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Danville Roanoke Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 2 1896, Page 3

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Danville Roanoke Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 2, 1896, Danville, VirginiaThe Roanoke times thursday april 2, 1896. 3 Roanoke v�._189 a to Ball amp May or. To of grocers a i Quot or what a the use of waiting a they Quot May a fall things Como to him who Waits a but to have no Boon waiting and to done to propose to wait ave know our prices Aro right our work Al and if you Don t bring us work to will Como Altor it in on Way or another either by bringing to your notice our prices facilities and Quality of execution or personal interviews. To Are not grumbling far from it won to had our share to Aro still getting our share. Rut to Havo placed at your disposal a modern and almost Ideal printing establishment with such facilities As to command admiration from All Ith whom we Havo business into Correo. To Aro not waiting Haven t Timo to wait an up to Date printing office. Ono of tho vows tho writer Nindo when to was a Dovil Quot in a country printing office was in effect that if to Over owned or Man aged a printing establishment it would to kept clean at last by comparison. At that Timo to hardly Felt tho Force of tho vow for to has Learned after years of experience that it is necessary immediately after Ono a going Over Quot to Start at tho beginning and go Over it All again. It never ones a just Liko a housekeepers duties but not like tho boy who sets no Uso in washing his face because it will get Aoi Lod again. But a clean printing establishment is just As necessary for tho proper execution of work in our Lino As Light and Hoat and Power. And the vow has Boon kept. Como and Seo. We do not believe thera it another City in the state which bends such a Small proper Hon of Ita order for printing and Blank books away to our Northorn friends As Roanoke. All Honor to our banker and business men that is most All of it. To must ree Ervo a Little As this is our 11 own country.11 we print anything that can to desired or devised from movable Type paper and Ink and brains. Brains Aro just As important in our work As paper or Ink or Typo. It is tho combination that tcll9. To do not mean to be egotistical at All hut combining these things to bring Forth a Harmo Nious result has been our study and to do claim to know our business right thoroughly. All together one of tho things which has contributed largely to tho Success of our establishment is tho systematic working a together Quot of All our forces in All departments. This has reduced to a minimum tho a lost motion Quot which is usually to to found in Largo industries. If a Minuto can to saved hero another there it is donor an hour is gained thus to Tako Caro of tho fleeting moments. Five minutes wasted daily by each of our employees would mean tho interest on $10,000 a year. In these Days of close margins each moment of time must to productive. Quite recently too tho times Aro hard Money tight everything handled economically but it cannot possibly stay that Way. to Aro pushing a not shoving Quot ahead just As though Good times were upon us. We cannot a lord to lag behind or worry but in times of Peaco to Are preparing for War. And when it comas we will Havo an Stab a Sineni mat can Taire care of any Tang that things Thoj do not come now. To cantly to placed an order for Ono of tho largest lots of now Typo Ever Given at Ono time in Virginia. Our establishment is just opposite and overlooking tho Lawn of Lotel Roanoke Ono of the finest hotels in tho state which gives us a magnificent Bright refreshing View at All times. Our business office and Pross room Are on the ground floor along with our prices. Each floor and department is connected with tho office by electric Bells speaking tubes and elevators and All departments Are bountifully supplied with All kinds of labor and time saving appliances. In our press room Cun to soon tho rapid diminutive and monster Cylinder Prossos including to famous Quot Promise keeper Quot turning out thousands upon thousand of chocks every Day. Our largest and Best paper. Cutting machine