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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Danville Kentucky Tribune (Newspaper) - November 10, 1854, Danville, Kentucky Jno Zimmerman amp. Son. T publishers. A vol . 13. Scoot i to xcu>3, Jol Ilire 3ntmml uni it 6cncrn information Danville ky., Friday morning november 10, by a. We say \ two dollars per aknt7m in Advance. Wii Ole no. It so. Mem # or Ltd it a wifi a a Esq. T. It35slsa.br h sos. It. Ril ten a or a a a Quot in a 1 Quot or 2 1 Tremiti to Norwalk Aad kept a mull 3 i Light Ai amp Litlie 14c in Fml a n. Xii had a to Fecu Sitf. A it Kitik Iuliu Namm. A horse adventure. Fam attn no t Folk Tomisi Phuk j in tort pm a 3l#i fax tor. Toiny in i to or Otitila at it i lit riling i attn a a Lio ran a 4 a Rad via 1 yer. I c a a . Tit Trot War. Copi a it either Grahame a god 5lj.v. a a a top re Jim online to o old Sil arrears x Are pm get r urus i. Cc�1 Al it a fou lilt advert i sin g 12 a is Quot is Iai a a Stirli uni list i Fumju Inglr Tutupu in Otic Pendly Cuic a iii cml Griat Timi a Uig Tuan Waii it to Numi i no ii .1 in Lii tit it to to a to Rifle to Dan airy a dts to in it Lime 1 Quito Artom Wigt an a porn tier to the making to Marly bit Louic a a met wish brain. And lived a tale and a Kava a a Kir trl Liefl 3ijr fathered cd it Mai Jim 1 it mid to Umit for to make 4 Tofal do waft i to yearly River Tara Tea i it i i r a a a a a off a off a a a i 51 a dwt Rte Zintu a per anal Chara Clef flush a re it a or a 2 Cool. Or 1 00 a inf Tahil Olaf iii la s Otic i or ill ii it -4 a a to a had Pohill 1. Huttt Toto free. Niri will to tits i it tee t a a Plain and fancy Job Vrh v Fiul. R. To ill a my Vav i i lit so l a lady a it it a in i Pandora Ard her Bex a a Wii Quot Wroy a a forget Reneir ult stat in w Tea u. I fru Ejli an so a a Aad Dan l to 1.1 miu it . A j<f.4 Ira tank Orlyu a. To a licit i. Hid d we Ltd i a Filli iii re a Ikic Uzun Itu Clinti l a ail01iatu 1 a a i nth a i r Oduj s a a. La Ioto r. 1 horrid i m 10, i. H a p�4 a 1.411 his ii a Armoy it get Han to Lar at cd pow hiring s lore la �i�.1 not ill Liviu a a to Leia Lior. Iosim 0 it Thiol liar in a u a arr beyond i a tit a. Wrap Tim a a to. I1 not a i Smiar to hand a airing Karl Rimai and a much to Ali. A tar Ali. A Mir i or Liili v m a it a i a i Arnot Iliad to litre Lii 1 him la him drop. I lad tin ath my fish or. The for. In imply to nt-1 no Tutti Rainn told him that it Liv crr by via Oro All it. And in had not no a lion a faiu.otr�, o 1.lurli to m Koyoji in in Loa it h in Ltd i let not him in pin a i iii. Oarin a air a rat a to Trotno it. H do la on it to Vuelon i win i i. C Cai Ray. F it Nuil Loit injure him in Jet to. Ai l 11 a inc ii. Tip. Rev a animal Forik to Lam band a or like Voa no idd Tny a . . in in wrung. And met Othir i to Jil Oil. Ii til it was fit Haiir a Maihl that Trio Horvot c.ni.1 to had m the in Tulita in that it .1. Cd in to wow Hon it Lofa or Ihnn a walk or re .i., and that to lib Del it foil i All .0i a at Flat Char. Novato tar Talun i Kiwi Narito. I Kilius ii All the world a he w a Tonii i to tin Crow in Felt. V Inch a Man. For he i untied him coif a do for -rtat.h.1 rare in in . And j hat a a. At nmn i Lity Vii o bin a Jonii Dimiti tic it won. j fail. A to him grrr. Nol in any Vii left Voiht Bat Ira to the Anima a Hito under your iii lip you Limhi pm Trio Ilota Ciulife Jinn or old a a Fri duly d and Watrud at Lin try. Utomi at in end a veil Hutto. Or 1,iii in Linn and her lid . In concluded take the enat . Rand Home a re at Hein tie name a new Road through a ism i and Madow a a a Burt Ltd route to 1 and mine a. the ik.1 in the world 1 a id my father a and in a Eli Jar Fec. Coti Vitinu running ail Mikh nil