Danville Montour American in Danville, Pennsylvania
4 Aug 1910

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Danville Montour American in Danville, Pennsylvania
4 Aug 1910

Read an issue on 4 Aug 1910 in Danville, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Danville Montour American.

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Danville Montour American (Newspaper) - August 4, 1910, Danville, PennsylvaniaHer the time came her deck Sion was quickly made. By Sarah Bryce Vaughan. Copyright 1910, by american prese association a a Obj it is a said the ranch Man a that some it Mien can t make a straight Deal with a Lover. A we had a Case out Here oct where a Gal Kep two Fellers Dangin after her till she pretty nigh set both on pm crazy. At last she had to decide All on a sudden and it did no to take her a second to show which one on pm bad her heart. Me be she did no to know herself before that which did Hare it. And me be she did know. Least always there Wasny to no hesitation when the time come to make a show Down. Quot she was a Little mexican Gal. Her father had belonged to a big family in Spain and sence most o the big families there Are Down at the Heel and Herrara being the youngest of twelve children be West to Mexico married and come up to this Here territory to raise sheep. He had a daughter. Pac Quita Boru on his ranch. From the Timo she was Able to walk she was out of doors nil the while climbing fences and Trees and when she was four was Rodin the horses to water. A a when Lacquita was sixteen she was a terror to her father and Mother she could shoot ride swing a Lariat do anything a co Lioy could do. In be been her toss her handkerchief 011 the ground ride by it at full Speed nud with one Spur hooked to her Saddle reach Down and pick it up. At that time be used to Wear her hair to win out like a Comet s Tail same As Little gals do and it was topped by a Sombrero. Her jacket Aud skirt were mexican with Lota of Gold braid ller eyes were Black and her comple Lou almost As dark As a Quad Roon s. She got that from her Mother who had Aztec blood in her. Quot there was a mexican Loy whose father owned a ranch near the Herrara property that was brought up with Lacquita. He was just the same age and they were just Elko Brothers. Least awns it seemed to me that Lacquita was More like a brother to the two men Weke 8lnking lower. Jose Serrano than a sister. But i reckon they was More like lovers from the very first. Quot they was always together till one Day a Young English Tua u cot no out Here to let a n rancher. He was the sleekest looking Feller i Ever see. Edward a listen was his name and he wus a thoroughbred and no mistake. 1 did no to see him re Din about with Lacquita till some time after his Cornin Here then 1 used to see Mem together often. It did no to seem to the that if the englishman wanted her the Little mexican would stand a ghost of a chant. But. While she was with the britishers a Good Deal she did no to drop the mexican. She appeared to be just As fond of him As Ever. But what kind of fondness it was. Now that Auston bad come along. I did t know. It seemed to to that sooner or inter the Little Chap would find out that he was nowhere and the britishers had the right of Way. I used to meet Lacquita re Din Fust with one and then with the other of these men. When she was with Jose he looked sullen and i reckoned she War trying to make him believe she did no to care nothing at till about a listen. When she was with Allston i Eek Ned she was Triu to bring him uder her spell. They was a Fine con Rast. Them two. She a dark Spanish Senuty. He a fair haired Blue eyed britishers. It did no to appear to me that he was More interested in her than if shed been any other Gal. It War the Way she Slung them big Black eyes about that made me think she was trying to in so him. Quot the reason i took All this interest in the matter was that i was As fond of Lacquita As if she d been my own Little Gal. One Day i overtook her re Din along the Road alone. After awhile i said something against the englishman just to see How 6he�?Td take it. She fired up you bet. Then i told her 1 thought Jose Herrara was Worth three of Edward Allston. She looked kind of funny but did no to soy nothing. Quot a Well Little Gal a i said when i left her a better decide Between Mem. I would be cruel to keep Mem on the anxious seat a a t Don t know a she said a that i have the privilege of decl in Between Quot with that she cantered away kind of glum. Quot i knew Well enough that so far As Jose Herrara was concerned she could have him whenever she wanted him. But 1 did t know anything about her having the englishman. Quot but As time wore on i saw Lacquita Allston More and More together Reno seemed to to dropped race. It was perfectly Nat ural that a a he Lookin Man with swell manners