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Danville Roanoke Daily Times Newspaper Archives Oct 29 1896, Page 2

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Danville Roanoke Daily Times (Newspaper) - October 29, 1896, Danville, VirginiaWas effected in the old North state was five democrats five populist Ami one National Silver menu. Laud to accuse them scheming dishonesty and the Dishonour the nation. Hut ministers the gospel have been taught should have been taught the lesson Christian Charity and with their great example brotherly love before their eyes might he expected to to More lenient in their judgment and More cautious in their assertions. In Sid. Are not these ministers aware a larger sum Money has torn will in spent to buy. The presidency for . Mckinley upon who the plutocratic anti income taxes and protectionists hold a mortgage than was Ever paid for the Crown the Homan Empire. Next the times. Kve11v mousing except monday. Boa Korb publishing co., i Kiili Sineus and i top Ltd Etc us 122 Camphell ave. 8.w. Terms by mail postage prepaid daily one month. 50 a a tur he months.$1.50 a a six months. #.00 44 one year. In Advance .5.00 sunday edition one yeah. 1.00 the times is a meal sir the associated press a the greatest news collecting association in the world and received its reports Over a special wire right in the office. It gets All the news and prints it All being now equipped with Type setting machines. October. S m t w t p s 1 3 4 5 0 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 10 17 18 10 20 21 22 23 2-1 26 20 27 28 29 30 31 How to vote for president a cd Vick Pekks ident. 1. Scratch out the names All candidates for president and a vice president except those Bryan and Sewall. 2. Do not under any circumstances scratch the name any elector the ticket but leave them All every party untouched. This is important. How to vote Fok m Kybek Cong Hess. 1. In voting for it outlier Congress you scratch out the names those for whom you a to not wish to vote leaving Only the name the candidate fur whom your ballot to lie cast. 2. In name is legally scratched unless the Mark extends at least three fourths the Way through it. Officials at the British admiralty in Moutlon deny the report that the English Fleet in american Waters is to be increased Ami so another War scare has been promptly suppressed. President Cleveland in leaving no Stone unturned in Bis efforts to defeat the will the party to which lie is indebted for every Honor he Ever enjoyed but to Day if the truth were known he would risk everything he Hopes to possess for William Jenl iils la Ryan a chum a to occupy tins White House for the next four Vears. Tuesday will Tell whether a majority the free and i Una citizens the United states can be Bung lit with Money like the sixteen thousand monitors the Homan Prado asian Gazette. The people the northeastern states Are deluding themselves wit i the Hope dry and a defeat when everything Points to his overwhelming Success at the sols next tuesday. Deceived by the colourings their environment they look at the political prospects through Gold spectacles and Are ignorant enough to to Olieve that the narrow limits their own territory is a Complete picture the whole this great and glorious Republic. They will however and out what a great mistake they have made when the ballot Are All counted. Hoss 1 Launa and ills associates Are making assertions a to Kinley s Success next. Tuesday but As in election estimates exaggeration is the chief characteristic ignore acc. So it can be inferred from thes that the pc publican National chairman is completely at sea Aud in his anxiety to encourage his Fol Quot Lowers has completely a a re hut the Mark. Every democratic voter should know that in voting next tuesday he should scratch the names All the candidates for president and vice president except those Ryan Jitni Sewall and those All the candidates for Congress except that the democratic candidate in their respective districts and none others and that in no Case should he scratch the name any elector. The a publicans and sound Money democrats were greatly horrified at the egg throwing incident at Covington ky., Tiliti occasion the speech Secretary Carlisle at that place hut what will they say now to the recent exploit in that line at Chicago Wlllie a Plryan Parade not the target the egg thrower eggs must be unusually abundant and cheap out West Liis Vear. The chairman tic the a it state democratic committee has not the a nil fear about Bryan a Succes in the hone Star state but a. From the in Lottita Tion obtainable the Chicago electoral ticket will have a dear majority ,-000 Over