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Danville Bee Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 2

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Bee, The (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Danville, VirginiaI to dec 19 1970 Indochina the Viet Cong Mark the 24th of the Start of the Indochina War with two attacks on us troops and another Rock to attack in Saigon Viet Cong troops burst from a papier mache Jungle and Lay siege to a cardboard fort in a melodramatic Knock Batth marking the graduation of 24 South vietnamese officer Ca reports farm crop production h 1970 slipped to the lowest Levy in three years with poor weather and Corn blight taking Muc of the blame i International police and troops fire shots into angry mobs of demonstrators and occupy a shipyard As rioting Breaks out in another City in Poland v the kidnappers of Swiss ambassador Giovanni Bucher give tie brazilian government a list of 70 prisoners they want re leased As Ransom and the presi Dent meets with his Cabinet to consider the demand villagers Are literally in arms about a Royal com report recommending that their houses be razed for an International Airport National an underground nuclear Tes blows radioactive dust 8000 feel in the air and 600 workers Are evacuated from the Nevada test site but officials say the radioactivity is Low and rapidly dissipating a pretty cheerleader for the University of notre Dame a reared before a National television audience of 52 million peo ple when the Irish played South in California in football nov 28 and now she May be headed for a career in to Washington the major manufacturer of used in household deter gents suspends production of the chemical which the Federal government says is potentially dangerous to humans a Senate subcommittee a reuses former defense Secretary Robert s Mcnamara of wasting and damaging the a defense posture by ignore warnings about the tfx warplane the Senate turns to negotiations in an Effort to Xii do a threatened epidemic of filibusters the next order of business will be an attempt to break debate against the super be tonic transport plane senators say the Nixon and 7iministration knows its welfare Reform plan is dead for the year but still is insisting on a vote the on childrens no 1 recommendation is that president Nixon reorder National priorities to provide opportunities for every 1 t 1 1 m child to learn creatively grow and live the environment Congress sends president Nix on a Tough ant pollution Bill re Quiring automobile manufacturers to eliminate 90 per cent o harmful car four years exhausts within the holidays Box 14a Tiff City to is another Way of saying merry Christmas so Many of the kids seem worried about asking for too Nuch says a department store Santa Glaus in a suburb of economically hardhat Detroit Chil Dren who normally swamp san a with gift orders this year apparently Are heeding Admonit ions of Thrift from their parents number 1 continued from Page one an hour in the Cloud and Only one on the ground a routine Chest x Ray exposes a person to about 50 Mili Roentgen a Milli Roentgen is one on thousandth of a Roentgen the 600 evacuated employees changed clothes and showered the called nominal precautionary measures three myndred of them were found to carry a Small amount of radioactivity the Agency which ittle information about the agriculture department said later of the weapons devel r b insurance Agency Auto insurance 1 fire life Mobile Home insurance Premium finance plan for information Call 7979293 1260 South Boston re number 2 continne4 Page of stopped they said surgeon general Jesse l Steinfeld and William d Ruckelshaus administrator of the environmental Protection Agency said in a joint statement there is no evidence so far to indicate anyone has been harmed by the Nta combination however prudence dictates not permitting a situation to de clop in which harm May occur to Man from the effects of the projected uses of Nta Thoj said Procter and Gamble co alone Las invested million Foi conversion to Nta in its deter ments and has placed orders for 167 million Worth of the Chemi Al company officials said president Howard Morgens Aid in Cincinnati Friday his irm would eliminate Nta from is products even though it Felt there was no danger in the quantities in which we have used Nta in certain of our to ducts he said we Are absolutely confident in their Safe y Morgens said the government tudy used an extremely High concentration of these metals and Nta a concentration that Oes not exist in nature and that As no relevance in our opinion what could happen in the a ural environment the department of health education and welfare said an incomplete list of products con dining Nta includes am Way a8 cheer gain had k50 aun Dimaid liquid All loft hos free rounds saves Ultra and Valley Dew three Toronto based deter ent manufacturers announced lans Friday to phase out use of to they were Procter and Amble co of Canada Ltd Leer detergents Ltd and col at palmolive Ltd they acted Ven though the Canadian gov rement has not completed re Arch on the chemical or made recommendations Wash and Plant Grapefruit and Range seeds and watch them Prout into charming plants dts dark Green foliage within few Days an Ordinary chocolate pie will Ake on a new mint flavor if everal chocolate mint patties re melted in the pie filling number 3 Fife one Ture because the social Security Bill cannot be passed in the urn remaining it is sheer hypocrisy for u to continue with this Bill when we know it is not going to be come Law said sen John j Williams Del we hold out to the old people the Promise they Are going to get a 10 per cent increase in heir social Security