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Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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Dubuque Daily Times (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, Dubuque, Iowa Saitia Dubuque Jan 18, 1870, or dispatches. We to Frank to admit Bat oar dispatches from Desmoines thus far Hare not been As full As they should a. Therefore we Hare sent our local reporter or. Reed to Des Moi Tea where he will in a Day or two enter upon his duties and devote his whole time to our interest and that of our readers. It is our purpose to furnish the freshest and fullest legislative report both by letter and special dispatches of any paper published outside of the Capitol. Vol Xiv. Sunday morning. January 16.1870. No. 13. Board of supervisors. Inside from the Pennsylvania Oil regions no More princes wanted miscellany poetry Etc. Hon. J. B. Grinnell has lost some sixty or seventy sheep by dogs. Some of them were very valuable. St. Louis bids $2,000,000 for a worlds fair in that City and will invest still More for a permanent capital. A private dispatch from Jackson says Gen. Ames and or. Eccleson will be elected u. S. Senators from Mississippi. Rev. Jas. Dolan pastor of the St. Patrick roman Catholic Church at Baltimore for the past Twenty nine years died on the 12th. Another meeting for the purpose of securing the removal of the National capital to the Mississippi Valley was held at St. Louis on the 12th, the Cincinnati enquirer says that a a smallpox hah greatly decreased in that City for the reason that everybody has had it that is Likely there have been 319,000 hogs packed in Cincinnati this season up to Jan. 8, 1870. L p to the same time in 1809, the figures were 325,000. A proposition was introduced in the Spanish Cortes on the 13th, to exclude forever the Bourbon family Aud All its branches from the throne of Spain. Late news from Cheyenne states that tuesday a lire was causing much soft ering among the citizens. A number of merchants will probably be forced into bankruptcy. Thomas Bradshaw an aged Man living near Sharpsburg. Ky., on the 12th, struck his Wile on the Back of the head with an a aug believing her dead Hung himself. The continued opposition of the United states to reciprocity with Canada has Given use to the report that the parliament will at its next session take measures for the Protection of the Canadian fisheries. Massachusetts has lost an Island and found a Cape. Chapped Eddie has ceased to be an Island the Ca having thrown up a Beach tour feet High across was qua Inlet which tao been open nearly a Hundred years. The to Almer Organ of the baptists Avern that a of the freedmen about a Quarter of a million Are members of Baptist they have it is estimated separate churches averaging 250 members each. I to Little girls Wert heard one morning engaged in a dispute As to what their a Moth ers could the dispute was ended by the youngest child saying a Well there a one thing my Mother can do teat yours can t my Mother car. Take out every one of her Teeth at one of lire effects of the recent earthquake at Marysville California qua thus reported by Telegraph to the anxious people of san Francisco a mainly was so nauseated by the shaking that she opened the foul door for at tim inquest held upon the body of a Hoboken Man wha died irom lockjaw resulting from injuries received at a railway Accident the jury found a a i hat he died from lockjaw and Tho conductor of the train was to blame for it. Rev. Arthur Mitchell of Chicago dec Hies an offered addition of $1,000 to his salary and proposes that it be donate i toward Lur Lushing cheaper sittings for those who Are kept away from the Sanctuary on account of dear Pew rents. The infant son of judge Barnard of new Yolk was christened the other night at his lather s House on Lich occasion says one account a Jim Fisk with Many other divines and politicians was a i he Halifax chronicle favors annexation and argues thus a the Maike Tofte uni led states is necessary to ear lives. I he a Tai k it of to real Britain it not. Dreams will not clothe our children. The warmth of the Shade of a Brave ting will not compensate for a Barefoot i be following patents were grunted Iowa inventors for the week ending january la Soh a of desk a. To Roberts Des Moines. Driven Well a. Harter Colfax. Bee hive a. Gould Grinnell thatch Quot f. W Gammell Spring Valley. January session. A. D. An Oman chairman. P. T. Brown Clark. Friday Jan. 14, 1870, Arre Roox session. Board met at 2 of clock p. X. Roll called quorum present. Committee on claims reported recommendation of allowing the Bill of Thos. Haney for $62 12. And that in relation to witness fees of parties before Justice Smith the Bills should be filed in the names of the parties interested. All of which report was adopted. Committee on roads and Bridges reporting on petition of William Welch in reference to witness fees in the Cowan Road Case recommended that each