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Danville Bee Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 1

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Bee, The (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Danville, VirginiaNixon campaigns in Vermont 1 bulletins stage walkout Southampton England it just an hour before the Queen Elizabeth 2 was due to sail for new York crewmen Olathe Cunard liner walked out on strike today in a dispute Over the firing of a fish Cook More than 300 passengers were left stranded by the walk out which also endangered a cruise from new York to am South Africa satellite launched Moscow the soviet Union announced Lousy the launching of another Earth satellite no 372 in its Cosmos series the news Agency Tass said the satellite is carrying a radio system for the exact measurement of its orbit and a radio telemetry system for transmission to Earth of in formation about the function ing of its scientific equipment barricades removed Reggio Calabria Italy if residents of Reggio Calabria Central District gave in today and dismantled Barri Cades that had held off italian police but they warned that the truce would be Short lived if Romes designation of a neighbouring City As capital of the new calabrian Region was allowed to stand police had failed repeatedly Friday to enter the Sarre area and about 2000 police men in Battle gear assembled with bulldozers at Dawn today to resume the attempt controls decreed Rome w health minis Ter Luigi Mariotti decreed strict health controls today for All passengers reaching Italy by plane or ship from Turkey the decree said the examinations were made necessary by reported numerous cases of cholera in Turkey the minister also called on health officials throughout the country to Check closely cases of abdominal ailments suffered by persons coming from choler plagued nations surveys damage Manila a president Ferdinand e Marcos surveyed typhoon ravaged Southern Luzon today termed the scene heartbreaking and ordered an immediate increase in Relief efforts officials said 339 persons were confirmed dead in the provinces of Albey Camarinos sur and Catanduanes at least 93 others were reported miss ing train crash fatal Seoul Korea up a Pas Senger train collided with a freight in a Tunnel 55 Miles East of Seoul today and police said 14 persons were killed and 55 injured most of them High school pupils the victims All were in the first coach of the passenger train police said the coach was forced up Over the engine of the freight and became wedged Between it and the ceiling of the Tunnel quake hits Japan Akita Japan at least 11 aftershocks were Felt within 24 hours after a fairly Strong earthquake jolted Northern Honshu Friday the japanese Central meteorological Agency reported today police reports said about 230 Homes were destroyed or dam aged but there were no re ports of casualties railway and Telephone services disrupted Friday have been restored Maneu vers continue Berlin Iff the seven nation Warsaw pact Manev ers in East Germany reached a Climax today with a classic airborne operation of soviet troops flown directly from Russia Border officials at the West German crossing Point of Helmstedt reported that a stretch of autobahn East of Magdeburg was reduced to one Lane traffic for some seven Miles the officers said trav Elers reported the slowdown was in connection with the Maneu vers Kidnap Effort intensifies Ottawa a armed with combat weapons and wartime Powers thousands of policemen and soldiers swarmed Over que Bec today in search of two kid world War ii stipulates that its provisions May be invoked when there is conclusive evidence that War invasion or insurrection real or apprehended sex naked officials and their Abdul its tors More than 250 persons it sets penalties of five years were arrested Friday prison and fines for there was no word on the Fate j persons convicted under it with of the hostages British labor commissioner James Cross and provincial minister Pierre Laporte prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau told the House of com Mons he had invoked the War measures act Friday with deep regret after Quebec pre Mier Robert Bourassa and Montreal officials told him there was apprehended insurrection in the province and that there a danger of violence and terrorist intimidation the term apprehended insurrection was a reference to Lan Guage in the War measures act the world War i Law being used for the first Tinie since no bail or release permitted unless authorized by the Justice minister Trudeau pledged that Allex tra Ordinary Powers will be withdrawn As soon As it has been demonstrated that there is a cessation of the violence which made necessary their introduction he added that there is a Clear understanding that this will be no later than april 30 1971 Trudeau primary target is the Quebec liberation front which kidnapped Cross and la Porte to gain Freedom for 23 per sons convicted or awaiting trial member associated press founded february 1399 vol lev no 2043 b Danville a saturday afternoon october 17 1970 soc weekly delivery to Home by Carrier Price ten cents urn Rogers meets with Gromyko on top issues United nations by a the first of two meet Ings Here Between Secretary of state William p Rogers and so Viet foreign minister Andrei a Gromyko failed to remove us concern Over Kremlin intent on some major International is sues this was reported by us officials Early today following a four hour Dinean talk session Between the big two foreign ministers that lasted until nearly Midnight