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Danville Montour American (Newspaper) - May 5, 1904, Danville, PennsylvaniaIt a he shaming a of the shrew i it by Andrew Edward Lynch copyright 19uby a. E. Lynch if �?o1wt Ell Jenny Are you ready la yet a exclaimed Hubert a Tel Wood As in Snow let impatiently paced tin f1<x�r of the study of professor pulls in a Gigli Plune College of which institution to Hubert was a Junior mend r of tie faculty. A Job there a plenty of Tuic. I fio mat Lee will not begin for an hour i Hank heaven in Mon the last it Cord of uncles lecture which he is t deliver and the p it built and stenographer of profess r tin no it Tia Melau Cathou putts la. A. Etc., of Leigh plane College placed the Cylinder in the phonograph and began taking Down the words which the professor had spoken into it the night before. Brr or re in conclusion gentlemen i would Call your attention to tie fact that or. Herbert Spencer makes use of the nebular hypothesis in tiie formation of our planet which is to foe finally dissipated into the attenuated matter out of which it arose and or. Darwin declares that the Zobie ? end to be attained by Man. T object of evolution is a the rearing of the greatest number of individuals in full health and vigor and with All their fuel lies pet feet under the conditions to which they Are subject what a Uuie and impotent conclusion to All the grand aspirations of Milton and Shakespeare. Of Painter or sculptor of philosopher or scientist that end were better attained by the rear five Savage the swarming Yel Man the moslem polygamist or sturdy mormon. And then when we a have attained this grand anticlimax we will be a dissipated into attenuated matter a and the same fool process will begin Over again. A and do the fittest survive the i porn Lse a a Here a female voice broke in a my dear axe you still it that stupid lecture Quot Quot ill be through in a minute my a a is gone and the Emu remains the Mastodon thirty feet High is represented by an eight to an eleven foot elephant and the Inhthy saurus by the wretched Little horned Toad the Pterodactyl that Bird with its flu set of Teeth has degenerated into the Hen. Whose a Rev a of Teeth has become proverbial to iterating its food in a of Roppul of gravel the Savage a a hens Teeth and Savages do you know theophrastus that it is More than half past 11 of clock i have no patience with you your children neglected. The Kitchen Chimney smoking. Thucydides Erasmus Potts your own son comes in with his clothes Tom and Hla nose bleeding All on account of that impudent Little Johnson boy and you wont Tuke his part and Quot it i Dak a Kab you still at that stupid la fact Hub a dear Matilda i have Only a few More paragraphs to speak and my lecture will be a a whose eyes and ears can be utilised at immense distances hut been displaced by creatures like myself and other scientific gentlemen who cannot without Glus sea see beyond their noses. We a a a that a the first True word you be a Aid for a Long time. You can to see beyond your nose. You can to see that a new carpet is needed in the dining room and that my Best hat is simply a fright that emmeline Augusta is barefooted and that her dresses Are grow lag so Short that they would disgrace a Ballet dancer. I Tell you what Light now�?1 wont stand it any longer there i had to entertain those stupid i rockers All the evening and now you wont throw a word to Ine. By the Way mrs. Croaker said that or. And lira. Allingham have separated and there was going to to a divorce. Thar do suy that or. Ingham is no better than she should Quot now. Matilda. Dear you must not la so uncharitable. Mrs. Allingham is a most excellent woman. Do now let me be for five a a have ceased to believe in anything we cannot a no. You done to believe anything when mrs. Allong Hui pretends to be intellectual and throws up her big eyes at you and All the time Slie does no to understand a word you Quot my love do be charitable and do be still fora few a when our eyes have followed our Teeth and our hair we will lie full fledged materialists and Bali eve in nothing except what we can feel. When sensation is lost our next step will be dissipation a a a so you threaten dissipation do you in a beginning to believe that there is something More than Friendly relations Between you and mrs. Allingham and now you threaten to come homed Ink a a my Dearest. I sold nothing about drunkenness. Spoke of the dissipation of this mundane a Quot Why i believe you re half drunk now. There