Side pay their own witnesses. Report adopted. The same committee reporting in the Case of the Murphy Road recommended that new appraisers be appointed by the Board. Report adopted and Frank Henry i Hoe. Roach and p. Flahiff so appointed and instructed to appear on the ground first thursday in March and report next term. Committee on poor made report in favor of several claims. On motion of or. Of Regan the report was recommitted to the same committee same committee presented the following preamble Aud Resolution which was accepted whereas mrs. Cunningham who is now an insane person in the poor House is this county has a valuable interest in a certain real estate in this county liable to be lost for want of attention therefore be it resolved that this subject be referred to the finance committee in connection with the county attorney to take such Steps As will be proper and right to secure her inter est in the same if any. E. Spottswood. Committee on printing and stationery on leave asked for by or. Bahl chairman of the committee made an explanation in relation to a claim of $100 for resetting tax list for 1868. I. Young moved to reconsider the report in order to bring the subject Forward. In this motion the ayes and roes were called As follows ayes messes. Heeb o Brien of Regan Rugamer Smith Spottswood and or. Chairman�?7. Noes messes. Bahl Bouton gripped Duggan finn Fitzpatrick flees Rater Lasher Mcnamara Rooney and Young a 12. Report was not reconsidered. Committee on reports of officers presented the following report was Oil motion adopted the committee on reports of officers have examined the communication of the town ship clerk of Julie and recommend that he be required to make Hiss Portia accordance to Law. We also recommend that the report of the clerk of the courts of tines Aud penalties As set Forth in his report be approved Aud filed. Also that the report of the county Atter Ney be approved and filed. We also recommend that the report of the clerk of the courts of amount of fees collected by him As set Forth by his report for the Mouths of september october november Aud december a approved and filed. All of which was adopted. The chairman of the committee on school funds and lands moved a reconsideration of their report in relation to the Case of Catharine Scully. On motion it was reconsidered. Or. Bonteen Theu moved to recommit the report to the same committee. Carried. The committee then presented a new re port As follows the committee recommend that the prayer of the Petitioner Catherine Scully be granted on the Petitioner giving a new note As additional Security with two Good sureties to be approved by the auditor with the express condition that no right or claim to the original note or mortgage now possessed by the school fund shall be in any Wise affected by the granting of the prayer of the Petitioner. The report was adopted. Committee on Bonds report recommending the approval of the following Bonds John a. Kundig township clerk Whitewater township. Louis Schmitt township clerk Center township. Stephen Goodale Constable Taylor town ship. Frank tinges Constable Peru township. Simon Treanor Steward poor House do six Wisconsin jurors recently voted by bal lot. No. I voted a no cose of no. 2 voted a Salt and Battery. Second no. J deemed the prisoner a Gilly of to. 3 decided there was a no action of Caus. No. 6 voted it and Cater a while no. Det idea the prisoners Gilly of an a Salt Only a Gen. Buller says the emancipation proclamation of president Lincoln at once supplemented and complemented the declaration of Independence and that it a May fitly be termed the executive of Freedom to All Mankind of which the declaration of 1776 was Only the legislative announcement. I required both to make All men free the first did so in theory the latter in on i Petit Ioa of or. Of Connor that the treasurer be instructed to remit Ute county taxes and an appropriation be made for remitting the state tax the amount of $12. 20. Adopted. On petition of we Reb Man that the interest on the tax be remitted on lot 69, in West a addition for the year 1867, and that the personal property be aaa eased to Tudor Jones a son. Adopted on petition of Henry Becker that the prayer be granted by reducing the assess Menten the personal property in Dubuque from the amount of $8,000 to $8,000. Adopted. On petition of Peter freebies that the prayer of the Petitioner be granted by remitting taxes on the same. Adopted. Committee on bounties presented report in favor of allowing certain Billa. Report allowed. Same committee asked and obtained re1 consideration of that part of their report allowing Bill of l. Knabb on motion the said Bill was returned for correction. Special committee on petition of a. Heeb reported As follows that the assessment of Petitioner be reduced $12,, leaving it $86,660. Report adopted. Report of a. D. Anderson of repairs of Hillside Mill Bridge was read and approved. Report of the paper Mill Bridge repairs was