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Dallas Texas Catholic Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Dallas Texas Catholic (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Dallas, Texas The Texas Catholic official volume 6, number 16 sections �?32 Page Publ at i on of the diocese of Dallas fort Worth diocese of Dallas it. Worth chancery office 2122 kid Well Street p o Box 9502 Dallas 14, Texas official sunday december 29 Day of prayer for Church suffering saturday. December 28. 1957 paid circulation a 18,069 events of Church in . Of l. Atti Xor Rory w december 28, 1957 Al their annul meeting in Washington the Bishops of the United states designated sunday december 29, As a special Day of prayers for the Many catholics world. Who Are suffering persecution for their Faith in Many parts of the notice forty hours Devotion a during the coming year 1958, pasters administrators and chaplains May arrange for the forty hours Devotion at any convenient Date please notify the chancery office of the Date selected after the forty hours Devotion has been observed. By order of the reverend Bishop Thomas Tschoepe Chancellor Carr p. Collins Speaks to diocesan charities Board Arr i. Collins Dallas a the meeting of the diocesan Board of govt melt of Catholic charities a held on tuesday dec. It at the City club Adolphus Tower with or. Frank e. Crumley president of the Board presiding. His excellency Bishop Gorman opened the meeting with prayer. President Crumley introduced or. De Maher who presented the speaker of the evening or. Carr p. Collins. Notre Dame allows student Transfer privileges to u. D. Dallas a the following statement was received recently by or. F. Kenneth Brasted University of Dallas president from reverend Philip s. Moore s.c., vice president University of notre Dame relative to Transfer students from the University of Dallas a this is to certify that the University of notre Dame recognizes the University of Dallas Dallas Texas As an institution offering academic programs of genuine College Quality. We will admit their students As undergraduate transfers provided they Are in Good standing give evidence of doing satisfactory work and meet successfully other admission requirements. We will also admit their graduates to our graduate school if they have maintained acceptable or. Collins vice president of the i Board of the Baptist foundation gave a interesting and informative talk on that foundation covering its history from its beginning in 1931 to the present time. Or. Collins stated that he had been a Long time Friend of Bishop Lynch who had allowed the Sis ters of the holy family of Nazareth to take Over the running of the Hospital at Mineral Wells begun by or. Collins thus helping or. Collins out of a difficult situation. Feeling a sense of personal obligation since that time or. Collins welcomed the Opportunity to bring the knowledge of the Baptist foundations operations to the catholics to assist them in establishing their foundation. He said that the Baptist foundation was started in 1931 As a matter of necessity because the people in charge of All of our Bisti turns seemed to have no business sense and the institutions were in need of supervision. A emr. Kokernot now deceased and he said a recommended to the Baptist convention that we Start the Baptist foundation. All of the institutions were instructed to turn Over their assets to us in the sum of about $2,000,000.00 that was the greatest step Forward materially that the baptists in Texas Ever took. It focused the Atten Tion of All baptists on giving to this institution. At every meeting the foundation was discussed and people were encouraged to give at every Opportunity. Investments a this foundation is not restricted by Law in its operations As a life insurance company is. Our Only concern is to make investments that will he legally profitable. We make purchases of lease backs to Leal estate companies. We have the Baptist annuity fund for the retirement of aged preachers we put Foremost Church events reviewed history perhaps will remember 11 57 Best As tile year when his holiness Pope Pius nil drastically modified Tho eucharistic fast. In March when he celebrated his is St birthday and the 18th anniversaries of ii is election and Coronation As Pope the holy father decreed a three hour fast from solids and alcoholic beverages and an Lour Tost from other continued red persecution Marks year i Arjit it i Yummui is before receiving holy Ion. A a i Tot three Rockville Centre Laid. Mum. \ the United state of the sacred Cut was reduced to of Pedro i 0, a ret t i Iovanno i Church i Dato it no of Al his holiness Pope Pius Xii shown in his official putt portrait was hum fied the eucharistic fast. In Kerala threatened seizure of private schools Alist Clare Boothe Lute in ceremonies shrine of immaculate Conception was Nixon in audience