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Davenport Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1862, Page 1

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Davenport Daily Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1862, Davenport, IowaV it 7 Ven port published by the Gazette a co i 4 of to Jimd Pethy St bets. Terms six dollars per Yeak vol. In. Thus Jay november 1862. No. 36. Davenport daily wok Elf to Kab Conis any Ivolu in i per in thumb of Al Rutolo l upon by Tho Dino port i Rean onoff Juuro of twelve or Inch in Winco uinmlny.10 75 00 two java.1 i Tiro to i 7 r y j Throe Nmntim------8 00 i 75 Kourtni film u 00 2 to Sis Morulm--------.10 o Yarno nhan feels two woo it 300 4 00 of com cod it Tho Rale of Pur Milf of Uio Nuovo a fix com Rug of Kur per will Law to ump Trio Ramu of Contr Tictin will by unit Hood to y Karin try to Tui him Noziato of Tiu my and nil Muir Tel in by Uio str will extra. Nut written will by Iii i a Luis until arid charged por in Veyhl and it flu civil Zotico us Tun Coutz or go Cwi tit h i am for Siil of Hind of per from sign void Vii Frt Vul Rubly in Wii Krim for yearly option an i Lam of pot Vuu lev von in 10 l Price. A Nvvf it ii Nib Iii Ucer 5o jilt of Tibou ind on liar tor Payo Pur it i i. On Lurf. Rte jul Imit paid fur in in Fri Oiin insert of weekly on re ii. I. Imok. Cock of d Ettoil Najiya at j ave removed Tiff Ihk 3 rot Imp main and third . R. Putnam Ahu info. Main by t. O. John o. Toi Knees ooukbki.lur8 at a Law. I a f w. J thou nov and Over Cocks Bollor at in Tho clock. Tt011nev and counsellor a3 Law. Wain a Trust a t. Tutor sky codes Beloit at Law. Of Hui in Utill tic cont up at Law and Lulf Lulu. To. Riuli v Ripoly of Annly Uii cu1tkau. Thou by at notary Pulitic it. In Cong y at no Taitt Rubio. North West cosh but of or tidy Taco and Kunn Ianuly _ ii. A attorney at notahi7 Public to Tipul of Din i aim. I a m Al. Toney Counselor at Utu notary to t the our Iii a Amu mid main on if lady Aba Kly of Hur a. W. M. Mul holi ninth .1. V inv Sclan and Linn lick Vii h to due to Tirb und fifth w. Jul. Acou ctr Jln. W. Corner kick ail Job tween maim b1cadv. No. Tit Lioti Voi ii Natl in to Lite i ump p d. M y be round Iii Oor Noi of t s May k i Orry his Ulm Hill tvs Luji it tit office no. annul. Milieo Lumert from 3 o clock 5 m. Out Nistad without wit tout Ajin of Liok Ufir. Part Tcolar aun Tiou paid to am of to human Ruf Oron pm Given if . K. Cornor of Wolf Ali Mill in of with his will of Trio oyo nud War that Ouji Tible of euro. Office Piid it Knitli Iii Rui Rind fifth. Jnnol9.tr n 2j. W. 0. 37 Park new g i Matt kit. In oar Amenta for a we Kuhn Bazk Ftp in Thorit i to Ittoku and Ion to fyr ii our Gould. And retail dealers Oil Corner Ivory. Jan 2dwtf d Jull tits Ealer manufactured of kult and u Oaks. Is near Man. W. To. A Chi text and sup skin of Tuulio or Privato . Olieo on. Floor in b. Job. Corner of if Rudy and Hiim hid Truol Tatj of Lisq Dlf c and Giho tuck of lilo Jef t11 k to it v r1 a i a Faith Bdl dbl in Board s. Ii Lili Vejl Ajjie. Sup0rviaors which is now assembled in our i is undeniably As sound a body of men w As Ever assembled to legislate of the affairs of for the Gazette. I county in this or any other state. The and members Are All Well posted on Tho duties por if. Petit Gill it i Taining to their office and Endeavor to perform m. I Taftt Niciu no. Sinto the same to Tho beet of their abilities Acca no. 6tt i t _ t 1 a Questro to Excel Forth such washing outbursts of Lori in and Elo Quonce on the part of our of the Zombery that the Riyono Toviy of reporting proceeding is considerably relieved Tom Ruby. Yesterday Forenoon was mostly occupied by Tho