submitted virtually by or. Anderson and also approved. Or. Smith moved that a. D. Anderson be authorized to have All farther necessary repairs made on said Bridge. Question submitted by the clerk and de c ared . The chair announced the appraisers in the Montgomery Road Case a follows Bernhard Claus we. H. Randall and John Bohrn Abe to appear on the ground on the third thursday of april next and report at june session. Or. Rugamer moved that a new committee on location of City Hospital be appointed which prevailed. The chairman appointed the following As said committee. Messes. Rugamer finn and Bonson on motion of or. O Brien the vacancy of the 7th Street Bridge Ommittee was tilled by the appointment of or. Fitzpatrick. On motion of or. Mcnamara the commit tee on fees and compensation of officers was authorized to during vacation on any Bills which May not be reached during the present term said committee to have Power to allow All claims which they tied Correct. Or. O Brien uttered the following Resolute Ion which was on motion adopted resolved that be communication of t. S Wilson acting county attorney be re Ferrod to the committee on finance to report to the next session of this Board in reference to the propriety of adopting the Buggea Lions in relay Ion to the leaving of the Road cases therein contained and if the same should be adopted to report such rules and regulations a shall be necessary to carry out the principle of Aid suggestions. Or Bonson offered the following Resolution which was adopted resolved that our senators and representatives in the general Assembly be requested to use their efforts to have the present Law in reference to the assessment of real is Tasso amended Asta authorize the assessor on i the first monday in Jun diary after the first assessment is made a new assessment upon any real estate which has been increased in value by placing thereon valuable improvements. Or. Of Brien offered the following Pream Hie and Resolution which on motion were adopted Bra Eves there is a Large number of lots in the City and county of Dubuque upon which the tuxes have not been paid tor Sev eral years and whereas that Laid lots Are not Worth the amount of taxes and penalty due thereon and whereas no one will bid on the same for the amount of taxes and penalty due thereon and the state county and City Are losing All Revenue upon the same therefore resolved that our members of the general Assembly be requested to so Amend the Law of tile state As to authorize lots which have been unsold for delinquent taxes for six years for the reason that said lots Are not Worth the taxes and penalties to be sold to the highest bidder in order that hereafter the same May yield their portion of Rev Evue. Of motion of or. Bows it a the clerk was instructed to transmit copies of these resolutions to the members of the legislature from this county. Or Duggan offered the following Resolution which was on motion adopted resolved that the judges of District and circuit courts be requested to reduce the number of Bai ii a attending said courts to a reasonable number As it would be a great in Jefferson township was read and on motion referred. Remonstrance of p. C. Hantelman Specht it a1., against the Justice grim in is Road was read and referred to committee on roads and Bridges. Committee on roads and Bridges presented a report recommending that in the Bellevue Road change o. H. Crusius be appointed commissioner to appear on the ground the first tuesday in March and report at next session. Adopted. The same committee presented the following report your committee to whom was referred petitions for the erection of Bridges in table Mound Prairie Creek Iowa Cascade new wine and Liberty townships have lad the same under consideration and beg leave to report that we Are not aware of the Public necessity for the Bridges without a personal examination As your committee have found frequently when visiting Bridges have been asked to be erected where there was no necessity for it. We would therefore recommend that when the committee on roads and Bridges cannot obtain the necessary information by inquiring that they or some other committee be authorized to make a personal examination. G. Spottswood chairman. On motion it or. Of Brien the words a some other committee were stricken out of the report and report us annexed was on motion adopted. Committee on poor reported in favor of allowing certain Bills All of which was adopted. Also that Bills of d. Chandler and Hanson j. T. Lambert j m. Darbu j. S. Rundell and in. Mary nobler be not allowed. On motion of or. O Brien the committee on finance in connection with the county attorney was to draft a petition to the legislature for the employment of criminals. Committee on reports of officers it resented a report recommending the approval f the report it George scholum to unzip clerk j Washington township. And on communication of c it unto audio r. J asking for an clerk in b s office i