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Dubuque Daily Times (Newspaper) - June 24, 1920, Dubuque, Iowa The weather for Dubuque unsettled tonight and Friday probably showers. Warmer tonight Dubuque times journal final evening edition the Only Republican news paper in northeastern Iowa. Phi j limes est 18s4, an wiil est. In. Is As Rivir Dubuque Iowa thursday june Jiff 1920. A fourteen pages three cents per copy volume 64, no. firm demands two seriously Hurt in crash a uss. . Exchange charged with conduct in consistent with just principles of Trade. Turns Turtle five injured sixth escapes with shaking up in crash on Delhi Street. One Man fatally injured. A second seriously Hurt and four others More or less injured or bruised when the car in which they were Riding struck a Telephone pole at Delhi and Asbury streets at i 30 o clock thursday morning and turned Turtle. Hie occupants of the car and the extent of their injuries Are re Lff yarn Man som i a i principles inconsistent with juts Cly Ford Johnson 1 Pron Ciple of Trad Jimr Rvan in West fourteenth Street Chest crushed and face badly lacerated not expected to live. Neal Wollen sack known As William o Neil Chicago. Right leg fractured and or. A a a a. Announcement of or Jan s externally injured v condition sen pujgj0n uil8 made on the floor of new York june 24�?allan a. Ryan chairman of the Stutz motor a co., who became involved in a controversy with officials of the new York Stock Exchange at the time it alleged a c Orner exist Al in Stutz has been expelled from the Exchange recording to an announcement today by the Board of governors. J this announcement followed a protracted executive session yesterday when the Board quizzed Many j witnesses chiefly brokers who Fig Urr in the alleged Corner last March or Ryan charged with molders out on strike to shut Plant Adams company May close when supplies exhausted president Wilson at his desk Are refusing to go to work until their demand a it granted approximately one Hundred members of the Iron molders Union local 263, late last night declared a strike against the a. N Mcdonald manufacturing company and the Adams company the latter including two foundries. The walkout in effective immediately the men declining to go to work this morning the strike is an Extension of the walkout declared against the med Ley Rump company. January to and a strike declared against the Schwinn foundry and machine a ror Ramee As unjust j company of East Dubuque january and did not attend the session which i Jug he denounced a a a Star chamber Quot j briefly the men demand an eight prof i my hour Day and a scale of 90 cents an announce to members Only. Hour an increase for piece work und better working conditions i at present according to their turn characterized the attitude of Oua. Michael Byrne 5 53 Cleveland Avenue split knee Cap and severe bruises. Edwin Quot Wink Quot , Montrose Terrace. Driver of the car struck in Eye and forehead Cut Harles Flanders 7 3 mount pleasant Avenue badly the Exchange to member Only. The reason Given for the expulsion Quot conduct inconsistent with just and pm Citable principle of Trade it said at the Exchange that no member of the governing com i Clee who interested in Stutz Stock voted on the explosion. Claims they Are receiving 70 cents an hour and Are working 54 hour a week at the ads a Costian y and 50 hours a week a Lite a. T. M Donald Plant. Closing downy of the Era ire plants presents a More serious Angle to the strike. Plant May Shat Down so far As the Adams company is no statement forthcoming from the governing committee but i con pred there is no strike Quot Caid or. Ryan issued the following Herbert Adam of the Adam Corn in june 16 last in my answer to1 Panf in an Purview thursday Rathe Board of governors and to th0 i 6 re my the action taken by the molders. Die Plant will simply shut Down the decision which they handed Hastings cannot be secured or Down today their action behind carried on a he continued la the machine a Studebaker owned f 0>,doors is Only another proof1 by affect our entire Plant employ by Carl Fink Aud said to have been i what i have consistently de-1 in men. We Aid nothing bruised. _ Lifford Jackson 128 Public. I a Able to forecast and. I main Street shaken and bruised j therefore. I announced in Advance far skid. Driven by Loetscher at the time of comred the Accident skidded in making the turn the rear wheel striking a Tele j phone pole on the opposite Side of the Street caused the Ca Rte Tpring in the air turning a double Nom Jer Shult and Landing in the Side walk 50 feet from where the