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Danville Bee Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Bee, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Danville, VirginiaHussein forms new government miners trapped Lusaka Zambia High Rybine miners Are believed trapped underground at Mufu Kra mine after a massive Cavern Friday a spokesman for Doan consolidated mines announced today Rescue efforts Are continuing although no one has been Fer ought to the surface since More than 1400 men were safely evacuated from the mine immediately after the Cavern refugees arrive Beirut Lebanon up a group of 34 foreign refugees from Jordan arrived in Beirut today aboard a red Cross flight the plane also brought in the body of a russian camera Man killed in the lighting in Amman in the group of refugees were French romanian and polish citizens mercy flights Friday brought out 132 Refu gees 22 of them americans search pressed Haverhill mass More than 800 policemen searched through the night in northeastern Massachusetts and new Hampshire for Wil Liam m Gilday one of five persons charged in the a Chin gun slaying of a bos ton policeman during a Bank robbery the officers from 18 communities also manned Road blocks where Gilday 41 of Amesbury was spotted Sev eral times Friday receive briefing Saigon a president Nixon two key Domestic advisers received a briefing on the military situation in Viet Nam today from Gen Creigh ton w Abrams commander of u s forces one of the advisers John d Ehrlichman head of Nixon Domestic Council and a Mem debris spotted new York the Cut Ter Dallas searched in the North Atlantic today for debris spotted from the air that May be part of the missing balloon the free life the Dallas had steamed All night to the spot 300 to 400 Miles South of Newfoundland to investigate the sighting while another Cutter the ing Ham ran Down a false Lead in the same general area the coast guard said quake recorded Bogota Colombia an earthquake Shook parts of Western Colombia today there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage the quake was reported to have been Felt the strongest at Pereira about 220 Miles West of Bogota officials reported cases of panic among inhabitants there police assigned Rome italian authorities have assigned 12000 policemen for president Nixon visit to Rome and established a medical team headed by one of the country most famous doctors to stand by in the event of a medical emergency this was disclosed today by Rome police Headquarters As last minute arrangements went ahead for what is believed to be the heaviest Security guard Ever accorded an official Visi Tor to the eternal City since world War ii Nixon is due sunday soviet escort Messina Sicily a u is 6th Fleet ships on their Way from the Eastern Mediterranean to Naples to meet president Nixon had a soviet escort today As they passed through the Strait of Messina first through the Strait was the Springfield a guided mis Sile Cruiser and flagship of the Fleet next came two member associated press founded february vol lev no 2025 Danville Van saturday afternoon september 26 1970 Soe weekly delivery to Home by Price in cents Campus report ready Agnew cites dual purpose of Campaign Milwaukee a vice president Spiro t Agnew says his Campaign Mission is to help elect men who will fight a National trend towards permissive Ness and to mobilize a silent majority that has been Bull dozed into thinking its values Are out of style the vice president spelled out this double purpose Friday night in a speech to some 1800 republicans who paid each or a couple to attend a dinner in the Milwaukee area alter wards he flew Back to Washington Agnew declared during the past generation a philosophy of permissiveness has infiltrated american life and he said it has been a tragic mistake even though sociological foreheads hate to admit it coming at the end of a week that saw Agnew campaigning in Tennessee and Indiana two states which Are prime Republican Campaign targets in their drive to capture Senate control turn to Page 2 Story no 1 her of the presidents Coni american destroyers followed Mittee on drug abuse also conferred with an rams prov Ost marshal on the reported increase in the use of drugs by american soldiers by a soviet destroyer of the Kashin class last ship to pass was the Saratoga one of two u s aircraft carriers stationed in the Mediterranean Gat Ewo Orf wins Rescue squad state position reds lose key areas Saigon a government troops in Cambodia and Laos have captured key areas of their countries from comm nestled forces with support from american warplanes offi cers said today in Cambodia a Large Force carrying out the first major government offensive of the cambodian War seized the Vil Lage of Taing Kauk driving out Force that had Progress for two an enemy blocked its in Laos a d a n v i 11 i a was elected vice president of the Virginia association of Volunteer Rescue squads ibis morning during the organizations annual convention at Virginia Beach a past Captain of the local life saving Crew he and 13 other Crew members together with their wives were among the 1267 persons on hand for the event which opened in u if c Ujj t i m Southern Laos near the North thursday night and will end Ern Border of Cambodia both Battle Sites Are on North vietnamese River and land infiltration corridors that have been under daily us bombing at tacks aimed at curbing the flow of enemy troops and War mate rials southward into Cambodia and South Vietnam Taing Kauk along Houte 6 be tween phenom penh and the provincial capital of Kampong Thorn 80 Miles to