the automatic cutting knife Sharp enc and Lahl eting appurtenances Are on this floor. Tho wonderful and powerful electric motor which propels tho machine on All three floors is also on this floor. Over in Ono Corner hardly noticeable is kept in readiness As a supplementary Power an improved Gas engine to be attack cd at momentary notice in Case of Accident to the electric motor or for other causes. This precludes tho possibility of a Quot Hole on tho Power question. On the second floor a Long Row of Small press of used for cards envelopes 6tatornonls. Noto beads tickets and Small work. Here also is probably tho most wonderful piece of mechanism in our establishment tho Railroad ticket printing machine. Think of it the next Timo you Purchase your ticket. Secured behind Iron bars and double locks it at onco suggests government Bonds with All the so safeguards. Further along on this floor is the Type setting department whore expert minds and fingers think and act rapidly and correctly interpreting at times handwriting that would make Horace Greeley turn Green with envy. Large extra Large fonts of Type permit the handling of very Large order in a most satisfactory and expeditious manner. Our Force in this department can set up about As Many pages in a Day As a Man car read. A plentiful Supply of algebra Cal astronomical go motrin Chi signs and characters accent letters and 11 Odd sorts Quot enable us to handle difficult and intricate work in special lines. On the top floor is our Blank Book manufactory ruling machines including on which is probably the largest South of Philadelphia our various wire stitchers which will Tako a spool Cut it tho proper length shape it and drive through a Book three fourths of Inch thick or Ono not so thick 1�o0 a minute then our paging and numbering machines Board and paper cutters Book presses which exert a pres Uro of Twenty tons or More perforating punching and Eyel eting machines and tho engraving department which latter is an innovation for this Section. And our Stock room i if Somo of our friends who usually buy a quire or so of paper at a time could look in upon this department they would not cease wondering for Days. To do not exaggerate a Partido when to say you can Seo a ton of a kind be ten of a kind. You say a what ten ton of Ono kind of paper in a town Liko Ron Noko Quot that s what to said. Como and Seo. And besides hundreds of other kind of Plain fancy and unique Thoro Are stacks of card Board of a kind As High As a Man and to need not be a lilliputian either. What can we not do with such facilities ? a card a circular Noto head envelope pamphlet Prico list catalogue Book Railroad rate Sheet or Elmo table a ruled Blank or a 1000-Pago Ledger on any or All to assure our friends to Are at 12ume, from january 1st to december 31st. The Stone printing and manufacturing co., Printer engraver and. K Blok manufacturers. Roanoke a Black a White attorneys at Law p. O. To 76. Roanoke a. Opposite Hotal Roanoke m. In. Stone. President wooing of women. Question Cythe right of initiative in love. Yhu unwritten but Moat potent and ini memorial Canon that woman must not invite a return of her love would a revernal it a a Troy Malooly Kese ref much is to i iks considered and said seriously about tho Purl of Nice nil of women Fulling in Lugo and in tho conscious to Lolly unto nets to which tho grand passion lend if it is to in Moro than merely a tearing of the heart piece by smothered at Rug Pica Liko tho Fri things of to Titan under Etna. A to falling in love it is Ono of tho Strango facts of to world showing How far custom May rep Loco nature that to love in wooed of thu hns been hold As a womanly or Uxmal Donly a to confess Lovo unasked. Not to woo has Boon admitted on All hands to to tho woman s part and has Beon Minoi normally a Point of Maiden Pride and shuttle. great indeed is this persuasion that oven the exact opposite of wooing has been Nigado a Point in tho drawing of delicate women character by Many poets and Story tellers. To hide Ivory hot of love to pretend Ovon coldness and indifference to to to Quot let concen Lmont Liko a worm 1 tho Bud a proverb is something Musty Quot a this has Beon tip Ideal of n woman s part set