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Danville Roanoke Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 2 1896, Page 4

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Danville Roanoke Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 2, 1896, Danville, VirginiaThe Roanoke times thursday april 2. 1896.the times. A Abby Moth Llott. 1xujmt monday Roano amp a Youia Iuvino oo., Rabi Araxa and to rope Lertora Timm building 1m Cam Ymell a bub b. Tahm3 by mail foal a repaid Niiya. Oak oath a a a a a .80 us Noil i a a a a a a a a a la Mamba a a an in or in a hmm a inday Bdl Lloa. On in a. 1-Bo is us tvs Timm mint to of Taco Auto doll Rutm the Ort Tuott now a of leptin a Ort to an is Toca world and re Reteos Over taped wire the tall telegraphic Newt Aero lot of the associated Presa a in temo now from All Over the United a Keptot and the world that la Almalta Sously re Elvod by the areal Daule of new toe Phua Dei Phis and Baltimore. April. 8 m f 8 1 a s 4 0 0 7 8 o to 11 13 18 14 15 16 17 18 10 20 1 23 s3 34 35 30 27 28 20 30 a a. Foli1ics in ibi Bol to. Col. A. K. Mcclure the Brilliant editor of the Potla Leppala time who i noted u n shrewd observer of Public events Psi been spending some time in the South and Tsolag Stock with Bis usual keenness and accuracy of insight the political situation. Of the Southern political Outlook he writes As follows. Quot the race lines could not be s perpetual Issue when Polillo appeals to the Ould Ltd and ambition of men. With the jarring conflicts of ambition fun Sll came Universal Industrial and by Alneada depression and both political parties have been tora from their old moorings. Quot hitherto the South has had but one part a time lust suffered from general demoralization but an intelligent Oba Orver who has studied the present political conditions of the South would be compelled to lie awake night to determine whether the democrats republicans or the populist of the South Are plunged Moat deeply into the Miru of demoralization. There is not a single state in the South under present conditions that la Cortlan to vote for tho democratic candidate for president next november. The maj ont of them or All of them May thus vote Buta United South the next election la quite improbable and is certainly among tho possibilities that Between the republicans and the populists All the Southern states May be lost to the commenting on the above tho Washington pest says Quot col. Mcclure passes by tho original cause of the demoralization of the democratic parly which was. As tho Post has repeatedly declared to revolt within the organization Agal Nat tho tyranny of the party machine in almost Evory Southern state. Disguised humiliated and enraged the younger men one by Ono became disaffected and soon they called themselves populists pro Toction Damutz Asti independents anything but democrats of the Quot regular Quot Cut and dated variety. These floating Elu Monts of lao intent have iii drifted together and now the demo Cratto organizations in most of the Southern states Are confronted by factors of antagonism Wiloh May any moment fuse themselves into a compact and for the moment homogeneous whole. Quot col. Mcclure does not exaggerate All Whan he says the parly May lose tho South or the greater part of tho Polla next november. 1� itself divided into hostile Faa Tiona Over the financial and the tar 1 questions and has in opposition Tny populists and the republicans who by joining forces in Good Faith can carry the Day in almost every instance. The a solid South is a thing of the past. Some Miracle in the Way of violence or strategy May bold together once More hut the is Anco of Harmony is gone. stands to Day by Force of habit not by virtue of a common Hopo and the revolt against tho democratic party in the South has in a Large Moas Uro been caused by the Quot tyranny of tho party machine Quot As the Post asserts but this is not tho sole cause. The parly lash has. Of late acted As a promo rag and has done its part la creating in the mind of the voter a disgust for the party that resorts to such Low methods. Freedom is tho natural instinct of Southern men the party lash the Emblem of Elavery and degradation. The party lash has had its Day and we