should supplant a boy who did t show up for much except that he was a very Good kind of a Feller he d been no a but the Only person Lacquita had Ever conto across for u Lover and when a Moil no better turned up it was ii Tirral she should gradually let go her hold on the first and get a grip on the second. Quot but the time come when it was Plain enough that the englishman had been landed and was Layla on Bis Side gasping. What 1 mean by that is that the Gal had Woven a spell about blk he could t resist and he was dead gone on her from that time she did not seem so stuck on him As she was before. That a the Way with All of us when we once git a thing we done to care so much about it As we thought it did. That a what i thought was the Case with Lacquita. But them As knew told me i was wrong. They said she was in love with Allston and Wos Gold to marry him. Quot the race was Corning to a flush. With big Odds on Allston. Leasta ways. It would a a Boon ridiculous for in Achi Itin to stick to a boy Lover when she could git a Man and a Fine Man it that. Ilm she did no to seem to want to decide. Quot one Day Lacquita was out 011 hoi horse got up. As usual. In her mexican Toggery a revolver at her Side and a Lariat it the Pommel of her Saddle when she saw the two men who was courting her re Din toward each other she Woude Rcd what they was gain to do. She did no to want Mem to fight fact is. All along she had been Keehln ser Rano from pack in a quarrel with All stun. Then she remembered that t in re was n Quicksand Between Mem. And she began to worry lest one on Mem would git into it. She reckoned Jose Serrate knew All about it. But she was t sur. Allston did. They was a Rodin kind a reckless especially Serrano and site made up her mind there War Golno t. Be a fracas. She War hound to Stop it so she started for Mem. Quot Well before she reached Mem the met. She saw that Serrano was talk in mighty Savage to Allston. While Allston was a Keehln his temper Gnu putting his horse which seemed Resit a to keep him quiet. Lacquita Rode on u9 fast As she would make her beast go. Dreadin every minute to see the two men come to blows. Then she noticed that there seemed to be some think the matter with both their horses Serrano went on Talkin excitedly but Allston stopped paying any attention to him and was Lushiul his Thorse. J tie horse seemed to be making a great Effort to do some Thiu but did t do nothing. Then Serrano s horse was a making the same efforts. Quot Lacquita turned Pale for she knew that both tier lovers had struck the Quicksand Aud once in it there was no chant for either of Mem to get out she made tier horse do her Best Tison whip and Spur but she was Rodin across country with no Road and the Golno was bad. The two men were Sinkln lower and lower and Phourin like mad for help. Lacquita was tin Only person to hear Era and there was Little Prospect shed reach Mem before they suck out of bight. She wus Otey a Gal anyway. Quot when she Rode up to Mem a bib horses Heads was the Only part of Al tier Critter above the Sand and both men had sunk to the Waist. Allston being the heaviest bad sunk a lilt it lower than Serrano. Lacquita wrung her hands for a moment wild at uni being Able to help Mem each of Mem Lookin at her pitifully. Then she remembered her i Arius. Quick As a Flash she unwound and poised it ready to throw. Each Man was up to his armpits. Even if she had time to save one on Mem she have time to save the other. Quot this is where the time come i Tel i in you about at the beginning of this yarn where Tho Gal had to decide which one of fhe two men she loved. A or. Rather the love for one o Mem that was in her decided the matter fur her swin Giu the Loop around three or four times she let it go and it shot Cut Over the Quicksand. Quot which o them two Fellers do you suppose the Loop fell on Why the lit a it mexican. When it Cote to the pint the child love that had grower like a Young Twig was stronger than tin new thing that had come when in a Quita was grower. Quot the rope fell True and in a Mann i was around jose�?T9 shoulders under i arms. Pack ult Bud the other end fastened to the Pommel of her sad die and Startin her horse gently to As not to break the rope he pulled the mexican out. Then she fell in a Bulut hut Serrano did t waste to time on her. He threw the Lasso to Allston. Who caught it in his bunds. Serrano was Tuggie away Tryon to pull the britishers out. When a horseman up geared and. Coming up. Lent a hand. Together they hauled Allston on to firm ground. Quot that was the end o the rivalry be tween these two men Allston went Back to England and married the daughter of a lord. Serrano married Lacquita. Ail of which goes to show that if a Gal is in doubt Between two lovers she Kin find out which one she it ants by havin a Chat act to save the life of Only one of