before sons Lelve Young girls in song and Story and drama. But it Presont Why even if a High fooling must 1� buried out of sight of if As is mko6penro says of a Beard on a Coward it were Quot nature s excrement Quot instead of no Turon Bloom and fruit hiding petals Why in tho name of All that is simple Sincero and natural is it a fault or a Shamo for a woman to Lovo unsought if Sho May not speak or Nook May Sho not ton fee 11 is love such a thing in a woman that it is a shame to Wake to it unless a Man ask for it yet so have Many women pretended in Good stories and plays and no Douht in real Ulfo. It is past l hat. Many a woman has Felt it would lie or unhappily was a Shamo to Alvo her Lovo without being asked for it. But this is As up Side Down and Topsy Turvy As if it wore hold a Shunmo to Alvo and breathe because we were not invited to to born. Why is an attachment of heart Moro to Lio shame Inden or held a womanly which is Moro than inhuman than in attachment of mind in other words no More Shn nut ought to he Felt in having a person unasked than in thinking of a subject or using one s reason in any Way uninvited. But if this to conceded or whether it be or not what is to be said of the unwritten hut most potent and immemorial Canon that a woman must not speak of her Lovo to invite a return of it. Orto sorry it to its end which is Noble marriage let us not say end but rather tho Soroud stage of its beginning Chunco Lovo goes Onward toward its end Liko Somo Noble curve Whoso Apex is at Infinity. Is this to to set Down to nature Are women Modos it i or is it custom and education and if tho latter is it a Good custom and a natural due Nylon there is nothing More difficult than to discover tho Grain of nature in a Bushel of customs. And if it be found it is of Small account for it is Liko a Creaturo which has fed on tho custom so Long that its whole substance is but tho customs a Little transmuted. M i will not re Sou As to who Lior it to contrary to womanly nature to speak of Lovo but she must wait the Man s pleasure to speak to her first or forego if Novor to speak. I assume it to to a custom merely no mat tor Bow originating or How ancient still Only a custom. Then i ask is it a Good custom sound salutary it is however no let to question whether both Nikii and women should Havo tho right of Trio initiative in love at least whether it should be so halt rally or by common custom without any restraint of sentiment. Perhaps something might be lost by such a common participation something delicate tender poetical valuable. There seem to be some reasons Why it were better for Only Ono to have tho initiative by custom with the Strong Sanction of usage prestige m uth Lieut. But not with the in variable Ness and tyranny which Marks tho present allotment. Of these reasons tho chief seems to to tho mystery delicacy Romance Honor and special character thrown around love by having tho general provinces of men and women different and defined in the initiative. It May lie that an out in unrestrained similar and open Access to each other for initiative or confession of love might Wear away much Bloom wonder Sanctity which in preserved by the gift Bronco of relation of the two to the lung lining and avowal. The sexes Are so different while such a Unity that this no Intro should lie overlooked than their essential Unity in tho midst of their so great differences. It May Well to that it is for the Harmony delicacy Joy mystery and Boatly of love that tho differences of tho sexes should he recon red by a different relation to the initiative of tin relation. It May ini that in inexpressible indefinable but very valuable sentiment Muy depend on some a Tiona anxiety and canonical delicacy convention Al Reserve on tho Ono Side to meet action judgment Choice decision initiation on the other. Whore All May and Vanoy equally and in the same Way nothing is hidden and without some Reserve there can to no tenderness. Where nil May explain equally and without hesitation there can to no drapery no veils and where there is no mystery or wonder there will be a Lack of Joy. A seeker and a sought a proposer and a consid Erar a Lender and a Follower a Petitioner and a giver May to a fairer sight