president Eisenhower Eon Fei Dei Vatican exhibit at the by us one Century ago Bishop elect Howard j. Carr . One of the Vulcan radio s new to from left second from Bottom Row Hower inaugural Samuel Cardinal India top Center Phi supreme court just at University of not Lington d. C. From with to a1 expo Oil named were is in their eminences St ii Tell a re ii Bisi nto 100,000 ind be Earl w a rec. E Dame. Top i a Man Ignant Bono i Light St of the year a when during 1957 he drastically Modi citizens protested communist state governments Ary doctorate recipient congratulates laetare Medit f folding removal reveals first View of National left Center his Holmes i. Paul hey mans Conin lion 1958 St. Remade to diocese of Altoona the shape s rape Pius Xii receives vice president Richard missioner general of the holy see for the Civitts tie Soubirous who witnessed Lourdes apparitions Johnstown pa., retiring As general Secretary in a Cross our lady of Beaurain apparitions 25 years ago heard lord dual Al Mey archbishop of Detroit gave Benediction at Eisen of Iii Ngo rec id grand Cross of Merit of Republic of Italy Francis bin for 2ath Annivera. Ary of con creation As Bishop James Francis Cardinal act state t on private schools Margaret Nichols of Boston Catholic Outh of year Cai St Allied Little refugee Happy at coming to v. S., with help of Catholic Relief serv aul minn., Closen at Nam Catholic Mother of year by National Catholic family life conference Bottom Row from left archbishop amleto Giovanni Ciel Grolni consecrated Many new u. Bishops Esperanza Silas first communicant thanks to increased work among Spanish speaking Mig ant farm workers Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski in Rome to receive red hat As Cardinal one of 50,000 i. praying for those behind Iron curtain Pope Pius Xii As seen 40 years ago when consecrated Archin hop by Pope Benedict Xiv Luke Hart S.P.erne Knight k. Of c., re elected As knights celebrate 75th anniversary Ngo Din i diem Cardinal Spellman on Way to celebrate Intyre of los Angeles continued Battle chosen by National Council of Cathern \ oath ices-n.w.c. Mrs. Margaret Knappers St. The i Xii of of the j i ted St Lites have called on the nations Faith Ful to make Soudan Hee. 29, a Hay of prayer foe the he executed. Alf heist ions and other men of Pood in ill Hace been it yid to join in the Observance. T. His follow in y a \ tide reviews the abuses suffered by the Aist Leal hotly during tiny past year. By George j. Robinson this year Hie 40th anniversary of the bolshevik revolution which cast the fire of militant atheism upon the world saw the continued persecution of the hindi in the Iron curtain countries. It also saw new outbreaks of ant Catholic hostility in other parts of the word influenced by the reds Aud Oiler forces hostile to the chinch. A glance through the news reports of 1957 shows that the Kremlin not satisfied with it control Over the satellite count i -. Inspired anti religious activity in places As far As India. In Kerala indians dyadic anti literate state won control of the state government in february and have since waged i Battle to gain control of All education there and to pass Laws that will enable them to take Over All Catholic schools. Took her Mission schools visors hip the moslem controlled i Rovern i f meat of the new african nation la Nuri of Sudan began taking Over Catholic Mission schools in its Southern Region last april in an apparent Effort to minimize the influence of the Church on the Biri ban and aril i shop a Ani when a Gary iud., and and new vim e established ill s. The turn Bersh in do go of cardinals at with the deaths ii Segura y Saenz of Seville Spain id me real i 90, Ai did and Ocre tary Rigi Congre i Laz in is whom Dot r i gnat in to r and it i verify Dill h came in a Smith Lyl Irater of the of America lines m. Gillis s.p., 80, or Ani journalist a. Knox 19, British convert author and Bible translator Ramon Magsaysay 49, Presidio of the Philippines Carlos casted armas ill red president of Guatemala who was assassinated and id s. Rep. Augustine b. Kelley of in Earlisy i a Ilia Champion of Federal Aid to a intuition and labor legislation. It was the be ii when the Catholic St la Lei d h or Aion crusade in Cincinnati my suied the Catholic population of tile urn id at 496,512,-Ooiuioti and when the 1957 official cat cat the v Ive my soviet the fir Bishop oils tory placed the u. Population at 34,563,851. Y it of Detroit launch project of attendee at Home via television Issia launched a sputnik a world satellite. The la. 1957 Taleni ent on a Cen stoutly defended Freedom Ess but in isted that pubs be safeguarded. La Are of out ome standing events the compelling necessity for disarmament Arni the Clear possibility Jet pensive vietnamese president tells Eisenhower of red menace to s. E. Asia German medal cast in Honor of Pope Pius Xuy marking