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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Danville Kentucky Tribune (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Danville, Kentucky Juro f. Zimmerman a son p Obi she rss vol . Ii. Ocuto Tab to a cos Politico internal improvement a ene Cal dollars Fer a Kuhn t in Advance. B v.\a%n.nvdanville, ry., Friday morning november 17, 1854. Whole no. 584. Thek Ait v my a a t to jn0 f 2.1.�os Stu. I Gay in r to Stu r., a is Ift iii month a a m i s. I Lam Ous. Continental buttons no us outfit Ike try Bam k4 -�?.i-, Jim a us Ray a a. a cars a i Aquia a a Ner 4�?��<. Era a la Lehr up to of us Peb est Ising f_rr0, 121,.� or in Lioa _ 55 Pic pro a a h it u to it american Anu Valt m. Imp d a n Blit or forge. A Fri us a of fire. A in a us a i at Litva to Hui he i jail a u. jul it Law Del Ilia bad dec Batiuta 10 visit the Eft a it a tit a a mint it ulcer a aug a truce tit Loti Ltd of Llu la Arcutt Puy Lia fur tar p a Law of taking a Uit a t it Puii o no la or ii Imus in. Who bail beet a ail much a time with the Ctm until Anny aug a 4. A a a inn Duy i flu Oval Lur or i a fruit tue of Sui Biu lit a a Oft having Okcu to muffins out of the Cut Htun of to gig. In not catau fun 1 named 11� it fast or met Fig a �. A a a a it a it Ortr a what a the Fraet a Barren a it bog a where Sam a a Kod Jor i it nne to. Coming into or. Powers Yard and i serine or Powers at tin Dur up in his study iii Erml 8�rum<hrt Aimi were to Abnir asked Jar i did not know tent Sam bad a study Sam s Tuo her min led and told him Tojo it into tic Garden and May be in find it ii a did so and aborted Sain where an Osif hallo a end 1 voice from 1 air it nerd up and a at i Friend vat Hwy in the run Ali if a if or iff.1, Witlip la r and teak ill hid. A it a a flu in ohm an going a mat a in j an 1 w to co can to no cred 8am 1 pm firing to master this a Jyrl a we nuni ibid a on by. It i Wedora div of Nam and that a a our Liim i would not ride i an a a a a a Bat the itt asked in. A Voll for or Par. I am hound to get chicle Man the first Tiline 1 do a Aid Sain Loh. In tor by Toa tudy Leo id i i hate Al gent what Quot the us p riling your brain in re s Julu a 1 flunk it in of use to get our Lernon a Aid a sum. What nor Yon Truing Todo aft or that a a �h1 Jot i Arn Truing to wred the onion Placo and things Trent Oti two ably a a a til the of a Ca Ata ring Lea of the no Dugic a d to the a to tic g#4 4�� die off inc in a an Diat i cat was noun of tic Tufi Cal. A Btu Iaac Lff a i or Coa ubbing my Butil the decline jew v4j m two im�4h tiding Cua Tail Cua a a a a a a Ceil Rel i or in a �?~41 1 to a do Mim d to a Rte Nial Maiuu Iuit of to Bonf rudely Jerk i in from beneath their owner a to believed that Tow were Ifa it culprits. And a. A a jul Ere Bith a Lito Law jail to Oik Wilf. Ali it a to tort. thu flu. A Rcd Oruro Van. Tour.,f up a a he. Of or Noil. J a try a k. V orig a Kuil Wulw in Nat he Gnu j Tny a Ait it Ulm raid Joe deum a Weli. 1 7 j think in a of us to do Whyl needs to be done a let Rouw. Sud i., a leu a i Suman tar err old Law ctr. Letu be urn j us Vul a fur Sami, so a Wpm a a Aii uni Rul it to Ute a a. To bulk of diverting Jow Ivun. Two Hue who lived in ill. Win i i. a iwo Llu a b Millet hut the h i j Lour Jno. A a a a a. A a of 111 to Quot. in la �4 ifet7 Type 1�?z till Bli a. In to ii a bit a .1 us 611 Bli Plai 7 and fancy Job put fyness. Ark a Kkt Dat err. Mno it or. Bud la g�2 timid Huni Pua. Had be brr Tigg to Cir to Mirju it u Wenle Fec a tent incr la Sib rub in .4 a a a a a l. I for in Rit a ,�-.ul.