and More wholesome to Lovo than two who May Challenge each other equally. Who therefore Havo no defined duties or Sweet recipe cities regarding each other who perhaps May delay for each other a stupid situation or May strive to get the Start of each other in utterly demeaning and undoing rivalry or May scramble to forestall others a profane haste which often is and enough now. But if this to True it is still a question whether the cult Lutlo should rest with men or with women. I am far from saying now that Thero Are no Good reasons Why it should rest with men. I Only insist on two Points 1 that the immemorial vesting of this right in men the physically stronger and More aggressive is no proof whatever of tho Wisdom of such an allotment or necessarily Means anything More than that men seized it when Savage conditions gave muscle n greater value than gentle intelligence and that its continuance now is but a survival of a Barbaric usurpation 2 1 insist that its Transfer to women would Lullice no Shook what Over on womanly nature As truly it is and that Thero is Noth lug in tho least destructive of Mardenly Reserve or womanly Beauty in taking the initiative in Lush woman. Blackberry Inq. When i vow but a we shy boy. My Mother s Pride my father s Joy my Ifuku and Mouth had full employ won blackberries were rip a. Aud Oft my Lun she would a Theta tim thorns from out Rny Arras and Knees and Lay Good Dud to give to cus.-. Luid by i Favorito Pipo. And oven since i be lie Otue a Man and a in Maxi of Quito a different plan. I be still Genu carrying the ran. When Blackb Currii i grew swi Xit. through the Bramble Brake 1m court the keen to Krum mud aches for two or three fair Colleen Sake a who a Nanu a ill no it repeat till Norah of tho us tire Zirair who d urn Ray partner Here and therit around about Tuul everywhere a blackberries came in when 1 just tried with too much bust it the Richer rarer fruit to taste that on her lips was going to waste 8hi toss a up her Chin. Ami marches by me night and morn heh Gray eyes Only go Unciul scorn. Regard is a Oftle of ranking Thorn Bhe s rout4d in my heart. Yet maybe a though i much mis doubt her eyes that flush her lips Flint flout. Will yet turn Kiihul and conjure out that to icon of cruel smart. A London sketch. Earthquake science. Tbs internal fires of Earth and the cracking of the upper crust. It Lias lung Boon tho popular belief that volcanoes Woro the cause of earthquakes Aud Ninny scientists have held to this theory but professor John Milne p. K. S., who has recently Beon investigating the causes of earthquakes in Japan in connection with the University of Tokyo Tundo tho statement in a lecture that most of these shaking probably 95 per cent were caused by fractures of to Earth s crust. He explained Tomt the Earth s crust was in perpetual motion and the tremor was either so slight us to to Imp Cocopti Blo or so great that it might plainly be Foll it is not to said necessary to go to Japan or South America to study Eurtle Jusakos fur us earthquake in Ono part of tho world can by proper instruments easily to recorded in another. A a to inside of the Earth is hot Quot said professor Milne a Suud tho crust is constantly breaking downward Audos it Accomma dutch itself to what is underneath tho surface of tho Earth s crust becomes puckered up and Tuuu tutus and Hills Aro formed. When any interruption takes place in tho process of thu internal crumbling of tho crust of tho Earth Thero is u subs Donco producing u violent shaking which is called us Corth quake. If a big shaking tucks place in any part of tho world tho motion is null Cint to be prop Gator Over the whole surface of the Earth. Quot in where Thero Are volcanoes earthquakes Aro most frequent hut they Are not All directly attrib tulu to tho Volo autos. When tho ground opening upward is near the Ocean or other Grout body of water volcanoes Are found Thero for volcanic action is due to steam from water in Hua Tod rocks Trio water having soaked through from the surface. Quot in Japan earthquakes great or Smull Aro of 6nch frequent occurrence that couple Thoro do not talk about tho weather us they do almost everywhere else in tho world but you ure asked what you thought of tho