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Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 4

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Eau Claire Daily Telegram (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Editorials features flood will come again be prepared As Tho Crest of Mississippi floodwater escalation saturday May i 1965 4-a the doily Tolo Flom iou Clair Diaconal which there Are no buildings now. 3. Develop alternate uses of flood Plains perhaps As Parks playground fish and came developments picnic areas or summer Campground. 4. Where floods smashed Homes or de Rolls downriver and the costly cleanup polished buildings let beyond repair con chore begins w. A. Rowlands of the relocation to higher safer land be agricultural economics department of cure from floods to come. Such a renewal Wisconsin Steps for constructive Sugges project could Lead the Way to future development of a Community. 5. Seek and encourage local citizens to take a full part in All town Village City. Or county Iniard deliberations on zoning to establish the firm base of any ordinances adopted to ignore the lesson of april 1965. To invite the return if next High water of the University of Ward with some Tion. The flood will Rome again he advises there Are five ways at least in which Man can recognize that reality and show his intelligence by preparing for it. A it is much Lefter to keep the it Eop of out of the path of the floods than to almost impossible task of keeping s Ason Oss and Cne f hoods out of the path of people he says. Tins Spring s flooding can serve one useful purpose by establishing boundaries of the flood Plains of Riverside communities they remind Man that a River consists of two parts the main Channel and the flood Plain. The Essen after eight months of political tial characteristic of the flood Plain is to fighting Western Wisconsin finally has a take overflow water from the main Chan Federal judge and a Good one. But the Nel during the Spring Runoff and during excellent appointment did not need Doyle appointment As Federal judge heavy Flash floods at other seasons Man s tendency to ignore the flood take that time. The new i if. Who hopefully will River Hanks themselves. Arum Plain leads him not Only to encroach upon hold Federal court sessions in Kau Claire i hut even to build Over and upon the is Madison attorney Lames u Doyle. Id. Former state democratic chairman. A graduate of the University of a prof Erv Cousin and Columbia Law six Hor i. Doyle to or 20 served in the . Navy. As a Law clerk James i Byrnes then a supreme court Justice and Follower Barri of War mobilization and also served the state depart la vat Quot it came Secretary of to help prevent Futon loss of life damage to Homes and other when the floods come Hack in veal or i craps in 1966, prof Rowlands to offers the following record Merida ions i. Mark nut the flood Plain boundaries of fire in your Community 2 consider zoning against vets of Ile future Btl Merit after voice of i he people suggests Reading the Constitution eminent of the United states of America and since you mentioned the Confederate Flag which is past tense the american Flag is the Only Flag in a interested in. Farmers wife Colfax. Wis. To the editor both articles signed a h o p a Ful Quot of Menomonie and a pc o i fax Farmers were read b y me. And i would suggest that you both read the Constitution Cage Len a bottle of the United states and in i Quot you will find mat All eligible a twist Rowe Evi citizens of the i s. Have the a right to vote. So the present t0 he editor 1964 unfair unconstitutional president Johnson won h i s civil rights Bill was unessential. Great plurality last fall by sub Why not enforce our present to Selling the voters on his constitutional Laws. Instead creating More Laws of go easy War with s. Viet Nam. On the other hand he adroitly All citizens. Regardless of col ept the War Hawks and the or. Creed or race have t h e Nult billion Dollar military inviting privilege although they dust rial Complex in line by hint do not take advantage of it eng that he would not offend for instance Only one third of Lem either. The Hopes of the Wisconsin citizens voted in the latter have been realized by a primary. Some consider it not much stepped up momentum in important and because of that the War Effort. It must be re certain Good candidates do not Mem ered that no political can get on the ticket attain Eminence without the at times Only 50 per cent or supp it it of the military in less vote in the general Clee dust rial Combine and aided action not because they Are being s0 by highly vocal voice of discriminated against b u t the Vight Wing fanatics. Many because of