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Danville Roanoke Daily Times (Newspaper) - October 29, 1896, Danville, VirginiaThe Roanoke daily times vol. . 1h a King til ices . Roanoke va., thursday october 29, 189 5. Full associate �rk88 . All tug Nevva of the would. Hub what Haku forecast for Virginia partly Cloudy probably local Ulio Wom a luring the afternoon or night elect Mill Democrat senator Daniel Speaks i o several thousand people. 1 now ii Yoor Chance to get a $100 ill Cycle at f 13 spot c a a a. We mean what we any. It la a regular High Grado f Zuj wheel guar a toed for Uno year. Don t wait they Aro going fuel. Pocket Kodak $5. Roanoke Cycle co., i of 8nlom Avenue s. W. K. L. Fli 110, manager. For chapped hands and face Tberon a nothing else to delightful to . To Hokl Lnor amp a Mani Cuba. It tho Rod Dou roti guest. Mucsi painful Akin Cuba ipod by Iho cold a Boft and Bingo in i v wat in a tory few Neppl lotions. Every lady Mould Bavo it. Only 25c a bottle at Massie a pharmacy. Lot to a show you our Lino of oho protector a amp la tax Gge for Mon won on and children 50 cents up. The last Quarter Century in the United states two volumes. Take a look at h. a Miren Thompson Price co. To chiii>iic1i it. We sell the Best pianos and organs on the Market we give satisfaction honest prices and fair treatment is our motto. Give us a Call. We will refer you to any and everyone having bought of us. This is Worth your investigation. It will convince you that we Are not practising trickery and All kinds of schemes to gain your Confidence and secure your patronage. J. E. Rogers amp co., sin. Ii .1 a Loci Hin Street. They Merit. The a in properly made. They Aro economic,1. They of Vlf Ratlif Acdan. They Aro just by. They Aro what you want. They am Acme preparations. Til <3 Aro Only by h. G. Barnes a a he puts up Ltd in Corn Curn 25c. Acme Wick Hizal lotion 25c. A iii cough syrup 25c. Trim liniment 25c. Ai in water 25a filie a Camacho powders 10c. The electoral vote. The following shows tic ii Mhz a of votes to jul will or oust in the electoral College Alabama. U Nevada. 3 a knows. 8 new Hampshire 4 California. I . I Colorado. 4 new York. 88 connect Lent. A North Carolina 11 Delaware. 3 North Dakota 8 Florida. 4 Ohio. Georgia. 13 Oregon. I3 Pennsylvania 39 Illinois. 21 Rhode Island 4 Indiana. 15 sooth Carolina 9 Iowa. 13 month Dakota 4 him a. 10 tennessee.12 Kentucky. 13 texas.15 Lon Lal an a. S Utah. 3 Maine. I Vermont 1 Maryland. 8 Virginia. 12 a Tarn Ett 15 Washington. 4 Michigan. M went Virginia ii Minnesota. 9 Wisconsin. 12 my fms up i. 9 Wyoming. 3 i Tsviri. 1? _ Montana. 3 total. 447 Nebraska. 8 necessary to election 221. Oysters ill every style at Bow mail s tin Academy of music was killed and hundreds of people were turned away the famous Virginia orator made a great speech in which lie Toro into shreds the arguments advanced by Lite Gold hugs glowing tribute to William Jennings Bryan. At the cml Civ of music last night Hon. John w. Daniel Virginia a Peerless orator was Given an ovation that Wane ver surpassed on any occasion in the magic. City of Roanoke. Long before 7 of clock the crowd began to gather and within ten minutes from the time the doors were opened tho House was jammed full of people. Hundreds were turned away being unable to get in. Hundreds of ladles were in the audience Many let a a tig to to stand. More than a Hundred representative democrats were seated upon the stage and improvised seats Wen arranged for Many indies thereon. Bet wee 11 it i and Ulm people were Oti t he stage Mill every font of available space throughout the House was filled. The machine works band arrived half an hour before the -peal.it. And the crowd called for Quot Dixie a which was received with tumultuous applause. Bryan was Ron to 11 tie div cheered Lief a w Vbk Elk when major Daniel arrived. Be was brought in from the rear and it was not until the curtain arose that he came in full View of the most magnificent audience that Ever assembled in Roanoke to hear a Public speaker. When the curtain arose the vast crowd cheered with one Accord but when Roy in Smith arose to introduce the Spenker a silence that was death like ill its intensity came Over the audience. When major Daniel arose it was the time fora repetition