his n a Leader for world peace. No photos Pope Calls on laity for defense of divine order in world War were acs Pope Pius message to by Elmer von Feldt Vatican City to a his Loli Chase Oil royalties and common s Ness Pope Pius Xii has called unlocks. We have been Able to earn a larger return from our investments than any of the insurance j come companies in Dallas with the exception of my own company the Fidelity Union life company. We have had a policy of giving these on the Christian world to shake off a pessimistic lethargy and to be institutions a fair return from their investments but not a he profit resulting from them. We have a common Trust fund a Pool in which academic records in their under-1these institutions have a share of graduate years meet our Cut off ownership As units. We have never scores in the graduate record sex been subsidized. Our operating expenses Are taken out of the funds lamination furnish satisfactory letters of recommendation and have fulfilled prerequisite requirements for advanced work in the Field of their regardless of amount we 2v2 on All savings. Mercantile National Bank at Dallas. Member f.d.i.�? i adv of the foundation. We return to the institutions All the income that we make on the Sale of investments hut not the profit. This is a Reserve fund. Another Reserve fund is in the appreciation of our assets. We have $3,000,000 in this fund and $3,500,000 in the first. In the continued on Page 5, col. I National Bank a Ballo capital Ano surplus largest in the South the a vigorous defender of the a divine Osiier in the the holy father issued this Challenge in his 19th Christmas i Sage dedicated to showing a troubled world the Christian Way to peace. The message was Given in response to the Christmas greetings extended to the pontiff by his Eminence Eugene Cardinal Tisser ant Dean of the sacred College of cardinals. Eleven other cardinals j and some 200 other High Vatican j dignitaries were present. Following last years practice the holy father did not deliver the entire 9.000-word address. He passed Over a part of the first Section and the entire second Section to avoid lengthening the ceremony. Three part message in addition to his Challenge to the Christian world the Popes three part message released Here made these Points i. Warned against Blind fascination for Progress a cautioning that technology by itself May imprison Man a within its own limits opposition to taxation of private schools voiced los Angeles of it does not Cost to have tax free private schools but it certainly does to keep thus did eight Southern California daily newspapers assert their opposition to the coming attempt to re impose taxation on nonprofit private schools. Lions. 2. Emphasized that a rejection of Christ in society Means a the Iron discipline of collectivism a entailing the a Anonymous existence of one group alongside that of the 3. Reminded that la Holics should work with All men of Good will to bring about a divine Harmony in the world. 4. Warned that common Christian action in a pluralistic society May not degenerate into exclusively a human plan if this Means a agnosticism with regard to religion and the True values of 5. Defended the existence of strictly Catholic organizations As necessary for the training of leaders in thoroughly Christian principles. 6. Declared that the divine Law of Harmony in the world imposes on All rulers of nations the obligation to prevent War by Means of suitable International organizations and to reduce armaments under an effective system of inspection. 7. Reasserted that the holy father regards it a was a special task imposed by god on our pontificate to forge Between nations Bonds of True vigorous defenders a the Christian is primarily an admirer of the divine order of the world one who loves its presence and does his utmost to see it recognized anti proclaimed a the holy father stated. A consequently he will be its vigorous defender against the forces and tendencies which oppose its realization whether these Are concealed within himself his evil inclinations or come from without satan Anil his deceits and a the Call to christianity is not then an invitation from god simply to aesthetic pleasure in the contemplation of ills marvelous order a the pontiff continued a but a Call to unceasing action under obligation and strict discipline with respect to All the paths and conditions of warning sounded the Popes warning against Blind absorption with technology came As the worlds two great blocs poured new energies into the Battle for technological supremacy. His holiness noted that men Are a tortured by a real anxiety As today a scientists Are making an a unheard of invasion into both the greatest and tiniest elements of i the the pontiff said that the Christmas Liturgy urges the faithful to raise their eyes on High with Hope but noted that this Christmas sea son