apathy. This occurs Blob officials senators and Conin All states even in practically Glassmen have found this out White population areas. When they dared Challenge the Virt atm Quot a Quot x wac or recon a is a i a governor Wallace says a eligible voters regardless o f a a establishment. Whenever any one questions the futility and rnai habitation and residential develop state. In 1916 he returned to Madison a men those parts of the fax Al Plain on assistant i s. Attorney. National window Southern Whites May turn to gop by Higson United pre International sir Thomas Gresham was an English Man Cut who gave his name to Gresham s Law of economics most briefly this Law May be stated that had Money drives Good Money out of circulation a us he has pm a Linal Law in Washington merry go round he ran unsuccessfully for thei since Madison democratic nomination for governor in 19>t losing to now senator William Proxmire Senate confirmation of the new judge is Lielie Ved a certainty. He is widely respected by the lawyers of the state and no opposition to the nomination is expect f is this or that color Creed or race can Regis wastefulness of our War plans Ter and and vote b u t election he is immediately labelled an time in Al barn i was approx 0fostructiomst and a Pink. Even mately 14 years away so Why Mcnamara was jumped upon the March to the court House and criticized when he first it was erratic noisy and a made known ills plans to Cut a peace disturbance and eight Back on Navy Yards and Obs Solon seeks to Block curb on to ads weeks of demonstrating was hard to endure. There Lete missile bases. Is it not True however that and a hopeful from venom the military Industrial com Onie since you criticized gov. Sex now includes most of us by Drew Pearson with president Johnson turn critical of lbs a a vietnamese Wallace for not providing pro the multiple Cost plus defense a a Section for the marchers on a contractors and subcontract 50 mile stretch just Why should tors the i a unions the gov. Wallace provide Alabama plumbers on missile Sites at $5 merchants and none of us wish copyright 1965. By Bell Mcclure Syndicate Washington on ing Oft unnecessary lights in policy is an ancient understand the White House the tax pay my Between the onetime senors will be Happy to learn that Ator from Texas and the pres t h e military Light bulbs Are now ent senator from Oregon. State funds for the outsiders Jan Bour the they have battled vigorously i Corning into mis state uninvited. Salesmen same Day that de Mur Row under the consolidated Man famed lbs broadcaster died a gement of the Navy. This. To of lung cancer the Senate leaked out when Hep. Dan 1. Aware of Niahama us Commerce committee finally flood. A a. Demanded to a enu be Quot of for each Only morally and legally Obi he is interested in the Wel make Jess Money. Are there fare of Alabama citizens and is any 0f wb0 really want to the flood situation May be Many but it has created a Little okayed a watered Down Bill to know at a closed door approx hardship for require a health warning on privations meeting if the Mili some years ago. When Wayne gated to protect them. If anyone is entitled to a no and live it . Asia the defense Gravy train Stop in order to save dollars of the metro cigarettes thereby preventing tary had a stabilized the prob Morse was speaking in Austin by prize among the coloured Itkes guts fight again tit in Gay. 9rixm i Irti of Leno i m i a a a a r a _ j i i i i in in. A a in a _ i m o a 0 More formally. Gresham Law is that when Politan atmosphere to our Village in the fact others from dying of lung can Lem on Light fixtures a n d he told his Texas audience j would be the Devine Marian entrenched wealth and Power. A one of your senators Price Anderson who was a Good will men like senator Gruening of somebody Daniel represents the Oil com ambassador some years ago Alaska Morse of Oregon. Glt Laud bad Money Are simultaneously circulation the bad Money will continue circulation whereas the Good Money will hoarded or melted Down for Bullion in that All the main trains were re routed Hack Eer sen Maurine Neuberger d m on our line through Woodville it has been be quite a thrill to Many to the popular Burl or whose husband died in ton Zephyr the Hiawatha and the Empire cancer authored the by lamps. A two years ago a bought enough Light bulbs for panics. The other senator and among the Whites Averell Church 0f Idaho Fulbright of it a i aaa. It j. I i cd i u. I f a i to i. _ a the negro emergence As a powerful Force builder zoom through our town it probably As Tom need Down a bit by at the polls invites consideration whether Gresh will be Many a Day before our citizenry will v a ten Magnuson f rom different wattages0 