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Danville Roanoke Daily Times Newspaper Archives Oct 29 1896, Page 4

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Danville Roanoke Daily Times (Newspaper) - October 29, 1896, Danville, VirginiaThe Roanoke spirt in Ujj u is d a October 29. 1890 Quot to Mam babies with skins on fire Cumins car run nod other Ekin and Renly torture. Nono but real. Ize How Tbs fat of Little one ref for. To know that a warm hath with cd Timur 8oap, nod Nangle Annuli Cantlon of Cuti Cuil ointment the Preat a Hon euro will Iti the majority of Core afford Lar tent Relief permit real and Eleon and Point to n Predy euro and not to us a them without a moment s delay la to fall in our duty. Belld in Rochmil the world. Price pm Pim us. Boil . And it Pont a Daub. A5t� in a. Com. Sole prop. To too. Of Quot Dow to curo Tiki a tortured bodice Quot mailed too profoundly disturbed. Print Bismarck s utterances have Zirri tat eff the government. Berlin oct. 28.�?Public opinion seller ally in Germany condemn Prim Llis nor eke a re Clai Louh i the hamburger Nacri Ehtan. Remmling the Allianic Between Russia nil German which existed tour ii the lust years of his chancellors hip Etc. And allusions Are made to his a indiscreet to Quality which is gradually tarnishing Liis glorious reputation. There is Little doubt Liat the Prince Lias divulged important state secrets in his attempt to Triumph Over i a Cessor general von i Caprivi. London a t. 2s.�?Prince Bismarck a disclosure of the existence of Russo German entente during the last years of his tenure of Ollick Lias had a very Start Ling and disturbing effect both in Berlin and Vienna to say nothing of Puri and the eruption is regarded us Peiling the Drei Lemml. A feeling of distrust Lias been aroused but Ween tin allies and doubts Are expressed in some quarters As to whether the Dre Huml will he renewed in 1807. London oct. 2s.�?a special dispatch from Berlin says that the German government is profoundly irritated at the disclosure made by the hamburger Prince Bismarck s Organ on monday last in stating that a defensive Alliance existed Between Russia and Germany during the last years Prince Bismarck was in Ollick. It is also stated that the government is thinking of prosecuting the Hucl Krichten and a those by whom it is inspired a evidently referring to the sex Chancellor. is confident. Of Imago t it. 28.�?�?ofrom information we have received from nearly All the county chairmen in said chairman hot Tina today a we feel con fluent of electing the governor Ami a majority of the , mid fully believe that we have More than even a giant is of carrying the state for Mckinley. The change of sentiment there is remarkable mid that state which fora time leaned strongly for it Yau will very probably in found in the Mckinley a Oquinn election Day. Of the result in the legislature we have no doubt. A Republic in United states senator will surely lie elected this a who do you t link will be a elected to succeed senator Vest a a ooh 1 Don t know 1 am a Are. That a another fatal Gas explosion. Pittsburg. Pa., oct. 28 an explosion of natural Gas at Avam. In Alleghany about 1 0 this morning killed Bessie Osl Torii aged i years and seriously injured her brother. Dale aged it her sister Edith aged be iut the House was badly wrecked. The was caused by a leak in the Kimun pipes. Murderer .1a�lki>. Knoxville Tenn. Oct. 28. Bud bin. The negro who killed two men at Creek monday night. now in in county Jill. Lie Van arrest etl yesterday hear the Sec tie of lie shooting and t mob at knee begun to gather sheriff Stern aria did not Lake big prisoner to Minton but atom e i rough film on to Knoxville. Ilii Riidu tin it my War Black struck one of the my greek soldiers on the head with a billiard a tie. Causing death. A sneezed ills Kvek Wijt. Cincinnati oct. 2-\�?Charles Doran a business Man of Glendale took a Pinch of Soult for a cold. So severe was the sneezing that followed that the inferior oblique muscle of the left Eye was ruptured and As he continued to Sno be the eur tical forced the Eye out of its socket. Dornn says he Felt if something Hud broken in his Hen i. With right Eye he saw the left pair hanging Down Liis Cheek. Or. Lady replaced the Eye and applied t lotion to the muscle. The eve was then Hati aged of it could not fall out again. Or. Ile adv believes the Eye is not dest Royed. Bread v Alu us rising. London oct. 28 a the Price