lust earthquake Aud Thero is much guessing Aud betting us tho earthquakes that Ore to Zoino. A Bojt a appearance. Itch Ashmore addressing Hor Solf to Quot that boy of Mino Quot in ladies Homo journal writes that his personal up pvt Rusco a should to Good. You owe that to yourself. And whether it is it the Fulico or when you Are out visiting Yon should to a clean wholes Iuo looking Young inn. Cleanliness docs much toward godliness and u clean body aids u clean Soal. It May not be in your Power to possess u dress suit but if you should not Don t borrow our Ami Dou Thi Rooue. Brush up the Best clothes you Havo make them immaculate Ulm then enjoy yourself and forgot your clothes. Your lieu Cau always to l Resh and clean and your tie Cau be in Good Stylo mud properly knotted. Never Wear a loud Scarf and never Wear imitation jewelry. Gentlemen select Plain Gold Liu Tuuk mud simple Gold links Aud Scurf pins of tho most modest pattern. If Yon can afford dress clothes remember never to upper in them until after dark. You my Wear As you like Best either a Lawn Tio or u Bluck Satiu our. But tho stiff Little Bow Shurld to looped by yourself and not bought ready made.11 Trio bin Utu s lire sell. Thero is a certain senator from a Western state who dined with tho president one night not Long ago. He wore on that evening what to us ways wears Ell full dross occasions a coat mud after a design of his own a coat which combines Trio ology co of n dress coat with the Linos of a cd Tawny but is uni ther our nor to outlier. When the senator was ready to Sturt fur the White Llanso bomb busybody bustled up to him und said a Why senator Aren t you going to put of a dress coat Quot tho senator Drew himself up to his full height. Quot what i dress like a waiter a he Star. Wei Triara. The deftness of tho woman waiter is rapidly being recognized. Caterers ure Miou using that they con Supply neut capable will tresses for All manner of social functions and society women accept tho nows As a Gratifying guarantee Tomt their now gowns will survive tho most elaborate dinner in an unspotted condition. The expert Maidens Aro Clad in Black Alpaca with Dainty Whito Caps Aud up Roub and so far they Aro guiltless of Ledger. The common Garden slug has tho Means of spinning a gelatinous thread by which to Cun let Htiu Sulf Down from dangerous Heights. No Man has come to Truo greatness who bus not Felt in some Degraco that his life belongs to his race. A Phillips Brooks. Finance and Commerce new York 8toek Market. New Yoke april 1.�?to-Jay s Stock Market indirectly indicated the source of yesterday s animation re floating a decided diminution of the Short interest. Tobacco figured for nearly Ono to blvd of to entire dealings recording sales of 41.800 Sharos. At the outset weakness was evident tho Price receding in per cent. . At tho Low level inside buying caused a rally to 90x. A reaction to 88 followed. Thorlt Ecidore declared the regular quarterly dividend of 2 per cent on tho preferred a dividend in Cash of 2 Der cent and extra disbursements of 20 per cent Loi Culpon the common toes the scrip dividend is estimated with the Stock at 9a equal to 81.800 on Twenty full shares or at 95 the curb bid Price it would be equal to 81,900 on Twenty full shares. General Market opened firm but soon shaded off All around. A Loang stocks were As follows Atchison Lxi Adams express 147, Baltimore and Ohio 17x Ohea Peake and Ohio 16 chlo ago Burlington and Quincy 77x Ohl ago Gas 671 0. C. C. And i. Louis 36. Del. Lanka Wanna and Western 160x distillers and cattle feeders co. 18x Erie 16xi Kyle preferred. 88 a great Northern preferred 108 Lake Shore 148 Lead Trust 23x Louisville and Nashville 50 National Cordage 5 National preferred 9x n. J. Central 104 Norfolk and weaters preferred of Northern Pao Flo preferred Xix Northwestern 103 a North Woeten preferred 145xn, y. Central us . And new England 40 Pac Flo mall 27 Pullman Palace. 153 Reading. A a Kook Island 71x St. Paul 75 St. Paul and Orsaba 31>x Southern Pacific 19 sugar refinery 117x Union Pac Flo. 7x Western Union. 84x general elect Rio 37x. In Thern Southern preferred. ¿9� of Ito 899�j tobacco preferred. 102. New a Ork Money Market new Yoke april 1.