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Danville Montour American (Newspaper) - December 6, 1906, Danville, PennsylvaniaAnnual message l rats same Justice to it Lack and a Lite races educate All class Csc against corporation Campaign funds preachers of discontent scored. Washing an dec. 4 Presil it it roo8�vct in his annual message again urges the eau Treut of a Law prohibiting corporations from contributing to Campaign funds. He. Iso urges the passage of tie measure a inferring upon the government the right of a i Teal in criminal cases 011 question of Law. Continuing the president says i cannot too strongly urge the passe of the Bill in question. A failure to pass it result in seriously Ham paring the government in its Effort to it Htiu Justice. Especially against wealthy individuals or corporations who do wrong and May also prevent the government from obtaining Justice for wage workers who Are not them Olves Uble effectively to contest a Case where the judgment of a inferior a ourt has been against them. I have spec Holly in View a recent decision by a District judge leaving railway employees without remedy for violation of a certain so called labor statute. The importance of enacting into Law the particular Bill in question is further increased by the fact that the gov in i it has now definitely begun a pal it of resorting to the criminal Law in 11 be Trust and interstate Commerce Case where such a course offers a reason 1 Lechance of Success. T Roper i of injunction. In my last message i suggested the exact input of a Law in connection with j the issuance of injunctions attention a having been sharply drawn to the mat 1 ter by the demand that the right of a j plying injunctions in labor cases j should be wholly abolished. It is at j least doubtful whether a Law abolish 1 log altogether the use of injunctions in Fuvich cases would stand the te9t of 1 the courts in which Case of course the legislation would be ineffective. More i Over. I believe it would be wrong Alto Gether to prohibit the use of Lujune Tion. It is criminal to permit sympathy for criminals to weaken our hand in upholding the Law. And if men seek to destroy life or property by n of violence there should be no impairment of the Power of the courts to Deal with them in the most summary and effective Way possible. But so far As possible the abuse of the Power should be provided against by some such Law As i advocated lust year against liar Hong. 1 Call your attention and the Atten ton of the nation to the prevalence of crime among us and above All to the epidemic of Lynching and mob violence that Springs up now in one part of our country now in another. Each Sec j Tiou North South East or West has its o in faults. No Section can with Wisdom spend its time jeering at the faults of another Section. It should be Busy trying to Amend its own shortcomings. To Deal with the crime of corruption it is necessary to have an 1 awakened Public conscience and to supplement this by whatever legislation will add Speed and certainty in the execution of the Law. When we Deal with Lynching even More is necessary. A great Many White men Are lynched but the crime is peculiarly frequent in respect to Black men. The greatest existing cause of Lynching is the perpetration especially by Black men. Of the hideous crime of rape the most abominable in All the category of crimes even worse than murder. La vles Suess grows by what it feeds upon und when mobs begin to Lynch for rape they speedily extend the sphere of their operations and Lynch for Many other kinds of crimes so that two thirds of the Lynch lugs Are not for rape at All while a considerable proportion of the individuals lynched Are innocent of All crime. There is but one Safe Rule in dealing with Black men As with White men. It is the same Rule that must be applied in Deli aug with Rich lieu and poor men that is to treat each Man whatever his color his Creed or his social position with even handed Justice on his real Worth As a Man. White people owe it quite As much to themselves As to the coloured race to treat Well the coloured Man who shows by his use that he deserves such treatment. There is no question of social Equality or negro domination involved. In my judgment the crime of rape should always be punished with death As is the Case with murder. Assault with intent to commit rape should be made a capital crime it least in the discretion of the court and provision should be made by which the punishment May follow immediately upon the heels of the off Eure. No More shortsighted policy can be imagined than in the fancied interest of one class to prevent the education of another class. The White Man. If he is Wise will decline to allow the negroes in a mass to grow to manhood and womanhood without education. A preacher a Mere in dealing with both labor and capital with the questions affecting both corporations and trades unions there is one matter More important to remember than aught else and that is the infinite harm done by preachers of Mere discontent. These Are the men who seek to