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Danville Bee Newspaper Archives May 5 1934, Page 3

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Bee, The (Newspaper) - May 5, 1934, Danville, Virginia The saturday May 5 1934 three b Bein town topics former treasurer head charges government trying to collect excessive income tax Pittsburgh May w Mellon whom Republican leaders have called the greatest Secretary of the Treasury since Alexander Hamil asserts the government is railroading him before a grand jury next week in an Effort to collect excessive income taxes Mellon also former ambassador to the Collet of St James issued a statement last night disclosing the government in seeking additional taxes and a penalty of based on his 1931 return he said he would Appeal to the u s Board of tax appeals the director of the vast Mellon financial Empire declared the action is in utter disregard of statutory regu lations and that he is As much in the dark As Ever As to any grounds but in Washington attorney general Cummings replied that or Mellon is not As much in the dark As he would have the Public i know something about the administration of tax Mellon statement continued but never until now have i known a Case where a taxpayer has been railroaded to the grand jury without first being Given a hearing in the Treasury and an Opportunity to refute the governments claims what makes the attorney generals action More unjust is the fast that when i voluntarily gave the Treasury a waiver of the statute of limitations on my 1931 return i was promised by the duly authorized official of the Bureau of internal Revenue that no action would be taken in my Case without first giving me the usual hearing the utter disregard of statutory regulations and settled procedure which has been shown in my Case capitalistic dragon in Gotham May Day Parade county Bond r 77 Case hearing set for May 21 the second group of Danville policemen who have been attending training school this week had graduating exercises yesterday Tutor Harvey Dameron was proud of his proteges for they made a general average of in the examinations the closing chapter was marked by addresses by judge k m Harris magistrate c k Carter and chief of police Martin a Temperance declamation Wilt be held at Moffett memorial Church under the auspices of the w c on sunday afternoon at three Oclock with Mamie Kidd county chair Man presiding each of the seven county chapters will be represented in the speaking contest on the subject of Temperance a malodorous wave swept Over Dan Ville Las night the first of the year when people could sit on porches the gentle zephyrs which have moved men to poetry caused malediction and imprecations As Well As thirty Calls to the police department asking it to do something about it it All came from a Load of fish to be used As fertilizer which insisted on making its presence known by the olfactory system John a Hawkins who attended the state convention of the travellers association at Richmond Lias returned and is leaving tonight for St Louis where he will be one of the ten Virginia delegates to the National convention opening monday and running through Friday the delegation will seek the next convention for Richmond the May term of the corporation court will open monday morning with judge Henry presiding and with an extended docket the first session will be devoted to grand jury consideration of indictments and set Ting the docket with the probable disposition of some of the appealed cases an atmospheric Haze carried High into the air by the smoke of the reminiscent of the moving Forest in Macbeth is this sea of placards carried by marchers in the May Day Parade of communists at new York big feature of the procession was the Blo Klong dragon represent ing the Demon that was borne by the parades to their traditional stamping ground in Union Square has confirmed the warning i received More than a year ago from a source High in the councils of the demo cratic party in which i still have Many friends that a definite Effort was being made to discredit me in connection with my administration of the Treasury or my tax asserting that had he been a member of the past administrations 1 would not now be the object of this extraordinary Mellon contended there Are no grounds for the demand for additional taxes while the Treasury has increased the amount of my taxable income it has not allowed me of Given me an Opportunity to claim the proper percentage of credit specially provided by Law real Tang to gifts made by me in 1931 amounting to a total of for charitable religious and Public educational purposes although us Arment of just Leo agents who examined my records have full knowl Edge of these in commenting on the statement in Washington the attorney general said he Mellon must reconcile himself to being treated like anyone else in a similar situation North Carolina Forest fire is believed to have been responsible for the unusual Sunset yesterday evening when the orb still Well above housetops shone As a glowing Coal in the sky Esther keen a coloured woman was being held by the police today for having stabbed Irma Richardson in the Back last night at what is de scribed As having been a neighbor Hood fight on Bellevue Hill a flight to escape involvement followed the arrival of