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Danville Bee Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Bee, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Danville, VirginiaIxon stresses Law and order i bulletins i another hijacking Issue demand Miami a fort nine Quito Ecuador passengers who boarded a soil proclaimed tonal airlines flight 43 from Miami to san Francisco found themselves in a Havana hotel today the victims of a Man who pulled a Hijack a National spokesman said the airline had Learned the passengers who arrived at havanas Jose Marti Airport at pm Friday had been taken to a hotel a extremist group claimed credit today for the kidnapping of Ecuador air Force commander and demanded that the nation be re turned to constitutional government in return for his re lease the demand was made in a five Page letter to several newspapers by a group identifying itself As Ecuador 70 Bill signed san Clemente Calif president Nixon has signed a Bill creating a government corporation to improve the nations Railroad passenger serv ice the White House announced sighing of the measure on Fri Day it authorizes Loans up to million and Grants up to million to improve Railroad equipment and passenger serv ice differ on shootings new York up a Justice department summary of an Fri investigation of the Kent state shootings differs sharply with the conclusion of an Ohio grand jury that guardsmen fired because they feared they were physically threatened the new York times said today the newspaper said it obtained the 35page report which has not been made pub Lic from an unidentified source to visit Greece Athens the foreign affairs under Secretary Chris Tian Xan Lopoulos Yalamas said today that vice president Spiro t Agnew plans to visit Greece soon but has set no Date Yalamas quoted Agnew As saying that he was particularly interested in Greece and intends to visit As soon As commitments permit him to do so agnews father came from Greece stalled by weather Chu Lai Vietnam a it William Calley or was stalled by the weather today in his Effort to find defense evidence for his trial on charges of taking part in the mass slayings at my Lai in 1968 the 27yearold army officer and his party were confined to a trailer at the americal Divi Sion Headquarters Camp by the flood Waters covering much of the Northern part of South Vietnam May recognize China Vienna Austria for eign minister Rudolph Kirch Schlaeger said today Austria May establish diplomatic re lations with communist Chi a Austria has been reluctant to establish relations with red China or nationalist China on Formosa meeting arranged Moscow we the u s embassy said today it has received permission for a second meeting with three american army officers and a turkish colonel detained in soviet Armenia since oct 21 when their unarmed Light plane strayed across the Border from Turkey two u s consuls will Fly to the armenian capital of Yere Van on monday and proceed the following Day to be Niiha Kan where the men Are detained Thieu says reds losing Saigon a president Nguyen Van Thieu told his countrymen today that he will never surrender to the communists or accept a coalition government and that North Vietnam has no Chance to win the War the enemy has lost his initiative on the Battlefield Thieu said in a 90mimite state the nation address has lost practically All control Over the population and we will continue to destroy his political infrastructure the communists will lose and we will win meanwhile More than 150 persons were reported dead and nearly 150000 homeless from floods that washed away Ham lets roads and croplands along a wide stretch of South Viet name Northern coastal Low lands the worst floods in six year also raised fears that the abandonment of hamlets and villages would Deal a setback to the governments pacification program in the 168mile Lon Plain where 2v million people live Thieu speaking before a joint session of the National Assem Bly on the eve of South Viet name National Day said the vietnamese and Viet Cong pro turn to Page 2 Story no 10 member associated press founded february 1899 vol lev no 2055 Danville a saturday afternoon october 311970 50c weekly delivery to Home by Carrier Price ten cents Antiwar rallies staged new curbs on bombings Are proposed Washington a the Justice department is sending several new recommendations o president Nixon in an at empt to curb mounting terror St bombings and attacks on to ice atty Gen John n Mitchell made the announcement Friday after meeting with 13 of the a ions top police officials but he refused to disclose details of the recommendations Mitchell said the adm Nistra Ion also might propose new an crime measures but he indicated they would not include a proposal that slaying a police Man be made a Federal crime the fraternal order of police the International association of chiefs of police pushing for a Law to make such attacks Federal crimes in addition the Fop is seeking the death penalty or life imprisonment for a pol Komans Slayer Quinn Tamm executive director of the Iacy said the meet ing with Mitchell was one of the finest things that has Ever happened to Law enforcement the attorney general repeated Iii belief that no single nation wide conspiracy is at work in the recent increase in bombings and police assaults we do not know of any total National combined synchro today queer Story London a a 16th Century solution to the prob Lem of the nagging wife recently fetched at soothe Bys the London auctioneers the device