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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 1

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Danville, VirginiaWeather fair today the Danville Register Home delivery 50c week doily sunday this 9 i Hundred and Twenty three years of Public founded february a wires Danville a sunday morning october 4 1970 a new features Price Twenty cents Little trouble reported at Washington rally thousands join March for Victory Washington a win the by message was read by March funnelled onto the Mon i Mcintire the War marchers thousands Tran Khoa hoc second Secre men grounds there were Strong paraded their Vietnam Victory banners Down Pennsyl legless vet and nurse honeymooning Chuck Hill of Stevensville Mich who lost has ie8s m a mme Wolosion in vie Triam and his Bride Nancv drink a Toast m Jacksonville Fla where they Are honeymooning As guests of the City she was his nurse in Bible under his Arm us Park police estimated the crowd at Mcl tires Washington Monument Victory rally at 15000 to 20000 people the fundamentalist radio preacher had hoped to present South vietnamese vice presi Dent Nguyen Cao Kyas the Fea tured performer at a washing ton Monument rally but he was absent by did Send a statement declaring his people deter mined to stand firm in face of communist aggression keys wife second Choice As a Standin didst make it either himself people and of other 250000 people on Peoples in the world who Char ish peace and Freedom the Kef the 500000 people Mcintire my words Here today Are the message said inwards of the vietnamese people the South vient Amose vice to Are determined to fulfil president said he would have their aspirations for peace income himself hut for indications police at 1 pm had estimated against communism Ever Freedom and who Hope to have that his appearance might stir tary of the South vietnamese the crowd was Only a fraction hand embassy Vania Avenue saturday the the Park police estimate had estimated would rally Indore Rev Carl Mcintire led the wayl5000 to 20000 people were at support of a Winthe War policy who a Victory chant on his lips and a the rally District of columbian Vietnam and a crusade their there was in fact Little trouble at the rally Only a fest minor skirmishes Between marchers in hard hats and Youthful counter demonstrators one group of men in plastic hard hats took a North vietnamese Flag away the turnout at 8000 As the1 where the continued assistance of the unrest and violence receives Small but enthusiastic Welcome see March Page 6a most were old Hearty All were while they came b Busload with bibles in their hands Victory in hearts president Nixon flies into Ireland after talks with Britain Heath Limerick Ireland Apia few hours Nixon look two any successful american politic a Cluster of demonstrators Nixon Sun tanned an roses from a bouquet presented can and added 1 am aware of i tried to hoist the Polowa Nastars flew into Ireland slur to his wife at Shannon Airport the contribution of the Irish to Flag of Irish socialism and to Day after joining British prime and gave them to the Bride America lice thumped them with night minister Edward Heath in Well after dark thousands of theirs was a sense of humor Sticks port of a 90day Extension of swarmed across the and character j at the same time a Row broke Middle East ceasefire front of Nixon car near the i cant find anyone in this out among the Limerick City a nearing end of tour Village of Hospital and stopped country who can claim me As a thurs the president nearing the the motorcade for 10 minutes relation but Sven 1 married taken away Washington a they name by the Busload from places like the Independence gospel Mission of new Castle la with bibles in their hands Victory in their hearts quote scriptures led by a fundamentalist preacher and an Uncle Sam on they paraded for hours singing hymns and quoting scripture to prove god was on their Side most were old that Antichrist sign or that marchers Toht v for Victory most to right nearly All end of his nine Day tour of five the president got out of the carers Nixon she was Patricia nations received a Small but Ami mingled with the Well wish Ryan and she had a birthday enthusiastic Irish Welcome jews Aniie a bagpipe band played St Patrick heavy Security precautions nearby More Iris Joe Quinn 35yearold Saloon w1o sols on the City Victory double amputee the handful of negroes in Parade one was a double a amputee marching on the stunp5 is beating a fron1 and his wore no makeup most wore shapeless dresses a stylishly Long and tight pants