of bread has gone up a Lulf Penny a 1 uhf and the increase is living acutely Felt in the poorer districts of Loudon. Beautiful millinery and a Large a Tock of tilt Muil and hat male a the Bazaar tie att motive place it proved to he to Roanoke indie Vii Ria Vav wow a a h Misa n Foaad Opportunity if they fat1 a a inspect our Lingo Stock of ii it Isidur Uiha Itric Good he for placing tho it orders. We now have on exhibition the largest nto a of dinner. Tea Ami toilet so a a Ever a Hun in in Moke at Price a Tomt will halon Isle you. A Large Ami Beautiful line of chamber suites Jim received. Call and see Thorn. Thee Fumi Turco horrible treatment. Tragic testimony in a Case before a South Carolina court. Aiken s. To oct. 28.�?the state today finished its direct evidence in the Broxton Bridge trial and the Emu let Timon a of witnesses for the defense was in gun. The evidence fur the prosecution was mainly Corrott Ortive of that Given yesterday Many testifying to a seeing the on the Uig lil of december 2. 1815, Riding along the roads of Colleton county with Isom ail Rosa Kearse mid Hanna Walker led like dotes behind to e buggies having Roukis around their necks. Rosa Kearse was the Yhiel witness for the state. She told How the defendants captured her and led her behind the buggy. When a in could not keep up with the buggy she fell and was drugged by the strap around her neck. When Lauua Walker was caught she said a fore god i ainu to Dun Uttin to de bucket a and or. Ackerman replied j a yes that a what we hate ail we Are going to give you arrived at Broxton Bridge though the night was so bitterly cold that a their heavily Over coated raptors built a lire to warm themselves by the three prisoners were made to strip and were then severely i ten ten with buggy Trace. Isom died in his tracks. Hanna Walker ran off a few Yards and fell dead. Row a managed to pm i her clothes after her torturers left null crawled to her Uncle s Home. Their raptors charged Isom and Lauua with stealing books from a Church. All efforts to shake her testimony failed. The defense tried to make her admit that Isom was whipped because he attempted to rape a White lady a Barnwell county. The line of the defense was clearly indie Rucj to Day. A plea will be i made to the Well known Southern sentiment about rape especially rape of a White woman by a negro. W. A Learter a White Man of Barnwell county has made an affidavit that Isom k ear so lost duly cursed his wife and threatened a a take her life but there is nothing about attempted rape in ids All Davit. Several witnesses for the defense were put on the stand to Day Ami All Tesini Lueil that Isom Kearse had he Niu hiding for months prior to december 2, l8lii. And Liitt i icon hunted for As one guilty of attempted rape. The Case May go to the jury to Morrow evening j Beautiful neckties. Nr., it a wonderful what tricks of fancy in big get colors the Necktie makers do Send us. S due tiling new always and always brighter and prettier than the last. We be Jurt had sent us some new Dresden and persian effects and co thu clan colors made up in club ties four in hands and puffs. Of won t see the same tie3 Here twice. Every week brings us something new and something different to show you. Aro you ready for your suit or overcoat word Liko to Mako it. This tailoring Duparri Ihunt of cure la Well pc Xci of by the grumbles. G1lkeson amp Taylor Hals. Mics rit retailing. Tremendous Chicago audiences from first Page Vikky near . Maceo Ami gome. Have broken through the famous tro Clui. Tackson Llie Fla. Oct. 28.�?a special to the from key West says passengers by the Mac Stiie from Havana report that Gen. Antonio Maceo with 2,5u l troops broke through the Torelia and is now in the Havana District he went Over to assist Gen. Gomez in his March to i Havana. Maceo left gun bin in charge of his Tumpf m the province a of Pinar Del Kin with m. Tiiu the insurgent stronghold. The report that Spanish troops had captured his Camp were True Bill it was the place where the in or gents were awaiting a to Vornle Opportunity to Crons tin Trocha and after Maceo had broken ramp. Gen. Muuez., of the Spanish army with men made a attack i Antonio Maceo on the i ii known a a earn Xicara s. Macro in the meantime retreated by the rear of his ramp with Liis Forres and at talked to town of Artemisa headquarter of the Trocha. M in i of sent word into the town for the women and children to leave before the bombardment but the Spanish general. Are Las refused to allow them to leave saying that they must All Mierish together. Maceo then bom on riled the town and pay red through the Trocha to the province of Havana where lie now in to meet gome. Murez. Attacked the Hill where he thought Mareo was. Ami Only found a Small Deti Chent of insurgents on the Hill to i distract t he Spanish general sat tent Ion while Marco attacked the Trocha. The town of Artemisa was terribly wrecked and Luan person Are reported killed. Palm i lit was in Digna it. Two questions by a populist. A Lar the Ohl bolter. Urston la. Get. 28.