excite a violent class hatred against All men of wealth. They seek to turn Wise and proper movement for the better control of corporations and for doing away with the abuses connected with wealth into a Campaign or Nisi Eric excitement falsehood la which the is to inflame to madness the brutal passions of Mankind. The sinister demagogues and foolish visionaries who Are always eager to undertake such a Campaign of destruction sometimes seek to As soc late themselves with those working for a genuine Reform in governmental and social methods and sometimes masquerade As such reformers. In reality they Urs the worst enemies of the cause they profess to advocate just of the purveyors of sensational slander in newspaper or Magazine Are the worst enemies of All Ines who Are engaged in a honest Effort to better what is w in our social and g Over mental conditions. Corruption is us a or so Rife As in communities where the demagogue and the a Rita tor Bear full Sway because in ii ice communities All moral bands become i it oses to a and hysteria and Seurat Mal 1 replace the spirit of sound Judann and fair dealing As Between Man an i Man. La sheer revolt against the Semi lid anarchy thus produced men Are Sun in the end to turn toward any Der v to can restore order and then r Relief at being free from the in pc burdens of Oast hatred Vio Lence and demagogy is such Tufti Tuey cannot for some time be aroused to indignation against misdeeds by then of wealth so that they permit a new growth of tin abuse which were la part responsible for the original outbreak the one Hope for Success for our people lies in a Resolute Aud fearless but sane and Cool headed Advance along the path marked out last year by ibis very Congress. There must be a Stern refusal to be misled Luto following either that base creature who appeals and panders to the lowest la Spincis and passions in order to arouse one set of americans against their Fellows or that other creature equally base but no baser who in a spirit of greed or to accumulate or add to an already Lingo Fortune seeks to exploit ids fellow americans with callous disregard to their welfare of soul and body. The Man who debauched others in order to obtain a High office stands on a evil Equality of corruption with the Man who debauched others for financial profit and Beu hatred is sown the crop which Springs up can Only be evil. The Plain people who think the mechanics Farmers merchants workers with head or hand the Ines to whom american traditions Are dear who love their country and try to act decently by their neighbors owe it to themselves to remember that the most damaging blow that can be Given popular government is to elect an unworthy and sinister agitator 011 a platform of violence Aud hypocrisy. It a i Road employee a Hoar. 1 Call your attention to the need of passing the Bill limiting the number of hours of employment of Railroad employees. The measure is a very moderate one and i can conceive of no serious objection to it. Indeed so fur As it is in our Power it should be our steadily to reduce the number of hours of la Lair with As a goal the general introduction of an eight hour Day. Ali Era Are industries in which it is not possible that the hours of labor should he reduced just As there Are communities not fur enough advanced for such a movement to lie for their Good or. If in the Troph a. So situated that there is no analogy Between their needs and ours in this matter. On the isthmu9 of Panama for instance the condition Are in every Way so different from what they Are Here that an eight hour Day would to absurd just As it is absurd so far As the isthmus is concerned. Where White labor Cauuet be employed to bother As to whether the necessary work is done by alien Lack men or by alien yellow men. But the wage workers of the United states Are of so High a Grade that alike front the merely Industrial standpoint and front the civic standpoint it should be our object to do what we can in the direction of securing the general Observance of an eight hour Day. Let me again urge that the Congress provide for a thorough investigation of the conditions of child labor and of the labor of women in the United states. Tie horrors incident to the employment of Young children in factories or at work anywhere Are a blot on our civilization. In spite of All precautions exercised by employers there Are unavoidable act a dents and even deaths involved in nearly every line of business connected with the Mechanic arts. It is a great social injustice to compel the employee or. Rather the family of the killed or disabled victim to Bear a he entire Burden of such an inevitable sacrifice. In other words society shirks its duty by laying the whole Cost of the victim whereas the injury comes from what May be called the be Glt a mate risks of the Trade. Compensation for accidents or deaths due in any line of Industry to the actual conditions under which that Industry is carried on should be paid by that portion of the Community for the Benefit of which the Industry is carried on that is. By a those who profit by the Industry. If the entire Trade risk is placed upon the employer he will promptly and prop Erly add it to the legitimate Cost of production and assess it proportionately upon the Consumers of his commodity it is therefore dear to my Mina that the Law should place this entire a risk of a Trade upon the employer. Capital and labor Dan Putica. Records show that during the Twenty years from Jan. 1. 