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Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 2

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Eau Claire Daily Telegram (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Eau Claire, Wisconsin County water problems listed Alk 2 1 the Dolly Telegram iou Claire Wisconsin shut inlay May i 1965 burglar asks for rehearing yearbook of in court Here a it Crappie i i rown Bullhead ii Khz Cai Soled Golden or redhorse Ige amounts lie of Public Koki n Dot Arrie r. Sorlien fund drive for mental health opens the annual fund Campaign of the Kau Lair county association for mental health opened today in the county under the chairmanship of ame it. Scram assistant administrator of Luther Hospital the chairman for the City of Kau Claire is Hay Rob be loth not or flow age20 feet so mater impoundment of Blat Creek stocked with Musk latino Large Moi the Bass Bim glib and Rainbow Trout k i tire Lakeshore frontage is i county ownership. Dells Poso Maximin depth to feel. Soft water impoundment of Chippewa River health week a problem to fishery manage Ward c chairmen named to Date Merit is the Man made flu Tua include mrs Roger Kuss third nil tons in water Levels. The sex Ward. Mrs Joseph quells a up cd Enteon islands in the Pond pro fourth the Rev. C. Richard vvi1 vide 6.7 acres Ltd Shoreline in Johnson fifth mrs. Robert a it tided in the total Shoreline Hanson sixth. Mrs Ronald pm a me. I if Ernest thirty five acres Wagner seventh the Psychol. _ _ a a distributed Raymond w Curry. 46, formerly of Kau Claire and Mil North his schools year Waukee who is serving a sen Northern i Litesy. Fence totalling 27 years in Wau a distributed to the students Pun state prison on 14 counts Friday. Principal David p of burglary in Kau Claire and Barnes told a recent it a meet Chippewa county requested his my it was one of the finest guilty plea be set aside and that High school yearbooks he has he be granted a trial in coun seen to court Friday afternoon Norbert k. Wurtzel. Year the court adjourned the Case advisor said the Book Fol for to Days to give Curry sat i Vvs a new design using the Torney Darrell o Hibbard and by 12 Inch format used by District attorney Paul i Okel most colleges and universities. A time to file briefs. Hibbard Gerri Beatty is its editor a was appointed by the state chief. Supreme court to represent from its dark Blue simulate Curry. Ltd leather cover with the Hus to Urry pleaded guilty aug. 28. By Emblem in a Silver pm of 164. To 14 burglary charges bossed Meta Lay to its use of which were consolidated by the color photography the Book two counties. At the time of his will make a bid for honors arraignment. James g. Franey next fall at the University a or. Was appointed by the court High school journalism conto represent Curry and h i s Ference. Sister in Law. Mrs. Ida Curry the full color end s h e e t s flirt Fin Dic Nilep 43, Kau Claire who was also show the High school band apis in charged with burglary marching Down Barstow St. In Green Bay up Curry claims his into and those of mrs Curry in conflict when the who had no previous weather forecast weathermen predict rain saturday night Over the Pacific Northwest into the plateau Region with Clear to partly Cloudy skies Over the rest of the nation. It will be mild in the Eastern half of the nation except for cooler temperatures in the Pacific Northwest. A wire photo court to decide was left $15,000 in the will of Siter principal said. Earl c. Mackay and a third of d u n g the re evaluation the remainder of the $60,000 is meetings held during the first Tate after specific requests of class session of the Day a a pm Jug $51,000 Are paid. Group of 23 parents and friends rests the memorial Day Parade City s two circuit judges asked Mackay who ate frequently of the school handle the Home were year a we did t get our Staje court administrator John at father amp son restaurant room classes for the teachers. Woman band uniforms until late Martin Friday to appoint an where mrs Whitaker is pm the students receive assignable the school Wurtzel said other judge to hear the Case ploy do was a retired laundry ments for a particular class on in to poor a door to door canvass of the to id county will be conduct i during the week of May 9 to i Sorlien said the week of a in i to 9 is National mental Bons wished to plead guilty too late to show off in last on whether an elected town supervisor Curry who had been charged year s Book a of a Suez supervisor can Legal a do offences at other times. The volume