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Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 3

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Eau Claire Daily Telegram (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Eau Claire, Wisconsin The Dally Telegram Fnu Claire Wisconsin ski Turrony Muy 2h, 1 graduation at Immanuel College set commencement service Frost hits Northern areas fair Cool weekend in Prospect in state a Scepi for Snow freezing temperatures and Frost the late Spring season was moving along fairly evenly toward summer today with sunny skies Immanuel la ran College Lover Kau Claire and a mid will he held Friday june 3, at to . On the College Campus t was announced today in ease of inclement weather the serv ice will be held at Messiah loth Cool temperatures with a Chance of Frost in the Low places. Is tonight Are expected to drop to from 33 to 40 in the North and 37 to 44 in the South. Temperatures dropped into the 30s Friday night with a sub freezing 31 at Marquette Midi Ark Falls had a Low o f morning temperature of 59 degrees. Fair skies and Cool temperatures Are expected through monday. Snow Bowers were report eran Church 2015 n. Hastings led in Michigan supper Peninou Way. The Rev Ralph Schaller la at Houghton and Marquette Date of 33 degrees in 1906. Green of Coloma Michigan will he this morning and the weather Ray and Superior had lows of in commencement speaker. Forecast for Wisconsin for to 37, Madison 38, Milwaukee 41, on sunday May 29, from 21 night is for fair skies a n d 43 and Racine and f 33 and Kau Claire recorded a minimum of 35 two degrees above the All time Low for the to 4 . A faculty Tea will he held at the presidents residence or the graduates. Class Day exercises Are soil Lilied f o r thursday june 2, at 3 . On the College Campus with Pas Lur David Kau of Milwaukee giving the Scholastic address. Awards will be Given Iii recognition of athletic and other sex loyalty oath Law upheld in Arizona Beloit 45 fair and Cool weather is also forecast for sunday. Mondays Outlook is for mostly fair and continued quite Cool Burlington had the highest temperature reported in Vav i a Eosin Friday with 83 degrees. Cone Rook. Racine Milwaukee and Beloit h a d 79, Madison 7ft, Lacrosse 76. Green Bay 7 i eau Claire 66 and Wausau 65. Has needlesalif., had a High of oath a tie hew in bypass no. Z Detour for str 93 tra curricular achievements. J the evening of june has been Phoenix Ari. A set for the commencement con Arizona supreme court Cert which is to begin at 7 30 ruled the states loyalty p in. At Messiah Luth e r a n will remain in effect despite a thunderstorms b o u n e e d Church. The College choir un-1ruling by the . Supreme around the Eastern Seaboard Der the direction of prof. Rob court that it. Is unconstitutional. And the deep South today. Hail. Ort Dommer will present a a the decision was in a three rain and heavy winds cracked cred concert. Paragraph order signed by i parts of Texas. Most of the the graduates of Hie three chief Justice Fred c. Struck j Midwest and East was covered departments of Immanuel Are As Meyer or. Friday. By Clear cold air. Follows referring to the april 18 Deci the Rockies and the West High school department s n on the . Supreme court coast were warm but Rainy. David written by Justice William o. The Southwest was warm and Douglas Struckmeyer said. A it dry. Golf Ball sized Hail stones pummelled Lubbock tex., Fri Ruth fibs St. Paul Fuerstenau Hazel s. D., Ste yen Grams Faulkton s d. John Gurgel eau Claire John Klatt Hazel s. D., Karla Kroeger sex was difficult to understand aptly what he the . Supreme court ruled sleepy Eye Minn., Dean ear 5.4 in favor 0f Barbara Elf son Thunderhawk s. a san Brandt 32, a Tucson school Flora Martindale Bremerton teacher who with her husband wash., Deborah Schaller eau Vernon had taught without pay Day night. A cold front that stretched from Kansas to new York dropped temperatures sharply during the night. The weather Bureau expect interchange traffic route to be changed Lair Patricia Schaller. Seoul since j%2 after retains to sum u 7 7. 