pm not of exclusion. He-1 had a hard time getting a Good wife. She goodness have you been married several times Quot of. No. But i courted my present one six years a Philadelphia Ledger usually the Way. Mamie she is trying to keep her marriage n secret. Maud How do you know a she told me to forgive a fault in another is More Sublime than to be faultless Georgo with a missing thu bit was important evidence but came in late. By Willard Blakeman. Copyright 1910, by american Presa William Burch was graduated at the scientific school of the University Aud became in assistant in an institution for original scientific research having a Rich Uncle unmarried and childless who was intending to make him his heir he had Laid out a career for himself by which to might devote his time to study and investigation. This Uncle a or. Trevor was cashier in a Bank. One morning Young Burch received a note from ids Uncle asking him to Coll that afternoon at 3 of clock. Burch called. Half an hour later he was seen to leave his uncles House very red in the face and muttering to himself. The Only person living in the House with the Uncle was an old woman w to took care of it. She heard or. Trevor say during burches visit Quot that a the Best 1 can do for Burch replied angrily Quot you have placed me in a very trying position having advised me to follow a career that pays nothing and promised to Back me 11 a you put me off with Quot a Here the door was closed and the housekeeper heard no More. Or. Trevor always went out to Din nor usually it his club at 0 of clock. Mrs. Morton his housekeeper noticed that he did not ride out during the afternoon of his nephews Call Ami at 7 of clock to had not gone to dinner. She went to his room knocked and received no reply. Entering she saw his dead body on the bed. Running to Tho Telephone she called up William Burch and told him to come it once something had happened to his Uncle. Burch came and with mrs. Morton went to his uncles room. He did not speak for some time be Long evidently under Strong emotion then he said Quot mrs. Morton who has been with my Uncle this afternoon besides my self Quot Quot i have seen no one come or on the table stood a decanter of whisky a Glass and a soda bottle in a Silver Holder. The a lend Man had Boon utter dream on. A is no to that a perfect dream of a hat Quot she demanded of the Man by her Side. Quot i said Quot she repented after some seconds of silence. Quot Isnit that n dream of a Bat a still silence from the Man. Then she von t u Fui by Quot Why Don t you say something Quot Quot my dear you so enied to enjoy your dream so that i was afraid of waking you the Man then replied. Examined the it on tents critically. Drinking some whisky and soda and had left a part of it in the Glass. Buivis took up the Glass nud examined the contents critically. Then stooping so As to get very near the Holder he get i mined if closely. Quot when was it polished a he asked. Quot this morning. I polished All the Silver this a part of the surface was blurred the rest was Bright. Quot did you handle it after polish Ltd it a Quot Only by the Burch put his Mouth nearer the Holder und breathed on it. Then Tak Long a Little hand Microscope from his Vest pocket he brought it to Bear on bit blurred surface. Quot us a Quot he said. Quot Well Quot said mrs. Morton interrogative by. Quot where can i lock up this bottle Holder Quot Quot in any of the closets. There a one on each Quot no. Every Nook and cranny of tin House will be lie threw himself into a chair pm thought. Mrs. Morton stood waiting Tho dead body Lay on the bed. Filial by Burch rising said Quot i must risk Quot risk what Quot a before reporting my uncles death i must remove the bottle Holder Promise me that you will say nothing about for the first time mrs. Morton cast a suspicious glance it or. Burch. Quot if in a questioned about it i shall he obliged to Quot if you Are questioned mrs. Morton gave n reluctant consent. Quot get me a pasteboard Box that wit hold she went out of the room and presently returned with a Box. Burch Cut a Hole in it Large enough to let through the stud of the bottle Holder by which he grasped it. Using the Box As a protector so that nothing could touch the Silver surface. Quot Call a mrs. Morton did As directed and Burch carrying the bottle Holder by its stand part left the House promising to return soon. Within Twenty minutes he was Back. Then to went to the Telephone called up the police and reported that his Uncle bad died suddenly under very suspicious circumstances. The Coroner was not Long in coming and after carefully inspect Long everything in the room went out Locking the door behind him nud putting a policeman on guard. While this was in Progress William Burch was locked in his own room with a detective. Quot my Uncle has Boon poisoned a he said Quot by some