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Danville Bee Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Bee, The (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Danville, VirginiaNews associated press leased wires jets arrive Detroit Volt co James a Poston of Columbus Ohio averaging 546505 mile per hour brought his f84 be in first today in the 1945 i Ricks trophy race j col Poston leading a feel of 22 pilots due into the de troit Wayne major apor had a corrected time of thre hours 32 minutes and 30 seconds higher death rate by the associated press the nations traffic Deal rate during the first Day of Thi years fourth of july weekend was running higher today than that v reported for the Sam period last year at 12 noon est today 5 traffic deaths had been record eel since 6 p m More than for the 1954 period the Overall Accident death Tol reached 72 with 9 drowning and 11 deaths in other Type of mishaps included none of the deaths were attributed to fireworks forced to land Washington Ole miss made a forced land ins after 15 minutes flying time this morning on its Way to Washington and a place in the smithsonian institution Gas began spewing from Gas tank leak shortly after the historic monoplane left Atlanta repairs were made within 45 minutes and the Ole miss resumed its flight wins support Rome Scagni won the support of the Liberal party for a Center coalition government today virtually assuring his Success in forming a new Cabinet the liberals hardest hold outs to a Scagni Cabinet announced after conferring with the 64yearold Christian demo crat that they believed a Center government necessary to the interests of the nation catholics hold mass Buenos Aires Argentina of roman Cath Olics jammed metropolitan Ca thedral today for the first mass since the june 16 revolt later they shouted for the return of msgr Mauel Tato the auxiliary archbishop of Buenos Aires exiled to Rome by president Peron Small detachments of police mounted a close watch in front of the Cathedral and around Plaza de Mayo the crowd was noisy but not disorderly president relaxes 56th year founded february 1899 no 19390 for All departments Call 4 500 companies Danville a saturday afternoon july 2 1955 Prce five cents action is taken after agreement to end strike us steel Grants 15 cent an hour wage boost to its employees Pittsburgh steel Corpt which granted 5ent an wage boost to its Moss to big steels action came shortly after it ended the Short est walkout in the Industry history in a Compromise axe men t with the Cio United steelworkers within a few hours after the 12hour strike ended yesterday All of the Industry big six had followed the Leader in agreeing to the pay boost they Are Bethlehem steel corp Republic Jones Laughlin Youngstown Sheet tube and Inland steel the companies indicated they too will follow big steel Man charges hit run truck struck him Randolph Homer Harville of 28 Jaul St entered police Headquarters shortly before noon today and reported he had been struck in a hit run truck at main and rag had its half an hour be orc he displayed injuries on oth legs traffic officer m h Herndon is investigating it was the Only reported traffic Hifp of the Day prior to noon despite dense traffic following series of five accidents none Erious Here yesterday at state police Headquarters it reported at noon that there and been no word of any wrecks n the area since last nights crash n it 57 near Chatham in which our were injured separate t reported that traffic on the pen highways was unusually cavy and a renewed Appeal for careful driving the remainder of in Holiday period just starting turn to Page 7 Story no 8 Camp David my president Eisenhower relax ing for the Holiday weekend played 18 holes of Golf today in sunny weather he motored to Gettysburg a country club for round with his Friend neighbor George Allen the and americans win Henley thames eng land University of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Institute of technology Crews swept major honors in the Roy Al Henley Mcgatta today As they won respectively the grand Chateng cup and the thames Challenge cup grand jury not trial jurors to report tuesday today queer Story Jacksonville Fla 45yearold negro finally got what he three year sentence o the Federal correctional institution in Tallahassee Fla in guilty in guilty Hon by Hick shouted in Federal court yesterday when his Case came up even judge Bryan Simpson asked for his plea Lifs unusual Behn Vior on the part of a defendant roused the judges curiosity Ive been there the Penn institution in Tallahassee before kicks explained and the Doc Tor out there is a Good doctor he made me Well since he got