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Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Eau Claire Daily Telegram (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Eau Claire, Wisconsin The daily Telegram vol. Xxx no. 103 22 pages United press International eau Claire Wisconsin saturday afternoon May i 1965 associated press 2 sections Price ten cents cease fire Accord fails to Stop dominican Battle Hopes Oas end dispute ass a a bleachers set for main Street of Hannibal mo., agy Selmr. Flood watchers a an enterprising merchant along the put out these chairs and this sign Friday for folks who wanted to sit and watch the rising Mississippi River floodwaters. The flood Crest is expected to reach Hannibal late sunday. Most of the City a business District is already covered by four feet of Washington of a the peace and rekindling cons Titu United states looked to the or tonal government a animation of american states a few hours later . Ain today to make sure the cease i Bassadore w. Tapley Bennett fire in the jittery dominican i announced in Santo Domingo Republic Sticks. That the ruling military Junta the inter american group an the rebels who want to re i was moving swiftly. A special store ousted president Juan foreign ministers meeting was Bosch to Power had agreed to set for this morning. An Oas submit the dispute to Oas Arbi i peace team planned to Fly to the ration divided Caribbean Republic to formula sought i Hight the objective of the Oas president Johnson in a Brief i"1 let pm it n0 on it a Friday water. A wire photo a cease fire but to offer a formula under which the dominicans might establish a stable Hannibal last act7 in Spring flood drama Tokyo apr communist China called on foreign delegates in peking for May Day a celebrations to support the red e guerrillas in South Viet Nam struggle Hannibal to. A the Mississippi River lapped at store fronts in Hannibal As rive men prepared last act in a flood tragedy which a a a Ujco num e the a against imperialism. Has run from Minnesota to mis Souri. Churning River water which has claimed 12 lives in Iowa Minnesota Wisconsin and ii not and caused almost $150 a o Asj of million in damage is expected. A pm. A let us drink a Toast to the Victory of the vietnamese people s patriotic struggle against . Aggression to the Victory to flatten out in the wide River Banks of the lower Mississippi. Rican and latin american coun i tries against imperialism a communist chinese Premier the . Weather Bureau said Chou in Lai told a reception in the water would Crest Between peking. Nationwide broadcast night urged the Oas to take responsibility for restoring government latin american diplomats said that what the Oas actually seeks is to establish As soon As possible internal order in the dominican Republic so that american troops can he with drawn quickly. The Mission is unprecedented. J the Oas normally tries to re talks scheme was aimed at May Day is celebrated around solve convicts Between coun a forcing the vietnamese people the world As a festival marking res not Between rival groups to yield to Solidarity among the Labouring within one Liu Ning i president of the people. When Johnson spoke the sit All China federation of Trade North Viet Nam adopted a nation was chaotic. He noted unions called for the launching Resolution Friday night calling Bat violence and disorder had of a an unpriced entry powerful on the South vietnamese people increased in the previous 24 mass movement on a world to defeat . Troops and Liber-1 hours and said an earlier cease ate South Viet Nam with a View fire agreement was being to achieving Viet names reunification a radio Hanoi reported. Rebels not Able to control forces Spike Jones red chinese urge tougher action against imperialists Jones famed offbeat music maker Dies Santo Domingo ican Republic apr j firing continued in this rebel a lion torn capital today despite j an agreed fire in the do a minivan republics week old civil War. Rebel leaders fighting for the return to Power of exiled former president Juan i Bosch admit Ted they did not have Complete control of their men. Who include armed civilians and dissident Young military officers. . Marine killed much of the firing was Iii the Vicinity of the i s embassy where one . Marine was killed Friday . D e f e ii s e department spokesmen in Washington said 14 marines and 4 paratroopers have been wounded in clashes with the rebels. They were the first casualties among the . Forces landed to protect amen can civilians. Fighting went on through the Domin who had surrendered unarmed. Heavy in All the rebels were reported to control More than half of Santo Domingo. In Washington the state department issued a special statement saying a the sole Mission of . Troops in the dominican Republic is to protect and evacuate . And other foreign nationals from the strife torn dominican Republic and not in any Way take sides in the interna1 conflict. Civil defense chief ousted by governor wide scale to compel the United states to get out of Viet Nam and a a All other places they have Liu also said the chinese people a were determined to liberate their territory of soviets quiet Moscow a a showing soviet support for com by cached. Calling on the Oas for prompt decisive action the president said a it is very float important that representatives of the Oas be sent to the do Naglit in the eerie Light of Para los Angeles apr band Chute flares Leader Spike Jones 53, the Zany . Ambassador