�?amid artillery Salute and the cheering of thousands tin Palmer me by Kner train Drew Titt a this City shortly after noon to Day anew Evirt vhf several Hundred g. A. In men to till a tarty to tile opera House id ready packed with an audience of 1, people. Great cheering greeted the National democratic candidate a they reaches 1 the a Tage. Gen. Buckner spoke for thirty minutes discussing the Money question with keenness and Force. An Ella Ort on the part of a coterie of free Sliver men was promptly hissed Down and the general was not a second time Moh sted. In his closing so Ute aces lie denounced Section Alksni and paid an eloquent tribute to the Flag and the integrity of the nation. Gen. Palmer made a Short address directing his won is to the old soldiers commenting with spirit on the effect that free coinage would have in scaling Down their pensions As he was about to close a populist in the audience walked Down t he aisle to the St ago Ami handed Palmera paper on which was written two pm a Tiki in a is it not a fact that in sir it Doit made a speech in favor of free coinage a was one of them. It brought Forth an indignant a no a that was applauded to the Echo. In t he other the general was asked if he had not sought t lie populist nomination for the pred Citey in in�2. To this be Prole urn de tie no Quot with even a Ater emphasis and billowed la up with a tie Man who says that either of tie a prop in i inn in a Rue i a liar m meeting i Hametl with Eli Cering j tor Palmer and Duck incr a reception to the Oil soldiers was Lum at the i a and the party left Fth East at 2 2�t. Less nest. I want to say to i you my friends that. I a Miil not Only for the enforcement Tif the Law but i stand for arbitration Asa Means of adjusting difficulties by peaceable Means. A voice a we will give you n a it to a next tuesday a cheering our opponents Helire in allowing the railroads to cuter into u controversy with labor organization and then Call our the standing army to preserve order i believe in compelling them to submit their differed cock to Boals of arbitration and Lul just by Pence what our opponents would adjust by Force. Prolonged cheering you business men have been told that an Era of lawlessness will prevail if i am elected. I want to it Tell you that until we Lind some Mentis of adjusting the differences which arts Between capital nil labor a onto system that compels both to go before an impartial t i Buunk you Cau expect increasing disorder instead of increasing Julet great applause a they Tell you that a will not enforce the Law. My friends the fear of those people is not that i will refuse to enforce Law. Their fear is that 1 will the Law. Applause they know that i entertain old fashioned ideas upon this sigh Jet t and that according to my idea the big criminal should Wear clothes the same As the Little criminal. Great applause. I want to any t a you that we who believe in enforcing tin Laws against All Rlue be of society arc better friends to the Over Ament Tinati those a Ash goats of Little criminals and then let the big me run at Large to run tin gov eminent it Elf. Wild applause the very m a who would suffer most through the Eti Fot. Fluent of Law Are the on a who seem to be most terribly that there w ill be Lux enforcement of the Law. they Are not afraid Tomt i will pm of Mirage lawlessness but they know that if i am elected their trusts will not a elect the at to Ruby general who will administer the Law log rent applause. Now my Friend this is a in linens men s meeting and it Are talking it the noon hour and i Don t want you to neglect your business by staying Here any longer. I have told von what i these tilings. If you want Tomt kind of Pirisi Lieut you can have him. And if you Don a want him you done to have to have great applause Atul cheering tour. Down British Flag. Minneapolis Minn. Oct. 28.