of the applause which naturally bursts Forth in round after round of livers. The senator complacently folded his arms and smilingly waited the subsidence of the thunderous applause which came from the thousands of throats surrounding him. Lie let Egin ills speech by referring to the fact that on tuesday next this the youngest nation 011 Earth would show that it. Is capable of self government by electing that Peerless Man w. J. Bryan and endorsing i free i or ideas and that too without the Aid or consent of any other nation. Hurd t Imes and reduced prices for Lubor Are not the result of Silver legislation but Are due to worshipping at the shrine of the Golden half and trying to Pul this great nation into a Gold straight jacket. He said tin populist Republican and democratic parties All endorsed bimetal ism. Cleveland said in 18u2 Quot we held to the use of both Gold and Silver As tin Standard Money of the All parties declared for the double Standard in 11 2, though some of them preferred to wait for International agreement before they embraced it in their platforms. Quot they Call it the dishonest Dollar. If Oil proposition is dishonest no International agreement on Earth can make it honest and if it is Lanct Why should we wait for any International tie speaker i divided the International agreement idea which he pronounced As a a internal a mini Humbug. He said land and lab Orare the sources of All wealth but 110 country can succeed when the Laud decreases in value and when labor gets clamper and cheaper i speaking of the Scarcity of Money the speaker Drew some very Apt Ilius trat Imis and showed to his audience that Quot two dollars Are better than in giving a history of the Silver Dollar he began by saving that �1 contains 57i 1 1 grains of pure was born in the year 17uj of poor inn in Jar table parents and for eighty years was the Standard Money of this nation. In ls7 i when Sil ver was de monetized it was Worth i per cent More than Gold. The republicans want to Rcd co the worlds Cirii Lattig medium and make Money scarce and property and labor cheaper. Judging the Silver Dollar by the service it has rendered the american people and by its Vijh Riv with Gold you will find it is not Only an holiest Dollar but that it was the Only honest Dollar and lie would explain in the words of tho Law a a what nature and the Constitution ivc put together let no Gold Bug put the Gold bugs bilk of y5 cent dollars Blit the speaker said that lie would give his Check for a cuts for every one of the dollars which they would bring him. The advocate of the Gold Standard do be t believe in of cent dollars and they know that it Isa farce but the millionaires and Shylow is come Forward and say that they feel a great interest in the poor Man s Dollar and want it to be As Good As any mail s Dollar the world Over. Tin speaker showed he a practical illustration that the Gold Dollar the Money of the Rich is Superior to the Silver Dollar Wloch is recognized As the Money of the poor. Therefore the Money of tin poor is not As Good As the Money of the Rich. Thu democratic party favors a measure Wloch will insure the making of the poor Man s Dollar As Good As the Rich Mao s Dollar. Senator Daniel Tore into shreds tin Timo worn argument of the opposition that tin free coinage of Silver would drive Gold out of circulation. Quot if a said he. Quot it docs it will work a Miracle for there is no Gold in circulation and it will he impossible to drive out a thing that a 110 existence and even admitting that Gold should be driven out it would go to great Britain and make Money plentiful there the natural result of which would be to appreciate the values of the Many things that great Britain is compelled to buy of us and which must of necessity cause flu producing labor a i he speak a recited a conversation that he held with a Nobleman in England who. Lie said endorsed tin free coinage of Silver and told of two of his relations who were Given Legac ies of 820,000 and �10,000 by and told to come to this country Ami make their fortunes and who after a artfully looking into the chances for Money making in tin United states finally invested their Money in free Silver Mexico where times were 1mter. The speaker de the Indianapolis a born democratic party and