a something wrong about this. 1 wont stand lecture by professor theophrastus Mela Nethon Potts. Old. On the false conclusions of the evolutionist. She read with interest the excerpts of the lecture and what. In the argot of the newspapers a the said in part a meaning of course part of what he said and for the first time in her life Felt Pride in her husbands learning and remorse for her want of appreciation of 11 i 111. As she sat there Reading the concluding lines the door opened and professor Potts stood astonished on the threshold. A moment and then he stepped Forward briskly greeting her with a smile and a kiss. A Why what a delightful Surprise but you must to hungry. Let me order you some mrs. Potts wondering at the cordiality of the professor replied a Walt a moment dear. Before we do anything else i want to ask your Pardon for the past and Promise a a ooh Cut that Short dear that a just what i was going to do myself Only you forestalled a a in be been listening to tie phonograph a a a so be i and i see we be reached the same conclusion so enough a said. Give me a a smothered a Cha has from the conservatory brought the professor with a All the states at the worlds fair a Jenny do you think i am at All to blame a it i wont i wont 1 wont a a Calm yourself my love Quot a a a in a not your love you be disgraced sob a sob sob a a in la get a divorce. Your children Are shamed a Good heavens Madam you will drive me insane can to you keep still five minutes till i finish my work and then i la come to bed with a no sir no sir you and i Are parted forever a a Well Dang it All. Ill get divorce or anything to please a Only let me a a a the Blastoderm a a what cur. In your wife Are you a a a Blastoderm is not a curse. It is the outer a a no sir no sir if you dare suy one word More into that miserable instrument ill smash the wretched thing to pieces a bang brr or or at first Jenny tried to keep up her stenographic report but As matters began t. Get mixed she stayed her Pencil and leaned Back in her Cha a a prey to varying feelings. Surprise sorrow at the quarrel Between her Uncle and aunt and an urgent desire to burst into laughter at the Absurdity of the situation struggled for the Mastery. She could picture the gentle professor mild in nil matters except in the enthusiastic opposition with which he confronted the materialistic tendencies of the ago a harried to death by ins folding wife As she stood behind his chair unconsciously registering herself in the instrument. Hubert had stopped his promenade and wus now writhing in a rocking chair in incipient convulsions. Quot its a shame to laugh a Jenny said. A think of to old Uncle going through Oil of that and that was Only the beginning. But its time to go to the matinee. Ill put the record away for a idea has Sti be. Ill think it out at the theater when we get Back we up it it our Budds objection to doing that tier did it receiving in return and being called a an impudent a ooh you faithless. Heartless scoundrel Quot bound d the door and his voice hunted the culprits before they could escape into the Garden. Looking rather shamefaced Jenny and Hubert came in. A i suppose we be got to thank you rascals for this. Lets Burn the record and go to a no no a said mrs. 1 Otts. A a in la lock it up for us in Case we have a a a a a a a a As a wedding present a few months later Jenny received a phonograph with the following prescription one phonograph. M. It Sig. To be used As directed unless the experience of others before marriage should Render it unnecessary. Getting in the walnuts. The lecture amended and excised at the latter end. Was delivered with great eclat. Professor theophrastus me Lance lion Potts having insisted on hearing his record repeated and having directed Jenny to it which she did not do. Was very silent and was evidently weighing something carefully in his mind. Finally he said a Jenny do you think i am at All to blame a a Well yes Uncle in one Way you Are too much absorbed in your studies and forget everything Quot i thought so 1 thought he muttered. It was the beginning of the summer vacation and mrs. Potts and tie children had already departed for Beach where they were to spend the next six weeks. A few Days later Jenny and Hubert were in the study conspiring. As a result of their conclave Jenny sat Down at the typewriter and hammered off Kite following High plane College -. Mrs. Potty. Beach come he me next thursday evening without telling any one. Slip into the House at 9 . And hide in the Little