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Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 2

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Eau Claire Daily Telegram (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Doily Tele g rom Claire no i Max 1?s. I Hill for hit Bravo Aboyo i to breast Ulm Sleeper Mreada As fit great prayer ended Tho in Resi dont had Sot Tho Merie Aii Seal of admiration for Tho valiant. Tho nations love for Bravi deeds and Tho courage that do fios Loath upon Tho Ca hot suit by Side to Laid Tho medal of Honor and tin sen ice mss. Tho casket with its weight of loners was lowered into Tho kit son. History Tho University at Wyoming William it la cobs. Kau Claire history t ii e i a varsity of Oregon Daryl it Moon Cornell journalism Tho University Al Minnesota Deb Orah i Nelson speech Tho urn a Ersita Al Minnesota David a mouser. Kau Claire mathematics. I Tab slate University Rhomas \ o Donnell chipped i fails geography Tho univ or sity of Minnesota Mark c of s a Kau Claire English i ii o Quot my it a. A a i am. In in i Al i Bijj Quot a a it v i i i by Iati Juja we Al Ault a it a to University of Washington tip ton i Standall Osceola chem a tax. A urdu University John Boose Greenwood crypt \ rocking blast of gunfire and entomology. Ohio state urn my from Tho Woods Tho Gill Ting Circle of bayonets Stit feed to a Salute to Tho dead again Tho guns shouted their message of Honor and Farewell vet site Nancv v Riel. Osseo music Tho i Nix Emily of Illinois Lames if s Imi Phillips chemistry Tho i a varsity of wisc on s i n Milwaukee l a r r it c in they and boomed out a Loyal Sprague Kau Claire being Laid to his a i til departmental awards Twenty two students at eau Claire state t us Rosity were winners of departmental awards and Colden Jubilee medallions at the a b an Nixcy a honors convocation held Friday. Among the xxx huh. Wire. From loll Nancy i. A ens r. Kau Claire Art department. Brenda j. Massie Dallas to awards music and Jai so Nim High school education Harvey s. Gunderson. Fairchild mathematics and George it Rossman eau Claire chemistry. Stall photo Comrade was ast. Long rest. High and Clear and trite in the echoes of the guns a Bugle lilt cd the old. Old notes of taps the Lullaby for the living Soldier in death his requiem. Long ago Lime a. Zenner. Cadott train some forgotten Soldier poet Reship caught its meaning Clear and chemistry ale i Niver Sily of Minnesota and Jeanette k Tkachuk Lublin French Purdue univ enily Blier graduate awards a r e trainee ship in speech the i Ai a Ersita of Tennessee to an what Hub great Bati. I and in v lit a t-enira11 ban set it Down that soldiers every where might know its message As they sing to rest a fades the Light. A and afar a a doth Day. Cometh night a a Iid a Star a leaded All. Spei Deth All a to their the guns roared out again in Tho National Salute. Ile was Home the unknown to sleep forever among his own. Original report reprinted first ceremony at Tomb of unknown Soldier Recai de 36 University seniors Given Sebec pests s in special education from the United slates office of education to Leslie a Bor reson. Whitehall Judith r Grauman. Colby Donna Herington. Withee and Richard Loren Milwaukee. A Grant for graduate work has been Given by the state department of labile welfare to Ronald a. Cirit nor Spooner who will study at the University of Wisconsin Mil has Waukee. Fern d fosgate of Kau Claire will study at the University of on reaching h anti evolution in Arkansas ups 1 it Shari Dit Tor Limsi nothern us mall in u Init i in ii them Iii in slav mid Mississippi i a ii Pilot i map minister to Here by Rill Simmons editors a note a the in Jingo a declaration today known Soldier of world War a that Flag wrapped was buried in Washington la 1921. An account of that event written by Kirke a there must be. There shall be the commanding voice of a Simpson of the associated conscious civilization against press won the pulitzer prize and became one of the classics of journalism. It is reproduced in major p0ure j 0u ifs Peart in Pride and armed nation pays All Day Long portion at newspaper the suggestion of a editor who wrote glory for the nameless american. Before the first crash of beside flanked by secretaries weeks Honor Laden and Denby for the Long i Tad to the Tomb. Thousand at scene ahead the White Marble of the Amphitheater gleamed through the Trees. People in thousands Xvi r the great Circle platform placed for the casket in a Stone vault Lay Wisconsin on a Federal training Grant in social work. A scholarship from the eau Claire county