the Kepus Lichtm. And yet Texas is one the states classed As �?odoubtful11 by the Mckinley managers because a few a Middle the Road a populist in that Commonwealth at trying to Down Brvan. Every admirer exalted manhood and True courage cannot fall to be irresistibly drawn to the Chicago nominee for president. Practically Deba Ted by the prominent so called leaders the democratic tarty Aud Villi cd Ami abused by a monopolistic and plutocratic press . Bryan is battling single hand d against the corrupting influences great wealth with an ability a and Devotion Sublime in its simplicity mid sincerity. The latest claim the new York mail and express for Mckinley is j15i electoral votes but when it is disc cred that Idaho Louisiana. Missouri Montana. North Carolina. Tennessee Texas Utah and Virginia Are classed As �?odoubtful4 states with the a Laincz largely in a favor carrying them for Mckinley the value the entire estimate can to easily surmised. The Republican leaders predict a a Laud sch log next tuesday and while this May he True the indications Are that the a a slide will be in such a direction at to Bury their presidential candidate clean out sight. According to the decision attorney general Scott the name .1. Hampton huge the late Kepus Liuti nominee for Congress will Goon the Lucial ballot notwithstanding his withdrawal from the race in favor Duval Radford the nominee the bolting democratic District committee. Thu will give colonel 1 logo s friends a Chance to vote for him still if they desire to do so Aud nov seriously affect the vote for the Gold candidate. As major Roy was certain election to fore the withdrawal the retirement the latter will not affect there Stilt except that it May add considerably to Hoys majority. Senator John w. Daniel a accorded a magnificent reception at the Academy music last night where he delivered a ringing address. He was in thorough sympathy with his audience and in his Tost form. Mis address was a masterly presentation the political issues the Day and Well worthy the orator and the occasion. It will add greatly to the strength the Silver cause in this Section Anil will bring to its support Many who Only needed such convincing arguments As the senator offered to make them staunch supporters Plryan Aud free Silver. To awoke is sure to give Bryan and face will a majority too votes More. Tin merchant and keepers Lio Teu anti other resorts at Canton o., will no double be very sorry when the election is Over and the Ontina fret excursions tire at an end. These prearranged love feasts must be very annoying to major Meikiu Ley but As the excursion lists Niue have food Aud refreshments tie Thrifty citizens Canton have no doubt Junde the most their opportunities in drawing in All the Silver they Roa id out the crowds Gold visitors daily arriving at the lie publican Mecca. A its an ill wind mows nobody Mckinley a discomforts May prove for his fellow Towa Sineti to make Money Anil so in the Whir i gig time All tilings work b other for Good to those Able to profit by the losses their Fellows. Those it intend that p i i am brutal us ill lighting will have to modify the it claim in View the fact a that a Nariti was gored and trampled to death by an infuriated Bull at Honora. Mexico. Few Day at one tie a Spanish a Menean exhibition while in. Only damage Dune in the Prive ring in 11.is ecu 11 try for some year Lui. Been the extensive War words waged by Mii ii leading representatives tin up it i fur Belt Fitzsimmons and others. Since the electoral Finisi. I been agreed upon Between the populists democrats and Silver in North car tuu the friends . I Fry a a in that state feel confident that he will Haven majority at least ,0d0 at the election next tuesday. This too is Ota the suck Elai ined a doubt Ful by s Narm and his u. Sist Anth at the headquarter the Republican National committee. Such absurd estimates us this makes All the Republican figures Iba result seem absurd and bring into contempt nil their calculations. The basis upon which fusion pulpit stump speaking. The meniates who turn their churn i services into political meeting and make stump speeches from their pulpits were it work attain sunday in Aid the Gold Standard High Protection Hanna methods and Mckinley. These preacher Are highly respectable and no doubt very worthy persons. They Are sleek Well fed individual with very Little to do to satisfy fashionable congr�1 gallon who have no idea that the Mill Moi m Mph Linvs any i Oil i re in i Ligi onor that labourers enter into the Wellante a 1 vat Ion. They receive. I Oman t.ibh--alarle�, with Erves lilt Jin urn Lippi a. Eoina orters and a ties i town in. Ten \ enjoy Long my