181. To dec. 31, 1900, there were strikes affecting 117,509 establishments and 0,105,094 employees were thrown out of employ meat. During the same period there Wen 1.005 lockouts. Involving nearly 10,ocr� establishments throwing Over 1,000, people out of employment. These strikes and lockouts involved an estimated loss to employees of $307,000,000 and to employers of $143,000,000, a total of $450,000,000. The Public suffered directly and indirectly prob ably a great additional loss. Many of these strikes and lockouts would not have occurred had the Par ties to the dispute been required to appear before an unprejudiced Bod representing the nation and face u face state the reasons for their con tent on. The exercise of a judicial spirit by a disinterested body representing the Federal government such As would be provided by a commission of conciliation and arbitration would tend to create an atmosphere of Friend ii Ness and conciliation Between contending parties. Control of l torpor Arloua. It Carnot too often be repeated that experience Lias conclusively shown the impossibility of securing by tie actions of nearly half a Hundred different state Legislatures anything but ineffective chaos in the Way of dealing with the great corporations which do not operate exclusively within the limits of any one state in some method whether by a National License Law or in other fashion we must exercise and that at an Early Date. A far More Complete control than at present Over these great corporations a control that will among other things prevent the evils of sex re Sive Over capitalization and that will compel the disclosure by each big corporation of it stockholders and of its prot Pertle and business whether owned directly or through subsidiary or at hinted corporations. This will tend to put n Stop to the securing of inordinate profits by l adored individuals at the expense whether of the general Public the stockholders or the wage workers. Our Effort should be not so much to prevent consolidation As such but 0 to supervise and control it As to see that it results in no harm to the people combination of capital like combination of labor is n necessary element of our present Industrial system. It is not possible completely to prevent it Aud if it were possible such Complete prevention would do damage to the body politic. What we need 19 not vainly to try to prevent All combination. But to secure such rigorous and adequate control und supervision of the combinations us to prevent their injuring the Public or existing in such form As inevitably to threaten injury for the Mere fact that a combination has secured practically Complete control of a dec ussury of life would under flu circumstances Snow to to such combination was to be presumed to be Adverse to the Public interest. It is unfortunate that our present Laws should forbid All combinations instead of sharply discriminating Between those combinations which do Good Aud those combinations which do evil. Rebates for instance Are As often due to the pressure of big shippers As was shown in the investigation of the Standard Oil company and As has been shown since by the investigation of the tobacco and sugar trusts us to the initiative of big railroads. Often railroads would like to Combine for the purpose of preventing a big shipper from maintaining improper advantage at the expense of Small shippers and of the general Public. Such a combination. Instead of being Forbel dded by Law should be favored. In other words it should be permitted to railroads to make agreements provided these agreements were sanctioned by the interstate Commerce commission and were published with these two condition complied with it is impossible to see what harm such a combination could do to the Public at Large. Init i tent and income tax. The National government has Long derived its a Iii of Revenue from a Tariff of imports and front a internal or excise tax. In addition to these there is every reason Why when next our system of taxation is revised the National Gore mine it Sli raid impose a graduated inc it i a a a tax and. If possible a graduated in it line tax. I .111 \. Ii aware that such a subject i Lii needs 1 my Aud careful study in order that the people May become wit i what is proposed to be Dono. 1 a y clearly see the necessity of to a a a Ltd i a with Wisdom and self re it r t a Aud May make up their minds jul. L Hgt a far they Are willing to go in tiie matter while Only trained legislators can work out the project la necessary detail rut i Feci that la the near future our National legislators should enact a Law providing for a graduated inheritance t x by which a steadily