�?dr. K. I. , a free Silver Man yesterday hum. I Large British Flag in ids front window. Underneath was a a mall american Flag Ami the inscription a by consent of King Tull Quot he claims Tomt he was simply illustrating the populist claims regarding the is. His Curi of Ity a i satisfied for in less than an hour the Street in front of his Oliue was a howling mob and several g. A. In veterans procured a rope and pulled the British Flag Down and destroyed it. To ids father. Atlanta. Ga., oct. 2.�?telegrams to the Loti Nal from the various counties of the third District show that there will in in opposition to the suggestion made originally by the journal that. Charley if. Crisp youngest a on of the late sex speaker Crisp. named to fill out his fathers to expired term. Cask postbox i. Albany. X. A. Oct. 28�?the famous Fay sweat la a Casem to Dow n argument in the court of appeals yesterday and postponed until to Day was Liy stipulation of counsel sit Down for argument november d. Trouble in a Bank. Big rapids midi., oct. 28. The Mecosta savings Bank of big rapid Isusi learn imbed and says it will not open its doors to Morrow. President d. F. Comstock refuses to talk. A statement published octo her a a a Hovis res Airees of�l02,<mk>. Of which some to k b a in a a Ash on baud. There Lias been u Light but steady run on the Hank for the past few Day. It is believed that lie assets will equal the liabilities. A pull. Mrs. William to Hoy who no playing Ball in front of her Leni. If you Dot i go away from a a. A i la Call that policeman. Hobby co aloud lie a my Harper s Bazaar. A a by i a rack. Springfield Mi-., Ort. 2v a mile roce Fot the a of the unit try slate Ami s m o a a i Ltd. Was run Here this afternoon Between Dames ii Smith of Albany a y., and Patrick Carroll of Waltham. Farroll won easily All Wool Iliff ii it Serges ill ii color at 2o a nth at. A the Bazaar.1 cloak and Cape Are needed. A the Bazaar Quot is tin plan logo to get go us Val to. For Buh ill Coal go to ear Man a fit Pimp. Ins Salem avenues w. Plume ik8. Smith Bros cough drops whole do and retail at unt Ogui a. School books and supplies to lowest prices. Gra Vutuc l Nir 11 in let Avenue. Til a Ark i ii k pm nothing is nicer in cold Catle than a Good lire and it dikes Good t i tu-ria.1 to Inak one. When tint Snow. A Leet or a Illy rain i falling outside it pm. to be warm Ami a on portable w Ildon the Bong -. By buying your Coal of. A. Starkey a co. Ami enough of it \ it seen re la. Be advantages and avoid a Fis Ianu fort. I by them. Plume icky oysters 2 a tent Thiart at Halo univ. Rock Candy a Fri i Supply just Ris lived and for Sale at w wholesale and n i to at a Togni a Coupe. Itonery. Feather boat at a a the try Al 10 cents. Andrews celebrated red Ash is the lines domes in Coal in the City. If you have never tried it done to hesitate to order a Load. Look out for the helped teams. Two hoodlum arrest cd. Air. Bryan. However intercedes for them and asks for their release. Chicago oct. 28.�?chauncey Foster and l. A Lanchett two of the four . Ids of the metropolitan Hus Hiess College accused of having thrown eggs at w. .1. Ervau and mrs. Bryan during the Parade yesterday past tin College were arrested about noon by detectives Mccaffrey and Fay who Are working i the Case. The two boys i 7 years old Are the sons of Well to do families. Later in the Day Foster and Maii Eliett. Confessed to chief of police hide Nnoli that they had throw u the eggs. Wll Ait Ion we ill be taken Lias not yet been decided on. Titomas a aban chairman of tin demo erotic county committee has received the following letter from or. Bryau regarding the mutter a auditorium hotel Chicago oct. 2s, indo. A dear or. Cal an i wish you would ask for tint release of the Hoys arrested for throwing the eggs. 1 am sure it was an act of thoughtlessness and their arrest has doubtless been a sul Lucient lesson to them and to others. Yours truly a a a. .1. Hyrax. A late in the afternoon the chief of police released the two voting prisoners As after receiving or. Bryan a let Ter asking for tin in release it was evident that there would or no prosecution if tin prisoners Wen arraigned. Before the prisoners had Heel released word was received from both of their families saving that tin Law could take its course As no part in the defense would be taken by any of their relative gunboats named. Washington oct. A. Secretary of the Navy in Erik it. Before