Aid that it came from i where and would go to nothing that it did not expect to Carey a single precinct and was the most Complete icon Unity lie had Ever seen lie spoke of Bismarck As the greatest Man in Germany who Twenty years ago was for the Gold Standard hut who now was thoroughly converted to the free Silver idea. I Hung Chang said senator Daniel cd Dorset the free Silver cause. In closing his speech major Danuiel paid a glowing tribute to William Jennings Bryan who he characterized As the greatest living american Anil said that lie would be the nominee of tho democratic party until elected president and Mark i Luzim and Mckinley could save themselves a great Deal of trouble by getting out of the Way and giving the american Jie Ople what they want at once. To pc dieted across at the polls next tuesday and said that old Virginia was in the 1 democratic party to stay there and that tuesday s work would give Bryan at the a very least 20,1 00 majority. Lie paid his respects to j. Hampton loge and his ice Aloe Duvol Radford As the Jim Crow candidate and asked the people not to j forget Peter j. Otey candidate for Congress. Only people with natural sensitive taste ran truly appreciate the exquisite Grace and Beauty or tone of the a Chr piano. Illinois conceded to human. A Republican Organ admits that he will win there. The Philadelphia evening Telegraph one of the most zealous organs of the Money Power virtually concede the state of Illinois to the democratic ticket. In making this Concession however which it does with scant Courtesy the Philadelphia paper indulges in quite a lengthy criticism of governor John p. Altgeld to whose in film Tice it ascribes not Only the present condition of a flairs in Illinois but. Also in a Large measure the Chi Trice of the free coinage Issue i tin lending Campaign. Because of the signal ability which governor Altgeld has displayed As a political Leader the Philadelphia critic infers that lie must in Quot a very dangerous while such a harsh estimate of governor Altgeld was in Rcd Lay no Cuevo Leut or Friendly impulse on the part of the Philadelphia paper if nevertheless confers a High compliment upon that aide Leader. It not Only credits him with a magnetic influence which few men have Ever wielded in this country hut it also pays homage to his patriotism Liy laying at his door the authorship of the Chicago platform. That governor Alt Gold in a been a fearless Leader in the Campaign no one can deny it to credit him with the free coinage agitation As the Philadelphia Telegraph seeks to do Liy implication is to Confer upon a single individual a badge of Honor which belongs to the whole american Jie Opie. On account of the Superb leadership of governor Altgeld the Philadelphia paper reject the boastful estimates of Mark iian 11ajiml declares that Victory in Illinois can hardly be achieved without the interposition of some Miracle. Without even claiming a majority in Chicago the Telegraph concede to or. Bryan the pm tire state As matters new stand under the Clever manipulation of governor Altgeld. In consideration of the fact that Mark Hamm during he Early part of the Campaign claimed the state by at least but. Fax majority thu Loti cession of tie Philadelphia paper is significant. If Quot the Silver craze i dying in other parts of the country As it is in Illinois the Kepul Diau party will experience a Waterloo in november. Washington Post. Once they know the Lelir piano it will never 1m forgotten Imp can and other piano Ever take its Piare in the a versions of a is owner. There is something in it that lingers i poetic sweetness in the memory. Spanish methods. Jacksonville la oct. 28.�?w ii. Bold alias James Mccormick alias .1. 