were rarer than peace buttons before Start the few instances of quiet de Bate Between marchers and Way it should be Ricks Day and what Council hoisted a placard so could there be jin2r be War in Vietnam r 11nn o r t walks to Barrier men pounced on him were in Force against demonstrators protesting the use of this pro american but Neutral Frush he said Ireland was a i Barrier holding Back the crowd dial reception committee i great country vigorous full of and dozens of them shoved for Nixon unaware of the to a welcoming crowd at Nixon then walked toward and pulled him out of the offi cymbals that Hung neck and playing those demanding nation As a site for Nixon sunday with his top advisers on Vietnam a Cluster of demonstrators tried to disrupt the reception Sven the presidents motorcade Sci life and Good humor i like toward to shake his hand Moj dents stopped his car and Rei see the Irish Flag and american ments later the a welcoming address and Flag together that the Way it party left in a motorcade for the gift of a Blackthorn walking should be Limerick Slick from mayor Joseph p lid Ireland was the third country crowds were six deep along an Erica the Beautiful on a peace occurred before the Parade began in one confrontation youths in beards and Blue jeans argued hers and reached Limerick but police j d he preside the streets of Limerick immediate moved in on the group and Nix j served in world War ii shouted watching the March on did not notice the incident crude bomb Early sunday explodes morning tial Odyssey luncheon with Queen from Spain in the morning he see Nixon Page a slaver s10 000 Reward has been offered for information leading to the capture and conviction of the person responsible for the deals of Jennifer noon 5 of now Haven Conn her body was found in a wooded area near Hamden Conn bomb exploded beneath a Bridges new to Britain for lunch with Nixon motorcade plans Elizabeth ii and prime Tiai a i Iulus taut Piai is cd that a shame using with two Young men in Blue Cross monday police said the minister Edward heat and top were White in every hand was that said one others suits that god could not love bomb was a Clute homemade officials from the two govern to american Flag or a Victory Nim Sci Ujj Banner or placards or Pom Poms or religious tracts tears fill eyes tears filled their Eves when Little Exchange for periodic shouts frowning glances there was Little communication Between and onlookers like women in the Radical m0iements Many of the women football they spoke of their feelings i love my land and i love the Freedom of my country said Almeda Van Horn 54 of Indi a i love my Flag and to see it Downtrodden and pulled Down by a Bunch like that said Anna Ryan of Clayton no pointing to a shaggy haired Bunch of youths giving the peace sign assails Pussy footing i believe in this country and its going Down the Drain said Herb Erickson of los Angeles All this Pussy footing lets get Down to winning wars like we used to As they marched Down Penn Sylvania Avenue from the Capi Tol to the Washington Monument in the Rev Carl Mcl tires j March for Victory most faces pm 36 Towson state 19 were solemn even grim until Virginia 16 Indiana 10 War communism is sin said a Man holding a Bible Doest it say in your Bible thou shall not kill searches for reply yes but in genesis it says the Man getting angry thumbed hurriedly through the i affair and did Little damage to the Bridge in the Northern dub Lin suburb of Dru Conda on the route to the Airport it took two hours for the presidential motorcade to travel 35 port where prime minister Jack j Miles from Limerick to told him i extend to ments conferred on Middle East peace efforts and other International issues Nixon and his wife Pat then flew to Ireland Shannon air discuss soviet Aims from Cuba to Cape town Nixon and Heath agree to work for 90day Extension of ceasefire London a president out to dominate the House the quiet country Man you our traditional Hundred Nixon and prime ministered spend the weekend roses for Bride Ocean authorized British pages a said one youth dont get upset were from new Brunswick Seminary were stepped Forward at one Cross god freaks too Sion where the Nixon will thousand welcomes Iward Heath examined saturday Nixon responded there is the soviet unions Aims Reponen on me Iriks no country in the world i would Liuba to Cape town and agreed Between the two chiefs at Chei both Felt it essential to win More time for the ceasefire and us if peacemaking is to be re crowds gathered at numerous Irather have a Day off in Hamto work for a 90day Extension Oruro Stan