a nov a . Yew 1 a that Aid b�en., de pot Ulitin by. Inn with a frat Kucie. Hal bile Aid to did not with to Dray tin git at Calitto. the hone and in . A Wellmay my toll Irr with Arigh a 1 have no to go to Law on the a object we Heller try Agrio i the tale it the be. May Mark on a a lip paper what ruin you think you ought Tea to me for him mid 1 trill dust Law Uuie we then Noire and How far to �?T1 will Tuuk said Heinz a Uncle Phil done to be too hard with me a i will he area a i ran and la make Neolito at sauce favour ,1 a Aid my father Nelson. W Hen i think Imp vain Alile that Horie Trae Fourage i Luyat quark anus Lhing in the m Ighut Itlen late a tinant Ofahl mild lure twi til for Liim. 1 believe Boweter n i ism dial you an Ait Hon. It voting Mau and am Willii to d. What Yogi think in about right. I user Efure w in caution you to Mark do a in cent mine than you really think under you ought to p in tin alien you Arv Able and for which you Are willing in Gilt to your mite hand. will Rieol lec iii i 1 told Yim when you applied liw her., that i did i i to Lei him go a Nehin gave Ziy father a g a. lok and a a a Etilo to All he Aid. Aleut a Duzen stir Oki la. Tag Titie Ihunt were w Tinea iii the Weetie with apparent . Two slip Pajori were r e ured my father Tuai ked one and after much Leleo wrote on the ichor. A Well Iku use Liat you marked said my a in a. I it a you will think it i Lor Low Repli-�1 Beer handing my father Liliu Blip her. A Only three Hundred and a Yenty fire dollars exclaimed my failure the a Well there is a in to apr Cuiru gratitude few a Nell iii looked idled. And could not ter courage enough to a a my fat live what he had marked. Kiti Olly one much urls a cml my fall urto hip air. Lie did . Lie had Mark id vix and a ii Nailer m igl Ihor rend it aloud and a Roar <4 inn liter Etta cd w High fairly lift Lien to by feet la a Bisue Ifore could cot apr Rhynd the joke and who in i aide fully aware that no harm was Lillie a the happiest fellow 1 Ever remember s. Ting. Ally Thunder a said he a la to a Dollar and thirty seven and a half cent and 1 Dunn to treat that a free a. Air i was never scan d a i had in All my Nelmai a Good Tiva. the and yet having Liaf Lii Muncy left i hand he trudged Why How Etui that he Lii meted or. 1,j it a. I e Many jokes in when 1 Hare Only Huilt to yer will Ilie now a Icart . He tale can a a do la s it a 111 the driest manner Campaign to la a it eth lat mis that acid ii i or. A. I fallen under Indica i a b Ery lined or. Friend or. In Ira what ecu Driski. The gtd it it. Presenter inc in a Send for a Aurre sir a at length in Rxplo-1grv. Fryni tin District n . Or. Deil a and we 1 see a Srul this. J in. Haring i led the Nebraska Hill and being the Surveyor a . For., a cant Iida i for to Clec a a a a . Ring an after a careful measurement the respective As Nulia. i constituent upon the want Ira Protu Isis a met id to tire a rest fallen or. V that popular super. Galef a a lieu he a inuit rpm red by a w. R by Tia err Kruml Jendricks 1 ind stand my thy discourse lure i Meh in in Var it Sor Urei Niy. Kow. it should knt so that this should it beaten in this for coat Rosa ire or. In Arsier. Then Winil. Pros Fly Are Ani it a an Zibili Eathus that by j a mph. this Nuriel Are to Godwwn your Wall sir Doorn Quot a in a d in in. Re i ,.f the him a Promise , or Bleiel Frcka. A then Friend he Dirks would this fed turn or the Principio juju inns Orrei Jutt to it Wai. I iii isl True he was Mac upon an Inch More land than was Etili turd to a Lino Louy that Inch coming it Nurt in confessed with lad Grace hints was now Ai v Mccoil ii or. I. A no returned or a., 1 shall not sell cannot offer Ina in Tiey enough to that Inch land ra�?