one whose left thumb is missing. I wish you to Flud that person. If you done to i shall either be executed for murder or imprisoned for use or go Forth n Man with a blighted reputation. I was the last person known to be with my Uncle before his death. In a few Duys or at most a few weeks i shall be arrested. Quot these Are my disadvantages. Of the other Side i am heir to Ray Uncle s estate and can pay my lawyers and you Well. I care nothing for them provided you succeed. Go. Find the Man with the Tel Ssang in just two Days from that Day William Burch was arrested for the murder of his Uncle John Trevor. After the usual delay the Case came to trial. Mrs. Morton was the first witness for the prosecution und Oue of the first questions asked her was if there had been a Holder for the soda bottle found in Tho deceased a room. She replied that there had been and when questioned further testified that the accused Hud taken it away. This without any other evidence was enough to convict Burch. Another feature alone was also sufficient to that end. Burch was his Uncle s heir. A third feature admitted by Burch himself clinched the other two. Being put on the stand by his counsel and asked what had passed Between him and ids Uncle it their last interview. Burch said Quot my unde sent for me to Tell Ine that he was intending to marry. This would turn his property away from me. Lie proposed to make my inter est in it dependent upon the will of the lady he was to marry. To this i All wondered it this admission which indicated plainly that in order to save a estate which was to pass to another Tho prisoner had murdered the owner. A witness for the defense had been summoned in the Persou of Edgar Whipple a bookkeeper it the Bank at this Point burches counsel called Whipple to the stand. He Wos a Pale nervous Man who seemed to be dreading the ordeal before him. The examination of the witness developed that he had been carrying on his books a deficit of some $30,000 which he had lost in speculation. The next move of tie defense was an attempt to prove that he had visited or Trevor on Tho afternoon of the murder. That or. Trevor was the Only per son who knew of his Deal cation and that the two held a conversation on that subject. All this Tho witness denied and As there was no proof of it the opinion of those in the courtroom was that a mistake had been made in attempting to establish it. Without dismissing the witness counsel for the defense gave no order to an attendant who disappeared and returned carrying a pasteboard Box. Which he placed on a table before the lawyer. The cover was removed and he lifted by its base from the Box a Silver bottle bolder. Every person in the courtroom Bent Forward with eager attention. Nutu rally it was inferred that this was the missing article that miss Morton had testified the prisoner had removed. / sensation was expected Aud a Sensa Tion was realized. Counsel fur the de Fonse still holding the bottle Holder by its base carried it to the jury Box. Breathed on it. Handed a Microscope to the jury Man nearest him and invited him to examine the surface. This process was repeated with every jury Man. Then carrying the Holder Back to the table Tho lawyer set it Down and said Quot gentle my n of the jury this stand held the bottle used when the murdered Man took his last drink. Tax Sod was poured into the Glass of whisky by some one who hold it in his left hand the thumb of which was mis it lug. This person then dropped in the Glass a a lose of prussic acid which has since been found there by experts you have sex Mim d the Silver surface and have found the imprint of a hand with the thumb missing. That imprint came from the moisture of the hand that grasped the Silver. It dried out. Hut i revived it with my moist breath that you could All see it that you might All have proof that the person who it it ilm lumber was a Man with a missing then turn lug to the witness the lawyer said Quot hold up your left instead of obeying the order the witness fell Over in n faint. He was picked up and placed on a chair Aud As soon As he came to himself an officer lifted the witness hand the thumb of which was missing. William Burch was act ult Ted the jury not leaving their Sears. He inherited a Fortune from his Uncle and settled a handsome annuity on tiny lady whom or. Trevor was to have married. The Man with the missing thumb died before being brought to trial Story As it was told by picture postal. By Agnes g. Brogan. Copyright 1910, by american Preas association Quot Mike Quot was not his True name. It had been bestowed by the clerks at Quot station a Quot because of the never falling Good humor and ready wit which characterized the Stout red haired postman who had been in the service of the United states government As Long As the men could remember and so generally was the Amu