Arn i Law of economic might also be Applice View trains of this stature on this line again he Val state of Washington. About the bulbs Able to politics for example have you seem them1 in the twin cities and Hgt Muk is cigars not cig wattage and adj Coj. Would \ massive infusion of negro vol other main towns along these rail lines it is ers into heretofore White Southern primaries a common sight to the Large trains wend White electors to Cut their party Moor their Way through the Countryside hut Here Arette. Magnuson s changes were love pats however compared 1.000 years a declared flood Only a what do you do about bulbs and of All colors Are they bought like hamburger himself Harriman Arkansaw and a few others Are Lyndon has the reputation of being thin skinned about criticism. But shortly thereafter when Wayne Morse was run and Ning for reelection the sen i remember the Case you Ator from Texas came to a held to launch Morse s my interests Are for cons Titu against forces of evil and t i o n a i conservative g o a p0wer they need All the help that they can get from the voters Back Home. V. P. Mock. Him we to electors to nit their party Moor their Way through the Countryside nut Quot Ere with the strange Roadblock pro speak replied vice Admiral Heon mss and Kolt is it what of Tim do not in to i or we have not nth so fortunate and a a a con Ressman from . Lyle. I presume i h e i imply that new to votes or new Roele it Dors Are Only the Moo As the High Ekht of he Chicago. The let Ani in. _ Transfer to us for integrated m3 a Quot bad but the question Dors ree ogre the liken Northwestern line. This train has Tong since dec Tex. J or consolidated management a a Hor i that a massive intrusion of negro bloc been taken off also voters into a Mississippi or Alabama pre Mary for example could encounter consider Abu resentment resistance would by unlawful tile Woodville Leader when the medicare tax is imposed on pay Cheeks Many fio had believed that the Federal for frustrated southerners one alternative government was about to present them a gift would be to accept newly enfranchised be will begin to who pays the Cost. Groes As a balance of Power authority in the be that As it May tile Era of medicare is i it Emo Cutie part the Oiler alternative must about to be launched new bureaucracy will be to for White electors to take their political organized in Washington with outpost through As. Walter Rogers of p a in p a Rogers has trod us e d a Bill which would prevent t h e fed e r a i Trade con was the result of that criticism by the general accounting office. A yes. We have the bulbs. We have them under Consoli James Smaby of la Crosse. The chances Are excellent that commissioner Smaby Chippewa Falls wis. In spite of his nominal Assoc a and paid tribute to a Ion with a former democratic. As one of the most of administration will be named management eve members of the Senate chairman to succeed commissioner Rahr As a Token of re More recently when Morse so they say this is one Job in a not going to quit. They re going to have engineered the administrations ence Anco the affectionate reeducation Bill through the sen Gar i 0f his colleagues ate without a single solitary the five men of the com dated Quot managements Spect for his seniority expert to fire me new York Yankee and f o r Mer St. Louis Cardinal manager Johnny Keane. Ivor ton the time we Check the next time there will not be 41 years to him again. Vice president recently renamed by Knowles Humphrey concurred fewer and fewer criminal a you Are fairly Well known in con cases Are resulting in convict can to beat Wayne Morse a he sedation circles because 0 f tons. Business Clos where As for the balance of pow out the country hospitals and physicians will traae com a a said. A you May cuss him. You their previous service in thei a a Nikon Rhiea ook n it potential of the Southern negro the Popup adapt to new conditions this in turn May Lead Mission from exercising its j Hope you get your Hopes May disagree with him. But if conservation adm Nistra a sitar action figures Are conclusive to changes in the number it Hospital admin duties under the i a w or Reg observed the congressman irom in the la Southern states Tho number of Mons arum the paperwork for administrators and plating cigarette advertising Pennsylvania Whites of voting age is approximately 20 Mil doctors a a a Wayne Morse lion and negroes of voting age about five Mil what has been talked about for two decades ,n8�?T a 6 a in Leman from Pam n., a just ased Murrow was by May disagree you want a Job done just Tion. Somebody has suggested give it to Wayne. He a a great that comparatively Little is yet Many known about commissioner lice superintendent. Notes