� Itu our a curd a Ibn Runlee Zuur Maxx 4 son nth la a a. Ih�urill.-, he. Is t m u Tkv. Vii uus fur the pc atm k Tribune. Father s birthday. A us of ii Ith of. A to our v a there . A a or he Hue it a Una Tel Abs eng no l Lihue i Al a b Liln cml j us to Ikler a a. Lead it in iii. A. in Drw 1 Hub Obj to by a in u Quot a a a i us Tel Lemr it in i Puu the Jureann of the. . Do Jyh Leeb a a iii jury u. Their tl.wi.-11 Quot scr tin a a Luis i it not Rihl. And he in no get mailed Ijuin in it of now Al his uld Grimace saw Eon a oru.-h comic fact it a lilt or. fellow inwardly ennui Llu Pri of rutbioni.,and a Liol fur a be Isaur Ruwe .juor.rr. That or Hail Irful he hints him. Wert Milf a Etc iru�.-l. The Ca Jialiu a null a Hoitin a he. Penal in i i loyally a us july Lair Iruh at run a lib fund and memory m urd Ratiu Nivy Loti in i outer vation or Ziehn Ard in Law Bucu Al out tread cloth acid <-L.R.N�l&Ltrv the a vat w a . Lull Inch la a Wrev 1hc it. For to non found of the Winum of a dih Enma a neum foe Hir of lir it Nial Huilt no and in rude of in a. I la i Lwi u lit. Duly to his hts Lahiri by Ion to Lii lady. Too 4 a Granth Isaulo lie tray her. And Iyo i an of Loci to earn a Aid bid nah. Re1 k 1 a by lies i nerd Huig a to the a. A hold a i re or hut his Gallant re at b tin i. Her Ltd Lulu and him Vel a Tuluii to tar a teen Rufli Caiiou. In a a. Thi kind Fulk took place and inc in Jvn Are now men. 8am Power in railed a inn of a Iron will by Cauce lie Lay Plana and Carrie them nut with b Ial Cuce and Energy which never trivia up he in one .4 the fire Haas near men i the slate and a truly pintle Man too. How a it with Joe lie guru through life a Man just a la did a Hov. If there is any extra exertion to be made in Hie Hub Ines he Aake a what a the and got to it with to Little heart that he u Aure to fail. Lie a always complaining of hard times and wonders How people get ahead m. A fr i religion lie does not lire a if it were of much use to Bitu or any one clan. There Are a ene imy who a Hen they Hare anything to do or Are called upon to do a Little More than us at. Try to Alkirk if by asking o what s the use tar fact is Hove there is use in doing live a Man what you litre n do a there is use in getting your lessons and getting them Well and making extra exertions to get Blunt. If they Are difficult. Ten n a use in winding the Garth chopping at the Weixl pole. Finding cows cultivating a Laate fur , and in doing what your parents ask of w leu Over 1 a us trying to excuse Hii Yisell. A front duty he asking fret fully. O. What s the i t. Ark bin. A a a lady. A Hirs fug. Shuffling. You a a Ceraio College 1�?~rofe Sor had assembled his Clas Al the men of tote Terru Ami was a Diug Over the list of names to Aeo that All Wen present. It Chan ced that one of tar Ras unknown to Tea put nit Liavine just the class. in your name sir a the or frs a of. Looking through you Are a Hirk was Ali Start i my reply. is or. Gulf starting out of the elixir at the a Nofu it red ii a Rte Uench but not Pule sure that lie ind Ondr Fetton a a him correctly. A sir 1 did my exactly understand your ads War. A you Are a Brick was age a the composed reply. A this i intolerable said the , his Zijic reddening it Warr. You tag Man. Inv you attempt Lotch ult be in ill you tin Dij. In turn. How have 1 done it a a did you