in tin umm. A with trips a. Korosh 4 to 11, in thou her Ett shh Nitai Utugia resorts and Alle lenses paid in iii a collect Otin by the it a a if com they take a Quot i nut a it wow feb them tho hot i a and leave sat m to roam at will in tin wicked City. It. T the it a Titan inv Goral a a a the v.dnt1 Aid Mills to Bruise Tbs Serpent s head with a very heavy Heel and to play mls Cli a f with hitch politician to not approval their regut ions it Mas lie a just for the Rev Eti tid and pious i tith neti i r. Juret whether it it it ii it in Hurni oily Svith their calling Aud professions to attribute to hundreds thousands a it their to Zhav creatures to Svor a sins without my proof to Bac k a h Eom lesions. It May he very Well for a Heming dishonest politicians to Call their a opponents note Are hits to charge them with a desire to spread ruin Aud disorder through the that by rehashing the wild ravings political ranters they Are giving to the United states a terrible character do they not know that if they charge the very Large majority the people the nation with lawlessness destructiveness deception Aud treachery they Are very seriously reflecting tho work the minister a if religion All Over the country what value is the pulpit what service is religion what use arc ministers 4�f the gospel if it Large preponderance the people Are so vile 80depraved Ami deplorable and hopelessly wicked As the a Quot pulpit stump orators represent them to lie new York journal. The Watson screed. The writer intimates that postal authorities purposely delayed it. Atlanta c�a., oct. 28.�?Hon. Thomas k. Watson wires the journal to Day in regard to his letter acceptance acknowledged by senator Butler to have torn received sat inlay night after eight Days delay a Thomson gu., oct. 28. A a your received. In reply i svy my letter was limited from Here october 14, with three two rent postage Stamps it directed to Hon. Marion f. I in tier Washington i. U. I do not care to say whether i think postal authorities at Washington would have withheld it eight Days. Perhaps . Edgert ii Secretary the National committee could Tell where the letter has item. �?T.1 had nothing Todo with . Wosh Hurne s telegrams. Nor will the letter to altered to suit . Butler. A Thomas e. up woh tii 1 Kag v e re Adi Xgo room. A time report Ter visited the Epworth league Reading room Grace m. K. Church last Nigist. There were a number cd fuming Indio Ami gentlemen present Atnel the very to St order i reviled. The Library was in charge r k. I Fdl a who was kind and attentive to All Ami was particular in seeing that everybody was made comfortable. This Reading Amiin is tin outcome a Happy idea Rev. Or a Kiln tie pastor the Church and the Community at Large i in n great measure responsible for tii it. It seems that during the recent tent meeting the people in their generosity subscribed about Sij mor than was actually Uci Stol to defray the actual expel a the meeting. This Money has since torn used in the Way haying Book Aud paying subscriptions to anum Ber and papers. The ruling i 4oni i in the Chapel the Church Vern Long Tohl a with chairs arc arranged for th1 tone tit All who wish to spend an hour most pleasantly in searching through the current literature the Day and a number Good books which have it a seemed for the room. Among the periodicals to be found the tables Are the current monthly magazines weekly Home papers such As the a Baltimore advocate a the m. K. Church paper a Hepworth Era a youths Coin Pani a silent ill. American rams Horn harpers Ami Many others including tho City displayed to an and Vai tag. Aiming the toils seen lift Library table were Moody a and Spurgeon work Timmond s addresses Soiu the Standard novels a the read mrse for a wifi the Epworth league it Little Booklet entitled a akm in edit methodists a a landmarks Ltd hair i history a a Buskin s ethics dust a Aio the new Epworth league Reading course for 11?, consisting four superbly bound Handy volumes. The room a four librarians each having Churus i a the Library one night in a week. The room i nut Only for the Tonello member Gran a iii Ali but for the Vople the whole City. Everybody is Welcome to go in and spend Ati evening profitably. Sometimes a Many forty yowl big ladies and gentlemen an in attend ame. Anyone having Good literature which they can donate towards this Enterprise can flail a place for it by applying to Rev. Or. Bulla lie will Aio gladly receive donations in the Way Money from any who desire to a a it in purchasing Good books for the use the Public through the act Liyim this Reading room. The room is worthy the attention the Young men the City. All will in extended n cordial Welcome who should Ulrop in during any the four evenings <1 the week in which the Reading room is open. Col. Fellows ill. Louisville ky., oct. 28.