7 a a calif., Paul Schaller coed the div Sion a Empera urn Howard Schmidt. I in. I generally Cool in the North warm in the South continue through sunday. Ithe a ruling said h ims eau claire0 mrs. Elfbrandt must take the the second of the Crossroads interchange construed Bauer St. Area will be rerouted Over the newly completed Bali a oath before she can collect the Tion is scheduled to begin May 31, according to the contractor Roadway portion and connect with by. 12 just East of London College department bark pay with interest. It will require traffic to be routed Over a new temporary Road. From that Point southerly by. 53 traffic will use the Elizabeth Duehlmeier san the penalty clause in a 1961 Caffo nuts get bypass shown by the dotted line on the map above. It will be same bypass Ashy. 12 As shown on the map above. However Horn Minn., Kathleen Grams Law setting up the oath is Dein effect until mid september. Highway 12 traffic in the Fairfax ave. To London Road area will travel Over the newly completed portion and connect to the main bypass just East of London Road. Highway 12 East of this Point will be closed and will follow the bypass As shown and rejoin present travelled by. 12 just West of Otter Creek. Both direction of travel on by. 53 in the pleasant St. To to during the first two weeks of this second stage of construction i Faulkton s. Mary Grimes dared unconstitutional struck Podl physicals to. Co .111 i . I i i. Inn latin Len Al i i i nr., ,., a motor cosh Tho so a Lien in i Len c it / by. 53 will be required to remain on its present travelled route through the Crossroads area and connect with the bypass just East of the present Crossroads intersection. Also during this second phase of construction by. 93�?Ts connection to the present Crossroads intersection will be closed and will be routed via Henry Avenue and London Road to by. 12. Vicious bees terrorizing South Africa Church federation opposed Southern baptists to keep Independence yearbook issued at memorial Marquette Michigan David Meyer said. The clause makes it Lueck Mankato Minn., Fred a felony to take the oath and Cape Kennedy up Erick Radichel eau Claire remain a member of an organi a astronauts Thomas Stafford Patricia Rauchman Mankato Walter Schaller Coloma Mich., and Carla Thurow Minneapolis. Seminary department by Charles c. Cain Detroit a nearly 11,-000 delegates to the Southern Baptist convention were homeward bound today after a four Day session in which they made it Plain they would not surrender their traditional Independence in the cause of ecumenical ism. I in a vast program of evangel a a him Moi the Rev. Herschell Paschal ism with each Baptist body con 0,he r animals led 1,1 of Nashville tem newly elect ducting its own program onslaught. president of the convention. Other highlights included people fleeing in panic before said Southern baptists would be a several attacks on the a god Johannesburg South Africa apr notoriously vicious bees apparently irritated More than usual by hot weather have terrified South africans with angry attacks in the last six months. Five people were stung to death. Hundreds of others suffered painful stings. Pet dogs nation advocating forcible Over land Eugene Cernan. Their throw of the state government eagerness whetted by postpone William Eubank chief Deputy ment got final major medical attorney general said the Deci checks today for their gemini 9 Eugene Rutz eau Claire Andron of the state court leaves the Blastoff now set Back until James Sandeen red Wing loyalty oath in effect but with wednesday. Out a penalty. I or. Duane Catterson. Astro a state official noted that Al Ina flight surgeon gave the though the penalty clause has plots three Day Rendez been stricken school districts Vous and spacewalk a 90-and state agencies May still Dis minute going Over starting miss an employee who refuses to take the oath a a s a repeat mrs. Elfbrandt could not be astronauts received before their 1 Minn. Driver Hurt As Cycle hits Wall at Edt. The physical of one the new method to treat lung cancer tested Denver Colo. Apr a treatment program using both x Ray and an anti cancer drug could prove effective in fighting inoperable lung cancer a mad Ison. Wis doctor reported Friday by. Fred j Ansfield told a meeting of the american association of cancer research that he and two associates Al University hospitals