mental health for graduate study has been awarded t o Philip Larkowski of Chippewa Falls and James g. Vetter of eau Claire has received a Grant i Itti k re in Aik it a it Arkansas anti evolution Law been struck Down on grounds it restricts Freedom of learning and the. Lur but to state plans to Appeal the ruling to the state supreme court. Chancery court judge Murray Recd held Friday the 1928 Law was an Union Stith Mal r Striction on the quest Tor knowledge. Reeds action cleared the Wax for legally from the division of corrections lunching oat i a win s of the state of Wisconsin. Honor the nation that the Story was written years minute guns roared its Knell before he was born and he Jor from the Shad thought a new generation should Washington Monument be exposed to it this memorial Day. And garlands. Above the platform gathered men whose names ring through history Briand Foch. Beatty Balfour. In a an Vul v a i Power. Thev were followed by Honor. They lined the Long Road Shadow of the. ,. Jacques. Diaz and others people who claim him As their. .1, k v. A Brilliant array of place own were trooping out to do turn flowed slopes under the wide and starry skies of his Homeland americans unknown dead from France choked sleeps tonight a Soldier Home from the wars. Alone he lies in the narrow cell of Stone that guards his body but his soul has entered into the spirit that is America j wherever Liberty is Beld close in men t heart the Honor and the glory and the pledge of High Endeavor poured out Over this nameless one of Fame will told and Sung by americans for All time. Scrolled across the Marble Arch of the memorial raised to others. Baron Kato from Japan the italian statesmen and officers by the notables from All countries gathered Here for tomorrow conference and by some of the older figures in american life too old to walk beside the approaching funeral train. At the Arch where the choir Washington nov. La. 1921 from Capitol to the Hillside a by the associated press a where he sleeps tonight they like a tide Over the about his burial place the Bridges that Lead across the River to the Fields of the Brave in which he is the last Comer. Soldiers sailors and marines a All played their part in the thrilling spectacle As the cortege rolled along. And just behind the casket with its fad d French Flowers on the draped a Flag walked the president the chosen Leader of a Hundred million in whose name he was chief Mourner at his Bier. Beside him strode the Man under american Quot Midica Quot and Quot Sailor a a a fax Len Here Hadi lived a a Kedz a fi0wers and the or dead everywhere which stands m l Rance in Quot a avoid sacred Nisi. Like a Monument behind thirty six seniors graduating moving about from eau Claire state univer Down below tile sity this june have been awarded graduate fellowships and As wreaths s Stan ships at universities in of different states. Awarded National defense fire Pion aet fellowships Are themas g. Dallmann of m i 1-w Siukee. History at the University of Illinois Linda s Furlong fond do Lac. English. At the University of California at Riverside Harvey s. Guilders. Fairchild mathematics j the i University of Kansas Peggy v Lindoo Chippewa Falls i it in american studies the University of Arizona r. James Puhi. Colfax chemistry. The University of Minnesota. George r. Rossman. Eau Claire injuries. Has been awarded a National four tires blow As Airliner lands Atlanta a. Aid All four tires on the Landing gear of a Delta air i Ines duh Jet with 102 passengers and 7 crewmen aboard blew out Friday during what was described As a a a cautionary Landing. The plane had just taken off or new York authorities said when the Pilot radioed that his cockpit instruments indicated a malfunction in the Hydraulic Brake system and he was returning to the Atlanta Airport. Half a dozen emergency vehicles poured foam on the under Tonij l fight if necessary Side of the plane. There were no even though she is leaving lit than his theory of evolution in pub a it lie school classroom Tiv. Gen. Bruce Bennett de fending the Law As a bastion against what he ended growing godlessness said i1 would Reed s in my to the slate supreme court and if need san to the la s. Sep it court. Susan Epperson. 