-col. John Fellows if new York is quite ill in this City and has Toen fort cil to cancel ids remaining Date for speeches in Kentucky. Last night it was feared he would he seriously a ick but Bis condition in much improved to Day. Of a colonel fellow is under the charge a physician at the Home George m. I civic chairman the Kentucky Gold demo Cutic committee and in visitors an allowed to see him. Senator Lindsay whose time is not titled f rth the Campaign has Roii int. I to ill a a in Oriel Fellows appoint in it la Grange and at Anderson their. T clout i Fellows has Hei a making a very rigorous canvass in Kent in by Mui ten in a a a Ami is suffering it m nervous in Ostia Ion. A horse�?T8 age. A in he Popal in idea that the a a Hiiro a an nlw.i\. Lie Toni by at by. Teeth a Sal a veterinary Sirgi Quot is not a ii try Correct. After i a tin i Torso a no More new tooth so that the to Mich in Thod i useless fur tilling tin age a horse which i More than right year old. As soon As the t a t i i eos Splete. However u wihikh1 be Gillih til appear the Tipper Edge. T the lower i Cyl no and a my Wrinkl is bled year that to gel at the Ngo the horse More Thane Ghi years old Yon must Tigi ire the Teeth pin the ago Uhr Niele. In Tahlik Vagt exc la Sable. Blanched a Barlie told me last evening he never to fore loved any girl a lie loved me. Edith yes but it Wax Only three months ago that lie told me lie never Coull love another As he loved me. Blanched but that Wax before he had Iwen tin script. Edward Jeter. Reporter. I would rather be a toil Bug and bite baby a toes than to to a Gold log that robs it its clothes. R. Lacy loge and wife i Roanoke were in the City yesterday spending the a Lay. Miss Emin hum coloured daughter William Russ this place died tuesday crust imprison Ami Wax burled yesterday. C. M. Knox Well known and popular in Salem representing the firm Owens minor amp co., Richmond Wax in Salem be amp Terny. The Messex Fannie and Susie Heck who have been stopping in Salcuni for several months past left yesterday fur Durham n. To. Mrs. Och Harris Ami two children from Blu Tiehl a daughter mrs. A. S. Dodson is visiting her Mother Elm Street in West Salem. A Large number persons went to Roanoke last evening to hear the Silver thug cd orator democracy Jno. W. Daniels Sak in the Academy music. The ladies missionary society the lutheran Church have been holding service each Day this week at 2 20 clock. The meeting will continue until saturday. R. A. Brown South Carolina who represents a new York drug company nil who is a warm Friend . Miuor Wiley spent tuesday night in Salem tie guest . Oscar Wiley. A Squire camper yesterday is Ucil a warrant for damages against . Hall Catawba in breaking his a a tract Iti regard to a cattle Sale. Tin Case will be tried before a Squire Henderson Catawba. 1. A. Stearnes and r. W. Kime Rio Turu etl yesterday from red Hill when they Mhlor Ciscil the voters the night Lee for. Thi a Hail an appointment m Norwich last night Aud speak to night at Cave Spring. Or j. B. Taylor is in attendance it the White and Colonl Baptist Institute in Roanoke. He delivered an address tuesday night the subject a a prayer meetings,1 and last night his subject was a family the Salem orchestra a musical organization which any town might be Pri iii a if. Consisting ten members scr Enndy a the children tie lutheran Orph tinge icis tue Wilny night after which they played i few Choice selections it hotel Duval. Jordon Murdock Bradshaw lied at his Home last week and was Burh in a it to sunday. On last thursday mrs. Maxim la Anderson died at her lion con Creek Ami was burled i Ufa Rilay. She was a sister . Juo. Ii Doti Ellis tuu Aud the Motler Frank Anderson who lives near Salem Ami a first Cousin sheriff win. Zirkle. A gentleman stated in tie lobby hotel Duval tuesday night that a gentleman in rude had offered to bet to i soft that Illinois Wou lil cast her electoral vote for Bryan and so Wall. Although lie offered in even Hircak lie had no takers for ills Money. The party offering the bet was a Mckinley Man. But Cuhl cantly lie sees the Huin writing the Wall. O. L. Stearin. Returned yesterday from new Castle where he a been for two Days attending court. While ten a unheard judge Rhea Bristol make a great speech to a Large gathering. Or. Stearnes say that he talked to a great Many the political situation Ami Only saw one Craig is All right and will give tin regular democratic ticket a Large majority. Judge Rhea will Spenk in night in Lynchburg and to Morrow night