we talk a f a new welfare plan is going t e adopted which will pay More Money and cover More people and we know All the Tim none of this is going to come to pass this year Williams said the final Straw was word rom rep Wilbur d Mills d Ark chairman of the House Vays and Means committee pm ent is going to take Long time to determine what dec spokesmen would Enol Jec ulate on whether enough 61 in Cloud air Orne to Cross by and violate the 1963 test Nan jetty which permits the no ear tests underground so he As locative debris Torbe present outside he on or As the bound is Are hundreds of Miles dec planes tracking the oud said it was travelling North y Northeast at about 4 Miles an hour featuring blameless electric heating and air conditioning a apartments 240 lady Astor court Danville a these apartments offer you the unmatched Comfort of flame less electric heating plus the ease and convenience of electric kitchens they have the added Comfort of air Condi toning electric laundry facilities 2 bedroom apartments and other outstanding features All of which make total electric Gold medallion apartments your Best Choice of enjoyable Carefree living electric department division of water Gas and electric departments the first municipally owned electric Utility in the United states established in 1885 serving dependable Low Cost electric Power to Danville and the surrounding area City of Danville Virginia that he would not consider the Catchall social Security Vith the amendments on foreign Trade welfare and numerous ther if it were o Clear the Senate but there Are indications sen Ite leaders Are not about to Cut Iff debate on social Security ind welfare the reason apparently is that democratic Leader Mike Mansfield and Republican Lead r Hugh Scott feel they have a commitment to Nixon to get a ote on family assistance the administration wants this Enate vote it was understood s a precedent to help with a re ived welfare plan in the new ingress convening next month some senators Felt earlier the 0 per cent social Security in Rease could be salvaged by de aching it from the omnibus Bill and passing it at the last minute s a ride to an excise tax Extension measure but these senators now say hey believe any such Effort would be blocked the reason they say is that advocates of the Trade Amend ment and other riders on the conglomerate Bill want social Security Back Early in the next session to serve As a potential vehicle for their pet projects if social Security does go Over o next year it Means a delay of everal months in higher pay ments for 26 million recipients social Security adm Nistra in officials said even if con Ress passed an increase and Dixon signed it this month it would not be reflected in monthly checks until april number 4 continued from Page one out of Brazil Brazil does not have diplomatic relations with Cuba but Chile does the list of prisoners included Nancy Manga Beira Unger a brazilian american accused of plotting the Kidnap of a us Consul Jeanmarc von Der Weid a Swiss brazilian Jorge Medeiros do Vale banker turned terrorist and Rholine Sonde Cavalcanti Silva the first brazilian indecent years sentenced to life imprisonment for terrorism the Lack of such a list had been an obstacle in negotiations Eor the diplomats release the kidnappers had previously re fused to provide one unless the government stated publicly that it was willing to make the Exchange the note made no mention of other previous demands by the terrorists which had included publication of a revolutionary manifesto and free passage on Rio Subi Irban trains during negotiations the government talked at those conditions but indicated that it would Exchange the prisoners police had received a list of prisoners earlier but they said it was not authentic the kid Napers also denied that list was theirs in three previous political kid Narings in Brazil the govern ment announced its willingness number 5 Page of aircraft ii directly attributable to Secretary of defense Rober s Mcnamara and his service secretaries the report Laid they received Clear warn Ings of impending disaster on a number of occasions Over the years it continued nonetheless said the re port they plunged ahead with the production of o aircraft which they knew Lacke the capabilities originally prom ised and originally for in the Case of the Navy plane alone the report said me St Maras failure to heed warn Ings Cost hundreds of millions of dollars and severely impaired our navys defense posture the two Mcnamara aides singled out for special criticism were his Deputy Secretary Ros Well Gilpatric and Secretary of the Navy Fred Korth Gilpatric was a new York Awyer who handled work for Jeneral dynamics before join ing the Pentagon Korth had close ties to general dynamics officials the report said Korth played Only a Small part in the contract award but still should have Dis qualified himself it said Gilpatric on the other hand was guilty of a flagrant conflict of interest it accused him of trying to mislead the subcommittee on the depth o Lis involvement with general dynamics the Justice department under Robert f Kennedy investigated Gilpatrick involvement in 962 but cleared him of conflict of interest a subcommittee staffer said he Senate investigation is Over and nothing further is planned n connection with the tfx the tfx program originally called for 1726 planes at a Cost if billion averaging million per plane plans Call for he program to end in 1972 with 38 planes which Cost billion average four times the original estimate commenting on the subcommittee report general Dynamo s said while the program Las been controversial the net result is an outstanding Wear is system with performance my Long