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Danville Bee Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 4

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Bee, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Danville, VirginiaThe Bee Danville a saturday oct 31 1970 election pressure temporarily delays probe into Rule waiver for Oil Tanker Washington a the pressure of election campaigns apparently has temporarily delayed Only congressional probes into Why the Treasury department waived a Long standing Rule and let Union Oil cos foreign Flag Tanker the Sansinena work in Domestic sen Joseph d Tydings d my disclosed details of the unpublicized waiver last March he charged Union Oil stood to make Between 5 million and million and said the action threatened the us shipbuilding Industry at that time he questioned roles played by Paul Eggers then counsel of the Treasury who signed the waiver and Peter Flanigan an assistant to president Nixon and a former president of Barracuda Tanker corp which owned the Sansinena but leased it to Union Oil Eggers a Republican is seek ing the governors seat in Tex As an aide to Hep Dante fas cell Fla said he has been digging into the Sansinena affair during the congressional re Cess and expects to recommend the government operations sub committee investigate the mat Ter Fasieh is chairman of the be Gal and monetary affairs sub committee which oversees Treasury and the coast guard the More i dig the More questionable it appears said the aide where did Treasury get the idea it had the authority to waive the Jones act and might it again he asked the Jones act keeps foreign flagships from trading in Domestic Waters with a waiver allowed for National defense the act protects interests of the Domestic shipbuilding Indus try from Competition from the ws1kd foreign flagships which pay no us taxes and often Are built at lower Price than could be done Here the Senate Commerce com Mittee also is prepared to take up the matter probably in connection with consideration of a Tydings Bill to prevent recur rence of the Treasury depart ment action soon after Tydings speeches on the Senate floor the treas Ury department revoked the Sansinena waiver Flanigan denied he Ever spoke to anyone in the Treasury department about the Sansinena waiver Tydings later disclosed however a letter from the Mari time commission to Flanigan concerning his interest in the Sansi Nemy Case in previous administrations waiver requests from Union Oil had been turned Down in the Nixon administration however the defense department said it has no position on the Mailer three solons accept Money from fund Washington a three members of the House agriculture committee including its chairman have accepted from a Well endowed poetical fund supported by Dairy farm ers All three congressmen Are unopposed in tuesdays general election and faced no opposition in the primaries they Are the committee chair Man rep or Bob Poage d Tex a Veteran of con Gress and rep Edward Jones Tenn and rep Bill Alexan Der dark both freshmen tiie Money comes from the Trust for agriculture political education of san Antonio Tex set up by key officials of the associated milk producers inc Dairy Farmers who donated the now in the fund Benefit from government Price supports for milk v the funds gave up age to Jones in a one time contribution and half Poage who listed the funds contribution in his reelection report filed with Congress said the Money was deposited in a special Campaign Bank account in Waco Tex Carlton Smith pages Campaign treasurer said the Money will be used in future election Virginia zone forecast contests its held there strictly for that he said Bob Poage is very careful and conscientious and even demanding about a thing like that last year the fund also gave the 70yearold Central Texas lawyer at a testimonial dinner another was chipped in during a joint affair last Winter for Poage and rep Wright Patman Tex Jones who said Hes running ads in newspapers and buying bumper stickers and posters de spite the Lack of opposition said remaining a household word is necessary in off election years too in trying to keep my name before the Public you run every Day not just once every two years Alexander be reached for comment sole official of the Trust is its treasurer Robert 0 Isham who doubles As comptroller of associated milk producers asked about giving funds to congressmen in no danger of being turned out of office is Ham said Ive never talked to a politician who didst need Money Piedmont Northern Shenan Doah Valley Flash flood watch remains in effect rain today and tonight May be heavy at Imes highs in the upper 50s or of 60s lows tonight in the Low 50s sunday mostly Cloudy with rain tapering off highs in the 50s monday fair and Cool Hance of rain decreasing to 50 percent sunday Tidewater area Eastern Shore rain developing today May be heavy at times through night highs today in the Low 60sv monday fair and Cool Hance of rain increasing to 100 percent later today and tonight and then decreasing