on the news behind the refusal or presi lion tile average percentage and participation 1s about to become a reality and it portends f a pushing his Bill in elections unquestionably will increase through great change tile hard sell of the medicare10 prevent the Trade commis i t in to akm a Lovli or a a a inf it in aft let a a Riv a The pen Duck Volar right. Hill gtd has has prevailed and it remain to be a a a of a Quot 10 a i a to Jil. Julic elements of a negro balance of pow Etc a How pleased the customer is w Ith his Kyj Sitison Are amply evident in tin South a de now on the basis of recent pres dental elect the Ameri a a negro is a Polit up base Mem it Lus con Vercial a Jwal a a the Man whose great Grandfather built a i Democrat masses of White Southern vol Railroad through the wilderness with out asking e already have deserted the Hitik Static the Public does t know it. But Rogers has a strange recod for a congressman who lives so far away from Madison Avenue when the big and this was one reason Why Tyler the new Man recruited Dent Johnson to join some of president Johnson queried at by presen governor. He is a Man of late Middle age who is one of the Best known civic leaders in Northwestern Wisconsin a former rect Potshot at sen. Wayne critics of his vietnamese of Oregon for being by did not criticise the critics. To in presidential politic tins is a trend in to i tend to local politics president John s n lost Alabama Georgia do Wisiana. Mis j Nappi and South Carolina in 1%4. Bloc negro v i a 11ng enabled lbs to win Florida and v Irginia which had riot gone Thrno crate since 1948 Quot Hie gravel will foul the political gear to i when tin infusion of negro votes massively Par approval my has to rat a permit to remodel Lef Mandiv it nuke his front Wall Street journal u Juhn from our files to years acid Bill sen Cornelist and Mac Scott trombonist. Aft i ct., do Mccratic Puma Vries to nominate it Ltd with the senior High concert band at and congressional candidates that band s annual pop concert and were Avenue want a Job done in Congress they seem to Gravit a t e not to a Manhattan congressman but All Hie Way Down to Pampa. Tex., where Hep Rogers dutifully goes to Bat for them once before when Hie Federal communications Cori Mussio n Wisconsin report appointments assure Accord on conservation commission by John Wyngaard i a c ii w hit of a i a n n the w bite a uld Rny unreasonable to believe that Southern featured soloists seek Means to nominate for he Al modelling for the will free of massive exclude negroes from primary polling a could to a mass Hight of Southern to the Republican party tile Whites assume that the negroes would not Foi Low them or. In any event would not follow immediately there could a super organization among White Job a Ticiano to limit tin number o Prim ars contestants so that there would by Opportunity for negroes to exercise o to Madison a confirmation by the state Senate of the second and third of gov. Warren got aroused Over misleading. I nominees for seats on cum Stantial. The conservation commis own objectives As he have communicated to them. County officer of Price county with considerable Public affairs experience an energetic promoter of natural resource conservation causes in the upper Wisconsin District and a Man who has had a considerable Suc Cess in private business. M r. I May Tyler has informed this department that he is no longer an the fact that the Gover owner of the Bank which he i j norms nominees Are identifiably republicans is not entirely Cir distaste us to commercials annual Regis High blk a it used by Madison Avenue and M it influence i hey style show and Tea Given by the clothing class was fax it it to regulate the vast Slon assures a were Joanne Ryder arid Sandra Surguy 15 years ago Saliard 314 Polk ave a balance r Power authority in the Hilling it is obvious the n of negro electors could not of of col Alton a Apt Randolph a Kern 3d&Quot among 83 Reserve and Nat. That graduated from a sort Date course at the command staff College of the army. It Kan on the committee in charge Ltd of tin in unregulated television Indus Stah Lohy of try Madmon Avenue reached p 0 11 c y an Down to Pampa and rep Ling 0ut of in the and a a a rallied to its defense he direction of Dawn St were introduced a Bill forbidding con guard officers the acc from regulating to sedation pro to week Vassiv commercials Gram which general another interesting sideline by Babiy attracts the a Spur clubs opening party were or and mrs ii Jav duped ii Bartingale or or Are mrs m j and mrs n a Hayden Ros Sniack and Sallie Burke prevail in a primary Over hic majority White electors if the Whites had agn de on a single entry or. Even on