Vav Tapley musician who entertained Mil a Bennett announced the Ccase Lions with his offbeat arrange fire went into it feet at 5 30 p in ments died in his sleep Early Friday but indicated to news today at his Bel air Home. Men that Folt Ign elements Jones had been released from might have take ii Over the re nearby Santa Monica Hospital helium movement. Madison up a ousted slate civil defense director Owen Monfils said Friday night he will decide by monday whether to seek court action to test the legality of his removal by gov. Warren Knowles. Bishop gets Post k n o w i e s Friday replaced Monfils with National g Nard maj. Bruce l. Bishop. Monfils and charged he a was removed be the new China news Agency Munsif farces in Viet Nam was to Stre then inc said delegations from 70 coun in the front of a civilian Parade i and Jeip Clear a Road 25 and 25.5 feet sunday at Quin his remarks were reported by dries were in peking for the cel through snowy red Square to to the return o constitutional Cyril where the flood stage is the new China news Agency. Orations. They included for Day As the soviet Union Cele process and free 17 feet. A nah peace Loving nations and eign minister Kojo Botsios of rated its traditional May Day Johnson dealt briefly with the a Crest Between 24.6 and 25 people throughout the world Ghana Spiro Koleka first vice Holiday. Landing of american troops in feet will hit about Midnight Sun should unite to smash the Crimi Premier of Albania and Hoang the usual display of military Tho dominican Republic. A Day at Hannibal a River town Nal plan of . Imperialism to Van Hoan. Vice chairman of the equipments was missing it was spoke j 70o army airborne with no levees escalate the War in Indochina a National Assembly of North postponed this year until May 9, troops and 1,130 marines were Chou said. Viet Nam. The soviet Union when massive celebrations will a ready ashore and . Offi u. S. Scheme hit was represented by a Trade in Mark the 20th anniversary of vials had said the total would be he said that the . A peace Ion delegation. City not worried a about the Only damage we expect at Hannibal a except for a Little mud and Silt a will be from tourists a a policeman said. The officer said the streets were jammed Friday by persons a who were just driving Down to gawk at the almost a foot of water covers 15 Square blocks of the downtown area a but no one is Wor Montreal up a a Ter-1 tonal communist Calendar. Tied. Only about 25 families Aorist bomb Early today dam-1 demonstrations scheduled lat Montreal leftists lamed for blast the end of world War ii. Swelled to More than 5,000. The usual Bellicose speech of the president implied that a defense minister Rodion Mali communist take Over was Possi Nevsky also was omitted. Soviet Hie. Ile said that a there arc leaders headed by communist significant signs that people party Secretary Leonid i. Bro trained outside the dominican Zenev and Premier Alexei no Republic Are seeking to gain Kosygin reviewed the Parade control Over the rebel move from atop Lenin a Tomb but did Mentz and that this threatens not make speeches. He principles of the inter american system. Ings Here because evolvement in the Cool month forecast for Midwest states of us in Washington up tem Dominion perjured will be above Normal Republic. But u. S. Consul Gen int a in jut i Quot mid ---6 die Atlantic and West Oast states according to the u. S. Weather Bureau. In its 30-Day Outlook for May. The Bureau said that lower than have been evacuated because of aged the u. S. Consulate in the Day were expected to water surrounding their Homes police speculated it had been have anti-. Overtones. While businessmen in Hanni planted by leftists in connection in recent Days there has bal sandbagged their doors and with May Day the inter nation been some anti american feel built wooden Bridges four feet a1 communist Holiday above the water the grim fight the time charge exploded be against the backlash of the River tween two buildings occupied by continued upstream. The consulate at 1 20 . On Jeral Richard in Hawkins said a critical spot is North of a embassy Row in one of he had a no reason to believe Quincy 111. Where the Northside reals most fashionable neigh j the blast was linked to the Carol a levee at the Rock Creek Bor hoods. Drainage District is slowly being the blast shattered 78 w i a eaten away by the River. It is Dows Tore six doors off their adjacent to a levee in the Indian hinges badly buckled the Ceil grave District which splintered my of the buildings basement by police As two1 great lakes earlier this week and sent the and ripped up the Walkway hours after the blast the acrid River rolling Over about 10.000 where the explosive had been smell of explosives Hung Over acres of Farmland. Set off. J the air around the two hand the Crest has subsided at lev there were no injuries. Some Graystone buildings on yes at Dubuque Clinton and police and firemen fearing Mcgregor St. Davenport Iowa and Moline More bombs had been planted the consulate was closed for East Moline and Rock Island began a painstaking i Vestiga p i e d when the explosion Ochi. But the water still pushes at Ion of the area. The weekend and was not occur the Sodden dikes. Leftists Active curved. Workers battled the River at May Day being observed by the building has been threat Niota 111., where soft spots kept leftists Here for the first time ened in the past. A month ago appearing in the dikes. Workers in 20 years is the leading to someone tossed a Rock through reinforced soft spots or boils at tical Holiday on the internal a window. Fort Madison. Iowa just across the Muddy Rier. Russians ask . To probe latin invasion Moscow a the so i bean situation. The explosives believed to have been either dynamite or a a confined j0 the Northern and v 4.iii i ii plastic bomb were described Centra i plans and the upper or an emergency meeting of Milwaukee Man her a Nairn do a a Norci Jonh 1 inn innn/1 in int a a. 0 Normal temperatures would ,.l"�?