should All rejoice . Tuero Are however Othor causes for this Quot parting of the ways Quot in the political world of the South. The fraudulent methods of carrying Olec Tlona and the worship of tho Golden half have had much to do with the breaking up of old party hues. Further More the people of the South Are beginning to Rall i that a Republican can to a gentleman and a Patriot and that a populist can stand on equally As lofty a plane. Tun times will not bed any tears when the Quot solid South Quot is broken but Hopes that will remain broken and Nover become tho a talking horse of an political party. The breaking of tho Quot solid South Quot will mean the tearing Down of an old ruin consecrated by prejudice to Mako Way for a better and More inviting and enduring Structure. Hon. Cha Unck m. Ski Kwh is still talking in California. In a recent interview on Mckinley s chances for the Republican nomination for president he Bald there was Quot Auorb a thing a Man running so fast As to be out of breath when tho time comes to jump Quot Mckinley to said would no doubt have the largest number of votes on the first ballot but should he fall to carry the convention by storm on tho second tho followers of the other candidates Are Likely to agree upon some Man who will got the nomination and that Man or. Dope thinks will be governor Morton of now York. All such talk Howo Vor Dora not provent Mckinley from Cap luring state d legation Aid if hta sue Cess to this regard continue a a Short while longer the Man from Ohio will he nominated despite the combined Effort of ibo Bosses of tho Republican party to prevent . The dutch colonies in South Africa a How a very Independent spirit and if great Britain does not maintain her authority Over them now the time will soon come when a Republic will be proclaimed there to be known probably As the United states of Arloa. Whether they will increase As rapidly in wealth and numbers As the people of the halted states of America is a question. Apparently however they occupy Acorn try of tract locally limitless resources and if the Premont Rush of Rimml Granta continues there is no knowing what the future May have in store for them. Sex speaker oust and Secretary Smith have commenced to talk finance Down in Georgia with the probabilities that the latter will gain much information on the subject during the discussion. Time was when the Secretary of the Interior thought Dolfi Orelly about the free coinage of Silver but a place in or. Cleveland s Cabinet has Given him and Secretary Carilsle a Chanco to look further loto the financial question. The French continue to object to British occupation of Egypt and a terrible bowl has been raised by them against the proposed Advance of English and egyptian troops up the Nile. John Bull however has already collected the necessary funds to Start tho expedition and seems to be moving in the matter just As France was cot to to considered All. Carried us Point. tho a Timon depot in Paducah the other Day n Man walked into tho baggage room carrying a huge three gallon bucket loaded to the brim und securely fastened tho top. Quot i want to pet Cincinnati Quot Liu said to the Ting Ngu master. Quot to can Check my thing Lik that who was informed. He looked perplexed for u moment and then walked rapidly out with the bucket. In a few moments to returned with a Largo yellow Vul so that bulged out suspiciously the sides showed his ticket and asked to have tho Valise checked. The baggage Muster eyed suspiciously but had to Check . The fellow had put tho bucket in tho Valise and thus carried Liis courier Juat Wrath. Ala country theater lately they Scro playing a mgt Nanti Onzil drama. The Rhulu Wudl Eiloo listened anxiously and b rent Hies a by. A youth saved hid Mother who was about to Tumble Hrail lung Down a precipice which general emotion and hubs innumerable. Just then the attention of the whole House was directed to the gallery Sal u Mother ail her son tho former of whom administered to the Hoy a humid cuff which was followed by an irrepressible bawl. Why did you do As much for me Booby when your father tried to throw me out of the window a a London answers. Why not Rido tho a bicycle built like a watcha Coia Mem wheel Are near Protty and Quot