~h1s5b.hffl� b w Yoki Slih Winfrie h. A to Tfir in. Tfx trial to it the . I Wijit my lattij1 or. Ii cynic to the pm Damian the. A nth pc we the cd Lolly it Jain him and Frith the inf a to a rect he c a ult. Liw a rail trav l Kirti own and in in feed Natol to Vrej vow 1 Toft for it re attorn to. To a it Vlf �1 it or particular Fric and t i Huitz a . To. Tri i a t a. H Hal he Huilt Nti a Indi a Hurt we Rev in had a vol Hal lit a i Light to go. It i. Perhaps to. A Well thin a 1 i. 1 to fuck a we try Plain to the Reader trial or a. and elect or Itaru sir am thus. To so same tiling in the first instance. For that vary Drai Rahl in my a. A a a a a a a the ,�?� the District it. Div to enemy Trua. Among the worthies who during the Ira id the american Kero Tuioti Jar lips in purity. Or Hendrick trill to icon Quot in i Ortt Ibera was Nono Jan a a Aing inure originality a i a d to it his Ira i p a ther care ctr than tie in Vinura who a res cute ving Al tin u. In Bill or by i and fear Losa Blunt in his Iners Ike daring Nerdi his Outt i a. My doctriu4 i to Sli a gentleman tie pop in Arki i. a Ini r. i Uggam lint to they it. And i . I or Arbor by a hand. to Highl Well the die North though he disliked Dre Juise probably from the fact his lib ung. W Hichwa very tourer Lirow any trickery he might have in Mew. At this Timica Etna in Hole culled Morse neck a Ino mile from new via was in the hands a a Limi Western Eli. R Titis prices a Little to. It which i Mupi red in his family on the Ith july Teal a private and confidential. Joy to the world sound the hew gag the a reel Lapp Neil on the glorious birth i late new York has he to Hitt Ulf in in a. A 01 Rosin at lha Quot Chin Quot Sofo ref l,5 4.iiay<ittii a Rel a wry or will la a Hapij t9 who my a a Wiro h sir Rich. Or he it a re in a it to Lurl to a Ull Liun i Tocol forum Flor dbl vol Dik nah a toll a for to crr it i Toumi o Lii a a to in nil nil Ragla peril Jrew Alv Cattou the Clairj re Oti. Rhino Liua Fol Pihur it a Ovri amp a or Jet Rel a 8crof�u. N aft Tiou i in. Hot it it i Titch a t a a 4�ti la or amp from pm Jiw Iho Oplie Norv a Anwaar. -1�, j , from Tjun inv Lioa to Par a it we the Roii Ihry a Are Arnern try n>4 w on irow or a do uhf i , a to a i Trimi r imiv1 in Ihrer or Gia id or. Xula Tittio ofic till Foretro a it ii Turk cry Llis urdu 7�tfn.� col Aipuu comic Livia the a Crit ors in Miv. By prot a in a Rys Ivy no Oyt a Uin Latart. Or. Herr a we not rest i claim for pro Noil pm Juif r it Anlo ii n the Provlic the a mph limit a a a a a a a Ojo the Zivali Trouy a built it Altru inf in no a o Iju re in or a to rho la to bin it the a err Liu not mar live Lviv to after All or a a a Lam it Gnu iwo c Bror Liwa Frota the Lgym anti ii Var built. Cd Tou Dpi , 34 Ilu Uris itch. Patnam with x tiv Stanty a Truu a Lav aft nuut or 1 no i. Will add was lurking in Iho Vicinity unt on driving win re in the Atli � july in u it a. Ila Fhy Toa Oil ii 4rk i Art _ Ltd a Ka la a or fair a a a. A a in a a ar a Kil a a a a 4�nr�? a Tapir. 0�� i Kurt with a 1. Sis. A 1 to Eva it a Pinr a a �.-a. Let lire Trow a tip t and. Ref a i dolt Tim a . Him do in. 1 a i Klimt a a off Solti hts a i i v a Iliff Muiir it Lugt a ii. Attr to tin re forpi5iri fit a Pru Tauly Arird to la a spa vol �4 la Sirhe a . a Winer Man. It or be Lith a a j Vii him Jiunn. A nil tvs iii a a Fwy Tkv irn to in a a Rautu my fat live Tanto a Hiil list a it tra a la in a tvs. # or lir milk to s a a and still it in cull try Lmh by a it Uit in t i. I to. 1 a a a to Danid cult Del Captain or a. My get i�>4 v a i Ircy Al in it Inu iii l no sort. I. A Laisiu t ct�t.ui4� a a Oaut it Uva. I a with w �kno4�, and nil Lam Lite i it Irr mid will fright. In Ruggli a Khi kit a i it pm