anteroom to the professors study. You will hear something to your advantage. The professor will not be there alone. Signed a Friend. A Well you arc a born a assist Jenny. A will not be there that a Good. Ii wont be there at All. Ii wont be Home from the faculty banquet before 10 p. a a a at 0 p. In. Sharp thursday evening mrs. Potts turned the Latchkey in to a tin ii door of her borne. Stealing quietly in and creeping from tin Ball into tin anteroom noiselessly sin put her ear to the Keyhole of the study . Her bosom heaved with a tumult of emotion. She was torn with rage and jealousy. In the paroxysms of anger to which she had been used to give Way mid which had begun to become chronic tin accusations of unfaithfulness and her own jealousy were simply invented and feigned As a Scourge for her husband an �.4 a weapon of offence. But now site Felt tin pangs of that most frightful of All sufferings and the tooth of the Serpent was deeply burled in her bosom. A confused murmur was All that was at first audible but As her breath and pulse accelerated by the exertion of hurrying from the depot calmed somewhat she heard these words in the voice of Potts a my love a a a a a still a moment a a a a. A woman a voice Between sobs a you be disgraced me a a a a. Potts again. A Ritj get a divorce or anything you like if you la Only let me a she could stand it no longer but bouncing into the room screamed a Job you faithless heartless scoundrel and As for you you shameless won a she stopped transfixed. There was no one there. But Quot the phonograph played brr or Atwo fairs of eyes peeping through the door of the conservatory marked in a stand for a moment stunned then sink into a chair and listen open mouthed to the phonograph As it completed its record then arise slowly adjust tin machine again wind and Start it then listen attentively to the strange Medley it produced railing and reddening by turns and a tiding her performance in a storm of tears and sobs. After a time site calmed Rose wiped her eyes adjusted her hair and taking j up a newspaper sat Down to wait. The first thing that struck her Eye was the j a in during headlines an into Tatry that clone California comity school. The first English Walnut Orchard in California was planted with seed from the los Angeles Mission gardens where the padres had Start a a few Trees with nuts brought with them from Spain. The undertaking was a Success from the first and the acreage of walnuts has steadily increased. The Walnut Trees Early age of bearing. Its Long life and the steady demand for its product tend to make the Enterprise deservedly popular. The Walnut tree begins to Bear when six or seven years old and nothing is known definitely of its age limit of bearing. Fabulous stories Are told of Trees in Spain one or two centuries old bearing enormous crops. The oldest Trees in California Are still bearing but deductions from the Short history already made show that the tree is in its prime from its Twenty fifth to its thirtieth year. Fifteen Hundred pounds of nuts to the acre is a Good average yield i a Akong seventy five pounds the average weight from one tree. The Harvest time begins about the Middle of september and lass nearly six weeks. The nuts begin to fall with the leaves and the perfect cultivation under the Trees leaves no Chance for them to to sep themselves among clods or weeds. The Brown dead leaves alone hide the nuts. Under Normal conditions they drop free from the outer Husk or Hull through its irregular bursting and getting the nuts picked up is a simple matter. Sometimes Trio Trees Are Well irrigated just before Harvest time to insure the clean dropping of the nuts. Boys and girls men and women japanese and chinese Are All pressed into service and on hands and Knees the great Orchards Are gone Over not once but several times on account of the irregular ripening of the nuts. The Trees Are occasionally shaken during the season to loosen the nuts and before the last gleaning they Are a a poled to Start the very tardy ones. This is done by Long coarse Bamboo poles whose Light weight makes them easily handled. In certain Rural districts the Public schools close regularly for a a Walnut the help of the children is needed and the children Are nothing Loath to replenish their diminished purses. Pails cans and Gunn sacks Are scattered among tin pickers and when the bags Are full they Are carried to the drying grounds we re they Are spread out on Slat trays to of reviews. The evergreens. White Pine. Five Needles