Board in osmium a the various press plod for and among to lot was our from our township clerk for services amounting to pome dollars. The amount claimed seemed Mior Mous in the eyes of Tho vigilant supervisor from Hick Ory g ool and a motion having been made that Tho Bill Boho ii mediately arose Ami in forcible Laug ago and Tho by the Way was occupied by or follows majority of the mom of tiny Board Havo shown a pre deter Titi nation to steal Froid this tis not Iny fur i Conner i Ftp bound Horn it incr and so act and air. In you mean to say Here that Tho members of ibis Loard steal no Eire i do not. I allude to this Bill of the township Clork. What has he a Tenn doing As township what has to Horn Why to May Havo Spezi visors Asp r m w local matters. Notick to tax kith Iri by annul to t i and no pit or cuu to in Giitl Oliy Piid for. In Puyu for for two to Ulici. Of Juhe we wkly Maze Tab Aro for Walo at the Gak both at five oath. Singing school. Kent will upon a Iii school to Morrow o at Tho Hall in Mon Vinci Perry St. Ool of Tho Mth majors. R. Of Tho 12th to Wapl of us Tho arrivals at Tho Curtis House yesterday. A Man Nam without a cd a is guile was brought before police Juji Tralo shooter to Sounlay and fined and All Eosin so goods with out License. To forked Over and went his Way a Wiser but poorer Man. The Placo to buy your Fra is when Thorn is lilo boat assortment Aud whom they Aro sold Tho carry out Thia Maxim Aud Jjo to i errand s and Purchase Mac of his Beautiful and Chaji nuts of fury. To Marti Takt furnish us at Short notice by braking Block. Officers. For a Nice uniform Call at Corner of Brady and second Saroct. Austin Cochin oko. U. Al no. 1 Nickolu i lock Ilo Accra in Aud City demand nov Erni Nunt to Mim Tauy bats and trim Dunajs for infantry and cavalry Oil con stantly on at Corner of 2j and main supplied on Short notice Aud Oil reasonable terms. Iiov20-tr the failures. Misery Luves therefore it is some Consola Tion to know that no telegraphic reports were received in Chicago on tuesday night and to Chicago dailies of yesterday were As bar Ren of Nowa from that Auu Roo As our it capt. Ii. M. La tor act Yos Torday la Andrad Roc units on to Hie Ainer for St. They Wero intended for the 2il Iowa and Glt and Luth Iowa infantry Reni neuts. They were in Good condition and presented a Lino App Oance go to to Day Aud to Iuo Row Ami All Tia time for Elasy Winter Gonda. La curvy dress us ods i Hawlet Winter for Sale it attic nov Vork Titorov at very Low prices. To tier Aro informed that the sick of i to of Atli now at Camp Llor uned Acme from our Ladi Orf and whatever articles sire necessary to their they can to obtained by a Little if Tho nature of their wants Aro ascertained our Citi Koris will certainly Supply them. The soldiers y Aid society meets Overy the Raday afternoon at 2 o clock at i to Christian Brady Street a full of the members is at is Oliero is work to a done in Tho Bott Italy at the Camps in Una City. Sol. Aid society. Ivory or naut business Man insures his and every Parent ins life for the Bonoit of his family. Robert Simpson represents Firo and life insurance capital in Tho Best now York companies to Trio of Over to arc dangerous. M. It Al. Tho Mississippi and Souri Railroad a doing a Lively business in Tho Stock Lino just now. The cattle cars Are daily crowded with Beeves and bogs so much so Fiat it 13 with much difficulty that this of to freighting business can be this is one of Tho evidences of Tom increasing Prosperity of our had a drop too much. On tuesday Naglit Brown found a Man named f. F. Scho from Cedar county asleep in his Wagon and dead Drutok. To was provided with at the Ackley und