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Danville Roanoke Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 2, 1896, Danville, VirginiaThe Roanoke daily times. Vol. Xvi no. 185. Price in Kab cents. Roanoke va., thursday april 2, 1890. Rule associated press telegrams. All the news of the world. A the weat Bah. Of Mol for tar gala Cloudy and threatening followed by fair daring the Day and on Friday a older thursday night wind shifting to northerly. These april showers Aro finding the leaks in to Anoka roofs All right All right. The weather to Day will probably Giro As a Chanco to get through with some of the orders now in so to can attend to your a. Our Telephone Ltd a works All right. Roanoke roofing and Metal Cor Ilcy co., Emmerce St. And Franklin Bond. J. E. Colling Wood is niger. Phone my. Huyler soon Bons and chocolates latest unique novelties it a a a suit Aiila run easter off rims. /1 Hail orders Given prompt attention. To Tutt a leather Lar rapers Are Here and they say Thompson Price go. Have everything a liase Ball Man can need. Bee Ribeir cheat protectors masks loves balls and bats and get lowest prices. Ounce at our co., to Campbell St. Sterling Springfield Columbus a. Bicycles them. Sold by yest Forrer co. La to a n rx0t<> a see the a bargains we Are Eilering in carpets matting chamber parlor sets before making your purchases. We also have an elegant a me of Wall papers in lie newest designs which we Are Selling at Bottom prices. E. H. Stewart furniture company. . A. Jhee Aster egg dyes free from Poison. At a a Barnes Quot he pets of where to find u8 Bont East Corner Jefferson Street and Norfolk avenge. Main Entrance on Norfolk arc one three entrances on Jefferson Street. Doors Edo Oeh to accommodate the crowds. Salvation army commanders arrive. New Yolk april 81. George Kooi Tucker recently appointed by general of the salvation army to United states to succeed Hallington Booth arrived tonight on the steamship Majestic. The United states government reports show Royal raking powder Superior to All others. Go to Donaldson s or parlor and bedroom Salios cheap. St. Johb by the Silver question the great prohibitionist straight out for free Silver. Universal Isnor Sno. Of the people on the Bah Jeeto the a Poller or our daddies Quot a the downward tendencies or the Price or pred Noel i. Opinion of the mtr cent dollars increased Parche. Ing Power. Hon. Joo. P. St. John was been yesterday at his room in the Ponce do Leon by a representative of the times. Be is quite a pleasant gentleman to meet and Bla views on the question of free coinage of Silver were very freely expressed. Sex governor St. John s views on the above question Are Well known at Are also his views on the question of prohibition he having been a candidate one time for tho presidency on the prohibition ticket. Tho reporter asked governor if the question of free of Olnage is generally understood his answer one of the great issues Over Bloh All the parties differ to Day somewhat la the Silver question and it is wonderful How much ignorance Shore is on that Quost Lon. In one of the Eastern slates a student went to a College professor and asked a what is tho most Long of the ratio of 10 to 1?�?T�?� and the professor said it meant the coinage of sixteen Sylvor dollars to one Gold Dollar. Think of a Collego professor telling a student Thistl a Man came to me tho other Day and said a i am in favor of bimetal ism if we would Only make it work. I am in favor of it but what puzzles me is where Ere to going to get tho Money to buy it Quot he thought that bimetal ism meant that the government should buy the Metal. When i explained to him what it meant he a Aid. A that s All what a Point by tho Quot Dollar of our daddies i Havo hero in my pocket a strange piece of Money. It it Continental Money such to the fathers of tho revolution used and i am Odo of those old fogies who la inclined to believe that the fathers of tho revolution were not natural Horn fools that they knew what they were about and i believe too who they Laid Tea foundations of our government and when after two years of discussion they hot upon a financial plan they knew what they Wero doing. They did not legislate in favor of England a Congress does to Day but they made a financial Ayatey for our own people. And Here was one of the foundation a Tonos holding up a piece of Continental Money he read a sixty dollars number 2421. This