the committee report it la without any a j Tion on part. On motion the report of the committee was adopted committee of delinquent taxes an i Erro i Neon s assessments Suu Motel a report on be i by Telegraph. Foreign news. News from Washington. The Virginia Bill passed. Tue ecumenical Council. Para Cuan War ended. Lopez fled from the country congressional. Nex ate. W a Shi Noto St Jan. 16. In the Senate yesterday or. Edmund s amendment to the Virginia Bill a finally modified to require any member of the legislature or any officer of Laid state before entering upon the duty of his office to take the oath prescribed in said amendment. The amendment was then adopted by a vote of 46 to 18. Or. Wilson offered an am dment impose my conditions similar to those of the Bill reported by the House reconstruction committee. Rejected 23 to 36. Or. Drake proposed an amendment making the admission of the state conditional upon the legislature not hereafter attempting to rescind its action on any constitutional amendment. Rejected 11 to 14 the Senate look a recess till evening. At the evening be Tion a message was received for in the House with a joint Resolution fur the Admir Ion of Virginia. Or. Trumbull said he would propose to it substitute for a till the word a now or. Drake proposed another amen Ament j similar to the one last voted upon which 1 was discussed by himself messes. Mort Cole at i Schurz. It a finely agreed to take a vote on the Bill at i o Cut Cable. Baraa ton Book Bend tinier too Connelly twirls it a Lela Presa Law Lobo enforced. Vienna Jan. 16. Baron von Beck Minster of finance in dead. Liverpool Jan. 15. Heavy gales along the coast continue news constantly comes to hand of disasters to shipping. The London Tablet says that the majority in the ecumenical Council favouring infallibility is 783. The Paris correspondence of the times says the government will not Avail itself of the permission of the Chambers to prosecute Rochefort. Paris Jan. 15. The City is tranquil Lisbon Jan. 15 the regular mail Steamer trom Rio brings later intelligence from Paraguay and fully confirms the dispatch previously received of the Dight of Lopez Aud termination of the War. Paris Jan. 15. The government authorities announce an intention to bring an action against the proprietors of the Reform revolutionary Organ for violation of the press Law the paper having recently violently attacked the government. Two journals in the provinces will also be proceeded against immediately for the same cause. _ hew England. To Days advertisements. Baptist reunion at the Lorimier House. Tbs ladies of Tho Baptist thu he invite their Friend and the Public to a social party and Oyster supper on Tite Day eye3tixq, Jay. Ism. I �70. The entertainment will consist of vocal and instrumental Magio. Duetts Solo and choruses with Tableaux. I. Goddess of Liberty 2 woman rights. A. Morning prayer. I. Memory of 76, 5. Modern medea Story of Margaret Gorner Quot a troupe of Gipsey. Ltd Charlotte Corday 8. Park scene Between Maria Stewart and Elisabeth 9. Death of Pream to. Darona and pythias. Attvi7. Eric it wil1 Bejm it in 10 afford a1 j who May attend a pleasant and profitable time. Tickets including supper 50 cents. Wemott Howard amp co., Book d notions. Thompson in Job dealer or Yankee notions hosiery gloves Wall paper Blank books school books Stati Liseby. Sc., w Otic rite Tbs attention of Coti Tif merchants to ear Stock which upon examination who o and to consist of desirable goods at the prices. Is san not enumerate the variety of a Call and a will tar Anta Satis Faamama. Thompson Jones iss i Mil Orten and jobbers of do Psi Lou of monday railed till m non it. Hoi of. Yea to Lay or. I Arn Worth 1 scu3= on the \ Vrginia bul rn., ii be proceeded to tuition t n. C. Ryan Petitioner be Grant j accruing Ainee the t r to made a to thee a is i a be a d within thirty . Of Moll Gnu the Board ail e prayer of the rooting it a in t left i i. I n a a e to i Hom i la f 4 4 m of. Senate a i in the ii closed the and Al 4 30 vote upon the bul and amendments. Ire amendment offered by or whine More a penalty tor taxing toe oath fax boy. A first voted upon and , i 122 to 71. The next question was up n or. Bing Ham s amendment As a by statute. When j roil tall wag completed there wag great sex i Clit Merit on the to it or. As it was a test que lion Between the opposition Camp Ani it was it a i that the vote was Verv close. 