out Ricks said he wag taken sick again and wanted to get Back to the Good doctor and penal Hospital at Tallahassee an pm agent said Ricks stoic a car in Jacksonville drove it to at Rhone a and sold it in Bones of being arrested by fed eral agents hut nothing happened after waiting some time Ricks returned to Jacksonville and surren dered to City police to his do Steht he was turned Over to Federal authorities when judge Simpson pronounced the three year sentence Hicks beamed and repented thank you sir thank you sir Only the seven members of the grand jury Are required to report on the opening Day of Corpora Tion court next tuesday Alid not members of the Petit or trial jury panel As stated earlier this week in a feature Story on jury service since no jury trials Are held during the first week of the court members of the trial jury panel of 20 Are not required to report until the beginning of the second week of the court july 11 six teen members of the trial jury panel have been summoned to appear july 11 and the other four on july 13 to join the other 16 in marking up prices As a consequence Consumers soon will pay More for the count less products made from steel Clifford f Hood u s steel president said the 58 per cent will put a Price tag on a ton of Basic Carbon entirely the result of the wage increase Hood said other factors Are involved such As increased taxes and new construction while jubilant Stoeh workers were turning to the Mills Union officials stood by to get More con tract signatures they indicated they would have no trouble with any of the 96 companies in the Industry which employ 600000 us due payers Pittsburgh steel was among the companies which agreed to the new pact last night there was an air of urgency to sign none of the companies seemed to want a moment wasted in their efforts to get their Mills glowing again profits have Boon High this year orders Are rolling in and almost everyone predicts record production through at least the remainder of 1955 that was one reason perhaps Why the strike was the shortest in the Industry history As the Midnight thursday strike deadline approached us presi Dent David j Mcdonald and vice president John a Stephens of u s steel were so close to agree ment that Mcdonald declared the dispute was almost settled As negotiations resumed yesterday it took just a Short time to get the final details ironed out Mcdonald had asked for a sub Stantial wage boost for the men who averaged an hour he flatly turned Down a 10cent an hour wage hike As the negotiations progressed toward the strike deadline the Union chief was reported to have submitted a package proposal amounting to 31 cents an hour which included a 16centan hour wage boost demand the Union winding up with an increase of slightly More than 15 cents an hour got a contract from steel prices transit strike snarls traffic in Washington cars Are packed solid in the Street car tracks in the Center of Pennsylvania Avenue As Washington transit workers went on strike after negotiations to Avert a walkout failed the Capitol dome is in the background a War photo sentences for Instate burglars aggregate 94 years to serve less sentences aggregating 94 years i under state Law a person May have been handed the self styled become eligible for parole after to state burglars three months after their arrests at the time of the apprehend ions the three admitted taking ome s15000 Worth of loot in 40 burglaries in Southside Virginia olice authorities now say both figures Are far Short of the to frankly the conclusion s being reached that enough time Las been meted out the three Young men Are Bevrly James Wingo a 28yearold Arun of Snatic of Jetersville it 1 in Amelia co Clyde t Barley 21 cerebral palsy victim from Richmond and Roy Holt 18 of Richmond and Roxboro n c the sentences total years 31 to serve serving on fourth of his time but the Large number of cases in which the three were involved May have a bearing All have been convicted on multiple charges of statutory Bur Glary and grand larceny the City of Richmond still has cases Pend ing against Wingo but no Deci Sion has been reached on Wyeth and 26 years 15 to serve and 8 years to serve and or further prosecution will be sought Barley is facing one additional trial in hustings court at Richmond three warrants for the men Are on file in Roxboro n it May be so Long until the three will be released from the Penitentiary that North Carolina May let the matter drop West Virginia already has indicated it will not seek conviction in cases there contacted for a rundown warehouse War appears at end in South Boston South tobacco warehouse building Wir which be Gan in Rivo Date a few weeks