increasing rate of duty should be put upon and or other valuables coining by gift bequest or devise to any incl Al Lual or corporation. There can Lee 110 question of tie ethical propriety of the government thus determining the e editions upon which any gift or inheritance should be received. As the Law now stands it is undoubtedly difficult to devise a National income tax which shall be constitutional. But whether it is absolutely impossible is another question and if possible it is most certainly desirable. The first purely income tax Law was passed by tie Congress in 1801. But the most important Law dealing with the subject was that of 1894. This tie court held to be unconstitutional. The question is undoubtedly very intricate. Delicate and troublesome. The decision of the court was Only reached by one majority it is me new 01 inc Laud and of course is accepted As such and loyally obeyed by All Good citizens. Nevertheless the hesitation evidently Felt by the court As a whole in coming to a conclusion when considered together with previous decisions of the subject May perhaps indicate the possibility of devising a constitutional income tax Law which shall substantially accomplish the results aimed at. The difficulty of amending the Constitution is so great that Only real necessity can justify a resort thereto. Every Effort should be made in dealing with this subject As with the subject of tie proper control by the National government Over the use of corporate wealth in interstate business to devise legislation which without such action shall attain the desired end. But if this fulls there will ultimately let a no alternative to a constitutional amendment. Indus trial Tinl Ninffa. Our Industrial development depends largely upon technical education. Including in this term All Industrial education from that which fits a Man to be a Good Mechanic a Good Carpenter or Blacksmith to that which fits a Man to do the greatest engineering feat the skilled Mechanic the skilled work Man. Can Best become such by technical Industrial education. The far reaching usefulness of institutes of technology Aud schools of mines or of engineering is now universally acknowledged and no less far reaching is the effect of a Good building or Mecha Nica i trades school a textile or watchmaking or engraving school. In every possible Way we should help the wage worker who tolls with his hands Aud who must we Hope in a constantly increasing measure also toil with Liis brain. Under the Constitution the National legislature can do but Little of direct importance for his welfare save where he is engaged in work which permits it to act under the interstate Commerce clause of the Constitution and this �0 one reason Why i so earnestly Hope that both the legislative and judicial branches of the government will construe this clause of the Constitution la the broadest possible manner. The Farmer. The Only other persons whose welfare is As vital to the welfare of the whole country As is the welfare of the wage workers Are the tillers of the soil the Farmers. Several factors must co operate la the improvement of the Farmers condition. He must have the Chance to be educated in the widest possible sense in the sense which keeps Ever in View the intimate relationship Between the theory of a Duest Lon and the facts of life. Organ zat in Lias become necessary in the business world Aud it has accomplished much for Good in the world of labor. It be no less necessary for Farmers. Such a movement As the Grange movement is Good in itself and is capable of a Well Gigli infinite further Extension for Good so Long As it is kept to it own legitimate business. The benefits to in derived by the association of Farmer for Mutual advantage Are partly economic and partly sociological. Irr Lichton my for a a from re to. Mill la is now Thimig done for the states of the Rocky mountains and great Plains through tin development of the National policy of irrigation and Forest preservation no government policy for the betterment of our internal conditions has been More fruitful of Good than this. Divorce i win i Ion. I am Well aware of How difficult it is to Pas a amendment. Nevertheless in my judgment the whole question of marriage and divorce should la relegated to the authority of the natio my Congress the change would in u a of from every standpoint. In Pat in ular it would be Good because it Mould Confer of the Congress the pow i at once to Deal radio Illy and efficiently with polygamy Aud this should be Dune whether or not marriage and divorce Are dealt with. It i it neither Safe nor proper to leave the question of polygamy to be dealt with by the several states. 