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Danville Montour American (Newspaper) - August 4, 1910, Danville, PennsylvaniaMontour american Frank c. Angle proprietor. Danville pay a aug 4, put it Roosevelt sees foreign element Wilkes Barre aug. 3. The Laok Hind the mafia and 11 undesirable citizens among the Oroian Clement of northeastern Pennsylvania were investigated this morning by sex president Roosevelt. Coming to this City at Midnight the ool Ouel accompanied by or. Abbott repaired to the residence of Rev. Father Curran at East end where they spent the night. Showed interest in mafia. This morning the colonel was astir Early and accompanied by father Curran John Mitchell or. Abbott and a party of newspaper men who trailed him in autos journeyed to Pittston. Arriving there the party allowed the a colonel to go on ahead and he at once plunged into the italian settlement which Lias for years been the scene of murders and Black hand outrages. He evinced a keen interest in the mafia the death Ile Aling italian society and wanted to know All about the Black hand but he was up against it As the italians to Tere although they appreciated the Honor of entertaining him did not care to risk a knife thrust for giving out information. Did not enter mine. The party then made a tour of inspection of the entire Valley going through Coal Breakers foreign settlements miners Homes and factories. When it came to going Down a mine the colonel watched with interest the operation of the Cage which carried them Down into the underground regions but did not care to make the journey remarking that it did not carry any Novelty with it for him. This afternoon the party were entertained at dinner at the Home of father Curran forty priests being in attendance. Following this another inspection was made after which the party journeyed to Bear Creek. Roosevelt will return to Wilkes Barre late tonight and leave the City for new York at 2 a. M. Paving May be extended cars Speed revives towns mile a minute gasoline motorcars Aid the Middle West. To meet the Competition of thou hands of Miles of new inter Ullmn electric lines the railroads of the Middle West Are adding to their steam rolling Stock Many mile a minute gasoline motorcars for a local these Lave the sharply pointed prows of a racing Motorboat and their windows Are like portholes. The doors Are at the sides. Each one has seats for fifty six passengers. The installation of these ears Lias put new business life into Many towns that formerly had the Benefit of Only one or two passenger trains a Day and has gladdened the heart of Many a suburbanite who had been denying himself the pleasure of the Heaters because he afford to sit up until 2 a. M. To get a train for Home. A 4 the franking congressman. If he has a Safe or trunk some Nice heavy Little chunk How does to transport the junk a a Franks it Home. If he has an argument to make Clear what s his intent Quick he follows out his Bents a a Franks it Home. A a it it if a Ball game he attends it it and the baseman grieves All friends a How will he attain his ends Frank him Home. To the mansion in the sky do not think that to will Fly. For Hon Bjelf he then will try franking Home. Ltd a Mclan Burgh Wilson in new York a Sun. I -34 -1 i i i i s Vi-s4&&w44 a electric Wink corrects time. The switching off of the current at Tho Central Power station at Capo town for a moment causing n Wink Ting of tile electric lights in Oery Frome. Gives the residents the exact time every night. Chichester up it Nadifi j Ante to Quot up Lorii Diamond Corn me. Ribbon. Tai Oriti in ill a lome i. Years Repart �.,. Soli by All la rust it tki Iid everywhere sst8i 60 years experience Trade Marks designs copyrights a. Anyone sending n sketch and description my quickly Asco Riniti it it or a ton free whether an invention to probably t a mime. Cut it ennui in to ions strictly Coti Dent in. Handbook it it ii i hit it sent free. A most Agency i pm Rurik to intents. Patents taken through Munti a co. Receive Tweeto notice without Char pro la the scientific american. A handsomely illustrated weekly. circulation of any Sci entitle journal. Terms t l a year . Soli by All new dealers. Munn amp co 3gib,,. F new York Branch office. Cut y St Washington in. C. Excellent Progress was made in the laying of Brick on East Market Street yesterday. The considerable surface covered together with the neat curbing set enables one to form a pretty Good idea of what that Section of the Street will look like when the paving is completed. Trio residents along East Market Street who have waited so Many years for paving take great interest in the improvement and As Leisure permits May be soon of the spot watching the Progress of the work. Rumours have become current to the effect that All difficulties have been practically obviated and that not Only the two squares Between Pine Ami Mill streets May be paved along with the others but also a considerable portion if not All the intervening space on East Market Street Between Cooke a court