Bill entitles the bearer to re Volvo sixty Spanish milled dollars or tho value thereof. In Gold or Silver so of Ordung to to Resolution of Congress passed at Philadelphia so Tomber 2g. 1778. Sixty Spanish milled dollars there was no talk about a parity then. There was no talk about a fifty cent Dolar then. The Spanish milled Dollar or Quot to Silver Dollar of our daddies Quot As to fall it was made a foundation on which our financial system was erected hero in the United states and it was not until the shylock of this nation got hold of tho Throat of the government that that Dollar was stricken Down in 1872. What reason is Given for de monetizing a liver one of the most frequent reasons Given for de monetizing Sliver is Quot we did not Havo much of that 19 not True. To had Only coined eight million Silver dollars up to 1873, but we coined one Hundred and Twenty millions of Silver Money during that time. You rom omber under the Law foreign Silver Coin was made a Legal Vendor. The English shilling tho ninety Flo cent Diece. And the Spanish milled Dollar. We old hoosiers used 10 get together on the fourth of july and Trade horses and one neighbor would ask another Quot is your Borso found Quot and tho answer would come Back Quot As sound As a Spanish milled the Spanish milled Dollar and other foreign coins were de monetized and at last they a truck Down the Silver Dollar that we had oot Ned for Al Guty Odd years. In a dark hour in 1873, it was done secretly and i say right Here that that not was one of the most infamous schemes to plunder the common people in the in or. Albert a. Cannaday specialist. Diseases of the Eye ear lose Throat. Eyes examined and glasses fitted. Of Loco Comer Salem Avenue and Jefferson Street. Over Violear Bros. Drat store office a phone 43. Steel Deuce no. 403 Church Street a phone 345. Easter an music will soon to Here. Batter is the turn Witik Point of a Day of Joy cow life happiness Ano gifts. Nothing could be More appropriate As a gift than the oco Hundred and on Odd Little fancies to he found in a Well stocked stationery store. Tho prices Aro economical and the Stock is varied and pleas Cir enough to suit every taste. See our a Tock of a million Ami Organ. J. E. Rogers amp co. 104 u. Ski t Eustin Street. Trios to of the Money Power that Ever was Pierpo tried in this nation. What of the downward tendency of the Price of All kinds of pro duo two years ego i was travelling in Nebraska and a Young Man oame through the cart and said Quot dinner is ready in the dining wheat was thirty three Yenta a Bushel in Nebraska then. An old Farmer said a How much do you ask for dinner Quot Quot Ono the Man answered. Quot holy smoke Quot said the old Farmer Quot three Babela of wheat for a Quot yes Quot i said Quot and if you stay to supper la will be three bushels More and if you stay for breakfast it will take three Bushe More and if you sleep in the pull oar it will take six bushels to nine bushels for dinner break fave and supper and six bushels for your fifteen bushels to feed and de old Farmer Twenty four hours yet old party politicians Tell Yomera that if you will stick to system you will Wear diamonds awhile. It is lower than that now it is thirty cents in Western a a Nee. The average downward tendency of wheat and porn and pork and Ootton and Wool has been gradual from the de monetization of Silver to the present hour. \ Gold men say they do not want a fifty cent Dollar neither do i. To prohibitionists done to intend to have a fifty cent Dollar either. If we have a fifty cent Dollar to Day i ask you who gave it to Rev ii we have a Silver Dollar Worth but fifty cents today then somebody has been robbed of fifty cents every Dollar. And who robbed a it if 1 were bolting a detective at work to find that robber i would say. Keep your Eye on the demo Oralo Republican party. The Bullion in a Silver Dollar under tho legislation of Congress for the last Twenty five Yoars has been brought Down so that it be Only Worth fifty cants but the Flat of the government makes it pass for a Dollar. You can take the Sylvor Dollar and get As mob sugar and beef and pork with it As you can with the Gold Dollar. Now lot us change the thing. You de monetize Gold throughout tho world and Remon Olzo Sliver and the Gold in a Twenty Dollar Gold piece will not to Worth More than ton dollars. It is the Flat of the government that makes Money. What Are to going to do to