nut a i a a to icky returned the pro few a with Alili a Ntreh gain. No air. You ssi i in. My Siuw anti i Anater re it our i just iii. My Nan a it. K. A. Linck a la Tali 11.molds Anderson uric5 a Alt. Indus do main Ureil us pro Cmor. Sinking Hack into his in Ecol usion. A was a a on my pan. Will Yuu commence inc lesson ,. Brick a liar or a while in a. Ilu hard was it each instr Theof hottest term univ Chatham Street Chapel new York. He raised his eyes to Ward the dour Juglal the mourns colonel Derr entered and exclaimed. A there is the Gray headed sinner. I shall in judgment against him col. Purr Down the aisle with a cold firm military step to Becuti atty own. Until lie Lead Ria clip he the Center. W a lit a Low Bow he addressed the minister thus a or. Preacher i have been a lawyer in this City for nearly half a Century and of All the rascals that it has Ever been my lot to Deal with Norm Lump ask that class of who tuni suites evidence the above May be relied on. A he ii the riot traveller Isay sir. Ham i on the right Road to Arturd Well you traveller Huw far shall i Ore to go before i get there Jonathan Well if you turn round and go other Way you May have to travel about ten Miles. Rut if you a top on Lite Way you Aru going you la have logo a Bull eight thousand i reckon a to tic Woodman who Spud that tree Hanu Short of Wood and is Ali us Ali plug with vexation to think How Green he Proa. He now axes a Dunat Iuo front the gentleman at whose his was -lave.i. To lad a of it age May Ivy tile a my a me of China one of Bis luxuries Ilia birth Lay is celebrated hut once in ten years. Trl he Ray Tonttu who earn Toa head in Bis disc Attsie was much Digap a in la a to find there a cry tto burst no in it. A a Man dying of apoplexy in Michigan the jury of inquest Rei Tili and the following True sensible verdict a died firm a visitation of a so jux a a a ram a a mpa n a of . Co ii. Sven is Agetty of to above Narran it. F will us a a for yet a farm houses run a re a. Rev. T. On so for Oral terms u a in company. To fit a Tuu smut of cum pts a Mac Thor pics. A. S. Cdr polity. . Of 6. Heave .1, i cig to and Toba a to. Have a a it o. I f a is Kepitis Pri i flips sul so inn. A Isa it 1 e w goods 0. Amp w / / the M. I Wilt l s3ick. In Soma in a who to i of which a it a Ira mall Cue to and pm Bruf the Huil id a babe Aias bibs list a. A in a i Avint parch turd of or. W. M 1 i Hub dirt Lork of huh Bini ad�4 ih�frt4� a Tjui irl a lock of Lupe nude ii Foody a an i it t by it uni n. R \ a girl it a. To r _. W i uni but so a took i lit rold potatoes. Nuil a Fried a rss a we in a. <.utu< Tkv a a Namu. J. C . Al. J. Of a itt Rin into an a ill Inu to Pivk a Coati it like Guiu into an nuut Buk you know you Froio but it a in us in a to Tell where it will Cairn you. U a a in Kee of Board Tho a Iino a we ctn let last week. W wac that n Btl upon hearing one of lift Jain join. Gnu Juacin Fia Luu to. Lust a to a hell Cou a Ukhiv he to Billiu water hell Gutc he in con tic Pablo Tref Tauoa Yew no pm Fey Lnor Pawn a it. A Walt amp ii be if Tina in hell Gate How far Oil in hell of you la Foitl that Whu you i t to York was the Eno rpm a a of his . It aint a Tiant and Odd hats cups 200t3 suld sly a Chi conceit a amp Lerat i it it Hiu Invof Tho Little Fulks that and very of i a attic Oaut Ltd kit ii Mil kor i Injia a Eastern <i.p4-i a .�.