car j Druck the pole the car de Mold he Jan investigation of the Accident. Is being made by Dubuque police officials according to thief of police John w. Genii. No arrest have been made As yet. Tile Force of the Impact catapulted Johnson and Wollensack More than 40 feet from the wreckage of the ear which it is Aid going at a Good rate of Speed. Loetscher and Byrne were found in the wreck age of the car when rescuers arrived on the scene indict Stock companies on fraud charge agents round up men charged with using mails to defraud. New York june 24 pour Oil companies ten brokerage houses and about fifty individuals have been indicted by the Federal grand jury on ,. A charge of using the mails to de physicians were called and the City fraud investors out of millions of ambulance summoned. Johnson dollars it Learned today Haven knocked unconscious by the Impact and Wollensack suffered a fractured right leg and internal injuries doth were hurried to Finley Hospital. Fink not in car. Tart Fink owner of the car seals on the indictments were ordered broken. Federal agents in cities throughout the country Are now engaged in rounding up the men indicted. They Are charged with having made Gross driving i vet Acherl car at the time mis representations regarding Oil o it he Accident having changed cars properties and with paying dividends at enter Grove. With the deep-1 out of Money obtained from the Sale lion of Byrne who is confined to i o clock. Bis Home suffering with a split knee the companies involved Arn the can and the two men at the Hospital 1 Ranger Oil co., w. P. Williams or other in the Accident were Abl to i co Ureal Western Petroleum Cor to to their Homes without assistance. I to ration and grown Uil o. Wording to those who were in brokerage concerns indicted were the car at the tim of the Accident Stickney Rawlinson and Colclough. The party consisting of six persons of Boston and Fortis. Packer amp co. Had been ruling about the country j in ted securities go., h. Kent and had gone to enter Grove Priori Holmes amp co., he Morgan Pollok a to going t it heir Homes. At the aug-1 co Thompson James amp co., Cross Gest Ion of the party Fink had taken i Man Sherman amp. Co., George a. 8 v Lamb amp co., e. M. Fuller amp co., and Greenbaum Bigelow amp Greenbaum. Nearly All of them with Headquarters in this City. Some of the brokerage houses had connection in Chicago and other cities. About the strike we know nothing and we propose to do nothing. Quot if the employees of the Adams company Acme of whom have been with us for More than 25 years can secure better working conditions higher wages either in or outside of Ilu Buque the company is not one to land in their Wrigt Quot we have never had a strike in a. Years we do not know w hat on is i like there is no other alternative to pursue and in the event that1 materials cannot be secured it will mean the cessation of operation in j the entire Ira to. Whitney general manager of the a. Y. Mcdonald Plant stated that the first intimation that they j had of the strike when the men failed to put in an appearance thursday morning Quot we have done nothing regarding the matter As yet said or. Whitney. When interviewed. Quot there were previous demands made although nothing of a definite nature set. A so far Only 28 molders Are out although it May after the labourers. The rest of the departments Are working and so far no necessity of shutting Down the entire Plant is i he strike wags called at a meeting of the molders held at Eleham s Hall at 7 30 of clock wednesday evening. For Over two flours the men debated the question pro and and took the strike vote at about to of clock. The vote wa., not unanimous but a Clear majority polled to declare the walkout immediately. Want increase. According to a statement made by g. F. Schueler. President of the local the men s demands Are consistent with the scale now received in other cities. Quot in All other towns the lowest scale paid is 90 cents an hour Quot said Schuyler Quot while in Ghi Cago the molders have demanded lev total these Are Tho fir -1 photographs for which pres id it Wilson has p of since ins Hines a they were taken at Wilson ? desk in the White House by George a. Har is of Harris a Ewing who spent almost an hour with the president while he transacting his regular morning by Nee the camera remained set up in the room and Wilson did not know just when the pictures were r ing snapped Quot the president looks Fine Quot said Harris. A much better than i had the Only other pc in of the president since his Bine were snapshots taken when he motoring prominent