Friday the Middle East peace Effort and alleged soviet truce violations improvement of conditions for West Berlin and presi Dent Nixon latest proposal for peace in Indochina were among the items discussed id describe the atmosphere As Businesslike not unfriendly spirited us spokesman Rob Ert j Mccloskey said after Ward a followup meeting is scheduled monday night us strategists have been concerned that the soviet Union despite Nixon Era of negotiations policy May be veering toward a Tough cold War line they have been particular up set by what they term blatant turn to Page 2 Story no 1 car damages Are blamed on unknowns two hit run incidents and an Accident blamed on an unidentified drunk Driver were investigated by police during the past night along with a report of a vehicle being stolen about pm on Wood ave near w main the car of Tommy Henry Moore of 300 Wood ave sustained some damage to the Windshield in a front and no collision Accident Moore told the investigating officer he was making a left turn onto Wood when an approaching Driver was apparently him off the Street onto the sidewalk and nto a Light pole some 40 minutes later Ken itch d Pruitt 655 Edmonds St led a complaint of hit run Utu i Cucui Pming 01 nit run ii us damage estimated at to his of saudis egyptians lebanese o Iid n n m a t i irl a Noco t Ilia no to Vinici no tily us in Sulilie Ioctl mgr id 15 a Kemper sustained an Guc Rollas and a Threeman pm n or a j f i a it m Litton iome damage from a hit run vehicle possible the same one that struck part Pitts car Oclock last night at Park theatre a hit run Driver did Yasir Arafat on tuesday turn to Page 2 Story no 12 the weather Virginia Clear and cold tonight Low in the 20s and lower 30s with Frost sunday sunny not quite As Cool High 50 to 60 extended a forecast monday through wednesday Calls for fair weather with sunny Cool Days and Clear Chilly nights daytime highs in the upper 50s and 60s and nightly lows in the upper 30s and 40s North Carolina Gale warnings in effect Cape hat Tara northward freeze warn Ings for mountains tonight with Frost entire state except Vicinity of coast fair and Cool Clear cooler sunday cold tonight highs sunday in the 50s mountains to near go coast lows tonight in the mid 20s to Low 30s mountains to coast downtown weather log to 1 p m today hour Tom bar wind Dir Mph 3046 Calm 3049 n 3 3049 n 6 3048 n i 8 24hour Low temperature 38 24hour High temperature 62 24hour none All readings from the bees weather station atop the news paper building 7 am 39 9 am 47 11 am 52 pm 54 on the inside pages amusements 1213 a news digest 2 Bridge 12 builders Page if Church news 89 classified ads 14 comics 15 crossword Puzzle 13 deaths funerals 5 editorials 6 local and state news 45 lovelier you 7 patterns 12 Paul Harvey 6 polls pointers 12 sports 1011 state zone forecast 4 television 12 Washington column 6 women news 7 Auto an Dehls morning it was that another prop of Nannie Barker 515 erty Een economists say recovery in Progress hot Springs a a Twenty Industry economists assured the business Council to Day that the economic slowdown crowd includes hecklers Light snowfall greets party Burlington it Iff president Nixon formally opening his 1970 Campaign efforts in Vermont was greeted in snowy weather by a crowd of several thou Sands persons saturday As he talked about issues local and global Nixon spoke again of his efforts to wind Down the Vietnam War and build a generation of As a Small group Youthful hecklers kept shout no Stop the War at one Point As Nixon entered an Una Catell air plane Hanger ice Antiwar demonstrators Hrew several Small stones his Vay none hit him but Somo mashed apart As they struck he Concrete Airport apron me consensus of the councils standing without a Topcoat in panel of professional consult thet hangar As Snow fell lightly ants was delivered at a closed Mif Siho a Lynn f a no celing of High government has touched Bottom and moderate recovery is under Way the consensus of the councils Nixon sniffs were the scenes on the White House Lawn during a on How the govern ment uses dogs to discover concealed narcotics left Kishi a German Shepherd sniffs among some 30 random postal parcels upper right president Nixon sniffs the planted package of marijuana which Kishi found lower right the Surprise package also found by Kishi containing Worth of hashish ill a Candle mailed from Spain to Washington Beirut Lebanon a radio Baghdad reported an offi cer on the Arab peace team in Jordan was shot and wounded in Irbid today by a member of the jordanian special militia there was no report on such an incident on radio Amman Jordans official radio the broadcast from Iraq said the wounded Soldier was a saudi arabian working with the 100 Man team of Arab officers observing the ceasefire Between the jordanian forces of King Hussein and palestinian guerrillas Irbid where the incident look place was a guerrilla Strong hold in Northern Jordan in the 11day civil War last month the observer Force is made up sudanese libyans tunisians and kuwaitis Baghdad radio said palestini Arab committee under tunisian Premier Bahi Langham regarded the Irbid shooting incident As earlier Between 7 and 9 a violation of the Accord signed Hussein and guerrilla Leader about 75 damage to the front turn to Page 2 Story no 10 two hijackers oppose return to Russia Ankara Turkey a the father and son who hijacked a soviet jetliner to tur key thursday were quoted to Day As saying we would rather die than go Back to Russia turkish press reports said Lithuania born Brazinskas to Reyero and his son Almedas