finds a men with their gaze i indeed raised on High but with their hearts heavy with anxious thought for the Uncertain Fate of the human family and of the Earth itself on which it the Pope declared that a in eve i cry respect technology by itself is incapable of recognizing and developing the divine seed of Unity and Harmony implanted in creatures a stated that indifference for human life and values can be traced to a the preponderant material Progress which has a shattered the i harmonious and Happy Complete i Ness of Man a and a somehow mutilated his appreciation of those ideas and values giving him completeness Only in one particular i m continued on Page 2, col. I communism threat called worst of All persecutions Boston in a communism threatens All who believe in god with a persecution More devastating than any experienced in previous history a prelate honoured for his leadership in combating red propaganda said Here. Archbishop Richard j. Cushing of Boston recipient of a Gold medal and illuminated scroll from the Oriel society of new York told a society dinner Here that to understand communism serious study be Given to its philosophy. He also told the gathering of politicians writers and artists that a we cannot cooperate with communism nor coexist with it nor a business with it for it is dedicated to our own Conquest through wars hot or cold and ultimately to worldwide establishment of the communistic Russell Maguire owner and publisher of the american Mercury Magazine presented the archbishop with the medal and scroll on behalf of the society an association for Catholic religious and Lay writers and artists. Or. Maurice Leahy president of the society in new York presided at the dinner at the hotel Somerset. Among those present were u. Rep. John w. Mccormack of Massachusetts and father Leopold Braun a.a., who served As chaplain. Pagan natives in that area. The churches missionary Effort j has also been greatly hindered by j the extreme to which apartheid i a racial segregation a has been pushed in the Union of South Africa. That country is stepping up its drive to bar non Whites from at As Cill tending school or even worship j ing with their White religionist s. J hungarian in the countries which have unwillingly come under the domination of Russia persecution of the Church continued As a regular Poi icy during 1957, although there was improvement in the churches or their arrival in new Homes of a just rented by his holing Xii in his Christmas the world. U. Catholics closed the year by observing at the bidding of their Bishops a Day of prayer for the persecuted of the world. As american consult or to la Salette order Dies Rome he a father Michael Kolbuch m.s., third consult or of the missionaries of our lady of la Salette diet Here Dee. 13. Father Kolbuch was a member of the province of our lady Queen of Poland of the la Salette fathers which has Headquarters in Olivet 111. He founded the la Salette Seminary at Olivet in 1941. Position in Poland. Persecution in China the major incidence of communist persecution was in China where the government stepped up its efforts to alienate China a catholics from Christ a vicar in Rome by establishing a so called patriotic association of chinese catholics. Formation of the patriotic association in peking during the summer apparently was one of the opening guns of a highly organized onslaught against the Church. It continued on Page 2, col. 3 the nation Over staged parties for resettled refugees Baltimore s archbishop Francis p. Keough National Catholic welfare conference administrative Board chairman re minded All tin faithful that Aid to the hungarian continue aft Bishop Ambrose Senyshyn o.s.b.m., former auxiliary of the Philadelphia byzantine rite diocese was installed As first apostolic exarch of the new Stamford conn., byzantine rite diocese. An announcement Cill tin lied on Page 3, col. 2 50th anniversary of Church Unity octave to be marked in 58 Rome of a Jan. 18 of the com ing year will Mark the 50th anniversary of the octave of prayers for the Unity of the Church. The movement founded by an anglican who later became a Catholic priest prays for the reunion of All churches in the Catholic Church. It was begun in 1908 by father Paul James Francis while he was still a member of the anglican Church. After two years the practice of praying for eight consecutive Days for Church Unity h father Francis and All the other members of the anglican society of the atonement to enter the Catholic Church. In 1951 the society was approved by the Church and took the name of the congregation of religious of the third order regular of Saint Francis of Assisi of the atonement. The octave of prayers for Unity will extend from january 18 to 25. Give us an Opportunity to say yes Ri-8-5471 12nd Tim National Bank in Dallas Man Rote

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