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Danville Roanoke Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 2 1896, Page 2

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Danville Roanoke Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 2, 1896, Danville, VirginiaA Skippers Snake. F. Borer ., we in Saloon loiter Day. J. Crane of Hollins was in town yesterday. Chas. B. Cooke of Hollins was in the oily yesterday on business. Lucian h. Cooke of Roanoke was in Salem yesterday on business. Hon. A. , of curls Flensburg was Down yesterday attending out Conn. Evangelist j. Hypes Bas returned from a very soc Estul meeting in Bedford county. U sine a prominent cattle dealer of Bot Tourt county was Latown yesterday. Miss Pauline proper of Elliston visiting mrs. J. A. Baumgardner ont be Boulevard. Bov. Bond president of Randolph Macon Academy of front Royal was in Salem yesterday. E. H. Washington City formerly a Salem merchant was in town yesterday. Geo. Ramsey Colet clerk to general manager Sands of the Norfolk and Western Railroad was in town yesterday on business. Rev. J. S. Hutchinson editor of the Baltimore Christian advocate formerly pastor of the methodist Czuroh hero was in Salem yesterday. To Esulto Caleb Nln Lnger Assignee of Nln Lnger son a Martin . Holstein Woolen company was compromised at 85 cents on the Dollar and costs. Judge j. J. Allen of was Bey Mill of the f. And m insurance company of Roanoke and Bot Tourt counties in town on business. Not withstanding the in clemency of the weather a number of citizens from the county and Othor Points wore in attendance upon circuit court yesterday. To night at the lutheran Church pastor c. Armani Miller will discourse on tho subject Quot Loving to the his Friday night theme will be a a the Groat Hlub priest. Bev. G. D. White of Christiansburg stopped Over yesterday to route Home from conference. . White Bas been assigned to the Waynesboro charge and will leave soon for his new station. . And . Shickel have moved from hotel Salem to the Duval House. It la understood that the present Man agers of hotel Silbon will give up the property but just who will run this hotel not yet known. Ben. French coloured was arrested to Stordy charge with stealing some goods from d. I. Bosch Man nor Clover Dalo. A search warrant was issued and the goods found in his Possession. He twas Triol before Justice camper and sent a to Bot Tourt county for further trial. Niclaw Ajmo. Several Quot hold ups Quot have been reported on the Mcadam Road ea9t of Here during the past week. Both wore in the daytime. On one occasion a lady and a Gen Loman were slopped by three desperadoes but Bov Mado their escape by suddenly whipping up the horse. Lster on another gentleman was stopped but warded off the highwaymen by suddenly presenting a pistol. There la a Long strip of Woods about a mile and a half East of heroin which these offenders have been attempting robbery. One of them should be caught and perhaps a Little lesson would prove beneficial to the rest of Tbs gang. Bayern paying her debts. Thos. I. L Reston treasurer of the town of Salem took up on yesterday Twenty town water Bonds of the denomination of 8500 each. These Bonds were iacued april 1, la ski. And were what known tens and twenties that they were issued to run Twenty years with the option to the town of taking them up at the end of that time. These were g per cent Bonds payable eel annually and were a first mortgage on the water works the cancellation of these Bonds will place All of the remaining town indebtedness on the same footing. Doubtless no town in tho state in a better financial condition than Salem. Trashy Medida a. Many such food the Market. Botanic blood Balm la conscientiously compounded Medicino the result of forty years practice by an eminent physician. It the beet blood purifier Ever offered to tho Public and guaranteed to euro if Given a far trial. Try u for All Akin and blood do season including Catarrh and rheumatism la its worst form. One bottle of it contains Moro curative and bulldog up virtue thao a dozen of any other kind. Quot the old see advertisement of Sembere. For to by druggists. A Thokle Arotca halve. The Best Salve in the world for cuts. Bruises sures ulcer Salt Rheum fever sores Tetter chapped hands. Chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures in Llos no pay required. Ills guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box. For Sale by Mateele pharmacy. 