to 50 per cent sunday Southern Shenandoah Valley Flash flood warning remains in effect today rain today May be heavy at times before tapering by evening highs around sos partial Clearing tonight Low in the 40s sunday partly Cloudy High in the 60s Monda fair and Cool Chance of rain decreasing to 20 percent tonight and sunday j upper James River area Flash flood watch remains in effect today rain May be head at times before tapering off late today High around 60 partly Cloudy tonight and sunday lows tonight around 40 highs sunday in the 60s monday and Cool Chance of decreasing to 20 percent tonight and sunday southwestern i a t e a u Allegheny Highlands occasional rain ending later to Day High in the upper 50s partly Cloudy tonight and Sun Day Low tonight around 40 High sunday around 60 monday fair and Cool Chance of rain decreasing to 20 percent tonight and 10 percent sunday Penn Central reports big income loss Philadelphia a the Penn Central transportation co says it lost million in the first eight months of 1970 four times More than the million deficit recorded during ii comparable 1969 period in August the company said is loss was million triple year ago when it lost Mil american colonists especially he puritans frowned on Osten tation so much that a Man appearing before a Salem mass court in 1652 was charged with an excess of boots Riband Gold and Silver laces a truffle grower needs be sides Trees to Supply the nourishment for the fungus a dog a pig or a Goat humans rarely can detect the piquant perfume of the buried fungus the French Hunt with trained pigs the italians with dogs and Sardi Nivans with goats Ion total income during the period for the company which runs americas largest Railroad was il2 billion for the eight months according to a financial report made Public Friday the Tota come includes million rom freight hauling and million from operating Passen Ger trains the income com Lares with billion for the same period a year ago when eight brought in million and passenger Mil Ion j cd total expenses including 105 billion for railway opera ions were 409 billion for the first eight months this year compared to billion ini969 for August revenues Tot Alec 1399 million while expenses were million freight revenues sowed gain of nearly 8 per cent while passenger income dropped about 2 per cent the report said the report was filed in Jas District court Here where tin Railroad is seeking to rear Garriz under the Federal bankruptcy act it was signed by Jervis Langdon or one pen entrails four court appointed trustees the Parent Penn Central co which is not in reorganization Lias reported a consolidated be loss for the first Balf of 1970 o million against Millio for the comparable 1969 period carrying a Bride across the threshold was a custom of romans chinese ethiopians an Canadian indians Folklorist say this act either asserted the authority of the lord and Maste or was the Only Way to get captured Bride inside her be Home republicans led by Agnew retch new Law in Campaign tactics Obrien charges Washington a Demter failure As a vice president socratic National Law rence f Obrien charged today the Republican party Spear headed by vice president Spiro tag new has found a new Low in Campaign activities and Campaign tactics in the 1970 elec Tion Battle and Obrien declared Agnew has been totally under the guidance and direction of presi Dent Nixon phrase and every word sentence Hes uttered has been orchestrated by the White House speaking in a metro Media radio news interview Obrien also scored the Nixon administration on economic matters and predicted Success Fordem of crafts in tuesdays balloting Obrien called Agnew an it 1970 by Nea inc in not sure which directions should Takt i just ask myself what would John Wayne do nations economic woes Are blamed on democrats and claimed he failed to carry out his constitutional responsibilities of office As a campaigner Agnew has lost his Impact with his heavy handed rhetoric Obrien said adding this Campaign is winding up with or Agnew a minus for his party asked to respond to charges that current National economic problems were inherited from the Johnson administration Obrien said Nixon came into office with a budget surplus the lowest unemployment rate in decades and 95 consecutive months of economic growth in 21 months Obrien charged or Nixon has succeeded in bringing about a deterioration of this Economy that n a sense i almost comprehension weve been out exposed and outspent by a 101 ratio a added Obrien said newsmen did not cover our candidates or of us up e a i n g across the country but he added the medias treatment of democrats has been very Tive the interview also touched on new York mayor John v Lind say Obrien noted Lindsay has said he plans to remain in the Republican that Hes party but added Welcome democratic party should he de cide to Cross Over the Welcome included Sany Lindsay decision to become an Active participant in our affairs fully he said Reward offered in ecuadorian kidnapping Quito Ecuador a the government of