Trade with England More than a Hundred years ago when we were yet a baby England attempted to tax us without giving us representation. We got mad and said to England Quot you Shan t slide on our cellar door you shall not a holler Down our rain barrel and John Bull you la be sorry after a Wyllo when you see us an Independent we threw the Tea overboard into Boston Harbor and had the biggest Tea party on record. And then he got mad and pm toned in to us and we licked him. 1 say the time Hae come when we should adopt a financial Statom for our own people and if England done to like it let her help herself. Away with All talk about Quot what we would do to Trado with England Quot ours la the most Lnae pendent government on Earth greatest and grandest in its natural resource a and we can live without trading with England or with any government that Don t want to Trade with us. How much greater is the purchasing Power of the Dollar now than in 1873? Quot in i860 the debt of the United states was in round numbers 82,827,868,000 by the close of tho year 1895 we bed paid interest amounting to82.635,000,003 and principle amounting to 81,700,000,000 and still there is a balance duo count Long Premium of about 81,337,000,000 the shrinkage in Market values of farm products has been so great since 1806, that it would now take 640,000,000 More bushels of wheat or 51,330,000 More Barrile of pork or 8,673,480,00 More pounds of Cotton or 425,000,00 More pounds of Wool to pay the 81,237,000,000 we still owe than it would to have paid the 82,827,808,000 in 1806 and this is the Bounty the Tollers of Telb nation Are paying for Quot sound Money a and the voters Are Aikoo to go to the polls and there through the Agency of the ballot perpetuate in Power a political system that has thus robbed the opposed to Tillman. An administration Democrat a a views on the South carolinian. Denver colo., april 1.�?the action of the Democrat to state Central committee endorsing the idea of inviting senator Tillman to address the state convention has called Forth a most South Long rebuke from Gen. A. L. New collector Al internal Revenue and Ono of the most prominent democrats of to weal. Quot the democrats of the West or any other part of the country Quot said general of the . Plan of the executive and foreign committees. It Oveata ��2,600.000 first consolidated 4 per cent. Gold Bonds to to used to taka up disturbed and undisturbed Bonds and other parpoeee�?morcn-11� True company the depository of All been Lues. Killed with an aze. Warsaw vb., april 1.�?great excitement prevails in Leno sister Over the murder of Charles Carter aged about 20 years. Young Carter has been engaged for some time in the Storo of w. P. Burnett at old Christ s Church and when found ibis morning was lying on Bis face behind the counter Dond. I Pon his head were several wounds and on new Quot a a cd no Quot advice from mail ump a Moulde of the tor. We. Found an or any Tobor Man who comes from out 1 x6 covered i h blood and he or Side of the party. Or. Tillman was not elected by the democrats to Hli lofty position and this is Ono More reason Why to should not be invited to address a democratic a convention with his tirade of new Yob april 1.�?the reorganization of tho Norfolk and Western Railroad has been completed by the executive reorganisation committee in cooperation with the London and Amsterdam committees. It provides for the Oreaton of the follow log new securities 862,500 too first consolidated mortgage 4 per cent Gold Bonds of which $23,322,675 will be used for disturbed Bonds 825,986,689 will be reserved for the purpose of taking up or paying the undisturbed Bonds of the Norfolk and Western Railroad and tho balance for improvements and now acquisitions and other purposes. Twenty three million dollars in 4 per cent. Non Yumul Atlee adjustment preferred Stock to be distributed among holders of disturbed Bonds 866,000,000 of common a lock 100 year mortgage Bonds will receive 0244 per cent in the new first Oon sols end 75 per font. In adjustment preferred Stock Maryland Ana Washington division Bonds 70 per font. And 0744 per Valley division Bonds 50 percent and 70 per cent. Equipment mortgage Bonds of 1888, 100 and 45 5 per sent debentures of 18b2, 100 in adjustable preferred Roanoke and Southern Bonds 55 and 05 Lynchburg and Durham Bonds 35 and 65 Norfolk and Western adjustment mortgage Serena will receive 7 per cent Cash 130 