1 Fin Ai. Y the vote was announced As St coding yeas a nays o5. I he due of next take was on the t re Amble to t a substitute. And it was mfg Bei to by a c unt of 76 to -4. I he Bill a amended Theu pasted yeas 142, nays 4 it i he atm Nee Merit of the but w a. Greeted Deal cation blowing dealt. Boston Jan. 15. J he Post says there has been a clerical or ror or Deal cation of $15,000 in the City . J Hee rime is charged upon John w. Collins the clerk entrusted with the. Duty of paying the interest on th1 City debt. He confesses having converted coupons into Gold of which be lost $ a Ltd gambling. Lie had in his Possession $5,000 More with which he was about to Start on a european tour. Parepa Rosa last night received a dispatch announcing the death of her Mother in London. Lowell Jan. To. Rev. Or. Ames Blanchard of the Kirk Street congregational Church settled Munster in this place for forty years died last of la Art , aged it it. Years. A i Al Illinois crockery 134 main Street keen the a re a and Ber. Assorted Stock of Crock Ery China glassware tabla and pocket cutlery. Look Ingle lasses wooden and Willow Wark ski Shes. Birdcages. Lanterns lamps and lamp goods. Chandelier. Dry goods 4 notions. A it or a do cd Britannia War. Is plated Ware ac., to be round in the Northwest a Rita a a a Mckage. At manufacture t Ai Quot Asp i. Of he hot action sauteed the Trade Are invited be. It a heir new room 134 i examine in toes and Pri teen Dubuque Iowa. Dead 4 rim i lint my he remail no. No Loo Jan. In. Hon a Durkt a Law governor of Utah died yesterday mor no at Omaha. While on his return to i Home in Kenosha wig. In Kert Schofield a Reje table Farmer living near Morris was arrested at n and confined to jail a that pie on charge of Laving outraged and att Templ cd to Mur Der a Young norwegian Gir Peoria it overrun with burglars and thieves. Telegraphic items to 4 outre or Iii Nenahlo Milit fit will Niki the feeling. The m. Ii i i in re Dxie 1.1 tor j in i it a 8 Vou h ave learn a caucus it a be suited in the it la i my \ on the t rat fim j \ \ \ \ throughout As been w trill there a by Eti no Bitt ones Good has prevail i t ring an i hence the i sap i w tii accept heir defeat will on the informs1 a i get or Throe Alii n thirty four and Kirkwood one. Tier on tile Alin n in deftly counted on forty Tiv off with. Hut instead Oti great astonishment came Willii a nomination \ of May retd the next ballot a looked tor interest. The crop j a i not and when the announce mean w was unbounded. I tie vote stood. Wright Ltd a a Merrill in and Kirkwood i. A. What every Well i forme i by App a i it. To joint res i Active w ii in k r 5 i a an a in win in a Iene is the h dec tati a i i v Virg gtd a a entitle i the of pub cot. To la i git t test i to a v v ugly the a a a Vin font i to the or untied Llou of the Phi Aud authorizing an a 11 i a j. Ii i \ Leo. No u l c l ii i 11. A a 11 u ii be eau com a e. No Gre san. An Bingham in question. Vivid tag the r ate not political Ana tis. The in gift i any Cia it f tiers it a voice t e cons Lence of every who re tor toe in in result Azan i a Corr. . Ii g a a i As in p ail the to us e. of Thna it Iii i. Up Fiji i ii a let or to c a it a which he save the publican party Iii not involve but it Hor i tie 33 Days in Rome. Rev. E. B. Fairfield 0.0., w u Dei. Ver i celebrated lecture a a visit to the eternal City a at the athenaeum monday i renin january Skemp Monsell $ co., dry goods woolens and notions to. 80 main Streat. Dubuque Iowa 2d the great Yankee notion and a it i n i ail Arvei eat 7. West r a dvrs Era in bos a. A thursday the Tare commences at i 2j Lorimier House. Ark by he Day Quot us or week St Aud bid a in i h a to i his i hey a lied Ursoi r video by t Congress hereto re bit mate ? Yirgu u in the a a. A a i w w. I ii e a j stun on to Lea i their a e of that Lien e a i. New Yorken Buque county. Edward Crep Iii Constable Whitewater i saving to the county township. J Rueles offered the following Pream Unerv Donohue Constable Jefferson i Hie Aud Resolution which were on motion adopted. Whereas the Bridge across the Turkey con i the Indiana democracy lately gave three cheers for the state of new York for rescinding the ratification of the fifteenth amendment. Of course democracy everywhere applauds that which tends to take the people Back to the Era it darkness Aud barbarism. If it could Only re establish slavery and restore the Bourbon to Power democracy would be Happy. I he co religionists of Alexander Camps Bell belter known As the a a disciples of Christ number it Ltd Kkt communicants All of whom gathered within the last fifty years. They have 2, churches Aud 1,000 regular ministers. Besides other literary institutions they have a Mammoth University located on the Henry Clay estate in Kentucky embracing within itself six distinct colleges with a tally 800 students. Township. Phil. Mccaffrey township clerk Cord township. Horace Yousely Constable new wine township. Report adopted and Bonds approved. Committee on delinquent taxes and erroneous assessments reported on petition of c. Bucknam that the same be not granted. Report adopted. On petition of Magdalena Metier that the prayer be granted by reducing the assessment on City 14 feet 27 s part 28, assessed at $3,500, reduced to $8,000 lot 347, assessed at $1,850. To $1,500 Young s addition i lots j audio assessed at $80, to $50 Burton s addition lots 30, 32 Aud 35, $200, to $100. Report adopted. That petitions of h. C. Fuller c. J. Freeman James Brophy and m. Leddy be not granted. Report adopted. On petition of John Hurley that the prayer be granted by reducing the assess meat on the a of us Section 30 aude new Sec to to 88, i a from the amount of $i,-2��0 to $600. Adopted on petition of u. C Fellows that the prayer be not granted. Adopted. On petition of or. O Connor that the prayer be not granted. Adopted. A made inc a ii Mon 47 Lue re Uit Man of the ground had looked for. Alyou in in ital i r a a it a a Arr ii my my a n4�> rat i sir i it ii a Iii e to 1 it rut i it v St i a Atton Iii a Irv Rusit met ii in 4 Pitol Vin. Enl it or. New Yokel. 