Maria Velasco president Jose Ibarra has of Washington a a administration economist Oday blamed the nations eco nomic troubles on democrats and assailed critics who say re publicans Are at fault for unemployment and the High Cost of iving the text of the speech by r e a s u r y undersecretary Charles e Walker carried a note o editors from Secretary David i Kennedy recommending it As one that sets out the straight facts about the Meono by Walker in remarks prepared or a Bankers luncheon at Georgetown University fired away at democrats and labor readers who he said have lashed out atthe Lixon administrations econom c record even allowing forme heat of an election Campaign Walker said this is surely g6ingtoo contending Nixon adm Nistra Ion policies have cooled off a badly overheated Economy started to bring inflation under control started the nation to Ward full employment and of be shadowed a housing Walker first Tore int Democrat in the said make up Cho rus of critics he said As advisersto1 former president Lyndon by they were part Ofair adminis traction that got involved in a War costing billion a year and added billion in domes tic spending in four years As any one of these advisers students could have told them Walker said this Effort to have guns butter fat and a great society All within a few years assured the Economy would Fai prey to the ravages of deep and accelerating inflation he said democrats in con Gress approved the inflationary programs in addition he said they led the fight last year to convert a Fine bipartisan Effort two army officers cleared of charges it Benning a a the army says it has dismissed All charges against two officers accused of slaying one civilian and wounding another during a june 1969 raid on a vietnamese Village in the Mekong Delta area cleared of the charges Friday were capt Vincent n Hart Mann 34 of Scranton a and it Robert g Lee or 22 of Springfield to the two officers both of whom served inthe 9th infantry division in Vietnam were accused last May 28 of the at tempted murder of an unspecified number of persons by or Dering members of their com Mand to fire into buildings used for human habitation additional charges specifying the premeditated murder of a vietnamese woman and assault with intent to murder a Viet namese Man were brought against both on june 23 1970 the dismissal of the charges was ordered by maj Gen or win c Talbott commander of it Benning and followed an article 32 to a civilian grand jury action it col Brandon Parket of the us army infantry school it Benning military spokesman said the Hart Nann Case was dismissed for Lack of evidence and the charges against Lee dropped on the fact that expected Testi Mony was substantially identical to that against Hartmann the two officers have been As signed to duty at it Benning since charges were Brough against them officials said Nei Thor has been in confinement the army said the incident o which the two officers were accused was in no Way related t the alleged massacre at my Lai South Vietnam in March 1968 the incidents were in different sections of Vietnam and wer separated by More than a Yeai charges against Hartman and Lee specified that the to officers while assigned to com Pany c of the 29th infantry 2nd battalion ordered thei troops to fire on a five hut settlement in the Mekong delt area on june 15 1969 the charges stated that occupants of the huts ran out int the Field of fire resulting in the death of one woman and the wounding of of one Man feed a Reward for information on the whereabouts of Ecuador kidnapped air Force chief but says it knows nothing of the motives behind the abduction strict imposed Security precautions after the kidnapping tuesday of Gen Cesar Rohon Sandoval were relaxed slightly Friday As several of an estimated 400 persons held for question ing in the Case were released a curfew remained i effect Between 9 pm and 5 am in Quito the nations capital but was lifted in several smaller Cit ies and reduced in Guayaquil Ecuador largest City and com Mercial Center meanwhile 14000 army troops and National police continued a nationwide search for the general and his captors who seized him As he returned to his Lon needed tax Reform into n irresponsible tax Cut which ire tens to reignite the Infra onary tinder As for Union officials he said those same labor leaders who o sharply complain about the continuing Rise in prices Are of extending the inflation by demanding and receiving wage to increases which far outstrip any conceivable addition to output resulting from future increases productivity Walker said the Nixon eco Omic team is not satisfied Ith the 55 per cent a employ nent rate recorded in septem rate he blamed partly on erratic factors the fact is that the pieces Ary economic Cooling Hasteen successfully an old fashioned recess Ion of unconscionably employment Levels of ears Walker said earlier current quotes y the associated press not just an attack on the resident its an irresponsible act on the part of the people Lurting others who just want to assemble