109 Jefferson Street. A household Tret Inre. D. Fuller of can Johane n. Y., a ays that be always keeps . King new discovery in the House and Bis family has always found the very Best results follow its use that to would not be without it if pro curable. G a Dyke Man druggist Taukiu n. Ysayas that . King new discovery undoubtedly the Best cough remedy that to has used it in his of Small j for eight years and has never filled to do All that Olal med for it. Why not try a remedy a it Long tried and tested trial bottles ree at Mascle bar Macy 1g9 Jefferson Street. Regular 50c and 81 of. The Lucy Avn went Ashe placed while the Story was told. The Roanoke times thursday april 2, 1896. Weak Woods Sarsaparilla imparts vigor and gives ton to tho system by purifying the blood and removing the elements and germs which produce Disesso. A True Tanio Well a blood purifier. shr. Pah St a mall extract the beat malt Tonto on the Market at Van Lear Bros. See Ribeir window. Pm Hofts Relief Curet sick ii Adalie a neuralgia cramps cholera Moribus diarrhoea a see. 25 cents for Large bottle. The Rattler that to All right until lie celebrated tho skipper repented ii in part in that act a wife who was t fooled by yarn of Prairie Rattler. Quot pets Well i guess not Quot and tho Long and lanky skipper of twin Lucy Ann took the Brown Jug from Bis lips and set it on tho rail close at hand casting his oyo aloft to tho bullying Canvas that was stand lug full and smooth before tho wind. It was Only a Little ship tho Lucy Ann but her skipper was her owner and a Salt who had followed tho sea for years until his skin was Brown tho Tiller Arm and his Muscles knotted and hard the pieces of Onk piled upon tho deck tho Little vessel Only cargo. A Thero Ain t nut flu aboard that crawls nor creeps ills oyo ran Over tho deck Load and to the Hatch if to Cioku sure that to was speaking advisedly. He straddled the Tiller and swayed with tho Roll of the ship still with a weather oyo toward the Hatch mud tho crop ices in the Lucy Annas cargo. Quot i liked pets once nil kinds oven and a look of inor notary terror swept Over his face the shadows of tho Clouds overspread tho Canvas aloft. Quot a Tvr potau Ain t they a but i had one a Primo Rattler an a Beauty. C01110 from Tennessee in a Box. Tricks Why that Feller would do anything for me. Many a night head Como of an Tuko my place Here at the Tiller Lockitt his head on tho Arm hero in his Tail in that ring Bolt there an a Holden her to her course while 1 went for a Nap. Oct when some Roggin broke loft an there Wasny to a ropes yarn aboard Ter tax it up to went an sell can himself to the busted rope held on there for nigh on to two Days an nights till we gets to sirt. I d go up there in the Moonlight an talk to him an feed him in he d try to sing to to with his tall but to could to for it was spliced up in tho busted rope. Quot when we got to port that trip to was larger than Afore hut 1 loved him bettor n Ever any Onu loved a porn Leto Rattler. To celebrate the Job head Doug for me aloft i piped him off to grog. To was t much on Drinkin that porn Rio Rattler fore that author was i. But i instated on his Cole Bratun an he never was the same Snake tho old skipper was holding the Tiller at arms length now. And to swayed Moro with the heaving of tho ship. He kept his eyes on the Hatch before but now constantly. The to sails wrinkled if the wind had shifted but the old fellow practice Ero noted nothing of the doings up aloft. Quot yes sir that Snake changed from the Day to celebrated an got cussed a Prairie Rattler Kin. I urged with him consider hie but it did t do no Good. He just kept glut in it Isscher and Cut seder. I Kinder thought it was on account of his born in port for i never seen a Snake what hated port an loved the water like him Afore thu Celebration. So i gut on my cargo a made for the open sea. But it did t do no Good to his Feelen. He got cd amp seder an tho Tiller was swinging free mid the sails flapped aloft the ship swung Oil her course. But the Captain did no to Stoiu to mind. He drank another draft from tho