known As a scolds bridle and shaped like a boars head clamps across the face of the offending spouse the buyer said he wished to remain Anonymous Effort labelled massive push for peace by the associated press Antiwar rallies began today in from violent protests assailed Tough minded approach urged turn to Page 2 Story no 2 at least 13 persons killed in train crash the weather Virginia Flash flood warning and Flash flood watch cancelled Cloudy this afternoon and tonight with occasional rain North and cast portion and occasional rain tapering off in Southwest por Tion variable cloudiness in Southwest portion Asid mostly Cloudy North and East portions sunday with Chance of some vain in East portion High to Day and sunday in the upper 5qs and lower 60s Low tonight in the 50s extended a forecast monday through wednesday extended weather Outlook for Virginia fair and Cool with Little or no rain daytime highs in the upper 40s and 50s and overnight lows in the 20s and Low 30s in Hie West por Tion and in the 30s elsewhere North Carolina Chance of rain West portion tonight with occasional rain East por Tion and a Chance of Thunder showers along and near the coast rain tap string off and mostly ending tonight and sunday highs sunday mostly 60s except Low and mid 70s Cloudy coast lows tonight mid 40s mountains to the 60s on the coast extended no forecast for monday through wednesday generally fair Mon Day increasing cloudiness tuesday and wednesday Chance of rain mainly Eastern sections cooler temperatures daytime highs will average Low 50s in the mountains ranging to up per 50s to mid 60s elsewhere overnight lows will average around 30 in the mountains mostly 30s elsewhere except mid 50s on the coast Johannesburg South Africa a at least 13 persons were killed and scores injured today Nyhen a crowded Passen Ger train crashed into the rear of a stationary one near a Johannesburg station the collision occurred about 7 am just outside Dube station in the Soweto Section people everywhere were wriggling from the windows like mince coming out of a sausage machine a passenger with a serious leg injury said most of the victims were Afri cans when Rescue workers at tempted to free the White Engi Neer from the cab of one of the trains crowds of africans who blocked to the scene began to tone them Why always the Bantu Afri they shouted Why it a White train we Are tired f our people being killed the collision was the fifth a or rail Accident in less than two in previous accidents 51 persons have been killed and 628 turn to Page 2 Story no 11 downtown weather log to 1 pm today hour Tern bar wind Dir Mph 7 am 58 3033 be 3 9 am 60 3035 be 6 11 am 62 303s be 8 1 pm 63 3035 be 6 24hour Low temperature 57 24hour High temperature 67 24lionr precipitation fi8in rain All readings from the bees weather station atop the news paper building on the inside pages amusements 1213 a news digest 2 bridge13 builders p age16 Church news89 classified arts 14 comics15 cooking is fun16 crossword Puzzle 9 deaths funerals 5 editorials 6 Casler Kol Yumi local state news45 patterns 9 Paul Harvey 6 sports 1011 state zone forecast 4 television12 Washington column 6 news 7 us agrees to sell arms to Pakistan new Delhi a the United states will sell Pakistan six f104 Jet fighters seven b57 four maritime patrol Craft and 300 armoured personnel carriers it was disclosed today the breakdown of the controversial Sale was in Indian press dispatches from Washington us embassy sources in new Delhi said the figures were Cor rect the reports were based on an hour Long briefing by Joseph Sisco assistant Secretary o state for near Eastern and South asian affairs embassy officials pointed out however that America had de Cidad not to sell Pakistan an tanks despite Paki stans do sire to Purchase them and tha there Are no pending requests to Sanction sales of used us Arm to Pakistan through other coun in ankle chains John l Frazier goes to a court session in Santa Cruz Calif accused in the mass laying of japanese american or Victor Ohta 47 his caucasian wife Virginia 43 two Young sons and Droutas Secretary insert 24yearold fraziers wife Dolores at Hunt for blame for Accident in tots put raincoats Over costumes last night to make 11 of rounds on Dan halloween before Rio de Janeiro a police set up Road blocks and checkpoints in Rio and Sao and malicious damage reports indicated thai some pranksters were also ou1 to today in a Hunt for terrorists citizens were told to carry identification papers and motor vehicle documents at All night one of several egg throwing incidents was blamed for a single car crash in which the was injured about 1 the sudden move against on Hawthorne drive near a wrists came after the Lane of what police called a Nonnan love 16 o master plan ranging from the kidnapping of diplomats and government officials to the bombing of buildings the plan was to run for two weeks leading up to the nov 15 general elections police Westhampton told police someone threw an egg that i his Windshield As the egg splattered on the Glass he i the Brake and the car Slid into a tree he sustained a Cut or nose and repairs to the police said the of his compact will Cost a were found at the hideout of terrorist Leader Joaquim of Aspen St Anc Mara Ferreira known As o Velho or old Man police said Ferreira died of a heart attack Las week in Sao Paulo while in a drive reported egg splattered on their houses during the night air was let out o the tires of a car on Fagan St lice water Fountain pipe w a s on Friday