15, an arrangement a. A in finally c no in in i which a Tho at Lac to and Grev wet it in Railroad by direction it the courts a three state. Be y re la Pennsy and Ohio Nuder control of th1 Urie thereby giving the latter Road under it own control an unbroken line Between Cincinnati Cleve Lar d an i new \ irk. I tie c a any pay a rent thirty per cent of the Gro it a earnings a storm of Snow and ram set in last night arid still continues. Doing Al Scago in Fri a . Or l to. Bac Liq w in i in n Otto a. A to. W miffed Iii ail Tell. It 5 however i notorious wife is the in the Chic a it c or. Duncan Mcrae a Lead i of b Young w a y Quot car a a Barz a j or want o him. I he in Erv sick b at dip nets of a be yesterday at Wash i i a j. Was cd. Commissioner Weils a a or to the Thurz a r a presented the Wool crop in his recent re it a pts i Ori was to i or. J. In Nivea a Sui a pose i guilty circuit c on trial til % n in evil vet Fly at liner Lees to i. A Man i i re a it. Vetre i k us w in 5 Tkv is. In repro eur hosiery House of the Northwest. Gloves do Smock Imp Ortkras and jobubr3 142 int 140,142 and 144 2d floor. Fall and Winter Dubuque Iowa. Fin Seq. R Ca any 11 e ice Quot i a ii it it. State n. A Fri pre., Wilt a team vexed ii Thier a i tor i a. An a re tes clothing >1. Quot Vav. Smith at 82 main stretch an i Quot Udo 5t re of cloths amp vesting Fau. Be Winter Trade a air k e assortment of gents furnishing goods All ans yesterday Ledru a Washington special says the ratification Strong fight but had up Hill work and term i 0f fifteenth amendment by Ohio is a the first had no show. At any Lime during subject of much congratulation among re the caucus judge Wright could count votes Dolhn be on return to France Ani Institute proceedings before the High ourt of Justice to recover damages for he family of Ictor noir. Graph operators is River at Millville in Clayton county is a very great Public injury there by stopping the mails Aud preventing Intercourse Between Dubuque Aud Mcgregor on the stage route and whereas the county of Dubuque has caused every Stream in Dubuque county on said route to be Well bridged therefore resolved that the Atte Tiou of the Board of supervisor of Clayton county be called by this Board to the propriety of making an appropriation to the building of said Bridge and that a copy of this preamble and Resolution be forwarded by the clerk to the Clayton county Board. On motion of or. Bahl a committee of two be appointed to compare books of delinquent taxes ordered to he made out by to insurer Stewart Aud have the prope amounts charged up to the treasurer. Messes. Bahl Aud us brie were appointed As said committee. On motion of or. Bouson the acting county attorney judge Wilton was authorized to Settle the Case of the suit of school fund is. James Mcle an As the amount has been paid. Of motion the Board adjourned. Saturday Jan. 15, 1870. Roll called. Quorum present. Minutes of yesterdays proceedings read Aud confirmed. Petition of Al. Gremm ii it a1, for Bridge in Augh to elect him on the first formal ballot and As the result shews he was not disappointed. Judge Wright is a Strung Man an i though the people of your Section failed to secure a senator from their locality they wiil find in the judge a Man with heart and brain in ugh to take in the whole state. The people will find in him a True defender of the right at All times Aud everywhere. The contest for the Short term had been from the first very Uncertain. Toe whole interest had been absorbed in the main fight. There were s x or eight candidate in the Field and most of them of Hegi oud urging their claims in person. The exception in this was judge Cooley of your City he did not arrive until late the night before the caucus and then manifested hut Little inter est in the matter. It via currently believed Here that the judge was not a candidate with a View to secure his election but to accomplish some other object. At All events neither he or his friends seems i in i h Trou hied about the result. I think on the whole the Dubuque delegation in Iii interest will go away Well satisfied with the result the first ballot stood As follows Gunnel 39, Vandever 24, col. Scott 8, Cooley 7, Howell 38, stubs 4, and Kasson 2. Howell was Terai rated on the next ballot by a Large majority. There had been a Strong Effort on the part of the soldiers in the legislature to secure the election of a military Man. Ii was claimed