in new first Consols and 20 in adjustment preferred Stock. Depositors will receive at the Elmo of Deposit a sum in Cash equal to three month s interest of the new first consuls to be re Elvod by them under tho plan the Bonds to Bear a Terett from october 1, 1896. Deposit will be Reo Elved on and after april 6 and sour Ltd holders Are notified to Deposit the same not later than april 30, 1890. Stockholders will receive new common on payment in instalments of 812.50 por share deposited As follows Norfolk and Western preferred 112k per cent. Common Stock 7 per cent Roanoke and Southern Stock 75 per cent. Lynchburg and Durham Block 75 per cent. The mercantile Trust company is the dope Tillory of All securities. The now York reorganization committee consists of Louis Fli Gorald chairman j. Kennedy Tod George Coppell a. A ii. Bolts Evyln Robert Fleming. 0. Sligo de Poi Neiro and r. F. R. Rub oct. To but Lillib Apponi Lattoz Tarn. Washington april 1.�?representative Low of new York today introduced a Bill to establish Appomattox l Ark a. It is to include the works exp Tang upon and near tho Appomattox River on the Battle Fields of june 16 and july 30, 1804. A commission of five persons Ono of whom is Edwin Esto of Petersburg is appointed to acquire not exceeding 3 000 acres of land and to bold compensation is fixed at ten dollars per Day. Two Hundred and fifty thousand dollars is appropriated to carry the Bill into effect. Drowned while Fulling. Petersburg april a Portal from Crowe. Ato tho Index Appeal Bays William g. Fox proper motor of tho Mineral hotel at this place was drowned shout 4 o clock this afternoon by the capsizing of a boat while fishing in Fitzgerald a Mill Pond user Nottoway court Louie. In tho boat with him Woro messes. James w. Butler and Thomas b. Pond both engineers on the Norfolk and Western Railroad who both succeeded in Gottung ashore. Or. Fox was 37 years of see Sud leaves a widow and one child. He was from Morristown. Ind. At a late hour his body had not Boen recovered. Senator Batter s views. , n. a april 1�?senator Butler chairman of the populist party in North Carolina has issued a of Rozular letter in regard to the question of fusion with the two other parties. To tells the rope Belcia plainly that they must repudiate their presidential Nom too and give up their idea or naming the governor a fors they Oan expert fusion with the populist. The letter is addressed to the county and town help chairmen and counsels against even considering fusion with democrats or others until next july or August when the two old parties shall have held Etc or conventions. Rhode Island Republic a. . R. April 1.�?with Only five districts in tho slate to hear from at Midnight gov. Lippett is reelected by a plurality of Over 10,000. Last year gov. Lippett carried the state by 10,721. The democrats admit that it is a clean sweep for the republicans. The demo rats will have three members in the Assembly. Burn s new , copyrighted 1806, by the Astor lied i a. Kingston Jamaica april Simon Sam formerly minister of War for a Natl has been elected president to succeed Hon. Help poltto. Porfert Tranquility prevails and there Are no indications of any dissatisfaction with tho Chotro for executive. Tre Azner Harbour dead. Washington april 1.�?h. W. Fuller general passenger agent of the Chesa Poske and Ohio railway company has Roc Elved a dispatch announcing tho death in Indianapolis of t. O. Barbour treasurer of the company. We Are Headquarters for everything in the musical line. Richmond music co. Manufacturer s Branch House a c. T. , mgr., �?o2 Salem ave. Oonubk8s yesterday. Sundry civil Bill in the Shoaee Good note. In the Senate. Wash photon april 1.�?the House today practically completed the consideration of the sundry civil Bill. In the course of the delete on in amendment to appropriate 875.000 for comment Long the erection of a new military Post at Spokane Washington or. Cannon the Ohal Man of the appropriations committee made an Appeal for Economy. Hejl a a supported in Bla Appel by or. Gro Yonor of Ohio who in some Plain Spokaz words insisted that the necessities of the situation must govern. Or Patterson. the administration and attributed the Finan Olal a Streis to Republican legislation. The amendment was adopted despite or. Cannon s Appel. Representative Tyler of introduced a Bill to provide for the erection of a Posto Allce at fortress Monroe. Ato Coil 