in a bundle Scales of Cone thickened at the top. Scotch in Ine. Two bluish Green Short Needles in a bundle. Cone Fiat spreading Needles scattered singly. Austrian Fine. Two Long dark Green no lies in a bundle. Norway Spruce. Large banging Cones scattered Needles Point All ways. hanging coins tint Spray. Needles in a Cluster full off each year a rect Cones. Red Cedar. Bluish berries Sii Arp prickly Spray. Arbor branches Cones few sealed and Only two seeds under each. White Cedar a ones roundish with four to eight seeds under each. Pitch Pine. Dark stiff Needles arranged in threes. Boston Post. Many Deau Tufui pavilions and pretentious buildings show Forth the Enterprise of american commonwealths. A Beautiful City has grown up among the Trees on the world s fair grounds at St. Louis. It has nothing to do with the immense exhibit palaces but is n tiling apart. A hie houses in this new City Are of various styles of architecture. Some Are palatial in size and appearance while others look merely cozy and inviting. Never before have so Many notable and historic buildings been constructed in one group. This now City might be called the City of the states for the houses included in it Are the state buildings at the fair. The City is not compact but somewhat straggling As befits the picturesqueness of the View. Yet there is nothing suggestive of a Stringtown on the Pike about this City for the grounds surrounding each of the houses Are beautified with gardens typical of the state represented. All the states Are to be represented at the world s fair. This Means a great Deal a shining Triumph for the Louisiana Purchase exposition and furnishes another illustration of the fact that tills expositions completeness is the Marvel of the age. Fifty one states territories and possessions of the United states have taken the Steps necessary to participate in the worlds fair on an important scale. But two states were still outside the fold at the last report and in each of these was a Well defined movement in favor of being represented at the fair with buildings and exhibits. New Hampshire the old Home state and Delaware Are the states referred to. In new Hampshire a fund for participation is being raised privately by patriotic citizens so that in the event of legislative inaction this Commonwealth May be represented. The states and territories Are expending Over $7,000,000 in their efforts to show off to Best advantage at the exposition. This is a million and a third More than was expended at the Chicago exposition by the states. In addition to this Large cities in Many states will have municipal exhibits the funds for which an not included in these figures. The municipal exhibit idea is entirely novel. From a number of the states there will be prominent county exhibits provided by special appropriation of county funds. This City of the states presents a picture of surpassing Beauty. Nature has done much to Aid in the creation of the picture. Never before has any exposition been Able to Grant such advantageous Sites for state buildings. The buildings Are situated on a plateau about seventy five feet higher than the level Grund to the North upon which 6tand the ranuio exhibit places. There Are Hills and ravines Here and there enabling the lands pulsts to Lay out a most delightful pattern of roads and terraces and lawns. The san lest of the state buildings is that of Arizona which stands near the Southeastern Entrance to the group i. One of the largest is that of Missouri from the dome of which it is said that perhaps the very finest View of the exposition May be enjoyed. This building is a place in the italian Renaissance architecture built at a cant of $105,000. Near by is the reproduction of the Cabildo at new Orleans in which the Louisiana Purchase Transfer ceremonies took place a Louisiana a state building. Ohio has a clubhouse of highly ornate design. In the architecture of the French Renaissance. Illinois is prominent with n most pretentious Structure with wide veranda and a commanding cupola. A description of each of the state buildings with any detail would More than fill a newspaper Page. It is Only possible Here to hint at some of the interesting structures. California for instance has reproduced in exact size the famous old la Rabalda Mission. Connecticut presents a replica of the Sigourney residence at Vilart Feihl Home of the poetess Lydia i Huntley Sigourney in her time. This building is said to be the finest specimen of purely colonial architecture now