ago May finally be coming to an end the Battle appears to be reach ing its end with the announcement that a group of local warehouse men had bought out the interests of b b Rogers who had started the Boom three weeks ago the group includes the Plante sinde pendent Combine the two Star on turn to Page 7 Story no 5 health officer May be Given an assistant Council to hold round fable meet major business items Are on the Agenda for tuesday nights round table meeting of City Council included among the 12 items up for discussion a proposal to hire an assistant health officer one to change the recreation set warehouses and the Virginia car p and plans to sell the Olina warehouse proprietors however three other warehouse Tum to Page 7 Story no 10 strikes close Copper mining plants wage talks resumed Denver wage talks re sume on a limited scale today As both Federal conciliators and Union spokesmen expressed doubt a strike of three of the nations largest Copper mining firms would be settled before next week because few of the properties involved normally employ work shifts on a six Day week full effect of the strike is not expected to be u until tuesday after the Long Independence Day weekend spokes car for the International Union of mine Mill smelter workers ind whose entire membership of 50000 to 60000 work ers is poised for n nationwide strike said full scale negotiations arc not to resume until tuesday Here meanwhile was the Situa Tion at the principal bargaining Niles 1 at Butte Mont where negotiations Are being conducted with he Anaconda Copper co Federal Jon Ilinor William g Hosle said suspended Anima talks Are in lion Anaconda is the Only he nations big four one of Copper producers Whoso workers Are not wac plating in the strike which Egan shortly after Midnight thursday it was 8600 workers represented by the mine Mill Union there definitely will not be new developments Over the vec Kond Hosto said to added hat negotiations on n new con vec Kond spool null Strawberry Short in Kcal 20c pints 30c quarts 55o Dalry Mort Riverside or Arnott tract would resume tuesday 2 at Salt Lake City Concilia Tor s Lyle Johnson resumed talks with the Kennicott Copper corp on local issues Only prospects for an immediate settlement Between the firm and a joint Union negotiating committee representing 10 000 Kennicott workers Are very weak Johnson said 3 negotiations have been sus Pended at Miami Ariz and Doug Las Ariz where mine Mill employees and the Phelps Dodge cop per co Are in wage talks a Union tory warehouse Banner Combine the Vic the new Brick and the Dixie Edmondson group have vowed to procede with their construction regardless of what action is taken by Rogers and the other Ware House owners Rogers a warehouseman from live Oak Fla and owner of Sev eral warehouses in Douglas Gnu bad purchased land in Riverdale annual Council Bonds while top City officials could not be contacted today for comment the need of an assistant health officer has been mentioned in re cent weeks at present Danville is served by or Leroy Soper who also has pit Sylvania and Halifax counties in his jurisdiction All three localities share in paying his salary and or Dopey usually makes a round of All offices each Day an ordinance to change the recreation setup was mentioned Byrd wants to halve foreign Aid spending senator Hayden against the idea Washington Byrd Eva called today for cutting foreign Aid spending in half but sen Hayden Darin said he Doest think Congress has its knife out for the program Byrd chairman of the Senate finance committee said in an interview he thinks a 50 per cent reduction could be made in pro posed foreign Aid spending of somewhat under billion Dol Lars in the bookkeeping year which began yesterday the virginian said its up to the appropriation committees to do the cutting but Hayden chair Man of the Senate appropriations Ommittee said he Doest believe there is any drive for material cuts in foreign Aid funds Hayden said i know i Haven got my knife out for the program and i dont know anybody on the committee who has Byrd said the time has come when we ought to Cut out All economic aid1 As the program stands he added it seems to me that expenditures Are being about equally divided Between economic and military aid1 Byrds which he mentioned a carryover of about 10 billions in unspent overseas assistance prompted by the fact that Congress Virtu ally has finished work on Legisla Tion to put a ceiling on foreign Aid appropriations for this year the Money must be voted in later legislation the House on thursday passed a Bill to authorize a foreign Aid program for this Fis Cal ear marked for military assistance and approval of