Jug on thu rail with always in co for the Hatch. Quot along bout the second night from port the wind Rinmo on a Gale an up from tho West Thero come a Cloud Black any i had Over ice. It sailed and sailed right up loft and then it busted. Rain Hail Thunder Light ainu All the torments which Clouds Kin hold come Down Alxa it on the Lucy Ann. I seen her built an i knows her Maklon every pin an plunk from keel to top but she rebook that night like she had a spell of Guy. Quot swish bang bump and Canvas went a Al ten. Hopes was snapping and splinters Ilyin. Me an the Snake was tip on deck. Thu noise seemed 1 a git him wild an when thu come agin Maklon it Bright Day 1 seen the Snake a staudle on an just Drinkin in thu Are. He just got full of it to did of rum tho Day we win be a brat in 1, a Ltd in part. 1 seen it Blazin from his eyes. A just opened tip his jaws laugh in his a me. An i heard his Hiss in nil the it bust in n Ine an howl of wind. Cucui Lucs Lookin right at to. A 1 k not a wed he was com in. But i could t move at lir to. I Suu him hoppin in a Skipple toward me. I Felt his breath on my foe a stronger a i Felt the. Wind a blown 50 knot a hour. Fust be -. Oppt <1 me with his Tali a whack thu Ihunt me to the deck it a death he danced on i a Iaco i Lay there on the deck poked his Tail in my Oyes an ears an hissed at me things no iils Nan Lead overheard a a "1 howled an kicked on fought . He it me git on my feet an my Down agin. It my to rolled agin and agin fore an aft Ait then Down tax Hatch to gather into the Block a of thu hold. All i could see of him there when i Camu to was his eyes a he Ftp a an a blink in in thu Durk. But i could hear him n crawl in to port to lit fore an a it ail around to. Them settled was cart Tiu in his body was a thumping. By �11 tax winds that blow that hts kit had grower until to was full Len up thu hold. I knew what that was for me. An 1 Start �1 up. Tho Hatch k a lock with Plutko. I could t feel nothing nowhere but a Naku a cold Slimy Slippery 1110vin he wiped tho cold beads from Bis fore and did t mind the pounding of tho Boom tho flapping sail. Thu Tiller a n aked Ami the Lucy Ann rolled heavily in tho trough of the Mira. Suddenly to jumped to it 1 where tho Hatch cover Lay upon the Dock mapped it Down Over the dark opening and danced upon it with wild fantastic Steps. "11a. A Quot he shrieked. Quot you did t got out. My boy my 1 Rattler Quot Jle pan a a i a if and added in a Umler Tom a whittled up my porn Rio to but 1 could t Cut his tall. An now that tall i grow it growing grow in. Quot out for. M 1m�?� Litrun Lamothe letter i of 11 a Jule Eye caught tho Lorn . The. and the Jug a a .11 tax rail i i a a a v v it a Ltd i ��?��?�., w ill out a word to a .�1 l a away by flt Ltd a of hand i re. I Lull la with Liis i Pirts rat 1 h i Kugler. A a a a a a a a Jno Nuu Loii. A. Peck tho do it to Mays that my trouble Only rheumatism in the Lumbar Region. Mrs. N. I Wka in ill a. i Klong Dols ii in in 1. tin a. It Tiu the. Limiter will your in. A but a journal. Thi a uti Stu Ilii Quot in tin it omens Whon , n City ,.s no . I Luxl by tho Simpo Ami a a. A it a l a. To Iso. Irish gaelic love Sony. Quot id roam tax world Over and Over with Roa a a Swan Neva a and Ink Volco and at Ftp a wins in aha my violets a Flo and Roso without Rue i d roam the a world Over and Over with Quot if 1 roamed the world a Vur fund Lover with you and we Gnu t that a Rudo mountains now what would Wedauf Quot Quot they would smooth Thom aulm straight at a in a trek a of your hoc. And i d Miro their crests Over und Over with Quot my fond foolish Lover a a till roaming with you. To font the rough River now what should w. Do Quot Quot to one great a Hallow Glass it would shrink Otys our View. And at nil Niel Admire and to Lipiro you step Quot lint a. If still roaming Rush Lover with you. reached the dread desert say what should to Dof Quot Quot of your sigh of soft train would tho wild no Hii woo to it break Blossom mgt heavenly of Hue. That wed rest it Long inst from our roaming drool Quot a Alfred Porc Val grave. His loss my gain. Charley Wlburn and i arc cousins but Somo Huw 1 san Coly seemed to belong to the family at All. To had no end of relatives and he was a general Favorito with All oven some to had never soon