standing. The new Kentucky Home from the Blue grass state is a handsome clubhouse that would make some of the mansions along fifth Avenue Newyl Ork City look insignificant. Beauvoir the qut old House which Jefferson Davis owned and occupied for Many years is reproduced by Mississippi. Its wide verandas or galleries give it a most inviting appearance. Washington a Headquarters at Morristown x. J., Are reproduced by new Jersey. Virginia contributes Mouti cello the Home of Thomas Jefferson. The state of Washington contributes a Structure of unique design. It is called the wigwam five stories High by of Wood from Washington forests. The building is octagonal with Gigantic Diagonal timbers rising from the ground and meeting in an Apex ninety feet in the air above which is built an Observatory from which a splendid View of the exposition May be had. An elevator will carry visitors to the Observatory. New York Pennsylvania Ohio Arkansas Colorado West Virginia Indiana Wisconsin Texas and Many other states Are represented by buildings which cannot fail to arouse admiration. The Texas building is in the shape of a five pointed Star an appropriate idea for the big in inc Star state. Iowa has a magnificent mansion with classic porticoes and n a citral Tower containing an Observatory Chambi. Kansas Indian territory and Oklahoma each uphold the growing reputation of the Southwest Fogt a Enterprise and Fertility of resources. To Blum a Makr Chi of till Fieri. In new Cahn Loviia there is said to a an Herb which Lias the rare property of revealing one s secrets. It is known As the Datura Stramonium and Lias White Flowers and rough berries full of dark grains. They Are treated of i the a annals of Hygiene and colonial mod a person who Lias swallowed the Tea made of this Herb will Niter falling asleep Tell where his Money is hidden and will also arise and go direct to it when ids treasure is concealed. Robbers often use this Tea As knockout drops with which to Rob their victims. A Suhm i i ii t a Fop latin. In an English school recently a certain boy was regularly absent during a the hour in which latin was taught j the teacher called upon the boy s father at whose instructions it had been Learned in remained away and asked for an explanation. The father said a it is All right. During the latin hour i am teaching Jimmy something that lie will find far More useful than latin in his Progress through the teacher was interested and asked what tills subject might be. The father replied a i am teaching my son How to a have without a looking Glass. Gloves in Early Days. I in in i often Lade to in a h v. wort Licin. In the Early Days everything was not regulated for the people As it is now by the government and the Law courts. Europe was still Young then and people had rough and ready Means of dealing with one another of buying and Selling or giving goods and property and settling disputes. A Glove As it was very close indeed to a Many a hand came in course of time to be looked upon As taking the place of the hand itself and sometimes took the Maui a place and was made to represent him. For example to open a fair it was necessary then to have the consent and Protection of the great lord in whose country it was going to be held. Those who wished to open the fair would come to the Noh Leuman and petition him to be present. He might be very Busy or bored at the idea of having to go yet lie would know that it must be opened or his people would to discontented. So lie would say to the leaders of the people a no my trusty Fellows i can to open the fair in person but i will Send my Glove to do it. You All know my Glove. Nobody Lias one like it in the country. It is the one my lady Mother embroidered for me in coloured hulks and Silver wire and it has a deep Violet fringe. You can hang it above the Entrance of your fair grounds As a sign that you Are acting with my permission. If any one disputes your right or touches his masters Glove i will attend to him that Sall a so the Glove would travel in state to open the . Nicholas. The a wee Pluff Willow Rong some people have heard of the Ballad containing the words a a in la hang my Harp on a weeping Willow tree a but perhaps it is not generally known that the author was a Young Man who fell desperately in love with Queen Victoria at that time a girl of seventeen. Tills Young Lover was heir to a Baron Etcy. But Baroness cannot approach Royalty in the Guise of a suitor though it took some time before the romantic youth could be brought to understand