11 Hamilton an alleged Spanish spy and i also said to be in the employ of the i in Ted states secret service is held Here in. Der $1,000 Bond charged with endeavouring to incite to commit in jury a coloured Man who is alleged to have been employed 011 j thu Steamer dauntless when it made it filibustering trip to Cuba from Bruns. Wick in., Nuil who gave testimony in tin libel Case a gain St tin Lsmst at Bri iii Wick i recently. The evidence in the was taken before a Justice of the Pence. Ibid was represented in the hearing by United states District attorney Frank Clark to Praise the Bohr piano it is a needless ii for a i. Iluigi. I a that Are Brilliant. The Quality goes with i tin mime. Georgia legislators meet. Atlanta oct. 28. Tin general a pm Fly of the Georgia convened in annual session at Thesma Cri Pitt to d in. The organization of both houses was completed promptly according to tin programme Laid out by the democratic Ltd in a a is. R. L. Bet Itier of the county of Monroe was elected president of the , and h. A. Jenkins of the county of Putnam was made speaker of tin House i he Licher pianos Are everywhere recognized As the Mil audiences or. Human made ten speeches there yesterday. The no Niuro i ule it stirring speech toil hie crowd of Loti Salichs men he toll them that they suffer much from government by Hanks he Speaks Plain words to them and gives them something to think or it tween now and election Hay. Chicago oct. 38.�?twice Tiu afternoon tie Large Hall in tie business dist Riei of Chicago was tilled literally a to suffocation with Jie Opie to hear William .1. Try an do tilde on Thelke front and streets adjoining Tumble to Gaiu admission were crowds that would have Lull cd tin Hall t Wice . Eight other Large meetings Wen addressed by or. A Rymut before mid a Light m various parts of tie City tie most important gathering of the series was tie big Noonday meeting of Hii Sims men at Hattery u armory on the late front and probably next in Point of int rest was the big meeting for women in tie same place a couple of hours later. The Crisli at the afternoon meeting even exceeded that of Liliu room by meeting. Fainting women were married from tie Hall every few minute. For two hours before or. Ilyati arrived it was impossible to gain admission and ilium Sands gathered on t lie Lake front in the Hope participating in an Overall inv meeting lot tins was impossible owing to j or. Itry Aii s Many engagements. Tile no Ininee s appearance upon lie stage was Greetus with a mighty cheer of applause. Iliili Theiu of ladles in tie audience Hud Small american hags Ami As they cheered they Salt la the mags a unison lust As or i Ryan was about Tolic iii ids address lie Tio iced a Large number of men in tie windows on the roof of thu building Ami fearing danger lie declined to proceed until lie roof was cleared. before the Licurs for tie business menus Noonday meeting Hattery 1 was packed. The seats had been removed from the body of the Hall and the audience stood solid shoulder to shoulder. The great girders that supported tie roof furnished seats fora i tuber of venturesome us mixers and tie galleries were packet. Tie Hail was crowded to its it Nio Schlimu. General c c. Howard culled tie me thug to order. Or. Kiryati received an ovation that lasted for More than live a minutes and bid fair to continue indic to Likely. Geteral Howard obtained tie it Tentou of til audience however Liy saving that or. Bryan asked one Ipi estion a whether those present were All business melt. A thu Aud voices answered a yes a and in tin Lull that followed one Man s voice Rose clearly As lie said a we mean Busi Ness a cheering or. Brynn said in part a i have said so often that those who a slime to la thu Only business men sometimes make a great mistake in assuming that tie Prosperity of our nation rest upon them Ami i am coming to Day to talk to business men Anil to say to t hem that in pleading i lie cause of t he fair dict and tin labourer i am trying to Lay a sub stantian foundation upon which tin Liuasi Ness of this country can lie done. Apr Pense if you arc engaged in liter Inin disc engaged in tin Exchange of wealth supposing that tie Prosperity of tie producers depends upon you. You deceive yourselves wealth must lit created in fore it Etui lie distributed. I�?Tll.-., who created wealth could live though they went out of Husic a. I could live if tie producers of wealth go out of business. Cause lie Loans you Money at tempts to Roll you of your . Should pm made to the Penally by ail injured people i applause i i know that it is not polite i to say anything of these titi sciors who think so Well of them gives. Luiu glitch 1 la let my friends if they do not want hard i tiling said of them. Let them be just and a a ease to he despots. a i want you business men Between now and election Day to think Over this proposition. If the Gold Standard is Good Why do those who advocate it resort to deception to you have to resort to deception when you Are Selling something of Good a pin Lity to you have to sort to deception when you Are Selling something that Lias Merit Merit not at All. You present the merits of that thing if it Lias Merit and when you see a Man Tesort a big to deception it is a confession hint tie thing which lie is advocating has not tie Merit to go its own strength. Applause and cheer. 