a in mfr Man Ireland ithe Middle East ceasefire Forest 27 Virginia 7 state 34 Duke 10 College 56 Vii 3 Porida 14 no state i Riga tech 28 Clemson 7 state 20 Howard 0 d 34 Bridgewater 0 miss 43 Richmond 21 20 Davidson 9 33 Ohio Wesleyan 29 Delaware state 49 Hamp someone would Start an exuberant Onward Christian sol Diers when one of the few grinning youths sitting along the Side flashed a peace gesture they would shout take Down Auburn 33 Kentucky 15 state 7 Georgia 6 Dame 29 Mich state 0 29 Perm state 16 see 48 army 3 10 Vanderbilt 7 Carolina 24 Vii 7 Roadside stops a Young Man Road and introduced his Bride of Ireland Nixon quipped that an Irish background was essential for Thev also decided to invest while continuing to mourn death of Nasser egyptians tramp streets assailing Israel by the associated press thousands of egyptians mourning the death of president Gamal Abdel Nasser and de n o u n c i n g Israel marched through the streets of Cairo sat urday while a joint soviet Gyp from Cairo said the two coun was a tries would continue pooling i along and coordinating efforts aimed at the settlement of the Middle East conflict reaffirms need it also reaffirmed the need for the earliest elimination of not much time outside London j Nixon 514hour Stopover in Confer separately j London came Between visits to with Secretary of state wih Spain and the Irish Republic it Gate whether the russians Are Liam p Rogers and Britain gave Little Opportunity for talks foreign Secretary sir Alec in depth about world affairs Douglas Home conferring sep but the two leaders and their brately Nixon and Heath talked top aides got Down to business about he Vietnam War the Afat once using their shared Lan fairs of Europe and the Mideast Guage and touching Only on tha crisis worlds major flashpoints i British authorities came away Heath Sci cd the Chance to with the impression a renewed press on of his new peace initiative is pet is developing March by thousands hammed Hassanein r Street to the j minister of information and Edi shaped up for the Mideast As portrayed mosque when Asser was Burtor of Al ashram r As the red the procession was with slogans calling for a hard the lebanese papers exand Jordan stabilize in pressed the opinion that Nasser meantime there was agreement threat of soviet naval dominate ton of the Indian Ocean British justification line against orderly successors would be sure to Folio work for an Extension of thei this has been their justifies Many of the marchers school children Tian communique called for fur the consequences of israeli at the mosque the Demontra apparently refer tors formed a quiet line and go ther efforts to end the East War the communique published in Moscow after soviet Premier Alexei n Kosygin returned Duggi Coli Vii to Iii j ring to territory occupied by past Nasser grave were Jav a Jas policy on Middle East Ara israeli ceasefire another Tion for Britain proclaimed in Tention to resume the sales of i arms to South Africa there been widespread protests rails troops in the six Day 1967 closed to traffic affairs possibly inspired by egyptian sources the papers said Nasser had been willing to Settle for a three months until february ends nov 5 the current ceasefire at 6 pm Edt aug 7 an the British plan fair Deal with Israel while Perdue to end at 6 pm Edt on British sources said Heath enemy apparently is massing for new attacks on cambodian capital defences leading to Ramses Street with barriers closing it to traffic in another disclosure Al a ram reported that before Nas Sers death Egypt had asked the United states to guarantee that Israel would not attack the mis m phenom penh Cambodia a a cambodian military spokesman said saturday my forces apparently Are song for new attacks on the outer defense ring of phenom penh As he spoke cambodian fight it bombers were striking at an communist command troops the cambodians Are expected had Cut the vital Highway press for increased military Les Southwest of phenom help from the United states Mccain declined to talk to newsmen on his arrival but a us embassy source said the Pacific commander brought no new us commitment on the military front communist command troops bar drive to control Cambodia main land routes cambodian officers said they to open route 4 this enemy concentration Only Miles North of this capital on adm John s Mccain com Bank of the mekongn1ander of a11 us in the grassed government units dug in the party Hipfl civic flew in to phenom Pechlat a dam at Kiri rom Mountain lne Jar unannounced High level talks 159 Miles Southwest of phenom Kosygin flew out