for they would die and leave him legacies. Howa it constantly getting sonic let to Quot Windfall Quot of this kind until at length Quot Charley we Burn Luck Quot became a general catchword among a synonym for Al 1 that was Lucky mud fortunate. One morning at breakfast we were artists and shared tho Satin rooms and studio he received a Black edged Lotter. Which upon it it i it in Long Ami rending to Oast Down with a discontented look. Quot another funeral to go it to Quot to grumbled Quot and hero Are my pictures Una Lush of and next week sending in Duy Quot Quot who it now Quot lacked. Quot another legacy i suppose he Quot Quot very Likely Quot he returned by. Lie was so used to these things lie scarcely took any not co a of them now. Quot it undo Alexander Stephen. Did you know him Quot i Shook Iny head. 4havo divird of him never him Quot 1 said. Quot i hardly knew him myself a Charley explained Quot at least not since i was a buy. It a rank bother the coming just now. Rich a Long journey into the country. 1 say. Jack you have do Jno Yth air pm ctr a Aud sent them in and have nothing to it Ltd fora spell. Yon go Down for me Quot what in your name Quot 1 exclaimed. Quot yes. Why not it years since 1 was an 1 Quot tig any it f tho so to. This letter from . Archly the solicitor of the will i supper i Lodoen to know my. You Aru Jack Wlburn. It Only a Dilt Cronce of Christian name Ami it All in the family you to out the matter Short. 1 had to con sent i generally did where Charley was cd scorned. I took the a lawyers letter a sort of Ere dental Ami it. T out grumbling n Good Deal at what i considered Charleyon 4tchcck&Quot in thus making use of me. If i had Lin shed up my work before he had it was Only because i had work cd at it More constantly and now instead of reaping tho advantage in tho Simp a of a few do v rest he Limo it an excuse for sending no o t on i lugubrious Mission like this and Charley would no doubt have a Good legacy too out of it. Quot i Don t Suplit be it much Quot he a Aid to me. Quot perhaps a Hundred two a a hardly Worth going Down for you it a a i had to go with no legacy in View at All Small Large however i Havo said i set out for the place it was in Devonshire and in due i arrived at the Little town and put till o hotel for the night. The funeral was i Lxi a for to Lxi following Day and on inquiry i Learned that the House i had to g 1 to was Only a Short distance away. Thu next Day therefore to among thu assembled guests. 1 found stir . Archly and silently showed him his own letter. "ah,4 said he. Quot Yon Aro w1 Burn. Very Good a lad to see i did not reply so Jin concluded that i was Charley Wlburn without my having said anything one Way the other. Slut when after tho funeral tho will came to a i Road 1 found Charley was Down f i this made a in a think it harder lines than Ever that 1 should have Lead to re to Down in plus thu weather was atrociously cold tho March winds str it and blustering with a Bowers of slew t and a Snow Ami 1 Felt cold and miserable. At the end of the rending of tax will i was making my Way out to get Lack to the hotel when some Ono a Aid Quot . Wiburn i believe Quot 1 hike around and a stiff military looking old boy regarding with a a Milf through his spec Tuples. Quot Charley Quot rate he. Quot Don t you remember my Quot i thought to my a a a of Quot of now in a info a it Here a non mess Ull through trying to it we Rio Charley. Just my bad this fled lug did not grow less when to a Natl Quot Mil by wants to so Ink to you. A a he has Boon looking it you and says she can hardly recognize you tor her old Quot no wonder. I thought Quot it would to strange if he did Quot she come up and Shook hands and tho moment 1 he a a ked it her i simply full helplessly heal Over a ars in with her then and there Frh a i ii it 1 t o he the love lost exist and Eru Aturo 1 had Ever Wen. A sudden to solve come by rather than run tho risk of i a Chanco 1 now had of speaking to her i would say nothing about my not being 4�?