the police some of them Luck Lessly running into a Quantity of wire which snarled then until the Law came up improvement was registered today in the condition of two Danville men recently victims of trucks and both in memorial Hospital p h Neal is beginning to show steadier improvement Atter being quite ill for three weeks John l Taylor also was reported As having taken a marked turn for the better critics pictured As old tories who would scuttle program and make Blue Eagle walk Plank did not die Accident author by says continued from Page one Brussels on saturday february 17 at the time there were charges from borne elements that the popu Lar Monarch had been murdered but these were wholly discredited by per sons close to the King the official finding was that accompanied Only by a personal ser vant he set out to climb Rocher Des marches Les Dames a Peak near Namur leaving his servant in his car Al Bert went alone to indulge in his Iii Ortte sport in preparation for a planned Holiday in the Alps when the King did not return the Valet became alarmed and a search was organized that was late in the afternoon of february 17 he was found Early the next morn ing his Skull fractured in a deep Ravine a piece of f Rost Brittle Rock investigators concluded had broken As he clutched it in his climb he fell 36 feet to death he was simply dressed he had about 60 feet of climbers rope about his Waist part of the rope had in found there was a Clear said a Forest Warden who was one of the order cases liquor Richmond May Virginia alcoholic beverage control boards initial order for hard liquors placed today with delivery to the boards warehouse Here expected on tuesday includes cases at a Cost of approximately it was announced a chemical Laboratory being established by the Board will test the various brands of whisky Brandy rum and Gin before they Are placed on Sale and a tentative Price list will be made up the first of next week and publicly announced before the beverages Are placed on Sale in the states stores about cases of the order consists of compounds blends or cheap straight whiskies intended to sell for approximately a fifth of a gallon the Board announcement said Columbus May Mies of the new Deal Are pictured by Hugh Johnson As old tories who would scuttle the whole recovery program and make the Blue Eagle walk0 the in a message to the the Era chief asserted last night they would hoist the Jolly Roger on the ship of state and sail Back to the Good old piracy that brought the crash of 1929 and All that has happened there is one Way in which they might he said split the friends of recovery into Small Quad reling groups and then absorb each one in detail he asserted however that the re covery program is not being weak ened by the administration in answer to attacks the results of the presidents re covery program Are All on the plus Side and the Man who asserts to the contrary is assuming a heavy reson Sibilly to a distressed and abused he asserted codified Industry organized labor Farmers and Consumers All sing the same he declared in varying wards keep Era but Cut out it objectionable features keep the codes but Cut out their keep Section 7a of the act but impose no responsibility on his answer to the same old songs of roses without thorns and some thing for As he put it is the Best we can do is to balance burdens and benefits equally so the net result is Johnson spoke at a mass meeting in the coliseum of the Ohio state fair grounds at the invitation of the wholesalers and manufacturers association of the Columbus chamber of Commerce the Coli sexism which seats was approximately half filled Bank requests Small patrons to withdraw Chicago May Sav nos depositors of the first National Bank of Englewood known As the 100 per cent liquid Bank were asked Oday to withdraw their Money the Small account must said a letter sent by j m Nichols presi Dent of the Bank to depositors whose deposits Are Only s50 or less serving of Small accounts costs too much in the face of mounting operating expenses Nichols said in order to maintain our institution on a sound and profitable basis we Are obliged to ask those carrying Small accounts to come in at once and get their the letter said it is a Nice state of int it when a Small depositor is asked to leave no one realizes this any More than we it is just another example of what the Little fellow May expect when a government goes into Nichols has been an opponent of the Federal Deposit insurance corporation program he became known As 100 per cent Nichols by keeping his Bank wholly liquid during the depression nation will take care of itself Tokyo mood As rift with England threatens silk Mills shut Down is week of May 14 the Danville silk Mills which will play a part National movement to curtail silk production in compliance with an order from the silk code authority will not close on monday As reported yesterday but will shut Down starting May 14th monday week and suspend operations during that week the focal Plant will continue to operate through the coming week As will All of the silk Mills in the coun by the local Mill employ 130 per on and the payroll amounts to searchers of a piece of Rock that Brussels disgusted Brussels May belgian circles expressed disgust to Day with the address of col Graham scion Hutchison last