�?Money on �11 a a it 3 per cont., list loan 3 per cent., closed 3@3k per cent. Prime mercantile paper 5x@cx per cent. Sterling Exchange Strong with actual business in banker Bills at 4 4.89 for demand and 4.87xc<h 88 for sixty Days. Posted rate 4.88x and 4.83x. Commercial Bill 4 87. Till or certificate 08x@68x liar a liver. 68x. Government Bond firm. State Bonds Dull. Railroad Bonds Strong. Petroleum steady closed 127 bid. Chicago Market. Uhi ago april 1.�?although tho wheat Market was vory Dull to Day the Price was remarkably firm and it Oloyed to higher for May than it did yesler Day. Anxiety regarding the crops of Kansas and California owing to what Many colder the unfavourable character of the weather prevailing in those state a an element in the Day s strength. Com and Oata wore firmer the former gaining for May to and the latter to on yesterday s close. Provisions recovered from Ihor recent depression and made substantial gains. The loading future Rangod to Day As follows. Wheat no. 2�?april, opening 02x a Loang 63 May opening 63x. Doling 03x june opening 63x, closing. 0�xjuly. Opening f>3x, dosing 64, porn no. 2�?april, opening closing 28x May opening 29x, dosing 29x july opening 30xi dosing 30x september opening 31x. Dosing six Cine no. april opening dosing. 18x May opening 19x. Doling 10x july opening 19x, dosing 20september, opening sox. Cloung Meg pork per , open Long 8 32x. Closing 8 50 May opening 8 42x. Doing 8.60 july opening 8 6u, dosing 8 77. Lard per 100 , opening 8.00, closing 5.07x May opening 5.07x dosing 5.10 july opening 5.12x. Doing 5 27x Short ribs per 100 , opening 4 55, closing 4 h2x May opon Long 4.00, closing 4 07 july opening 4.70, dosing 4.77x Cash quotations were As follows flour nominal Winter patents 3.500 3.80 Winter Strait s.00@3 50 Spring Patent 3 4003 00 Spring Stral 2.600 2 90 Baker 2.1002.40. No. 2 Spring wheat 03 no. 3 Spring wheat no. 2 Rod i�5xo06x no. 2 porn 28 x 028x no. 2 yellow 20o29x no. 2oats. In no. 2 White. 10xo19x no. 3 White 10o20x no. 2 Rye 25.x no. 2 Barley nominal no. 3, no. 4, no. 1 flaxseed 88 prime Timothy seed 3.25 mess pork per bbl. 8.5008.55 lard per 100 lbs., 5.07 abort ribs Sld a Loose 4 6504 70 dry salted shoulders boxed 4x04x Short dear sides boxed4x 04xwhiskey, distillers finished goods per gallon. 1.22 Angara. Cut loaf. 0 00 granulated 5.37 Standard a 5.25. Cincinnati prod act Market. Cincinnati Oblo. April 1�?flour steady Fanoy 3.2503.50 family 2.750 3.00. Wheat lower no. 2red, 72x Corn Strong no. 2 mixed 31. Oata firm no. 2 mixed. Rye steady no. 2, 40. Lard Active 5 00. Bulk Moats lower 4.75. Baboon barely steady 5.50. Whiskey quiet sales 545 barrels 122. Butter steady fancy Elgin Creamery. 22 Ohio 15 Dairy 14. Sugar firm hard refined 3x05 15-16. Eggs steady Sec of cheese Toady Good to Primo Ohio Flat 0o8x the conic Nulty of letter. It is not it Community of writers hut a Community of letters. Ono gets admission not Hern use lie write a write to never so cleverly like n gentleman and u Man of with but hoc Nusu to is literate n True initiate into the secret Craft Ami mystery of letters. What that secret is n Man May know even though to cannot practice or appropriate it. If a Man can see tho permanent Dement in things tho True sources of laughter tho real fountains of tears tint motives that strike Long the main lines of conduct tho Acta which display the veritable characters of men the Tritica that Are significant tho details that make the Maser if to know these things and can also choose words with a like knowledge of their Power to and reveal give color to tho Eyo and to a Ion to tho thought the secret is his and a Entrance to that immortal communion a a on in author s Choice of company Quot by prefer for Woodrow Wilson in Century a in or contract. Customer who hns i won sitting patiently for two hours la a in Here you Milvor Tsu Quot shoes mended while von and you Haven t begun on my a hot yet cold Der in a mending shoes though and you re waiting. neither of us need complain of the Ken no Here will be the largest enrolment at the National business College dating the Spring term this in Salt nation has Ever known. Public school teachers from various counties will be in attendance by april iat. Everett