1 i Iii. Let me one Gaiu a All the attention of the coir brass t two subjects con Cerny Tig which i have frequently be fore communicated with them. One is the question of developing american shipping. I Trust that a Law embody no in substance the views or a major part of the views expressed in the re port on this subject Laid before the House at its last session will be passed. It seems to me that the proposed Meas ure is As nearly unobjectionable As any can be. The currency. I especially Call your attention to the second subject the condition of our currency law9. The National Bank act has ably served a great purpose in Aid ing the enormous business develop ment of the country and within ten years there has been an increase i11 circulation per capita from $21.41 to $33.08. For several years evidence has j been accumulating that additional legislation is needed. The recurrence of each crop season emphasizes tie defects of the present Laws. There must soon be a revision of them because to leave them As they Are Means to incur liability of business disaster. Since your body adjourned there has been a fluctuation in the interest on Call Money from 2 per cent to 30 per cent and the fluctuation was even greater during the preceding six months. The Secretary of the Treasury had to step in and by Wise action put u Stop to the most violent period of oscillation. I do not pres any Especial plan. Various plans have recently been proposed by expert committees of Bankers. Among the plans which ire Possi Bly feasible and which certainly should receive your consideration i that re Lea Eui it Oro Gur to your attention of the present Secretary of the Treasury the essential features of which have a Keu approved by Many prominent hankers and business men. According to this plan National Hanks should in permit Ted <0 Issue a specified proper ton of their capital in notes of a Given kind the Issue to lie taxed at so High a rate As 1� drive the notes a ask when not want .1 in legitimate Trade. This plan would not permit the Issue of currency to a a a Banks additional prof its. Hut to meet the emergency present �<1 by times of Stringency. I do not say that this is tin right system. I Only Adame it to emphasize my belief that there is need for the adoption of some system which Shari he Antoin tic and open to All sound Hank 90 a to avoid All of discrimination and favouritism. The Law should in amended so As specifically to prov de that tin funds derived from it n t m duties May be treated by tin of tie Irons try a be treats und obtained under i the internal to Ven in. Laws. There a should he a cons a Era Nile increase in j Bills of Small a leu . Fermi a a Ion should by Given h. Nos. If necessary under a of Ltd red rid ions to retire their circulation to i a larger amount than three millions a Mouth. Our omit link Lommo nne on. I most earnestly i a be that the Bill to provide a lower Tari 1 for or else absolute free Trade in la i filippine products will become m Law. No harm will come to any american in Ludiry. And while there will be s Cue Small but real material Benefit to the filipinos the main Benefit will come by the showing made As to put pose to �1�� All �11 our Power for Timeir welfare. I of to Hincu a him. American citizenship should be conferred Outlin citizens of Porto Rico. The Harbor it of san Juan in Porto Rico should in dredged and improved. The expenses of the Federal court of Porto Rico should he met from the Federal Treasury Hawaii. The needs or Hawaii Are Peculiar. Every Aid should be Given the islands and our efforts should he unceasing to develop them along the lines of a Community of Sumell freeholders not of great planters with cooly Tilleli estates. Ala a. Alaskans needs have been partially met. But there must Lee a Complete reorganization of the governmental system. As i have before indicated to you. I ask your Especial attention to this. Our fellow citizens who dwell on tin shores of puget sound with characteristic Energy Are arranging to hold in Seattle tin alas kit Yukou Pac Lilc exposition. This exposition in its purposes and Scop it should Appeal not Only to the people of the Pacific slope but to the Fth Opi of tie United states at Large. Hii Clita of % i a a a a. Not Only must we treat All nations fairly but we must treat with Justice und Good will All immigrants who come Here under the Law. Whether they Are Catholic or protestant jew or Gentile whether they come from England or Germany. Russia Japan or Italy matters nothing. All we have a right to question is the Many a conduct. If he is honest and upright in his dealings with his neighbor and with the state lieu he is entitled to and Good treatment. Is it scially do we need to remember our duty to tin stranger within our Gates. It is the sure Mark of a Low civilization a Low morality to abuse or Dis it time irate against or in any Way humiliate such stranger who has come Here lawfully Ami who is conducting himself properly. To remember this i incumbent of every american citizen and it is of course peculiarly a Ikumi unbent on every government official whether of the nation or of the so veral states i am prompted to say this by the attitude of hostility Here a and there assumed toward the Japan a in this country. This hostility is sporadic Ami is limited to a Var few places. Nevertheless it i most discreditable to us As a people and it May be fraught with tin Ura it a a a ii Ltd quo neos to the nation. I i a fair treatment for the japanese As