of Cairo a i to t f i Jim i n inn i Pqul i Tugi s i penh near Highway 4 the or admonishing egyptian Lead pers called the East Hiver simultaneously a third Bat Talifer unannounced High inn of rooms was Lith cambodian leaders a rna work on he is scheduled to meet Sunj Mountain top has been occupied ers to maintain 4 with Cambodia Premier by North vietnamese and Viet sorted peace plan l Lily built penh and the nations Only Lon and others of the Vater port at Kampong som Jhugh command War Egypt Only political party the Arab socialist Union summoned the 150member Central committee to a meeting Mon Day radio Cairo announced it said the party Al powerful executive committee meeting under acting president Anwar Sadat issued the Call May fill posts observers said the Central committee meeting May be to elect a new head of the party and executive committee posts held by Nasser until his death heirs Are discussing a monday it could bring to the Type three surface a Power struggle be tween leftists and moderates in police blocked All Side streets pared to fight if necessary Jov 5 Sile Sites in Egypt during the ceasefire the paper said the United states did not reply or explain its stand troika discussed lebanese they said Nasser concepts of a fair Deal were israeli withdrawal from Arab territories of in the 1h67 War and restoration of palestinian rights As defined in the Many United Raj tons resolutions in the Pas years informants said Nixon and1 see Heath Page a another new York City 3 jail is hit by rebellion in Beirut the lebanese Capi new York a rioting marts were swifter trials Low Tal the popular front for the inmates cheered on by crowds or bail and More humane treat liberation of Palestin seized three hostages ment the last six hostages of three Hii saturday at the Brooklyn House relative quiet was reported at o i tic it a fmtr4li my Ries Monese newspapers in Sto acre freed Toof detention the fourth City All four prisons late saturday from Cairo said Nasser j n t hit by rebellion since night Ber avoid a Power struggle the three probably will be be pulp Promise pres prison hit by ident Nasser before his deat thursday in All 26 guards and other hostages were seized by 240 earlier in the Day the three the six All were being held Host prisoners on the fifth floor of the i t i i i ti4 n Tii t3 incl Villell a Jav is a r j were released thursday a front age at the four facilities Mclau modern Brooklyn jail a to litre Erlo Flea no about 3000 cheering on mounted nearby roof shout encouragement see War Page 2a free probably we re said they acre freed ing five detained since thur Side a from what the no spa conditional i v but the fron Dav at the House of detention in lookers aled s Island City Queens Here tops to in Tain the uss Pontop seven a nested the United states and Isth first outbreak occurred All several guards and lire Nien e plan and the Nasser was a towering a Deal it insist the hostages were reported enwere injured by rocks and other the authoritative1 not Only m Egypt hut through harmed messages of sympathy and offers of help into Wichita state after crash Mideast Page Fia harmed the prisoners major de see prisons Page 6a a joint soviet egyptian com Munique published later in most limited to fio Days cow said the two countries in Sadat terms limited to to i tend to continue pooling and Days after the presidents death it outta Kan officials and citizens Lewis planned to declare a Day of i coordinating efforts aimed at a Nasser successor must he Wichita Kan a Dock my was a Hurt settlement of the Middle East named by the Arab Sci asst in ceasefire the authoritative newspaper Al ashram reported out the Arab world and none o Sadat a 60day provisional the egyptian political leaders president escorted Kosygin to has the prestige and following to l up p Airport is Powers the ass led flails to m a a fio Nasser policies on peace negotiations from As far away As London messages of sympathy and of help poured onto the fers of state University Cam pus saturday in the Wake of a Oney and blood donations for j d t come Here during Tucco the injured following Day Long meetings jrt3i conflict ivies Union reaffirmed it added that the soon Egypt Only political party and Egypt again the top seven were identified the need for the As Sadat Hussein Al Shafi University administrative Colorado that killed it was disclosed at a the plane that crashed a twin earliest elimination of the member of the executive com engine Martin 404 was one of israeli Agar Smittee of the socialist tit All h3 re v an a news analysis i with Richardson minion made bounced