~Charley, let the Cim 4i�itenres to what they might. Quot Don t you Rhino Glicr Little playmate Mill Quot said she with a Mush and an Wiitra Clug look in her i a i Wiful eyes. Quot Well it it it surprising for 1 should never Havu known you. A Ltha a. If . Archly had a a get j a into d you out to a a before 1 ex.1 ily. All a a i was doing i a a Tum ruin yield Hull. 1 1 the Milite if Mil Lye a father 1. A a a to a Ilii calling it the Emtel for my i v Abc no. Wnm i f mud major a Hoti a a neat quiet 1<� Kin Lett a j i to. Outskirts of tho town. Ii a alone with ids daughter ills Wilfo la iii f do add a h be a taper and Nonor Vuht. Though 1. Grything , Ibero but la it -. Re ahle air that guru the Impre i. It i g they were hot too Well Oil a. Regards this world foods. A since i was not to it a we ill off either this would not a a to l me hut Lor that legacy of a amp uti 1 Tivix i pin to it it Liao ormolu for. Quot was that tiny it re teau of of this Kiihl. N a Quot 1 asked my self. But Thun 1 looked it Molly and the Frank Glauco of her truthful honest looking eyes i Felt ashamed a of myself. Nor when 1 regarded thu major and noted tho open Manly look the Ono old Soldier gave Hack to my would i bring myself to think of him a a Ohemeng old Fortuno Hunter. Such Good friends did to Broo Boron to that 1 lingered on in to Lxi place for a week during which Timo i Dally grow Moro uncomfortable at the part i Van playing. At last 1 sought out Molly Ono Day Alono Aud confessed the truth to her. Quot i Niu not surprised Quot Sho said. Thought you were not much Uko tho Charley i used to know. But i am sorry for you sorry to think that your Cousin should have got that �5,000, while you won not oven so much Quot a Quot i said with a sigh Quot that Charley Luck Aud mine. It always tho same always has Boon and always will be i suppose a i was thinking what i dared not say that if that �5,000 had but Buen Mino i would Havo asked Bur to to mine too whereas now with my poor prospects Well of course it was fully Vovou to dream of such a thing. 1 watched her narrowly after that but could sue no diff Crouch in her treatment of to. I had written to Charley telling him of his Good Fortune and i was going to stay on Down Here for a few Days but beyond a Brief note expressing wonder at whatever attraction i would Soo Thero at that Timo of tho year to had said nothing and written no further not a word of thanks of reference to his �5,000 legacy. Another week went by and i still staid on. At tho end a of that Timo i was in such a state of mind that one Day finding myself alone with Molly i blurted out my hopeless Lovo for her and said i should go away at once for i Felt that i could not possibly stay on Thero any longer. Molly always quiet and self possessed remained silent awhile Aud then said looking Down Quot i think you Hud bettor speak to Quot what Quot i rapturously exclaimed. Quot do you really bid me Hope Molly do you really think thru a a xes slutty of your father Quot a i stopped and Shook my head. Quot alas no Quot i said. Quot such u thing could Ixo to happen to me. It would to Charleys Luck a mtg not Quot wout Quot said Molly composedly Quot they say you never know your Luck till you try but if you Are too faint Hoar Tod to try Why of course Quot a Quot ill go off and find tho major and Havo it out at Oneo Quot 1 blurted out. And i him accordingly and told him the whole Story humbly apologizing for daring to a for his daughter hand when i was hound to toll him i was nut Charley hut Jack Wlburn and i had no �.�?��,Kin legacy and no prospects in particular and Quot no Luck Quot Quot Llu in Quot said the major. Quot How it master Charley comes in for Ull thu Luck la this Way Quot Quot i done to know sir Quot i answered Dol fully. Quot to goes Almut More and makes himself Moro liked i think while 1"�? 1 hesitated. Quot while you stick at Homo and work. that it Quot he said. Quot Well Quot i returned Quot i try my Best. You see 1 Havo nothing else to rely on Hope for like Charley. It his Luck and mine Quot Quot however Quot said the major Quot i have Boon told you get your pictures Hung und ��?