and Foust Street producing a neatly paved thoroughfare eastward All the Way from Mill Street to where the proposed Macadam shall begin. By just what process the Extension j of paving is to be accomplished is not explained but it is hinted that the proceedings at Council meeting probably tomorrow night May make the matter Clear. Now that the work is under Way and is showing up so satisfactorily it would not be strange if the sentiment in favor of paving should grow with the result that the entire Street May be ultimately embraced in the improvement. To Breed seals in Inland lakes Bering sea monopoly of fur is threatened. Northern states available a Mohammedan festival. To boots is an Indian festival in connection with the Celebration of the month of Mobarrak. Which begins the year of Tho True Mohammedan. This festival commemorates the death of Pronco toss Len the grandson of Mohammed who met his death in Battle after ten Days fighting against King Omar. Tho word taboo from which the festival takes its name Means literally a Tomb and it is always built in front of Tho Homes of some Rich nud important Mohammedans and under n temporary shed built for this purpose. The to boots Are made from thin Bamboo strips covered with highly coloured paper and it is always decorated with isinglass Gold and Silver paper Glass balls and much red and preen paint. On the ninth Day of Tho festival of taboos the taboos no carried in a Possession through the streets of Trio various cities in India. On Tho tenth Day All the to boots Are thrown into some River and thus ends the Mohammedan festival of Boston Herald. Primitive fire fighters. As late As the end of the sixteenth Reu Tury in London the sole method of extinguishing fires was by Means of contrivances known As a hand the so were usually made of brass with a carrying capacity ranging from j two to four quarts of water. The two quart a squirts Quot were two and u half feet in length one and a half inches in diameter at their largest part and but half an Inch at Tho nozzle. On each Aldo Wero handles and three men were required to manipulate a Osquirt.�?� one Man on each Side grasped the handle in Ono hand and Tho nozzle in the other while the third Man worked Tho Piston or plunger drawing it out while Tho nozzle was immersed in a Supply j of water which filled the Cylinder i the bearers then elevated the nozzle. A when the other pushed in the plunger the skill of the former being employed in directing the Stream of water upon the fire. Such primitive contrivances Are said to have been used during the great tire of 1000. Government experiments at Washington prove that animals will thrive in Captivity even in torrid summer climate of National capital. Solves perpetuation of species. Seal fanning is the latest Enterprise that government authorities suggest for new York state folks Trio raising of Tho real fur bearing seals now taken Only on the Pribilof and other islands in the Bering sea. This May seem u trifle extravagant but George m. Bowers commissioner of fisheries is authority for the statement that the government has demonstrated that these f in bearing seals can to propagated in the fresh water Lukes of new York state. Christmas presents Handy. Apparently a Christmas present of a Sealskin coat by a new York Lakeside Furmer soon will be largely a matter of telling his wife to go Down to the a a rookery Back of the House and take her pick of live pelts. Or. Bowers statement is based on experiments that the Bureau of fisheries 1ms been conducting for the last six months. The Bureau has had two fur bearing Seal pupa in Captivity and has demonstrated not Only that the pups can to raised by hand but that they will thrive in fresh water and will stand a sweltering Washington summer. This Experiment by the Bureau of fisheries i. A poked a Large Hole in the theory heretofore held by naturalists that fur bearing seals will not live la Captivity or outside their natural habitat. Means seals perpetuation. What the demonstration by Tho Bureau of fisheries May mean in a commercial Way Cun hardly be appreciated. The Trade in skins taken on the Pribilof islands Lias amounted to it More than $50.000/100 Slanco the Govek moot came into Possession of these Small bits of Barren lauds. Tho United states has received $9,000,000 alone for the priv Lego of Hunting on these islands which is $2,000,000 More than the government paid for nil of Alaska. When the United states bought these islands in connection with Alaska there were 5,000,000 seals of them. Now there Are Only 170,000, and the government has been obliged to terminate its lease with the Alaska commercial Eoin Pany with a View to giving the Herd an Opportunity to multiply. Quot what 1 would ilk to observed one Washington philosopher a is whether the women folks will accept Sealskin after to got to growing them at River Bridge a dig Burden the boards of commissioners of Mou tour Aud Northumberland counties jointly have become alive to the fact that the two counties have a burdensome proposition