Iron. Boat Forrer co. Limited in seabon�?horner1.hood�?Ts Barson Srella As a blood purifier and building up Medicino leads everything Ever produced. is a obit Lyciy the Best. Others May make tho Bamo claim. But there s this difference the prove . Not by Antiquity but by Merit. Not by what we say but by what Rood a Barsa a Perilla does. D a r Tias a Reo a Ord of cures unequalled in medics history. positively perfectly end permanently Curca when All other medicines fall. That the keen discrimination of the people recognizes its Merit end the cures by Hood s Bers Perilla is shown by the fact that Hoy Buyl Loody a Barsana to. Willal pref. Orence and to tho exclusion of All others. Hoods Barsa Parylla has a larger Salo than All other blood purifiers. wins Confidence everywhere because the statements in its advertising add testimonials Are verified by All who take . No other Medicino Lias Ever received such prs so or so Many voluntary testimonials of wonderful cures. No other Medicine possess Espari i la the Peculiar combination proportion and process used in preparing Hood s Barsa Parylla Aud which give Merit Peculiar to itself. This is tho Socrat of its wonderful Power of us wonderful sales of us wonderful hold upon tho Confidence of the people. This is Why cures scr Fula balt Rheum Catarrh rheumatism All Humours kidney and liver troubles Dys peps la that tired feeling builds up tho nerves creates a n Appet Ito and strengthens the whole system. Its Merit us sales its cures make hoods Barsa Parylla the one True blood purifier. Sold by All druggists Al. Prepared Only by c. I. Hood co., Feiwell. Maas. Hoods pills to a by a met eat Haruo. So hear Musum. to Iak Cuy to opt Ralo. Ail drugs us. S Centa. Money in your pocket we have just 34 macintoshes left. We re closing them out going to quit keeping macintoshes. If you re Quick and your size is Here you can get one almost one half of the regular Price. $5 ones $3.50 7 Zoiss -4.50 q 5.25 to ones 7.50. Gilkeson amp Taylor matters and mens furnishes. Educated fleas. They Are impaled on wire. A. A prelim Larj to their Kent. There is no one Side of tho Aldo shows and minor features of museums und fairs which seems on its fore Moro attractive thin tho exhibition of so called of coated fleas. Tubero is something in tho idea of educating any of tho Lumur animals that appeals to us All. Aud the lower tho Una nil tho Moro them is in of let Frost to the people. Tho suggestion even that is possible to get insects to perform tricks which swim us tho result of intelligence excites onco tho sympathies of spectators and the of daunted Ilea Calls together companies who no delighted with tho apparent results although really ignorant of tho causes or of the fact that Onali trick menus the death of that particular Flea. If Ono will Rouech hut a moment tho Absurdity of educating so ephemeral an animal us the lieu becomes apparent after a couple of weeks As a legless Little worm the Young lion spins for itself a cocoon which is its habitation for a couple of weeks Lunger when a Waka in its familiar form fora Brief existence of u few weeks the Mast. To instill into so Short lived a creature anything like appreciation of the tricks hint to is to perform is out of the question and tho results wide Are attained am by a purely and cruel Jiron a a. Thu work which the Fiona is us posted to perform is something in which its in Stii its to escape let some of service. is Quot harnessed Quot to a Tolu Wagon or shoots Oil u miniature Cannon or does sum other simple thing requiring Only a feeble pull in a straight line. Tito Quot liar Noss Quot is a Sharp pointed wire which is stuck into the body i f the unfortunate insect und in its struggles to escape tho poor Flea perform sits trick and the amused spectators Aro not aware of Trio cruelty to which is subjected if in the shape of other fleas Are desired to make the Wagon try k More or a Coachman or to Isitman they May to readily bad by others of tho insects upon prop cry placed wires resulting of course. In torture Aud death to them As Well. Cur local societies have put u Stop to these exhibitions in this state and very properly so for tie very meanest of created things is entitled to a life Freo from unnecessary thoughts. He