the North was captured government forces Friday by the cambodians seized a Hill position called Xieng Dat overlooking the provincial capital of Atto Peu Atto Peu is on the Bol ovens plateau associated press correspond ent John t reported turn to Page 2 Story no 7 the weather Virginia some cloudiness tonight with scattered Thunder storms lows in the 60s and lower 70s Cloudy sunday with showers and thunderstorms and turning cooler highs in the 70s and 80s extended a forecast monday through wednesday Calls for fair cooler less humid weather with the Chance of showers monday the Day time High temperatures Are expected to Range in the 60s and 70s and the overnight lows should be in the 40s and 50s North Carolina partly Cloudy with scattered showers or thundershowers and continued warm tonight Over night lows in the 60s except lower 70s along the coast occasional rain and cooler in the mountains sunday consider Able cloudiness with showers or thundershowers Likely and not a warm m the East and Cloudy Central sections highs in the 70s West to the 80s East extended no of precast for monday through wed turn to cooler highs monday 60s in the mountains to the lower 80s South East portion and in the 70s Over the state by wednesday overnight lows generally 40s in the mountains to around 60 along the coast scattered showers monday ending in the East portion tuesday tonight the Danville outfit also received a trophy for its emergency Hospital transport vehicle which has been on display throughout the convention at present it is the Only one of its kind in Virginia with Only others in but to the unite d efforts Are get More in today queer Story Philadelphia Philadelphia zoo is no longer singing a Blue is since it got a rhapsody of Blue croakers not since last november when two boys kidnapped the zoos rare Blue Blue Moon to Stratford n j where it died has the zoo had a Blue Frog now it has five contributors started sending Blue frogs to the zoo in recent weeks All caught in the Poco nos Blue frogs said James Wea ver zoo Public relations officer actually Are common Green frogs who Are wondering where the yellow went yellow and Blue pigment make the Green of the common Frog but in the new acquisitions the yellow skin pigment is Lack ing administration policy linked to disorders Washington a presi Dent Nixon today received the closely guarded but already controversial report of the presidential commission on campy unrest amid hints administration policy will be blamed of some disorders former Pennsylvania gov William w Scranton head the lineman commission Ham de the report to the president i White House office in a brie ceremony Scranton accompanied b aides was the Only member o the commission there Republican politicians have rebutted talk of administration responsibility for collegiate Vio Lence with charges the commis Sion was packed with liberals latest lunar visitor this is How the soviet unions Luna 16 looked on the surface of the Moon according to artist a Sokolov whose drawing appeared in pravda the space Craft returned to Earth Landing in Kazakhstan about 1400 Miles Southeast of Moscow and carried first samples of Moon soil Ever gathered by an unmanned spacecraft the soviets say photo from Tass soviet news Agency a wire photo underway operation inthe state in Central locations in the Vicinity of Large hospitals approximately 100 s p u a d s from throughout the state Are represented at the convention but it was emphasized that they left plenty of men at Home to take care of local emergency needs until their return tomorrow downtown weather log to 1 p m today hour Tern bar wind Dir Mph 7 am 9 am 11 am 1 pm 70 3023 77 3023 89 3023 02 3020 Calm Calm so so 24hour Low temperature 87 24hour High temperature 95 24hour a readings from the bees weather station atop the news paper building on the inside pages pilots demand bulletproof cockpit doors Washington a line pilots Are demanding the shelter of bulletproof cockpit doors More than Ever now thai armed marshals ride their planes As a guard against hijackers the air line pilots Assoc a lion Alpa emphasized this in a statement filed Friday with the Federal aviation administration in support of the Bullet proof cockpit requirement pro posed by the Faa now that armed Security guards have been placed on Ai Carrier aircraft the possibility of gunfire in the Cabin has in creased and it is Likely that by lets from the Cabin May Ace dentally enter the flight deck 15 liberated passengers in Amman Nicosia Cyprus a a Middle East airlines plane arrived in Cyprus today from am Man carrying is of 16 foreign hostages freed by jordanian sol Diers from Palestine guerrillas they had been questioned by jordanian intelligence agents about their three week ordeal since three Western airliners were hijacked Early in septem Ber and flown to Jordan they Ere found by jordanian sol hers in a refugee Camp near Amman Friday the plane landed at the Royal Vir Force base at a Sotiri 65 Niles Southwest of Nicosia the stages will Transfer to a Brit so Royal air Force plane Leav no immediately for Europe jordanian search for win fanned fires spread in California los Angeles fanned by Devil winds blazed through tinder dry Brush and in South California to Day leaving expensive Homes in ashes and forcing thousands of Toukan named minister Arab leaders make charges by the associated press King Hussein of Jordan Ormed a new government today to work for reconstruction of his strife rav aged country As Arab Lead ers accused him and his army of violating the new ceasefire Ahmed Toukan a palestinian who was chief of Hussein Roy Al