on their bands in the form of the handsome Iron Bridge that spans the River at this place. It is a source of constant expense. The commissioners have just paid out Trio sum of $2000 for painting the Structure Aud now Trio sidewalks need a general overhauling. Many new planks have been inserted but a Laige number of those remaining Are All go ing bad at the same time. In addition the falling of horses on the Slippery blocks with litigation resulting therefrom Lias to be reckoned with. As one of the commissioners put it yesterday there is not a Day but something is Likely to turn up. While the two counties Are jointly responsible for the care and maintenance of the Bridge upon the Montour county Board owing to its situation with reference to the Structure by common consent Lias devolved tiie duty of personally looking after the Bridge Ami our commissioners feel liar they have by far the most unpleasant Parr to perform. It was stated tuesday that during the next five years the North umber Laud county Board May be asked to relieve the Montour county commissioners by assuming directly the care of the Bridge. It is believed that in this Way the commissioners Aud incidentally the tax payers of Northumberland county will become More familiar with conditions about the Bridge and understand the necessity of frequent expenditure. Money bags tilt for Carter Toga Clark and Conrad stir Montana democratic politics. Sex senator wins first round mythical horses. Pegasus a Boru near the source of the Ocean Quot was the winged horse of Apollo and Tho muses. Bellerophon Rode this animal when he charged the chimera. Sleep nor a the Black horse of Odin had eight legs and could carry his master on sea 09 Well As land. This and Mil is believed to typify the wind which blows from eight different Points. A1 Borok a Tho lightning was Tho horse commissioned by Gabriel to carry Mohammed to Tho seventh heaven. He had a human face or. L the wings of an Eagle every step to took was Ial to Iii farthest Range of human vision. According to thess line legend the first Livorse was miraculously brought Forth by Neptune striking a Rook with his Trident. Curran and lord Clare. Curran the Irish advocate was on terms it of intense enmity with lord Clare the Irish lord Chancellor with whom when a member of the bar lie fought a due and whose hostility to him on tie Bench he always Sahl caused him losses in his profession Al income which he could not evil mate at i s than 30,000. The in i dents attendant i this disagreement were at times ludicrous in the extreme one Day when it was known that cur ran was to make an elaborate state ment in Elm Cery lord Clare Brough a Large Newfoundland dog to tin Bench with him and during the Progress of the most material part of i Case began in full to fondle the animal. Curran stopped at once. Quot a on go our. Curran a said Clare. A ooh. I beg n thousand Parilow my lord i really took it for granted that your lordship was engaged in consultation a the drawback. A can t you live just is cheap to to suburbs As in town a a yes. But everybody knows it out there.�?�life. Distance is a great promoter of and miration.diderot. Gae War can afford gifts. Tribute to King George cannot Deni enormous Fortune. The one War of Baron is now in the United states on his Way to England and has with him gifts for the new King which Are reported to be of extraordinary splendor and value. The maharajah can Well afford to be Liberal. For he is one of the worlds richest men. His collection of jewels is said to be the finest in the world lie possesses a Diamond necklace that is surpassed nowhere. It is composed of 200 brilliants of marvelous purity and would easily sell for More than a million dollars. Another of his treasures is a carpet four Yards Square la which Are Woven rubles diamonds and pearls to the value of $4.000,000. It represents three years work by skilled artists and jewellers. 8aving time or time Tablet. To most people especially when they Are of the Road time to Money but time tables Are not convertible into Cash la the pages of a through Savage Europe Quot Harry de Windt gives a curious and amusing experience on a russian railway some years ago. The patience of the russians is in marked contrast with the impatience of Amor Lenn travellers. All russians have a rooted antipathy to fast railway travel. If one May judge from an incident which occurred some years ago when i was travelling across the caucasus from. Antoum to Buku. We bad Rea lied a Tunnel at the Entrance of win b the train waited for at least i Twenty minutes. A there is something i remarked to a fellow passenger. A Job. No a he replied Quot we Aro Only making up the time. This to gel was recently made to avoid a Long Bend round n Range of Bills and is it now cuts off several Miles n Short delay is necessary so As to fit in with the scheduled a but surely we should save time by going 1 urged. 