police made on the Woodberry documents purporting to and it was barely that ferreiras National yesterday evening when Tion army or Audi was stole a Mailbox Anc ing with the Black panthers from a Home on pleasant led in drive police said the these incidents gave these Ordinary malicious terrorists would capture or were perpetrated As or two government officials pranks police were a member of the to say corps and give the also received in 72 hours to meet the Calls last nigh demands liberation of 90 of Page 2 Story no prisoners and flying them to m m m vicious tricks mar enjoyment of halloween by the associated press parents police and civic groups Are on the Alert today for vicious halloween tricks on As poisoned what was billed in dozens of american cities As a massive demonstration for peace on the eve of the nov 3 elections about 2500 persons began a three mile March from Ohio state University to the state House in Columbus for a rally against the War the Anarch was peaceful with marchers mostly students from universities around the state hiking two or three abreast on sidewalks they were not Given a Parade permit in Washington about 50 anti a demonstrators gathered in front of the White House at 11 am and began marching in a Phoenix Ariz up president Nixon said today Law and order Are words for Freedom from fear and declared if we do not act now to protect our Freedom we shall lose our Freedom launching a Campaign swing through four Mountain states Iho president delivered a Sharp attack on violent protests such As Hie one that resulted in tha shining of his motorcade thurs Day night in san Jose Calif Nixon rejected the thought Tinl violence in the nation stems Vietnam War or repression there is no roman with were Candy and apples spiked razor Blades which found in Many areas last year As the first reports of such incidents this year came in police warned dont let children Ca Circle on the sidewalk one of the demonstrators a terrible member of the students Mobili Ideal involved he said lets recognize them for what they Are not romantic revolutionaries but the same thugs and hoodlums that have always plagued a Good people Nixon statement was pre pared for a Republican rally at the Airport in Phoenix 11 was the Only text of Bis personal Campaign ing for gop candidates in tha past he has spoken extemporaneously but on this occasion obviously wanted to choose his words with care the president called for a Tough minded approach to Vio Lence and said without that we will allow violence to gain nation committee which is helping sponsor the nationwide demonstration said the plan was to keep the protest entirely peaceful he said violent demonstrations against presi Dent Nixon thursday in san Jose Calif no doubt Hurt our cause in regard to the tuesday election in contrast to the Antiwar demonstrations a Parade to night in Salt Lake City will Hon any halloween treat without j taking a Good look at it first in Phoenix Ariz police and narcotics agents said there also is a danger that treats might be spiked with drugs they issued repeated warn Ings to parents not to let Chil Dren eat Candy unless enclosed in the original factory wrap Ping the officers said fears of drugs were sparked by reports that Large amounts of seconal tablets were circulating in the Phoenix area police warnings were accompanied by newspaper advertise ments in Syracuse by and Indianapolis ind to combat both the menace to tricks treating children and the possible problem of Vandal ism by some of them hundreds of Jaycee members in Memphis Tenn planned to take to the streets tonight in a mass safety patrol they will have no police Power but were equipping their cars with two Way radio sys tems to Call police if necessary in Waukegan 111 Friday night a child biting on a Hallow Een treat found a razor Blade Donald Grossman 9 told his Mother after hours of trick or treating theres something in this Candy bar opening it mrs Mary Ann Crosman 31 found the broken double edged safety razor Blade her son was unhurt the Blade stuck Between his Teeth Buffalo by police also re ported a similar incident when an unidentified Childs Moth i accidentally dropped a Hallow Een Apple which broke open to reveal a razor Blade petted to draw several thousand run to Page 2 Story no 9 Cor crashes into pole injured numerous accidents but few injuries were reported in Dan Ville during y e s to r d a y afternoons rain and throughout the night two persons were Hurt Abou pm when a car went of of control on Southland drive Al Grove Park Circle the Driver 16 y e a r o 1 d Daniel Ray Ferguson of 431 Southland told police he intended to turn Lefi into Southland and saw an on coming vehicle but thought he could make the turn in time then however the office reported seeing that he could not he tapped his Gas pedal Anc lost control of the vehicle the car went 72 feet out o control climbed the curb Anc continued sideways another 42 feet striking a Guy wire and pole the two injured were passengers James Stephens love or 16 of 123 Candle Wood Road who reported pain in the lower Back and head and 16 year old Carter Francis whittle of 136 Beverly Road shoulder and neck pain the 1951 Chevrolet was listed Richmond a rain that had posed the threat of damaging floods on Virgin is mountainous Central and Western reaches tapered off Early today and at mid morning the National weather service cancelled its Flash flood warn Ings and watches the weather service said Cloudy conditions would continue and Light intermittent rain could