also the and was charged with the com features special pictures in sep Mission of the or inn ocame crimes As. Judges Raymond Rahr and rating the sections of the w. Gleason told mar Regis conducting that Day and Are required to work on them during the special study period. Scurry wanted to plead and a , age of news evaluation study Wearp it skin paper headlines both f r o in a1.oilp/flnh a nth in the. Ttru11. R Alleg Irig he is innocent of the Tea main Natuko Charlie Hidi april 6 election. T -1 i j 1 or the court has been asked to school is holding special week-1 by conferences in a self Efalua Augsburg Germany a Tion Survey required for re-1-pvt Wyatt Virgil Earp a i t h e ran e r a n d and Ower. K of marshy wit ands provide orgy club of Kau Claire state be Ting habitat for mallards University eighth mrs. Robert Tea Wood Duck and coot a. Vorpahl ninth mrs James Public frontage amounts to i 06 Hus by loth mrs Joan Ochberg Mil it. Of City owned lands 12th, and mrs. Harold Johnson Kai Claire Lake Max in it the i depth 25 feet soft a the local association is of Pou dment of the Kau ciliated with the National Asso a River and largest single elation for mental health. A. Of the main news events that offences charged and that he Var a was not represented by inde Mem my eng Spring a a Mas Survey required or re a a a a a a it a or. A pendent counsel. Because o f up and t m Dis Al a c a n Newing the schools certificate rect descendant of the legend this. He claims he was per sled summer off be since he was con of Aff Patjon with he National Ary Sharp shooting Earp Broth suede and induced by his at or urea aug evicted in eau Claire circuit c the u University at Wash ers has qualified As an expert Torney to enter a guilty plea to chaps 3 spec Al dance a court in 1951 of conspiracy to in n c with the m14 Rifle a . Army conform with mrs. Corry s a a Bulzel sad a Rob a Bank. State Law Prohic lngt0n Pica the schools first literary i s a person convicted of a Fel. Mrs Curry was sentenced of Magazine the Ink Bunger ony from Bolding elective of sentenced of Magazine a four year term at the Tay , i get moult to a authors cite past in ands As the majority i Vunk a lion and i 0 w to runs made by fire department Quot in of water in Kau it Laire portion of the funds raised will it unto a county Park provid be used to help finance research g swimming facilities pick studies sponsored by the reeking area tent camping and search foundation of the a Iblis Access is bloated on the tonal association rth Side of that a Lake Anothy Access is located on t h e Luth East Side. And the county. La i j applied to the department Low boy held r Aid in construction of an. La a a Cess on the Northeast end of Ngit Loriol in entire Lakeshore of 2 5 lies including 5 6 Miles of May i is the Day usually held Shoreline on 17 islands with 60 for the Observance of Law Day acre. Is owned by Kau Claire hut principal John m. Galla county the county Leas e s Reber Felt the upperclassmen at building Rij Glit to individuals memorial High school would Thi private development in Benefit More if the observe i tides a resort Tiree boat rent Anne were held before t h e Al places and f�?T8 cottages and school prom four attorneys. John f. And i Vlk Creek Pond Max Roy s Wilcox George Losby mum Depths seven feet in and David Farr gave a sep o ii n d in e ii t of schoolhouse nos of talks in the Little the Creck main fishery is Large Aire thursday describing the Mouth Bass am bluegills. Vil history and constant growth of Lage Park Law and the state Laws relating fall Creek Pond Max to teen age driving drinking unum depth 12 feet. Fish in intoxicants and delinquency i elude Large Mouth , Blue Gallagher Felt the students Gill pumpkinseed b r o w to reception of the talks and the Trout and White suckers rain pertinent questions they asked Bow Trout Are stocked by the the attorneys showed enough fall Creek Lions club puddle interest to do More about it ducks and mergansers nest after getting the student read near the Lake and occasionally ton to the idea Gallagher said Canada geese May be seen he would like to hold a series Here during migratory seasons of such talks As part of the Halfmoon Lalk Maxi regular school program next mum depth 12 feet a soft a year for the Junior history Ter seepage Lake in the City classes and senior social stud of Kau Claire. A nos Bow in ies classes this would reach an old meander Channel of the Over 1,100 students he said. Chippewa River. Northern Pik Tho Law Day program is 1 org Erauth Bass. Bluegills. A n sponsored by the Kau Claire abundance of Buffalo is still a bar association problem. Serious algae prob _ Lent. Habitat on South end for puddle Duck local boating regulation prohibits water skiing. Spokesman announced. Eau Claire a parochial High _. I j k a it any s a a a school has been affiliated with Arp 17�?T. A senjjn8 As a. .uu.,. A. A. A also Ltd a Quot buted fire. The University the past 15 to a and Mechanic with Jhee Dah state Home for worn the 25 Page. Mimeographed 20 Yean. L j k e accreditation the 24th Infa Quot try division Here. An. Lier son in Law. Clifford be Magazine contains some to i waitress with the North Central secon de is a grandson of Yirgil Earp Barron. 