by the friends of Gen. Vandiver that he should we the Man hailing As he did. From Dubuque and the worthy judge Murdock of Clayton county urged his claims in a Strong Appeal Oil behalf of hts Friend and the soldiers of the state Aud it a a a thought at Oue time Fie might be the Man but it was otherwise ordered. The Man selected is in every Way worthy of the position. He has fought the Battles of the party Ever since us organization and his election is a fit return. The senatorial contest of 1870 is thus brought to a close. Thai it a resulted in the selection of Good and True Tutu none will deny. I Here has been personal disappointment and All that but the True interests of the state has been Subserve. Now that the work has been done the third House stands adjourned. It has worked hard and deserves Well if not of the stale at least of the candidates. It has done its duty Aud will no doubt again re assemble in 1872 to again engage in the strife. May All who helped to tight the Battle that has just closed live to reap the fruits of the Victory Aad to acknowledge that in this a in All else there is an Over ruling Providence that shapes the destinies of the people. Ojus xxv a. Publicans to the objection of democracy that it is illegal they simply reply if new York can repeal Why Ohio Tau Tiff aet by her repeal another Way. And that the cae virtually stands As it did before the legislature attempted to repeal its ratification. The official investigation into the irregularities alleged to have been discovered in the Revenue returns of several distillers and whisky dealers in the thirty second collection District is still conducted at collector Bayl ions office no result is Likely to be arrived at for some time. A of Ai Mitt of three from Susquehanna Jersey City and Buffalo shops waited upon Jay i of id yest r Lay asking to be reins ated in the service of the company at the same time proposing the adjustment of the difficulties. Gould replied that disaffected men had been pail Oft. New men employed in their places and no concessions could be made. Liquor i in. To been Louse of ii Prev in Tali Uuno fruited male Menlo a in men snip Mouru Kuhn is t ome to 4�ri�l us pm Anton a it tinier. New York Jan. To. Hon a. M. Lapp congressional Printer in a private letter to a gentleman of this City denies the truth of the statement that a late investigation of his office showed that i a Large sum of Money had been recklessly decl on the contrary there has been no j charges made to Congress whatever. In the House no investigation has taken place. The commercial says Chas. A. Lord in j the dry goods Trade has been compelled to 1 suspend through endorsed papers for other parties. Mcdonald a Mccolley i Woolen dealers also reported suspended. The Segeant at arms of the United states House of representatives is Here to sub a la witnesses for the banking committee relative to the Gold investigation. It is reported that an injunction is to be applied for re training the Lake Shore Railroad company tor paying dividends upon its Stock upon the ground that Money tor that purpose had been borrowed. The Rumor not authenticated. Copeland the alleged principal in the conspiracy to defraud the fourth National Bank. Has surrendered himself. Oakley cashier of the merchant s Exchange Bank has also Given himself up and bailed in the sum of $10,000. A special dispatch from Atlanta of the 14th says the Senate met this morning. Coiler who took the oath on the 10th, having made application to withdraw his oath set ting Forth that it was made under Unis sapper Henston and party pressure was allowed to withdraw. Seventeen democratic members of the House and three democratic senators who were in the old organization and a that time took a oath declaring themselves eligible have made written application to be relieved of their political disabilities and refuse to yield to party pressure and take the oath. Hocus Ink Jan. 15. Walter Graham killed Samuel Otis in the Woods yesterday with an axe. Both were mood choppers. The strike of the tel ended in new England. I a Biti repealing the tabled in the new York Lativs. A heavy rain la t night Cau us a Stone Wall l he feet Long and thirty feet High d near a Row of buildings on 3d Street , to fall crushing the kitchens of six dwellings. A woman in one of them had her leg broken by the falling stones Anda Little boy. While in bed in another House was killed we. Hayes of St. Louts brought suit for $50,"ou against Geo. H. Roe and e. D. Jones of that place for detention and loss of goods supposed to belong to Perry Fuller which were seized at the instance of the 1st National Bank. A a Washigton dispatch say the committe on linking a re instructed to inquire into the late new York Gold panic and had the testimony of Hodgkins a Batell Bankers of new York. Benedict clout Fiske jr., Gould and Corbin have been summoned to appear before the committee monday. Rev. B. J. Powell a Baptist minister at Grasshopper Falls Kansas committed suicide tuesday last. He leaves a wife Aud three children in Licking county Ohio and three children in Iowa. M ii Fie Oid at the very lowest rates a a a a a a in i Exie Nefor yourselves. A i t h u r a n a Waller amp Christman of it it a Mala Street Dubuque. Iowa Loka Al is to hardware Iron 8 steel nails Iii is. Kiihn r a Tuffs spokes and. Black so it mss tools Arent fir a in risks Sfa . We Caen i r theft in Abd Wimer Trad it Leoh the Ami in St cud Clote St. A a of goods Sisr opened in the West. Hosiery. Gloves shirts Drivers Zephyr knit Good ladies a under Wear knit jackets and Over shirts Balmoral skirts yarns. Buck Cocos . 