i would ask fair treatment for germans or englishmen. Frenchmen russians or italian. I ask it As due to humanity Ami civilization. I ask it As it late to ourselves. He aus we must act uprightly toward All men. I recommend to Ali a a a ingress that an act to passed specifically providing for the naturalization a a a Lapius it who come Here intending to it in a ome american Cit Izz is. On of the great embarrassments attending tin performance of our a nth rat in ii ill obligations is the fact that the statute of the United states Are entirely Jiuu Dequant. They fail to give to the Fiat in Mil go a Mient sufficiently ample Power through United states courts and by the us of tie army Ami Navy to protect aliens �11 the rights see urn Al to them under so a Ltd my treaties which Are the Law of the land. I therefore earnestly recoil Inguid that the criminal and civil statutes of the United states be so amended am a la la a to is to enable the Presil la int. Acting of or the United states government which is responsible in our International relation to enforce the rights Ltd of aliens under treaties. Tie a filian Mailer. Last August an broke out in Cuba which it speedily grew evident that the existing cuban government was powerless to quell. Thinks to the Uren Aadnes of our new i was Able immediately to Send enough skips to Cuba to prevent tin situation from booming Liopo less. And 1 fur-1 Hern 1 or dispatched to Cuba tin Secretary a of War Aud the assistant Secretary of state a in or la a that they might grapple with tin situation on the ground. In a of or 1.1 not of with tin so called Platt an �11 -1��?� t 11. Which was embodied in the a Mii to Titi a a of Cuba. I thereupon pro lainu�?~,1 a provisional govern to ill ii met Fol War act til in the late i Cmor of the troops wer to Rob eco the ing Hall led Speed a and a a Island tin so a rotary of 1 to a vision Al governor 1111m replaced by or. Magoon. I ter t a Panama Ami gov a a anal a a a no on the isthmus sent to support them and v. Tin a a a pm a a lotion by a wit i most of till it in peace has Conn in tin Island Ami tin harvesting of the sugar Capo crop tin great crop of the Island is a but to a proceed. When the election has a a a it o held Ami the new government inaugurated in peaceful Ami orderly Fash it a tin provisional govern but will Conn to an end. Tin i Sintz Quot wishes nothing of Cuba a capt that it shall Prosper morally Ami materially f my wish a nothing of tin cuban that they shall be Able to Pic my a her among Thern-�m-1v��s and Vav to preserve their Lnda pm Inlet a. If tin a elections Beenu. A fan a and if tin a is Uris a Tio uary balt he a oils a on Linn Al pm tin Island it is a a Lully it it of lha a Iii estion that the should a on Tinin Independent am the United Stales which has assumed tin sponsorship before the civilized a a a a la for cubans career As a nation. We it Ulm a again have a to intervene Ami to so a it that tin government was manaia a in such on Lerly fashion As to secure the safety a of lit a and property. Tih i i Ltd of ill Tiu of. The a Ond International conference a it of re an re a Public a. Held in Mexico in die years 02, provided for the holding of the third conference within Fivey ars and committed the fixing of tic Triin and place and the Arr aug in it to or the conference to the governing Hoard a of the Bureau of Ann Riean rep Blu a. Composed of the repro so stat Ivy a of All the american nation in Washington. That Board discharged tin duty imposed upon it with marked Fidelity and painstaking care and upon the courteous invitation a of the United states of Brazil tin a a Nfn re a nce was held at Rio do Janeiro continuing from the 23d of july to it the 21 Ith a it Faugust last. Many Sib i ets of a a Ommon interest to All the ainu Rio an nations we re a discussed by the a of a Rem and the conclusions read a in a Al. Pm of lid in a series of resolutions and prot a in a eel conventions will in Laid but for it you upon the coming of the final rent of the american Delegate. I n in my trip. I have jut returned from a trip to Panama Ami shall report to you at length later on the whole subject of the Panama a anal. Tie lib pm Riim a invention. The mgr a a iras convention which was signed by tin United states As Well is by most Ltd of the Powers of Europe supersedes the previous convention of , which was also signed both by the United states and a majority of the european Powers. This treaty confers upon us equal commercial rights with All european countries and does not entail a single obligation of any Kiml upon us. And i earnestly Hope it May be speedily ratified. So a link. The destruction of the Pribilof islam fur seals by Pelagic sealing still continues. The Herd which according to tin Siiro. Y made in 1874 by direction of tin a engross numbered 4,700,000, and which according to the Survey of both american and Canadian . Lias now been reduced to about . This result has been brought about by Canadian and some other sealing vessels killing the female Seal while in the water during their annual pilgrimage to and from the