told this to interrogators As Turkey weighed their plea for political Asylum against a russian de Mand that they be returned to the soviet Union the father was reported to have said he was motivated by a desire to have my son educated in a free country the two forced a soviet acro Flot plane with 51 persons aboard to Fly from Southern Russia to the turkish City of Trabun a stewardess was shot dead in the episode and three other Crew members were wounded the Fate of the hijackers now lies with the judges of the Trab zen provincial court the jus Tice ministry criminal affairs turn to Page 2j Story no 2 Miami Beach Fia a humane society inspector issued a citation to a real estate firm this week charging cruelty to a red and Green Parrot which sits in a Cage in front of the firms office Tell ing of the company Virtues Parrot in Cage outside in Sun All Day with no water or Shade read the citation to gag but the inspector and Wom an passerby who started the complaint were placated when told the Parrot is made of plastic and has a tape recorder in its artificial stomach the radio also said the Guerri a leadership lodged a new to est with the committee against he closure of two palestinian led Crescent centers by the jordanian military authorities n the town of Zarqa 12 Miles Northeast of Amman a note charged a palestinian nurse was arrested and later de ported from Zarqa according to he radio palestinian sources in Beirut said Al Fatah newspaper the oficial Organ of the guerrillas which was closed Down by the army when the War broke out sept 17 will resume publication in Amman on sunday under tuesdays agreement sing Hussein allowed the paper to resume publication without government censorship in another development the marxist popular front for the liberation of Palestine announced that communist China and North worker have pledged greater support to Arab guerrillas the fronts Beirut newspaper Al Hadaf said the pledge was Given by the chinese and North korean governments Dur ing talks last month with or George Habash the fronts Leader the paper said communist China and North Korea prom ised greater backing to the guerrilla movement in All Fields both governments also pledged to help guerrillas obstruct the american peace initiative in the Middle East the paper added Premier Saab Salam of Leba non also voiced support for the palestinian guerillas tight protesters planning big traffic snarl Chapel Hill Cap Ronnie Davis one of the seven defendants in the Chicago conspiracy trial says a traffic Jam is being planned for May 3 in Washington if president Nixon has not agreed to a definite Vietnam pullout Date by May 1 Davis told a University of North Carolina audience Friday that the Parkin driven traffic Jam would be aimed at the George Washington memorial Parkway and Shirley Lee High Way interstate main arteries leading to the Pentagon and other major government buildings Davis said 5000 to 6000 political collectives Are behind the plans Saigon a the us command announced today new american troop reductions mini Bering nearly 2000 men other sources said the South Viet namese army is planning a new offensive into Cambodia to ensure an effective Overall us withdrawal program the command said two infantry battalions from the 4lh Divi Sion based in the Central High lands have been withdrawn from combat and will be in activated in ceremonies at it Lewis Wash they Are the 2nd battalion 35lh infantry 1st brigade and the 2nd battalion 8th infantry 2nd brigade the 1st and 2nd brigades of the 4th infantry division Are being deactivated As part of president Nixon fifth round of troop withdrawals in the deactivated units Only those men who have completed their Tours will return Home those who have a significant part of their one year tour remaining will be assigned to other units still Active in Vietnam the us command also announced the deactivation of the War dog detachment of the 4th division the detachment is made up of about 80 handlers and their clogs economic officials and to prank and usury executives at the councils fall meeting Here the Outlook is for continued improvement through 1971 de Pite the Impact of the current strike against general motors said the forecast presented to the business organization by the chairman of its economic com Mittee Birny Mason or Board chairman of Union Carbide Orp new York the consultants predicted that real growth in production next year will Range from 24 Pel cent to 4 per cent following a year of virtually no real in crease in output in 1970 Gross National production in Dollar terms reflecting continued top the trillion Dollar Mark according to expectations the consult ants forecasts ranged Between 5104 trillion and trillion unemployment was seen As averaging about 5 per cent during 1971 with some improvement through the year the Rale o joblessness now stands at 5 per cent the economic panel did not foresee any significant increase in business spending on new Plant and equipment in 1971 but expenditures Are expected to equal or slightly exceed this turn to Page 2 Story no 11 Cap testing civil defense effectiveness simulating the effects of a 20 megaton bomb blast the Virginia Wing Section Iii of the civil air patrol is undergoing an effectiveness test today and tomorrow in the area col e Paul Rembold task Force commander of the Section Heads the 73 members of the Cap at area Headquarters Al municipal Airport the civil defense test covers Danville Lynchburg Chase City Martinsville Farmville and the extreme Northwest Corner of Winter there will be no fuel Oil shortage he said