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Danville Bee Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 3

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Bee, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Danville, VirginiaLittle Peoples Puzzle n3m 3a01s 8 about amending state Constitution continued from editorial Page under the revised Constitution for a City or town the debt limit now is 18 percent of the assessed value of real estate in that City or town certain Revenue Bonds including those approved by majority vote of the local people Are excluded from the debt limit certain contract obligations authorized by general Law or special act of the general Assembly would also be excluded county debt May be contracted Only by majority vote of the voters in a referendum except As the new revised Constitution specifies the exceptions include borrowing for school purposes from the literary fund the Virginia supplemental retirement says tem or other state Agency pre scribed by the general Assem Bly under the revised Constitution a county could elect to be treated As a City for local debt purposes if a majority of the comity voters voting in a referendum approve any regional government approved by the voters would be subject to debt limits placed on counties including the re Viii 39 a that mandate is placed on the state to provide Public education the revised Constitution sets this mandate the general Assembly shall provide for a system of free Public Elemen tary and secondary schools for All children of school age throughout the Commonwealth the general Assembly by general Law is to provide rules for eligibility and school age 40 what does the Constitution say about school Quality along with its mandate the general Assembly is Given a goal for the Commonwealth it shall seek to ensure that an educational program of High Quality is established and con in Aljy maintained the goal cannot be enforced by judicial Means the general Assembly must decide How High Quality is achieved the Quality Standard for school divisions is to be determined by the Board of education and May be revised Only by the general Assembly 41 How will Public school costs be shared by state and localities the general Assembly will decide How school funds shall be provided and How the state and localities will share the Cost the general Assembly May continue to use the present quire ments Dum on local referee your shirt Mokes All the Dif Ference in the Way you look Well give you the extras you need Bright colors clean Whites the Way you like them germ free too Call 7937211 formula locality general or change must abide Assembly it by the the decision and provide its share of funds 42 is the size of the Board of education changed yes the Board would be in creased from seven to nine members aboard of education member is appointed by the governor and must be con firmed by the Assembly a full years Genera term is 4 43 who draws the lines for school division under the present Constitution the Board of education draws school division lines it would continue to do this under the revised Constitution but the revised Constitution make More Clear the ultimate authority of the general Assembly Over How school division lines Are drawn 44 is the existing veto Given localities Over school consolidation affected no existing statute Law says that school boards and local governing bodies must approve consolidation of school division under one school Board the revised Constitution preserves and clarifies the Power of the general Assembly to guarantee such a local veto Over schoo consolidation 45 what Aid May be Given private education except As allowed by the present Constitution no Aid to elementary and secondary private education could be provided by the general Assembly the general Assembly could extend Aid to nonprofit colleges Money clips by Mort Reed Keasler Kooyum continued from editorial a matter of personal opinion since it is impossible to reply personally to All inquiries on us coins and paper currency the greatest number of those relating to the same subject Are answered in this column if the answer is not appropriate to your particular question watch for an expanded version in a future article India head Gold Eagle of five heirs received a 1908 India head Gold piece from their fathers estate four of the coins Bear mottoes in god we Trust on the reverse just Forward of the Eagle and e pluribus unum above and in Back of the Eagle however the fifth piece does not show in god we Trust it has either been removed or mis struck following your Ware of the ii we decided to examine our coins More closely and discovered the mistake is this a col lectors item or an altered Coin could be altered but there is nothing to indicate it is Price Wise there is no incentive to removing the first Mot to because 1908 and 1908 d mint pieces Are Worth roughly the same in both issues except in uncirculated condition there they vary about in each mint the 1908 s mint is considerably higher the India head Gold than somebody Fried but it May be several months before they can be fill id get your us postal Money order or certified Check in the mail at once if you want to be one of the 25 million people to receive 1971 proof coins newspaper Enterprise Assn piece Saint designed by Gaudens was Augustus issued in 1907 and 1908 without the first motto and again in 1908 with the motto added no Indian head coins of this Type were is sued bearing the san Francisco s mint Mark without both mottoes the Edge contained 46 stars to 1912 and 48 until 1933 in my opinion if one of the five is Good they Are All Good however if they were recently acquired by their original owner i would have them checked for genuineness 1932s Washington Quarter came across a 1932s Washington Quarter in circulation the other Day How about that you checked its authenticity More 1932 d and s make a fast Fortune but they Ivere easily detected look at the figure 3 in the Date it could be chased from the figure 5 if the 193 Are of look at the 2 it too could be reworked from the figure 5 or 7 examine the mint letter s to see if the outline on the Field of the Coin is Black this would indicate it has been soldered or cemented on under heat Laid on mint letters Are not uncommon now take a close look in the valleys on the Edge of the Coin pit Marks or bubbling will show if the Coin is cast to Check this out give it a specific Gravity test the dry weight should approximate 9645 grains and the so should be 3 of 10337 if it passe these tests you have a