1 a i say to you that tie platform adopted Lii is Way is a fraud 1 say that it was As a Framl tap plans that tie men who wrote it. Wrote it to deceive thu prep and to secure an advantage he deception that Thuv could not obtain in an open tight. Applause a another thing if a Man Conics to you with ii business proposition you expect him i lie Able to Point out to you tin advantages of the plan. You ask him the details and if it tells you Tomt lie dues a.,. Know just How it i going to. Work von not have and. In ids Plait it lie tells you that itis plan hit great merits. I nit Tomt he is not going to Tell you i any thing about them until invest your Money in the plan you will not inv at i teat Ion. And they done to want t,., understand in this Campaign that tie i in publican party let not Elai Santeil a Luau Eill policy it i. Opidi Hsiug. Net proposing anything. If the Pat by knows Liat is bust win docs not it Tell hit american it the Republican i party hits a plan which will relieve it a from our present Lin Neial conditions Why docs not. party suit Mil Tomt plan to tin american people for ten in verdict and if they have no plan Whit presumption it is for them to. A Ayon to Trust them first Ami let them mud a Quot lit afterwards great applause and Clu i ring. I a i want you to note this proposition. When we talk about want lug More Money Why they Tell Yon Tomt there is Money Emmeli in thu country Ali Ute of Noiin Jiu the country. Tin moment you begin to argue Tomt there should in will silence you by pointing to tin amount of Money in the Hanks awaiting to is loaned and then you Sny All right Quot if we have enough Money in this country now let us have a Muritu Hil system of our own and they say of nit. No can to do that. Liec Niiha if Yon do Tomt then we cannot borrow front and Beers Why do we want to borrow if we have enough i prolonged cheering. Now my friends there or. Tin two propositions. You eau riot escape hot it of them. A a the la publican Dalfort pledges the Republican party to in even Effort to promote International hindu Tali iii. How i it going to promote it Liy making it fur foreign credit hint an Lluy going to promote intern tonal i j in tall sin by making it i Olin Lac i foreign to min lies to petitions i Promise Yon ratio ill id inc Talli a and i Promise Ludo it in a . Carlisle 1h his element he addresses an audience of Han n a swags. Thu speaker stated that if. Waa not fighting the democratic party but Quot thu most unnatural and indefensible political combination that Ever existed in this country a a he said free Silver would bring on tho greatest panic Ever known. The Case dismissed. St. Louth of 28.�?dugnl d. Crawford f prominent dry goods merchant of this a Ity was arraigned in thu court of criminal correction today Tonus or the charge of intimidating and coercing ids employees in their right of Fram 1��m after hearing part of the testimony acting judge Smith discharged tin defendant on a technicality. Done to pay for dirt when you order Coal. We Send clean Coal. Give us a trial order and it . Oakman a Felippo. Phone of. B 8 Salem avenge a. Smoke Little Duke cigars. Full Havana filler a cents. All Nickel Cigar d for 25 cents at Mussier a l Harma v applause 1 i Olieve that policy i fur the country which is a iii with those who toil and gives them first the inspire to work and then protects them in to e enjoyment of the rightful shares of of their toll and proceeds from Mihoin up to the upper Classet of i Riely who rest upon them. And i Challenge you to find in the pages of recorded history a single instance where Prosperity name Down from he Tippet crust of society. It always Eon i is from the Masse the foundation of society. I applause Quot i want to talk in you business men for Auto her reason. I believe that main of the business men Are being tyrannize Over by financial influence. voice you arc right you Point Back to the time of the War to Hud your heroes. 