court was named prime min ister Toukan is a former Deputy prime minister from Cairo president Raafat Al Numajiri of Sudan who led an Arab peace Mission to Amman and got the ceasefire Friday accused Hussein of personal responsibility for the bloodshed coming on the heels of presi Dent Gamal Abdel Nasser harsh Cable to Hussein Early this morning accusing him of trying to liquidate the Palestine guerrillas num Airis statement appeared to demand the Kings Scalp in the Arab worlds bitter internecine struggle we tried to implement the ceasefire Numajiri told a news conference but we failed because one of the parties Vio lated the agreement he left no doubt that in his View the violations came exclusively from the jordanian Side Jordan said tha 38 americans still held by he popular front for the Liber Tion of Palestine the front engineered the hijackings of three airliners sept 6 and 9 and took More than 400 persons aboard hem to a desert Airstrip North an scents 1213 a news digest 2 Bridge 13 builders Page 7 Church clarified ads 14 Cornice 15 crossword Puzzle 12 deaths funerals 5 6 45 3 3 Keasler Kooyum local and state news Money patterns Paul Harvey it sports Ion state zone forecast 4 television 13 Washington column women news 3 Alpa said Secretary of transportation John a Volpe said Friday fed eral guards will not hesitate t shoot if other measure fail halt a hijacking Volpe said shooting will be done As a last resort and added when it comes to the lives o 200 american passengers an crewmen As opposed to the Lif of one Hijacker there is n question of what were going t do Volpe made the remarks a turn to Page 2 Story no 2 of the my continued to Man sought in robbery of Bank Denver a Federal agents and City police sought to Day a Man accused of being one of five persons who held up the Union National Bank Friday in a robbery that left a customer critically wounded and an Fri agent with a Bullet in his leg the amount taken was not disclosed although one official said most was recovered John f Morley assistant Spe Cial agent in charge of the Fri Denver office said police were looking for Anthony Hernandez accused with his brother Paul 21 of Bank robbery and assault ing a Federal officer Paul Hernandez was captured by an Fri agent As he fled the downtown Bank four other bandits escaped immediate capture but City police disclosed later they had three other men in custody but would not say How they were arrested a 17yearold girl also was being questioned five men armed with sawed off shotguns and pistols and carrying Pink Pillow cases entered the Bank building shortly before noon a Bank guard Dis armed and the More than 30 residents to free the winds hot and dry sea Ward blasts from the desert whipped the dozens of fires into fast moving infernos after they started Friday firemen said it May take Days to control the fires More than 86000 acres were blackened an err Fri i trying to excuse permissive Ness the final report is scheduled to be made Public at 6 pm a spokesman for the commis Sion said special reports on Vio Lence at Kent state and Jackson state colleges which claimed the lives of six students will be made Public next monday or tuesday members of the lineman commission headed by former Pennsylvania gov William w Scranton have made few Public statements about their three month investigation when one member Joseph r Rhodes or 22 of Harvard Tinl varsity said he wanted to Fin out whether statements by pres ident Nixon and vice presiden Agnew Are killing people the vice president called for his resignation violations were the work of die hard palestinian guerrillas in a hot reply to Cairo Hus Ein accused Numajiri of false Ying the facts and told the lab leaders the grave Harges against me and my my could Only Widen the Ulf Between us he urged the b leaders to prevent the situation from plunging to a new abyss in the conspiracy against Ordan guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat Lew to Cairo with Numajiri Fri Lay night to represent the turn to Page 2 Story no 4 As 400 Homes and damaged actor Dale Robertsons Home was destroyed fire officials said and the blazes damaged gov Ronald Reagons ranch and the Spahn movie ranch there were numerous reports of Burns and other injuries to firemen and residents but no deaths were reported the most destructive Blaze spread in the Malibu Canyon a fashionable Scenic area on the coast about 30 Miles Northwest of downtown Low angles it linked on one front with a fire in Western san Fernando Valley a largely residential area about 25 Miles Northwest in Fillmore 60 Miles North East of los Angeles winds spread a fire which started in a Citrus packing House nearly destroying a City Block authorities said an automobile Agency hardware store Auto parts shop antique store and an electrical Supply show were ill but destroyed the Valley and Malibu fires merged after about 16 hours and after the Malibu Braze had reached the Pacific oceans turn to Page 2 Story no 5 Rhodes one of fou Negroe on the panel refused to resign and said later he believes the president is making sincere efforts to reduce violence and unrest Rhodes told an audience West Virginia state College e Day a vast social War is devel Oping and the Nixon administration is partly responsible he discounted speculation the commission report would be a indictment of the Way the a ministration has handled Stu Dent disorders but he said com members Are in the business of informing everybody of How Hes Nixon contributing to the problem Scranton said at the Start o the investigation in july w Are approaching our task to be to the Root