yesterday la orwing taken Detoro Justice Wheeler and fined and it 13 supposed that to will keep sober and awake next time he vis its our City. Another death at Camp Rick Largo a member of the 00th from Madison died of pneumonia on tuesday night at Camp Herron body wad escorted to Tho express Oft co last evening with the usual military and from Thero will to sent to Tho respect shown by the members of Thui to its deceased is very commendable. This a the second Corpse Homo by Tho voluntary Cut urls of the Ollices and Ino n. Such Noble hearted Mou in Honor to the state they and to Tho cause Tioy arvo. Nov. 38g2. Supervisor Murray Aud Cole Rubaii. Minutes Road and approved. The returns of the state canvassers of Tho ballots cast for county Scro Laid be fore Tho Board Aud referred to Corn Misoo of Public officers. The returns Aro As follows Iowa Tho pcs try Istir of tuesday pub Lishes Tho following official footings of the major tins received by candidates elect for and judicial the returns from Tho counties of i Useba Aud Worth had not been received when the result tvs declared by the Board of state been to Mill or 13 very Onn knows his duties Whais to been must be a Man of extraordinary Jio Segoins to have spent nearly his Limo at too what duing. To certainly have Boon to All time. Lint him exp Lam what to has been do nor All the Timo in his Olli Cial Busi Oliero be has by All his socks to Moho has been doing a Deal of Mill business and other wants Tho county to pay for in i for one of Poyo Tho payment of the logical Appeal nud manner of its delivery Xvi wild Liao reflect cd credit on Cicero or the attitude waa Coli Viand Ilij and to elocution after a foil re Tiarks in ado by other Mura Bora of the Tho Bill was allowed Wuo in somebody Lay subject cd himself or Tuioi solves to Indiana Wrath and hate j somebody will receive iualodictiods7 in on Anatha Rinaa and somebody to Aeo Tho nov licked and kicked. Who to cannot but somebody. A patient and forbearing Public Havo been Row july disappointed Ami imposed upon. Our blood boils As we think of Tho Launcr in which Hopes Havo been cruelly blasted. Hear to our grief and Tell us ii to Havo not cause for sorrow and Wrath. Were we not told on Mun Day of Tom biased novo Bur week in Tho columns of Tho paper of the that Tho a libels in Maryland again 1n wore to not assured that we look with Conli Dunco to ii men. Kic Ololla to drive Tho rebel hordes from Trio dour Stop of Tho White have we not Boon eagerly in Stu for Tho Clatter of Knob in Cumber land and Havo to not Hen a Aing at Tho Werito of posting to 1 rest Cal Lincoln on bonded in can shouting u Mcclellan Quio Back Why then Bavo to disappointed Jack son was willing to to und the Aro very to Sou Tho Steps of the Whito Iio Uso and the paper that the former act was Doug Aud the latter would of Courato or Lincul it knew. It would All Boun Doug if somebody Lead not prevented. Is Giuy. Fearfully before an outraged Public. Who is if Tenn lot Liim beware a patient Suhong cannot and will not much Lonor Bear such Hijji Hamard acts of tyranny Ami has been Yed Ancl lift Ronald tuition Tuii Liy and if Lofren men of the land will not much longer Sufler . To have a right look with and every one of our Southern has a constitutional right to visit Maryland or our rights and theirs have been ruthlessly m let Tho guilty any of Trio Iowa tory organs for Fiir Llmer particulars. 