adopted that Mike himself had almost forgotten the proper one. The picture postal which found their Way into his bag were a source of unfailing Delight and often Mike could follow the travels of some favorite by merely Reading the cards As they were sent Home. As he neared the Stone House with the White Rosebush growing beside Tho veranda the postman unconsciously quickened his Steps and searched in girly Sidong the letters for he never liked to Dos apolant miss Isabel. She was one of the few who had not changed entirely in the process of growing up. Mike ascended Tho Steps. I Ornas it s for tub the Flag of Denmark. In the year 121b King Waldemar of Denmark when leading his troops to Battle against the livonian saw or thought he saw. A Bright Light in the form of n Cross in the sky. He held this appearance to be a Promise of divine Aid and pressed Forward to vie tory. From Tbs time he had the Cross placed on the Flag of his country and called it the Dannebrog that 1-the strength of Denmark. Aside from legend there is no doubt that this Flag with the Cross was adopted by Den Mark in the thirteenth Century and the r it about the same Date a order known As the order of Dannebrog. Was instituted to which Only soldiers and sailors who were distinguished tor courage were allowed to belong. The Flag of de Murk u Plain red banns a bearing of it a White Cross. Is the old est tag now in existence. For 3ut> years both Norway and Sweden were United with Denmark under this Fleg a housekeeper. A Dukes Maxim. It was a Maxim of the first Duke of Portland who was a great Lover of race horses that there were Only two places where All Lien Are equal on the turf und under tie turf. Looking admiringly at the picture of a very Blue Lake surrounded by very Green Trees. Upon the opposite Side of Tho card he read dear Mother Cousin Robert and his Friend met to at Tho station. I am hav Long a Fine time. Isabel. Quot so she Suway Quot Mike mused a Little disa pointedly. Quot Well Shell have the Good time All and so it seemed judging from the Many gala postal interspersed with thick letters which were received daily at the Stone House. V. A a miss Isabel wrote constantly of pleas ure trips with Quot Cousin Robert and Bis Friend Quot who later came to be Deslog tinted As Quot Roberts Friend Billy Quot and then when the Long summer wus draw lug to an end the obliging Cousin Robert s company seemed to to dispensed with for the postal read simply Quot Billy and i were Here alike chuckled As he handed one of these cards to the maid. Quot she wont be coming Home in a hurry Quot he said confidentially. But in this he was mistaken for she came smilingly to meet him a few Days afterwards. Quot i suppose i will have a bundle of letters for you soon Quot he remarked Quot i Hope she answered Gully. Lie searched expectantly through his pack next morning und sure enough there it was Quot i will write you tonight yours. Billy Quot while a printed verse stated the fact that Quot absence makes the heart grow they came thick and fast after that a letters cards u photograph or two Aud bulging Little packages All addressed in the same free bold hand which Mike Long my a to recognize instantly. Isabel was always there As he came Down ill str it. Apparently absorbed in so it it or Hgt Verng about the Rosc bus ii with �1 Gre a pretence of Enmin of g us leaves. Lieu Mike presented is offering she a would receive it with the open a in Light of n child. Quot its from lie would Sny nud go away laughing it tier confusion the old Post Tuan w As vastly interested in the unfolding love Story but there came a time when the girl waited u. Vain and he dreaded to meet her questioning eyes for Billy a letters had ceased abruptly. Mike pondered deeply. The shrewd eyes could read More than postal cards and be was sure that she had been too fond of this Billy to Send him away. Had the Mother interfered or a his face darkened savagely was the fellow himself to blame one morning As Mike was preparing to a tort out upon his rounds the familiar bold handwriting flashed into View As though in answer to his Trou bled thoughts. The freckled hand trembled Asho held the postal up to the Light it was the picture of a great Ocean Steamer and tin message upon the addressed Side danced dizzily for n moment before ills eyes Quot Llave eng god passage for oct. 5.