presidents Reserve program rep Vinson predicts Congress will give Eisenhower Bill he wants Washington Vinson Dag predicted today that Congress soon will give president Eisenhower the kind of military Reserve program he wants Vinson chairman of the House armed services com Mittee said in an interview he expects no trouble in the Senate for a measure to swell the nations 700000man re serve to a trained Force of 2900000 by 1960 sen Russell chairman of the Senate armed services committee said a subcommittee soon will begin hearings on the Bill breaking a six week impasse Over an Antl segregation proposal the House passed the Bill yesterday by voice vote scorcher due this weekend matches May not be required t set off your firecrackers this jul 4 weekend the Weatherman prediction for the Holiday week going beyond the usual quit warm designation the prediction is for three Days of 95 plus degree with some possibility of scattered thundershowers to Cool the air temporarily according to p h Barbour official observer this morning Low was 68 the highest Low o the year yesterdays Low was 6 and the High As 93 and has started construction of a last month but decisions were de new 4200 soft warehouse Hela cd until More study could be turn to Page 7 Story no 11 us alarmed Over political unrest in Korea hear grumbling about Rhee Seoul s author ties Are alarmed Over increase political unrest in South Korea Many koreans Are grumbling about the regime of presiden syn Man Rhee and his Handlin of korean reconstruction in South Central Korea wid areas have come under the Contro of resurgent red guerrillas fight ing in these sections has flared up in the Hills civilians give com fort and supplies to the guerrillas there is great concern with the efforts being recruit red part members from the officer corps o the Rok army South korean Industry has no yet recovered from the War be cause cheap hydroelectric Power came from dams in North Korea turn to Page 7 Story no 12 n y times says no Security violation in korean War Story stated at this time that it under the plan it is said Security violation was involved hat department would be in publication of a Story durin to i i i i had planned on building at least one More and possibly three More warehouses owners of existing warehouses immediately began to make plans to build More warehouses to protect their Selling time on the Market which is governed by the amount of floor space they have in Quick order the Dixie Edumnd Combine the Washington East land miss says he accepts the new York times word that no turn to Page 3 Story no 2 turn to Page 7 Story no 9 placed directly under the City manager rather than the commis Sion this would make it in the same category with other depart ments the commission thus would become advisory rather than administrative at least one member of the commission has indicated he would resign if this were done division of the Council Bond is turn to Page 7 Story no 7 the korean War that the u s air Force was using f86 Sabre jets Eastland chairman of the sen ate internal Security subcommittee said late yesterday the group never has made any such charge but that i am glad to make this statement in the interest of com plete fairness the Story was written in 1950 by Charles Grutzner a times re Tva backers have landed right to Chin of Dixon Yates proponents Memphis Tenn might compare it to a the Long bitter Complex scrap Between backers of Tva and Dix on Yates in Congress and in court Tva backers kept whipping left Hooks Dixon notes was fast and Strong with president Eisenhower and the administration in its Corner Tva backers were losing on All the while they had their big right locked in the last Road Dixon Yates took it on the Chin whether it gets up before the count of 10 remains to to seen the cocked right hand was Mem Phis threat Nolc soon after the fight starter nearly a year ago to build its own 100 million Dollar generating Plant rather than accept Dixon Yates Power the stunning blow was triggered by the frail 73yearold president of the Memphis utilities division t h Allen he called in report ers last week and told them i will recommend that Mem Phis build us own Power Plant a few Days later the White House called in reporters to Tell them the controversial Dixon Yates contract will be reappraised in View of the Memphis decision the president in asked the loud get Bureau to Confer with the Tva and the atomic Energy Coin Mission to determine whether it living in the Tva area to con to Niue or to cancel the Dixon Yates contract the Senate appropriations com Mittee yesterday voted to with hold funds for a Power line to Ink Dixon Yates with the Tva Power Grid if Memphis