7uk to Lotty Skucon n. Tho to arty soc and Kegin Cal of Iowa infantry rift for St. Louis yesterday on the Means Bill let Iderson. Two of this regiment arrived hero last Friday on who James three companies Caino Down on Marc Hitje from be cd Tiro in Tho rain and the rest arrived evening. The members of this re Stu it of Ponxs Emch satisfaction at Beouy removed Voin which they Casc Rhu a dreary Sand Bank a hero clone it of Sand whirl tinally around in the soldiers mixing with the food in the cooking and being in led at almost every ton Nib. Those who of Tito Down in time to have a sojourn at Camp Wera Cle lighted with the Ami speak in terms of Praise of the the and Tho commissary department managed by or. J. S. Tho Chii client Camp a draft to be made. It seems to to settled that we fro to have a draft made i Scott county for to old regiments. Tho term of service will to nine Good clothes furnished substantial food supplied when the ribs do not carry Oft Tho plenty of healthy exercise Home exercise not quite so healthy glory bestowed when and pay Given in undo Sam d Best style. For j. Bau Nettra Rico Lvov Vii Tecil by county Board to Stato Board vote _ 217 us do by county Titi to Bouru 17 pfc Henrj j majority for j. 900 Glork of District court. Irn m. Uirl Ord received an by county Bourd do Tju Ito Bourett _ 827 is Jatoi Man he Droit rms Visil f cof Letart of state. 14974 cchi4 15115 4 us 5u399 of state. .61124 14302 6ms8 im02 .4cut4 4112 by state. Hs35 15103 4145 c0539 10187 m040 14sso 4gm7 4 by county Board Batu Board off state Lako Offik. A. 14356 mow -ji13 0075s fruit. Oolite Clolk majority for Ira m. Oil font a Row occurred on Tho Steamer Ella yesterday while at Tho Rock Island be tween a Para Roger and some of Tho deck when Tho boat arrived on thiss Daof the Tho deck hands made an attempt to atom that Cabin whore Tho passenger but they wore unsuccessful. They had armed themselves with Iron Coal Erieka of pieces of Etc. Officer Brown Uicon took charge of the Pas and armed wit i a 1m him from the in order to protect him from being harmed by Tho excited or. From Tho committee of Bridges Aud reported in favor of appoint ing in the Sharpe Borg roast Case. Kopor adopted. Henry rpt and Samuel Littig. Tho report of the Tiu Ancu Cornu toe waa taken up. Lwills of Jas. Thorington for Slitor it s were ordered Laid upon table Kulil the afternoon so Shiou. Tho Bills for jail Aud court House repairs Woro of motown allowed. Will of j. W. For was after considerable Day Cus Siuyu allowed. Usu of ooze to company fur advertising was closely scrutinized and allowed. Still of Luher Lano co. Was thoroughly dist stud and then still of township a pretty ii Ood airing a and was finlly Bill of 2490 2219 t. It iw32 i yor.8utt 3d k. Allison. 9sct Ihli muliony.s3i7 185 8452 4ih . Vast ii. M. 5th a. Kaa Wati. Oth a. Us hard we Nul list Trio Vole Hrict Atlo Rubyb Only Uio s Ali Ami Oil Ivy 3.1629 12h is 2 2755 sgd 1st i 2sco do Triol a does. 23-15 7tii f. Dil .1. At. W. It idly. Flt i h. Willon. I Situa 57 to 53 w 4s1s pb42 747-1 700 134 Lischer for was pc pct in awl allowed. Will of m. For Wahsiu Uince to Clork of was fully Cionni coiled and at last allowed. Bill of u. K. Gla Tishu was Tabt Nti null axiom oui on motion adjourned till 1 o t dist it att Okja in Ihlow. J Lio. .1. 7th . M. Due birr Alt Abb ky3. 2246 it 12 464 9202 Aoa 2178 7ig7 2410 i of 23ho Avoki Tanoos on motion or. Frost was called to lilo John in o nil but film can Low to Syc a 644u s34 r. This report of Uio finance come Viltee wag and the Bill of so crier us Ontius to was taken tip. Or. Fluke that All Tho Bill of capt bag that part which relates to salary Ami Uio inst to postponed till the january or Sion. Ado filed. Or. Ella moved that. Bill of j. S. Alt Ainuu Tuik in to paid. Ayes and nays ays nay a 5. Bill allowed. Or. Snyder moved that Tho Bill of Juh Tico Amu uling Lobo Lakista up. Or. Rose thought Uio juanico was not legally eur lived la Muni