of the tragedies a Kent and Jackson state there Are a few indications a to what will be in the report one commission investigator lawyer Terry Baker of por land Ore has said the prob Lem on the Campus transcend the Campus it involves foreign policy poverty racism and the other social issues of the day1 commission researcher Roland d Patzer himself Dean o students at the University o Vermont said in an interview that much of the blame May b placed on College administrators who Are making too dam Many mistakes and one member Revius or turn to Page 2 Story no 11 turn to Page 2 Story no 10 turn to Page 2 Story no 12 Nixon trip has Security men worried Washington a presi Dent Nixon european tour that begins sunday has his Security agents troubled besides guard ing against the usual hazards they Are expanding Protection to prevent an Aerial hijacking of the chief executives plane As a direct result of Airliner hijackings by palestinian guerrillas All persons and baggage making the Nixon flight will have to pass rather rigorous scrutiny even newsmen most of them on a firs name basis with Nix on secret service bodyguard can expect their hand baggage to be searched if they Are Cho sen to Fly aboard air Force one As a Pool member responsible for reporting to colleagues flying separately aboard two press chartered commercial air liners moreover such is the concern that even those aboard press planes hired from pan Ameri can world airways and trans world airlines must under most circumstances have their baggage at the White House ready for inspection by Early this evening such precautions have been taken for perhaps a decade on a turn to Page 2 Story no 3 chill clings to Rockies and Plains by the associated press a frosty chill Clung to the Northern Rockies and adjacent Plains today and dropped temperatures into the 30s As far East As the great lakes Snow diminished Over the Rockies where Fraser Colo was hit by 10 inches thursday night and Early Friday but temperatures below freezing remained an Earl autumn heat wave lingered Over much of the East Ern Seaboard warm and humid conditions extended As Well into a Large part of the Southeast from the Ohio Valley to the Gulf of Mexico overnight lows generally were in the Sticky 70s temperature records were set for the fourth Day in a Row in some Eastern cities Friday by not to address War rally Paris a vice presi Dent Nguyen Cao by has decided not to address a Winthe War rally in Washington it was Learned today the South vietnamese Leader revealed his decision during the taping Here of the lbs face the nation television program which will be broadcast in the United states on sunday his decision removes a Poten tial Point of irritation Between Saigon and the Nixon administration us officials had been lobbying quietly to convince by to change his mind yet informed sources said the decisive move in the backstage discussion came from South Vietnam ambassador to Washington Bui diem Bui diem flew into Paris Fri Day to talk to the vice president sources said and to Tell by the demonstration in Washington next saturday did not have the is appearance at the rally would not be desirable in the i resent climate informants discounted reports us Arm twisting to Hange keys mind they in isted the subject had not been Rought up during keys talks Lere with u s ambassador David be Bruce the chief he american peace talks Dele action and that it was not on Baltimore sheltered up to 97 Benediction of president Nixon i to j Rupli o Harrisburg a to 93 and Washington to 04 sandwiched Between the con turn to Story no8 the oct 3 rally called the March for Victory is sponsored by a righting preacher the Rev Carl Mcl retire it a Felt a the United states tha the Agenda of today of state William p of by and White House adviser i Rogers and other american and Henry Kissinger Bruce met with by Friday but said they had not talked about keys trip to Washington in Saigon South Vietnam foreign minister said Friday that by May reconsider his plans to speak at the washing ton rally Tran Van Lam said he had discussed keys visit with South vietnamese officials Dur ing a visit to the United and had advised by not to speak at the rally you must be on the spot to really know the meaning of the rally and its consequences Lam said we must be very turn to Page 2 Story no 9 Nixon attempting to discourage Moscow from building soviet naval base in Cuba Washington Early and Stern a warning by the administration is trying to discourage Moscow from building a major soviet naval base in Cuba the Pentagon disclosed Evi Dence Friday of what it said appears to be a submarine sup port base under construction in the Harbor at Cienfuegos Possi Bly for use by missle firing to Lari Stype subs now positioned in the Atlantic Secretary of defense Melvin r Laird said while we have Drew a parallel with the 1932 seen activity along this line As cuban missile crisis when far As Cuba is concerned it is a Little Early to determine the extent of russian naval involve ment there White House officials quickly responded by saying this coun try would View the establish ment of a strategic base in the Caribbean with utmost serious Ness however no diplomatic representations have been made to Moscow officials immediately president John f Kennedy said peace in the Caribbean could preserved if soviet offensive weapons were removed from the area and kept out in the future this continues to be us policy said one White House offi Cial who declined to be quoted by name but it is obvious the Magni to turn to Page 2 Story

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