24 a biology teacher at Little Rock cont a High s 1 is Art cd Tim Emir test earlier this year with a suit challenging Tho constitutionality i a. Of the Law. Which was adopted at a statewide election in 19211 mrs. Epperson said. A it sounds very Good and i m very Happy about she. Too. Is prepared to Eon i and morals of the Community t it such an extent pud constitutional Freedom in y jul fifis blvd be by Tho Stathe said. Reed said the Law which applied Only to nub1 in schools also would be unconstitutional by failing to provide nuo ils Ltd private schools the same Protection. It itto j waited the ii a in dead com science foundation graduate delay of about a Lades lifted Bis casket Down Fellowship in chemistry at the California Institute of techno passengers on other flights after hours. Were Rock to continue he a with her husband Jon. At tile scope and. Followed by the Genera and the admirals walked beside him Capitol he was place of Honor the White Robed singe who from had r v a National Aero the Nai tics and space Nistra Johnson Institute Austin. Tex. University of Missouri. Two Laws remain if the ruling stands. Tennes ing solemnly. Carefully the Ket was placed Box this legend a we resolve that these not have died in Tomb runs Here highly dead shall the words were spoken by the martyred Lincoln Over the dead hiding wearing Only the single medal of Victory that every american Soldier might Wear. Behind came the Carriage in which Carne Woodrow Wilson. Also stricken Down by infirmities As As the Humble private Riding in such apr the carried o the l on Fellowship and teaching As regents of the University of Abc i moved sistan ship in chemistry at Iowa Texas have approved plans for chant state University has been Given ens to Gene l. Wampfler of Rice Lake. Twenty graduating seniors have accepted graduate he mentioned in i ruling the famous i a i d of to n t of in Dayton tenn., in a d the ruling of tile a supreme court that Tennessee a a anti-Evolu-1 out by rulings the Arine Lodies until the moment the president John e. Abrams and mrs. Harding stepped to Chippewa Falls chemistry at University of Alaska John books. Milwaukee political a building to House the Lyndon b. Johnson Institute of Public service. The Institute will be in a building to a Quot constructed on assist the site of the Lyndon b. Johnson Library. Jobless rate t Benefit increase Madison apr a new top f Xvi Elk in their places beside the casket the showed Strong Vav. Or. Harding emotion As his lips formed the last words of the address he korean train wreck science the University of wis a Oisin Milwaukee g e n e p. K a a place of the nation just at Gettysburg. And today with r j. A a Humble private in voice Strong with determination a us a state ahead had gone Down be and ringing with deep emotion h la amp b j fore a Shell or Bullet f or that another president echoed Tho resolve Over the coffin of presid a had put Asid l s he served in the highest paused with raised hand Decker eau Claire Bacteriol f True Malinn 111 it t i in.,. A and head bowed went on in the agy Ohio state the Soldier who died for the Flag in France. Great men in the worlds affairs heard that High purpose reiterated by the Man who stands at the head of the american people. Tomorrow they will a Quot Szof a the High gather in the City that stands a Quot it Lent dread of seeking to Parade his physical weakness and risked health perhaps life to appear. Among the mourners for the fallen after president Harding and measured rolling words of the Bam r lords prayer. The response Raphy that came Back to him from the varsity thousands he faced from the other thousand out Over the slopes beyond arose like a chant. The Marble Arches i i ii the solemn sound University Vav i i Enslin. Muskego Geog Eastern Michigan uni Sharron k Haas. Eau Claire. Latin american studies the University of Arizona David j. Hanson. Eau Claire audio visual communications. Stout state University John r. Harbour. Menomonie Chemis then the i men officers who try. The University of Minnesota Michael c. Hoad fort at dignitaries of ,. The government had turned almost in the Shadow of the new White House the. Amp Iran shrine of Liberty it Fofi procession. Headed by its solid a Quot blocks of soldiery and the battalions of Sailor comrades moved on with Pershing now american shrine of Liberty dedicated today. They will talk of peace and of the curbing of the havoc of War they will speak of the War in France that robbed this Soldier of life and name and brought j death to comrades of All nations by the hundreds of thousands. And in their ears when they i meet must ring president hard land highest among the soldiers or sailors of their flags came one by one to the Bier to ice Gold and exx led emblems unemployment compensation will go into effect in Wisconsin july 5, the Industrial commission reported the Law requires the new figure because average wages of Seoul South Korea a Wisconsin