��11 them which More than to does. that Luck too Quot to this 1 made to reply. I Sou its relevancy. Quot now look Here . Jack Wiburn Quot tho major went on. Quot i know you euro not Charley 1 looked up la Surprise. Quot Molly told me Axl i have made a certain in Qurles of my own and i Havo something to Tell you. Thu Lute Alexander Stephen Wiburn was a very old and intimate Friend of mine mud Hud Long ago Sot his Hurt upon Molly a a marrying Llerve i jumped up excitedly but to waved his hand to my a sign to to quiet. Quot but to was determined that if it Cutno about at nil it should he spontaneous Axl not through any compulsion tin worthy motive. But in that will you heard Row the other Day Thero was something you did not hear. It was mixed up in another matter but it Pomes to this that if Molly marry his Nephew to and Sho were to Havu a certain sum Between them to commence housekeeping with. 1 Havo consulted . Archly upon this matter and he agrees with my that Charley Anttio not expressly mentioned and he would not take tho trouble to Como Down himself even to the funeral of his pop Uncle who had been so kindly disposed to him. If Molly likes you Woll enough to Havo you six will to just much untitled to i the sum set Asido if master club ploy had married her and i am sure that i shall not object to thu substitution. In thu will thu Only condition that Molly shall marry his Nephew,1 and of course you Are much his Nephew Charley . Therefore i leave it with Mil by if she says yes i say to Lxi same and you will Joth Havu something to Sot up housekeeping no need to toll thu Joy with which i heard this unexpected news thu heartiness with which i thanked tho kind hearted major. Quot ill go off and Tell Molly it Oneo Quot i said but i had not Gono fur when to railed inn Back Quot you Don t ask How much you will have to Start tho housekeeping upon Quot he said. Quot what matter sir since you think it enough Quot 1 answered. Quot he in but you May Wall know. You May not think it Quot How much it thou Quot i asked. Quot fifty thousand pounds Quot said the major. And thu what Charley lost and i Gnu Nusl by that journey Molly we Orth More than nil and �50,000 and now cd Earlcy won t speak to to my we for for Molly and i Aru married and Lio says i meanly took Udvanc Tagis of him but i say i used to say before. It nil his Luck Axl a Uncle Winno. nil Medlar. Quot to pucker one lips by a Persimmon Quot a proverbial saying. Ivory Ono knows How astringent a Perol Mon before Frost anything that hastens f,.r mentation has touched it. Sometimes the True has within itself to Lxi Saver to i Start fermentation independently of Frost action and when this the cast the Persimmon edible Long Benoni Frost arrives. Other fruits arc of the Samu class. The Medlar a famous German fruit not far removed from the Apple but it astringent tho Persimmon until it begins to decay then it admirable. Frontis not called in to Aid decay in this instance it simply Sot aside until it to Egins to decay naturally. It does not seem a Nice phrase however to say that Quot a Medlar not Good until it the French have a Moro polite term for it. They say that the Medlar fit to eat soon it blotted. might with propriety adopt this word for the Persimmon. It would found very Well to say that the blotted Persimmon Good to monthly. Cured of by magic. Victims of lost manhood should seed at Oneo of a a Hook How full Manly via a Fly quickly and Perdunn curly restored. No Man Nuffert no from weakness can of Ford to ignore Mil i 11 incl y advice. Hook tolls t. Full a try Ruth to to a a a pm ont a a a a 1 Tyno Aro Imam Riml to every Erie medical co., Buffalo,. Wants. Want2bd.  \i7antkd-a of Luton u clerk to grocery by Etore. Would Uko a position ele where. Ite Froncee for Lebed. A it Larves m. L. it airy n. C. <9 at a. N i k Al a ask for first close renovator machine and to Rise. Add Rem lion 93s Roanoke. 4 1 -1i7-Antkd 100 tuns \ tur Kanokb 1�?~ak i and Bradino Man fac Tukins co., Corner Campbell and third Street 41 Law truant cd. Hkh80ns to accept Gratis. A w. It of Yutaro orders rubber it Imp of if low5��?o?5tor clothing books oct. Quot tits plainly and Endoso for Poi Tiro a Phil v. Mailing packing Etc. 11. , Arcade Cincinnati. Oblo. T ? wanted Lor rubber Stamps rubber True pads Stere White letter signs. A a bottled Klec a Catarrh and Paine be it rec belts Etc. Rite for a Geum terms. 4 \ 41� wanted a list of your property a a for rent and for Salo. Llave Easto Tours for ser Oral Small hoaxes on East terms a Tok for Dion urls re Kral estate items a . To both wanted. Wanmui men Wuo will work for Monta salary Large Well ing tap la Good by Cample to Dalere. Bipat .