&�, m it it in a 1lail-012s Are Tomsin it their brew Cire iat womb Dibsy burs us Icv i Gay he j. Stock i coding Many by a wad Rath be Seigla. Aunt a Bra it m Stafij Crooch to a fur . Tarn him Flau com Tia i a he a Puu or. 7"tku of a iad Hal. Will roman to l>tt0vtlut till in to to. A i Dud is Llu s i am Prew ired to my Gnu Cicur any the Lii m to i Rution of the. Niclai of in in iii Able dress a cod. Which or variety. Kris to and i str of Myle Uba Olaf exc Llod in Tilia Nark of 1 a Mea to a Coop tote Slock of vat nah s3icic. Fill i vein tar to a m a in Cooks am mow Hliwa a of. Re it of a Urt cd of Kim co be it Worle mid ii Casoos an i can hut to. Oke a smile. A cuff our who bar seen one Leas iban half it Dux ii , Tiu other night when ius Ceu swarmed ,�?T Lispin Gly asked is what mikes the morning glories shut items Clver up Al Iti Jhu receiving no satisfactory Tower she seemed Paul. D fur a moment and then a of Intel Lisenco illuminating her Caun Cnance exclaimed now i know a it is to keep the Musqui Lues Fresn Bilius pm dry to it it is stores. As it is get my to continue the Musiat. I am v by be Liruo. To close out my Slock and will sell at Whiteb Enoi f t to j or Otto u. Umek them /.oivl. A com one Ernie All As it is co it or tic to now my Douds. J7 remember tote la can feb Ulso . A. W. Batter ton. Ocl 6, m of it a to. F omm will a Weil i to oot to Call m m a a tag ii to a a tilt Ira Ai Mam Van it a Furuc. Cilery. A Ofanio of whirl will if a. In us 3uc� or Ursee fourth Fauk m / and % mt7 met t a t a m a a cosm is pm m pm a 4 a of a a a a a it clipping 3. V key inc ?i map ,1h unit. A to 1 ukr oaf Ditl a a h it a is. A spirit and i. The rum a 11 Ustel in. Luul it s a pfc is l Junly. Us st. A now diet a it auth is Vai and a has dimmed his be As 1 new we reeling . To turn he cling to us. By maj a Hartwi. Tuy a my a. To. Trafeli. In life s jowl due the it Only Oak he apr with the a area pc. Fragile Vine. Two Windy it Sci a Chrisl by hit who i Vigo a Kurtt the Pecan. In Par a Teal of Muir Zubi s Lac. Fashho i bowl or her. Not a a i it. Psi Lis Natal Day. And be. A Quot a who Hoter lies far away v eth farm who do Ell so near us or i forma a a ame tha it in years la our dear native land. The vet yes Hough changes to each and All Vitae. Now Ifo vacant chair a cd. Of should fill a air haul with glum. A a it Are All hew Quot by a artly Wuhu fall the a we do a of Lafa Diug. Us a. If not in year j u a Kii l a it More. If May not w. By a i ter. In Vraz it Quot a air aral Ned a Tod wj1 waver in Muil save Lulae but. Raj it to Al Lav lie at Dot of a who i l�1.r.wol Ken As yesterday apr re Quot Lem of i Norm Vest. And leu Parati ngtau oct. Isth i a to autos Al Staicer cd or Marwinn of v a Cimins he for bar a Wale a a in mph the. Railway a a or glad Juu with devout for or. Her a a am do has to. Ufa hav a. Roo Street a railway. W Here the Vale in Ephrum Btu no in Mye up. Can up a Highway. Where a a Ift a. Eng to will do a. Woos we u aur for p cd with the great Iwine Jim do through lire kill let a in 1 i or la it j a wry 4 him pm la c4 teak util a i �2v a i it. A a a. I4liir a la a m let a la eth Mif a Tel or fur Alioth it Turtu it if a a a a tilt a no of a a a tits Wrev a a firm in a ill Wal a Tel Irv a tip a Kef i a twid flu Elict in Tija Urvil d Char i scr tin to a la a Llerik Iki ulv u Lou 111 lit ill a Dot Only to Tjw Ike swum i Way Ilie bulk buy Afao willbe Verj like Fattlar Good for no a Moa that ladies have of making nature and Art correspond having nothing in Side of their Heads they have put As near nothing As pm Eible of the outside. Tote i Rute a an eminent writer says it in my firm opinion derived front experience that the Peri us of courtship cant hit tie Tuu Short. 