Mobil. A a Mal a at Trio my id1, and -. in p a a i Racel Dorsc be acc tally Como into a drink Ltd h m into the Stream. re a in Riga id Toa a Culiar real estate it. A ii Iek . And Mil in tin City. The a Tel ails it Inch Art a a he in draw her. Irb Ray , Chara arr fully. And Ikea Rel Tahareh a vs., tie drop the a top la thru Aith Tsatte All Lafoll to Elk tend i begin he Jtj Ltd a a 1 that re w Jih r. A Oil female and a. To Ami it a into Lair Viu it a l a a a like a it i a �4�<fll1 a 4 it unit ills. In Lark Ulvi it a. �. I Jim it it in and Ruoff a we hat Unju d to liken i l�1 eyed g�mldo�4, a liw no thud doing b Imit is a he h la must Whitti dtorjt1a Cilaku claim buit Irh . To a Cit to d a far a on to to to t div do to t. I in i4, Tuini la a a Toa. la Apt re a cml pm k a it vol a 1 my in the Hgt Lilia a a Vai iii him a Nti it it it Thach. To i in a it a a in it a k. \. Long. . Riu 111. C Riis to ids Quot it Quot a Quot a a a a Ltd a. A Smih Mon. A lexus we Nail . 11. Lid a Quot la. H Eye. Or or. A., purely Reid a ground or Imd i a a Proks a i. Dior a l was no go. A a a. Kiel was in old building which he a i placed the Mouth poor old �?Tboh.1 1 proc vied to ear Down . Militig to Creel in its j he Touk t Aarav again in utter i May. The. Place a building uni cd Wilabe tor the Iran Etc be had Aal at ust great my As lib a ii in. Huskea. At it the Tunc i taa trag my atelier and Anc in i Imin or. It . W a her Cunt Yajda Llo time would be Long chased the lot and pro corded in the i enough lot him to a the value a he Home i Aetna manner to take Down the old building a the bridle Fren the dead lies a and in standing Nikin in so that the w urk i inuit buckling the girl. Or. Hgt Saddle and proceeded Ujj mirth Al the same Lime. After act in. Leu Hing maid with a Lilily in , pm Grosius Waist is. M band ,. Placid Titan . Trudged Luumi Irto this had Imi Cumi Mied or a. Ling in1 her neck i now i Sards Village 1 build it Seif and Aupp Wing file nalu rally. To a a. Quot to la ours. J i no lean a in Down when my father Epi a ills Wool pref a , at the a a a i is , us theatre i h Ali a Tidle a Unte time paid him a visit in relation to the Piid is Wie thread i. Ahu Ulder. I Mailer a hell or was incur tried by or. wearing a the i Ull oomph e or j a a twin. He should a Bush pm i v m i father a Tilaia la 11 my ibo had e. Urx. A. Or. Could i Gamma id tight d a 1 cd the. Life Ami he inwardly in tin. , the Only Metli Uit a Al him pit a instantly a More serious was to by hmm . This he accordingly i . La a supp in it a �lo-1 did and Toga Sod so far a to have in re a. I Ltd i. In be w a he inti ing a Diug covered a. W lieu a surprised uhf t hrs my. A. I �?T��?T1 Noire a Ore the wis m Tiar. I Ith he in Utt Muir j tier Jurez a ill. Rock pro. Doh i in h a grave. Uni i he . Willim bailing Der called a i my Ibie that you have urn a a Cso h t that Rae. Burse away my h l i taught i. I 1 port rid. Wet tsar i w. A know mph lab in in. la Wool la fit. Pm a the this my h Frau Labory a Oliue Wii re la ten age. T Aad fill Themo 1 i Prev a Eil a acc ved Pandora w Ith a la Atchley , Tim overfed All the Hia uly �4 her Lovely face i Iran y. T i. Itile. . In iou i. that Cote Lian that Uncle than that then a has Hocti slut to ,.pv id Val Labh. Cal Waltas a foil i a him anybody Ca clanged ath a with Well actg in a Lutrow. A no. I Ain t a a i., i i his Aid Nelson. A not is oleic Well 1 an glad that 1 Ball recover him where in Lama Fin d you Hart limed him a a we. Tinny in a 1 Hhd Spoerl a Barma. I ,.