be expected during the Day stun o Page 2 Story no 7 Funi to Page 2 Story no 12 Flash flood warnings cancelled Danville May be hit by flood Waters of one to one and a half feet before Daylight to Morrow morning according to the Raleigh no weather Sta Tion heavy rain in mountains beyond Danville was responsible for fast rising water in Dan River this morning and Raleigh calculations indicated the flow might pass the 11foot flood stage and reach As High As 12 or 12i feet Between 1 and 0 am tomorrow cancelled were the Flash flood warnings for Nelson Albemarle Augusta Rockingham Greene and Madison counties also lifted were flood watches for the Flash Amherst Bot Tourt Rockbridge Alleghany Bath and Highland counties drier air beginning to coma Over the area has reduced chances of heavy rain today turn to Page 2 Story no 5 tries us officials in Washington were quoted As saying the Ducci Sion to sell arms to Pakistan was taken several months a but that its announcement a turn to Page 2 Story no ices for an in Erna ional jurists commission a a ican commission and a rec Ross commission to investigate sports of tortures in brazilian Allende Cabinet includes reds turn to Page 2 Story no 8 Zodiac Slayer sends threat to reporter san Francisco a 2rime reporter paul1 Avery of the san Francisco chronicle says he has received a Hallow Een card from the Zodiac killer that he interprets As a threat on Santiago Chile a Salvador Allende who becomes Chiles first marxist president next tuesday has named a 15 Man Cabinet that includes three communists and five other marxists the 62yearold socialist Sena Tor announced the lineup in a news conference Friday the other seven Cabinet posts will go to members of the four smaller leftist organizations that sup ported Allende in his Campaign to succeed the Lefto Center government of president Eduardo Fri Liis life Avery 36 declined an offer of police Protection Friday but said i do think ill be a Little careful for a while the Sage card bearing the pcs peekaboo you Are doomed also had pictures of peering eyes and skeletons drawn on it it was signed with a Large z and a crossed Cirle the symbols for the Zodiac killer who claims to have killed 13 persons the card also bore 4teen and 14 in several places police who credit Zodiac with five murders authenticated the handwriting As that in which several earlier Zodiac messages were written could not follow himself i in office and Allende won a plurality Over the candidate o the presidents Christian demo cratic party and a conservative Congress then elected Allende after he promised to uphold the Constitution during his administration Allende appointed communists to head the key ministries of labor finance and Public works Daniel Virgara Bustos 50 a communist lawyer was named acting undersecretary o the Interior As righthand Man to the incoming Interior minis tar socialist Jose Toha Var Gara Bustos will Wield Consi Sid Cradle influence Over Chile Security apparatus including the National police Force four of the marxists named o the new Cabinet Are from All a pcs socialist party the Only no without a party affiliation is Cdr Vuskovich the minister of in Economy Allende was to have named is Cabinet earlier in the week iut informants said Las minute flickering delayed the announce ment everybody was fighting Over he appointments Hammer and sickle one insider quipped As minister of labor the pres ident elect named Jose Oyarce 44 a Railroad Mechanic who be came a communist Congress Man his appointment further entrenches the communists in Chiles labor Force the party already controls the Central workers confederation with an estimated 700000 work ers Americo Zorrilla 58 a career communist Leader and a director of Al Siglo the party news paper was named to be minis Ter of the Treasury the minister of Public works will be Pascual Barraza 60 mayor of a town near the Capi Tal an Active communist party member lie will control much of the patronage scheduled for Allendes supporters communists last served in a chilean Cabinet during the re Gime of president Gabriel gon turn to Page 2 Story no 3 thousands of Federal workers to lose jobs sometime after tuesdays election Washington a the civil service commission detecting signals of massive Lay offs in Federal employment is looking for ways to help thou Sands of government workers ind new jobs when the storm iils sometime after next tues Days election a memo prepared by Edward a Dunton the commissions director of recruiting and examining warns that cutbacks among civilian employees of the defense department in particular will be much larger than now Gener ally known he said announcements of the heavy layoffs will Wail until after the Proba Bly until after the Christmas holidays Pentagon spokesmen said Dun tons two year findings program refer to of cutbacks begun at the Start of fiscal 1970 and due for completion by next june 30 they said the publicly announced goal is a reduction in civilian manpower of about 120000 but admitted a Good bit is yet to come in the final six months the Dunton memo indicated 55000 to 80000 layoffs Are yet to come in the Navy and a Force alone army officials said they Rould not discuss estimates he reported Nicholas j Oganovic executive director of the civil service commission refused to release the Dunton memo but he con firmed in an interview published reports of its contents he said he plans to discuss it with Dunlop next week turn to Page 2 Story no x

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