this fact. When at inst he did so he sat Down in despair and wrote the now Well known Ballad which was at that time published in a London paper and then he emigrated to Australia. La Cafini Cue much Eorio. If there is a Scarcity of Gold during the Twenty first and Twenty second centuries dentists according to a German statistician will probably be More to blame than any one else. He asserts that they use every year in filling Teeth and other work about 800 kilograms of Gold the value of which is $, and that at this rate tin graveyards of the various countries will contain in Moo years from now $150,000.000 Worth of Gold. Trail Shell in Fino meter. A curious barometer is said to he used by the remnant of the Araucania race which inhabits tin southernmost province of Chile. It consists of the cast off Shell of a crab. The dead Shell is White in fair dry weather but the approach of a moist atmosphere is indicated by the appearance of Small red spots. As the moisture in the air in creases the Shell becomes entirely red and Remulla a so throughout the Rainy season nothing has Ever equalled it. Nothing can Ever surpass it. Slew it for . Patients can you give me something for insomnia physician i can recommend something which amounts to the same thing. Patients for heaven Sake Tell me at once. Physician there is in fact Only one Sovereign remedy for sleeplessness and that is Bleep. Three dollars transcript. A nifty tint of . A you Are always More or less Skop Tienlu about what you see in a yes a answered the Man who has his own ideas about things. A truth May be at the Bottom of a Well but it in t an Ink Star. A. Homeless common Lff some people live in new York other exist. It is certain that a majority of our citizens never owned a Home. They live in rented Lints or houses All their lives and do not know the meaning of Possession. Many millionaires dwell in hired residences. Their Homes Are in other states but they must be in fifth Avenue during the social season and they must keep House. Philadelphia has been spoken of As a a Community of new York is a Coin Unity of rents. More than half of our people done to know what it is to pay taxes. Their obligations of citizenship Are settled by the landlord who takes everything out in the rent. We Are becoming a characterless York press. I a of tillable tin shop tor All kind of tin roofing spouting and general Job work. Stoves Heaters ranges furnaces Eto. Prices the Lou St que Lii the Best John Hixson no 116 e. Front St. Brown the Eye a specially eyes tested treated fitted with glasses artificial eyes supplied. Market Street Bloomsburg. A. Hours�?10 a. In to 5 p. In the Home paper of Danville. Of course you read t Al the in eople s popular i Aper. Everybody reads it. Published every morning except sunday at no. Ii e. Mahoning St. Subscription 6 cents week. I Cash Given away to users of Ilion a Are going to be More Liberal than Ever in 1904 to users of 1,100 Coffee. Not Only will the lion Heads Cut from the packages be Good As heretofore for the valuable premiums we have always Given our customers but in addition to the regular free premiums the same lion Heads will entitle you to estimates in our $50,000.00 grand prize contests which will make some of our patrons Rich men and women. Yoju can Send in As Many estimates As desired. There will be two great contests the first contest will be on the july 4th attendance at the is. worlds fair the second relates to total vote for president to be cast nov. 8, 1904. $10,000.00 will be distributed in each of these contests making $40,000.00 on the two and to make it still More interesting in addition to this amount we i g v a grand first prize of $5,000.00 contests and thus your estimates have to to opportunities of winning big Cash prize. Five lion Heads Cut from lion Coffee packages and a a cent stamp entitle you in addition to the regular to one vote in either contest free premiums p worlds fair contest what will be the total july 4th attendance at the St Louis worlds fair at Chicago. July 4.1893. The attendance was 283.273. For nearest Correct estimates received in Wool on spice company a office. Toledo. Ohio on or before june 30th. 1904. We will give first prize for the nearest Correct estimate second prize to the next nearest,etc.,etc., As follows 9 1 first prize $2,500.00 1 second prize. 1,000.00 2 prizes�?$600.00 each. 1.000.00 6 prizes 200.00 Quot. 1.000.00 10 prizes 100.00 Quot 1.000.00 20 prizes 60.00 Quot 1.000.00 60 prizes 20.00 Quot 1,000.00 260 prizes 10.00 Quot 2.500.00 Laoo prizes 6.00 a. E, total. 