&Quot he Reud a Goodby forever Little Isabel Drew. and the old postman fought with Tho greatest temptation of his Ufeu to destroy a part of Uncle same Small. When to saw the Little White lady leaning Back wearily in her chair upon the veranda Mike was certain that he would have preferred to pay Tho full penalty due such a Crimo than to have been the bearer of this cruel missive. He avoided her eyes As be turned away but there was a tremulous Little catch in the voice which thanked him. To his great Relief Isabel no longer awaited ills coming and when he next left u letter for her Mother it was a White capped nurse who responded to his ring. Quot Young lady sick Quot Mike asked in it a time which was supposed to express jute interest and the nurse an Sweret a Ely Quot yes she. Is very sick he stopped to in Julie every Day after that and then pursued his Way gloomily. Quot Mike is getting the clerks at the office said la Surprise. A air of intense a Uxley seemed to pervade the atmosphere of the Stone House and the Bell was muffled for the patient had reached the crisis when Mike again no poured at the door. He was awkwardly Bolding a parcel wrapped in tissue paper. A she us a to like White roses Quot he said to the nurse. Quot put these in her at length news came that Isabel was really getting better. The air of depression vanished. Once More Mike s whistle sounded cheerily. Then he became puzzled Over a letter which unmistakably bore Billy a handwriting and yet was not directed to the girl he had treated so cruelly. Mike finally Emo to the conclusion that the Fel Low had written to the nurse desiring information concerning Isabel s Condi ton and he fervently hoped that sin Quot make it up with lie fingered the letter guiltily As he approached the House Aud saw Isabel herself standing upon the veranda. A sudden mols Turo filled the sympathetic postman s Eye for she was such a Small White Isabel. Her dark bulk Bud been Cut Aud the Short curls seemed to change her Back Ngann into Tho Little girl who had raced to meet him upon her Way from school. Quot i am glad you Are better Quot he said heartily and she smiled. Quot thank you a she answered softly. Quot you have been very kind. Any Lei tera today Quot Mike Drew a Long breath. Quot there a one hero a he said hesitatingly. Quot i guess its for Tho nurse addressed to mrs. William d. Isabel extended an eager hand. Quot Why Mike Quot she said laughing happily a a done to you know that i am mrs William Rhodes Quot lie stared at her unbelieving by. A you Quot he repeated dully a you mrs Rhodes and it was t the Billy fellow after All Quot of but it was Quot she said rather confusingly Quot for Billy is William the old postman still looked bewildered. Quot you married to him All the while Quot he said slowly a and me thinking when the letters stopped and he went away bidding you a Goodby for Ever on a postal card that it was All Over she laughed merrily at his a Blush Long confession to Reading her mall. "1 understand now Quot she said a your disappointment at having no letters to deliver but you see when we became engaged Billy managed to be transferred to the company s office hero so there was no further need of correspondence. We were married quietly the very Day before i was taken Pera Tely 111 with typhoid fever which had been threatening me for so Ion Billy has been with me through it by and now that i am Strong enough Quot the girls eyes a nned Quot we a a got upon our Long postponed wedding trip to Europe. The card you spoke 6he explained kindly Quot was sent from new York where Billy had gone a engage our passage und knowing to i was log fan ruled the next Day he bade Goodby forever to Isabel Drew alike replaced his Cap and sorted out another handful of letters. The thous smile appeared upon his face and the Irish Blue eyes twinkled. Quot yet can to always Tako it from the he said. At the foot of the Stair he doffed his Cap again. Quot i wish you much happiness mrs. Rhodes a he added ceremoniously Aud the girl watch <1 him far Down the Street. Quot never was wish More sincere Quot 6b�1 murmured softly. The Days follow each other uneventfully. No girlish a Bent Over the Ros Bushes or Stum from the window and then Oue mor lug Mike discovered among his us tto one bearing a european postmark. Addressed in u Small neat hand we he Well remembered to mrs. La Drew. It would unt rally be supposed tier such n Bulky letter could convey an the news necessary but with it. No directed to airs. Drew come u pm Cut it postal the same White boat who had at one time aroused Mike s Jing and beneath the boat was penned you will be glad to know that Billy and i have arrived safely and Are Well and Happy. Isabel. Rhodes the postman ascended the Steps of the Stone House. Quot there s a letter f mrs. Drew a he informed the who opened Tho door Quot Aud a to card for Quot you Quot the girl exclaimed scorn. Quot Why its for her "1 am not so sure of that Quot m. Answered knowingly. Quot but you 1 a let her have Tho door closed with a bang fur t maid had Long since ceased trying understand alike and his ways. The whistled tune Quot Lias anybody us i seen Kelly Quot floated riotously Down the Street. Bertillo studies England to Boom Corn crop a announces exposition to encourage movement. Think Grain Belt inferior. Down East Farmer Winner of greatest yield to