1 to 11 you that the year it is has develop do rih a a i tills nation. Applause i know business men who have la in summoned is fore their Hunters and told if they insisted upon free Silver their notes won i i uni be extended. I i now Otic Man who was a a into he Bank and told that if he did not Stop liking for free Silver he would have to look elsewhere for and that Man fold id Linker that lie realized that he was in ids Power that if he bad a mind to be Loti old rail for the payment of his notes and close up his More Ami w ipe a Eit All the protits of the years of indu try. But he Aid a sir you May do it if von will l Bebee that humanity i involved. You ran take my property but you cannot take my it Oul great applause. I my friends i believe Itiat tin mercantile classes have suffered As my ii by government by Banks a any other class of the people and when i preach do live Ranee a a i tho common people from the Money changers 1 preach deliverance of the business men from the tyranny of the Banks. Ami cheers i a that the Man who Loans you Money has no right of control your vote is Good a Oid cheers i Sty Tomt a Man who be new style i 8schubert pianos just received. Sir them. We car. Make the in to full you. No Votca to sign. Either. Richmond Musio co. U. T. Wjk Ninus. M g r., , a. a the Way than blinking it Rollia hie to tim our petitions. Vint a a me w hat min Junu is. I will Tell you. You Litile said to foreign creditors that if Thuv w ill object in bimetal ism that we will join with them in making their it tort Ives More valuable and their notes Moi a liable and t heir Dollar boy More. I to take United stale Bullion to the mints if hie i listed it tates Ami open them to the free and unlimited coinage of Silver equal terms with at to. ratio and the Money coined shall b. Alike Legal tender for All debts private and Public. I applause. A and then i propose that we shall say to our foreign creditor that we intend to pay our Coin obligation m either Gold or Ilvin. Applause. I i pro a of that we shall say to them a gentle men if you conspire to make Flint Silver Dollar Worth a a it than the Gold Dollar we shall pay you in that Sliver Dollar j great applause and Chivi a you say that is repudiation i deny it. They bought our Bonds Only a Liport time ago and they made a Dille Reniee Ween i oin Bonds and Gold i uhis. Charging for tin risk they took and now let them have the risk they were paid for. You say you have a right to i arc us More because of the risk Bev took and then we Haven t the right to exercise the option which they calculated Oil. A my friends that idea cd Nus simply from those who think Tomt All society should in careful to guard the rights of the i red it or and m Gleet every right Tomt a debtor Lias. Cheers i f uoti a that some of our cities Are very Miu h a vested the uld Cago platform says that we pledge our services to secure such leg isl Naioti As will for the future prevent con tracts for a particular kind of Money. Yuliy they cry that w. Are not going to let a ample contract. We arc not going t let them make Contri to that Are a ii it Public policy we do not intend that they shall de monetize by private Coin no t w bit this government make Money by in bar Sal Law great i a a ring Doit say that we have no right interfere w Ith la n be contracts. I risk a a us of you to cuter into a contract to collect Twenty percent interest Ami see whether the to incr Nicut has any Rig lit to Interior with it. A i Ali use a us it a what is the usury his Misc to it is based upon the theory that men who borrow Money need to be protect Cal from tie avarice of the Man who lends them Money. Applause Tomt is the basis of All usury Law and when a Man Tell von Tomt we Inove not the right to protect tin Money of tin United states against the conspiracy of tho a who would degrade it i Tell you that we have More right to prevent Gold contracts or Silver contracts you have to prevent one individual from agreeing to pay another More than i a Taiti amount of interest. A Patti a. Quot now to. Ire telling you that in it dec Tion would a a a menace to peace and order. They Tell you that 1 stand for Law rout Miod on it Kurtli buy Youly Cual and Wichi Oakman and , a Widne a it. Louisville ky., oct. 28.