night before die Nottingham writers club in which be said the late King Albert had been killed by a blow on the head not by Accident these circles said that messages received Here regarding his statement would not Bear examination they pointed out that King Albert invariably used a Ropo in his Solo Mountain climbing thus being Able to Anchor himself to some projection is a safeguard against missing his looting while descending likewise it was pointed out was nonsensical for Hutchison to Bay no one in Belgium dared speak of Alberts death As it is a Patent inc that the scene of the tragedy is visited daily by hundreds of persons official is enraged London May enraged official of the belgian embassy in London today invited colonel Graham Solon Hutchison to come there and repeat his Story of King Alberts Hitchison on Tho jaw if he docs so indignantly string to was ready to Tell thin col Hutchison he is a in fumed at word from Nottingham that Hutchison had a id Tho into Belgium Monarch was slain Nurt did not really die tin acc denial Donth while Mountain climb ing i it lift will Como to this embassy Man seated in parked car slain Lynchburg May Courtney Vaughan a Carpenter living near Farmville who was shot in his head about Midnight night while sitting in a parked car in front of 909 fourth Street died at 4 Oclock this morning in Lynchburg Hospital Vaughan drove Here shortly before Midnight from Farmville with Joseph Overton Charley Crawley and Clar ence Vaughan and when the Trio went into the House he remained in the exit Mobile alone later when the others returned they found him slumped in the Back of the car with two bullets in his head police at once started an investigation robbery seems to have been the motive As All of Vaughans per John w Fuqua Sonal effects were taken pockets except his Ratcli o from his fire burning self out n May most extensive anti disastrous fire Northwest North Caro Lina wins Ever known was smouldering sullenly to Cluny apparently hurtling itself out after spreading Oxer acres of Wood Ami farm lands Highland Park the funeral of John w Fuqua was conducted at his late Resi Dence on the Yance Yvie Road at Oclock yesterday afternoon by Rev i t Poole and interment was in Highland burial Park the pallbearers were Frank trav is w Harvey r b Cook s b Gatewood Luther Travis Marvin Stevens and Guill Mcdowell the Folwer bearers were Glenn Jarter Charlie Gaul in Byci Carter Forest Ball j a Fuqua Joe Rowe Bill Miles Noble Farmer Keith Fields j h Fowlkes George Lavinder h p Houser w d Rowe John car Ter Lindsey Dameron Kirk Leftwich g w Wilson c h Farmer Harvey Ferrell Clarence Rowe j d Ferrell Jackson Fuqua a s Wooding n c Hodges will Yates evens Hall and Natt Swann and dare to repeat it to me i will give him a punch on the jaw and Tell him it is the most scandalous thing i Ever the spokesman declared if ones worst enemy wished to invent a beastly he about one that is the kind of scandalous thing he would invent there is not single person in Belgium who does not know the real fact about How our beloved King met his death there Are some people get a Lille invent the most horrible lies this Man whom i have never heard of Oblo Sisly is one of them through out Tho world am sure treat such a statement with contempt As being unworthy of any gentleman it is an outrage on Tho seeking Large representation of five pointers participation in the Parade of five Point children next Friday afternoon will not be compulsory it was announced today by or r w Garnett City health officer it was stated that while it i desired that All of the children possible March in the health Parade parents May use their own judgment in the matter of their children taking part commenting on the Parade which Tokyo May is girding for the threatened Trade War with great Britain it was indicated officially today confident she possesses the most formidable weapons for such a conflict instead of manifesting concern at the British threat to take action to protect the empires textile Export interests against increasing japanese Competition officials said in effect that Japan can take care of itself Trade leaders pointed to the governments new Trade Protection act which the Cabinet May quickly hike or lower import tariffs by executive decree or limit and pro Hibit imports the British warning Given japanese ambassador Matsudaira by Walter Runciman president of the British Board of Trade is being studied by the foreign offices com Mercial Bureau there were Strong indications Japan would flatly refused to Bow to great Britain ultimatum that the Tokyo government must modify its Trade program and tactics foreign minister Koki he Road said our country is contented every where by difficulties in foreign Trade if found it necessary to Institute Trade control to safeguard our foreign then indicating no intention to relent in the drive for new outlets for japanese industries Hirota we must strive under Circum stances to safeguard and promote our foreign on top of this Trade leaders expressed the opinion that even if great Britain does impose on Japa Nese goods Nippon will not be Hurt since japans imports from the British Isles in 1933 totalled yet or almost As much As was exported there 000 yen hence they said the Tokyo govern ment would be Able to make reprisals if was pointed out