freely i think its just he lowest of the Lixon Eisenhower on Thestorf no of her motorcade Virginia Union University gets new president Richmond a Allix Bledsoe James former vice president and Dean of the school of theology at Virginia Union University has been inaugurated As the seventh president of the 195yearold school James 47 told fridays inaugural audience of about 2 000 persons that Virginia Union must not cling slavishly to tradition for traditions Sake he said the times demand More and it is necessary that All segments of the Community give input so that the Liberal arts College in the Christian tradition can become a liberating Force for All people especially for Black people gov Linwood Holton told the crowd Virginia Union offers Clear proof of the durability of higher education the predominantly negro school was founded at the close of the civil War in a former Jailhouse for slaves never before has the student body had a greater Challenge to Bear Holton said because never before have Black Stu dents had a greater number of careers open to them the governor added he Hopes Vul graduates would joins in building a new Dominion Security warmth and love Lave to be found and when the men in a girls life have failed o provide these then Active at empty to find them May be re warded by a homosexual rela and Gunn a London physician specializing in the problems of youth we do not know of any total National combined synchronized conspiracy of terrorist groups there Are some of these anarchistic groups of nihilists acting on a National atty Gen John n Mitchell Ive never talked to a Politi Cian who didst need Money o Isham comptroller of the associated milk producers which contributed to three members including the chairman of the House agriculture committee All of whom Are unopposed in tuesdays Gen eral election second Man apprehended in Bank robbery Birmingham Ala a the Fri announced Friday the arrest of a second Man charged with the robbery of a ranch Bank in Birmingham last july 20 special agent Ralph j Miles said Harry j Moore 26 Cam Den no was arrested thurs Day night at Bellmar no and has been jailed at Camden in lieu of Bond awaiting return to Birmingham Miles said Federal warrants obtained oct 13 charge Moore and George m Williams 23 Columbia so with the Rob Bery Williams was arrested at co Lumbia oct 13 and a hearing is scheduled there next wednes Day to determine if he is to be North Carolina forecast Triangle a r e a Northeast Piedmont and Northern coast Al Plain rain tapering off to right Low in the 50s Cloudy in morning sunday becoming part y Cloudy in the afternoon High n the Northern coastal area smal draft warnings i effect East Erly to southeasterly winds 15 to 25 Mph and Gusty tonight shifting to northwesterly Sun Day occasional rain and Chance of thundershowers tonight Grad tally tapering off and ending at sunday highs sunday 60s and Low 70s Low tonight in the of Southern coastal area South Ern coastal Plain and Sand Nills Small Craft warnings in effect on the coast occasion Ain Windy and mild tonight rain ending sunday highs Sun Day upper 60s and mid 70s a tvs tonight mostly 60s triad area and Northern Piedmont Southern Piedmont Eastern slopes and Foothills Northwest mountains variable cloudiness tonight partly Clouds sunday lows tonight around 5c highs sunday upper 60s Central mountains and South West mountains variable Cloud iness tonight fair sunday sunday generally in the 60s lows tonight mid 40s Maines highest Point is the 5268 foot Peak of mount Fatah Dinar after visiting a Friend i a unto suburb the kidnapping carried out on the 50th i Ersary of the air Force thus far the government has concentrated on the left in its Earch but discounted As false communiques from two separate groups that claimed responsibility in the Case one group demanded Freedom or so called political prisoners he resignation of Velasco and Lis Nephew defense minister urge Acosta Velasco and the opening of the nations four diversities in return for tha eneral the other set no Condi ions for his release the universities were closed Une 22 after the president is Umed dictatorial Powers to Leal with antigovernment Vio ence leftist groups and Lead ers of Ecuador 33000 students have been the governments major critics accusing it of mismanagement abuse of or waste and repression distinctively Beautiful responsibly managed carefully maintained Danville memorial gardens last Chance see Zhivago one More time the Moit Beautiful motion picture possibly the greatest Zhivago Wili not be shown anywhere for 5 afr this special engagement hurry Urr item run Only see Zhivago again now playing Riverside bibles bibles bibles bibles bibles bibles seeks rate hike Charlotte a pied ont natural Gas co asked North Carolina and South Caro Lina Friday to let it raise its rates the company told regulating agencies of the two states the increase would amount to less than 18 cent3 a month for most residential customers the re Quested increases Are residential 138 per cent commercial 157 per cent and Industrial 