than Tifty Wenlu on Tato cases whore the which would ont Itlo him to about i yet or. Ells was of the opinion thai the jus Tice was cd titled to full i Wea in state Caroa wherein Tho prosecution was Aud the fees cannot by maidu out of Uio do insure against tub Simp to Well insurance 13 agent for Tho North America life insurance Pauy which Inarrea for to draft and Tho risks of those who insure in this com can if drafted receive a ii Oral sum for the Urt of or if they Clio Ali or your of Borrico will to to the a Ifo or thus u Mau pays if to is drafted and wants to rain a he give up his policy is paid if to to and will Mirror stir his chum in Ilia he in Coiras shoot or to can a permit to enter the army and Servo anywhere Piast of the Rocky mountains and to paid his Flina in Tho event of his death. Fowler a. In a hero the Prusac Climi was Only fifty Arul Unn Dollar for each six hours for could be to the county or. Fluke thai the Lull to paid when properly certified a from Tho Davenport Oas Light Aud Coo Nutting Forth that Tho Ayap Samont of Tho works waa of Chorbi and asking a read Nuble was pro hooked and referred mall que. Been Rotl wore allowed Aud orders or Derod drawn tor Tho Momiu Keport of finance commit too adopted. Claim of c. S. Ackley of for Acconio Dattoma Tho grand jury during Rosenl waa allowed. Thu or Ignatiou of John c. Quinn waa presented and accepted. On motion a Resolution was adopted a to ii. G. Noal to Lill vacancy occupy the redid Oathou of John c. Quieu. Or. From the Buard of Back the communication of Tom Oak for to con sidora the North Dav Enfort lyceum last Friday err Niue this society met and and after adopting lilo Rasary rules lift qty ration wan and optimal for discussion on Friday resolve i that the american a Joulo Aro belter adapted a to Hurchial than u Republican form of Govon Monu on alternate Friday Over Zugg discussion a Ancl lectures will to had before this society. Trio North Dave portors Aro awake and they Aro going to awake All Winter. We Aro glad to Chr Cuiulo Tho existence of at least Ono such in our City there Are Younis Mon enough loft at Homo to re Isidor Ita Success then there Lhasa More advanced in life who can Well Lovoto Ono evening a week to to worthy an employ men t. Uon of he Board. I Ryor of petitioners med the Timo for or taxes hav s 1. Or. Hlls Otreria a Resolution a. John and j 0. A committee to order repairs on county prop erty Aud furnish necessary supplies to county Winch was adopted. Thu Rosoli it of or. Requiring certain Bridge was Hud of Mut Lhrig tit ipod ugh Fuho Wini to that Horcut tar thin Bnard allow no Moro extra pay to the county Uili cers of Lor Olra cd Turk hire or tor cd uni Vork fur what it in really to boil duty to per form. And nay a called Yuas 3 nay 1 1 Resolution lost. Sir Ella resumed the chair. Or. Snyder hollered a Roflo Lution directing Uio Survey of a certain piece of land in Al Long to made by the county purveyor at an exp two not Exoo Ding live Dol Lars. Adopted. L edition of Harley Ami others asking tue circuit circuit court adjourned Goa a omits last saturday even Tho Miller has .5 rare faculty of doing in Iju Dinoss Leiua Kahle Rita atoll Tho record of Tho disposed of in week is Sut Lucient evidence of thin fact. The has Mado u Alec Dodly favor Ahlo impression in thus Ini term of lilo court in Lown. District in f. Flurcy returned Home on Over Iii having Hur ried through his he Siuess much sooner than to had Antic Ipatov Uhlon to do. A 1 v Iii a it k k t it k v i k an apr Pillion of tor Tho of in Cloonin presented and the sum of was asked for by Tho trustees of Blue Wraas for Brido purposes in that township. Granted. Tho sum of was granted