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Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Eau Claire Daily Telegram (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Eau Claire, Wisconsin The daily Telegram vol. Xxi associated press no. 1?6 16 pages legislature fails to wind up session eau Claire Wisconsin saturday afternoon May 28, 1966 United Prew International 2 sections prot ten cent Highway Bill gets preliminary of m Milson i it a a ,., a a i construction Hill it my i prove m la lie a till ill ably i. Rove a yid in a i la b i it ii Ridden bul Ali ii of legislative lenders Iron i Knowles Al the stall of held the House in session from of i he Mea Ore Ile would have Given Milwaukee off on an Early Start for the would keep the Issue alive and up Hie Spring session 11 hot a Spring session. It would Al h am until debate ended in aked the members to forget county up to $3 million annually weekend. Bhat he and other opposing sen Wayside 0vv sj., ,0 of j for 120.5 hours Lal or political Eon ideation and from the additional gasoline Rijk proposed repeal of we a ors would by subjected to debates i Millen j0 Complete the inter Nikolay speak leaded oppose provincialism and vote for the taxes Consul s ban on Branch banking More a heavy pressure from state system. Ilion to the proposal and offered Hill up fur Iris would pay the to was the Issue reopened. Sen. Those who want this Bill bad in addition it would increase i or pm it in cents that would when we Start to become per rent state share of inter-1 Richard Zabor skid Milwaukee a live been pressured on this the gasoline lax from six Losev j Ivy Sll in 111,1 bonding pro cd Orn Peffly provincial Here in state financing that Milwaukee did it by moving reconsideration Bill to the Point where in a War in cents a gallon most of the a Slons a 1,111 our legislating a Huber said county currently pays itself the of the vote by which the Senate cd for my kids and my family a estimated $15 million raised you can buy minding ii you state government will grind to Cost of interstate highways Gen rejected the Jill thursday. Loric int a Nikolay said a but in a a Oral this week fell by Ila when. Veral Long erupted Over major Hills. They Are now aiming of adjournment next weekend. A Waler pollution Ute Haring Fop apr it Oval a 50 11 it Vipont ins gathered slap immediate consid cleanup priority Highway construction decisive would go to speeding construe erred to i of would i Majo Hill before the convenes to Aker a two ii Iii re i i i. Aid. A i live out in the orally i met on a 90 to ratio of Zaborski asked that his motion country and i get people Knockin is decisive action Ilion work on stale trunk pro a Quot a my Lek Ltd not of Spon 1 Nikolay repeatedly contended Federal state sharing a put on Calendar which will log on my door at night. A a ext week la has been passed eels the rest would pay inter i?,1 v Truing the Highway j?1 j allowing the stale to Florid Milwaukee county represent have the effect of delaying a the Bear Creek senator then by the Smale nil has not beam esl on the interstate kinds. Commission an open door to the for q1interstate would Lead to lives said they would refuse to vote until the legislature meets referred to a Dane county la in up by the Assembly. The Assembly leadership had v 1 unlimited borrowing for any rapport the Bill unless flu again another meeting is Eon grand jury investigating Ai the Senate has not yet be hoped to Complete action on the a provincialism hit state project. Amendment were attached but to plated this fall. Legend violations of the lobby Law in a it lion on the Highway Meas Hill before breaking for the me Assembly speaker Robert flu much of the debate frequent i11 efforts to approve it failed j Gerald i Irge a Bear ind said in it Morial Day weekend to do this her a West Allis put his per by filled with Hiller accusations the Senate advanced a num j a reek utterly opposed Zabor a we no Only need a grand Tim Lull essentially is the same Assembly majority Leader j Sonal prestige on the line and of a Power politics a entered her of Hills reopened an Issue skins move but could not Sway jury investigation but we need a that proposed by gov. War-1 Frank Nikolay i Abbotsford heft his Rostrum to urge support1 around an amendment that it thought it had settled and got the House. Gorge said the action Quot Cree in Cambodia reported denied Rusk says troops won t be pulled out of Europe Washington cog Sec rotary of state Dean Busk has ruled out any major withdrawal of i s. Troops from German he said european allies ii. A been assured a our forces will remain there As Long As they Are needed and wanted Busk also told a news Confer once Friday he Hope members e North Atlantic treaty \. Gromyko Scall for a pan european Security conference. Danes follow through Denmark plans to broach the idea Al the Brussels meeting. Qualified diplomats in London said the United states and Var ious other Allied countries react 0 i organization decisions soon moving nato a an reach on Laris for re s military head to ignore the confrontation of the world Powers in Central Europe which is bound no with this division. Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield has proposed Iii inning out . Forces in Europe and an associated press poll of 75 senators shows 44 favored some reduction in the 225,000-Man . Force in Western Europe under nato. Six . Army quarters and Bast s France. 