1 Bare plus a red Tua u tire her Dea a mint. I a a urn a udly to a i Zakri i kor Al us. Istfan id Lxi mum a a resp a i Kirkirt. Elf of a a a i i and lift Wirf a of a a it Tok bar. Or k�0 a bred on a a a Ril t of i. Or. A Laci j Duas. La is Ftak Conj Ilith <4il a sub i us old it Lily Kriard stir�urwt�ig<4 or Ixo a i a of a i. Of Lite a a Rem a p and Rte jul Lii Ici Bird Radi a it a Lav or two i Tefon a a a iii Sci in Al any Fiat be Chivi Juhl a if taking nut a Pirr Buttle a Lmh no ii ref inv a Litfiy Al a Ben u a a a a a Ltd tor air try i cad Litin in Newyl a a City he air a it a n a Gocr Isufi Vir and a i tar Winch d Lri ukr a a Mew a a fan Vii Sihr a 11 met mrry in Alx a that Milts i by i of in or Boit Ltd a Atn re a it Law Tecc my a Belt us a tue a up. You Muff to it ave a heart in tfx to in Jour a Ork. always fwd Crry Jimim of if you find an inclination to did of duty a ill tin ii a iii no la a i excuse. Thin or no l stand. Raut a Trind tie first a loiter la a la or Cut air in 1 Vii tin a at of a infer Iati timid into. J Ford with big Hoath Ati or a i. Int id u a Ai or Ulm Yeti Tell Lar us us s in fit do Iitto it or a a i i i Young log in Srite in a l air if Jiff up a mph spa Rilet Stiim Tiff a Arcuti l a a Toni in if Stoat a ? n of Titi u it a Tiu clip <4 his for a Ira i by Nii a a id a icky a Lith Titi lib Dent t lit a i it Ivi tud Pih Kii aur la A iii be Nuzik to Wiandt a in and Mark a i turn Little dear i to Quot age it. A. Hot it Hykil r i a a k e8 Pleat Are in inform Vitug ins Ricada i Cust owners r my the Thiec erne Rully. Unit he luvs at returned from new v urk where he purchased and is now rec erring a Large and Superior assortment of gentle tsar no a goods for full Aud Winter or hire lift do in Gill civil in is mid fan Iitto. Ii q id lit to a crts it Jill Llu l 111 Dunk is vastly Hgt hrs a in style Lima Una Rolfi Itow to toy which or Lia Lier Tolor to the iii in. Aoi oot his no oium will to of crud the finest cloths Cassimeris amp bestir is to be found in la Mark is n �11 ski. Is a colors and 4 Rich a to Uii Nylof Inelli Nirna a fam skins Joinis realm to a by that when you have your i such ire Fine 8-k i draw re Tine fib the Bostur Yuti Umi a Tiu lauding no the shirt and culms a i Tiirik Tchi a a tuni the to once Yuu Uso Ymir not the Eta Jim Twig lady Wing Reed Siiter Del to or rift for her Ben in a Aid a in would jump Al an olt a mid my by a a �1 right a. Jatos n Fanti in Dunn in a lamp a Birc. To Civ Are Leo to Tim Wirtur Appu a of tweet up Milt in it Tda and our a a in cd to a slut the apples rep trait a of a Many politic Inma a Bard us unc Side and a gift in the Oft tire. 1j mrs it my la it k not 0 Tunali trim 85 Lipf Conss. Brit pcs a All 1 of Low As ibo y can in Stout. 15. In _ John e j l w a is 2i y amp c pm a now a act let his , a Luil aau Rishi Olbu Itous or fill Aho Winfert a cols in 3uav.i.n�o a i. The left Tow Fott lots a a a ladies , Ciurea and Serj Zatz a a car All of which Wen narc ted Vii cars out. Or opon la to not of a Vury tue in to it. 0 that \1i\e i n offer Terii r Oil c�f1p1r e��<3 b a a a i Rry pm i fully Zleit Ayars lit tit Sim. My Slook Alt a Ilos t3u-l-,r, f . L Lretrt-., so j la Caldwell. Re i til f 1 boxes Fink viru Xiv i Ike r Inu id15acch, just reviere at l. Dimmitt s la 1 6. A l 1iavk Jialih r4i�iv�n from i eat a Ham a Orne us Wert cot of a att i ies. kill Ard Jot Jow Olry of ail kinds i making a no a lock very i a if Lele. Who cd i a halt i to ple Arett to shush in my fret Ulaita it Patti. A How. R. J. Ayres. A Tell .