Are trying my a program using Boti x . And drug called 5 flu Roui nil 5-Fu. Ansfield told How lie and or f. F. Go Linand and or. A Salvor Varnun studied 26 patients with inoperable lung cancer in 1959. Thirteen of the patients received just x rays All died Ansfield said with the average survival time 6 2 months from the Start of treatment. But the 13 others who received both x rays and 5 fun survived almost four times longer. Three of the patients lived More than five years Ansfield said. Since then Ansfield said. More than 200 patients were Given a rays combined with lesser dosages of 5-Fu or with other anti cancer drugs. But no different combination produced the results observed in the 1959 study Ansfield said a was a result we Are now again studying that original dosage regime to determine if those promising data hold up in a larger series a Ansfield said a if so the very dismal Outlook for patients with inoperable lung cancer May be significantly no end in sight in British strike London up Hopes for an Early end to Britain s crippling maritime strike faded today with a warning by the head of the striking seamen a Union that the 12-Day-old walkout might last six More weeks a unless someone is prepared to do something a the warning was issued Friday night by chairman William Hogarth of tile striking National Union of seamen Nus As hundreds of weekend vacationers Enro Ute to the continent were caught up in the mounting confusion created by Britain a first seamen a strike in 55 years. I a the 47th volume of the to the delegates applauded Dak was distributed to memo 0ne person was injured w Hen the chairman or. Waynoka High school students this one off or accidents investigate1 f in moment hut her first launch try May 17 Dehoney ruled the item was not week. The 181-Page High schooled Friday and Early today by. Does get expect a proper one for the convention yearbook was developed b y eau Claire police. And do faculty collecting the to consider. In one major action the convention Friday night called on editor All Baptist denominations of Michael Weber 25. North willing to discuss ideas of other i4a i i churches but saw no place for is dead theory that hah attract of a a a Quot pfc struck the Wall. Damage was Al j promo a l air to finn fied considerable Contention re tues of the seniors class pie Ninnor. Mill inc r Lui Nicu swarms of bees in several cases dived into swimming pools or Public fountains to escape the themselves in any federation of. Invaders. Churches. J gently in some american a Johannesburg family and Southern baptists with to 1�gical circles guests who were having drinks million members comprise the a an Appeal for prayers mrs. Mary Martins yearbook v1,1 j Back pay despite the class with Sharon Geitz As its i Shore drive was admitted to y p sacred heart Hospital at 12 05 a a a Ptasi denomination of the class which met one a today with multiple Abra North and South America to join a Day during the school i Sions suffered when his motor year planned the Book on the Cycle struck a Concrete Wall in theme diversity in Unity show a the 1400 Block of Harding ave. Ins the variety of Scholastic i he told police another Auto c 07stltu7on and the Stile athletic and extra curricular forced him off the Road. His activities offered at the school Cycle jumped the curb and state president s daughter courts ruling. Deloys Europe trip he said he and his wife of Washington apr a ejected to the penalty portion of White House spokesman says the Law and since it has been Lynda Johnson a scheduled knocked out they will probably trip to Europe has been delayed sign a statement to support the temporarily. A Lynda wants a breather for the for in their Garden spent two hours j larges protestant denomination in their private Pool surfacing the United states. Despite the Only for air. Name churches affiliated with golfers Jack Nicklaus of Theja a invention Are located United states and Gary player the country of South Africa had to abandon t jul it Ely discussed part of one match when at Issue of he convention involved to defend the right of religious lacked and Slung by bees on ionian who was not there and it Liberty of any religious body and Pretoria course during their did j1?1 Recac l