20.000.00 2130 prizes. Sagg printed Blanks vote on found every lion Coffee pack r age. The 2 cent stars mba covers the expense 01 our acknowledgement to Quot you that your is j �p0 Tim ate is recorded. Presidential vote contest n what will be the total popular vote cast for presiden a for All candidates combined 1 it the election november s 1� 1900election. 14.959.653people voted for president. For neatest or u rect estimates received in Woolson spice , office. I a a on or before nov 5.1904. We will five first prize for the near. T a it erect estimate second prize to the next newest. Etc. Etc. As follow -1 first prize $2.600 1 second prize. 2 prizes 1500.00 each 6 prizes 200.00 a a 10 prizes 20 prizes 60 prizes -250 prizes a 1800 prizes 100.00 60.00 20.00 10.00 6.00 1 000 1.000. 1 too 1 too 1 too 1 too 2,500 9.000 .00 00 oooo oooo oooo of 2139 prizes. Total. $20.000.00 4279�?prizes�?4279 distributed to the Public aggregating s45.000.00�?in addition to which we shall give $5,000 to grocers clerks see particulars in Liow Coffee Caset making a grand total of $50.000.00� Complete detailed particulars in every package of lion or. Kings hew discovery Quot big huh Maud holds Price 50c amp si.00 a perfect for All Throat and cure lung troubles. Money Back if it fails. Trial bottles free. New York Accawanna Railroad. U Bloomsburg division Ekht. A. M. A. M. A. M. P. V in 2091000 1 41 p. M. 6 17. 150 p. M. Buffalo. To 11 80 2 45v m. Scranton. A 5 58 10 05\. M. A. M. P. M. P. M a a rank ii i to 8b 1u 1u 155 6 �>3 Bellevue. I Lii Lackawanna. 6 50 it 24 2 10 6 50 Barytha. 6 6t iu2> 2 18 6 58 p it Taton. 6 58 to 88 2 17 6 57 Susquehanna ave 7 01 1087 2 1� 6 59 went Pittston. 7 05 10 41 2 28 7 02 Wyoming. 7 10 10 46 2 27 7 07 forty Lorl. 2 81bennett. 7 17 10 52 2 84 7 14 Kin Stonar 7 24 10 56 2 40 7 20 Wulken Barrera 7 10 11 10 250 7 30 Wilkes Barre la 7 10 10 40 2 80 7 10 Kings Toni 7 24 10 56 2 40 7 20 ply Mouth june. Plymouth. 7 85 11 05 2 49 7 2. Nanticoke. 7 48 11 18 2 58 7 87 Hun locks. 7 49 11 19 8 06 7 43 Slick sunny. H 01 1131 8 20 7 6a micks Kerry he 111 48 8 80 f8 08 Beach Haim. 1� 1148 8 87 8 0� Berwick. 8. 1154 8 44 i uriarcieek.f8 82. F8 50a 11 Low Quot 36fyk 54 Al 24 Lime kid. A. 8 40 fl20h 8 58 feb 2b a to. �16 1�?� 15 4 06 8 84 Bloomsburg. His 1222 4 12 6 4 j in pert. 8 57 12 2. 4 15 8 45 Ita Wissa. 9 02 12 32 4 22 8 re a Adville. 9 15 12 44 4 88 a of Cameron. 9 24 fl2 67 4 48. North umber Dar �35 110 4 55 9 80 East. A. M. A. M. P. M. P. He North umber i �6 15 flu 01� to 50 5 25 Cameron. �57f2 us f5 Danville. 7 07 10 1� 2 116 41 Catu Wisnuk. 7 21 10 32 2 23 5 57� 1087 888 f i Bloomsburg. 7 33 10 41 2 88 8 of spy. 7 38 10 48 2 40 6 if Lanm Ridge 7 44 6 0 54 k 4ti of a 2 Willow Grove. Of 4sf�50briare reek. 7 52f2 58 f 627 Berwick. 7 5 7 11 06 2 58 6 84 Beech Haven. 805 full 12 303 6 41 Hicks ferry. 811 full 17 8 us 647 shirks Lionny. 8 22 1j 31 8 20 f6 6� Hunlock a. 8 338 31 f7 0� Nanticoke. 8 88 11 44 338 7 14 Avondale. 8 41 3 42 7 22 Plymouth. 8 45 1152 347 7 28 ply Moullin june 8 17 352 Kingston a 8 55 11 5� 4 00 7 38 Wilkes Barre a 9 10 12 10 4 10 7 50 Wilkes barrel 8 40 11 40 8 50 7 80 Kingston nov 8 55 115� 4 0&Quot 7 38 Luzerne. 8 58 �u2 02 4 03 7 42 forty fort. F�004 07 Wyoming. »05 12 08 4� 76 West pets Toni. A 10417 7 51 Susquehanna ave. 9 13 12 14 4 20 7 51 Pittston. »1� 12 17 4 24 Bill Duryea. 9 234 2� 8 0 Lackawanna. 9 264 s2 Mil Taylor. H8t�440 �1 Bellevue. Scranton. A 9 42 12 86 450 hit . . P. M Scranton in �025 Al 55ii 11 a 8� Buffalo. A. 7 55. 7 0 a. M. P. M Scranton la 10.10 12.40 j3 85 2 if p. M. P. M a a new 3 30 5 a a a 7 35 6 5f a daily Dally except sunday of strips on signal or on notice to conductor a stops on signal to take on passengers Joi new York. Binghamton and Points West. T. K 1<auk k t. W. Lee in. Superintendent. Pennsylvania Railroad. Time t4ble in effect nov. 29th, 1903. A. . I. M. So ran ton 1 it amp a la i it it a 47 1 42 4 it. Pittston a a 44 7 05 fit 15 �2 10 5 58 a. M. A. M. P. M. Wilkes Barre. La $ 7 25 �10 35 a 2 45 sol 00 plym the ferry n Nanticoke. A Mocanaqua a Quot Wapwallopen. Nescopeck a Potis Villelo Hazleton Fern Kock Hen.4i Nescopeck. O1 Catawissa. Nescopeck. In Creasy Espy ferry. 4 e. 44 catawi.ssa1\ uth Shinville 4 7 42 10 50 8 01 11 07 8 10 ii 16 8 8 11 20 i. M. 5 507 057 227 247 358 02. F 2 52 of >7 3 01 8 1 z 2q 6 3�?T 3 31 6 4 8 42 7 00 . 11 m 2 45 �2 4. 3 05 8 06 8 15 8 15 22 22 4 00 4 00 i . 8 18 �11 2. 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