11 s a id Way s i inn East a it j relations will be cussed extensively when he other Allied foreign mini gather in Brussel nato Council no his comments Allied move was n Way in Lur opt soviet foreign to i ensued ters june 6 for a Ting. Cana As an sorted under respond to Mer Andrei attack by yanks Quot i cautiously but not adversely when notified of the danish intent Ion. Any conference on european com Ify would Center on the divisions Are in West Germany continued division of Germany Rusk said the nato military a 20 years after the Start of world situation and possible threats War la West German Chancel against Western Europe would e Lur Ludwig Erhard spoke of this be reviewed in the Brussels co division Friday when he said Terence but declared of Ameri nne of the great tasks of the j can forces in Germany Atlantic Alliance is to begin a1 a we have indicated that our a real dialog with the com in u j forces will remain there As Long m a world. As they Are needed and wanted. A it is possible to ignore the and we have also indicated to of germans Over j the nato Council that we do of their country a a not anticipate withdrawing May it is not possible Jajor units from sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., whose National Security subcommittee has been holding hearings on nato and the troop commitment Issue said he supports rusks views. Displeasure the division Erhard said. C time Iii ii i for ii Havana map ister Fidel a astr night he is convinced the United states is planning a armed aggression against Cuba and ordered a state a i Alert for Cuba s 100,000man armed forces. Iii a communique read Over radio and television Castro accused Secretary of state Dean Rusk of a up Martira h threatening us with War Over armed clashes Between . And cuban of vees a i o n g i p a meter of the v s. Naval a a Guantanamo in Southeastern Cuba. President Uvalde porticos immediately Ceile i in the ambassadors of communist countries and asked for volunteers a willing to Aid Cuba against Hie threat of aggression by v hike the ambassadors present included those of communist China. The soviet Union and North not proper time a hopefully in time there can and false declarations they Are be some reduction of american try ing to create psychological j ground forces but certainly this conditions to unleash an Daggres is not be Rne to discuss the Sion against our country a he1 possibility a Jackson said. A to Pentagon Bosses silence general Saigon. South Viet Nam ser to newsmen s questions apr authoritative sources that he knew nothing about said today up to 10.000 North Larsen a report. Vietnamese regu s Are poised b u t Rusk said communist in the by Phong mountains in forces have been abusing Cam Cambodia presumably for a Bodiao a neutrality. He added drive against the strategic Cen that the United states favors Intra Highlands of set uth Viet Ter National action to secure that Nam. Southeast asian country a Neu this was Learned after maj. Trility and territorial integrity. Gen. Stanley r. Larsen said in in other matters relating to Washington that up to six North Viet Nam Rusk said vietnamese regiments Are the Fca a h massed in Cambodia for apes let Sib e drive into South Viet Nam. A a a a press conference a bomb Lary Quot returns Gamst the Larsen commander Olfield re a on a��?o"d1?a Quot a i and he be Force i. Comprising All major enter of the break Between the . Army and korean ground a Saigon r e forces in about 40 per cent of 8ime South Viet Nam. Made the a . Pilots a have instruct statement at a Washington news icons not to intruder into red conference. Chivas airspace. The Secretary the statement brought a Deni of state said pilots involved in a1 from the . Defense de a recent incident claimed they apartment. Had not violated chinese air Llo Wever the sources said space. But Rusk said he thought intelligence reports available to there had been an instance in i military commanders Here Tell which a navigation error had i of the North vietnamese Force resulted in an intrusion. In cambodian mountains facing . Officials new targets for buddhists Saigon up a thousands of howling anti government buddhists led by monks on bicycles stormed through the the 32nd and 33rd of the North streets of Saigon tonight. They the infantrymen reported vietnamese 325th division wave banners calling Secreta to North of an Khe and 265 Miles killing 157 Viet Cong in the oper which fought in the big Battle a state Dean Rusk i rain jams Atlanta traffic a Atlanta ga., traffic was snarled late Friday and slowed almost to a crawl by a Flash flood caused by an Inch of rain falling in less than an hour. At left a woman slashes along sidewalk while vehicles navigate bumper High water. A wire photo marines vietnamese team up in push against enemy i the Plesku area of West Central Viet Nam. These reports have been com ing in for several months and i have Only been confirmed in recent weeks. According to information in Saigon the North vietnamese Saigon South Viet Nam 1st cavalry a airmobile Divi. Salt 1,200 pounds of Rice and a i plan to move against South Viet apr a combined Force of 1,-Jsion Friday night but was drive Large Quantity of medical sup Nam when the Rainy season american marines and in off in a 30-minute fight after plies. Passes its Midsummer Peak. A abandon to a Token unit could tiring South vietnamese troops the cavalrymen called in Anil a the . 