the floor until the a plea to Southern baptists not lures of the other students and Daniel Boehmke Waukesha i trn Jar la candid shots of the faculty. Reported to police at 2 05 1 m Luy mrs. Martin gave much 0 of today that a hit and run vehicle Milwaukee a the a couple of weeks before she formalizes plans for the summer a Elizabeth Carpenter mrs. Johnson a press Secretary said Friday. Loans for any. Purpose a amp. Any site Scheck us decide phone 2-8311 or Stop in at Consumers Coop credit Union Coop shopping Center peace in Viet Nam including prayers for the . Armed forces and for this country a enemies that they might be led to an honorable peace. A a pledge by the convention 190,000 Challenge series. A anal Hie is Bill d. Moy a 43-year-old Man was stung a is 7 assistant to pies Dent Jonnson. Moyers an ordained Southern Baptist minister had been slated to receive a convention to death when he tried to Rescue his dog. Other fatalities included a Man who tried to drive away a swarm which took Over his Home. Alce Papageorge of the South african Council for scientific and Industrial research suggested that the bad temper of local bees can be traced to an age old struggle for survival. Quot a Likely theory is that indigenous bees have been robbed for centuries by tribes of africans seeking Honey. Only the vicious strains which put up the Best defense have survived a he said. A in Europe on the other hand. Bees i presented in october probably and pampered since the Day of the whip ouse the ancient o a a. J rumours persisted that various unmet has been sym Aih eco it ministers to the development of docile v in nit Ute tip planned to bring the Moyers Saifi. A a in affair to the convention floor in Salisbury Rhodesia an api Arist was fined $28 for keep ing dangerous bees. He Success to accept any government Grants or Loans which might affect the traditional Complete separation of Church and state. Southern baptists have been embroiled in a dispute Over awarded for outstanding work whether Federal Grants and the Field of communications. I Loans should be accepted by col some Baptist ministers in Texas Leges operated by the Conven and Oklahoma questioned the lion. Most of these disputes will award after it became known be settled by the various state the credit for the books interest to Orville Torgerson and his photography class. The pictures feature student life in action. More pictures were used than pages. The Book is bound in a purple embossed cover with t h e school Emblem in White on the cover. The embossing is a simulated elephant Grain. In producing the Book mrs. Earlier this month that Moyers had danced the Watusi at a Washington Charity Ball. Award delayed Moyers asked that his name be withdrawn but the conventions radio and television committee let the nomination stand. The Rev. Paul Stevens executive Secretary of the commis Ision said the award would be conventions none of which bound by recommendations the full convention. Is struck his Auto parked in the a. Marine corps thinks so University parking lot 700 0f Viet Nam Veteran re Clairemont ave. Damage was Dolph p. Heyse that it promoted estimated at $150. Him twice in the same Day. J John Mccarthy 628 Niagara Heyse 35, began the Day Fri in previous years mrs Martin St a Loid p0,ice Friday at 4 . Day As a gunnery sergeant. Pointed out even among the Thal a hit and in vehicle dam then. In a rapid fire ceremony advertisers and on the Index aged his car parked in the e j he found himself first a master 200 Block of s. Dewey St. Dam sergeant then a second Lieuten age was minor. Ant. Friday morning police. A Marine spokesman said the checked a minor mishap in the rare double Elevation Ca me 1300 Block of first ave. They about because Heyse applied said Larry Deffenderfer 18, me-1 for a career officer program Domonie was backing from a his application was approved parking spot. His Auto collided 0,1 l1e same Day he won a promotion to top sergeant for h i s Martin feels the students 8evwith a passing car driven by solid experience in problems of say Evv Cek 31 it 3 e a u layout copywriting editing and Cirive advertising because it is a Reg ular class in the school Currier service in Viet Nam. Heyse is Marine corps Recruiter for the