surf Char that japans exports to the British Isles formed Only per cent of the total exports for 1933 and that the Only colonies figuring importantly in Japa Nese Export Trade Are the Straits settlements to which Japan sold yen Worth of goods and East special to the Bee Chatham May a motion made by Joseph Whitehead to quash mandamus proceeding instituted by Dan River District to compel the county Board of super visors to pay an indebtedness of Over incurred in that District judge Turner Clement yesterday continued the county Bond Case until May 21 Clinton Fowler and Harry Wooding appeared As counsel for the Dan River District taxpayers Cox Insel for Dan River District con tends that when the Board of super visors voted plot Sylvania county into the state Highway system As provided under the Byrd Road plan that they obligated themselves to apply the Money derived from the Sale of Road equipment to the state Money from the gasoline tax fund remain ing in the county Treasury and the balance of the general Road fund of the county to the payment of out standing bonded indebtedness for roads they contend that this pay ment was not made but that the Money in the funds designated was transferred to the general funds of the county the Dan River Bonds in question were issued to 1912 to the amount of some pay ment has been Mado on account of the Bonds since the filing of the petition for the mandamus the Board of super visors has returned to Dan River District with its compliments a school Bond debt which it assumed in april last year when the county unit school plan was adopted the Board of supervisors has found that the Assumption of this debt waa not Legal since a Virginia statute applying required the consent of the school Board which was not properly Given but Tho return of the school debt suggests possible basis of com Promise in the Legal engagement within the plot Sylvania family usually in Complete Accord the county government a admittedly one of the most efficient in the state and is in Good financial condition o hymn singing to take place at sunday four twisters strike within Twenty four hours in various parts of state to Tulsa May tornadoes twisting Over Oklahoma we Totri 24 hours left four persons dead today but spared several school children in their path the first Tornado struck near Wynnewood thursday and three More swooped Down late Alsuma 12 Miles Southeast of Here acc Howden near the Kansas line and near Bartlesville a dozen persons were injured near Alec a but a freakish twist of the winds saved the children in the Union consolidated school a Tornado approached lifted and passed directed overhead dipping Down on the other Side Tho dead Are Andrew Tackett 59 is wife 53 Grady Tankard a negro Farmer All of Alsuma and mrs Carrie Lowe 68 of Howden pleads guilty to plotting to Harbor outlaw by Paul May in a sur prise move in which her attorney and the department of Justice attempted to maintain the utmost secrecy mrs Beth Green reputed wife of a slain Dillinger henchmen pleaded guilty to conspiracy to Harbor John Dillinger outlaw in Federal court today at the request of George f Sulli Van District attorney Federal judge m m Joyce deferred sentence until the disposition of the trial of three co defendants named in the same indictment they Are Evelyn Frechette Sweet heart of John Dillinger or Clayton May of Minneapolis and his nurse mrs Augusta Salt desperado is reported on a Way abroad continued from Page one place to apprehend him Slanco be might easily escape detection at both Greenock and Belfast where the ves Sel Calls late today push search Chicago May triple Alliance Flung out its combined Man Hunting Power today in a fresh foray designed to end the criminal career of John Dillinger three powerful arms of the government agents a special flying of picked City police and secret detectives from the states attorneys in the newly organized Hunt for the elusive gun Man their Only instruction was get plans called for perfect coordination so there would be no Duplica Tion of Effort in running Down the hundreds of Dillinger tips pour ing into investigators ears their organization completed tha officers pressed their Hunt in Chi Cago satisfied that the killer still lurks somewhere in the cites under world haunts vigorously they pursued that course despite a report that Dunger is on the High seas in route to Greenock Scotland aboard the Steamer Duchess York the report published to the Lon Don Herald this morning said Cago police had cabled authorities la All ports of the British Isles that do longer had taken passage on the ves Sel which is due in Greenock today bunk was the Way sergeant prank Reynolds head of the flying squad of Dillinger huntsmen characterized the report he pointed to police evidence that Dillinger is hid ing out in Chicago possibly wounded the Duchess of York steamed from Saint John n april 29 officials of the Canadian depart of immigration at n s likewise expressed Surprise at tha London report mrs wins Richmond May mrs c b Walden after a poor Start to Day Defeated mrs j g Spitz Lake Side Ace 2 up for the Richmond City women Golf championship the tournament was played Over tha Hermitage course tomorrows hymn singing by Dan Ville school students will be held at half past four Oclock on inc Campus of George Washington High