poems. Arive at coast City Glass of va., and Murphy new York reach san Francisco. San Francisco june 24. Preliminaries to the democratic National con j mention got into the inevitable per Iod of hurry and scramble today with the appearance Here of one after Timon j other of the men who Are to play leading parts in the big quadrennial drama scenes the question of the party s policy toward Bone or it Purohi lotion continued the big theme of agitation with prospects of a tight on the convention floor growing better and bet ter. Arriving leaders and delegations also added come impetus to the Dis Cushion of presidential candidates but that subject still remained Well digit Ion. The declaration of the new York state convention for re i peal of the eighteenth amendment Aud widely circulated reports of the i Patching of an anti Bone dry plan of j wench Hick bolstered the Imprest-1 Aion among delegates that to in Many i would Lead in the Effort to write such a Plank into the platform. Not Only the tan Manv chief but j All his lieutenants refused steadfast july to discus the subject. I Homas j Taggart of Indiana expected to arrive Here late toddy or a Arl to a Morrow but it w As predicted that i the lines of division on the prohibition issues would not be clearly drawn until the convention gets under on monday. One Clement which kept the problem j influx the uncertainty of Many regarding the position of president u ii son. The Virginia hate platform which has been Given the pre Identa a unqualified approval and on which the National platform is expected to be modelled is silent on the subject. bom a of or. Wilson s closest Politi j in the whispering behind the a trend in the administration a Wever. Are know nto have prepared a liberalization Plank tor which they Are ready to make a fight. This Plank said to have been drafted after conference in a Bing j ton among men High in the party councils made a Blanket declaration. It is expected a Strong Effort will a made to Trow the influence of the ex.g0vern0r to. Reveals graft plot declares in letter that Money lines up delegates. Tennessee May ratify women s right to vote Frierson advises governor that vote of people is unnecessary. Washington. June 24. Assistant attorney general Frierson has advised governor Roberts of Tennessee that the. Legislature of that state could ratify the suffrage amendment without submitting the Issue to the people. Or. Frierson s opinion Given orally and in writing both to governor Robins and the attorney general of Tennessee based largely on the decision of the t cited states supreme court in the Ohio referendum Case. In that Case the court held that ratification of amendments could be Bud Only by state Legisla i Tures or convention and that provisions of a state constitutions that ratifications be referred to a vote of the people conflicted with the Federal Constitution i to said today that president j Wilson asked the attorney general for an interpretation of the Tennessee legislation with respect to ratification. Or Frierson who is a native of Tennessee ruled that the supreme court decision made invalid that Section of the Tennessee Constitution which provides that any action on a Federal amendment must be taken by a legislature them a Berv of which hav been elected after the amendment a. Submitted to the state. Boreen Haim a Ciery. I Alice Paul chairman of the woman party said today that governor Robert s decision to Call a ape Cia session of the legislature to act on the suffrage Amend ment Quot Means certain a re cent i canvass of both Tennessee houses she said indicated a Safe i majority in favor of ratification. Quot this of course will be a Triumph for la democratic it part miss Paul declared Quot and already has had the effect of pushing Republican efforts i to secure action in n Ashville tuu., june 24 suffrage Hopes rallied today when it Learned governor Roberts planned to Call a special session of the legislature to act on the Federal suffrage amendment following receipt of a Telegram from president Wilson org my such action in la interests of Quot real service to the party and to the situation which provides Tbs any a the question of constitutionality in the event of ratification would hinge on a it Lause in the state Constitution which provide that any action on a. Feller a1 amendment must to taken by a legislature the member of whih have Ben elected after the amendment submitted to the state Mexico asks nullification of Oil decrees asks cancellation decrees made in form of ultimatum. Mexico City june 24. Requests for the cancellation of All Petroleum decrees