~. Bomb hoax jails confined in the Ner Hern end the soviet us Ion la it i ailed. Weather Wisconsin fair South and Central and partly Cloudy North tonight and sunday. Wanner Northeast half sunday. Minnesota a increasing. Cloudiness and warmer tonight of i Omin can re pub and sunday. Some showers or thunderstorms Northwest sunday. Three weeks a g o following Bennett said the rebels and charged or treatment for an asthma attack the opposing military Junta had cause of political reasons and subsequent respiratory agreed to submit the dispute to when he objected to the gov complications. Arbitration by an organization Ernora so playing politics with Pete James his agent said of american states commission he said or had the bandleader had apparently the cease fire pact Bennett worked out a no positive a a recovered from his lengthy sick said in his announcement guar proach As yet a on a test of Ness until he suffered a slight Antres the personal safety of Knowles move relapse Friday afternoon. His combatants on both sides in Monfils of Green Bay a personal physician was called eluding prisoners and those in cased Knowles and an adminis and remained with him until lie Asylum in foreign embassies. Native aide both schlock of died James said. I Bennett emphasized that Only claiming the governor deserves a so at Home were Jones cease fire had been discussed credit for disaster Relief Ini i Graven a former with the rebels and not a final of a d stricken Western w i a Singer with his City slickers settlement. Sinning Tor tile Reb c0nsm when a actually it comes band and their three wore Hugo undo and of rom the Federal Regan As drummer Fausto it Camano. Whose Broth a j was in a because the gov born Lindley Armstrong or Francisco is desc shed As Cranor and Schleck Are playing Jones at Long Beach calif., in Bio rebels top military a Eal a politics with the disaster pro-1911, Jones started his musical b was a l immediately is Gram and they done to want me career As a drummer in swing closed wha signed the cease fire Aroun j Raj Hon on it a bands of the Early j940s. Agreement for the Junta farces Monfils said. He said he got the idea for headed by Brig. Gen. E is his noisy style of music when Wessin y Wessin who rallied he attended a classical concerti elements of the army and a and heard the conductors shoes Force and the Navy to oppose squeak. The pro Bosch forces. A i kept thinking How funny it papal Nuncio helps a the papal Nuncio in Santo Domingo the it. Rev. Emmanuel Larizzio played a key role in negotiating the cease fire. He was in touch with the rebels and later met with the Wessin Junta at ifs Headquarters at Isidro air Ai a big Cache of captured base 20 Miles outside of Santo Viet a orig arms included Preci Domingo. Sion lightweight flame throw latest estimates of the toll of Cis presumably furnished by the fighting which started when communist China the Vietnam pro Bosch military officers est army announced today forced the resignation of a civil also discovered were East Ian Junta government headed by German heavy machine guns Donald Reid Cabral were put at described As especially suited More than 500 killed with Alioth for use As antiaircraft weapons. Or 500 possibly killed. Them the announcement came As the state Capitol it Jun d run into the hundreds. Saigon girded itself for possible Friday Niu lit after a in a major Battle Friday with trouble during the May i labor the Holiday. Cache was found would be to substitute an outrageous sound for a musical note a he said. His first recording was a spoof on Adolf Hitler a Der fuehrer a face a in which the spluttering Bronx cheer was the outrageous sound it i sold a million records and catapulted him to overnight Fame Fame. Modern red goods seized in Viet Nam Saigon South Viet Nam police negro leaders discussing differences Over strategy the United nations Security Council to consider the Situa Milwaukee a Tion in the Domni Ean Republic searched Tass said the .s.r. A has Madison Friday night instructed its representative at i Milwaukee Man said he had some f800 police Loyal to the United nations to demand planted bombs in the building Junta rebel forces won the Mas Hie anus an urgent meeting of the Secu nothing unusual was turned sve Ozama fortress which r buddy dining a three Day oper Rity Council to examine the up in the search and the Man commands a strategic position of 1 it a in coastal mangrove question of the .a.