Lor Bridge purposes in Dilalo Alao for a Toad ant Valley Awuou d Urove and Hickory Grove Kuiv Fluke look Tho chair. On Tho sum of was appropriated for a a Ridge Over a Branch of Duck near Gurll Tim g in Davenport township. Adjourned until to Morrow to Riog it Nhin o clock. As Olp res ident Ovle to were surprised yesterday by a Call form Ray Aud for several years a resident of be claim in this and Well known to those of our ref Ders who participated in the political campaigns in this county from 54 to or. G. Has Beon practising Law at but was deter mined to cuter Tho army. He recruited nearly a full company for the tenth but on Tho organization of the company lost to position to which to was and staid at Home until the last Call for Ivy to to entered Tho ranks of Tho regiment As a intent on his county at Alt and desirous of earning Tho promo Tion to tha position to May to lit cd for. G. Is Tho Samo Earnest Republican Anil Tho determined opponent of the la to oligarchy that he Over and Hia Holft soul is in Tho conquering of the rebellion. To shall cout Dently expect to Hoar a a Good account of Friend Gwinn. Goods Rio Bibu at Tho acknowledgements of Gondi received for Tho Hoa Puala at Keo Kiik to notice Tho from be dried red do Clinton dried cd of Akk a Mutiny nov. 1362. To very Imbior Len it Torawo Wouten Rof my of Lutc 1111 Phliip Miquila 110 fur Mill if a t at in nip ii. Corn Dull Al 13taiua. 3.bw Dull Giul Wui Lor it Spridik Oxtot at no. Winter us no tit 1 Iurii Imit no. Dull. Guttil. Of to no. 1 no Kenn Ami Sulci Iii by of Utill Mut 75v 100 i Market Dull. N Flur acct. It. To turf. Nor Winbor com ice Soublo co a Good five any 0110 for it u Low Fiill on in. Atm i Bovo fourth. Nov Sale notice is Given that Wilt to a Mckiou Muo of it Tho Sicott county in Tho City of on Trio duty of 1s62. A Piid inn ibor of various Tho Hirmo lifted in to Bonair Ucucu of Trio cavalry Bur Refea on Liy order Tho a loan of Tho Sicott soon key. Nov to farm and lands for Sale i a farm of eighty acres All with Houyao and some for a Flo 1.2so a crib or Good lan.1. Tolvo on uni proud it Ani for further Onui Pirn of t it ten i pc from last oppor Turify to enlist to tub Gray Karus. 15 More men wait Tail to till turn Bora now Over 000. If Trio Tho Tlusty will Rucoi Vod and got their my and Bounty within tou nov wow supt. Thank. Sews list Nhi bps mail by Telegraph. 1 Joe ported the the War news. A a. Jyh. Tho famous Ericsson Battery Pis said tried the Experiment of firing within the Aud with perfect Success. Tho 15-Iuch gun was fired Throe with 30 and 33 pounds of Ami 330-Pound balls. No difficulty was of Peri Tho of Oise and smoke were i Sig Tho recoil slight and easily i meeting or blew paper and the Shock to Tho vessel scarcely percept Philadelphia nov 19 u pc w 4 i t y. At a meeting of Tho newspaper president has issued an order re tors it was unanimously agreed to Quiring a proper Observance of the Sabbath Combine for to Protection of their inter in Tho army and Navy. A labor is to to re-1 in View of the heavy Advance in the dated to that which a absolutely Price of and increase a Kahn Road to St Loaia Ito of subscription. Democrat of the 18th has the following from which we infer that Street pro menacing in St. Louis a not so pleasant a two understand that Tho system of do nov. 19. Brig. Gen. Recently ordered to report at St will doubtless be As signed to duty on reaching that that Street pedestrians and others j either under uen. Curtis or Gen. Shall show their pfrtf93 or certificates was to have been put into general practice the City but for some Canso Wasp Ferrod. In to ninth How of Tho k ii. Ftp. Stationed Gomme Victel in who drafting in