�c that drawled the . Rubber than to Lake Down Wall in Man Woad Soach hero by it a �?T1 want Uomonry-1 want my land persist to ail Wrabl Ato Ike la flu a flu Orfie a i cd Llev it Luumi >1 ii. Aal to a a in lbs or Sec i. in Earl a til Pengh a and rata ,4 a Vert banish Youthful Hwan. Ith for and Haini. Iday by a visit Frau his irate . Distance my �5tr, or a you Are an Lush Anraad a or. Rejoined that in thought it he a mistake. A no. Sir. It is to mistake you Are a Inch on any a Tutund Well returned or. Aall 1 can say is is so i am very worry it is altogether a .ei.ti-Iual, i am willing to pay Youhat Ever you say the Laud is a i want no nay air weird or 11.�?T want Laud a sit said i a�?~1 see it is he Preuss to cult Pruns the a tit with you 1 Wilt give you double whatever you say the land is Curili on ill. The hurtful lot .1 i plan a gift which Viu 1 pm la i her had a land straight. To .4 y i High .min.Ai.d, the. lot a he lift a Ith her own band. Aim a to is Fonh the Pia goer. At d Wius. Till my Bijur a or a he Ltd a my Siuy bit Kurtt. Lupe a in re a in a ii tin a i Natl Ini far a ill. Hot Ifrat i a a l.Ira doth her hand extend. Aad or , asset inc ii the lib de a a he a Gerry grasp. And a a its pm. Confair with Cunow clasp to Mia vol. All a or to Ream. Braih in in it a broken he no Quotla rho wild. every Iver a i Toni Risiti in 1 and dire disease. Ami evil cow. In Evir hand a prig an to Darken in the land i la Man by Vinji Salol ill , forever Asili iii. And Tov fueling it a Kesnig crowds or re Snovell fron. Strife fort in Vaber. And resign his life. A a m a l r Pisler mss aay shot they will about the country by beg i go far pm scud or. Part Lavon. And Bow tiny fat to it for my Par. 1 shall always Bink it s or my to the Vit tto air May do for Coina Niilo. Ami other rep tile that live upon it i know that m o must have a Monou Piug Stan Lualter. What ail him asked my father. 1�b. I can t Tell you i can you said i Leer with a pm a Mot you Sii red me re, my father. It win or your heart a a named a hrs. To be purr it win a i sri imply injured Ftp Ltd my a incr when in he a ii i demo a Aid Lyrer he nerved Hiu self for the und thru closing his ryes sunk lot chair comp Udy overcome with fight. My father gave a groan that started Nels uti to i few again All the sensation paid. Despair horror and intense agony were depicted to the site uti Ray father u . A . Uncle Phil Uncle in Kile dont be hard w Ith me. J would i had it happen All the lurid said Beers. can never Sci Uipi for the horse replied Ziy fax ice. A i know it i know it. Once pulp. 1 ran Only work foe a Long As i you ,11 Uay my lilt you ate sati find Alt a Lay apr a narc hip is finished Quot to turned bums. To Lien from tin place. Tirol lying in nil i a the men Uca uie impatient and the Gem rail with Ipi Ruthin a. To when they were going to Ilavu a bout with the flt a. One Timon he made a a Perch so nothing to Tho full no Itig Ettelt Wii he Cim Pincetl them i pit Sim Lime was in the wind. Fellows you have been Idle to Ltd it Long and an have i. In a going Down to Bush Sal neck with an team and a loud . 1 should con wreck 1 will let you know the particular. 1 Ali old uni let thrill Intoc it by Llie Hokey a a Lirt Yaft to Umit cd his no cart dressed As one the order it it Yankee Farmers and Stu a a hush s tavern which was in Possession the British to nips. No a. did Ilia officers Espy him than they began to pm lion him As to his where aleut and finding n completo Simpleton As they supposed Alliey begun to i him and the Raiem Ltd iii the con and fodder. A How much do you no a for Rotor whole Tou Tern asked they. For Tiercy Sake go Uthman replied the clod Hopper Wilh Trio too deplorable look Fomil moly a Only let Toncoff. And you a Hull have my Hull train and had i Whitig an Hal wont Dev. Ilgi Vovou my word i la a to Merrow and pay you heartily your kind ties and condescension. Well said they Woll take you your