25th infantry Divi probably in Early fall. Said. Reduce americans commitment.500 Cuba will never. ,. Custody of our territory which i nato to the Point of Disi Tegra launched an amphibious and Lery and illuminated the area Sion ended a 12-Day sweep of two of the six regiments in is virtually what Rusk is de helicopter assault against the j with flares from planes. This Jungles 35 Miles Northwest of the Cambodia mountains Are m ending Quot Castro said. Instead sen. Thomas j. Mcintyre d Viet Cong near the Northern action took place in the area of Saigon called operation Bahia what we will do immediately i n.h., who has urged that the coastal City of Quang Ngai. The operation crazy horsej20 Miles a is put our revolutionary armed United states consider sub Stan . Command announced forces and All the people of tial troop reduction to prod a1 Day. Northeast of Saigon. Action and capturing to while Cuba in a state of Hies into carrying bigger de Little resistance �?o0ther units of the cavalry sustaining Light casualties them states sense responsibilities said he a spokesman said the joint division uncovered a Viet Cong selves. Last november in the la Drang defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara warmongers. S. He said the United Valley informants said. This area in Viet Nam is trea a i nored to Ald not even bother to Send a thinks it was a Good sign the Force had met Little resistance Cache Friday containing 42 re-1 because of the continuing across the Border from where to ice and South vietnamese Olom tic note on such alien j Secretary had to reassure the coastal sweep a three co illness rifles 17.000 rounds of Monsoon storms the . Air the North vietnamese Are now marines used ear ear or Lions Henuse ii would no Quot he obviously he said. European pronged assault 15 Miles North j ammunition. 18.000 pounds of i offensive Over North Vici Nam reported massed. It. Is a terms Jan he Day disperse pm. Talk of of Quang Ngai and 235 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The . Command at first noted. Headers have heard the a we have often said we do not troop reductions and Are skip a War. But we Are not of in a. A a what a this All about a a lies in believing that imperil at the news conference Rusk i announced the operation was an St aggression can be stopped sat a problems arising from a Marine show but later Cor sentimental exhortations to president Charles de Gauher so ight today Index the Quot Waie vie Nam and the live of the Viet col in South Viet n in no report on the Dor tiros request a Astro said the i department lied in of Lim that six cuban soldiers be t rat cd the us a base mum and exchanged fire with min can guards Lin k told a new e Friday the United states i protested the incident my mended that such Artize St a defense department Spok Man said As far As is known one was injured in the Evelian of gunfire Astro said the i Tel 1 Quot in v Ion a does not contain i slightest element of to likened it i Quot lies which a always precede the a of Yankee Impe Ile denounced tie in Pentagon a As a 1 Tio Zarics Bindi without scruple an a a maybe by such a i rented this to say that it was a on Nunt and peace a Cas plans to withdraw France from mlle thre a battalion Force Olti said natos military Structure will marines and South vietnamese the prime minister also reit be a major topic of discussion at j rated cuban claims that . Jibe Brussels meeting. No Ces at Guantanamo had shot a i Hope we can make some death a cuban sentry last solid Progress and make some saturday night while he was on specific decisions on certain guard on cuban soil. I Points a he said. Sex president drops from dominican race the continuing assault was launched wednesday and reports indicated Allied troops initially had failed to flush out Many Viet Cong. They reported killing 15 of the enemy and Cap _ j luring 20 suspects in the first i four Days. B52s hit nearby also in Quang Ngai province i not far from the Marine assault american b52 bombers struck obituaries woman a Section editorial sports comics daily records classified Page 7a a 6a 1-2b 4b 5b 5-6-7b i Friday dropped to its lowest Nal Point of one of the North How in a a Trou 0f Antl govern Point in recent weeks. The air South infiltration routes used by men demonstrates and threat. Force flew Only two Mission Hanoi troops. Lnch use vomit Navy fliers from the aircraft the Mountain country Msj diarrhoea and Skunk earner Hancock flew Only eight known to have heavy Jungle whose ing effects last missions Friday canopy Trees and growth prom a ours. On the ground two battalions Viding Good concealment Bhe buddhists trying to of Viet Cong or about 600 men Gen. Larsen is commander of attacked a vietnamese militia . Forces in the la corps area Camp 25 Miles West of Saigon j which includes the Central High Friday night. They were beaten lands. Back by the vietnamese defend Larsen now on leave in ers reinforced by 40 american Washington told newsmen Fri a today at two suspected Viet Santo Domingo up a merge their two political Cong troop concentration areas inner president Joaquin Balu parties and unite against Juan the targets were 30 Miles norther today announced his Bosch another former pres West of Quang Ngai City. Six lost French pilots jump let jets crash overthrow Premier Nguyen Cao by ignored tile threats and stormed out of the Viet Hoa Dan Pagoda thousands Strong to protest Kyd a government and a Green berets the elite Spe Day there is plenty of evidence Ltd Elal forces soldiers. I0f the North vietnamese troops a a a a Hal the a is my a win concentration in the cambodian i Arsen switches j after he said this the Pentagon contradicted him and a a sen said. Quot i stand corrected Quot or Quot is Quot a Lon i observers Here Felt the defense department denial was Huelva Spain a the one Pilot Apt. Bertrand Oli is sat a because the situation in crash of six French Jet fighters vier �?