workers were higher two persons were killed and during 1965 nine seriously injured today each workers jobless Benefit when two commuter trains col rate is figured at about half of tided inside the Railroad Yard of his average weekly wage. The a san 160 Miles South of Seoul new top w ii a to a Job a the National Railroad said. Worker Only if his or a wage averaged More than $114 week. The daily Telegram the commission noted that a published every even be except str jobless Benefit claims fill i last Day at eau Claire. Wis. Entered As and week dropped to 11.554. Ronicle s matter of the Post office. Eau. Iri ,.00 ire under the act of Congress of pared xxx it la 12, 33 3 walk Eor Varun i. 1879. Lier. Is cd Are year shoo 6 Montt by mall in Wisconsin within 150 i e so by Carrier in eau Claire week 45c. 1025. Hid Tennessee upheld t a Ion Law had been xxx Quot the s. Supreme Lour Hee then. The Arkansas la v a adopt d while the Scopes Case was on Apnoea to the Tennessee supreme court is. Eon. A in f led a us a the Roper of the Arkansas education Anocia Tion during trial of the cast a til. Recd a tis lined in .ti1 5/,0 objections blocking e by Bennett to quo so n the validly of to to e a Ohita on theory. A the to ii or the fallacy of a Eif Nti fic hrs or do Trine like a religion Ray Whitton. For minister of the i once. I oiled Church fond a Lac. Has Acop ii Ike to lion As pastor of a Pix Moutri congregational Church Here. Ile xxx 11 begin his duty a june i arum preach i Fiir to Sermon at the it 30 a. In. S. Noce june 5. A native of Canada the Rev. A wok on rec vivid his Bablin Elor of theology degree f r o in Alberta College and a Bachelor of divinity degree from the a a n theological Seminary at Butler University India Nap ohs. Ind. He is now a candidate for a master of arts degree at Butler and has also studied cd is orcs at Purdue University. The Rev. Or. Whitton was a member of the drafting com Mitten for the Constitution a and by Laws of the new association of the United Church of Christ. Mrs. Whitton is a graduate of Codon. Ont. Teachers College and imbed at the University of Western Ontario. The Whit tons have three children. Tie is not the c or a ii d intr inc to bi1 i Aid. Yankee Vandal inst Columbia. So. Apr Fin there s a Yankee on the carports is at the University of South Carnana. The Gen Robert e. L e e memorial tree a 25-foot Magnolia. Xmas Cut off about four feet or be from the ground u in \ sign left on the stump read Sherman rides n cry Lake Street Shade Trees evergreens a a Uzl in Many varieties White Birch clumps flowering shrubs fruit Trees potted roses Flower seedlings Mueller s Nursery 1301 Mansfield St. Chippewa Falls for year memorial week end outings or him patties phone us or your announcing the Blackwood w j ii Liun America s number one quartet for All occasions. Let us advise you regarding the proper attire for your wedding or other important events. Featuring Tony Martin Sty i and ail the latest styles perfect fit guaranteed evening appointments Independent cleaners Complete rental service 402 Bellinger St. Phone 834-1568 o Barbecue supplies 0 Barbecue sauce a Barbecue Beans o Southern Cole Slaw Barbecue Chi Kim 3ibs--p0rk--Bsef,. Etc. I. W try 1/ a Sass in t it. It a a. Ai a to f a v a a for two two n in Fout Ranspot irs Rife the Avenue and Lake in my information a v Street Call 832-6604 10 50 . 10 50 . Money Back guarantee Kman i i s i la 201 n. Barstow St. Cd Loch schools 9 30 amp won tsp prices 9 30 amp Over vex eco 050 in your radio 10 of to 10 30 . Faut an t a care from 9 15 . Fit noon a Rmon by r v. A Rte Grover Quot hands Quot a ?0 memory a services c go . Conf Natl Perry h. Saito Arthur e. Haerle ministers John a. Kruse minister to the Campus 7= of the Blackwood Brothers have been pioneers in bringing Gosp music to the world. N by or a ii s a Best Choice when b biding or remodelling re x Jive in phone 834-3158 1720 Harding ave. Pentecostal Assembly 9th ave amp Market St., eau Claire wis. Public invited no admission Melcor Quality of Foj i i ii i i i i i w i i i 111 i Rokl baked won t i you s. Already painted ii i i a i Ltd it f p that Way. Has two con la of i 1.1 i and in tide attractive White surface t i k or a a i a will never need scraping. Rep. N i i. And k it Quot Lorien of sturdy steel form Mill v. Let All ladders against it without la Mare a Strong Wator tight a worrying about dentin let us show you samples i i v. F Avi ill us inday for a free eat Imato. Lumber co. R i i pm c. A of ii i of a a eau Claire Wisconsin dial 835-6119

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