1 Quot perhaps snid my Friend. Quot but then you see they would have to alter All the time the two occasions. At n scotch Temperance meeting an old Man. Scarcely celebrated for his sobriety. Arose and after addressing the audience upon the desirability of moderation la All things remarked a my friends there s just Twa occasions when i Ink there was n chorus of Quot has a in the audience when he continued. �?o1 Only take whisky when i Hae Haggis for dinner Aud the Only other occasion when i Ink whisky is when 1 Hae no Haggis for just imagine a Why Don t they have women on juries Quot she asked a imagine a woman sitting through a Long argument by u lawyer nud lint interrupting a was the answer she re Buffalo express. She thought right. Mrs. Young i want to get n Devorc from my husband. Lawyer Well what Are your charges mrs. Young my charges mar a i thought i d have to pay transcript form of divorce in old Rome. In Tho earlier period of the roman Republic divorces were quite unknown and were rare right up to the time of the sullen wars. In the old Days the husband and wife who wished to Sepa rate appeared for the last time before the common Hearth a priest and priestess being present As on the Day of marriage a cake of wheaten Lour was presented to the husband and wife but instead of sharing it Between them they rejected it then instead of prayers they pronounced formulas of a strange severe spiteful character by which the wife renounced the worship and gods of the husband. From that moment the religious Bond was broken and. The Community of worship having ceased to exist the marriage without further do was for Ever York american freezing caverns. Republicans counted out of senatorial running by opponents and Melee of the millionaire mine owners begins to profit of party machine workers. Id on Effort to pick n successor for senator Carter of Montana the democrats of that state Are widely divided Between former senator William a. Clark the Multi millionaire mine owner and w. G. Conrad Tho Multi millionaire Bank president and promoter. It is True that senator Carter is a Republican but the democrats say that they will sweep the state and that the Veteran legislator author of the postal savings Bank Bill will be retired to private use. They say that the Only fight will be Between the two Rich democrats. Clark is in Lead. Tho Montauk democratic convention will be held in a few weeks. Tho democratic state committee has already met and in Tho preliminary skirmish the Clark faction seemed to hold the High cards. Conrad s friends however declare that they will nominate their Man. At t to time senator Clark was in the Senate lie was the richest member of that body. He was an object of Luger est to nil gallery visitors just is the exceedingly Rich or. Guggenheim of Colorado is now. Lie was said to have purchased his scat through his vast Campaign contributions and it is being snid now by the Conrad people that he will be willing to pay As High a Price for another term. On the other hand. Or. Conrad Lias also been a Liberal contributor to the expense fund of the Montana democrats. He has been the second Best Friend of Tho party whenever the lint was passed. There were times his friends say. When he paid All the party a Bills. Carter is potential. Tills fight Between the millionaires for a seat in the United states Senate has Altrui Ted More attention in Tho East for Tho reason that it involves senator Carter. The present senator is one of the wheel horses of the Senate organization. He Lias been consistently regular and always dependable. He is chairman of Tho committee on irrigation and was in line for promotion to the chairmanship of Tho committee on Post offices and Post roads should senator Penrose of Pennsylvania succeed senator Aldrich As chairman of the committee on finance. There is Strong insurgent opposition to senator Carter in his own party and this vote in the next legislature of his state it is said will go to the democratic nominee if it becomes necessary in order to defeat Carter. who is now making the fight against Carter is a native virginian and comes from Clarke county. He was much talked of As a vice president Hal possibility at the Linn John w. Kern received the nomination at Denver. Bible conference at hit. Gretna the fifteenth Bible conference under j the auspices of the Pennsylvania a Young menus Christian associations will be held this year at or. Gretna from saturday August 20th to monday August 21 the. In former years a number of Danville people have attended these conferences Aud have been greatly benefited by them. The conference is free to everyone and is especially designed to be helpful to menus Bible classes brotherhood men y. M. C. A. Workers Aud ministers. The list of conference teachers and leaders is As follows prof. Camden m. Cobren d. Litt. D., Allegheny College Rev. Edward Judson d. D., of new Tork City Bishop w. M. Bell d. I los Angeles California or. Fred b. Smith of new York City or. W. C. Pearce of Chicago Rev. Peter Roberts d. I of new York City Rev. Charles e. Hurlburt superintendent of the african Inland Mission Rev. John Greenfield Nazareth Rev. Paul