~27, said the men lost their valves a professedly Neutral in southwestern Spain Friday Way because of Cloudy skies codify Cambodia withdrawal from the presiden-1ident who draws his political in other War developments touched off an immediate invest Over Sevilla province and lost 1,11 not r�n8 t0 question ii i elections scheduled for support from the left. A a reinforced Viet Cong Pla ligation by Spanish and French radio Contact with san Pablo superiors about what they wednesday. Balaguero a withdrawal today Toon attacked a unit of the . Officials. Airport at Sevilla less than 25 say Llu defense department Balaguer is considered the came after the Central elector-1 All six pilots parachuted to Miles away. By is a to More information to conservative of the three i a1 Board ice rejected his 3 Alan nov do Fly i safety before their mystery in other Fields nearby 8� on than i have a Larsen planes crashed in a swampy ii no Ali mina1 Obi Hie no Peeler i to ads the daily Tell Gram will not be Public died Mondo he j cause of he of a Vince of the min Morial hoi v my dates for urn june i demand that women be exempt election. His withdrawal came led from having the required shortly after a new party the identification card to vote. He Liberal revolutionist party said this was necessary be a Quot lied behind his Banner j cause his chief opponents \ source close to Balaguer Bosch a democratic revolution Ilia Lead the Reform party,1 by party were making it lid the resignation was difficult for his supporters to serious and that if definitely i acquire the cards u not a political Man Euver Balaguero a announcement Only Friday the vice pres came As a Climax to a Day of i in ii i ii i candidate of Rafael political developments Friday Bonnilyn a National integration in which Bosch called on i movement Nim resigned and i own followers to go to the in Gimps i with Sticks Ger followers said this meant Balaguer both knives pistols and sub machine were ready to guns 83 already dead 111 Holiday traffic Pas urn it area mar pus Atlantic to ask Why the pilots abandoned investigators were expected added Saigon a number of officers strongly j a h a Iii Hippo behind at move had led to reports a my and in Alives by the associated press traffic deaths mounted today As millions of motorcars crowd cd the highways on the first full Day of the extended memorial Day Holiday at least 83 persons w e r e killed m traffic accidents one person died in a boating mishap and there was one drowning in so related to boating polls j the weather was unreason i or More armed ably Cool Iii much of the North and stones. Baka Cen part of the country a n d warm Iii the South. Showers and thunderstorms were wide spread port 280 Miles Southwest of planes near Huelva 50 i Clr id authorities said Miles West of Sevilla instead of French consular officials in trying to land at two Well Sevilla the intended destination equipped airports not far away of the 580-mile training flight the .-Spanish base at Moron from Bordeaux France said j 35 Miles Southeast of Sevilla or none of the pilots was seriously the .-Spanish base at Rota Hurt and they would be returned on the Atlantic 55 Miles South Loday to their French base West of Sevilla. The French defense ministry French officials said Itiat bested the unarmed $600,000 jets j cause the planes had been on a became lost in flight a for an i navigational training flight they j undetermined reason Quot and had had not been armed. The jets i not been Able to land at Sevilla had been in route to joint meanwhile the . Mission announced that the . Consulate in Hue was closed Down to iday because of the poor Secu from Buddhist led disorders. A spokesman said however the american Consul Thomas Corcoran is remaining in Hue land has set up an office in the military assistance command compound. All except a handful of americans including most of the consulate staff were evacuated Friday from Hue and flown to probably because of had weather. They crashed later due to Lack of fuel the ministry said. French Spanish air Maneu vers in this andalusian area North of Gibralter and East of Portugal. Indicated irritation at the Pentagon s action in private conversations. Secretary of state Dean Rusk said later in Washington in an weather Wisconsin a fair and con to sued cold tonight and sunday. Chance of Frost in North tonight. Minnesota mostly fair and cold tonight and sunday except occasional cloudiness Northeast with possible Brief rain or Snow. Japan promises loan to help indonesians t 0 k y o a Japan pledged an emergency three i month $30-milion loan to Indonesia today and said it would i be willing to loan More if other nations joined in. In a joint communique signed by japanese officials and a visiting indonesian delegation Japan called for a meeting of an International conference to Aid the shattered indonesian Economy. A

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