Range Low Altitude operating capabilities unmatched by any other air plane the world the company statement said t is significant that at Vas there any suggestions wrongdoing by general dynamics or any of its employees number 6 from Page one Ion bushels predicted last Jidy sepre the full Impact of Cdr Eaf blight i the latest projection hah 10 per cent below output it although blight was them St tunning Factor in reducing crop estimates for 1970 officials not d Farmers suffered setbacks on number of crops because of Rought insect damage other Lant diseases and poor Harvest Eather total production of livestock eed Oats Barley and estimated at 59 tons 9 per cent less than in 969 combined production of food Rye and put at 466 million tons 5 or cent less than last year ods eeds including a record soybean crop of 1135 billion o meet Ransom demands Al most immediately and arranged changes of prisoners for each stage Bucher has now been eld More than twice As Long As by of the other kidnapped Diplo Mats somehow i one never realizes How Many friends they have j until trouble comes a death or a tragedy 8 1 True happiness comes from love and friendships number 7 0 from provision Alto Taf a oneyear Extension of the deadline if the Industry proves its trying to find the technology to awake pol Lutio free can there was no immediate Indi cation if Nixon would sign the measure which also authorizes billion to fight pollution Over the next three years and pro Vides new Federal muscle against a variety of private and Public but before the Bill left the Senate there was discussion of a letter from Secretary of health Elliot l Richardson Wittich asked the conferees to More time for the industries to improve their Antipo Luluon technology the Secretary will be responsible for deciding if the 1975 deadline will be extended sen Thomas f Eagle ton d to said the letter represented an Effort to undercut the Strong Senate Bill and Dis played the administrations obvious sympathy with the Auto makers administration supporters de fended the letter As a legitimate Effort by Richardson to present his views but the Bills sponsor sen Edmund s Muskie d Maine said the letter didst arrive until six weeks after the conference took up the Hill the measure requires Auto makers to Cut Back by 90 per cent the amount of harmful emissions shooting out the tailpipes of 1970 Model cars Muskie said he realizes it is the use car population of this country that causes the prob Lem but said if we Are to Deal with the use car problem we need the new car deadlines aside from the Auto deadlines the measure sets National stand Ards for ending Industrial pollution and authorizes penalties of up to a Day in fines and jail sentences of a maximum to years for violators in addition All citizens and ant pollution groups Are Given he right to Challenge violators the Federal courts and obtain Leasean desist orders his been approximately six the recently created judgeship months since my name was support has come from the proposed bushels totalled 407 million tons a High Farmers harvested 289 Mil lion acres this year the depart ment said in its yearned report this was a gain of 28 million acres from 1969 because fewer acres had to be abandoned for such major crops As wheat Corn Cotton sugar beets and officials said Rogers quits so District attorney Post Columbia a t Joseph 0 Rogers apparently miffed at Lack of action on a proposal to make him a us District judge has submitted his resignation As us District attorney for South Carolina the 49yearold lawyer opposed for a judgeship by the National association for the advancement of coloured people said in a Friday statement it a atm repeatedly he Plaat Only to of Law to but to also has Laid Lovei Public no evict Aad would Lukl return to that kid in Fla tement of Resigna Tion Rogers reported i have Alio written sen Strom Thurmond that my name be withdrawn from further consideration for office of us District judge 1 do this with to sen Thurmond for the Confidence he has expressed in me by proposing my name for this office and the further position of District judge i also have expressed my appreciation to the four judges presently sitting in South Caro Lina and those members of the Bench and bar who have so generously supported me for since that time Many re ports and rumours have appeared in the press to Date there is no indication that the leaders of the state bar and from both political parties i am profoundly grateful for this it has been my Hope that i could serve in a judicial Posi matter will be resolved without Uon completely free from com further delay Rogers says he will leave the prosecutors Post As soon As a successor is named but no later than Jan 31 to return to private practice he was vice chairman of the legislative committee on Segre gation until he resigned in 1966 to run for governor As a re publican he lost but was named District attorney in a gust 1969 after republicans won the White House Rogers had been chairman of the state Campaign for Richard Nixon for president in 1968 associates of rep Albert w Watson rec Defeated for the governorship this year Dis counted speculation that to Gers resignation cleared a path for Watson to be named actor fitment except the commitment to Law and Justice that is the duty of All judges then citing delay in action on the judgeship he added for this reason it is Neces sary to my personal and professional plans that i return to the private practice of Law half submerge a Sweet potato in water set in a Light but not sunny window and soon you will have a delightful trailing Vine change water now and then Holiday inn restaurant is pleated to inv 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