acre prize in 1908, end sweetest species in world grows in Massachusetts and Connecticut la boast of fair promoters. F new England boasts of Corn crop. Corn is a native of new England. The yield of Corn to the acre in the new England states is higher than in the state of the Quot Corn a new England Farmer in 1908 won the prize for the greatest yield of Corn to the acre. The finest Sweet Corn in the world is produced in the new England states. Thinks he has new criminal identification plan. M. Bert Ilion Well known for his fingerprint system of identification for criminals. Is collecting samples of hair from All Over the world. He Bol Leves he has hit of a new method which will make still easier the identification of any one sought by the police. Every nation says m. Bert Ilion has a different Way of expressing n definite Shade of hair the swedes for instance calling Chestnut what the French describe As Blond. All samples Are classed and graduated minutely according to Shade in a Large catalogue and every Shade will have a special name which m. Bert 11 Ion Hopes will be adopted As an International Standard. British railway Clear $219.000.000. The British railways earned $584,000,000 Gross and $210,000,000 net in 1900 on a mileage of 23.204. Freight carried was 539.000.000 tons an increase of 9,000.000 tons. Exclusive Vej season ticket holders 1.2g4,837,000 Pas sengers were carried a decrease of 13,275.000 from 100& recognition of the surprising fact cited above has brought about the incorporation of the new England Corn exposition to be held in Worcester mass. In november. The object of the exposition is to demonstrate that new England can grow Corn and to impress upon the Farmers the value of Corn As a product. There will be informative exhibits by the six new England agricultural colleges and seven Experiment stations. Daily lectures on Corn improvement will be Given As Well As demonstrations of seed testing and Corn and Grain judging. The United states department of agriculture is expected to furnish interesting and valuable exhibits. Want Mora Corn raised. Quot one of the weaknesses of farming in new England a says j. Lewis Ellsworth Secretary of the Massachusetts state Board of agriculture and one of Tho charter members of the new corporation Quot is the failure of the Farmers to raise Ihler own Quot very Little Corn is raised in Massachusetts. We want to get Tho Farmer interested in this so that he will raise his own Corn. Formerly a Farmer would buy his Corn since that was cheaper than raising it now the Price of Corn has increased by 100 per cent since 1390, and he is not buying so the officers of the exposition in urging a More general production of Corn explain that Massachusetts is exceeded if Jet lug of product per acre by Only one state Connecticut. Despite Tho fact that Tho Cost of production la probably higher in Massachusetts thai in the Corn Belt of the Mississippi Valley there is no doubt they say. That Corn can but raised with a profit in this Safe. For the average Price per Bushel is higher than in most states. In 1905 the average farm prices of Corn were As follows in the United states As a whole 28 cents in Iowa 34 cents in Illinois 38 cents in Indiana 33 cents in Massachusetts 70 cents. Much fertilizer needed. Although fertilizers must be used in greater Quantity than in the state named professor William p. Brooks director of the Massachusetts agricultural Experiment station Points out that a on Many soil in Massachusetts an average expenditure of about $20 an acre for fertilizers will insure an annual product of sixty to seventy bushels. Quot this is at to i rate of Only about 30 cents a hush l of or a ont produced but in m to Huberts the Stover is Worth him it a forage than in the Western state Quot chinese business honesty. With due a for others the chinaman is pm ape the most honorable Aud up ii Hus guess Man in the world today Bis business principles Are found a a a i rely upon honesty and he adhere r a the pm it Llcy with the insistence of a Leech. The Chase after dollars stops if he has to resort to Low tricks to get them. Of course a lit nothing like to Iling a falsehood occasionally does us to bother him so much but when it comes to plotting nil scheming to defraud some one the task becomes distasteful. The equal of th�1 i a a foresight to is much their Superior who in Iuit a a Rity is concerned. A japanese yes not think twin before deciding to get the Best of you. Lie calculates that you Are liable to change your mind of get out of reach if he indulges in a Little mental debate As 10 tin propriety of cheating . My sons new a to shop tor All kind of tin roofing spout lne and general Job work stoves Heaters ranged furnaces Eto. Prices the lowest Quality Tok Best John hex Sitf to. 11# a. Front it

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