very Fine Coin Worth from to depending on its condition Joseph Barr signature notes Barr was in office Only 21 or 22 Days and we have been told to buy a few Bills bearing his signature As a Good investment for the future what do you suggest suggest you buy them if the Selling Price is less than otherwise forget it it is True or Barr was a Short term officeholder but his signature was printed on paper currency Long after he had retired 1971 us proof sets q starting in 19g7 i have purchased proof sets each year from the mint will any be available in 1971 inquiry came in the same mail As a bulletin from the Bureau of the mint orders for 1971 proof sets will be accepted by the United states As say office numismatic service 350 Duboce ave san Francis co calif94102 beginning nov 1 1970 orders Are limited to five sets and each set will sell for including handling and shipping by firs class registered mail piece a Quarter dime Nickel a set consists of a 50ccnt piece a Quarter dime Nickel and Penny orders will be filled during mint quarters Are in circulation971 orders will be a knowl sneaky Pete Muscatel when its i me to put juvenile drugs away father and Young Man walk to Ward rumpus room younger kids Are Gleeful with two dime bags four whiffs of Coke and enough smack to make the Day tight shot of m of s understanding face As she watches the two men of the family father to Young son lets go out and watch the old Ball game together Young Man simply twisting Cap of like that dad dissolve theme out up on the Bee Danville a saturday oct 31 1970 humorous spot sell group of longhaired 1 exactly along looks a them and beams paternally 1st hip to Man whats turning you on 2nd hip to Man who you using 3rd hip to Al wait he May be a narc 4111 hip a narc Man Happy m a n vigorously shakes head no and smiles All hips to Square arc you Man Happy m a n bottle of sneaky Pete and waving it a wino hippies leap up cd am or i no a and reaching for bottle Happy m playfully with h Olding in Jess you Promish to gel a haircut Public service spot sign off time is now up on no place like and out Mcnaught Syndicate inc As seen by Don Maclean continued from editorial Page we dont need a clock at this paper we know its 2 Pridu Iii i am whei1 Marlla Mitchell Calls fewer kids will get lost in department stores thanks to the Midi skirt last year kids reach the hems of their mothers Short skirts dirty drug c u l to r e dropouts sit dejectedly in Park put f i n g m a r i jul a n a ii o p fully nothing they Are miserable exceedingly a p by Man Well dressed picture of bounces Success j a until parents do you know where your children Are recrod1ng in bed Sam tomorrows a school Day Clara kids need their sleep t he y should pass out Early Champagne Cork pops glasses tinkle the Way some colleges encourage Campus unrest to be surprised if they called it a varsity sport and gave letters for it cheer up the election campaigns will finally end on nov 3 and the next ones wont begin until nov 4 one plus for pollution at least its Price Hast gone up lately United future Loans to students except those Mand attending schools for religious training or theological Educa Tion the general Assembly could establish an authority to Aid private colleges in borrowing construction Money this would not involve state funds or state credit action in Washington continued from editorial Page candidate on television says the governor youre in everyone living room stating your Case those to me in Reagan he to spend a lot of time proving an actor could be a plausible Choice for governor today nobody with a brain doubts that he has one whatever the real merits of his incumbency he knows How to convey the impression and universities by providing of Success of a Man in com funeral directors profit from grief people who make comments such As this totally misunderstand a funeral directors motivation the purpose of our profession is to help families during a period of grief to do everything possible to make their Burden easier to Bear its like saying that doctors profit from illness or that clergymen profit from Faith we Are proud that we make our living and our Way of life by being of assistance during lifes darkest funeral Home 564 West main phone so 25611 to the extent that crime unrest the chaos of welfare High taxes and the bigness of government Are still with California worse in some cases he Reagan lays blame at the door of Unruh and his democratic legislative followers in Sacramento the facts support him at least part Way the governor get his Batch of crime Bills Only when the legislature went Republican his pro Gram for tax Reform and property tax Relief lost narrowly with democratic votes critical Unruh hurting some for Money for television still not shucked of his old big daddy image As a backroom a Neurerer almost As angry at the Eastern press As vice president Agnew for predicting his has gone sourly about portraying Reagan As the Rich mans same lactic being used this fall against gop sen George Murphy Unruhe device is a kind of travelling Street Art exhibit Complete with easel a my blowup charts allegedly damaging letters proving says the challenger that the governor is owned lock Stock and barrel by the Oil interests of this state most observers including a lot of politicians think the Street carnival bit is fundamentally a misfire not least because Jess set up shop first on labor Day at the Gates of wealthy gop Backer Henry Salvatoris Beverly Hills mansion or and mrs Salvatori storming Down in their Tennis shorts to protest invasion of privacy scored though Unruhe other easel shows were less offensive he is remembered for what Murphy Calls his House Calls in Beverly Hills Unruh As indicated May do better nov 3 than his doom criers say but if he does it wont be because he endears himself to anybody newspaper Enterprise Assn walking fish the common sea Robins a species of fish arc sometimes reported to have been seen walking on the sea Bottom they do net have feet but there Are rays on the fins which do look like these the fish examines the Ocean floor then he was Herbert h Andrews us chief storekeeper aboard an apl4 now Hes Herbert h Andrews assistant cashier and auditor at Schoolfield Bank and Trust com Pany where Herb puts his store keeping and payroll exper Tise from the Navy years to work every banking Day to keep your monetary records in App Lepie order Schoolfield Bank and Trust company member Federal Deposit insurance corporation member Federal Reserve system

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