pulled up the River. Sam was a Light skinned Darky of Middle ago with an Ever Bright and really reply for All. A was employed in thu Street department of the town of i. Ono Day a gentleman finding him work tearing up Soyini cobblestones from tho Street and desiring to hear one of his witty replies asked him what to was doing. Bum replied Quot Why Sar i s or Phil Len urdu Strent Liy and by in so Gold to pull up do Quot Dull Uji the Rev nil Why Ham that a a Gigantic Job. You la have to pump and haul Ninny a Yungr before you can accomplish Quot if youse want Ter Seo to do . I so a Quot Wollam i would like Toque How you would go about . Ami if you can prove to to that you can finish such a Job Ovit within a year i will treat you to a suit of sunday Quot Yah Yah Yah Quot laughed Sam. Quot Como Long Salt is h prove Dot shun a and off he started for the River with tho gentle Kimii and several other Sople who Hud gathered around during tho conversation. Reaching tho River Ham piloted tho gentleman and thu crowd to us old Skiff. Jumping into to seized the oars and started shouting us body Dan a Dure Sohl i s or Pullon up do Allier now Quot thu gentleman gave in and Sam got his City Star. The Rapio the Newport of the East. This Newport of tho Eust was found Homo centuries ago by tho greeks be Stiuso of its invigorating climb to Thor Apia signifying health Imd Tuduy . Hill tho ref ago in tho summer heats not Only of a puny of tho pushes and other High turkish dignitaries Whoso palaces line tho water front or Crown tho Hills near by but of scores of european Wuy Farmers und strangers who uni Muro air und loss dog than can to found in Pera. Here too Uro the houses of tho Sov Elul fori Ign embassies English German French and tho others their Zuehls and dispatch boats lying . On he or almost in front of their Vardous tho brasses glistening in tho Sun. And tho Charm of All tho i Oats Crews of Jack tars in their Whito suits rowing bark and Forth answering Calls from tho . The Hano water is lilo As indigo dotted with cliques skimming about tho Dogcart and lion duties crowding tho shorn Road with footmen in gorgeous albanian costumes of we into Ami Gold and wit i Sash and Sci Miteru nil Kinkea scene of surprising brilliancy and Beauty unequal of by any other similar spot in Europe. Diplomacy is never so picturesque is . Up Kuson Smith in Century. The spirit of raring in America. Before tho War of tho revolution tho English i flip Era quartered about new York Ltd established a Roo course pm Long Island and Ever since thou Thuro 1ms Boon racing in the neighbourhood of tho Metropolis. Now without question thu in Cong Center of the United states. In tho old time races there was nearly always n Deal of sentiment this often taking a sectional form is for instance when eclipse represented the North and Henry the South in a race four mile Liventa on la tug Island in 188. From the journal of Josiah Quincy to learn that Luu. Piersons were spectators this race Anil that he was so interested in thu spurt Eliut he sat in the Sun till one of ids Cheeks was blistered without tho Alnio being cuu Scius of tho in tense heat. this race is interesting to recall that John Randolph of Kont Uiko sat just in front of or. Sulney who said of tho 1 try Lnolan Quot apart from his intense sectional Pali la he had pors Oual interest tho turn things wore taking for he Hud hot heavily on tho contest and was said proposed to sail for Europe upon a tearing enough to pay Bis this wits after Henry boil won the first heat for in the next hint when eclipse s proper rider Purdy was in the Saddle the tables were turned and the race went to . A valuable Antiseptic. have Idun Milo with xxv can Nice Mercury in Hospital Tennu Ami in is Cluttil cum s a if contagious Cleta Luhcs. The results slum that As an Antiseptic this Eul Tanco has very great value. As a Herr la lit is declared . Is destroys fume of the most dangerous germs Aung others thaw that Are capable a if resisting a temperature of 213 degrees f. my. However to employed with tho greatest care and thus far is not Consul cred Safe except in the skillful hands As being a Poison is Likely to kill nut Only the disease germs hut the patient As Well if carelessly used. Mercury Roxy can id does