337 per cent brought to Birmingham for trial a removal hearing for Moore has not been set it is by p h Ricketts next to handshaking nothing has been so overworked and successful As prom Ising to reduce our taxes a Good politician spends half of his time making promises and the other half he spends making excuses regardless of your opinions or your politics you should go to the polls and vote your honest convictions tuesday As you read this and p h r will be winging his Way by Jet to Flora Illinois for revival nov 18 we covet your prayers religious Book Center 120 Market St 7924443 bibles bibles bibles bibles bibles bibles a o o x a n 7 m h a o o Stevenson gains strength Likely to unseat gop senator Ralph Smith Chicago a Republican strategists concede Adlai e Ste Venson Iii has parlayed their costly attempts at Radical izing his image into a late backlash tinged renewal of strength Anc Likely will unseat gop sen Ralph Tyler Smith two appearances this week by president Nixon and another by vice president Spiro t a new Are thought to have made Little difference for Smith appointed last year to serve Oul the term of the late Everett m Dirksen and television commercials aimed at tying Stevenson name to militants and mob action apparently have lost their magic for Smith who earlier had Ridden his Lawan Dorder strategy to within Range of the popular Democrat the Illinois state Tif treasurer and son of the two time democratic presidential candidate characterizes the Smith Campaign As Gutter tac tics and believes he is Benefit Ting considerably from Public distaste for them meanwhile Stevenson has crossed his Republican Chal Lenger somewhat by taking a stronger stand on Law and or Der one Smith commercial opens with Jerry Rubin one of the Chicago conspiracy trial defend ants in the Middle of the screen while the announcer intones Jerry Rubin sees policemen As next comes a picture of Stevenson arid the words Adlai Stevenson re Gards some police As storm troopers in Blue the spot is typical of Many used by Smith but Stevenson brought Thom As Foran onto his Campaign staff and the commercial lost some Impact Foran was prosecutor at the conspiracy trial Stevenson also has taken to Waring an american Flag in his l and he repeatedly has denounced violence of any kind his commercials carry the theme no hate no fear just hard work and Harmony Smith began the Campaign running behind Stevenson 60 per cent to 30 and doubtless the Ste Venson name accounted for much of the margin but the gop poll which showed that Gap Aiso indicated More than half of Illinois voters consider themselves conserva Tives and presumably Many in that category dont regard Ste Venson a Liberal our goal explains a Smith aide was to make sure they did another says we set out to Stop Stevenson and we did but he started up again and reacted far More vigorously than we thought he would Smith says a Straw poll con ducted by Lac Chicago Sun times which shows Stevenson wit More Ian 56 per cent of Hie vote is not reasonable or accurate he takes exception to the polls figures showing him trailing the Democrat 6040 in Madison county which includes Smiths Home town of Al ton in county going to win my Smith declares own and in going of win the election Smith May make Good his special Promise to win Madison county but Illinois elections More often than not arc won in Cook county Chicago where Stevenson is leading with 70 per cent the polls appear to rebut the gop Contention that mayor Richard j Daley is not going All out for Stevenson who in the past Drew Daley ire by Refus ing to adhere to traditional party allegiance Smith is counting on cutting Down Stevenson Chicago Lead by winning ballots in the North Ern and Northwestern suburbs which Are heavily Republican it was in one of these suburbs Prospect Heights that presi Dent Nix Oil told 5000 persons need Ralph Smith the nation needs Smith in facing Stevenson Smith not Only has an Uphill Battle against the Man who led the democratic party state ticket in 1964 and 1966 but the intangible strength of the Stevenson name Smit says if his name were Ralph Smith he be the nominee Adlai e Stevenson ii twice was elected governor of Illinois and nominated for president by the democrats in 1952 and 1956 Stevenson senatorial Campaign started on a Low key Sim Ilar to the campaigns his father waged in two unsuccessful tries for the White House but the popularity of Smiths Lawan Dorder theme and an earlier attack by Agnew prompted Stevenson to shift gears Agnew referred to him As a political profligate Steven son called the vice president a political Hatchet Man Stevenson has had no outside help in his am pain but he has inc la minors Hie a vote for Byrd is a vote for the Banks and utilities a vote for Garland is a vote for Nixon inflation and unemployment a vote for Rawlings is a vote for working people and Consumers vote democratic vote for George Rowlings for us Senate paid for by democrats for Rawlings Carlton rakes secy t Joseph Stendig treas

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