815,000. Representative Turner of Virginia. Introduced a Bill to preserve the grave of general Daniel Morgan at we notes Ter va., and erect a Monument Over it to Colt 835,000, Senate proceeding. Washington april the Senate or. Buler pop. N. 0. Introduced a Bill requiring the acceptance of current Legal Vendor funds in payment of notes Bonds or other private obligations. The senator explained that the purpose of tho measure was to put a Stop to Gold notes etc., which Are being wrung from the people. Quot does this propose to effect existing Contratti Quot asked or. Hill. Quot ii does not Rei Pended or. Butler Quot i do not believe in breaking the Bill was referred to the finance committee. Ordered to leave the City. Schrader the a divine meet a cold reception at Oln Stonall. Cincinnati Ohio april 1.�?a Man named so Brader calling himself the Quot divine healer Quot Baa been in Cincinnati since saturday last freely Bealing the sick As he styles his work. He wears a Peculiar Robe and on his head rests a Crown of thorns the inner thorns made harmless by cutting on the Points. He claims that his Power is transmitted from his hands or oven from Hli clothing. To Day to was brought before the mayor chief of police and tho health officers for examination. The health of Cor told him pointedly that he was not Only a Nul Sanco by blocking the streets but he was a menace to the health of the Community by Palling Bis unwashed hands Over the Roos of hundreds of people Many of whom Are diseased. Tho health officer ordered him to leave the oily at ones. Schrader promised to do to. Rumours concerning Gomes. Havana. April 1.�?the Rumor of the death of Gen. Maximo Gomez is still current Here. The cuban Leader is said to have expired several Days ago and the locality mentioned As the Susoe of his passing away to the Socorro Plantation in the province of Matanzas. Private nows of s reliable character received through other iban official channels states that Maximo Gomez passed six Days since by Cruces and Santa Clara toward puerto Principe. Those so visors assert that Gomez s health la vory much Brokon and that he desires to Orturo to san Domingo. Lite Dyerl Cain in Cuba. Washington april 1.�?official advices received by tho state department from tho representatives of tho United states in cubs show that Dygert tho citizen of Illinois arrested by tho Spanish authorities is alive and Well trotted. Ills release was at Ono time contemplated but circumstances warrant a further inquiry before his Case can be disposed of. Tii Ehe is nothing Mohs Blit Able for an Eastek off Kutno than a Box of buy lakh s Kink i x Bobon Lonb Anil chocolates. Latest unil b novel ties at Massik s i a Macy. A Saloon keeper. Donolda. Chablis ton s. C., april l a the body of Louis Walters a Well to do Saloon Soper of balt Moro who committed suicide Here last night was sent to Baltimore this afternoon for burial. Waiters was on a visit Here. He left a note to Simon Ken saying that be was tired of living and he had troubles which made Bis life unhappy. A Moulok Hals. The bargain advertised in those columns a Day or two ago of a Standard piano by hobble Plano company was sold almost immediately which is the Best evidence of the fact that a Hen this company advertise a bargain it is a bar gain and Rifae Public Are Quick to recognize and appreciate it. Jury unable to agree. Baltimore md., april 1.�?the jury in the of the angellor on trial for tho murder of Charlos f. Parker of Athol. Mass. Had Boen unable to agree up to 11 o clock to night. The jury were locked up for the night. The impression stands that they Etoch 11 for acquittal and 1 for manslaughter. Almost a tragedy. Norfolk april 1.�?an insane woman on her Way to Norfolk from Columbus Ohio by the name of Benedict attempted to jump with two children in her arm., from a Norfolk and Western train near Petersburg to no get heroic action on the part of the brakeman pro vented a tragedy. Iho Case. Richmond april 1.�?the Case of senator flood charged with felonious assault on senator Flanagan Waso alled in police court to Day. Flood was ready for trial but Maurice Evans an important witness for Flanagan was absent and the Case was continued until May 6. Teh pets oils Wehe soffit Loeb terrible Fate of italian tenants at a Brooklyn fire. The Flora started la Aba lower hallway or a Tina sat and All escape was out Oit Bosforo tha victims Ronld to warned of their danger they ravished in Belr Bode. New Yolk april 1-ton person perished by in a Brooklyn tenement Home Early to Day. The names of Tbs viol is Are As follows August Buno. His wife and two children. Sally 5 years old and Johanna. 