South or in a Are i of for gtd. The pro of a the strut Tion has been aet a or ii Al during recent years by the a appearance of a number of japanese Vas in la a a i. Go a in Pelagic sealing. Suita i�1 re pro a Santa Titus regarding the Iii in int have by in made to the go in uni int of Japan Ami we Aro Asu a i tit a 1 i 1 Prat tic ahle measures will he in by that country to a prevent any re it unon e of the outrage. We Haw in Quot i relaxed our efforts to so urn an a with great Brit-.11 f a a �. Protection of the Seal Herd id 1 a a ration with Japan for 1 he a a a p a a a it a a Are in Progress. Tin Laws the Protection of the seals within la jurisdiction of the United slate med revision und am a Maliu it it. A pm Oihi Ili Ikue Unseren re. I my Iasi message i advised you that 1i1 a a Piper or a of Russia had taken the in 1 in Tiv in bringing about a Sec on a 1 it a a Ltd a a at a flip Hague. Una let a la. Pm Donee of Russia the a rain go mint of the preliminaries for so i a a a a a Nfn re in a a a by a in progressing a luring til pad year. Progress has my a ass Iri y in pm a la a a. Owing to the Grivat u of a a a Tintie to be Eon suite a us it a a by in motion that has Arisen n a a matter or sati sri Ciao. That All of tin an a can republics have now. For the ii i time been invited to join ill till App a poem a Fonfe Relief a. V Riu it n it�1 nut it. It must Ever lie kept in mind that War i not Heivly justifiable but Ini be Rativo a upon lion a Rabie men upon a Honorah nation when peace can Only a obtained by the sacrifice of a on Sci Netious Sonvi it Tion or a it of National we fare. Tin United states Navy is the sure St guarantor of pm a a a which this country . I a i a not ask that we Eon Tiute to in r a our Navy. I ask merely that ii be maintained at its present Tren h. Ami this can be done Only if we re inn the obsolete and outworn Pius by n and Good ones the equal of any at r in any Navy. To Slop Huilda g q f or one year Means that for that a a r in a a a Navy go Shack instead of f a v. In b it a i to in y and the Navy there is urgent a i i everything possible should Fie Don. T a maintain tin highest stand a 1 or tin jul Onuiel alike As regards tin a Ittis a Oil the enlisted men. I do my believe that in any service there i .1 liner a it by of enlisted men am of a 1 i in of fit o a than we have in both to a a y i i tin Navy in Luduig the in Ltd up West p. i a is already turn a u a a a . We to not need a a hav 1 a tools made More Chola a a 1 u the Crary. We should Ltd a a u la a the fact that the of a in a. A i to turn out a Man vhf in i a a a above everything else a i h u r Man. To nor a i a d soon be an increase in the mind a a it fim a for our coast defences Del an it i should he of the right Type 1 my pro pm Ray trained and there 1� mid in an increase a of pay f re a i i skills a grades especially in Ltd a i artillery. Money should 1 a a Aio tinted i a permit troops to be Mas i a by my exercised cd Man Euver Par a nearly in marching. A Mirror . Willi hit it in a i and a a 11 can. A 5 it a. Rii 1 can be mad Wii i 1. 1 1 no. By night when i a 1 a a a us. Hold the Mirror Boli. T a lib u a a a a age will be seen in it Ami you \ it a surprised to see four moms Insil Al of a pm. One Sioon v ill a very Bryte. To r Jio other three will i a �11 a Stalm 1 a my quite Dull Cun a nil in age in to 1 a a a of the Bright 1. A a j a id to Quot her two on the other it. Be. Turn the Mirror round slowly up a i i g it Law a to the Moon and a o 1�.e As will so Ein to revolve fail us a a Mon a a liter. Von <1 1 \ a i. A Ihu same Experiment a a a limit of the very Bright stars �1 a tins Venus or Jupiter but a Al Lite to the a will be three images a <1 of 1 1. A the number seen de it to i a o Bivas Ith of the object a Fie a i in i a Fuite simple. There in a two s i my in a Mirror Oue in front and the a it or where the a pick silk or i the i brightest reflection com a .1 tin object itself tie other ire a a a a known As secondary im-1l� r a i Fri the front to the pack Ltd 1 in or or and thence to they h in a a. Gic Mirror never fulls to sex Ite a a a o i Deal of wonder and i9 in tut re try a a pro tout As chronicle the Liberty Cap. It Iuni canot i Lute Ash it a Nick to i a r i it a re a a to iut a. orly limes one of the distinguishing Marks of a slave both id give o and Oriental countries generally. Was tin Lack of any covering for Ali head. A it Ltd in Lin by tie Cap came to be a Tom dared the insignia of Liberty and when slaves were Given their free item they were presented with a Capas Dii Emblem of it. In Sparta the helot9 wore a map of Dogskin and a this was reckoned a a no age of servitude but upon gaining their Freedom this was replaced by a a of a different a to rial. Of another shape Aud ornamented with Flowers. A similar custom v. Observed in Rome where the presentation a of the Miletis. Or Cap was always i part a of the ceremony of Manu nitting a slave hence arose the proverb. Servos and pile urn also a a a the Cap is tie Symbol of lib Ltd and is usually presented As being Beld in the right hand by the Point a lie.1 a it a was exposed to the Peoples View on the top of a Spear As in the a a �. It of the conspiracy against . It was intended As a Public invitation to them to i embrace the Liberty that was offered them. The goddess of Liberty on mount Avent me wa9 re a pro a a Nten Las holding a Cap la her hand a Symbol of Freedom. The jacobins wore a red Cap during the Ftp in a revolution and in England a him Cap with a White Border is used As a Symbol a of Liberty. The custom which prevails among University students of wearing a Cap 19 said to have Lead its origin in a wish to signify that the wearers had acquired full Liberty and were 110 longer subject to the Rod of their superiors. 