s. Leinbac i of Easton or. Robert b. Adams of the Philadelphia y. M. C. A. The committee in charge of the conference is. W. G. Hean chairman Harrisburg Thomas l. Lawton Philadelphia h. G. Coleman Norristown Joseph m. Steele Philadelphia Henry b. Mccormick Harrisburg a. Smith Lebanon John a. Eby Secretary in charge Calder building Harrisburg. Woman seeks governors chair in new Hampshire. Once associate counsel with Robert g. Ingersoll. Mrs. Morilla m. Ricker of Dover who Hopes to be the next governor of new Hampshire has filed a formal application with the Secretary of into it Concord accompanied by a Check for $100 which is necessary to enter her name As a candidate under the new state primary Law. Mrs. Ricker was the first woman to seek u diplomatic Post and seut her photo by audio Itcan press association. Uus. Mainuli. Yesterday a scores. Sisal Eli Anna league a a Copeck 4 Berwick 15. Exhibition game. Nanticoke 0 Bloomsburg i. American league. Athletics 2 Chicago 1, Washington of. Louis rain. New York 2 Csc Lelaud 4. National league. Pittsburg to phil�., j. Pittsburg a Phi la., 4. Cincinnati 4 Boston 5. Cincinnati 0 Boston 5. Chicago a a new York 0. St. Louis 3 Hook leu. 5. Subterranean caves that Are lined with crystalline ice. There Are deep cavities and tunnelled recesses la the Earth far away from sunlight and held in the tight Embran a a of Rocky strata where secret hoards it i glittering ice find habitation All the year round. Yet Down in these queer places Tho ice is As Clear and Chrys Tullino As any that nature maintains in Tho open air. Moreover it occurs of a truly grand and massive scale. Imagine thick underground ice Wall and floors and craftily fissured columns Beautiful in shape and color streaming from roof to floor of lofty Rock Chambers and under the slow drip drip drip of percolating Antei this same Ico learns to fashion its into Cave adornments Frozen water drops Curling slopes stalactites and i stalagmites of fantastic shape and Rainbow hues. Subterranean cold Waves or a is they Are frequently called. I crop up in some 300 scattered localities in Europe. Asia and America but All with rare exceptions whether True i a caverns or Grottoes and deep hollows Are confined to the North temperate to Glons of those continents that is. To on nagging. My son taught to u lesson on the subject of a a nagging Beu he was but four years old and one that i have never forgotten lie had been guilty of u email Misdemeanour and had tried to wiggle Ait of it by not telling the exact truth. I gave him a Mil spanking and. As Lias always been my custom. Talked the matter Over afterwards. 1 began by saying. A now Robert if Ycu bad told to the truth 1 should not have punished he stood before me ser plug Ono loot along the carpet and he looked up at me and said Quot what would you have done a and 1 answered a i should have Only talked to a Well Quot he drawled a How Long would you have talked Quot he is a big boy in High school now but when times arise requiring a reprimand and i Sci a t Thi hear that Little . U1 you have talked it i the Point and. S.-v on the Subjo a language. I a it Fer to it Liga Nec Essa r \. Application to president minister to first woman the bars of and of new elate count Ingersoll in \ m. Kick he of new ii amp Shille. With Strong endorsement. Mckinley for the Post of Colombia. She was Tho lawyer to be admitted to it the District of Columb a Hampshire and was Asso a i with colonel Robert .1 the Star route trials there was no music. Quot what is the greatest fib that Ever impressed itself on your experience. Snapper a Quot Well by All Odds the wow one 1 Ever heard was that your quartet perpetrated last night when they came t round to the House and Sang a there s music la the air a the term3 of Exchange Quot we wish la arrange for an Exchange it prisoners Aaroin cd a South american dictator. Quot of what basis a inquired the i it. A of the other Side. Quot the usual basis eight Glt neral a a a Good husky private.�?�louisv ill a courier journal. Parker s hair Balsam clean Ami Beau Tiff Tif tar. Promotes x luxuriant fro web. Never fail to restore Oray hair to its Youthful color. Cur a a a a Alp i i�.-, pc hair to. Bug. 5v.ftiiil Al v at i niger a 69 went to eagles Mere. Sixty nine people from this City yesterday accompanied the Philadelphia amp readings annual excursion to Engles More. The excursion included a number of other towns in this Section. Places where tin re is a sufficiently i j temperature it some portion of the year to reach freezing Point and Render snowfall possible.pearson�?Ts Magazine his maternal grandma. A devoted father after a Days absence was met by his two Little sons Quot have you been Good boys silence. Quot have you been Good boys Quot a no. Papa i called grandma a bad said Flo year old turning Scarlet. Quot is it possible what did you Call Jour grandma Quot Quot i called her a human the father with n mighty Effort maintained his Gravity and closed the scene decorous by. Quot i must forgive you for once but remember if you Ever