�?T.se?. Quot a Quot a a a Quot a by. Wiltone. no ? to Quot Quot Ubl a Cincinnati o. In 11 inn to anted two of til Hub sales Man. 7 Good territory to handle oar line of Noas buld goods. Good Opportunity for in a Otic canvassers. Apply Standard instalment sqs1 a a Mph it be renno.w., . Foard Blis wanted. Ranted Tukik four Young Mem a t for Board. Large airy rooms hath. Most Jess Rusat bar a Bubay esd 8tt3l�n. I Ost stolen two Black bound bitches 1 j with tanned legs very Largo dogs Desau peered in fifth Ward March to dutiable a Ward for any information leading to recover a t. La venue it Mil 2nd Avenue i w. 4 2 41. Khayku Stolb no Large Black 8t. K 7 Bernard dog. Answer to name of Quot hex Quot �s5511 do Kcal rewnr<1 f. J. Hawks no w3 1 hard a canc a. City. 4 1 Fob bal.j2. Cuba a Pink St. A Bernard dog 3% years old. For particulars 4 n5�?~krce �?~ld�?~jrct8 Box ii3� Winston . Wan i de i for by of Minorca eggs from Rixe winning agora eggs flt Toen. R. Ii. Adams. 6� Day avenge. W., Roanoke . 3 if 1m for Hunt a for rent. A a a Norcro and convenient re Hidenao on Patterson Avenne. W., known the Quot Valdyn drop tivwdt2j>mrucu Are c11 Huff. A a a a a Tai Load Commerce Street. 811 of a tin. I he regular annual mob l inc Oki he a shareholder of the Roanoke by Imlig association and investment company will be heal in the offices of Cocke Glosgow. Fifth Alcor my build Long on used needy evening april pm at a o clock for the Parpo aeon electing a i resident. Vicc pre Blent. Ser Reury tree Are and three auditors for the a i along year and three directors for three yearn and any other in Ness that May properly come he Orv the meeting. Let. Í1. Mat on president. A. J. Lovo 11 end. Secretary. 31314 to 11cb.-thk Uko Ula it Ann Ual Miet ing of the Slock holders of the Roa Loko a treat railway company of Hoa Noko. Va., will he held in the a office of Tise Secretary in tho Terry building in the City of Roanoke a. Eiton Rudny at 12 a Nock noon. April 11, 3t%. Tiby. C. Me Tania it Secretary. 3 12-td not Cut the iiegu1. of the stockholders of the Roa Hoko act rec Light and lower company of Roanoke a a office of the Secretary in tho Terry building. In the City of Roanoke. A. Rain d.i.tia�, o clock p. A. April 11. 1. A a it. T. Molahan Secretary 3 12 id Popo Al Pheas div do part went office 8u-1. Archt decl . I c Warco 3,18w.�?ceaied proposal a will he at Ihla office until 9 o clock p. M. On tho 11th Day of april it.6, and opened immediately thereafter for All the labor and materials for the Interior finish plumbing approaches Etc. For the United states most office at , in accordance with drawings and sped location copies of which May be had at this office at the office of the a Ojo a run pendent at Roanoke Var Ginia. Hack bid Mast to accompanied by a certified Check for not less than 2 per cent of the lha w11 the a Khz a reserved to reject any and All bids to Watve any defect informality in any bid should it he deemed in me interest of the government to do so. All bids received after the time stated will be rely Rcd to the bidders. Proposals must be Onelo sed in envelopes sealed and , Quot proposal for in jul of a j a numbing. Approaches Etc. For the United states pos Totilo at Roanoke. and addressed to we. Martin Aikin supervising architect. 3 25 Eod it. The leading restaurant in Roanoke and the 11k.8t in Ami Una for the pricks. All the delicacies of the season served at reasonable prices. The to iii in always supplied with the heat that la to to had la the a Markota. Service first class. Of the Only keat Nikrant in the City with a a Paruto dining room for lad Lea. My no tickets. 21 meals �4. Monthly Hoard 15. Cd tog a tip a. M. Wool. 7rem electric a ulment i10 out of Breu Matlum. Neuralgia. Goul and Lumbago. For Colic cramp Diar Riua cholera Moribus Ohll-bl.tn., too a it ache. Used enter Nelly a nil a eternally. Price 25 coot., to political announcements. under my head Wal it la the of Loving Ratee for count. a Ait other vat cd. Load. Common wealth actor not. To fellow Oil izen8 of tube try of Lio Anoka i Lior Ehy Anno Nucy Niya Eli. Candidate for tho oooo of Commonwealth Atlor-n for the City of Roanoke end reap Cully to Ilell your Epport for talk office. Very ��._ blk Twett Pakiz a 1 to my fellow citizens of Roanoke City i am e candidate for Commonie Elotte irl52l?i a a it a a election if elected 1 Ahall perform it Doty. Very. Spec fully Thos. Ii. Word. J am a candidate for commonwealths a Tea Natch nub Jeet to Detuno Eville primary and Al less your support la tvs coming election. Udward Lolk. J am m candidate for theoflice of com Mon wealth attorn by for the City of Roanoke and respectfully smolt the support of my fellow cd aliens for said office. My Cand Daay la subject to to Dum Crai c wary to be held april 18. 