in who i Uril for Ori Iura Niny to Dia Jow Olry Mooon Stroh. April 1s60. and 0kpartvur5 of office Jit Bow May 7 Kast Litun Majth via 0. 1. Vaili Toast. It Vul you a. Ftp. Do Wuy to to do g 0 it r. M. A. 1. M. A. U. Ekht kit Wah vis m. And m. Dial Luolla Cloeva itt o Lucli a. M. Arrive Psi in v Itji Daya coct Pretl. Nou Thkun via. And tamae Tukik. Jul b arrive us c do to u t ii33kn m a i l via a Bah tot Tuta. It 8 jul 7 a. M via Kwitt Mitiu Kkt a. thu Raduy it Mlay at co Cut r. M. Ro0tk no. Via Ai uni Tiluy t Wadih Oduy und Friday it bowl r. M. Nud tit inlay 9 u Huttic to 10945 via Tirron. Tiu ij1riilay Al. 12 m. Arrive us and j Quiny lit tout pc 1uwt via . Fri buy us s o clock of 41. Arrix Ori Ham inlay m. A out 10950 via Anamosa Anh Walnut 4jlomi.it Tii turn Dyul 12 o clock m. 12 incl nah. K. Offik i Louth. Open it 7 m at o of we m. Rigid ill s t. Opon on bind ii finn to 10 o Cork a m. Iii Uirt am cur Ristl by j a in thin notice Wim tho m Othow nil Llanio an n i m. l for be United . Flour Lunil Niagara x rvs. V. My _ i. Lutin Tonry to Maii w. Gull trip Wenli Ufi Fidh it Iluk out if Mich. Al h. J. Isrl Iii now 8. C. Chattel motto Akk. Do skins of Justice s Bills of Siml for Halo fat tho Uii Iti a with tho vol Odeon Aud will in to to tho Poi Corb and lending ii Lonfy in Ruhr to but in tho to tic Nian fac Turof Wolod Onri in Tom fall of Natl hot ice to limit Tom Havu Solu to Tholia Ajja. J Lusso him Trumont now in i Otilly in the United Tiu Toh and bul in to Riith America Ulm the wont and from All que lors to tins Moat Flatt bring of my in which Thoy am haul tilt tidus Irful on Stock Iwers. In cq7ttpctitivn with Klumill Tonko in for unlink by Mil our own our in which Avory inn Rnecht to and Illish Truid by All ill Odoone of our Isil Hor by Lih or do Lith in Uny Purt of tho Koom of i Aro warrant cd to per oct in uvary iu3-Dwtf j Atid should any Rop Nirri by la Terni try tho expiration of Livo a cart from Nfn of to hold und u in tinier to Nikko us Siino of Char Iii provided injury Accident or Audi lib for tho Milt of our Molo Deonn May in nil pro Cipul town i of tho United und of limn. 1 x s now open for the reception of Patiotta who wish to Vuil of a o of Wylor treatment i musical pro the Caro of with ulnar Voynne a. I Ninoe n. V. A. It Lack Oom is Fri Lou v. A. 1 jul Truk to or Eithur of Thoa Bovo amyl Way and to to Indr thu and Jinrich. Con Lin be our Riding Skrit Tirc he in icon Davenport find mid in fico club by acid of Brgoh for to utmost Trio our. To Flo Portock la Riding Trio Ivicin will attention to tho practice of obit Lorica to Hor and May itt dwt Spring biool1 and Best Patent i. Now in u0ot . For at new York prices at proposals fou Buhi Pino a Bridge on Scono will but Rico Ivy by tho it Iha Ohlau i Gnu Iklin Booko i chairman so City of 1842. It. Notion in tho in actor of Uhi and Tobamo Ruof ii. Due Unocic. In county Bcott not Cje is ii relay Given to All whom it May Liml it u Terra of tho county Yourl of Scott hold it tho court ii on to in to Rocity of Davenport. In county pm tho 27th Day of a tube Ramodit in bearing july purporting to by tho Jutt will and Tutu unsent of 1l Lato of Devonport in Padl was produced and publicly Road in open court we Coupon tho Guild court Lixon of tho for holding tho next not Fulner torn of an Iho Lime for proving build it which Timu Uny can year in court and nto Rohac can Appe of Lvov if Uny Tiluy Why wild will should not to proved and allowed. October u. Linden to county Jadro. Ordered that tho Bavo notion to 14 Pul Linh of in Scoll Lowitz four r. County judge. And Woolen being on third. Botwood Stock Totland and Iowa v

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