Call your grandmother a human being again i shall have to spank Pennsylvania Railroad personally conducted excursions it v say j Pps the Apple crop will be Small Harrisburg aug. Z. Unlike the wheat Oats and crops which have been phenomenal this year the Apple crop will be Small. A taking the whole state into said economic zoologist surface yesterday afternoon a there will probably not be More than half a crop of apples this year. Last year tie crop was better but Heense of the smaller crop this year Aud the utilization of improved Orchard methods the prices to be obtained will lie higher than those that prevailed last fall. A the apples in the Eastern part of the state Are very much More abundant than in the Western part of the state. The frosts of Tho late Spring injured the Trees in the Western and Northern parts of the Commonwealth. A the dry weather of the past few Mouths will have considerable to do with the cause for the Small crop but this is no entirely to blame. Orchard owners All Over the state Are beginning to learn that apples grow better in alter Ato years. Last year the crop was Good although not a full crop this year it is smaller Aud All things being equal next year the Apple crop will lie Good again. A the owners of Orchards Are learning through the divisions experimental Orchards How to take care of their Trees and reports from All the Orchards under the supervision of this division and from those Orchards that followed our directions show that the apples Are doing very Well. A there is a Box of apples a a continued professor surface pulling off the lid a that i just received from the Orchard of j. F. Hollenstein of Lehighton where demonstration work was carried of. Every one of these apples Are perfect. There Are no worm holes of insect bites in these apples. A one strange thing about Tho applet this year is that of healthy Trees that have been sprayed there Are limbs that Are near the breaking Point with fruit while other limbs of the same tree Are practically Bare. In some Orchards that have been properly looked after there Are also some Trees that Are full while right next to them Are Trees with very Little fruit of then. A Pennsylvania is becoming one of the Best Apple states in the country. The demand for Pennsylvania apples is forging right ahead. 1 am almost daily in receipt of letters asking about the crop this year Ami there Are Many dealers who never came into Pennsylvania before who during the past few years now buy their apples Here. While Pennsylvania cannot compete Niagara Falls August 10, 24, september 7, 21, oct. 5, 1910 round trip 87.30 from so. Danville special train of Pullman parlor cars. Dining car and Day coaches running via the picturesque Susquehanna Valley route ticket. Konii Roiner it it a special train and Connery Tonii train Ami Rood returning on reside fifteen Days Stop off will i it 1 t a it. It 11 f ill l if or Uiti it i my by a Del ticket agents. Geo. W. Hovi j. R. Wood a fact Enger Traille manager general la-.enrer Apen Runciman and Henley. It is related that shortly after Runci Mau. The Well known writer of sea jurors and smugglers and poachers had bitterly fallen out with w. E. Hen icy he Lay dying la London. To Henley in Edinburgh lame and ill. Came an indirect message that Runciman i relieved that if Henley would come and look of him he would get Well. It was a dying Man s whimsy but Henley took the train from Edinburgh and arrived in London to find his Friend dead. the spell. Dasha Way a few Short hours ago i was sitting with a girl telling her she was the Only one in All the world i Ever loved and so Forth. Cloverton and she believed you. Did t she Quot allow could she help it Why 1 believed it myself.�?T�?Tlife without trimmings. Payne an examiner at Cambridge University whose questions were always of a peculiarly exasperating a Ture once asked a student it a special examination to Quot give a definition of Quot an exemption from Payne a was the reply. A telltale touch. A is it True that sightless people rut Tell the color of things by touch some Cue asked a Blind Man. Quot occasionally came the answer. Quot if. For instance. I touched o Rod hot poker i could Tell it was red. Swift s sarcasm. A my said Dean Swift a Sermon Quot there Are three sorts it Pride of riches of birth and of tul ends. I shall not now speak of t. Latter none of you being liable to the abominable she got it. He time 11 30 p. My and Yon Ali think of me when am gone Slit thu a pressing n Yawn ill try to i you la Ever give me an Opportunity. Catarrh Ely scream Bain a is quickly Abs Orbe let. Gives Relief at once. It cleanses soother and protects Tho diseased membrane resulting from Catarrh and drives Awny a cold in Tho 2�hay fever Fatte and san. I. To eta., at drug Giste or by i. Ill. I i in 1 it. Ely Brothers. Go warn a a \ now York Tabulov doctors find a Good prescription for Mankind. Tho 5-cent pm Ketis enough for Usua . The family bottle t?0 contains a of tipple for a year gifts

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