Perkins. Attorney a Law and commits Lonas in chancery lock Box 110, Roanoke. Room 10, second floor Kirk Law building. Roanoke Street railway 8qhedule in effect april 1, 1896. Crystal spa Ngol via 11.11 in Erk 8 a a do 3 a m 740 8 90 900 9 40 10 so 11 to 11 �0 is to f m 100 140 290 800 8 40 490 s 00 540 690 700 740 h so boo 9 40 a m 8 00 8 40 090 10 00 10 40 11 90 19 00 f m 12 40 190 900 940 890 400 4 40 5 90 600 640 7 2 j 800 8 40 9 90 10 00 Al is at a u q o Quot a 3 o a it of 53 a m a m 800 8 20 8 40 9 00 0 911 9 40 19 00 p m m 12 90 12 i i 1 00 1 in 1 40 a 00 2 90 2 40 so so 8 40 4 1fl 4 90 4 40 5 00 6 90 5 40 0 0 a 90 11 40 11 to a m 540 700 890 240 1100 p m 19 20 1 40 800 490 6 40 700 890 940 a m 620 740 900 10 90 11 40 p m 1 00 990 840 5 us 69u 740 000 10 Irvy. Col cd via wapt it a Mill mount n. Franklin Komi. Westel. A. 1 g is a v a m h a a x a o o j it j s a 5 go 5 33 j it 35 31 a m a m a m a m 7 80 7 40 740 8 0u 8 10 890 890 840 8 50 900 9i0 990 9 30 0 40 9 40 10 00 10 10 10 90 10 90 10 40 10 50 1100 1100 11 90 11 30 11 40 11 40 19 0 v m p m 1 m p m 12 10 19 90 12 90 19 40 19 60 100 100 1 90 1 80 1 40 1 40 9 00 9 10 990 290 9 40 2 50 800 316 890 380 840 840 400 4 10 490 420 4 40 4 50 500 500 590 680 540 540 600 610 690 690 6 40 650 700 700 7 90 730 740 740 8 00 8 10 890 8 90 8 40 860 900 900 9 20 930 940 0 40 10 of East Roanoke. Norwich. A 5 o xxx Al 3 3 xxx 5 a y a a 55&Quot i 35 u a 3 a m a m a m a m 7 10 710 600 6 16 7 50 8 00 630 6 45 8 30 840 790 740 9 10 990 Al 00 890 960 10 00 8 40 9 00 10 80 10 40 990 9 40 11 10 11 90 10 00 10 90 11 50 19 00 10 40 11 00 p m p m 11 90 11 40 12 80 12 40 19 00 p m 1 10 1 90 m 19 1 50 9 00 12 40 1 00 9 30 240 190 1 40 8 10 890 900 2 90 350 400 9 40 300 4 80 4 40 8 2. 3 40 5 10 5 20 4 00 i 90 5 50 600 4 10 500 6 80 640 5 90 5 40 710 7 90 6 00 6 90 760 810 6 40 70 8 90 8 40 720 7 1� 10 9 20 800 3 911 9 50 10 00 840 9 00 9 90 940 1000 10 90 10 1 11 00 11 11 40 c Spring vow Walt St a m it a o d a a o o by a 9 a a a m p m 0 40 7 00 790 740 800 820 840 9 co 9 90 0 40 10 00 10 20 10 40 11 00 11 90 11 40 19 05 v u p m 19 90 19 40 1 00 1 90 1 40 900 220 2 4 a of 390 340 4 co 420 440 500 590 6 40 600 6 90 6 40 700 7 20 740 8w 890 940 900 9 40 10 00 10 90 10 40 1100 11 90 11 40 v Inton. 5� a m 600 6 80 790 800 840 920 10 00 10 40 11 90 12 00 p m 19 40 1 20 Sou 9 40 8 90 4 00 4 40 590 6 00 640 790 d00 340 090 10 00 10 40 11 90 55 3 a m 6 15 645 740 890 9 00 9 40 10 90 1100 1140 r m 19 90 1 00 i 40 990 800 8 40 490 500 540 090 7 14 7 40 890 000 940 10 90 ii 00 11 v0 4 9 to b. W. Jam1bon. President and general manager. No amp a r. R. 90bxduli in if fact pub 9, 1 96. Wet hand urn Bosnok. Dally. 6 15 a. M. Washington and Chatt Sooga limited for Bristol intermediate stations and the South and West. Pullman sleepers to new Orleans and Mempel. Connects at Radford for ulu Ofield and Pocahontas tits p. M. The Ohl ago express for Radford Bluefield Pocahontas Kenova Cincinnati Indianapolis St. Louis Kansas City Columbus and chlo ago. Pullman Buffet Sleeper Roanoke to Columbus. Also for Pulaski with Eville Bristol Knoxville Chattanooga end . Trains arrive at to Anoka. From Norfolk 5 55 a. Re. 4 15 p. M. Quot Hagerstown 6 00 a. M. 4 03 p. M. 11 Winston 4 00 p. No. Quot Bristol and to West 12 05 noon 11 40 p. M. Morth and , own Boa Noks daily. 12 15 noon for Petersburg Richmond and Norfolk-12 13 noon for Washington Hagers town polls Delphia and new York. 11 53 p. M. For a Lomond an. Norfolk. Pullman Sleeper Roanoke to Norfolk and Lynchburg to Richmond. 11.33 p. M. Washington and Chattanooga limited for Washington Hagerstown Philadelphia and Nan York Pullman sleepers to washing ton via Shenandoah Junction and Baltimore Achi Ohio Railroad Durham division leave Lynchburg Union station Dally 3 30 p. M. For South Boston and Durham and intermediate stations in Liston Stem div Liloni leave Hoa Noke Union Union Dally 12 33 noon and 8 00 a. M. Dally except sunday Campbell Street stationer Rocky mount Martinsville Winston Salem and intermediate stations. For All additional information apply Tlok St office or to w. B. Bovill. General passenger agent Roanoke a m. F. Bragg travelling passenger agent

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