3,000 pounds of Zephyr Wool direct from the custom House our own Iuit Wita Tion. Merchants will find it to their advantage dealing with our House. Prim Gonrand. Terms favourable. A Glover amp smog. Simplot Bros. Xxx Lias xxx Millines Headquarters j dry goods and notions _ and sole ass ate far the Galiana manufacturing Coz both houses of the Kansas legislature parsed resolutions instructing their delegations to Congress to vote against further a propitious tor Public buildings at Washington and also asking Congress to secure titles to the settlers in what is known As the Black Bob Indian lands. I he rail mall Suzette believes the petition of the British Columbia colonies for Independence the w re of american politicians and intended As a set off for the Alabama claims. C. A. Metcalf manufacturer and dealer in Straw millinery goods plaster blocks f Etc. No. Ihm main Street. Nearly of rotate town Cleck. I Arn now prepared to offer fur the fall and Winter Trade a full line of French and american flow-?.r# rivets. Satin.-, \ Dii net., hats Bonnet and hat frames plumes of eve Gay variety. Silks ribbon. Lice and Bonnet. A t a t in hat band Bonn to of Superior talc received. Milliners supp and at Low prices. \ no Are solicited to All and examine inv Stock. Which i am confident will suit. Both in Price and Quality. Fancy cassimere flannels and Wooley goods be. 8 main Street in Ruqio Iowa. 140m established ll853. Kirchhoff Rob. Dix Lees in Kentucky whiskies xxx it or Rhine Wiaes Champagne Cogane p. 0. Burn Lake 2s7d order will to Nve be carefully selected and Effort att idae to on. C. A. Metcalf. Dubuque oct. 21. Isho. I. Solomon dial re in new and Strond hand routing a lately removed from no. 27 to be. Id Malu St Ber first and second. A Large Toek always a hand. Seven american women miss Whitney miss Hosmer miss Freeman miss Stebbins migs Lewis miss beam and miss Foley Are engaged As sculptors at Rome. Notices. A stick. / 1 to. W. By Rion amp co., successors to w Burton Hill a co., will continue to attend to heal k Tate and brokers Busine Iii All it branches loan Money on personal Security will sell at auction at private dwell intones farm a. Negotiate Loans on real a Tate and do a general conveyancing business at the old stand Corner of 3th Aud main streets. J2 8 Geo. W. Burton it co. Any one having claims against the United s at will find it to their advantage to Send a statement of their Case to j. T. Drew counsellor at Law solicitor before the court of claim. 47 la Street. Washington l. C. 32�d-tf v War claim Aud collection to Agency of arched u. Stuart a removed to Corner of 7th Aud main streets. Bradley Block Dubuque Iowa. Once with messes. Wilson a Mulkern in special attention Given to collecting yearly pension on vouchers for pensioners at reasonable rates. Dl-23 Arch d h. Stuart. Good Reading for Winter evenings. Little women j vol. J a ill Ai Vard. Studies in ceoral science. Blind pets Benedicts. Comic history of Tho ii. S. Father Hyacinthe a Davour a. Adventure in the Arctic Region. The a , Madame de Stael on the Edge it the storm. Too True. Tile Des. Wood or of the deep How he won her. John Smith funny adventures life of Audubon through night to Light the won san who dared Hie Sunset land by or. Todd the Brownville papers Shakespeare treasure the to y grail Dennison Tennyson Complete 50c. Manual of Eastern Star recollection of lord Byron. Burton Anatomy of melancholy Hooker ? child s Book it nature Aud Many or. Stowe a defence. Vashti. By miss Evans the new West Tristram Shandy. Kane Sarette explorations the Mississippi Valley. Headley so great on the Heights Villa Eden Hospital sketches miss a leu to. A. Reeds works. 4 to a. Thackeray a works or. Smiths new testament Tai Loxy ten years in wild of frit a. Ten thousand a year. Advice to a wife advice to a Mother. Gates ajar. The mormon Phrophet. Louis Napoleon and his favourites memories of Olivet a Macduf Lff cast up by the sea eight years in Ceylon Baker Rifle Aud hound in Ceylon Bahar Gunny a Domestic Medicine Livingstone a Fries Parsons Laws of Busin Headley a Mary Queen of seats. Ther Standard and miscellaneous Warks for Young my my new music comprising Allie Ute popular 30ng8. And in8trumkntal Pirc in. Re a to Oil 3 last or tub Shea. Grosvenor a Harger. Ill main aria
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