saturday from Relar by John m Tilg Tower it Clear that egyptian assure icons last Stop on his tour a special correspondent Antes of continuing Nasser that the two counties have Washington a the policies on peace negotiation agreed on the desirability of sex slates has received a were unqualified srances from the leaders of ii 13 of the schools football team conference that a Mem two chartered aircraft carrying Sion and establishment of a bastion air m me Ivial fund is being established by the football team athletic offing peace in the Middle East for head of the Ali unions and Indin for 90 Days the cease president Nixon will face define agreement now scheduled voc Remoh cimons on How the United state to expire nov 5 Sakryt Matthev will continue the nol should approach the Ochor administration officials report planning of inc late pc Sidcot passer discussions at the United privately that the prospects for Une schools Board of trustees to vials and others to Logan Utphall Peoples of that area commission Ana Liaison oleic or King settlement tons in new York soon after Hyson Linona the ceasefire Doug Lewis director of donations i for a game with Utah state sit the Cairo demonstrations Fol for air affairs with the soviet conflict Jln Israel Euini monday from his trip eventually etting Israel Egypt varsity information no decision was made at the urday the game was cancelled slowed prominent display in Union Shaarawy Jii maa Intel the Assurance were Jvon in across Southern Europe visuals and companies m the whether Wichita Varl the second plane newspapers of minister Sami Bharat Siaifa president us and British officials am Ria supplied private planes to Joiy football team will play at Logan the 23 players us Senate passage of a Hill administer and a former heart of Nasir Nodi remaining seven games a aboard that plane returned a theorizing unlimited arms sales Nasser of Al Kic Haidon r Gan the 23 players us Senate passage of a Hill administer and a relatives of the dead remaining seven games a aboard that plane returned theorizing unlimited arms sales Nasser secret injured to Colorado i diversity spokesman said the Telephone Calls and win be made in a see crash Page 2a i me from College pres Krus of a b the t name bit siness Israel Mohammed Cairns largest demonstration Mander leaders government players j coaches and administration m Good morning i Section amusements d classified ads b crossword Puzzle c editorials a local news b b d d women news c classes were i monday and in their place a ser jes of memorial Observance is Are being arranged to be High lighted by a memorial service open to the Public monday night for certification and Long Range regional of Power construction former head of talks service Gen Spucci Fawzi army com neral chief and moot provisional president Anwar Sadat and other official Richardson returned Here Early saturday see analysis Pape 2a the weather readings from station atop Register a gilding Washington a the by the Federal Power Compisi Utility expansions on a regional Virginia sunny Diane upper 70s the attitude expressed by the sunday highs egyptian leaders who hold of it or tits fair Sun fico pending election o a sue1 a nov i o passer strengthens Day night and Monda of Nixon administer sunday night in the 40s highs i in the football stadium on Ca Minjon administration announced Sion an Independent regulatory basis at Jears ahead of anal the Middle monday in the 70s i opus saturday it will propose legisla1 Agency construction ceasefire can be pro North Carolina 7 gov Robert Docking of Anition Early next year to the administration report in the and extended and that ally fair through monday a lit i Sas flew to Denver Friday verification and Long Range re proposes a fou part program nine by the environmental poot Batons May tic cooler sunday highs upper night after the crash near Silver Vional planning of electric resolving the apparent connection agencies anal notice in arts a Between the so fills nine stains 70s elsewhere ordered flags to construction of dict Between Power needs and the pubic of Plant Sites at Lenstet be started of week plume Colo 7 throughout tote state flown at the plan closely parallels leg environmental 17 half staff and a aide said Hei isolation proposed last thursday planning of see Page lows sunday night mostly ins official Faniola highs monday generally mid we Tiger log saturday temp bar wind so 2981 Calm 71 23 on Calm 68 2ft98 Calm sunday 1 Amto come 24hour Low to 1 am 60 High 8s 2 hour precipitation none hour 7pm 9pm 11 pm

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