-3, a i horse �h0 Iio crawly 1 Del . A lit Seet thu one Lleve Rock f us >1 nil n s i How. I a till ins Hud As they Are Toad Taha 1 a. Ii id 40 Tatj Feltl a i4v at i Lio office. Is a a Mas amp to it it a Ark in to Furni it Damn tin a w Cifu a Trio to <1 Sot Ullum . I a it Ollil so a nut of titty i to to i a Ltd it Trilk Hmil it a we i rat a a us a do tur telling us in a a us a a a to take care of a Iek a it Wiy that of family were Lawsy for some Hgt kit imagine tin Moat a of pm d�?~,11 Waul 11.filing. 1� Aye. Ao.1 Hay <1> they Luo t get it. It live n no Rieher at a lie in a King a tout brain i Timur Rich a mid he 1� a slave Tirc a Man without Mius. Ami he is a full. J a or say it is Tui huh a a ii a to Lor Rew 11.atldc than . A in Exchange. Dec thing a counterfeit 1411.say thu Vignette is cattle and hog with a re Nei a it Littann a very Good in Lect Nisun of if Ais Wurstl a Diu a. Am pm or�tt�.�?1 at. Who had j.t been Lari in Plaud Lead been to tit by his Auu iter to Purtha a a half Bushel of Oyt tera at a Quay but a Alno to to Long that apprehensions were end taii Cal for his safety la rat irm Del last however a riffing under Lily had in the Moat musical a a Tye a we Rev have you been Pat i be limed i master a a Bare have 1 been Why. Whine should i Lien Ltd in it fill .1 of if lie has u.4 Al done or rom testers i for i have of a Fli tin 1t��. L tiny inert. 1 ing. Thy Frk Ltd j Marker. Rharbi had r�4 Filleul up the at All fur the ship l and is a out a Gynsi while he Pond la i Trinie. And Sharp Jinn l like the the Essie a that he got Juc ii s nine however. My Uit Nigg of Ronsse that the a in was a afe. Frum of the Ifim Vry a , though he had out tiled the polier. He immediately it dating bark to the sat inlay i Pei i jus and or Lii a to j nub or follows a pit Xuy mass a a Reir favor came to hand Dulvi lot the policy was ram plated on saturday. As you will be. I endorse it it Rewil and have drawn on you at Gilt fur the Rmoutil of premiums and4,c�. Say five Hundred and three dollars who i. Please pay As advice Ltd Young. Faithfully. Uke Sharp. The t.mptat�� a if the broker to Ita Iidle his Toni mtg a in a a a was . In at to resist and he had thou Sinatr Ppd tie Stark tie note to the i Juak a. Huw. Rev pot a a Tulip of upon broker and Elored a rom Purdence Brt Viva a we or Laliker and a Sharp fan a 8uaar a tiv kind favor covering no. 6, 251 bar <31�.�iu0 with Bill of ext i it a a of pm to band the latter was duty at tight up r a Voest thy foresight now 10��le�.�bi��dable. J. Ii. I to la last not did i state to the thut Llie the Selvi lost 1u,i. Of Ulm cd the terming a or the mistake be had made in attempt-1 1>ua, a a Albi. A it indignant Fri ale is to overreach Jacob and a tote tiny h a Marv it or Don t know a hat i skirt a Cir Ltd s fek it Umi so a it Dorrn Ion ier us i \ i Idem it i in Oliotti try a in a Titi mrs a a Imam a a a no it a allow re it a Laid Tui a. A a. A Rhow finlly quid Arn in j it i kit Hift of David up of Dato Villa a iii tar aur i Rou Mitiu a a Lofe it let it int a a i Knob. Ii tum a of bin Etc Vabri to a a Volt Lex in ton. 0 l r a Latte a birr list Call i it else every i Sash of mfg and on ugh. 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