school if it is a Clear Day and in the auditorium if it is raining miss Marla Edmunds supervisor of music in the schools says that children have been trained for the rendering of ten of the Best known hymns but it is More than Likely some of the students will not be Able to attend and she expects the group to number Between 600 and 700 several Danville ministers Wil be on hand and Are on the programme for a few remarks the competitive feature is not included this year but instead 7the various singing groups from the schools will be brought to Gether for a mass rendering of Church favourites famous Many of them through generations o Richmond plans sunday game Richmond May spite rigid Blue Laws prohibiting commercial sports exhibitions on sunday the Richmond and greens Boro teams of the Piedmont league will meet Here tomorrow afternoon the game As announced by owner Eddie Mooers of Richmond will be Charity event for the Benefit of sheltering arms Hospital a game played Ait Norfolk last sunday resulted in arrest of Mem Bers of the competing teams and one tar player was fined an Appeal being taken to test the Validity of the Blue Laws there be born anew tears for a Flower that has bld8 i some and drooped must course Over a beatific smile As the gaze at the new Young buds which bravely Coxa to Earth i its place nor must we Greet the passing of life with a Vale of tears without letting gleam in our Eye Joy for the life the come stoic Good funeral Home Bryant Hughes Dies in Norfolk burial Here Bryant Bernard Hughes three year old son of or and mrs r r Hughes died yesterday morning in Norfolk or and mrs Hughes Are former residents of Danville the remains will arrive from Norfolk this after noon at four Oclock remain at the funeral Home of p w Townes son until Throe Oclock siriday afternoon when it will be taken to Leemont cemetery where the services will be conducted by Rev h p East besides his parents he is survived by three Hal Sisters Edith Hicks Beatrice Hicks and Margaret Hicks and one half brother Douglas Hicks to furnish officers Aga list accidents safeguard Richmond mothers pay May governor Peery proclaimed today unit my 13 i Houkal be mothers Day throughout the Commonwealth he issued a for inn proclamation for on Way to Wooyin rates route with president to new Youk Roosevelt with capital leaders travelled to new York today to attend tie funeral of his Friend and former Secretary of the Treasury we Alluin Wood in insisting at tic last minute upon paying this tribute to his Friend the president took with him Tjie rain tic duties of office Macon Opp to Caribbean its giant Hulk into cloudless skies us Navy dirigible Marou sailed from Lipic today for Caribbean to in tactical the Fleet he japanese Are confident tie British opinions will not follow the Mother country a Australia which sold to Japan in 1933 four fees her purchases and Canada which sold to Japan in 1933 four Imes her purchases from Canada which sold seven times As much As she bought Africa yen Worth Trade with the British dominions has been an annual feature for the is considered far More important and Pas dozen years or Garnett today emphasized that it provides a Means of stimulating children into getting physical defects corrected which Means better health experience has shown that the policy of awarding the Gold stars to children who rate them has been a help he said and changed the attitude of children As Well As parents in getting defects corrected and has resulted in better feeding of children the five Points represent Good Teeth Normal Throat Normal vision Normal hearing and nutrition the children will gather tit acres warehouse next Friday afternoon at and the Parade will Start at extending up and main streets to the Post office Down Ridge and into Spring Street where it will disassemble in a vacant space behind the armory efforts Are being made to secure a band to Lead the Parade and the police Are to be requested Black plans to quit As head of Reserve Board Washington May Gene Black governor of the Federal Reserve Board intends to resign prob ably soon after Congress adjourns unless president Roosevelt persuades him to stay longer the White House w1 have the task of finding anew chief for a banking Board that is assuming increasing importance under legislation How in the Mak ing the lanky southerner was reported today by close friends to Long for what they called a Normal if these associates know that Georgia where Black used to govern Tho Atlanta Reserve Bank Golf tourney is under Way the first flight of the Golf tournament being conducted at the Dan Ville Golf club will be ended on Mon Day increased interest is being shown in the event with thirty two members participating the championship cup is to to Given by j d Ley four prizes will be Given in Nick gluon these to be donated by local merchants j the hermetically sealed Mee Haeim Watfa tie same Quaty in All models Small or Large Westinghouse offers a Protection plan to every buyer a policy unparalleled in refrigeration this plan safeguards the user against service expense on the sea3eihi mechanism for five years from Date of Pur Chase before you buy any electric refrigerator let us give you details of this plan come in hardware company main St phone 1584 waster

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