promulgated by the late president Carranza and i right of unrestricted exploration and exploitation of Oil lands pre billed this afternoon to general Jacinto i Trevino Secretary of Industry com my la from no Quot re r in i labor a he repro mauve fund they had re of for it Lka Petroleum interest a new and that no verbal. To pm in Tun i asserted the request were made in the form of an ultimatum i the Oil men being quoted As de daring they were without Power to make or accept any other promo i that Al f Missouri i to throw delegation Sedalia to june 24, ii n u efforts of it certain Republican party Leader the Pup Porf of the state s to a presidents whose Campaign of wed Money were n similar attempts w or he 2 aint j bib a cited in a letter from Herbert h Hedley former governor. Rem at a meeting of Missouri republicans Here today. The meeting called to �on-tl0n general Tret in continued on Page ten find twelve stills in raid Des Moines la., june 24�?unitedstates internal Revenue officials and Washington june 24. Milk pro 1 county officers raided a number of1 auction reached a new High Mark hanging tire for some time our pre platform. The other in 191d, when ninety billion pounds Quot rotations being made to the Cora a Murphy of new York to of fluid milk produced Accord i Axi it official. Three weeks ago we tammany Hall who Tam ing to the weekly Market letter of turned in our final demands but the from widely heralded conference of of a Star a a i r on Sider testimony recently in Wash a Kington be fur the Enate committee newspaper de he in it a a presidential Campaign expenditures that Jacob i. Balder by Hou National committeeman buildings near the Polk Dali amps county lines late yesterday and say they found twelve stills about ten thousand Gallons of Mash and about 1,-600 Gallons of liquor. The stills and samples of the Mash and liquor were kept As evidence. The rods were conducted mostly in mining communities and the officers said few men were found around the premises visit one place a woman struck on of the officer with a Board knocking Bim Down a in the background two figures newly arrived on the j adm Ini t rat Ion behind Hie proposal. $10 a Day on an eight hour basis j scene attracted particular attention. Many party Leader incl tim Dubuque molders Are asking 90 one senator Carter Glass of Vir j Homer f Cummings the National i,.�?i j cents an hour and a 25 percent in a Apia Frosh from Washington and j chairman reiterated Confidence that milk production increases crease tor piece work Quot generally reported to have brought no orb r platform Plank would bad Washington june 24. Milk Proa a the wage question has been president Wilson s own draft of the to a Light on the convention Fluor 8 Charles f. The league of nations declaration when ninety billion pounds Santa non timing made to the com a Murphy of new York the Leader of As framed ii and on Tai u a a Quot a direct1 porters were declared to be certain Inal from Missouri Man of the tat l Mot i icel known party Money from to a Host s a a in g i j nation at cd b Ai according to the had no authority to discus the constitutionality Otth decrees general Trevino declared he could not cancel the Dei roes bet the executive department Annot anticipate the decision of the supreme court in canes now pending before Campaign funds of j ii involving the constitutionality of presidential Nom a j the decrees in question. The Oil men Are said to hav stated they would consult again i with their principals for the Pur a i. Cole chair i committee and e. For Springs a Well Hocker received o this in on i ii. It i i i i v i i s too i la birthday. The United states Bureau of markets officials of the plants rejected them it estimated the number of milk pro i a week ago. There is nothing else left Ducong cows on farms at More than 1,0 fit be men have voted to strike 22 million. Aher taking every Means to reach inn amicable adjustment of the Eon b Lim Blit a by ism pub som pied Troverso. A they Arr firm in their de Lancaster. Ohio. June 24 twin mands a a no1 Bac Down the boys born wednesday to or. And demand must be met. Mrs. Enos White Farmers living in a since the strike a declared old line party strategists at French squabble in the platform commute lick id. Senator Glass first conferred of both of them took careful Stock ter i arrival her Auh it i n in Tho situation and conferred with 1 Man Cummin leaders Trout far and wide publicly William j by yup wit a a it Ltd a a they refused talk politics outline j to Lead i attack on a h a no what they hoped to accomplish or Plank As in third a in in a a of cd ii t what