�?Ts armed was returned to Milwaukee am on the West Side of the River of swamps about 60 Miles South of intervention in the internal of held. Ithe same name in the capital. He search started after the authenticated reports said the i Man called Milwaukee police rebels took the fortress a f t be government152 Viet aggression charged Rorri Bis Home. He was taken to or heavy fighting. Survivors ung were killed during toe act the world has been witness Madison to Point out the spot who swam the River said the j00, including a at the site of where the bomb was supposedly i rebels committed atrocities weapons Cache. Another 35 planted. Ile was unable to Dis against the defenders and exe close its whereabouts. Outed several police officers the capital red loses heavy Churchill widow gets House of lords seat London a lady Churchill 80-year-old widow of sir Winston Churchill was a Atlanta a. Apr or. Pointed to the House of lords Martin Luther King or. And Forman at the news conference today. James Forman key leaders in in a downtown motor hotel and the appointment was made the nations civil rights move immediately afterwards returned by prime minister Wilson and ment have admitted differences to a discussion of issues made Public in a special an but say they have agreed to co projects and problems with nou Cement. Belafonte stood with King and and some of their colleagues. Belafonte and the two civil to a new aggressive act of . Imperialism a Tass said adding a this time the object o f armed intervention is a latin american country a the dominican Republic where t ii c reactionary Junta which e a Joyed the support of the Ahouse group wants More nuclear ships today s Index women news .5-6-7 a editorial. .4a obituaries a daily records .7b comics. 6b sports. 10-11a markets. 7b classified. 7-8-9b builders. I-2-3-4b operate in several projects. Them at a news conference Friday Singer not mediator King emphasized in a joint Porman who made few restatement that differences have Marks at the conference it said been exaggerated and that Heibey Onte was not a and Forman Are working together. Tor. However the soft spoken Belafonte said a it would be incorrect to say there were not some situations where there was a King is president of the Southern Christian leadership conference and Forman is executive Secretary of the student. ,.a a nonviolent coordinating com n. Mittee. The joint statement also revealed that Singer Harry Belafonte had been called in to act of Viet Cong were captured and 42 communist suspects rounded up. The government said. South vietnamese casualties were Given As three killed and eleven wounded. Most of the communist dead apparently resulted from air a Rikes by helicopters and fighter bombers. Civilians in the area were warned of the air strikes by leaflets and loudspeakers and some 4,000 were said to have Gocr Menf con areas. Has been overthrown. A on april 28. U. S. President Washington apr the Quested by the department rights leaders said they Dis Johnson ordered american House armed services commit defense or cussed no issues at the first troops 1� land on the territory tee has sharply criticized the the armed services commit meeting in Atlanta on april 21. Of the dominican Republic. On Pentagon for dragging its an-1 teens authorization of $5,303,400, each group was declared the same Day 400 us. A ichor on nuclear ship construe a too for missiles ships a planes poured into a much in agreement with the tines a part of a contingent j Tion. And research and development trolled other. Belafonte said report earlier dispatched to the shores j it reported to Congress Fri still must to approved by the ing the joint talks were meant of dominican Republic by Day that a the committee feels House. The actual funds have to to Clear the air Patch up differ american warships invaded and has Felt for ail too Long that to acted on by the approx Ria i i # i a fences and Avert inroads of Divi its territory. He department of defense has Lions committee. Even if the Deacler Loos army Sion when King and Forman Are i a on the next Day the num froth procrastinated and Vacil additional funds for the nuclear rebels figgs country lated in its approach to nuclear frigate pass congressional Mas Vientiane Laos apr powered surface Ter. Secretary of defense the half month old rebillion at Robert s Mcnamara is not he i Winn 3 be Quot Boms th0wn the a Erin and Vold set a a a Choice of tactics by Sulc and a Mississippi town added $150.5 million for a no us t a. Boumis Nosavan appeared to ? a beat a acc was difficult and that Indianola. Miss. Apr a in the Field. Ber of King said the discussion was reached a very fruitful. In general we american 1,700 a troops of Battle and a the War on nerves a Veavea o i i they had agreed to Foster co civil rights worker said fire there comes a me when Objec-1operative efforts for enactment bombs bottles filled with Ivity can leave you for a 0f tire voting rights Bill and the Oline were hurled into As an objective observer in re jmj no j Alabama Boycott and to Chal negro Homes and a a Freedom solving issues at two meetings he said he was requested to Denge the sealing of Mississippi House in this Mississippi of the civil rights leaders. Meet with King and Forman congressmen. Delta town Early today Gas three budget increased the committee stepped in and added $150.5 million for a no chairman. Rep. L. Mendel Riv i,av7 tit h re Quot Clear powered guided missile pr5, cd it is my Hope and arts thattis least had fold to frigate to the list of purchases the Hope of the committee that neighbouring Thailand projects the Pentagon Are giving a Strong Indica diplomatic sources said col asked authorization for. Tion that nuclear Power be used Khakeo whom the government also declared it would a for surface ships on a much plans to execute if captured had theorize a nuclear aircraft car broader basis than has been the crossed the Mekong River her next year a whether re practice so Thailand to \

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