nut Mflwc steel instruments and lids fast is of the utmost importance As Many valuable germ destroyers corrode instruments to a such an extent that they become practically worthless a or must lie continually watched mud worked new York Ledger. A proper exp Regalon. I think Gold a a observed Manchester. A a no intense a replied Birmingham. A i was in a Bank yesterday and saw about two quarts a if Gold a Jii tho a that a line Way Tospon of Gold coi measuring us though were milk or Quot the expression is All right. Gold comes in Chro Ciicle Telegraph. okra planter. To mend a broken plaster cast paint tho broken surface Over two or three times with very thick shellac varnish and after a web application Burn the alcohol Over the flame. When the shellac is soft press tho parts together and tie in place until cold. Thu or Alclo will bit us Strong As was before being broken. Every Flower that has a perfume All accrete a volatile Oil the evaporation of Wloch constitutes tho Peculiar odor comr acte Ruthc of tho Blossom. Real estate Foi easter. A Al �ih0t and Yon her Flun. Lion l pity rent a author car. Let the. My of Flower other in a year of real or Onomy. Iliin a Teit i of Yoor own top paying rent. Get lib a Ean Tormino Quot j .0f a Quot Bable Limner and Niv Nunt Irwin in a a yo0r Avni Erm Quot of payment Yon insist on a Sloe rent we can a Tux a Raul of Cllon 10 Ihli respect for in nil in Fitial a Tny i. I on terms fun vcna6 Al Quot a for to Bow of nil 9 a a Elk a a re of flit boo we thenan i1u. I a Quot a by Vinao n a. For Folio 0.ch a sub no a f 15 per month. Nil i Metcen room Imanse with hath and Liu. 0 Tivet nent Aap Hamto Avenne f . 1 Erma your own. Nil / a do room onre on ill Mer Avenne if. S n. to Corner Accel so Tantod for Only Kov Carh and f 10 month. No Rhoner a la on u i tonne n. W., for f Csc Yon make tho terms. Nil a i Onar. In sont boat i1u. U for be Macb Exah and fwd or month. W n 7-�ki�s.0, h,0me on Mao. Some lit f thine Nice too cheap to mention and terms easy. To a he 1 Bona Eaon he. O Salem Avenne. Which we Ara offering for Only 4,uq0. Term easy. Blah be Ell improved prop r Foi your of a rms Aeo a and to will do Pace Stob Bitt 10 Jolly Renu n�., Roanoke. A. Are ready for Yon with an up to Date or Fang Stock of men a boy s and children s clothing All the latest novelties in children a suits so bring your lads and have them dressed stylishly. The elephant pants fit Ting overalls warranted not to rip either with or without apron now reduced to 75 cents. This is the Best Overall made. We Are the Only one Price clothiers in the City so depend on saving from to to to Oer cent by buying Here. Philadelphia one Price clothing House. Facts Tell the Story not much Stock not enough Cash too Little . Workman amp co. Will Cut prices to the Bottom. ? this to expect Todo Bome busmsss.,. Shall we court you among the Aba ram letters a our Stock of Aro Complete. We will not mention certain article but everything sweeping reductions. Call and see we have. i their Quot contracts with us arc past due and do not h?.t win . We will not indulge them any Lon Quoter but will proceed to take the goods. Y a her a. Workman amp co. The Virginia brewing on draught from to Day on. All mail orders filled promptly. Also in bottles. T. T. Fit act Tab. President. K. Ten toy Teller. J. U. vice pre Aldret. J. J. Polott. Bookkeeper. J. B. Fiauu urine can her. Kirby crash let Banner. .w,., . Xvi Ritj imn iii Nanne National Exchange Bank. Or Roanoke. A. Exchange building Cor. Jbf Bilson Kkt and 8alku Avenue capital $100,000. Surplus $20,000. Kn1.&Quot ,"1"1 ,.l<1 of. On . a a tsp in. To bnrk1#rjpr<hir Vas ele. We the a a Cornu of Impi ii Mupo Gilloti la run. m <1 tia Ocre and we will extend to All every Fin he a a a i if 1 8 a Huel Neni Conel Etem with be Nerva �l55w.��1 a apr aerated. paper Lecoun cd tor cos Totra. A general bunking business transacted z. J. Bright. J. M. amp Harris grocers s,t8l with a new and fresh Stock and Low prices we solicit your patronage. Cincinnati instalment co easy piment v 201-203 Commerce ., Roanoke a. Make known your 1 a paper Fob the l Teofle. \ i i r i wants a a j read Hvall Tuk Deorle Wmk. S in the times want column. I i �?�4 i

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