1 1 _8. Hamilton Graves. City 8bk4�kant. Dior re election. A �?orsiflji�0 City be urbant. T. R. Tillett solicit fee support of every voter in Roanoke. Re to Tus voters of Roanoke a i a Crecy announce my Echt a candidate for twin Ollice of Tilty sergeant and Volt Cut your end tort at Olert Lou. If an Cleee ral l will devote my boat energies to a full and ittle Titus i Sharko of nil the in Tina of the position respectfully w. 8. Camden. of the courts. Pro tui voters of Ink cite of Rua Al Noke a i respectfully Auto once myself a candidate for clerk of the Roarta. Twenty yearn with the Many duties of the clerk offic a Deputy. Aad the general terms action of court work warrant me in the belief of my Aht. Ity to fill the position to the satisfaction of the Public. My candidacy a abject to the democratic primary. Respectfully Thos. E. A Ixba. O the b .�?T1tlzbnh of ii Kanokb try spec fully an Notino myself a candidate Fop clerk of the Coarts subject to democratic primary Tobo hold april in and earnestly solicit iw.n�/, acct l pledge myself to amp Jel Ahful discharge of the in Lesof the office. A. M. Darnall t am a candidate for Kab by Button a the office of clerk of the hustings Coart for this City and respectfully solicit the votes of my fellow citizens. H. S. But Jokl for City taka Huryk. I am a Candidatu for tub Upah e a of City treasurer subject to Tea Weinoe Ratic primary. �?T.1 one a cps. Ned solicit thes Oportot every Rotor la Roanoke. Respectfully. _ _ a a l. Kelly. Cd. Thomas a. Most Veriie trally asks your support for re elect Lon to tho office Otchy treas Orr a abject to democratic primary should Ono be held. Fok City consta it i. K. Am a candidate for tub office of City con8table Ai. J solicit the lm3u>nce and Voles Colbe of Roanoke. 1. Camp. Drip Coffee pots. Have you ate our line of Uia Quot mation Harland Quot drip Coffee pot to will b. Pleased to How them. Engleby k brother c0�?z no. 17 8alem Avenue. Bigon Pill removes the Hile. I the tonic Pellet tones up the system. Combined form a perfect treatment will soon be gone and then Yon will Nam Hor another Good thing amongst lost opportunities. Car bargains Are genuine each Yoa will not get in a few months. I hey will soon be gone. Homes to suit All. Bight room residence on car line. West end. Corner lot 77x140, Bali hot and cold water Good basement and Large barn 8oatheru for ?\bo0. Our Price to Day 92,500 93uu Cash a monthly payments. This will please Auy Cna desiring a Nice Home. A desirable residence on twelfth Avenne. W., rear t Raul in Road six rooms on first floor elegant hath hot and cold water perfectly heated by Furnace $1,250 $200 Cash balance Good Terras. Cven Roro Brick residence on seventh avenge e. W., Hist location Large lot Nilca Shade Good Bank Good fruit Trees and vines. $2,200 $200 Cash balance to Salt purchaser. This a bargain each Yon cannot afford to miss. New seven room res Denoe on Chapman avenge. With All modern Ronve Glencoe. Beautiful Cabinet input les Large lot elegant Shade a and in perfect condition $1. So $00 Raeh and $20 per month. Tho very thing for a Railroad Man. For Root ii cottage on eighth Avenne. W., to cat�?Tei0 a Monib of Well def blog in. E convenient to shops $750 $25 Cash and $8 per month. The to Cost and most modern ten room res Denoe on Church Street with Large barn $1,500 one third Cash Hal Noco 1, 2 and 3 years. This a magnificent Home. Three Story solid Brick business House Best business location on Jefferson Street $9,5c0 Cash balance on Terina to Salt. If this it not the time to invest in Roanoke real estate Imd to Hen t struck Bottom on prices the Host business men Roanoke Are greatly mistaken Thoy Ere backing their judgment by purchasing. Ellis Brothers real estate and rental agents to. 8 Campbell ave. W., bos oks

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