a primary detest by Viten two or Oliree acceptable candidate such organization is hard to came by. It never can Long continue on tax other hand the lit. _ ,. Publican party alway will be available to Wel or and mrs Eddie let be celebrated Rome White refugee from negro peroration Golden wedding an Versari at toe Church where they were married 50 years be and Leavenworth of rep Rogers is preventing recreation area far Distant 8 or interest and Fnu a Texas from being de reded in recent years and that therefore he will have ample time to devote to t h e the governor has a pred Eli considerable responsibilities of bit of More Resi w a Mignarri cation for the selection of men new and he knows and trusts and who fice. Are Likely to share his own Outlook on Public affairs even As did his democratic predecessors. And even As would any governor who is not wholly oblivious to the practical aspects of politics. But the fad that these four men Are republicans by declaration and reputation is not As important As some apprehend a salaried state o f Berry a world a a so no american Falls into he sin traps of Paris they re investigating 25 years ago last week. Do rotary the Interior Stewart Udall plus supreme court Justice William o Douglas and sen Paul Dot Dent of Wisconsin than any sire if Earnest persons involved 0f �4t> r state government d i v i in conservation seem to believe. Nor was there any proof during the last six years when commission had some their Amy the ratification of the nomination of Charles f. Smith of the Las. Dill. Led a army of out Wausau for a new term of a members who were democrats door enthusiasts along t h e four Macarthur of Janesville that the fad was especially of local democratic politics. Out of ail of bus could come in the South a respectable two party system hut would be a great Boon to the Republic fore tha Chesapeake Ami Ohio canal to a former commissioner for a relevant the occasions when emphasize that this waterway re turn to Lim old seat and of the Republican commissioner originally proposed by George governor s selection of Dan and the democratic commis mrs Abe Diann was Elei Ted president of the As Mirton preserved Tyler of Price county a doubt turd Ward to succeed Bailey Ramsdell the would have edit foreshadows the Early an Dlf ers elected were h t Lystrup. Vice p�1 marched to the office of rep Proval in the Senate of the daily Telegram s Quot Rogers of Pampa because he governor s decision to retain negligible sooner had any serious d i a Early a Putes or divisions on policy or to h e program were so few As to be member of the asst a rated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local is the Man who has blocked a the services of Guido Rahr of the Point May very Well be 40 years ago a a seventeen written by Booth Tarkington c 4 o canal Manitowoc now the commis illustrated in july when t h e Sion chairman and Dean of the commission under the Law re another texan now in the Board organizes and chooses its offi bilt to make the a a to Mal Park news printed in this newspaper As Well As ail a it. A St. As we mor play for eau it Zaire White Hoase. Has been the thus there win be a majority cers there will be four men Bligh school Lead parts were Given to George big Rorr Prter it if canals All the of liar of the six members of a tire who Are identified As re Voikin and Eunice Vaux to playing the Way from Texas to the Mekong the commission who Are accuse publicans if Only because o f Mother and father were Ardell Andrew and River in Viet Nam. As presi turned to working together their selection by Republican ent. He has ordered the Restora who Are friends of King stand administrations of today and of interpretation of the to a of the c 4 o canal. Blk lug and quite incidentally Are former times. There a news dispatches. Member associated press and United member audit Bureau of circulations press Ada a rising representatives Arnold Werner giving Fine dramatic j Vii Tuie my a Mukut it me Nan of me c amp u canal to it my Ann quite a mentally Are fort Shannon 4 associates inc 333 n Michigan Finger of god a miss Jeanette Maybell of eau the other texan from Pampa republicans in their private two ave., Chicago jul lame won first place in the triangular de a done Bis Best to Block its persuasion. They Are Likely to by Shannon 4 associates inc new York City 757 third ave., Cla Matory contest Between eau Claire. Chip becoming a Park pc w a and men Monu. Light bulbs will b e i others who were Farmer gov Gaylord network harmoniously with gov. Son. A Democrat. They Are a is or Mca. Pc Knowles in pursuing such of his Jack Schumacher of Shawano a you gotta admit it beats afternoon

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