shows a definite commitment within 90 Days the storm Center Issue Between president Eisenhower and n size Able Section of Congress was near the Climax democratic leaders said it was doomed How did it All Start first remember the fighters arc not merely Tva and Dixon Yates this latest scramble cropped up when the Tennessee Valley authority a vast Public Power sys tem found it could no longer Gen Erate enough electricity to Guaran tee the areas future needs when Congress said Tva stepped expand up for private Power another bout Middle South utilities inc and the Southern co combined to pro pose what came to be known As the Dixon Yates contract the 107 million Dollar Plant pro posed would Supply Tva with extra Power it needed the atomic Energy commission would buy the but also Public versus private Paw Power to Rpp nce Tva electricity would be in the interest of persons for years or who have been slugging it out turn to Page 3 Story no 1 Porter who acknowledged at a subcommittee Public hearing on thursday that he had been a communist party member from 1937 to 1940 Grutzner was among a dozen former employees of the now defunct Brooklyn Eagle who were named by lbs newsman Winston m Burdett As people he knew As fellow communists in 19371910 Grutzner testified he became fed up with communism and quit just before joining the times staff Eastland indicated in his questioning of Grutzner he Felt that the Story disclosing u s Sabre Jet planes were in action in Korea had been helpful to the communists but the newsman and the times said the Pentagon had cleared it for publication Easu ands statement yesterday said the subcommittee has been informed by the defense depart ment that it is unable As yet to state from its own records whether Grutzner Story was cleared for publication at the Pentagon however Eastland said the new York times has stated publicly its records indicate that Austin Stev ens of its Washington staff obtained clearance for the Story from Jack Shea then a civilian member of the air Force press desk the times in a dispatch from its Washington Bureau said the late Gen Hoyt s Vandenberg then air Force chief of staff had been identified As the Pentagon turn to Page 3 Story no 3 in an earlier key vote Republican and Southern democrats combined to defeat a new Effort Fay rep Powell any to bring about racial integration in the National guard the Powell amendment went Down on a 156105 standing vote the measure would set up new six months training program for teenage volunteers who would be obligated to serve 7v6 years Reserve duty but would escape the two year draft it also provides that reservists failing to maintain prescribed training standards could be re called for 45 Days Active duty Vinson called it a Good Strong Bill the kind the president wants the first attempt to get a re serve Bill through the House Fah turn to Page 3 Story no 4 shooting Case is bound Over to grand jury a recent shooting Case assaults and disorders marked today ses Sion of trial Justice court the last before tuesday because of the monday july 4 Holiday Mary Elizabeth Walters of 220 West Broad St waived a hearing and was bound Over for grand jury action on a charge of Felo piously shooting and wounding Theo Lewis on june 26 an incident hitherto undisclosed by the police the Man allegedly was shot with a 22 calibre automatic pistol since no testimony was heard details of the shooting were Lack go testimony in an assault Case was so confusing As to who hit whom and with what during a free Orall on june 24 that Rob Ert Henry Carter of 631 North Ridge St won dismissal on a charge of striking Lloyd c Willis with a Brick Albert Womack of 402 Calvary St got off with and costs on charge of assault on Lelja Womack yesterday charged with carrying an open knife in his pocket Garnett Ger rant Parsons of 826 Grove St turn to Page 7 Story no 6 the weather temperature Reading by the bees radial thermometer Danville and tonight partly Cloudy warm and sultry Low 71 sunday fair hot and humid with widely scattered afternoon Thunder showers High 94 Outlook for monday continued lot with scattered afternoon Thun Der storms no Relief in sight of Thunder Howers extreme North this after Oon fair tonight Low 6570 West 075 East sunday mostly fair of but scattered afternoon or vening thundershowers North and site warm this afternoon and unday generally fair and a lit in warmer tonight i Gfa ten or Tures today upper 80s Moun Ains 9095 elsewhere lows to ight around 60 in mountains to of 70s along coast temperatures pm yesterday do Clear am today 78 Clear am today 73 Cloudy us today 94 Cloudy new Book Center

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