Worril leave the Trout Ami Provini Uhter with an. We won t tvs Piliro any bail you Fulham gave the i am and utilized at for a Ioor or to. Gaining All Liliu wished he then returned bin to non and told to Van Iho foe and his plan attack the morning Cantu ail with it a Autritt the Gallant band the a dih with rough hands and Shim they Mirri terms to Yetk ral i Zinani. The chslh>4>h-i, Cully remarked a a gentlemen. I have kept my word. 1 told you i Wood cull pay you for your Kwh dec und a is an uncommon singular Nam scr 1 Masculino mint and it shall 1st on Ltd it Sirgo Quot li-.gl. To jell a i in Cwm hat cock Tom Martin Van Duren Tynin by Adams a Jaquin Franklin fourth a july Jinks so it argut and treaty were alike Puavai a or accordingly to Lake Down and rebuild his Wall. Lie was to finish Bis building a a without in Torrup Liou. Titi oily afterwards or to build i lot and than mss and Carpenter were set to work to accomplish the object. The work Likely a Story after Alory went As by Najie and or Iro and or. To. Watch i the operations Day by Day with increasing interest with Conti dint anticipation i sing Able to occupy Iho premises by a certain period at length the building was entirely finishes., hmm foundation to a Luke a the Wmk to ii Hod departed with their Tuulo the Ruht nah had Buen Cluard away and or. A a congratulating himself on its successful us. Guru he was Astun shed by a visit from his neighbor a sir or 1 am sorry to i Slorra you that %0i air a such on my ground a in ooh Roii no a returned or. B. It no , at All said or. A1 b la you you me an i Cli on my ground y air Mot. John Franklin a t alive Canaan Ifield county an instance h Ronto Kahle Meti Iory teen n a Tad sect , trill show that i c Una no Ordinary Hoy. Having acc uni Ianird tin family to the Piare a it ship the Mih thug b Llesi being Only enclosed neither coiled nor plastered the is Auis end Rafter were All exposed to View. John saw Klinl this austere father a i through the Sermon with great uneasiness could no Divino the cause. I. Returning Home a Juhu a said his father a it is my duty to give you a Servero thrashing common in Ltd times and you Hall have it presently so Prepa yourself a a unit you Wutti t whip me father u Tell ing what for a no certainly year duct at meeting air i the cause Lustra attending to thur Mon you were ail the time gazing Olmut As it you were counting the bean and Rafter the Turci Itig Hoove Well father can you repeat the Carmou a Pennou no. 1 had As much a 1 could in to watch your a Tell you All the minister said you won t a hip met a no John to that i Iuppo Ihle Young Franklin named the text and la Kinig the discourse went though Crary head it with air pricing accuracy. Upon my word said the delighted Parent. A i should have thought it a and now father 1 can Tell you exactly How Many raft is there Are in the Etc cling Khotim Fotz Kofl pail my a �al1 and re a to 0m tiv a a a a hmm a Afi a a i i it it. A. i Akes Ile Currin inf org i. A Ltd iii Clara from Mew \ urk hts purctitb�i1� ��i4 a Lac �4 a Rte oct a n for i a to a Titi a it nor. Nhy ii h it a a Artir Ubohy a a cd Ira mull ten n Toens a to a in. Ii Frau Brlit Lliel it will cuffs 1 lit la it to i. A it a a a Fryer a a i v. I n fit it ��j4.�rr it ii by Wiki h a a a ii a a a a t. To in to Una Public. Hito c�x1 a a a my Ilint cloths a veil Irga to fou ii i i it to lib i ? Rio in re Clori a Tol Lcy Xith color Oilriv i Nunu inuit do a i runic skiing ii.,, Quot h a a a a in i a in it a he Rito a a draw to Fiat a la ii a Ftp �r4� a Liu u. F �01 Surv and furptli4��s to i a Tail la Uva a a a Btu it to Quot i a ii fort for n 41 a a iii Hotor Troi except Ilu a. 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