28. And her son by a says. Poems and five Short a holy waitress school association such who 7ith of set previous marriage Arthur Vav stones submitted by 35 s t u bequeathed $15,000 affiliation helps the school t0 tamed Tombstone ana., Dunn Whitcomb 24, both St. Paul. Dents. Warwick . A a share experiences and t e c h. America s Frontier Days. Were also sentenced to prison Wurtzel who is a so a waitress remembered by a Cus in ques with other affiliated Earp was born in the same and reformatory term. A 17 for this group saw Tomer As a kind and courteous parochial schools in the nation place As Wyatt a Monmouth year old youth was involved in students Subrini e receive j Tjie biggest tip of and measure itself by a set of 111. Before entering the army some of the acts and was Tak the size of the Magazine Nau Hep career standards fostered by the last year he lived with his in into juvenile court. A Tyrh. J 1 j locations listed for a Ray unit state Board of health the Mobile x Ray unit will begin its third week of operation in eau Claire monday offering Chest x rays blood pressure readings and a simple diabetic test. To be limited. A panel of teachers will select the top three writing pieces to receive special honors. Jean Markle and Karen Nelson were co editors of the Magazine. Jill Hart won the cover design contest sponsored by the Art class. Mrs. Joseph a. Whitaker 39, University Rev. John d. Ros Mother at Jacksonville 111. Road. And i Mon Park p in and smorgasbord every sunday 12 til 8 . Adults 1.50, under 0-$l Gateway inn Corner by 64 i 40 Bloomer wit sunday Blue plate specials roast Capon Wilh dining roast Leo o Iamb calves liver and Bacon s1 mashed or French Fried potatoes vegetable homemade Rolls butter. Coffee too milk 5c extra. Open 6,30 for breakfast Normandy cafe 206 Gibson St. Tau Claire atom Toomay Ward i motor tune up 6 Cyl. 8 Cyl. $8.83 $10.95 most cars a replace spark plugs a install Points Rotor condenser a adj. Carb. Set timing a chock charge system phone 832-0395 j Surprise Mother with dinner on Mother s Day at Jeatran s a Mother s Day menu relishes soup or juice baked Ham with fruit sauce butter baked Spring Chicken stuffed baked pork chop roast Choice rib of beef deep Fried Walleye Pike whipped potatoes vegetable chef s salad to s and bread beverage and dessert $2.25 children s portion�?$1.25 Jeatran s Steak House 2 i. W. Of Menomonie. On Hwy. 12. No reservations necessary fashion for dogs Harrogate England up a fashion show scheduled officials pointed out it is in Here next week will display portent for anyone who intends perfumes Nail polish and Bon to take a diabetes test to eat a nets _ for pet dogs full meal with dessert or eat two Candy bars one and a half hours prior to taking the test. The unit will be at the following locations during the week monday at the a and p store too w Madison St., from 2 pm to 4 30 pm. And tuesday from 9 . Toll a in. And i p in. To 4 . Wednesday at the East Side drug store s. Hastings Way from 9 . Toll 30 and i . To 4 . Thursday at Kerms super foods. 329 water St., from 9 . Toll 30 a in. And i . To 4 . Friday it will be at the University from 9 . To 11 30 a in. For the faculty Only. Scientists say viruses May be considered either As chemicals with the ability to reproduce or As living things that can be crystallized like Salt. Dine out this sunday at the Hwy. 12�?vine Street featuring Chicken prime ribs plus our Reg. Menu open Sun. La . To our Spring open House Friday april 30th thru saturday May 8th open every evening our greenhouses Are brimming Over with Beautiful plants Cut Flowers seedlings of All kinds gifts for Mother s Day corsages bouquets plants Many Many special gift items Demmler greenhouses and gift shop 433 Jefferson we deliver phone 834-2731 eau Oake Manor v Lenv Alescot Ltd a in a a mement phone 832 -1681 Kates Ukoh $200 a month s

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