we will sea to that he pictured his determination As having been influenced by virtually every Vermont a club ican who will seek the approval of the voters on nov 3 the key race in Vermont is or the Senate scat now held by Republican Winston l Prouty Prouty faces a Strong Challenge rom a three time former democratic governor Philip h Hoff Nixon had warm words for Prouty the gop candidate for governor Deane c Davis and turn to Page 2 Story no 6 turn to Page 2 Story no 7 conditions will be radioed to in Richmond seven aircraft will be used to report Road conditions and to count traffic on s p e c i f i c the fuel tank area highways travelling North Many outside Nixon turned to a new England Issue and discounted area fears of a fuel crisis this Man perishes in explosion of big plane Dobbins air Force base a a a c5 Galaxy transport the worlds largest air plane exploded and burned on the flight line at the lock heed Georgia co today killing one Lockheed employee and in Juring another officials said Doug Wheeler Lockheed Deputy program manager for the aircraft said preliminary investigation indicated that three explosions rocked the controversial million aircraft which was produced by Tho company Wheeler said the explosions apparently entered in the left Wing and Center fuselage tha rear end of the fuselage was destroyed although the right Wing escaped serious damage no other planes were damaged maj John Eckhardt Dobbins information officer said tha mishap occurred during a de fueling operation aboard lha plane which had been on a lest flight ending about 5 pm Lockheed Wheeler when North Carolina reports of asked specifically if the plane was being Defue Leci said i communications Center at Dandort think it was but in not Villa and relayed to state offices really sure hcs Aid the two civilian employees were working on the aircraft and the work apparently was being done in according to Wheeler tha i 1 1 1 to u t ii iiull11 Iti w j1j 4 w 1 u vow 111 of the flights scheduled will of plane was owned by the air turn to Page 2 Story no 8 i turn to Page 2 Story no 3 f dents urged to accept report turn to Page 2 Story no 9 Ravenna Ohio a the president of Kent state univer sity Robert i White has asked us 21000 students to take in stride a grand jury report which exonerated Ohio National guardsmen and criticized the University for disorders that left four dead and nine wounded we have Long known that the grand jury report would create problems White said Friday on a close circuit television a few hours after release of the report it accused University administrators of surrendering leadership to dissident students and faculty members the special stale grand jury indicted 25 unidentified persons none was a guardsman said special prosecutor Robert bal cat who directed the month Long investigation in which 300 persons testified Portage county sheriff Joseph Hegidus said he did not expect any indictments to be served be fore monday White assured the 25 unidentified defendants that there will be full judicial process i am sure every Legal safeguard will be observed White told the student body the May tragedy will be with us for a Long time the Strain of the successive reports investigation discussion and the like must be surmounted on Byone in stride while said he was forbidden by court order from comment no on the report or indictments but said i appear before you rather Well battered the jury said the administration had constantly yielded to demands from a segment of the student and faculty bodies to the extent that it no longer runs the University the executive committee of the Kent state faculty Senate is sued a statement saying it was dismayed by the oversimplification of the issues involved by the inaccuracies and exclusions of certain information and by the grand Jurys evident failure to understand the nature of a University in a free society the committee said it is simply not True that All the conditions that led to the May trag Edy still exist As reported by the jury and said if it was appropriate for the grand jury to turn to Page 2 Story no 5 u s May not insist reds admit presence of Viet troops if Hanoi pulls out forces Paris a informed sources say the United states vill not require that North Vietti Nam publicly admit it has troops in Sauth Vietnam if Hanoi pulls out its forces As part of a general peace settlement this is the meaning of presi Dent Nixon omission of tha de Mand for Mutual withdrawal in his oct 7 peace plan the sources said Friday they said the United states would accept a private under standing from the North Viet namese that their units would be removed from uie South As american withdrawal was completed the 1368 bomb halt agreement was cited by the sources As a precedent because although the North vietnamese demanded an unconditional halt to us bombing of their country at that time they did in fact make counterpart concessions u s negotiators at the time told the North vietnamese that air raids would Stop but that the United states understood that communist forces would cease rocket attacks on South vietnamese cities and lower the Evel of combat the North vietnamese never formally agreed but us officials Point to subsequent history As proof that the understand ing worked the same kind of mechanism is envisaged for the key Issue of troop withdrawals which Hanoi sees with a special Point of View although Hanoi peace talks Delegate ambassador Xuan Thuy denies his country has units in the South he claims turn to Page 2 Story no 4

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