this City Aud county took every and this canned a i to passed off peace Challencin of thousands fully and cheerfully. To summary Man m j by y f v by f m m do by m m w Tim eral Durw Lodh were arrested and Taku to Llie nor a a Blu Tuo dealt with Barracks at Tho Corner of fifth and Biddle county Baa put Down All feeling of Clebere to remain Litt they could a resistance. Among the drafted was Ralph c. A prominent business a of Gen. And Tuor Well known citizens. Satisfactory account of were retained or Leonor it to to disposed of As Gen. J3d wards shall dirndl Many persons thai Tho peril of appearing on the Street without a certificate of Croli limit or had the will to corrected by the above statement. Let those who have and carry and those steamers collate and Delaware have been bought at Louisville by hrs to Cuneo Rod Liuio for service of the Kariah Okiren Tho govern Mcnol a contracting for other Sowall boat9. A correspondent of Tho in Fremont is to to assigned to the of Tho of Tho pro its nov. Many rebels preparing to leave Dale Tisne Ssan in of Uio re Truat ref Trio troops. The conscripts did not Muster at Mac pm to Cir fun sufi Bragg was at tic of bar Day. His Force was nut orca team s division was and Good Southern Money is in you Sci and Sis Hundred Hosna stampeded from the Gosorn men a Trio suburbs of Louisville last monday. Over Tho Twenty two wore kilted tie bal Ance away. During Tho months of my and Juno Impre Wero at the Wator town i Carri Aijo for a rifled 29 fur 8-Inch u inure a 21t 2 round of brass Funso with month f Ami 7h War rockot.4. The n. V. Post the authority Fursa Xiuji thut Gen. In Acom mini Coriou to the has the in float approval of the or naval of Ueo my Clolla from Tho command ol1 our army in Virginia. Washington of Tho n. Times says a amount of circumstance and which attended upon Llie old regime and nil Cora of Tho various hta ifs Sfurm to Lind plenty clip Lymont for their Sparo Limp. Novel political und tugs at a Wilt to excl Mayeu for Nitro Active and Vic Fol . Bonito it he to Tiquio is precious Vorio Ochtrup Tiomi of Iron so viral firemen in Tiibi at 8 o clock ii fit a Liro Hoko out in the Patlon of Asco Iron a three Story Brick Ait Atod of Fraaklin of tween Randolph Anil Jamoa i Atchel who occupied a part of Iho 3d floor As a polishing the last Naan in the having left about and he thinks the tire must have been the work of an Ince liar lis loss is about in polish ing to insurance. Or. Lei in had insurance on Ibe and upon the Stock Aud machinery. After Tho Firo in the front portion of Tho building had Boru chief Engineer followed by eight or Teu Grunen Aud the Louk Aud ladder went to the rear of Tho third to play upon it from a Hetter Point. While a portion of the Wall at the Southwest Corner fell and car ried Tho floor with it in a to Tho second Story Tho joints having been burned some of the men were carried Down and buried in the ruins. Chicago Tribune of w u Hak Fokd h la any w. F. Iowa. 3j Bolus us . A Parks Corner of Bra Ray fourth w the Kon orly Liy k. A. E have purchased my. Oliver s a i fell City. Vury Ami for that Twu Uii Kai us can pm in we Uro on hand u i funeral of nil Tutu a of o c e k v s 6 o k you win find Tho bk3t ruanv3 of Pool tit buckwheat 3sgob and All kinds of and who Best Quality. A Lull Endeavor to Koop us Good if not hotter Iti Lii kept in Tho to will a Uhart kept n Tho Cit nil in Emu Mold by Urt in to Tiftic iat tar us. Go out deliver of in the vat ted pc i til k cheat Sellin out Cost will sell ius Silock of Goodat Conkling of Uio Ait a Lor body u Woll to Yivon Niu a Call. I uni inn into o is. Primy xxx put Shi lev s 2 x5x Alti. Ale Stock ale the subscriber is now