leaving for Alabama selected the tor the new battleships and gunboats. under const met Ion the three battleships will he known As the a a anal Mia 1 a Illinois a and a a the gunboats will liner the name a a prime tou Quot a views Birg a a and the vessels which will Bear the above names an now tinder construction at the following places Illinois at Newport news in Alabama at a ramps Philadelphia Wisconsin at the Union Iron works. Annapolis at Nixon a Kli tue Ili. N. Vicksburg and Newport at the Bath Iron works Maine Price Ion it dialogue s Camden the Wheeling and Marietta at the Union Iron works. San Francisco. Weil never lower of the old primer. Fin fld it it a everybody. We say it again Good Uruu Lulu do ei0thes. The la Irkes wild on Selling whatever goes. Well meet the prices but Well stick to honest Quality. Black Cheviot sack suits beginning at $5. Mixed suits with sack coat single or double breasted $7.50 to $15. / Black Diagonal sack or cutaway $7.50 to $20. Boys reefers $3.50 to $5 this is the overcoat store. Come to the old Conner. Plim Upa 8ie Price clothing House. A you c4hh0t afford th�3e hard Ilmis to make your purchases until you have examined our Stock of overcoats uits hats file Wear amp a. Host Atuck of nits and Over cats for men boys am Chi Renever heretofore and at prices which la not be Dnell Atid by any other Hou e in the Eniy. All and be convinced. Goodman Bros. Amp co. A Ephraim manager. 5 jct Faraon s rust Galo building mktiiodl81 p.18ht�p.8. A hotel fir. Attala. Ala., oct. 2> w. P. Site limn a hotel Wrt it pcs Troxcil he tire lust night. The arc Volunteer Lar com a were badly injured by a falling re he of one of them Val Ter Cox having both thighs broken. Mcdonough and Parrish two spectators were Al a a injured. A of also received in Teiml injuries and is not expected to live. Annual to Ferem e of the Board begin at. Pittsburg. Pittsburg a. Oct. �?o8.�?tin annual conference of the Imi urd of Bishops of the methodist Bur Cut a a a a in in re this morning Ami will continue or Quot two weeks. Fifteen of the eighteen Bishops comprising tin Board Are present. Their Lutnes an Bishops or Rritt Foss an Drew Warren Llu St find in re it Midla Jcu Wales Fowler Fitzgerald Newman. Mccabe. Rauiston and Boswau. Bishop thou turn of India and Bishop Hart Ell of Africa will he Here for consultation. Tin absentees Are Bishop Joyce who i at present in India Bishop on Nln Ell. Who in in Europe Ami Bishop j Foster who owing to his Edvain de age did my feel equal to tin work of attend ing the meeting. Tutti sessions of the Board Are secret Blit a number of Public meetings will in held. To Day s session was devoted to a discussion of flu work a to tin fall conference and arranging dates for the it ring Coli Freie a. Bishop Merrill presided. This evening the i Iling Bishops Wen tendered a Resep titi at Christ m. K. Church. Another my tiny. Madrid it it. 2v an official dispatch from Manilla says that a conspiracy has beef Delsi est cd in by Suhi archipelago portion m the 8pani�h Colony of the Phillipone islands. Eight soldiers have already Lieen killed in the attempt to suppress the uprising. Reinforcements of have been sent from Manilla a famine is imminent. Simla. Oct. 2-8.�?the famine Outlook in Ludia is increasing in gloominess. It is not probable now Tomt rain will fall and the prospects Are serious in the Northwest and Central provinces. Large imported foreign Grain Are expected. Decidedly at variance. Now York. Oct. 28.�?chairman Bun-fort.1� predicted to Day Tomt. Ii Rynn will have a plurality in new York state of 75,0011. At Republican Headquarters Warner Miller said that Mckinley majority in state will he not than 100,000. King of Fauks. 1�?~hilaih Iphia a. Oct. 28. John r. Gentry the King of pacers it Belmont track to Day again demonstrated Liis superiority in the world of i Moses he covering a mile in 2 0m 1-2. The was Dot in the face of Adverse circumstances being Ailt in the afternoon when a Strong East wind was blowing straight Down the stretch. While failing to Excel Ida record of 2.uti 1-2, Gentry succeed in breaking Liis attempt at. The record in Terre haute. October 20, when he went in 2 01 1 2. It was the general impression that had the race been run earlier ill the note Enol to before the air became chill and while the wind was Light lie would have equalled or probably beaten Bis world s record. During Liis trial Gentry wore love ii ecu shoes in front j 1-2 