Janesville area. Of him. She also feels the Book re a soviets unveil new fleets a More serious experience a Way out Man than trite and Neriss. Fully appealed. The court decided that bees which killed a neighbors dog and stung a child an african servant and geese could have been wild bees from vacant land nearby. Tickets seized new Orleans la. Of about 5, we packages of lottery tickets f r o m England and Jamaica which arrived through the mails Here were seized recently by postal officials. A land the Rev. Hugo Lindquist of Oklahoma City raised us Issue Friday. Police golfers Louisville by. Of a Llis hed this summer. Jean skid Golf clothed policemen have More a member of the Junior been Given free Access to t ii e staff will now Start her train City a Goll courses in an Effort to my in leading the class As Edi curb vandalism. Tor for next years yearbook. Under instructions from agriculture program Moscow of the s o a 10-Page supplement Oliviet people got their first look Spring activities will be pub Young Mon daughter killed in Chicago fire Chicago apr Only a Young today at an ambitious new to i Mother of a family of three rehear program designed to Ere Maine alive today after a hash ate millions of new acres of fire in a near Northwest Side Farmland and put More food on apartment. Russian tables 1 the fire which occurred ii tic program was approved Dav Angel Otero 22, and Friday after a secret three Day dds w month old daughter. Sunday Blue plate specials served la am. Til 8 30 . Roast Turkey with dressing. Baked Ham Cranberry sauce grilled pork chops Apple sauce grilled sirloin Steak mashed potatoes vegetable salad homemade Rolls and butter. Coffee Tea. Milk so extra. A air conditioned Normandy 206 cafe you is is is 30 s j 45 sj50 Gibson St. Clair Auto Touri its take Lake Michigan Short Cut Milwaukee , Mich. Ski 279 Miles of driving anime Tira lain morning. Afternoon. Night sailings opens season june 10th for the. Graduate features n0relc0 Continental cordless tape recorder 0 r body meeting of the Central commit of the soviet communist by two or three minutes. I party. Parks director George f. Kink All the blood in the Ead the policemen Are supposed passes through i the heart i tee to keep picnickers people dig a eve a a Ging for fishing Worms and oth ers off the courses. The policemen have to do Al this while playing Golf. Frank Magadance Security is 3-Dimensial i life insurance 2 retirement income 3 health insurance. May i help you add depth to your present insurance program 316 emery�?835-6225 1441 Harding-834-3353 representing Woodmen Accident and life company of h Savior s 1310 main Street Harold e. Everson pastor cilium second 90th anniversary service a Pentecost sunday May 29 promotion Day 8 45 . Honors Day 11 00 . Pastor Donovan Hommen guest speaker Williston North Dakota Welcome to our services smorgasbord every sunday 12 noon til 8 . Adults 1.75, under 10$ i under 5�?50c Gateway inn a i Corner by. 64 amp 40 Bloomer wis. T Nib ii a trip with your motor l our. Enjoy Hon pliable a spat ions Din is Beautiful lounges. Outside staterooms with toilets berths children a playroom free movies to Laming Tine food and refreshments at reasonable prices Send for brochure showing rates schedules. Auto one Way it 2.r�. I ask Nukk a on. Way $6.25. Ch1ldkkn a 6 toll half fare under 5 free Wisconsin i Michigan s1iimsnip co municipal Poi Mnger Olar 900 n. Harbor Delv . We. 9j202 a 414/271-7109 a so a it / i to 41 11 h f t cupper done to let the Small size fool you i this tape recorder is big Quality through and through. Weigh. Only 7 lbs. Works on Ordinary flashlight batteries. Push two buttons you re recording. Push one Button you re playing Back. Also record direct from radio to or phone playback through radio or i i. A Flore co in dynamic Gorelco microphone a picks up sound from the farthest Points in classroom or concert Hall. In Flywheel capstan assures constant Speed operation from a Dart to finish. Has 1ft is Speed. Bass treble tone control. Bo-8000 cps frequency response assures wide Range reproduction. Records up to i hours on a single reel. See it hear it try it at $79.50 c aril i it Fin i ii i ii i Ixia 320 so. Barstow St

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