in Roanoke. Tin Midnight marauder is abroad in the Laud. Salem was to Wilny night visited by them one them Ope Uei the Winlow the room mrs. R. 1. Hurt a a a it Idem Street Ami had partly push in his Toily into a tin a my a when he Wnm Sceini by sirs. Hurt who screamed. Her husband sleeping in another room at once came to the Rescue and tired Lils pistol at tie retreating thief. The Only Booty gotten but tin burglar a a Boss Patent Ali he a Case watch which was taken from the cd Dothes . Hurt near and in reach Ltd the window. The watch is in open pm , with a a a. A. Thomason jeweler Salem yu.,�?T stamped upon it. Presumably the snug party entered the sleeping room t. F. Haw Kins Chestnut Street and being seen by mrs. Hawkins tout a Hasty Retreat leaving ids hat but not failing to carry with him . Hawkins watch and his purse which fortunately Only contained 70 rents in Cash. S. M. Martins store College Avenue was also entered by n Back window Ami by lifting the Sash and pricing open the Iron bars secured some lots and clothing . Martin docs not know he Vuitch was stolen but probably his loss was not great. Some suspicious looking characters have been seen late lurking imm Iid Salem and it would be Well for tin Kople to be the Alert and when the Light lingered gents Call at such an unseasonable Horas twelve in the Early morning give them what they deserve a a lose cold Lead. Old people. Old people its Tiv Lurdie iii a a re Gulati the tou. L Ami kidney will find the trite remedy in electric bitter. This Medicine a to not a to Mulato nil a Oli Tain no Whir key Imp other in taxi nor but nets Asa tonic and alterative. P at mildly i tin a to Mitch and Bow adding strength Aud giving Tom t the Organ thereby aiding nature in a Rio in Anee the Illi Elisii. Eleele bitter is an excels ii apm to nil ital a Ligac icon. Old Hoph ibid it jut cd act what they need. Privi fifty in nth util Jar a a tie at in Siez a pm Surmacy. No Miracle 1 it Ihram a toy nor the Xcvi it a f i yaqui let it the one in. At u tet �in1 i Irp a do Cater i the a a nil 1 . Or. Let a i \ by pin a to i a a a a. . V plll5. J i i i. K i Kat v a i i. I to t a one . . \ Pil to it fire each mealy it , a a Al i it. we a . White Uia ppr it Toimi Patch Huluc a arc . J. A Deane co., n y. F . Deane a pills. The modern pain annihilator will positively cure rheumatism neuralgia sprains bruises cuts sores earache backache and All other aches. Salvation Oil is sold everywhere for 25 cents. Only the genuine will do the work. Chew Lang its plugs. Tho great Pelucco . Dealer mail, u co. Bailo., for Sala by Johnson amp Lowinson drug it Sui Roanoke to. Better opportunities in the National business night school we have a Large enrolment with All the advantages. Electric Light steam heat separate rooms with Good blackboards and Best instructors. The Best is the cheapest. Come to us. We Are growing. Call address c. E. Eckerle president faithfulness guaranteed. Fidelity Aid Deposit company Maryland Home office n. By. Cor. Charles and Lexington 3te., bal Hovore my. Cash resources june 30th, 1896, $1,588,714.49. The oldest and strongest surety company in the South. N. In "0-v,�?~ klcr.l0r�?T Ai Hwy a Arul in .,1 , ten Accel cd a by l�?T,�?~"0 1 n no rarely a lond every Tome. Surety a Ndu Belln state. Cilev and a nubile. Ai.olontrnc.. Kra log Lla Nhi Clerc Nantlle ilo.�e.und uti usher Zety Hondr Quot Quot k. Hoh kit Kevin Walt Kilt secret itry and Troa Burer. Quot a fikh race Locc -j8 Lunsford amp son agents Roanoke a. A Victory for Roanoke it 11 01 bin a loll tho renowned Eye spec Ali Oftle Hirschberg poll Manuc insist us new York nil St. Louie who Corree the Moat if Licule Ennes defective vision where other fail and who has a new \ Ork and All the Large cities this country talking Over his wond Crl method examining tie Eye can he consulted free charge it Vanelk hkgs., he druggists agents for tho Sirach bergs a celeb ruled spectacle m Eye Ishik fico. I Rof. Nirsch Herg Otto Hll atoll will remain in Roano a re a v vember 9 to 12. Inclusive at tho Storo their a Eula a Vanelk bko6., i rngri8tb. A Mui examination frug. For the bicycle 1 a a to. Done to ride without a repair Kir. M. Ponds extract is unequal eci for quickly Healing All kinds wounds bruises lameness rheumatisa1. Hub thoroughly with Pond s extract after every Ritac to leery the Muscles set Yale pliant Strong. Try 1�?~ond s ext Tot oin til ext for piles. Avoid substitutes a weak watery worthless. Pond s extract co., 76 fifth avo., new York. Roanoke times has full Telegraph service. Five dollars a year in Advance 2 i the Roanoke times. Thursday. October 29. 1896

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