the convention would prohibition blur Alum a lion la. June 24 a pose of arriving at a final and permanent settlement of Petroleum legislation. Mrs Charlotte Walker it this place celebrated her a it the birthday yesterday the event tile occasion for an informal reception held in her Honor which w As att tided by Hund redi her husband died i years ago. Bring Forth. I lion. Will arrive late Iii the week Madison township hate been named i again r tao Smedley company and the. Or Murphy a the new Center Ozone her know u a Harding and a a _ continued on Page tend i speculation on the subject of pro-1 Campaign he is cup temp it in. Vinci Madrid Jim a 21 melt it of the Council nations will by ii Nan on july of i Olid v. I i i in. Dai i 2 the next meet of Tho i Hague of d a san rebus a i Nim in cd explosion kills two. Springfield 111. June 24 wreckage of die Western Cartridge co. Plant near Here partial a destroyed a fir following a powder explosion Early this morning has yielded the Bode of Mer William i lard 19 and William Ingram 24oui other workmen Are it is John ihospitd., for to probably us Elf. Will return when men Are reinstated Railroad labor Board answers Wilson a request. june 24�?� a announced at strike he a Quarter that a striking train men and longshoremen have agreed not to return to work until demands of both Are met. The trainmen today voted not to return to work until every Man an the country in the Railroad service who quit work is reinstated and suit Able wage adjustments made. Promise action. Washington june 24.�?president Wilson has received a reply from j the Railroad Board in Chicago promising to expedite the award i in the Railroad wage controversy. I the message in reply to Oak a sent by the president White House officials declined to i publish the text of the boards i message. I Railroad brotherhoods urged urn i message be Given contending that j its text would allay the unrest among Railroad workers. The text of the president s Telegram follows i reports placed before me show j the transportation situation hourly is growing More difficult and Ajax j wondering whether it would not a i possible for your Board to announce i a decision with reference to to to pending wage matter. At least would it not be possible for your Board if it a reached no final conclusions relative to these vital matters tentatively to agree upon a j settlement or even a partial settlement Quot w. I Mcmenimen Deputy president of the brotherhood of Railroad i trainmen Aid that the pres Klentz a i Effort to expedite the award in View of reports from Chicago but no message had been received would Hare a most helpful effect order investigation. Washington. June 24. Surveys of foodstuffs and other necessities held up in transit As a result of the Railroad Frike. Was ordered today by Howard Figg special assistant to the attorney general. Every Effort will be made or. Figg said to More Nereus Iii of life if it is found that any great quantities Are held up and the Public food .-.tipp1 y threatened. Herrera govt. Of Guatemala is recognized state department announces step taken by United states. Via Hington june 24 the Herrera government in Guatemala whih succeeded that of Are fix Ada Cabrera has been recognized by tha i nit cd state. It announced Loti a at th1 Tate department Quot the policy of the dotted states with referent to the present situation in Guatemala the department la announcement Salt in part a will tvs to Deal with the Herrera government As the constitutional successor of i the government of Estrada Cabrera. Quot the resignation of president Estrada Cabrera subsided in due form and accept d by the National tvs Semkiv of Guatemala the Assembly the ? pro ended to designate a provisional pre Idem. Known As a first designate entrusted with the executive Power i pursuant to the terms of the guava Malawi Constitution a issued a proclamation calling for new elections for president to be held next August every rail cram it of the guatemalan Constitution has be n complied with. Chicago plans building Harbor Chicago june 21 the Harbor of Toto Council a before t partly completed Dan for but Dine a tug inn trial Harbor at Hake Calumet which would make tax Harbor and blk a connecting link in the lakes to Gulf waterway. Tins Mun Kipel project would include a i i acre water area for the Barbel n i acre Central Basin. Four a. I mile water frontage and to ii hugs slip \ Belt line rail Road wit ii it Onn oedipus with to teen a add lad would enc in a he Jar a Impi of plan Are to be air mrs d next week a a $

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