ounces Babi my Quarter Shin and ankle Boot anti win rigged wish n Side Cheek Anil single bit. He pulled a Twenty live Ploumi Milky. Lowered the record. Medford mass. Oct. 28 Joe Patci Ien again Provell Bis reputation As King of tin half mile track at combination Park to Day and lowered All previous Marks made by himself by pacing a Niile in 2 0-1 i a lowering the time lie made Over this track last August by a full second. He was paced by the running horse Little la i lid and Linde the two rounds of the truck without a break. La needed by poor tired mothers overworked and burdened with care and run Down be eau. Of poor thin mid impoverished blood. Help is needed by he nerve my in Fuhrer the nun and women tort Ureal with lie unit ism Neu Ralgia dyspepsia scr Fula Catarrh. Help comes quickly when hoods begins to enrich purify and vitalize the blood and sends it in a Healing nourishing invigorating is Ream to the nerves Muscles nil organs of the a Ody. Hood s Sarsaparilla builds not lie Wenk and broken Down system nil cures nil blood diseases Bee also murdered a b A Gul Osville wis. Oct. 28. The .1 year old a pm of u it Marshall a North Bend 1 Farmer has Ben murdered by a hired ii Neil pm timer. Mern Lulf and the Muff had c quart ind to _ Cven with his a a a ploy a Palmer took tie Little Liny to the barn Ami Dellbra rattly a re sized Bis �?T1 a a i with an axe. I \ biter pretended a Ufa crw us to a Job Ltd him. Of but later a on m ule a Complete Mah Nion. Excite m. runs Lilb Atid i i. Dug May follow. The tit orderer is 8\ re Roll. Cat0gni in con 8 Ido ral Ion of the fuel unit numerous friends have ask nil me to reopen my restaurant i take great pleasure 10 us ounce Tomt on Aud Atter tuesday Ocio Bioh 2vlh, i will he prepared loser Volha Public will Ilia Best Ilia Market altoids in Trio rear of my confectionery store next door to the once famous resort namely a a Caton put a ites Lauriot Quot a to.�2 Sale n Avenue. Meal tickets 21 meals $4. Monthly Board $15. Regular meals 25c Civa me a trial and it you me not Salish cd Money refunded. I am receiving my Cream from the \ org iii la Ollu Choichi Institute the Loest Cream Tomt Ever came to this City. J. J. Pm tog i. Protect your eyes. Properly adjusted spectacles mid Eye glasses Are something unit Roanoke has Long been in need of. Prot. Ill Richborg the Well known Eye specialist of new York Lias appointed Hros. Agents for ids celebrated Sprta clog nil Eye glasses where a Complete assortment can always a a found. Prof. Hirs Ehlberg or one of ids will Reid Iurii in Roanoke from november is to 21,inclusive,and All those in need of properly adjusted spectacles and Eye glasses should Avail themselves of the Opportunity. Consultation free. The i.aii1kstay so. Fine to this comp Sci a a Orti nent mat tie lowest prices. This is the combination that makes a the such a popular shopping resort Lor riots indies of Roanoke. Hoods Sarsaparilla troops in the move. Washimi Ilion Del. 2s.�?l.iglil Liat Lery k. First i til Ted states artillery from fort Hamilton x. A passed through this City today Over the Southern railway Ell route in fort Sam Houston. San All ionio., Tex. The party consisted of Sereiily-11 be enlisted men four Olla res Ami he Zdiera of Ollie ers Anil Meus families. Ami coaches and Pullman sleepers operated As Sam Hiltl Traill following the 1 a nit cd states fast mail. In the one Trio mood 1�?Turlfli r All druggists. St. Prepared Only Lief. I la i. . Mass. Call phone lit for your plumbing. Ceo. E. a co. A re the Only Pill intake Tolou s i 111� Utu Llou Sarsaparilla. School looks Ami Sii to Lii sat lowest prices at Cravatt s fair 1� Salem Avenue. A. K. Andrews a co., Mil Salem ave me have control of red Ash tie la St Grade Coal on the Market also control of Kimball a line substitute for Anthracite and much cheaper. 1.1m those contemplating building or making repairs should inspect oar lumber Yard Benc purchasing. We have As Complete and line a Stock As Caillie found in tie state. A fall Dis k of shingles laths mooring railing siding mouldings brackets scroll work balusters and in fuel any article known to the builders line. Prices ast was Good material can 1 0 sold Fot. Catt tinl rltos., Market St stare Ami Campbell Avenue. If you buy Coal you Don t want to Punj Fin water it your Coal Ami Wood from. In. Andrews co2111 Salem Avenue from under their Large Sheds. Thev Kutei it Nice Ami dry

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