0#�1 Fri Rich Bonfire probably the strangest detail re corded of the old Midsummer eve Bon firs i Oik in connection with those that used to be lighted in the Palace de in Paris. The main constituent of Ihu by fire was a tree which the King was Aei us Tomed to fire with his own Hau is the ashes being afterwards Carris Al Home by the people for Good Luck Louis Xiv. Was the last King who a Ini his part. A mysterious item of a Trier 1 Cie-5 was the burning in the to nil in a barrel bag or Basket full 01 cat -. To a a Sisters of Paris slow that a inn j a a mss were a a Aid to an f or having provided a luring 11 1 73 a All tin cats re quire re. As Saial for the fire a and also in a it it year. Who a tie King was pres int. A f it a. T 1 give pleasure to Bis Majes my 1 or having provided a great 1 a in which the said a a mis w a a a i in a 1 Ltd Hrovich Iii want to Flo Aii is of printing Iti a hit wine. A Satui a. about the strength a of real an t a a bite wines exists a said a Vine r. A because red wine has a Darker Richer look people think it is More Hutoxi rating. Tie opposite really. Is the Case. Red wines Are made by fermenting grape juice skins Ami seeds together. White wines Are made by of a uni Euting juice alone. 111 the skins and seeds there is a lot of Tannin and red wine contains much Tannin while White wine Coutair non. This Tannin an astringent. the 1� i Ltd of the stomach and prevents Ihu alcohol in the red wine from a Ute ring the blood freely Aud go Iii. A tin saying is. To it the head. White wine a Una one for instance a not pm in. Uni lie Nee its intoxicating pro a a a a Are much More keenly to it a a 1 a a Iho it a of tie Tannin red Fin i Hilmi Elphia Bulle t a raw Anna Railroad u Bloomsburg division Delaware Lackawanna Are a Westert Railroad. I in effect Jan. I 1905. Trains leave Danville Bast Ward. 7.07 a. Duly tor Bloomsbury Kingston Wilkes Barre a cd Scranton. Arriving so a Raa ton at a. In. And connecting at Scranton with trains arriving at Philadelphia at 8.48 a And new York City at 8.30 p. 10.15 a. Weekly for Bloomsburg. Kingston and intermediate stations arriving at Scranton at 12.85 . A c connecting the re with trains for new York City Philadelphia Aud Buffalo. 2.11 weekly for Bloomsburg Kingston Wuhu Barre Scranton and intermediate stations arriving at Scranton at 4.Rio p. 5.48 p. Dally for Bloomsburg Espy ply 1 Mouth. Kingston Wilkes Barre plot Stop Scranton Ana intermediate stations arriving at Scranton at .25 p. And connecting Lher with trains arriving Ai new York City a. O.5 ., philae Kipela 10 a. And by a Alo 7a m trains arrive at Danville 9.15 . Weekly from a Cantou Pittston Kingston b Ohms Borg and intermediate it. Inv in. Or int a at-5 a rn., where 11 Wili Trun Tav in a a York City Al 95u p in., pm Illas la Phi a a 7 a if . And Buffalo at hi.80 a a a. 12.11 1�. Dally a Ron Peranton Pittston Kingston Berwick. But a it a Burgand Interne ii ale stations Esing Scranton at 10.10 . A no i connecting there with or in a Vang Bulla oat�?~2. 5 a 1.88 p. M weekly of Scranton. Kingston. Berwick. Bloomsburg and intermediate Sta Lions leaving so ran ton at l.�>5 p. In., where it i Onne to with train leaving new York Cluj a f 10 00 a a. To a. Aunt Phuah in phia at 9.00 a. A 9.0. P in. Daily Fri pm Scranton. Kingston i Pittston. Berwick. Bloomsburg and intern dint stations leaving Sera Ion at ti.35 p. M., when it connects with trains leaving new York clip at 1.00 p. In. Philadelphia at 12.01 u m and Buflo Loit a i a. A. Clarks. Gun in not. T. W. Lab. Ion pass. A at. The Home paper a a lathe Couch and cure the lungs with or Kings new discovery c _. 0nsuiwpti0n Price Oug Sand 50c amp $1.00 Olds free trial. Surest and quickest cure for All Throat and Luno troubles or Money Back. Of Danville. Of course you read Ai a. Flolla ble tin shop tor All kind of tin roofing spout lne and general Job work. Stoves Heaters. A Naira furnaces a to. Pricks the Lou St ql1lity tub Best 0 a a John Iii sign no 119 e. Fruit 8t, the people a a a Pular i Aper. Everybody t is it. Publish. Verv mor except Smula no. Ii l us it Gill a. Well tasty Bill or ter head Poai a ticket Cir lift program Star a ment or card an advertisement for your business a satisfaction to you new Type Best paper All a a can ask. A trial will make you our customer. We respectfully As i that trial. No. N r. Mahoning a. v t

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