Manx fac mul in to to Portieri of to Rocity. Wanted. Or three Good coat hands x Chi Havo count run work it ool ill. Sam Ruurt d. Froth b nov. The Union men of Kentucky Are greatly dissatisfied because tic government nut r. to by levied upon War Ellby secession to prevent Tho starvation of Luyn of the mountains and Border Lave been pud of everything by rails of Tsmith and company. Unionists Here say unless the government gives such authority will Suun be forced to Supply rations for the above important department of Olio nov. 17 general order Avo. 20. That portion of including and Yng of the counties of Shel Hussell and Clinton Wilf Tuuu Tiute Tho District up under the Cui Amand of Brig. Gen. T. To whom nil reports and returns from troops within District will to i cad quarters at by. The cd Natios of Chi Turt Floyd and Pike will constitute the District of Eastern under the command of col j. 40 Ali Ohio to whom All reports will he Marie. Headquarters i to held. 3d. To remainder of the constitute the District of under Alaj. Gen. Purdon Codi mantling the of Ive Tucky. 11 cad quarters acc Ivy. The dist cts being formed for to convenience of command and distribution of be operation of troops will not to could nod to thu in u bib their Pobu Aro but will to extended wherever required without re to District lines. 5th. Reports and returns from District commanders will be Madu direct to by command of Gen. Wright. N. I a a. A. G. And Chiuffo stall 0 a. G. St. N. Pm nov. The steamship Onmi liver Pool the Otho via Londonderry the 7th Insch passed rape race Lur ii Choc this morning. She was boarded by the news yacht. Trio icon Lori a cwt remarks As to English merchants from shipping Liim ammunition to Tho North or the thiner is in. Then f quotes authorities in show that Tho out of such ships As Alabama is broach not Only of International but absolute Law. The the inaction of my Uellan s army to the Success of the democrats in the state elections. It says Mcclellan is u Democrat a Universal favorite with the peo ple and Zutl it is Well Kun Ofero that he is not unwilling to Soo the War termin the thinks Liat if the Electious Iti the other Tatos should prove favourable to the to to Mcoid St Dorable extent to democratic Clement in probabilities a speedy peace will he so much enhanced As to make any attempt to invade Virginia not Only s but criminal. Nib. It is reported that the in Tutt Fri Nib Clab Tunc regarding the honian question were Worso Tau Aud stated that a majority of to ministers to resign unless the emperor should give Kimu to the italians. Uuk Sce. If was stared that the Rian government intended to invoke fulfilment of the treaty stipulations re serving the Sucic Tsiun to Tho bavarian dynasty. A powerful Republican party wishes the of a Federal the adjacent turkish provinces of thessaly Aud Mace Donia. journals favor the lat ter it is assorted that England and Franco Havo warned Tho provisional government not to raise a european question and to respect the ottoman London funds continued heavy. Money is in moderate with abundant sup pay latest by Ikle Guain to the Spanish government has demanded the punishment of the americans who Vio lated the Spanish jag on to coast of Cuba. The american minister Imd an audion co with the Queen of Spain and assured her majesty that thu american government did not authorize acts of Tho capture of the Guu boat Montgomery. 7th. Mediation rumours Aro again current. Depositors will hereafter. Be required to attach a Tulip of nil Chostn drawn for Moru than Dulara dual w in Noelle by Tho drawer of Sheok. Nov. 1 l. A. Mag Klot. B. B. Kwh r 3uuo

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