18 months Lena Calalla. 18 years old Nicolo Tralla 80 years hit daughter Lena Tralla 24 years old doll Nook Tralla hts son 24 years old and a eight Day old baby Cornelia Marretti 16 years old. The fire started in the lower hallway of the building which 1 a four Story tenement in Union Street and before the sleeping Tona ots could be warned of their danger All escape was Cut off the flames swept up the stairways and the balls and rooms Wero quickly filled with Smoko. Ten of tho tenant Wero suffocated to their Beds. Tho Section of the City where this terrible disaster occurred is near the waterfront the majority of the reel 2 Are of a be poorest class and they form tho biggest Colony of Crook Len tho firemen succeeded in getting the fire under Oon Trot after a Short time. The damage done seat Mared at 84,. A terrible by plot Fox. Five men killed by the burning or two Boll. At an Oil Mill. Obkin Villa mile., april 1.�?at 3 o clock this afternoon the two massive Bollert of the planters Oil Mutl at this place exploded wrecking the Mill cd Ubold t the death of five men. The cause of the explosion i. Stated to have been a dry boiler. Thi. Version of la is not however definite a All connected with the boiler and engine room Woro except the chief Engineer and he is too badly in ured to make any statement. After the wreck of the Plant fire isl Zed a 5 hum Luppy Zaed by the fire department not however until the bodies of the killed had been badly charred. The loss in dollars will Roach .30,000, on which there is adequate insurance. About a year ago the Plant of the Oil flu was thus wrecked with frightful re Sung. It egg destroyed by fire entailing a loss of something llkeslso., and had been rebuilt on such a a Cale a to make it one of tho Moat extensive in the South. _ they u8ed dynamite. An i Peru car robbed by Psi cd Mon a Lebanon to. Lebanon. To. April l the Oast bound Cannon Ball train on the St. Louis and san Francisco Railroad was held up Throe Miles East of this City at 1 50 this morning by three masked Mon and the Safo blown open and robbed the robber boarded the Treen at this Placo at 13 50 and after reaching the Sceno of tho robbery held up the Engineer and roman stopped the train and with tho Engloner in front of them marched to the t Xart As car. The mess Mior refused of open up and tho door was blown porn Wlton dynamite tho Salo cracked and is contents removed. Several packages of Vaiuso o papers were Lound this morning beside tho track and some Money which had been overlooked in tho hurry of departure. The passengers Wero not molested. The was detached and run by the robbers to Sleeper where it was abandoned. A brakeman hurried Back to the Olty and started sheriff Jones and a poise on tho track of the robbers Wyllo the amount of Money secured by the robbers is known to have been considerable the local will not place an est Malo on it. Schools again opened. Madrid april 1.�?the medical schools of the universities of Madrid. Haro Elona Granada Valensola and Cadi which were closed on account of the anti american manifestations of the students have been ordered to re open Ihor door. Floods in Tennessee. , tend., april 1.�?a Largo part of Alhona too la under water and Between 820.000 and 830.000 damage has already been done. It is still raining. The water will tie another fool. Wounded her end killed Hin Ilell Columbus. Ohio april 1.�?ed. Rouppe to Day after wounding mrs. Frances Russ killed himself. Mrs. Ruis refuted to return to him As Houts keeper. Go to Donaldson s for Wall paper a full Lino of new if you Are thinking of buying a piano or Organ any time in tho Neur Vuturo you cannot Nilong to Overlook the special bargains mid inducements now being offered in one Hundred diff erect makes and styles at Hobbie piano 0-, they Havo on hand nearly All Standard and celebrated Manes which they Are offering at half value. if you do not want to buy right now it would interest you to see what they Are offering you will to surprised when you investigate. Call at once it will coat you to thug to see what they have. If of no instruments big bargains Andrasy May Menta go for anything they will not be of Ham Long

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