�?tbit� stronghold of tin Kentucky Goltl Standard fairly outdid itself to right. If Secretary Carlisle has Ltd a doubt about the hostility of Bis native state be May have readily forgot ten it in the cordiality of ids reception Hete to right. No larger crowd has turned out Here during this Campaign and no More Brilliant gathering has greeted any speaker in Louisville. Thu extent of the demonstration was a Surprise to even the most enthusiastic admirers of the great kentuckian. The meeting was set for 8 o clock but by ii do oct it cd the seats bad a Hocti patios by 7 o clock the aisles foyer and wings were All full. Thu Interior of the great Structure presented i More the apm unit inc of a grand opera night than of a political demote St ration. The Secretary los twit in this City for tin Wist two Days preparing Bis address Ami while in tin main it followed the argumentative hues of los previous stick Dies ill this state timing the present Campaign be presented Many new Point and forcible arguments which elicited round after round of Iipp Luu thematic no mention a of any came Hunte a on a National ticket by mum. The Secretary was escorted from Trio Galt House to the auditorium by the wanting menus democratic sound Money lie was greeted with prolonged cheering when introduced by George m. Davis of this City. The applause was almost equalled we Ett in the course of his address in mentioned abruptly the name a of president Cleveland. Or. A a Arlisle began by stating that it was not the democratic party those who believe As be a Loes an lighting but the most unnatural and Indef Cusich political combination that Ever existed in this country. It began he said by the in trayal of the democracy at Chicago culminated in the surrender to populism at 8t. I a mis and has for its object the vice Tion of a candidate who represents both of thu parties to the com met and believe in the doctrine of Imti. There is not a Shadow of coi Dlice Between them the Secretary said. They Are parts he continued of a Sebrean for Couch cited legislative action and must int considered together a tin democratic Ami tin american. The result of free coinage of Silver at a ratio of 11� to i by the United states alone would lie he said first a panic Ucli a we have never Emo Vii. Mccond itch a reduction in the pure Power a it Money a to make it in i sible fora Large Porthun of our population to a secure tin Nch a of lift third the cutting in half tie value of tin savings Dpn its and i Tistinic e poll lr.-. Seen my Carlisle Ridi. Tiled the theory fre i a ullage by his a a entry would Raie tin a the of the liver Bullion in a liver a Billar to an a Quality with the Bullion in a Gold a Lidiar the Secretary a la Ela red Llinat Fin i Deil states had no right to b i. In Tom scr paper Money arguing Tomt the Groci Milaicki a my Treasury not. Hoitt a b. Retired teds he in cart cd a was the Root of the trouble. After Dit ussing at some length that part a of tin Chicago platform Vlf a ring to the courts Secretary Carlisle Otic Ludell with an an Al to hike none by friends to work earnestly for tin defeat of the i Cago t a a act. Tin in or iii am have been tin chosen pianos of a tin my red of tin greatest musicians in Europe and America. Edming Home after All. Hav a Nalt it a t. 28.�?gen. Flt Hugh Lee the nit in states Consul go Ueail. Inf Orin a d the Ltd Orres hot sent of the associated press this a veiling that lie will sail for new York sat inlay. Gen. Lee air a Tomt the purpose of his visit will be to visit Bis family and attend to private business. Fine Marshall \ Wax do la i \ no at 8275�? easy payments. A Liae Marshall a l Puio fancy Walnut upright lightly 8270 Oil easy pay tents. No interest a real bargain. 11 Obb ii piano co. I he 1 nit a of state Goveri Milit Rej Kirts allow Royal baking powder Superior to All others. F Tbs millinery department at Quot the bazaars i Complete rat after Liat is being old. Popular Price is what Lam a it the Best of All Are Thebes Brothers piano endorsed in yall leading plan Nett. Every musician acknowledges their 8ui�>rl�>rlty,Hobbie piano co

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